I’ve held off writing about spiritual self-protection for a long time, because I didn’t want to write about dark entities, demons or anything else that may come to mind when you read the words ‘self-protection’.

The very fact that you might need to protect yourself in psychic development sounds bad, doesn’t it?  But, this article isn’t designed to frighten, and there isn’t much to be scared of anyway, in my view. I wish I had known that several years ago, when I was exploring psychic development.

Instead I used to be so fearful of the spirit world – worried about being startled or attacked by spirits and unsure of how protected I was when I was doing psychic work.

Negative Spirits?

Psychic self-protection, for me is mainly about protecting yourself from unwanted energies like random ghosts and earthbound spirits, so that you don’t waste any time on channeling them, and so that you don’t feel drained or affected negatively by them. But earthbound spirits are not necessarily dark or negative. So this article is not so much about protecting yourself from ‘the dark’. It’s more about protecting yourself from channeling disembodied spirits that probably don’t have a higher perspective than you, so that you can focus on channeling the entities that do – your Higher self, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

The Dark Realm

My experience of the psychic realm is so far removed from the idea of dark entities and demons.  Over the course of several years, I read books by well-known authors which teach you how to avoid demons and dark entities and I ended up scared stiff and paranoid – it did me no good at all.

Over time, I have come to believe that certain ‘spiritual’ issues such as dark entities attacking us, are actually psychological gremlins (i.e. our own creations, borne of fear and anxiety, projected outwards and taking shape in our minds as a dark entity.)

I also believe that what seem to be dark entities might instead be earthbound spirits who are appearing to be much more fearsome than they actually are.

Earthbound spirits (when they attach to a person’s aura) drain energy slightly and echo our negative emotions, but they don’t put thoughts in our heads or victimize us in any way.  They’re stuck and lost – not evil or twisted.

The Importance of a High Vibration

Having a high vibration is important, but it’s MAINLY important at the moment of tuning in to get psychic guidance – not so much when you’re just going about your business and not really having anything to do with spiritual guidance.

How to Raise your Vibration Temporarily

One of the best ways to raise your vibration temporarily for tuning in psychically is to involve the Divine in your tuning in process.  Involving the Divine means calling on God or an Archangel (such as Michael, Gabriel or Raphael).  You could also call on an Ascended Master (like Ganesh, Jesus, Mother Mary, Krishna, St. Francis, Quan Yin or Buddha.)  Preferably you would do this in conjunction with a breathing exercise.

In the Intuitive Awakening course, I teach students to involve the Divine in their ‘tuning in’ process.

Positioning your awareness at the Divine level through an exercise like this, is the best way I know of to ward off unwanted energies.

The Second Best Protection Tool

The second best tool for psychic self-protection that I know of: being more selective about whom you channel.

Don’t open yourself up to channel just any old entity.  Ideally, you want to be channeling ONLY your Spirit Guides, Higher self, Guardian angels (and other entities who are with you on your journey through life, at the choosing of your soul.)

If you’re channeling a being and you’re not sure who it is, I’d recommend you stop, and find someone who can teach you, or give you some tips on how to channel the right sources of guidance, like your Higher self and Spirit Guides.  Otherwise, you may find that you’re channeling an earthbound spirit who has much less of a perspective on your life than you do.

Who Needs Psychic Protection the Most?

Empaths and natural intuitives need psychic protection from earthbound spirits the most because they already have very open and porous energy fields, even before they do psychic development.  Psychic development work opens them up even further, so psychic protection is especially important for such people.

An empath is a person who has the ability to explore what it is like to be another person, energetically speaking.  Empaths are effectively putting themselves into other peoples’ shoes, and they can often come back into their own consciousness with unwanted astral garbage from another person’s experience.  Even if an empath is of a very high vibration, they may still be picking up unwanted energies all the time.

What Doesn’t Work?

Here are some tools for psychic protection I’ve tried that didn’t work:

Smudging with Sage

This clears your space by making earthbound spirits flee.  But it doesn’t offer any permanent protection unless you do it every day.

White Candles

This is a psychic protection ‘tool’ beloved of unscrupulous practitioners who offer to remove a curse for you (that you never really had) in return for a lot of cash.  Part of the therapy for removing the curse often seems to be lighting a white candle.  But white candles offer no more protection against unwanted energies than your lucky underpants do.

Psychic Shields

Psychic shields are like band-aids.  They sometimes work, and when they do, they’re a temporary measure. Ideally, you’d want to have control over your own energetic boundaries so that you don’t need a psychic shield. The best type of psychic protection in my view involves strengthening your energy field and personal boundaries, rather than using shields.

Sea Salt

Taking a bath with sea salt in it is excellent for clearing a hyperactive state, but it does nothing for stopping unwanted energies coming into your space.