One of the most amazing spiritual experiences I have ever had was about a decade ago. I was living in Bristol, UK and going through a difficult situation with a housemate. I was lying in bed, feeling quite upset and called on the Archangels for help with this situation. What happened next was unbelievable — lots of coloured lights (golden, pink and blue) appeared in my room and began dancing around. I couldn’t believe my eyes, blinking them to make sure I was awake and not dreaming. As the light danced, I felt like I was being filled with love, peace and strength, and I felt that I had within me what was needed to deal with the situation.

Recently I had another beautiful experience involving a Divine being…

I’ll give you a bit of backstory…I’ve been travelling in South East Asia over the last month, and spent a few weeks in Thailand.

I did a house sit in Phuket looking after 9 cats. I also ended up volunteering to foster a 3 week old kitten called Squeaky that was being neglected by its owner and so I didn’t actually end up seeing any of the beautiful beaches of Phuket, Thailand – instead I was holed up in my house sit bottle feeding Squeaky every 4 hours round the clock, sleep-deprived, but totally happy!

When it was time to give Squeaky back, I was worried about his uncertain future, so I called on Ascended Master Buddha, and said a prayer that he may be protected and looked out for.

As soon as I called on Ascended Master Buddha, I felt an invisible force, like a tsunami of energy, hit me. It felt like I was kicked out of my body/brain for about 10 seconds. As it was happening, I was out of my mind with peace, grace, and a sense of something sacred and powerful. Then ‘It’ departed, and I was left with a sense of peace, which somehow communicated to me that I needn’t feel so much angst about the kitten. Something much bigger and more powerful than me was going to take it from there.

I work with Divine beings (Ascended Masters & Archangels) in my client sessions, and also call on them to keep my aura and space clear but this was an experience out of the ordinary for me to feel the presence of this Ascended Master in such a dramatic way — usually the experience of calling on an Ascended Master is a bit more subtle than that!

The Benefits of Working with Divine Beings

While astral beings like Spirit Guides are there more for advice and guidance, Divine beings (Ascended Masters & Archangels) can help us with:

• Healing from traumas and difficult experiences

• Releasing negative energies that are not ours (for empaths)

• Clearing negative energies from our spaces

• Receiving positive energies to make our journey through life easier (like my experience with handing back Squeaky the kitten) because they are bringers and holders of positive energy.

In the last couple of months I have brought out 4 new offerings, all of which utilise the power of these Divine beings in these ways…

1. The first is my new book for empaths: The Empath’s Toolkit: A Guide to Recovery for the Overwhelmed Empath

Empaths often take on other peoples’ energies into their own energy field. This book teaches how to clear them with the help of Divine beings, for empaths to feel lighter and clearer.

2. The second is my Energy Clearing for Spaces Course

This course teaches you how to clear your space of 10 different types of negative energy, so that the energy of your space can support your health, wellbeing and happiness.

3. And the third is a course people have been asking me to create for years: The Cord Cutting Practitioner Certification (and the second level of the program, the Intuitive Healing Practitioner Certification)

This is a program I created for psychics who want a way to help their clients that goes beyond insight and readings. This course teaches you how to cut cords for others, to help people to move on from break ups, improve existing relationships, heal from abuse, let go of attachments to unsuitable past partners and free oneself from old energies and patterns.

How to Work with the Divine Beings

Now let’s have a look at how you can create a relationship with a Divine being. Here’s one way to do this:

  1. First decide which positive energy you could really use more of in your life. Is it…

– Peace
– Strength
– Love
– Self-love
– Self-confidence
– Freedom
– Security
– Creativity
– Personal power
– Compassion
– Insight
– Trust in intuition


2. Next, choose a Divine being that you are drawn to (I created a list of the Ascended Masters & Archangels I like to work with here.)

3. Then ask your chosen Divine being to be with you (say their name out loud) and take some deep breaths.

4. Finally, ask them to bring the chosen energy to you & remember to thank them.

This is the most basic way to work with the Divine beings. Do this enough and you develop a relationship with that being — I personally believe that the more you call on and try to cultivate a relationship with a certain Divine being, the more likely you are to notice their presence when you call on them. And the more likely it is that that being will show up to support you when you’re going through something challenging.

Sometimes we have a connection with a certain Divine being because of our past lives, too. I feel a strong connection to Ascended Master Krishna and I was told in a reading that I have had many Hindu lifetimes, which made a lot of sense to me. But I’ve also had a lot of Buddhist lifetimes which may be why I’ve been fascinated by the temples I saw in Thailand and enraptured by the sound of chanting Buddhist monks.

Which Divine being(s) do you like to work with? Please leave a comment below if you have any experiences to share.