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How will it feel to know that you have an effective way to help clients:

  • Get closure on break-ups
  • Release attachments to past partners
  • Heal from past difficult experiences
  • Recover from abusive relationships
  • Improve existing relationships
  • And free themselves up to attract positive, new relationships and experiences into their lives

All of this can be achieved through intuitive healing, which in early 2021 I will be teaching in a brand new, professional-level program.

This Intuitive Healing Program consists of four parts:

(which is an advanced technique)

(including negative thought forms, emotional residues, unwanted influencing energy and psychic ties.)

Let’s look at cord cutting first:

What’s Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting is a modality that essentially allows us to cut the cord to a person or a situation, permanently upgrading our energy and releasing old relationship patterns that no longer serve us. It can be used for all kinds of relationships and situations, including romantic relationships, family, friendships and professional relationships.

It has not only been the most rewarding part of my past work with clients, but it is also the healing modality that has personally helped me massively in my personal and professional life.

Like many people who fit the archetype of the ‘wounded healer’, I came into this world with a couple of recent traumatic past lives behind me, and a difficult early life waiting for me.

I was born into a family with a narcissistic parent who was emotionally abusive. I also grew up with a sibling who I felt was a sociopath, and who made our home life very chaotic and traumatic while we were growing up. My brother was later diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and after a 20 year descent into drug addiction, passed away two years ago.

These early life experiences left their mark. I found myself in abusive relationships and dangerous situations in my twenties, because I had not learned how to protect myself, as a result of what I grew up with, and what I was used to. Although I had certain privileges, I also know what it is like to struggle, hard.

The task that Spirit gave me, if I was willing to take it on, was to move beyond the dysfunction, create healthy relationships, embrace my soul’s purpose, and create a thriving business which would give me independence.

I managed all of the above, although it took me years and much of the path was walked alone.

I also found tools which helped me along the way. I cut around 50 of my own cords, I released earthbound spirits, and I went into therapy. The intuitive healing tools and techniques I learned were the key to my resilience and healing.

The beautiful thing about all of this was that my experiences motivated me to learn to work with other people with their own healing, and I spent 13 years as an intuitive healer. In my view, there is no other work that I have done, that is more rewarding than to facilitate healing for another person.

Learn Anna’s ‘secret weapons’ for healing and resilience, for yourself and for your clients:

1. Cord cutting

2. Earthbound spirit release work & working with enmeshed earthbound spirits

3. Cleansing the aura of a variety of astral debris and clutter (including negative thought forms, emotional residues, unwanted influencing energy and psychic ties.)

First, What Are Negative Cords?

When you have a significant relationship with someone (or an impactful experience involving someone else) you form 2 energetic ties to that person.

The good energies of the relationship – the positive, easy, happy ones are reflected in a spiritual connection between the two parties.

And then the shadow side of the relationship, is reflected in a different energetic structure, and this is the negative cord. This cord contains the heavy, challenging energies of the relationship and it is an actual energetic structure that connects your aura to theirs. Both parties contribute negative energies into this cord, which affect both of you, along with your emotional health.

There are ways to eliminate the impact negative cords have on our emotional lives and our relationships. And that’s what cord cutting does. It effectively limits how much influence the negative patterns of a relationship/encounter (past or present) have on us. And it’s not a temporary solution – it has a permanent effect on the energy field.

(Note that cord cutting is not always about letting go of challenging relationships altogether – it can also be about letting go of the negative patterns within existing relationships.)

So Why Learn to Cut Cords?

As a professional intuitive, I got into this field because I wanted to help people with the things that really matter in their lives. I have always wanted to help people to heal.

I saw this as my calling and my soul’s mission. I knew I was a healer.

I started feeling this calling strongly when I was 23 and working as a teacher in a language school in the Spanish Pyrenees, and I realised I was going to be very restricted in how I could pursue it, if I remained working as a teacher. And so I trained as an intuitive instead.

I loved working as an intuitive and an Akashic Record reader, and it was a huge step in the right direction for me (compared with working in a language school.) But once I was working in the intuitive field, I still felt a sense of limitation around how much I could help my clients.

Don’t get me wrong – intuitives, counsellors and coaches do very good work with their clients (I say that as someone who is a professional intuitive who also has been helped very much by psychotherapy/coaching.)

But when you are a coach, a psychic, a Tarot reader, or a counsellor for that matter, there is a limit to what you can help a client with, when they come into your practice, grieving a loss or a break up, healing from trauma, dealing with the aftermath of abuse/violence, or having relationship or family issues.

In those situations, professional intuitives are restricted to delivering insight (rather than healing) and therapists usually need time for their work to make an impact.

But when I trained as a cord cutting practitioner,

I experienced the satisfaction of being able to help people rather quickly with these issues, on a deeper level than I was able to before.

The reason for this is because as a cord cutting practitioner, I was suddenly working with the Divine realm (Ascended Masters and Archangels) and they brought the healing energy of the session to my client (and these are not beings we ordinarily have access to when we work as psychics, coaches, Tarot readers or counsellors.)

In addition, I was also using my channelling ability to validate my client’s experience within the relationship and deliver impactful intuitive insights, and I was using other therapeutic techniques to help my client to extract the life lessons from the relationship.

The result was often very transformative for clients. I found myself regularly cutting cords for people that were at the centre of deep karmic complexes for their souls. In those cases, the healing result was definitely beyond what I had been able to help people to achieve, as an intuitive.

Why Should You Learn this Particular Method of Cord Cutting?

Personally, I feel that cord cutting has a slightly bad reputation in this field, as a technique that doesn’t really do much for people. In fact, people often have the experience that cords come back, once they are cut – there is often no lasting transformation or change.

And the reason for this is because most of the people who have learned to cut a cord have simply found a prayer online or in a book, asking Archangel Michael to cut all cords between themselves and another person.

But when a person uses a quick prayer like this, what they are actually cutting is their psychic ties to a person – not the negative cord. (You can read more about psychic ties here.)

Cutting a negative cord properly, on the other hand, is usually a 60-minute process, with multiple steps. In it, we don’t just request that a cord be cut……

  • We also need to find out how the cord is affecting the client before we cut it
  • And we need to find out which negative energies were in the cord, so as to validate the client in their experience of the relationship
  • Finally, we also need to talk about the relationship, and extract the life lessons from the cord (this is the most valuable part, and no cord cutting can happen without it.)

So if you want to bring about

genuine healing

for your client in the realm of cord cutting, you can forget about calling on the angels to do it for you in a 2 minute process.

Real cord cutting MUST incorporate the three steps above, and executing those steps effectively, and in the right order, requires skill, know-how and experience. All of which you will acquire in this course.

PLUS if you want to protect yourself as a practitioner, you should also know when NOT to cut a cord for a client (and when to release an earthbound spirit for them instead.) <—— This is something very few cord cutting practitioners know about.

Earthbound Spirit Release Work

Earthbound spirits are the mental and emotional bodies of deceased people, that can attach both to peoples’ auras and to places.

You can read more about them here.

Many spiritual seekers and intuitive developers have attaching earthbound spirits, and these spirits can:

1. Drain our energy
2. Affect our intuitive accuracy
3. Affect our emotional state

Most earthbound spirit attachments are located on the outside of a person’s aura. These are your ordinary, regular attachments and I have released many of these for clients and students. Sometimes you can come across an earthbound spirit attachment located on the inside of the aura, which means that the spirit is sharing a portion of the client’s energy and consciousness. These are enmeshed earthbound spirits, and they require a different approach when it comes to healing (a combination of earthbound spirit release work AND cord cutting.) In this program I will teach you to do both, and then also teach you how to protect yourself (and teach your clients how to protect themselves) from this sort of attachment in the future.

Earthbound spirits are very prevalent among Reiki practitioners, empaths, those who use cannabis, and intuitive developers who are not concerned with spiritual protection.

Not only will you learn how to release these for clients, but you’ll also learn when each type of session is appropriate, and how to advise your client on what sort of work would be the best next step for him/her.

A lot of healers know the basics of earthbound spirit release, but not many have the skills to release enmeshed earthbound spirits — this is an advanced technique.

Aura cleansing sessions

In addition, you will learn how to clear and release four other types of ‘astral level debris’ from clients’ auric fields, including psychic ties, emotional residues, unwanted influencing energy and negative thought forms.

Join the Waitlist 

The Professional Intuitive Healing Program doors are now closed! Get on the Wait List to be the first to hear when the doors reopen. Please enter your name and email below:

Here’s more information about the two levels:

The Independent learner


This level is suitable for those who want to learn these techniques primarily for themselves, and independent learners and practitioners with experience who do not feel they need a high level of support and mentoring.

Here’s what is included as part of this level:

  • An audio attunement to Divine-level energies (Ascended Masters and Archangels) who will be assisting you in your healing work.
  • 9 group training calls with Anna on Zoom, each one between 50 mins – 2 hours. You will have any opportunities to get your questions answered during the call, and you will also receive a call recording if you were not able to attend.
  • 3 x 30-45 min hour group support calls for any remaining questions, 2 months, 4 months and 6 months after the final training call. You will have the opportunity to send your questions in, ahead of time, if you cannot make the call. And you will receive a recording of these calls.
  • 40,000+ words of written material and detailed protocols of the intuitive healing processes.

Please note that for the Independent Learner level, access to Anna’s mentoring and support is restricted to the calls — because of the lower price, and in light of the huge amount of training and information you will receive, there is no email or forum support for the ‘independent learner’ level (except where it comes to any technical issues you have accessing your materials.)

But if you would like Anna’s personal support over the phone for dealing with a particular situation or client, it is also possible for Independent Learners to book one or more 30-min mentoring calls (at a cost of $175 each) in the 12 months following your registration to discuss anything related to your work as an intuitive healer. These are completely optional. 

A payment plan is available for this level, to help spread the cost of the program. You will be able to work with paying clients once you have completed this level, but you won’t be eligible for certification or for listing in the practitioner directory. If you’d like the opportunity to be certified, you’ll want to opt for the ‘apprenticeship’ option below instead.


The Apprenticeship – SOLD OUT


Here’s what is included as part of this level:

  • An audio attunement to Divine-level energies (Ascended Masters and Archangels) who will be assisting you in your healing work
  • 9 group training calls with Anna, each one between 50 mins – 2 hours
  • Private email support from Anna for 12 months following your enrollment as a student, for support and help when it comes to your healing work. Anna will give you personalised feedback by email for each of your 10 practice sessions and be available by email for all other questions that may come up
  • A final 30-minute mentoring session by phone once you have completed your practice sessions
  • Certification and the opportunity to be listed in Anna’s graduate directory once you have completed the program, along with the possibility of receiving referrals as a result
  • Access to a private forum/group for students to share experiences
  • 40,000+ words of written material and detailed protocols of the intuitive healing processes

Personal Contact  & Total Support

This level is suited to those who are new to the field of healing, people who want to be certified and those who just want a high level of support. I will be available to you for questions for 12 months within your registration.

I will be committed to helping you to successfully graduate from the program and incorporate this modality into your toolkit. You will do 10 practice sessions, and will send in session reports to me, each time you do a practice session. I will provide feedback and comments about your progress.

Course Fees

The Independent Learner
A 3 and 6 month payment plan is available.

The Apprenticeship – SOLD OUT
A 6 month payment plan is available.

Who is suited to Anna’s Intuitive Healing Program?

This training is open to all, however I’m especially keen to teach those who are already in the helping and healing professions, such as Akashic Record readers, spiritual healers, professional intuitives, Tarot readers, psychotherapists and body workers. But if you are someone who is new to this field, you are also welcome and you may want to opt for the ‘Apprenticeship’ level instead.

I recommend some degree of training in the intuitive arts prior to working with clients and implementing the techniques you will learn in this course. (This is because one of the cord cutting steps involves using your intuition to gain insight on the relationship patterns within the cord.) This course provides some training in this area, but if you’re totally new to channelling and intuitive work, you may need more than what I can offer in one or two calls.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend completing my Intuitive Awakening Course or something of a similar level before February 2021. If you sign up for the Intuitive Healing Program, I can also offer you a significant discount on the Intuitive Awakening Course. (Please email us to ask about that, at: hello (at)

Detailed Course Curriculum

The initial training period takes approximately 6-7 weeks and happens over Zoom. Each session with me is a call, that takes place in groups.

We’ll do 1 or 2 calls per week. Each call will take somewhere between 50 mins and 2 hours and I will send you a detailed PDF write up after each session along with a recording of the call, in case you were not able to make the session. 

You will receive around 40,000 words written material in total, including detailed protocols of the intuitive healing processes.

Here is the Curriculum:


Session 1

We will start with the modality of cord cutting. A call with me: A deep dive into the modality of Cord Cutting in general & FAQ’s about the process/modality.

Session 2

Involves an audio attunement to the Divine-level Energies (Ascended Masters and Archangels) that you will be working with as a healer (as the healing that your client receives will for the most part come from the Divine realm.) And some written instructions on how to work with the Divine-level Energies as a healer.

Session 3

In this session we cover how to find the most suitable practice clients, and you’ll be given a protocol of preparatory steps to take at the beginning of a cord cutting session with yourself or a client, including deciding which cord to cut.

Session 4

Sensitization & start developing your individual skill set

Choose specific techniques that can help you to activate and develop your strongest gifts so that you can prepare for the spirit communication techniques that will be presented further on. Also learn how to use a pendulum for dowsing (this is a really useful way for beginners to diagnose various issues for clearing/healing.)

Learn how to use your intuitive skills to read the chakra system.


Session 5

In this session, I will teach you how to cut a cord, and channel details on the negative energies it contained. You’ll also learn how to talk with the client about the relationship and the cord, so as to extract the life lessons from it. And you’ll be given a protocol for wrapping a session up.

Session 6

Call with me: Learn more about the issues and energies that commonly come up for clients during a cord cutting session, including grief/loss, trauma, abusive or toxic relationships, attachment issues and fear of psychic attack. Along with information on how these issues commonly manifest in cords. Homework task for this session: cut a cord of your own.

Session 7

How to release earthbound spirits for clients, and why you should always check for earthbound spirits in a client’s aura (and clear them, if needed) before you help them to cut a cord. Earthbound spirits are those attachments which exist just outside of a person’s energy field.

Session 8

Learn how to release enmeshed earthbound spirits for clients (enmeshed earthbound spirits are those attachments that are located inside of the energy field.)

Session 9

Learn how to release other types of astral debris from a client’s auric field.

Lesson 10

Get tips for cutting a cord for yourself, and how this type of session differs from cutting a cord for a client

Expand your Business

By the time you have finished this training, you will be equipped to offer 4 new types of session with your clients:

(which requires a different skill-set from a regular earthbound spirit release)

If you have chosen the apprenticeship option, you will need to do a total of 10 practice client phone sessions in order to graduate from the program. Each time you do a session with a client, you will submit a client session report to me and I will answer any questions you might have or comment on your progress, by email. If you wish to receive further mentoring and support beyond the 12 month period for further work with your clients, this can be arranged, but is not essential. You will also receive a short reading list of books to read, and reading these is a requirement for graduating from the program.

More Info About Cord Cutting:

I have practiced Cord-Cutting sessions with my clients for over ten years. If you’d like to find out more about this modality, here are some articles I have written about my experiences, both as a client and a practitioner:

•  Cord-Cutting: A Spiritual Technology That Changed My Life
•  Cord-Cutting As A Technique To Improve Relationships (And Your Emotional Health)
•  How Many Cords Should I Have Cut?
•  Cord-Cutting – More Client Experiences

To sum up, I hope it comes through on this page
how much I love this modality

and the amazing level of healing it has brought to my clients (and not to mention, to myself as well). I am excited to be passing it on.

As ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’, so much of our evolution occurs in the area of our relationships. For this reason, there is great demand among the general public for energy healing modalities which deal specifically with relationships, both past and present.

Many people are able to obtain psychological insights through counselling/ psychotherapy, but for shifting the energy side of our relationships and relationship dynamics, cord cutting is an excellent option, and a great adjunct to psychotherapy and psychologically oriented modalities. And more and more people these days are opening up to the possibilities and healing that this type of modality can offer them.

Finally, this course covers not just cord cutting but 3 other ways of working with clients besides. There is an insane amount on offer as part of this program. 

Feedback from a Previous Cord Cutting Student…

I have seen other Cord Cutting Programs & techniques and I can say without hesitation that Anna’s is by far the best.

“As the Resident Akashic Record Reader for Anna’s website, I have mentioned that Anna’s Akashic Record Reading Course literally changed my life, but her Cord Cutting Course has changed not only my life, but that of my clients, as well.

I routinely receive messages from my Cord Cutting Clients expressing their gratitude for the positive shift they have had with their ex, child, parent, or boss after our session. Many had even had cords cut before with other practitioners (not trained by Anna) without experiencing the results they did after working with me.

True Cord Cutting is so much more than simply asking an Archangel to cut the cords for you. There are many steps involved in thoroughly and permanently cutting cords with someone and Anna’s Cord Cutting Program goes into all of it.

This course is comprehensive, well laid out, easy to understand and most importantly teaches the correct way to cut cords for yourself and/or your clients.

Cord Cutting is a passion for Anna and it shows. She explains the techniques, the reason for the steps you take, and gives examples of things you may come across when channeling energies contained within a cord. She also explains personality types you may come across and how to work with them in a kind and non-judgmental way. If you are going to consider learning a healing modality that can change your life and others’ be sure to sign up for Anna’s Cord Cutting Program.”

— Shelly Ebeling

Professional Intuitive, Resident Akashic Record Reader & Cord Cutting Practitioner for

Join the Waitlist 

The Professional Intuitive Healing Program doors are now closed! Get on the Wait List to be the first to hear when the doors reopen. Please enter your name and email below:

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