On this blog I often talk about soul purpose. One great resource for exploring this is astrology, and specifically the nodes of the moon in astrology.

This week I am visiting my friend astrologer Jay Linden and took the opportunity to interview her about the nodes of the moon and how exploring these can be helpful to find out more about one’s soul purpose.


Anna: Hi Jay. Great to interview you about this topic.

Jay: I’m really happy to talk about the nodes of the moon – understanding my moon’s nodes saved my relationship! So I know this aspect of astrology can be really helpful to some people.

Anna: Awesome. So, what do the north and south nodes of the moon in astrology have to do with soul purpose?

Jay: The nodes of the moon signify the life lessons our soul is currently working on.

Just as we choose particular courses at school or college, so we choose particular life lessons to study on earth in order to develop the character of our souls.

We explore a life lesson from lots of different angles until we are satisfied with what we’ve learnt. So we might have a lot of lives that are all variations of a single theme, for example survival or personal power.

Anna: I have also heard that looking at the nodes of the moon can tell us something about our past lives, too?

Jay: Yes.

We each have a north and south node and they are in opposite astrological signs. So, suppose you have an Aries south node. That means you’ve had lots of lives where you were on your own – you were a pioneer, a warrior, or a leader. You wanted to be the best. You weren’t interested in relationships with other people – you were developing your relationship with yourself. You were learning to be independent, to pit yourself against life’s challenges and look after yourself.

Once you’ve learnt enough in those lives, however, you’ll be heading off to your opposite node in Libra. This node is all about relationships with other people – close one-on-one relationships. This can be really scary at first because you need to be heart connected, to be vulnerable, and to be open. And at first you might find you are constantly wanting to go off on your own –  to where you are comfortable from the Aries lives. You might be totally unused to considering the impact of your behaviour on others.

It can work the other way round too. You might start off learning to be in relationship (if you have a Libra south node) and then later have to learn to be independent (with an Aries north node.)

Anna: So, a bit further on in this article, we’re going to talk about how to interpret your nodes and what it means for your soul purpose. But first, how can a person find out what astrological signs their north and south nodes are in?

Jay: If you want to know what sign your north node is in, you can find this information at the Cafe Astrology website.

(And in the results, further down, it gives your south node.)

By the way, unlike some other aspects of astrology, you don’t need an accurate birth time to find out what astrological signs your nodes are in.

Anna: So once you know what astrological signs your nodes are in, what does it mean?

Jay: Below you will find a summary of the life lessons connected to each pair of nodes.


If you have a Taurus node then you are learning about physical survival, living off the land, being deeply connected to nature. You’re exploring lives of poverty and hardship as well as riches and comfort. Part of the life lesson here is about values and what gives you pleasure and feelings of worth.

Scorpio lives are very different – key word is intense. If you have a Scorpio node you are going below the surface to learn all about the shadow energies. So you will experience jealousy, rage, betrayal, destruction and hate. Lots of secrets and lives involving power games and manipulation.


Gemini node’s life purpose is to take in lots of different ideas and bits of knowledge and pass them on. You are a messenger and communicator and you love gossip. You want to dip into many areas of life and experience a taste of them without getting too serious.

Sagittarius lives are deep and meaningful. You are searching for one universal truth that will explain the mysteries of life. You might be a teacher, a student or explorer, but every event is seen symbolically, as a clue to the real meaning of life. A lot of these lives can be deeply immersed in a religion and you might have died for your beliefs or spent your life spreading the word.


Cancer node lives are all about the family or the tribe and what it means to belong – or what it feels like to be abandoned or orphaned. These are lives about fulfilling family expectations and the sacrifices you make in order to do this. You will be experiencing many variations of child/parent relationships.

Capricorn node life lessons are about authority. In some lives you’ll be the one with the authority and responsibility – in others what it means for someone else to be in charge. With these lives you’ll learn what it takes to provide for and protect your family and how it feels when you can’t. Capricorn node lives are often quite lonely, emotionally isolated, with lots of struggle. War lives and business lives crop up a lot.


In Leo node lives you are centre stage, special, the one getting all the attention. Sometimes you will be a part of royalty or the chief family or someone with a creative gift. Part of this life lesson is learning not to distort yourself in order to get applause.

If you have an Aquarius node your life lessons are about being your unique self. You have a gift for intuitive insights and invention and may be a bit of a rebel. You also stand out from the group and sometimes will experience being the scapegoat or the outcast because of your ideas and visions of a better world.


Virgo node life lessons are about being of service in a practical way. You might experience being a body worker or using the healing power of the natural world. Past lives include being a servant or slave and you might still feel like you are a slave in your work or family life.

Pisces lives are also lives of service, but of a more spiritual or mystical nature. You’re developing your psychic gifts and are often very sensitive and creative. You have a tendency to give without boundaries and experience overwhelm.

Often in past lives, you escaped into a drug or alcohol induced oblivion.

Anna: Are there any books or resources you would recommend for finding out more?

Jay: Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul is a great place to start – she gives a lot of information about the North Node in each sign. However, you can be left with the impression that south node equals bad and north node good – that is certainly not the case, especially if you are working at both ends of the nodal axis and balancing your nodal energies.

Anna: What else in the chart gives us information about life lessons and past lives?

Jay: There are many indicators of soul purpose and past lives in a chart. Each individual’s soul path is unique and you can really see that in a person’s chart.

This is simplifying things a little bit, but your moon sign can also reveal the nature of your past lives.

For example, Anna, your moon is in Taurus which means you’ve had a lot of past lives closely connected to nature, working the land – very simple, physical lives.

Other planets which are in aspect to the south or north nodes add more layers of information.

Take yourself, for example Anna. The planet Uranus in your chart sits exactly on top of your south node. It’s effect on your past lives was that you often had the experience of unforeseen, shattering events – a bit like being hit by lightning – the life you’ve written about on your blog where you were a High Priestess would certainly fit into that.

Anna: Thanks Jay for sharing your knowledge on this fascinating area of astrology!

Just before we finish, I’m intrigued – you mentioned earlier that knowing more about your moon nodes helped save your relationship – how did that happen?

Jay: I’m one of those people who has had many solitary lives, being independent. Discovering that in this lifetime, I am learning to be in relationship, helped me to hang in there when things were challenging. So personally, knowing my moon nodes was tremendously helpful.

How do you see your soul purpose reflected in your nodes? Let us know in the comments!


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