This month feels very significant for me personally because it is the 10th anniversary of becoming a professional intuitive, and as I reflect back on the last 10 years or so, I am drawn to one memory in particular – a time that kicked it all off for me.

It was early 2007 and I was living in France and working as an English teacher at the University of Burgundy. During the University holidays, I went to stay with a friend in the UK and while I was there, I was booked in to have a reading with a psychic called Erin Pavlina who was based in Las Vegas. I remember picking up the phone at my friend’s apartment when Erin rang me, and being so nervous. Near the beginning of the reading, she said to me “You want to be doing what I do. And you can do it.”

AND there it was – confirmation.

I had been interested in metaphysics and intuitive development since I was in my early teens, but I had never consciously dared think that I could do what she did. She brought that dream and that desire out of the shadows of my unconscious mind and laid it out in front of me.

It was thrilling. And scary.

That’s what a good reading does – it takes what we already know inside (maybe our ill-defined, secret dreams) and it brings them out into the open, giving them a little more shape and showing us how to actually get from where we are now, to where we want to be.

So I am happy that this month, on the 10th anniversary of doing this work, I get to interview Erin Pavlina about her own path  – Erin has been sharing her vast knowledge and experiences of the spirit world for over 10 years at her popular website, and judging from the feedback on her site, she has helped many people find the right path for them over the last decade, as she did for me.

So welcome, Erin. Thanks so much for doing this interview!

Erin: Hi Anna – my pleasure!

Anna: So, how would you describe your abilities? Have you always been aware of them, or was it a more recent development in your life?

Erin: I can recall that as early as age 4 I started having premonitions about things that were about to happen in the world and I would tell my mother and she would be shocked later when they came true. As I got older, I used to have dreams where my deceased relatives would come to me and tell me about things that were also about to happen. In my teenage years, I got really interested in the paranormal and studied it every chance I got. But it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I realized I could tune in to and speak with the Spirit Guides of other people. Once I determined I could do that, I became a professional intuitive so I could help other people receive wisdom, insight and advice from their Spirit Guides.

Anna: What made you decide to become a professional intuitive? Was that a scary decision to make?

Erin: It was both scary and incredibly exciting to put myself out there as a professional intuitive. I absolutely loved connecting with people’s guides and getting information to help people on their paths. It was extremely rewarding to be able to assist people with their life problems in a way that made their lives much better. But it was scary going public that I was a psychic medium because there is so much stigma about psychics in general and I didn’t want to be lumped in with the frauds, charlatans and con artists. Over time that fear faded away.

Anna: Can you tell us the most difficult parts about being an intuitive reader/medium? How do you deal with those challenges?

Erin: For me, it’s difficult knowing that I cannot read for every person who wants a reading from me. My audience is in the millions and there is no physical way for me to read for every person who wants a reading. Another challenge that comes up periodically is reading for someone who is heading down an extremely difficult path but who either will not or is not ready to heed the advice of their guides. I can see they are going to be hurting for awhile and my empathy kicks in.

Anna: Do you do anything special to enhance your intuition and your ability to give readings? Or is it just a natural gift you were born with?

Erin: I believe I was born with a natural proclivity towards being intuitive, but I spent years studying, learning, practicing, and working at getting better and better. Intuition is like a muscle, and if you work it out, it gets bigger and better.

Anna: What’s your best tip for those who would like to become a professional intuitive like you?

Erin: You must trust in your abilities. You must trust and believe the information you are getting is accurate. And the way you do that is to practice stepping out of your own ego and allowing the information to flow through you and not from you. The best intuitives are simply relays between those on the other side and the humans here on Earth. And you must care about people. You must care about providing insight and wisdom to your clients and letting it be their path, not yours.

Anna: Do you think that if we ask for contact from our own loved ones, we’re likely to get it? What kinds of manifestations should we look for?

Erin: Yes, our deceased loved ones love to send us energy and comforting thoughts. One of the easiest ways to communicate is through dreams, and especially lucid dreams where you know you are dreaming. Astral projection is another great method for communication.  But if a person is unable to reach out to their deceased loved ones, they can look for signs such as a certain song playing on the radio, a picture falling off the wall, a scent associated with the loved one, and things of that nature.

Anna: What’s the most memorable sign or contact you’ve ever received from a deceased person?

Erin: I did a reading for a gal whose husband had died and his name was AL. She told me during the reading that he liked seeing the number 11:11. The next day I was out to breakfast with my family and the car I parked next to had a license plate of AL1111. I was stunned and stood there gaping at the license plate for several minutes. In my own life, the most memorable sign I’ve received was when I was pregnant with my first child and my deceased grandfather came to me in a dream and told me the baby was not viable and I was going to have a miscarriage because the timing was not right, but not to be distressed because she would come back in a future pregnancy. This turned out to be true. I did have a miscarriage a couple of weeks later and my child did come back at a later time.

Anna: Wow, those are pretty amazing examples.

In one of your articles you mentioned having a special Spirit Guide who helps you find clients who will benefit most from your style of intuitive counseling. Who are these clients who most benefit from a session?

Erin: My ideal clients are people who are open to receiving the wisdom and insight from their guides and are not resistant to making some changes in their path. Most people don’t come to me because they are happy and having a great life – they come to me when they have a huge decision to make or they want to figure out how to make their lives better and more fulfilling. My approach is different from a lot of psychics out there. I receive information about possible outcomes and I tell my clients what happens on each path and then they get to choose which path they want to take. A lot of psychics make predictions, robbing their clients of free will and personal power. I hand my clients a map, ask them where they want to go, and tell them the best way to get there. From that perspective, I help my clients get the life they want.

Anna: You write a lot on your blog about astral travel, which sounds exciting but a little scary too. What got you into doing that, and do you think it’s something that would be possible for most people? What’s the easiest way to get started?

Erin: I started astral projecting when I was 15 and it was frankly terrifying at first. Then I realized it was also a really powerful tool, so I got control of my fear and started projecting on purpose. This opened up whole new experiences for me, allowing me to visit other eras in history, other planes of existence, connect to my deceased relatives more easily, get wisdom from celestial beings, assist those having trouble crossing over and letting go of their current lives, and so much more – it was thrilling and powerful. The best way to get started, in my opinion, is to master lucid dreaming because it gives you experience being extremely conscious while your body is asleep. I detail how to astral project in my book The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel

Anna: I understand that in your spare time you conduct paranormal investigations too. What was your most interesting experience in that line of work?

Erin: Yes, I have a paranormal investigation team called A-Team Paranormal and we help families in the Las Vegas area who are having paranormal problems or trouble with entities. My team and I have dealt with some really interesting and intense cases, many of them so unique I could never have predicted that these situations would exist. We’ve dealt with entities that were very destructive and cruel, and entities that were powerful and ancient.  But so far, in every case, we have been able to correct the situation for the families, and that’s very rewarding.

Anna: Thank you so much, Erin, for joining me on this interview.


Erin Pavlina is a world renowned intuitive counselor who uses her psychic abilities to help her clients achieve what they desire in the realm of career, relationships, finances, health, spirituality, and more. To date she has read for thousands of clients worldwide. She has written more than 800 articles you can read for free on her blog. Her book on Astral Projection has been read by thousands of people, and she offers other products for sale online.

In her spare time, Erin volunteers with Red Rock Search and Rescue, and does paranormal investigations for clients in Las Vegas. She is the mother of two really awesome kids.