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Do you have a burning question you’d like to get answered?

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Please check the FAQ below before contacting us – it’s likely that your question has been covered below, so you can get your answer right now!

If your question isn’t answered below and you have a query about sessions or courses, please email us at hello at and either me or a member of my team will get back to you. You can expect a response within 48 hours.

As for emails about anything else, I welcome messages from readers, but cannot guarantee a personal response because I get a lot of email.

Have a suggestion for me?

Do you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see covered on this website? Feel free to email and let us know.

Would you like to suggest a subject for an Intuitive Experiment? You can use the address above to email us.

(Please note: I only run intuitive experiments on people who are or who were once in the public eye. It must also be a person for whom we can verify the information that readers pick up – for example, someone who has written an autobiography. No point running an experiment on a person we can’t find out much about!)

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I ordered a course and am having issues downloading the file(s). What do I do?

Here are some tips to help you download the files:

Make sure that you right-click (or option+click if your computer doesn’t allow you to right-click) on the link you get sent. If you left-click on the file’s link, the file will open in your internet browser which doesn’t always work properly. When you right-click (or option+click) on the file’s link, you’ll be able to choose “Save As,” or “Save File As” from the options menu, then you can save it to your computer and open it once you’ve done that.

If you have tried the above and are still having issues:

• Try clearing your cache, then return to the download link and try again. You can find out how to do this here if you are unsure: How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache – clearing the cache often solves downloading issues.

Still having trouble?

• Try a different internet browser. If you are using Firefox, try Chrome or IE and vice versa. That sometimes solves the issue.

• Make sure you are giving the file enough time to download – some of the audio files are rather large and will take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet connection

• Try downloading the files at different times of day – some people have had issues downloading in the evening (presumably because more people are online at that time.)

If you are still having no joy, please email us at hello at and let us know where the download is getting stuck (any error messages you see etc.) and we will help out.

Please note: as mentioned on the course pages, you will need to download your course materials onto a computer. It is much trickier when you are using a tablet or phone and we are not able to provide support for this.

I don’t want to use my debit/credit card. Can I pay for one of your courses by PayPal/cheque/bank transfer/Western Union instead?

Sorry – at the moment I only accept payment through credit/debit card.

What is your cancellation and refund policy for courses?

The Intuitive Awakening Course is non-refundable. Please ensure you definitely want the course when you order because I am not usually able to give a refund if you change your mind at a later date.

Please ensure the level is right for you before you order. Read the course page and the contents of the program carefully. Do get in contact if you need more information – we will be happy to assist. Bear in mind this course has been designed for beginners and starts off fairly basic. If you are advanced it may not be suitable for you.

The Akashic Record Program and The Intuitive Reading Program are also non-refundable courses.

Is there a time limit as to when I have to complete my online course?

There are no time limits on accessing your online materials, however there are some time limits on the mentoring that is included in the programs: for all courses with a mentoring component included, you can ask questions and receive mentoring in the forum for up to 12 months following purchase.

(After 12 months, you will still be able to access the forum to share your experiences with others, but you will need to get your questions answered by our mentors within 12 months of purchase.)

Which currency are your prices in?

All prices are in US dollars.

Can you teach me in person?

Sorry – I’m not offering any in-person classes at the moment!

Are your courses suitable for deaf/hard of hearing people?

My Akashic Record Reading Program and Intuitive Reading Program both involve audio attunements, which you must do in order to complete these programs, so they are completely unsuitable for deaf people.

Guided audio meditations also form a part of my Intuitive Awakening Course. I have had some deaf people do the program, work around the missed audio, and enjoy it, and I’ve had others who purchased the course and felt short-changed by not being able to do the audio meditations involved. We plan to get transcripts of the audio meditations created. In the mean time, I unfortunately cannot fully recommend this course to deaf people either.

How long do your online courses take to complete?

All courses are home study courses that you can take at your own pace, so there is no set timeline or deadline to complete them. Having said that, students who work on the Intuitive Awakening Course part time (i.e. spending several hours on it per week on evenings/weekends) usually complete it in just over 3 months. Students who spend several hours/week on the Akashic Record Reading Program and the Intuitive Reading Program will usually have completed those courses in 4-6 months. Obviously if you are working on the courses more intensively, you will finish sooner. Bear in mind that you need to complete practice readings in order to graduate from the Akashic Record Reading & Intuitive Reading Programs, and these programs take longer as a result.


What is the cancellation/refund policy for sessions?

Sessions can be cancelled under some circumstances (e.g. in cases where Akashic Record reading research has not been started). Please note that there is a $10 charge for session refunds. This is to cover our expenses with exchange rates and administration (it gets quite costly converting your fee from USD to GBP and back again for a refund).

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please let us know 24 hours before your appointment and we can find another time and day.

If you make an appointment and you don’t show up for it, we will wait 15 minutes and thereafter will conclude that you aren’t showing up. We do not refund for missed appointments.

Is there a time limit as to when I have to have my session?

Anna’s email readings must be redeemed within 30 days. There are no time limits to using your session with Shelly. Just bear in mind that the wait time for sessions do vary from one week to the next, so the wait time may have changed when you do come to use it.

What is the wait time for a session?

Please see the top of the sessions pages for the current wait time.

Can you communicate with my deceased relative/loved one for me, or can you teach me how to do this myself?

I am not able to help with this. Instead you will need to contact a medium, who specializes in connecting with your deceased loved one.

e-Courses and Free Resources

I signed up for your free intuition e-course but did not receive it

Firstly, make sure to check your spam/junk folder as the e-course can occasionally end up in there.

Secondly, bear in mind that the free e-course comes in several installments over a period of about 14 days – you don’t get it all at once. However, you should get the first email installment fairly quickly. If you didn’t get it, try unsubscribing (using the link at the bottom of the confirmation email) and subscribing again via the home page.

Media Requests

Can we advertise on your site?

Thank you for your interest, however I don’t currently accept advertisements on my site.

Can I write a guest article for your blog?

Thank you for your interest, however we are not currently accepting guest articles.

Can I interview you for my blog or radio show?

Thank you for your interest in interviewing me. I don’t accept many interview requests due to time constraints, but please send your proposal to hello at and I will be in touch. Be sure to mention your audience size in your message.

Can I send you something to review?

Sorry, I do not currently review products or books on my website, unless it is something I have already used/purchased myself.

Can I publish a sponsored guest article on your website?

Sorry, I don’t offer any kind of sponsored content on my website.

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