Were you fascinated by ghosts as child? I know I was. I would spend my lunch times in the school library, looking at books about ghosts and scaring myself silly with ghosts pictures, like this one:

(this is a famous photograph taken in Newby Church, Yorkshire, and although it looks kind of fake to me now, it didn’t when I was a child!)

I was both fascinated and terrified by ghosts growing up. My first brush with a ghost was when I was about five or six years old, in our family home. The more I developed my intuitive abilities in my early twenties, the more I perceived ghosts. In my own home I rarely came into contact with a ghost, but I regularly came into contact with ghosts in hotels and in friends’ houses.

I spent the last three and a half weeks on holiday in England. During my holiday, I visited Blickling Hall in Norfolk, which is the supposed birthplace of Anne Boleyn (the second wife of King Henry VIII, who was beheaded by him in 1536 for adultery). Legend has it her birthplace Blickling Hall is haunted by her headless ghost, among the many ghosts that reside there.

At Blickling Hall in Norfolk, England.

I was looking forward to having a look inside and seeing what I might ‘pick up’ about the place but unfortunately only the grounds were open – the actual building was shut for the winter.

The afternoon spent at Blickling Hall reminded me that I’ve never written about the topic of ghosts, even though I get lots of questions about ghosts from readers.

What Are Ghosts?

Ghosts are the mental and emotional bodies of the deceased. (Another term for them is ‘earthbound spirits’.)

They exist in the astrals, but have not fully crossed over to the astral realm and so a part of them is still on Earth. They are often found in hospitals, police stations, funeral parlours, cemeteries, bars, clubs, and hotels.

Ghosts can stay behind on the earth plane for a variety of reasons. For example, if a recently deceased soul believes they have done something wrong that they will be judged for, they may refuse to cross over. Or if a soul had an addiction when they were incarnated that they are not ready to release, they may also be reluctant to cross over. And when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly and the person is too shocked and distressed to cross over and leave their life behind, they may choose to stay on the earth plane. Unfinished business can also cause a soul to keep a part of themselves on the earth plane, long after their life has ended.

(Important note: don’t confuse ghosts with the popular term ‘negative entities’. Ghosts are not scary or even inherently negative – they were once incarnated people.)

How Ghosts Affect us

Ghosts can occupy homes and can attach to peoples’ auras too. When they do this, they drain energy, which is one reason why it’s not a good idea to keep ghosts hanging around, no matter how much we like them!

One ghost will drain a very small amount of energy. But the more ghosts you have hanging around you, the more draining it becomes. The second reason why ghosts are to be avoided is because by nature they are emotionally unstable and very susceptible to negative emotions. When they attach to someone, they amplify and echo any pain and negative emotion in a person’s energy field. So if you feel angry and have one hundred earthbound spirits in your energy field, that anger will be amplified. The same goes for any fear, pain or guilt. Those negative emotions can be reduced by removing any earthbound spirits that are present (although note that removing the spirits might do nothing to remove the actual root cause of the negative emotion – these spirits simply echo negative emotion that is already there – they do not create it.)

What’s It Like When a Ghost Comes a-knocking?

Perhaps you have also had the experience of feeling a presence in your home or somewhere else. Here’s what it feels like for me:

It often happens as I’m falling asleep. The sides of my head get hot and start tingling.  Next, faces I don’t recognize start flashing through my mind’s eye furiously and usually, one or two will stick in my mind’s eye.  If I attempt to sleep, I get woken up, sometimes as often as every ten minutes or so and it feels like someone has hit me on the side of the head to wake me.  (This happens mostly in hotels and friends’ houses – it has only happened once in my own home.) If it goes on for long enough, I can clearly see in my mind’s eye the entity that is bothering me. The last time this happened in a friend’s house, I was told by the family living there that the description I gave of the entity I saw in my mind’s eye matched exactly the previous owner of the house who was known to be haunting the property.

Who Attracts Ghosts?

Sensitive, empathic and intuitive people often notice ghosts.  And ghosts notice sensitive people and are attracted to their auras because they are so open.

Your aura may be even more open if you practise automatic writing, channelling or mediumship, and you are willing to channel whoever ‘comes through’.  Ideally, you would want to be channelling your Guides in spirit or your Higher self – not just any old spirit. For this reason, I recommend starting an automatic writing session by addressing your Higher self or Spirit Guides. Because if you are willing to open up to whoever comes through, you may actually be channelling the emotional body of a ghost who is still around on earth because they couldn’t let go of their physical addiction (as an example). That’s the earthly equivalent of asking someone who is on drugs or addicted to drugs, for advice on your latest life issue.  It’s possible that you might not get very helpful advice because it is could be coming from a place of stuckness and fear (remember that many ghosts won’t cross over because of fear, pain or sometimes a desire for revenge.)

In the first chapter of my Intuitive Awakening Course, we get clear on who it is OK to channel, for exactly this reason – there is no point asking for advice from disembodied entities who have no more (or even a lot less) perspective than you do on your own life. If you do end up channelling a ghost, the channelled information may not be very coherent or helpful.

How to Avoid Channelling Ghosts

To prevent ghosts entering your aura, don’t open yourself up to channel just any old spirit.  Instead, channel your Higher self or the beings who were assigned to you to help you on your path (i.e. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.)  When you do channeling, request to channel your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels or Higher self only – those beings who are with you at the choice of your soul.

Those who smoke marijuana can also attract ghosts in even larger numbers because this substance opens up your aura to these spirits.

What about you – ever had an encounter with a ghost? What happens for you when you perceive one? Do you have any further questions about ghosts? (I may write another article on this subject.) Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.