If you read my blog you will know that after several years of full time travelling and house sitting, I moved into my own place in Sheffield (Yorkshire) a few weeks ago. It is a little one bedroom house, very quiet and secluded (no one can see me when I sit in my living room, which I love!!) It has a small garden that I’ve put a bird table in (I love to see the birds visit) and it is right on the edge of the Peak District so I have lots of places nearby for walking…I’m very happy here.

I have stayed in so many homes over the last few years that I know what I want my house to look like and how I want it to feel. The great thing about house sitting is you get to live in many different homes and you find things you like and things you don’t like, which is all good inspiration. And so it’s fun to put my own stamp on the place and decorate. I am happy to say I have many reminders of my time in New Zealand on the walls (tui birds) and in the garden (NZ flax) along with the other places I’ve lived in, so my home feels reflective of where I’ve been.

My nearly finished sitting room – still need to hang my pics!

But as much as I’ve enjoyed my trips to Laura Ashley and IKEA, it isn’t just about how it looks, it’s important to me that my home has a pleasant energy to it. I want it to feel harmonious and joyful; a place where I can feel comfortable.

This means clearing out energies belonging to past residents and other funky energies that are hanging around. In this blog post I’m going to give some insight into how I go about this process of clearing and blessing the space, and the sort of things I pick up, in case it is of interest to others.

I’ve done this clearing process for so many house sits and Airbnbs, it is awesome to be able to do it for the first time on my own place.

My Clearing Process

The first thing I did is light a white candle. This created a beautiful, sacred energy for what was to come next.

Then I called in Archangel Michael and said a prayer, asking to be given accurate information about the address I live at and the energies contained within the space. I also asked Archangel Michael to place violet flames in the corners of the space and white light around the edges during my research process.

Then I did some research — I wanted to find out what is in the space so that I could clear it.

For this step, it was super simple…I’ve got a checklist of 10 negative energies that can be present in our spaces. And using my fishhook pendulum, I went down that list to see what would come up.

Here are the highlights of what I found:

I had a ghost in my new house (aka. an earthbound spirit.) She had been the resident ghost for over 13 years, and she hadn’t crossed over because she was weighed down with guilt for something she had done when she was alive…she was afraid of Divine judgment when she did cross over. So as part of the clearing process, I had a chat with her telling her it was time to move on, and in the end, she had no problems crossing over with Archangel Michael’s help.

As an aside, for some reason people sometimes want to keep their resident ghosts around, that’s fine but there are drawbacks to doing so. One of the drawbacks is that ghosts attached to spaces can also attach to, and draw energy from the residents of the space. When this happens, they can (1) affect your intuitive accuracy (because you can end up channelling a ghost instead of your wise spirit guide), and (2) they can affect you emotionally when they are attached to you, and they’re a bad influence energetically. So, in the example of the ghost I found in my home, if this spirit attached to me, she could influence how I feel about myself (because she didn’t like herself much at the point that I came across her.) These types of spirit can pile on with their own negative stuff, and it’s never positive for the person they attach to. So if you get a chance to clear these spirits out of your house, I recommend it.

Some other things I found in the space….

There were couple of what are, essentially, energetic trauma imprints in my home (I normally call these ‘residual hauntings’). Did you know that homes absorb the energies of events and our reaction to events, and when something very negative and shocking happens, that gets encoded into the energy of your space? These trauma imprints can darken the mood of your place, and detract from what could otherwise be a light and harmonious energy.

A few things have happened in this house in the last 15 years which were traumatic enough for the people who experienced them, to have been imprinted onto the space, energetically speaking. I felt that a while back, someone received the news that a loved one died, while they were living in my house, and that shock energy was still strongly imprinted onto the energetic fabric of the place. I cleared that out and it lifted the energy.

Negative portalways…

The next thing I found was a couple of portalways to the negative astrals in the space. The negative astrals are part of the unseen, invisible world that is superimposed over our earthly realm. There are thought to be 7 positive astral planes and 7 negative ones in existence. Our spirit guides and angels can be found in the positive astral planes, but the negative astral planes are filled with earthbound spirits and other negative energies. Visiting the negative astral planes is not very pleasant, but some people do this when they sleep, and it can result in nightmares and night terrors.

When a portal way to the negative astral plane exists in a home, it means you can have earthbound spirits coming and going through the portalway. If you’ve got one of these in a bedroom and you’re sensitive, you’re going to have disturbed sleep. Luckily mine wasn’t in the bedroom (I had one in the bathroom and one in the garden.) When you’ve got one of these in your home, they are usually found in the places you unconsciously avoid – dark corners with weird smells, maybe your basement or a corner of your garden. Children will avoid these spots, as will your pets.

Sometimes these portalways can be opened up by drug use (especially cannabis, which attracts earthbound spirits) or by using an ouija board. So one thing you can do to help keep your space clear is to avoid using cannabis or any ouija boards – these are bad news for the energy of your home.

Was my new home built on a burial or battle ground?

Finally, I looked into the history of the land. I wanted to know if it had ever been a burial ground, a sacred site or a battleground (because these all bring inappropriate energies into our homes), and I also wanted to know if there were any indigenous land spirits present on the land. Indigenous land spirits are the ancestral spirits connected to those who once lived on the land, and it can be helpful to honour these spirits and welcome them in, wherever they are found — that way, you are living in alignment with the spirits of the land. (These spirits are not like earthbound spirits, they are positive ones that can protect the energy of the place.) To give an example, Native American land spirits can often be found on land in the US and Canada.

I didn’t find that this land had been used for battle or burial, but I did find ancestral land spirits, and Spirit told me they were connected to Danish inhabitants who once lived on the land. Yorkshire had of course once been invaded, and settled by Vikings. I was expecting to find Anglo-Saxon or Celt land spirits but instead I found Danish ones. I’m not sure if Spirit is stretching the definition of the indigenous land spirits a little here. Parts of Great Britain have been conquered, and also shaped by other invading cultures (the Vikings, the French and Romans) over time. So I asked these benevolent land spirits to keep watch over my home and also brought a symbol of their ancient culture into my home.

Once this was done, I then moved on to blessing and protecting my space. I wanted to keep any negative energies out of the place in the future, and make my place as if invisible to anyone with malicious intent. So for this, I got my hands on 4 amethyst crystals and I placed them in the four corners of my house.

Then I did a protective blessing for my space, with the help of Archangel Michael and various other beings.

Eh voila! The energy in my house is now nice & clear. It feels more like a blank slate than like someone else’s old home.

If you’re interested in learning my rather thorough and detailed process for researching, clearing & protecting a space, you might be interested in my Energy Clearing for Spaces Online Program, which is 39% off until 27th November.