Chakra Meditation

Rebalance Your Chakra System and Fast-track Your Intuitive Development

  • Learn part of the process professional intuitives use to tune into clients’ Spirit Guides…and their own guides
  • Work with the Angels to clear out blockages in your chakra system and life
  • Learn to check your own chakras for imbalances and make positive changes in your life as a result

A Complete Guide to Reading, Healing, Opening and Clearing out Chakras

Maybe you’ve read a little about the chakra system, but you’re not sure what it has to do with your life.

Here’s why anyone talks about chakras: Your energy body (and chakra system) is a reflection of the health and balance that is present in your life, spirit and in your body. When you have an imbalance that is present in your life, it shows in your chakras. Intuitives read the chakra system because it’s a great indication of how you’re doing in the seven main areas, like: spiritual connection, material security, enjoyment and play, self-expression, emotional fulfillment, personal power and intuition.

In some areas, you can be doing well and in other areas, you can lag behind. This results in imbalances in life. When you have a big imbalance, you can feel it. Something usually feels ‘off’ and you’re not fulfilled in the way you are when you’re in balance.

I have put together this Chakra Meditation kit (a 45-minute meditation, e-book and 47 mins of audio instruction) so that you can get the benefits that come from:

– Sensitizing yourself to what your chakras are doing and rebalancing yourself if you notice an imbalance

– Opening up your chakras (to help you in your intuitive development) through visualization

– Working with higher powers to clear out your chakras.

Who could benefit from listening to it?

– Anyone who wants an instant, inexpensive healing session with the angels to clear out icky stuff from their chakras (that you can listen to again and again.) This meditation guides you to clear out negative energy and blocks to do with…

  • Money (root chakra)
  • Sexuality and enjoyment (sacral chakra)
  • Being in your power (solar plexus chakra)
  • Giving to yourself and to others (heart chakra)
  • Inhibitions while speaking, fears around self-expression and being your true self (throat chakra)
  • Trusting your intuition (third-eye chakra)
  • Connecting with spirit (crown chakra)

This is the next best thing to an intuitive healing session with me.

This kit is also good for anyone who wants to learn part of the process professional intuitives use to tune into their clients’ Spirit Guides (i.e. opening and clearing out chakras.) What I haven’t mentioned before is that this is an adapted version of chapter five of my Intuitive Awakening course. Everything in that product is designed to move you along your path of intuitive development very quickly, this chapter included!

How Does Learning to Open and Close your Chakras Help Your Intuitive Development?

When professional intuitives do a reading for you, they’ll open and clear out their chakras beforehand. It’s part of the ‘tuning in’ process that good intuitives use. Opening your chakras up creates a field of energetic receptivity around you, which means that:

  • You become much more sensitive to the energies around you
  • You can communicate with your Spirit Guides more easily

Thirdly, this kit would be good for anyone who wants to have the lifelong skill of learning how to read their own chakra system for imbalances and take steps towards greater balance.

The Practical Bit

You will learn how to recognize imbalances in your chakras and take practical, real-world steps to address them. I did not want this kit to be one of those courses where you feel great afterwards but then you forget all about it and never listen again. So, you get homework. This really is the next best thing to working with an energy healer and getting homework to improve and rebalance your life.

The Educational Bit

This kit also teaches you about the chakra system:

  • What the chakras represent
  • How to ground your energy before opening up to spirit
  • How to have more control of your own energy system

It includes:

  • A 45-minute guided audio meditation, set to relaxing music.
  • A 5500 word e-book to go with it. There is also 47 minutes of audio instruction that you can listen to instead of reading the e-book, if you prefer.

Please note that this is not a physical product. It comes in digital mp3 format, so you get it sent instantly to your email address when you order.

The Chakra Meditation audio kit costs $30 USD.

How do I download the course files?

We recommend that you download all files onto your computer.

If you are using an iPhone, iPad or tablet, you can download the files using the latest versions of Chrome or Safari, and then send the files to your Dropbox app, Adobe Reader app (for PDFs) or Google Drive. You can also find numerous free apps that allow you to download files to your device. Or, you can first download the files to your computer, and then transfer/sync the files to your device.

Please note that we aren’t able to offer tech support for downloading to your phone or tablet if you encounter any issues – only for computers. This is why we recommend you download the course via a computer.

$30 USD

Shannon, Pennsylvania, USA

“Your voice is very soothing and I fell asleep on the first pass. I found your technique of expanding and vacuuming the chakras was different and more effective than anything I’d ever tried previously. I have someone else’s chakra meditation, and it is very passive. Yours is more active and the result feels more energetically resonant. Very nice work. Feeling very good and balanced and clear. Thank you for facilitating such a pleasant experience.”