Interview with Psychic Medium Amanda Linette Meder

In this interview, I am very happy to have Amanda Linette Meder joining me – Amanda is a psychic medium and blogger who shares her knowledge of Spirit at her popular website. She has a wealth of information on the spirit world and also the more down-to-earth and practical aspects of being an intuitive.

In this interview we cover topics such as her path growing up as a medium, why being ‘out’ as an intuitive/medium makes it easier to find your soulmate, and much more!

Anna: So, Amanda first of all, thanks so much for doing this interview.  I am sure this is going to be of interest to lots of budding intuitives and mediums.

The first thing I want to ask is – what are your intuitive gifts and how do they manifest for you?

Amanda: Hi Anna and thanks for inviting me to speak.

My gifts are primarily clairvoyance and the discernment of spirits, meaning that I can sense and perceive the messages of spirit. Many people can do this, but the reality is that not many people want to accept that they can, as it is a little hard balancing two realities at the same time.

When spirit is present for me, my heart usually starts beating a little faster and I find it hard to breathe, those are my signs.

If I can see them or if they are (the Spirits) in my frame of vision, I just see them like regular people. They look like a slight hologram and they’re not fully dense. Though I’ve noticed spirits can change shape, appearance, or texture at any time, so sometimes, all I am seeing is what looks like smoke – a smokeless form.

Anna: When did you realise you had psychic abilities?

Amanda: When I was around four or five years old, I started having very vivid dreams where the spirit people would step out of the dream and I would wake up with them standing in my bedroom. I called these dreams waking dreams and had a hard time falling and staying asleep because of it as a kid.

I didn’t think it was anything special until I was around five or six, my father and grandmother sat me down and told me I had gifts. That’s when I first knew of it.

But being that my family is from Eastern Europe, they had different names for these things, so I didn’t know that the two were connected for a very long time, my abilities and this field, that is.

Anna: Did you always know that you wanted to be a professional intuitive/medium? How did that unfold for you?

Amanda: Like many mediums, my abilities started ramping up after the death of someone close to me, but that wasn’t enough for me to do anything about it, until I was in graduate school and my sister became pregnant with a girl. During that pregnancy, I had a dream that she would have gifts just like mine and that’s when I knew I wanted to change the way gifts were perceived by the world, which is how I came to doing what I do now.

Anna: Was there a particular moment/experience in your life, which caused you to accept/trust your gifts; a ‘no going back’ sort of moment?

Amanda: There was a particular time in my life which caused me to accept my gifts and not go back.

Several years ago, I was driving through the desert and my car died right in middle of the heat of the day. I was without cell phone service, no water, and knowing the nearest gas station was 11 miles back, I knew I was in for a long road ahead. I tried and tried to restart the car and nothing worked.

It came to the point where there was nothing left to do but pray, so I prayed.

And just like that, the car restarted. I was able to make it just the 11 miles, to the nearest gas station parking lot where I could call for help. The car died again rolling right up to the parking lot, but at that point, I was safe.

It was in this moment where I realized that I did have Spirit Guides and someone watching out for me.

Aside from being a service to the community, I had always known I was of service, but I was not yet 100% sure that the universe was also in service to me. It was on this day that I realized that both were true. If I served Spirit, I would be served by Spirit and this is how the true bond of trust began to form.

Anna: Wow. I can totally see how that dramatic experience would have helped you trust in Spirit more fully. 

When you first started this work, what was your biggest fear and what helped you overcome that fear?

Amanda: When I first started, I was 28.

My biggest fear, truth be told, was that I wouldn’t be able to find a boyfriend.

Dating was hard enough as it is, so I gathered that me coming out as a medium would only make it harder, and for more awkward first dates. Meaning, with these gifts it would be harder for me to find a soulmate.

But thankfully – I was completely wrong.

Being yourself actually makes it easier for you to find your soulmate, as people can see the real you, sooner. So it actually saves way more on the dating scene and I’ve found it brings more authentic connections with people. Truth be told, I’d found dating to be easier while being out as a psychic medium more than I ever had before.

Anna: I love that. It is so true that being out as an intuitive makes for more authentic relationships…

Another question I wanted to ask: if you could go back in time 15 years and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be? (connected to your spiritual path/psychic development journey)

Amanda: If I could go back 15 years, I would tell myself that there is nothing wrong with speaking your mind, especially and even so in the presence of those who do not yet understand. Talking about your experiences openly gives courage to others to do the same, and you are courageous yourself, for being so open to share them so early on.

Don’t take the stares of others personally, for they are working out their own things. One day, everyone will get what you have gotten. But you, my love, are simply more ahead of the game. Keep your head high and keep going. People love you for you and will always.

This is what I would say to myself and also anyone reading this interview.

Anna: What have the challenges been of being an intuitive/medium?

Amanda: My biggest challenge right now is giving myself enough time for my own intuition and cultivating my own relationship with my guides.

I think for mediums, intuitives, this is the challenge. This is because for a lot of us, we are trained our whole lives to perceive and sense the needs of others even before we call ourselves that, and the people in our lives will place us there. We are placed as being the more sensitive one in our families, the empathetic one so the one who understands and takes it when others are rude, the peacemaking one who says they’re sorry first, and as long as they hold our power and we don’t, they will put us in a place of helping them first, because we always have.

So for many mediums and intuitives, I believe it is learning to reverse this trend. It can be difficult to move out of the role of servant to our families. We have to really work hard at this.

The way I challenge this in my own life is by spending the first part of my day in my own studies, and then after, I get to emails and socialization. It’s the pattern I’ve been building for the past several years now and it’s been a great move towards personal peace. Best part is, I feel great.

Anna: Awesome!

What advice would you give someone who wants to give readings professionally?

Amanda: If you get the feeling you ought to cancel a session with a client, cancel it as soon as you can, or you’ll soon find out why you felt that.

Anna: Lots of people have a hard time trusting their intuition. What advice would you give to help people with that? How did you learn to trust yours?

Amanda: I have built my intuition largely on a system of back and forth with my Spirit Guides.

Because I was seeing spirits my whole life but not interacting with them, it was more that I needed to trust the spirits I was seeing as safe individuals, not necessarily my intuition. For me, it was that I had to trust the people telling me the messages first, then I could trust the messages.

My intuition told me I could probably trust them already, as they’d been there my whole life, but my scientific heart needed proof that I could.

So I would do little tests.

I would see a spirit and ask for their name and how they died, then look it up.

If I could validate their death, that was a point on the side of spirit.

Over time this really worked and then once I realized that the people I was getting the information were reliable and were telling the truth, and could validate their information was real, I knew I could trust whatever else may come after that and what they might say in readings.

For me, it was more that I needed to gain trust of the Spirits behind the messages that lead me to trusting the messages themselves.

Anna: How do you use your intuition in your daily life?

Amanda: Mainly I use my intuition for consultations with my Spirit Team and for empathetic connections and understanding.

Whenever I have a question, I will take it to my guidance team as a form of therapy and this brings me peace.

Like I said above, due to the earlier tests, because I can usually validate what is being said at some point, this leads to a trust in myself. People ultimately get caught up way too much when they think or someone tells them a message is wrong. What can happen is that messages work below the surface and the words that carry them work on the surface, so when we transmit our messages to others, sometimes it is the words that hit wrong but the core essence of the meaning that hits later and is right. This can take some time for clients – for the messages to sink in – and I believe we’ve all had a message hit us like this.

So I always say ‘don’t trust the first thing that comes out of someone’s mouth’. In many cases, it’s just a reaction.

Ultimately, I think that’s what intuition is all about, it’s a form of developing a trust in one’s own Spirit. But because we are on Earth with so many unique beings, all with different paths, it is easy to look at someone else’s way and say “that must be for me,” when what we must really be doing is looking within and asking “what is for me”, “is it this?” Because it may not be.

Anna: What has been the most rewarding moment/experience in your life, connected to using your gifts?

Amanda: This is a difficult one for me but I would say the most rewarding experience of my life was when I had the opportunity to bring through my father in spirit for my mom. They were soulmates and the reading proved it. She loved him with all her heart, and as did he. I believe it was this reading that proved to me that love is eternal, and being in the space I was as a psychic medium at the time, this was the only way I would’ve had such an opportunity to see such a deep inner working of their love. It was this reading that led me to later pursue that in my own life.

As children we often see our parents differently than we would see ourselves, but this reading changed all that for me, because in it I was able to see my parents as lovers, and as soulmates, and as separate entities from me entirely and as creators of me, which completely changed my level of respect for them as souls and for the universe at large. It was transformative.

Anna: What are some of the things that you ask Spirit for help with, these days?

Amanda: The main thing I ask them for these days is strength, wisdom and the ability to know the difference. I have asked them to teach me through myself and my path, so I learn from them in a way that is very guided. I feel very guided to my next direction, as though they are standing behind me as the rudder and I am the ship.

This is a very secure feeling to me, because when I ask for my spirit team to stand behind me, it is true – you can actually feel it. And the more you ask for that feeling, the stronger that feeling becomes and the more you are able to notice it. It does bring a certain sense of peace. So I have asked for peace, as well, and this is how I feel right now, I even asked for it before I started this interview.

Anna: What has been your biggest mistake as an intuitive/medium/business person and what did you learn from it?

Amanda: Giving readings for everyone.

I believe the most difficult part of being a medium is dually playing the part of an entrepreneur and always reminding yourself that you are your own company. Some people are not fit for readings, because they are in an abusive state of mind or perhaps too emotional, combative, and as the medium, as the sensitive, I believe it’s of the utmost importance that we remember this and always care for ourselves and our own energy fields first, by deciding who to invite into it.

I believe all people can be helped, but I also believe there are ways to do it that are safe – emotionally and even physically – and psychically for the medium or the intuitive themselves.

We are our biggest assets, we have to always remember this when inviting others into our energy field and this goes for clients as well. I believe that rule of thumb, and the not remembering of it, is what has caused some of my biggest mistakes both career wise and health wise.

From this lesson of who to invite into my energy, I have learned how finely tuned we are as instruments, and how important it is to always honor this even in the light of a good deed.

Anna: Do you believe that everyone can be a medium, or is this a gift that we need to be born with?

Amanda: I believe that everyone has gifts they are born with of some kind, but that there are all types of gifts, and that they manifest in all types of ways, in all types of service fields.

There are many mediums working today using their clairvoyance and their clairaudience to get through surgeries, to repair cars, to build cabinets and so on who don’t even know what they are doing or what gifts they have, and I believe this is fine. Gifts and how they come to us, how we pursue them, and our cultural backgrounds – these I believe are large factors that go into whether or not someone pursues this path explicitly, or decides to pair their gifts into other more unique careers, or decides to even begin to understand them in this lifetime. I believe the support of others is part of it, which is why I feel like this movement is so good.

Anna: Can you share a few tips or pointers for any readers who want to learn to communicate with their deceased loved ones? 

Amanda: Sure –

Because the Spirit no longer has a physical body, I would say that we have to understand that Spirits will then look for non-physical ways of communicating. With your deceased loved ones, thankfully, the communication is easier because we all non-physically communicate with one another all the time here on earth. Think of ways that you telepathically connect with your pet to know when he or she has to go potty, or wants a treat. Think of the way you can sense when your loved one is upset. It is a feeling, a sense, before it is ever a statement. This is how we’re connecting intuitively already.

So you can sense yourself through communications with your deceased loved ones.

To start communicating with a deceased loved one, pay attention to how you feel throughout the day because these spirits do visit all the time. Like I said about spirits in general, they don’t have bodies, so they lack containers for their energy fields.

What this means is that the presence of Spirit can fill up a whole room and most intuitives can sense that. It’s the heavy, choking, thick feeling everyone talks about but for some, it doesn’t feel like this. It feels like anxiety. So if you start feeling anxious all of a sudden for no reason, close your eyes, spread your feet hip width apart, breathe deep and tune in. Start by asking them to step in and out of your energy field, and once you can sense that back and forth a few times, you just start building it from there. It’s a relationship of trust that must build on both sides, believe it or not, so this closeness can be the beginning to that.

Anna: Great stuff. Thanks so much Amanda for doing this interview. 

Amanda Linette Meder is a psychic medium and earth naturalist living in the United States. She works with her abilities and her guides and has developed a teaching program on spiritual living and how to live with your gifts with ease. You can find her on Instagram @thespiritwoman or on her website.

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  1. Avatar

    Great interview! I always thought that spiritual connections only occurred when something momentous was happening or about to happen. This interview and Anna’s courses dispel that belief for me. I love the step by step methodical ways you present to learn this.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for speaking truths about what really matters in our time in the here and now especially in contrast to a wiorld so stark and hollow you are correct that our loved ones who have transpired to another place and existence are communicating in ways that you have to be perceptive a few months when my mother passed over a black kitten followed me in a park and it is she who knew my favourite pet as a child was a black cat that was amazing thank you fir your enlightenment god bless

  3. Avatar

    Hi I loved your interview.. just to say that I believe I’m Clairaudient, I have just started noticing a ringing in my left ear and sounds are very sensitive.. I have 2 spirit guides I’m aware of and they speak to me through my mind.. a lot when I’m driving on my own. or when I’m quiet.. They also touch my head to let me know when they are with me before I start listening. I’ve seen a couple of what looked like a moving fog and I see flashes of light.. I hope to open up more and I thought I was having panic attacks but after reading this I know now when a spirit is near… Thank you .. you’ve helped me understand more… Love Lucy..

  4. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    I enjoyed the interview, I have been following Amanda Linette Meder blog since last year. Last year a loved one passed away, I can feel their presence ever since. In the early morning from 3 am, I can smell cooked food, I know it is her. I also feel a chilled when she is around. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Anna Sayce

    Whit – thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the interview 🙂

    Lucy – great! Glad you found this helpful.

    Avis – that is wonderful you are picking up on her presence. I am sure your loved one in spirit is very happy you are able to do that!

    Thanks to all for your comments xo

  6. Avatar

    Great read —thank you!

    So pleased to have discovered Amanda’s website!

    Blessings & light,


  7. Avatar

    Very interesting interview! I did have a smoke experience once and it was very interesting. Sometimes I think I see the smoke beginning to form a shape, but I ignore it as it scares me. Absolute trust is needed here. I don’t have that yet. After it’s dark, I always feel anxious and sleep with lights on.
    So although I have this superstitious fear of spirits, it’s really really interesting to read an interview of someone who isn’t 🙂 It’s my dream that one day will be able to look at all that positively. Maybe it’s not so scary after all?

  8. Avatar

    Hello Anna,

    Thank you for introducing Amanda, her interview is so interesting! I can relate to her story as I was a psychic medium since I was a child as well. Not only I would see spirits but I was able to communicate with them and even pass messages to people who were in need. As for the biggest “mistake” or struggle, I have to agree too that giving readings to everyone is not beneficial. There are some people who do not want to be helped but instead, they only want to complain or even see their options. Personally, I always ask some questions first before I give a reading. In that way, I can tell if the individual needs help or not.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


  9. Avatar

    I signed up with Amanda recently and was really pleased to read her interview on here. There are so many questions forming in my head as I was reading her replies.

    I find people wanted to be my friend to get a reading and then I wouldn’t hear from them until the next time. No one wants to pay when they are friends with you including family. My middle sister no longer speaks to me as I had the nerve to charge her for her daughters 21st party. I might add I have read for free for the daughter since she had her 18th and my sister too. for years. The people that laugh at this gift make me sad they have so much to learn and if they knew what we know there lives could be richer in so many ways. Its their paths though i know that, it just saddens me.

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