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Safe & solid techniques. Valuable intuitive information distilled into 13 modules

✓ Trust, understand and listen to your intuition
✓ Connect with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self
✓ Meditations, visualizations, homework, prayers & exercises

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The Most Complete Course You’ll Find Online for Developing Your Intuitive Abilities

Go from ZERO to INTUITIVE in a matter of weeks. If you’re on this page, you probably want to develop your intuitive abilities, so that you can:

Find out your life purpose and know your own soul gifts
✓ Converse with beings (spirit guides, your higher self and the angels) who have a much bigger perspective than you do
Make decisions without so much agonizing
Find out why unwanted experiences keep showing up for you
✓ Have your ‘celestial sight’ restored – the ability to see who other people really are and know their intentions and levels of integrity

Basically, you want a portal to a whole different realm of information and a deeper understanding of your life. You’re human, yet you don’t want to be restricted to a human view of things anymore. You’re ready to see more and understand more.

You want to communicate with spirit guides, angels and your own spirit. And you want solid, safe techniques for doing this. Techniques that work.

AND at the same time, if you’re anything like I was, you have some reservations.

For example…

You’re not sure if you’re actually that intuitive. You don’t want something hit-and-miss. Plus, you suspect that teachers of intuitive development are sometimes fruitcakes. You’re not sure you want to be taught by someone who’s away with the fairies or just a bit of a weirdo.

Am I reading your mind? 😉 I probably know what your reservations are because I had them too, several years back.

If you’re new to this website, let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Sayce. I make my living using my intuitive ability. I quit my day job teaching English and French, back in 2008 and have read for, and worked with thousands of people since then.

Just over a decade ago, I was at the beginning of my path of intuitive student – perhaps exactly where you are now

And in my Intuitive Awakening course, I show you how to develop your abilities much more quickly than I did. Step by step. With practical exercises, clear explanations and inspired processes. I developed intuitive abilities over the course of several years and spent thousands of dollars.

To be more specific, I personally have spent:

  • Thousands of $$$ on training courses, books and workshops
  • Hundreds of $$$ on personal mentoring from other intuitives
  • Hundreds of hours channelling lessons from students’ spirit guides, which I used to help my students develop their own intuitive abilities in the easiest way possible for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – I loved doing it! Intuitive development has been my hobby for a long time (and then became my full-time job!) – but it just took up a huge amount of energy, money and time over the years. And it was very hit-and-miss. I gathered many pieces of this puzzle, but mostly in the wrong order.

Time, Money and Energy

Three things you save on your path of intuitive development, when you take this course.

This course gets you the same results as my years of picking up random bits of the puzzle, in the wrong order. But without the messing around and detours that I made.

Basically, you can benefit from my hindsight and do in 13 weeks (or less!) what I did in several years. Plus, you can spend a lot less than I did.

Introducing…The Intuitive Awakening Course

Intuitive Awakening is my 13 module written and audio course that you get access to instantly. 

It’s effectively the no-nonsense, most practical version of all of that information, channelled original material and experience – with none of the stuff that I had to try, fail at and then discard. Here’s why this course is rather unique and different from other courses:

This course covers the 2 Essential Keys to Communicating with Spirit Guides and your Higher Self.

These are the things you MUST know and master in order to be successful in developing intuitive abilities. Overlook them, and your insights will be hit-and-miss.

Yet, these two essential keys are overlooked or barely skimmed over in about 90% of the courses and books I’ve come across in the last several years. As a result, people often fail in their intuitive development.

By understanding what the two essential keys to intuitive development are, you ensure your process for connecting to the spirit realm is NOT hit and miss.

One of my fellow professional intuitives in New Zealand (Kate Strong) reviewed the course and found information that is new – even to her, as a professional. That’s because it contains original information no-one has taught me before – information that you will rarely find in other courses about the HOW-TO, nitty-gritty of communicating with spirit guides (and the 2 essential keys to intuitive development.)

Buy Intuitive Awakening$499 USD
Or, click here to pay in 3 installments

Danna Yadav

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Intuitive Awakening course for several reasons. The obvious is that I become more intuitive and was able to strengthen my psychic abilities, gaining the confidence to use these skills daily. The not so obvious reason I would highly recommend this course is for the organization. It provided me with clear and succinct focus. Before beginning the course I felt scattered and unclear about which book, meditation or exercise I should practice to achieve my intuitive goals. Anna’s course took me through the exact processes and exercises so that my skills advanced at the right level without me feeling overwhelmed by the information. Thank you.”

Nela Dunato,, Artist, designer & illustrator “The Intuitive Awakening course helped me identify which my strongest gifts were. I wouldn’t say I was claircognizant before the course, but apparently that is my very strongest gift (along with empathy and clairsentience), which was a surprise. I think the best thing about the course is that it gives a variety of techniques so you’re definitely getting something practical out of it, no matter what gifts are your strongest, but you can also get to practice your weaker ones. There are plenty of techniques in the course I have had good results with. I loved the guided meditations and exercises to raise vibration. I use them regularly even when I’m not planning to talk to Spirit, just because it feels so good to be clear and aligned. Thank you for making this course!”
Douglas “There is no better course at such a great price. Anna is a born teacher and you cannot fail to gain a wonderful insight from her work, which has been created with a wonderful attention to detail for people at all levels. I loved the course. It was very well-written and very nice to have the audio lessons as you feel that Anna is actually teaching you (and it’s clear she’s a very good teacher). What is great is that it gives you a little bit of everything from chakra balancing, dowsing, automatic writing, reading photos and finding the clairs that work for you. In the course, the most powerful part for me was the Chakra Meditation. The very first time I used it right at the end, I drifted down and then saw a face of someone who I felt was a spirit guide, as I felt overwhelmed with love. That was amazing. It’s a great course!”

Buy Intuitive Awakening$499 USD
Or, click here to pay in 3 installments

In addition to including information that you won’t find elsewhere, this course also does something that is rare among intuitive development courses—it caters to all skill sets

Develop All Your Gifts

When I made this course, I knew I wanted to cater to people of all gifts and skill sets – not just clairvoyants.

That is because I know how frustrating it is to take a course that tries to make you into a carbon copy of the teacher.

Your gifts will most probably be different from mine – and in this course you’re encouraged to embrace your unique gifts.

But when I started out with my intuitive studies, a lot of the material I studied was based on what the intuitive development teacher was good at – and so I personally started out my path of intuitive development thinking that if I wasn’t clairvoyant, I wasn’t intuitive.

I later learned that not everyone is born with clairvoyance. Not everyone hears spirits either – through clairaudience (in fact, in my experience, these are the 2 least common gifts to have developed and fully activated.) Intuitives talk a lot about these two gifts and teach them. Then they usually overlook the whole range of other gifts most people have, such as clairsentience, dreaming, empathy as a intuitive gift, or claircognizance. And then people end up thinking they’re not gifted because they can’t see spirits. That’s one common reason why people give up on their intuitive development. In this course, I make sure that you don’t trip up in this area and identify your true gifts – not the ones you think you should have.

So in short, this course contains an inclusive approach that you won’t find to this extent elsewhere.

Down-to-earth approach

Another reason why this course is different from many other courses out there, is that it has been designed in a down-to-earth way, with a strong focus on how this can actually help you in your life. I believe in keeping things as down-to-earth as possible. I want to demystify the spirit realm and show you how it can help you in a practical way.

My Background

I’m not just a right-brained person. I did a degree in French and Spanish at the University of Oxford, UK and graduated in 2006. I didn’t enjoy it much but it gave me a few things. I developed the analytical, left-brained side to me. I know that it’s healthy to have an analytical, even sceptical mind. It means you question more, you need answers that make sense and you have a ‘nonsense radar’. I won’t ask you to swallow weird theories about the spirit realm. I have a nonsense radar too that would yell at me if I hand you a course that has any non-sensical theories in it. Anything that doesn’t help you get from A to B isn’t in this course. ‘A’ being where you are now, and ‘B’ being talking with your spirit guides and higher self on demand.

This is not a fly-by-night website or online program that could disappear at any time, like so many websites you see out there

I’ve been teaching this program online, here on this website, since 2009. And because I’ve been doing it for 10 years or so, that’s given me years to refine the materials, coach students through their sticking points and add extra value to the materials.

I have also created FAQ’s and supplementary materials for every chapter, which includes transcripts, quizzes and the answer to every question I’ve been asked by a student more than once in the last 10 years (in case you happen to have the same question.) I’ve also created a troubleshooting section, which coaches you through any sticking points you may encounter as a student as you work through the materials. Over the last decade, I have honed my formula for developing your intuitive abilities, and experience has shown me that if you follow it, you will succeed – so that your intuitive journey becomes less hit and miss, and much more of a strategic process.

Can I really do this?

Ah, doubt. My old friend.

If you have a nonsense radar like I do, you’re probably also a doubter. You would have issues with doubt on this course at some points. Perhaps you’re also scared of the spirit world to some degree or other. That’s OK though. You’re human (aren’t we all). Plus it’s good to have a doubting, skeptical side, because that side of you helps you to spot nonsense.

But, the human side is the part of us that can cause issues when we go into this kind of material. In this course, I address how to integrate your intuitive side into your human side without the drama, fear or doubting that I went through. Instead of fighting it, you will work with it.

Again, this is the only course I know of with a whole chapter that addresses the mindset of doing this, and how to feel confident in your abilities.

On average it takes several weeks – a few months to work through, depending on how much time you can dedicate to it. I recommend you do one module per week, if you follow that pace of study, it will take you 13 weeks (3 and a half months) to complete.

Buy Intuitive Awakening$499 USD
Or, click here to pay in 3 installments

Lisa Shows, “I truly loved the Intuitive Awakening program. This is an excellent way to explore and feel safe. It was well put together. Intuitive Awakening helped me to gain confidence. It has led me on an awesome journey. I felt safe to keep exploring after the program.”
Robin Lehman,, Author “I loved Intuitive Awakening! It’s so beautifully written, professionally formatted, and expertly delivered via audio. All of that made me very comfortable as I expanded my understanding of and access to the spiritual realm.I was amazed at how thorough Anna was in explaining each topic area. It is outstanding. I learned a peaceful but efficient method for opening and clearing chakras. I learned how to receive spiritual guidance through the use of a pendulum. I have exercises to use to increase my intuitive gifts. I gained a wealth of information in an area in which I have a great deal of interest and curiosity. I experienced Anna’s gentle nature and humility. Thank you, Anna for all of your hard work creating Intuitive Awakening and making it available to spiritual seekers.”
Sam “Because of Intuitive Awakening, I started developing intuitive abilities. It was a great course, easy to follow and each chapter short enough to read or listen to in a limited amount of time. I still go back and read or listen to some selected chapters every now and then. The combination of Anna’s voice and British accent is very soothing to listen to. Sometimes it also helps me relax and go to sleep better. I highly recommend this to anybody who is interested in the spiritual world.”
Seva Ananda “I can’t say enough about Intuitive Awakening. It is really powerful and the bonus chapter is very helpful. I was amazed by the things I could do and now I trust my insights completely. Thank you so much for developing a course that will enable anyone to develop their natural intuitive abilities. I really liked the meditations. This really helped me become still. I liked all the exercises for learning if you are clairvoyant, clairsentient, etc. They were well-thought out and fun.If you are serious about strengthening your intuitive skills, this well-thought out Intuitive Awakening course is excellent. It teaches you step by step how to tap into your intuition while working at your own pace. It is extremely comprehensive and I would recommend it to anyone.I have enjoyed every module so far, and I have taken other intuitive courses. Thank you for creating such a powerful course! Wonderful work!!!”

Here is the curriculum:

1Lesson 1: Where intuitive guidance comes from and how we can let it in more easily

Get realistic expectations from the beginning: what you can and can’t do with intuitive abilities. Find out where intuitive messages come from – and about the sources of guidance, including your own spirit, spirit guides and angels. Do an attunement process to call on your spirit guides and Higher Self to join you on this new journey of intuitive development. This chapter goes into common blocks to intuitive abilities/reasons why we shut down intuition, caused by Western culture and certain religious teachings.

2Lesson 2: Learn the first essential key to developing intuitive abilities

There are 2 Essential Keys to Communicating with Spirit Guides and your Higher Self. These are the things you MUST know and master in order to be successful in developing intuitive abilities (these two essential keys are overlooked or barely skimmed over in about 90% of the courses and books I’ve come across in the last several years.) In this chapter, you learn the first essential key. I call it essential because without it, your intuitive messages become hit and miss later on. Learn two exercises for making sure that this doesn’t happen. Also find out whether you need spiritual protection on your path of intuitive development and you will also learn to protect yourself energetically against unwanted influences as you begin to work with the spirit realm.

3Lesson 3: Identify your individual intuitive gifts and skill set

Learn about all the different intuitive gifts and identify yours so that you can make progress faster. You won’t need to push against the current, trying to develop gifts you don’t have yet. In this chapter you’ll have a go at identifying your strongest gifts along with the gifts you don’t have yet, so that you know how to expect your guidance and messages, at least in the beginning.

4Lesson 4: Sensitization & Start Developing your individual Skill set

Choose specific techniques that can help you to activate and develop your strongest gifts so that you can prepare for the spirit communication techniques that will be presented further on.

5Lesson 5: Learn how to open, close and clear your chakras

Develop energetic boundaries and have more choice over what enters your energy field. Learn how to open your energy field to your higher self and spirit guides. Learn which blocks can affect us at the chakras and clear out any blocks to intuition (guided meditation included). Learn how to close your energy field.

6Lesson 6: Learn the second essential key to develop your intuitive abilities: Stillness

Find out why this is perhaps the most important aspect of intuitive development. Without this essential key, your connection to spirit can be poor, hit-and-miss and on-and-off. Do a guided meditation to make sure that does not become the case for you, no matter how chatty your mind is.

7Lesson 7: Learn the process professional intuitives use to tune into spirit guides

Put together all the components you’ve learned so far and learn a process to communicate with your spirit guides and higher self (guided meditation included). Learn which parts of the ‘tuning in’ process you absolutely must include in order for it to work.

8Lesson 8: Learn how to formulate questions that get answers

Find out why the quality of your question determines the quality of the answer you get. Learn which questions get poor answers or even no answer at all. And find out which questions get accurate, specific, helpful answers.

9Lesson 9: Find out your life purpose and soul gifts

Learn about the 36 soul archetype and gifts that people can have – most people have five of them as part of their soul’s make-up. Learn a dowsing process for finding out which are yours. Also learn how to dowse to get guidance from Spirit.

10Lesson 10: Learn how to read others ethically

Learn a process for reading other people to find out their levels of integrity, honesty, their intentions towards you and find out what other people are really like.

11Lesson 11: Automatic writing & channelling

Learn to do automatic writing and claircognizant & clairaudient channelling so that they work for you.

12Lesson 12: Two very effective processes for making good decisions, that you can use for life

Learn how to get past that stumped ‘I just don’t know what to do’ state and get answers from your higher self about the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of your possible paths.

13Lesson 13: Prove your abilities by reading for others

Do a reading for someone else using what you have learned in this course. Get tips for reading for others vs. reading for yourself. And tips to get the most out of what you’ve learned in the months and years to come.

Bonus chapter: Learn about the mindset to be ‘successfully intuitive’

(Yes, I know that sounds cheesy, but the material is really helpful.)

This course includes an in-depth chapter on how to integrate your intuitive abilities into your life successfully, and into your human side and your skeptical mind. In this chapter, I tell you everything I know about the attitudes and practices which can help you to be successful and confident in your intuitive abilities, including how to get past ‘performance anxiety’ when reading for yourself or others.

I also include information on why the spirit world is nowhere near as scary as I once thought, information to help you tell the difference between intuition and other things, information on staying grounded and how to cope with people who think you’re a little crazy (or stupid) for being interested in psychic development.

Rachael rachael“I recently completed the Intuitive Awakening course and it was great! It was a good foundational course and I learned a great deal.The course provides an understanding of the different ways people receive intuitive information and critical steps to take to ensure you fully access spiritual guidance.I’ve done some practice readings for people who say I’m very good and accurate. I even did one for one of the other students taking the class who said she was very impressed and hoped she’d have the same results after completing the class. On a personal level, knowing I can develop intuitive abilities and getting more in touch with my spirit guides, angels and Higher Self has brought me a deeper sense of inner peace and self esteem. It has helped me grow as a person. I highly encourage anyone wanting to start their intuitive journey to take this course!”
Helen Hageman “The Intuitive Awakening course is perfect. It really opened my skills further. I was not a beginner, but this course really helped me to understand the skills I have been working with. My main skill is Clairaudience, closely followed by Clairvoyance and Clairsentience and on occasions I work with Claircognizance. I was also an open Empath and I have now learned to control this as which really helps with my healing work. The meditations are excellent. As a healer, I love the cleansing of the Chakras too. This course has also encouraged me to take a BSY Diploma in Psychic counselling/consultant. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to awaken their intuitive abilities or work on their already existing skills. Intuitive Awakening is just truly amazing and totally mind blowing. It is an excellent course and one which I have recommended to many. The results are amazing.”
pic-michelleMichelle Kirsch,, Coach & Writer I really enjoyed the Intuitive Awakening Course. It was practical, easy to follow, and included simple & effective exercises to practice. The meditations were wonderful. The course left me feeling more connected to my intuition than ever before and I was finally able to connect with my guides for the first time. Thank you!
francesFrances Garcia O’Brien “I cannot be more thankful to God/Spirit for having crossed paths with Anna. I’ve taken many intuitive courses in the past and I can say without any doubt that Anna’s Intuitive Awakening Course is by far the best I’ve ever done. Being an intuitive counselor myself on and off for 5 years, Anna’s course came as a “breath of fresh air” and taught me very practical and useful techniques that I use daily. All the techniques I learned from Anna’s course have helped me enormously in my spiritual path. I had many ‘a-ha!’ moments, and in particular, it helped me in building my own confidence in my natural abilities.”

How much does Intuitive Awakening cost?

This price of this course is $499. You can either pay in one go or in three instalments of $175.

Pay in one go – $499 USD

Buy Intuitive Awakening


Pay in three installments of $175 USD

Buy Intuitive Awakening

Please note – if you choose the 3 payment option, you will receive access to 4 chapters of the course each month, which is a very manageable (and the recommended) pace. If you want to go faster than that and get access to the whole course straight away, please choose the one payment option.


I know that some people are used to buying intuitive courses that are under $20 or $30. Why is this course more expensive than those?

This course is totally different from a weekend workshop or a book on intuitive abilities. A few reasons why this is different:

  • There is a huge amount on offer in this program: you receive a 177-page manual, several hours of audio lectures and access to 10 years worth of answers to frequently asked questions from other students, while you are working through the course. There is no time limit to using the materials. You won’t find anything better value than this in the marketplace.
  • This course teaches you several valuable skills that you can use for life. Most of the skills I teach in this course, I use myself on a daily or weekly basis. I dowse almost every week for my clients (and often for myself). I use the techniques taught in this course to suss out who people are on the soul level (so that I do not get involved with people whose intentions are not good, or who have low levels of integrity.) It also teaches you how to talk to spirit guides. I do this often when I need an answer to something immediately.
  • Intuitive Awakening saves you money, time and energy. That is because is takes you straight from A to B with no messing around. If you read books or do one day workshops, they give you pieces of the puzzle here and there (sometimes in the wrong order – that’s how I learned to open up my intuitive abilities!) It’s rare to find a resource that gives you the pieces of the puzzle in the right order. This is one such resource.
  • The course isn’t just a book with some nice ideas in it. It’s a practical course that heightens your perceptions and gives you an advantage in moving through life with more awareness and truth. There are exercises, homework and guided meditations (and not ‘fluffy’ ones either – the meditations are highly practical and get results! Each one is in there to help you master a particular aspect of intuitive development.) This course is a practical and mystical experience at the same time.
  • This course gives you lifetime access to the materials (they don’t expire) and also lifetime access to any updates and additions that are made to the materials later on.

This course took me a few years to put together and write – it’s everything I know about developing your intuitive abilities to do readings for yourself.

So as you can probably tell from the curriculum, it’s not equivalent to reading a couple of books or even listening to some teleseminars on intuitive abilities. The cumulative results of 13 weeks of structured study are more complete, noticeable and lasting than the results you’d get from taking a weekend workshop or reading a couple of books on the topic. Plus over the 13 weeks, you get the opportunity to integrate the techniques into your life.

What you get for this course:

  • 13 Extensive Written Modules, each one addressing a key aspect of intuitive development. Homework exercises are included.
  • Audio recordings of each module (if you’d rather listen to the material instead of reading it) along with three guided meditations, to guide you through key processes in an enjoyable and memorable way
  • 10 years of answers to frequently asked questions from students to help you to get past any sticking points, and to provide extra encouragement and support on your journey
  • A Bonus module on Developing the mindset for successful spirit communication with material that has not been publicly shared on my blog or anywhere else

PLUS Lifetime Access to your materials

Unlike many online courses out there, this program gives you lifetime access to the Intuitive Awakening materials (they don’t expire) and also lifetime access to any updates and additions that are made to the materials later on.

Buy Intuitive Awakening$499 USD
or, click here to pay in 3 installments

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Here are some of the most common ones people ask…

Are you sure it’s possible for me to develop intuitive abilities – do I need to be especially ‘gifted’? Do intuitive abilities need to run in my family for me to have them?

We are all wired to receive guidance from our Higher self and Spirit Guides, but we don’t all receive guidance in the same way. You might like to read an article I wrote about this: Can Anyone Really Be Intuitive? Having intuitive abilities is definitely not about lineage and having an intuitive grandmother or mother. It’s not necessarily about getting smacked in the third eye or having some traumatic experience that changes your way of seeing things. It’s about having all the pieces of the intuitive puzzle, given to you in the right order, and applying them. I know this from my own path of intuitive development and in training my students.

Can I get a physical version of the course in the mail?

At the moment, I am only offering a digital version of the course. Digital access means you can get started straight away because it is an immediate download.

How much is this course in UK pounds/euros/Australian dollars?

If you use another currency, such as British pounds or Australian dollars, you can still pay for this course in US dollars and it will convert the cost to your currency. If you’d like to know how much you’re paying if you use another currency, check out this website to get a currency conversion.

Does this course teach me how to do readings for other people on a professional basis?

If you’re a beginner who is thinking of becoming a professional intuitive in the future, this course will be a great foundation for the future. (There is also a chapter on doing short readings for friends and family on an informal basis.)

However, I wouldn’t say the course is adequate on its own for training and setting up a business as a professional intuitive. My Akashic Record Reading Program & Intuitive Reading Program together are a complete training for those who want to work as professional intuitives. The ‘Intuitive Awakening’ course is however a good place to start if you wish to become a professional intuitive and a small proportion of the students of this course have gone on to train as professional intuitives.

Can I sample Intuitive Awakening?

Yes! If you’re not ready for the full Intuitive Awakening course just yet, I am now offering chapter five of the course separately, so you can get a taster. Go here to check it out.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital data, we cannot refund digital goods purchases. Please read this page through carefully and contact us if you have further questions.

I bought the course but didn’t receive the download — where is it?

Please make sure that you check the email address linked to the account linked to your payment method. The link to download the course is sent to that email account. Also please be sure to check your spam folder. If you need further support please email us at hello

How do I download the course files?

You will need to use your computer to download this course. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or tablet, you can download the files using the latest versions of Chrome or Safari, and then send the files to your Dropbox app, Adobe Reader app (for PDFs) or Google Drive. You can also find numerous free apps that allow you to download files to your device. Or, you can first download the files to your computer, and then transfer/sync the files to your device. However, we aren’t able to offer tech support for downloading to your phone or tablet if you encounter any issues – only for computers. This is why we recommend you download the course via a computer.


Is this course suitable for advanced students and practising professional intuitives?

This course is designed for beginner and lower intermediate levels. If you are an advanced student who has already had a lot of practice and training, there may or may not be enough material in this program that is new to you, depending on what you have already learned and experienced. Please have a read of the curriculum set out above – if you need any more details on the curriculum, please do get in touch.


More questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the course that I haven’t covered here!
If you’ve known for a while that you want to develop your intuitive ability to a really good level, and you have been looking for the right resource or teacher to help you with that, I might well be your person. Over 4000 students have trusted me in the last decade to help them with their intuitive development.
Teaching intuitive development is a passion of mine. My highest wish would be for you to be able to communicate with spirit fluently, so that you can be in touch with your spiritual guidance.