Let’s say that you:

But you’re still not getting answers when you tune in for spiritual guidance!!

What gives?

Well, you could be asking questions which are not going to yield clear answers, or any answers at all.

“Bad” Questions

When it comes to tuning in for guidance, there are some questions that will not yield helpful guidance. People often do not realise this, and can be easily tripped up in this area.

Here’s one example of a “bad” question:

“When will I find a new job?”

Questions About the Future Are Actually Very Problematic…

Yes, many of us associate psychic abilities with telling the future.

But as a professional intuitive, I can tell you that in reality, it is notoriously difficult to get accurate information about the future.

Here’s why:

The future is always changing and shifting.

Obviously it hasn’t happened yet and what is going to happen in the months or years to come depends on the actions that you and other people choose to take between now and then.

That’s a lot of variables to pin down accurately, when none of them have happened yet!

In my experience, Spirit Guides don’t always know:

…what choices other people are going to make

…when other people are going to make those choices

…and how all of that will affect you.

So how do psychics sometimes manage to predict the future accurately?

The aspects of the future that we are able to pin down are usually those aspects of our lives which are ‘pre-destined’ (meaning that the soul put these in place before we incarnated.)

Note that there are usually at least several points in our lives which are pre-destined – these events are known as ‘destiny points’.

Some common destiny points may include:

  • Meeting a potential life partner (i.e. someone with whom we could have a long-lasting, growth-filled romantic relationship)
  • Having a child
  • Meeting someone who will teach you something really important about life, or yourself
  • The date your life will end.

Again, there is often a degree of free will involved with such destiny points. You could meet a potential life partner and decide NOT to have a relationship. The timing of when to have a child might be entirely within your control. Maybe there will be a couple of exit points from your life (i.e. your death), and your soul actually gets to choose the timing once you’re incarnated.

This all varies a lot from person to person.

And all of this means that it is tricky to predict things – what may be “predict-able” for one person may not be for another.

To Complicate Things Even Further…

Sometimes Spirit won’t answer future questions – even when there is information available to give you.

This is because doing so might impinge on your free will.

For example, if you ask:

“Am I going to pass my exam next week?”

 And Spirit tells you no, it may also affect the outcome of your exam. This is because if you take that information to heart, you may stop revising for your exam and you may not even show up for it.

In this way, having the answer to that question is often unhelpful for your path.

In addition, we can even get misinformation if we choose to press for an answer when there isn’t one forthcoming!

For this reason, I advise my students to stay away from future questions in most cases.

What to Ask Instead of Future Questions:

I recommend asking HOW you can bring about the future outcome you want.

Instead of asking, “will I pass my exam?” instead ask Spirit “how can I improve my chances of passing this exam?”

You might be given some practical advice like, “You’re staying up too late – revising after 10pm is counterproductive.” You might even get information about the questions/topics that will come up during the exam (ethical or not, this has happened to me before!)

In the words of the author Paulo Coelho:

“If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it, and if you improve upon the present, what comes later will also be better.”

The future lies in your hands, in many, many situations, and the more we bear in mind our own power to change things, the easier it is to obtain helpful, accurate spiritual guidance.

Do you often fail to get responses to your spiritual questions? It could be that your questions are not good ones! There are actually a few other ways in which people commonly phrase their questions which yields no answer or an unhelpful answer. I cover these extensively in my Intuitive Awakening Course!