I was reminded last week that it can be hard being an empath and a highly sensitive person, especially when we’re exposed to the 24-hour news cycle which comes to us via many outlets, such as television, newspapers and social media.

I don’t think that you can become less sensitive as an empath to the point of changing your personality and who you are, but I do think you can learn to honour and use your sensitivity in a constructive way. Below are a few of my tips to help you to do this.

1. Know when to set limits on how much you’re affected by other peoples’ pain

Empaths have a lot of space in their hearts for pain and sorrow that is not theirs. They can wallow in it and sometimes feel like that’s OK, because they’re sharing in someone else’s pain.

As empaths, we do need to set limits.

Here’s how you can do this: when you’re feeling the world’s pain, ask yourself: Is there anything I can do about this? Can I help in some way? Can I send a donation, prayers or good energy?

Here’s a simple visualization you can use to send someone good energy:

Choose a type of energy you’d like to send to someone else. For example: love, strength or peace. Then ask Source for some of this energy. See the energy coming down from Source and see an angel put it into a gift wrapped box or a bag. Then ask the angel to deliver the energy to the person you’d like to help. See them being showered with this good energy.

(Don’t believe in the power of prayer? You might like to read this amazing anecdote from a psychic-medium about her experience with visualization and prayer.)

Once you’ve done what you can (even if that happens to be nothing), shift yourself into a different state of being.

If you can’t, then you might be dealing with some of your own emotions.

After the singer Amy Winehouse died a few years ago, I cried for a few weeks on and off. At first I thought I was being empathic, then I realized I was grieving because she died of alcohol poisoning, and I still hadn’t resolved losing one of my parents to addiction.

So, sometimes we don’t always recognize what we’re feeling or why, and occasionally we empaths mistakenly think it’s someone else’s energy we’re holding.

2. Cut psychic ties when you feel bothered by other peoples’ emotions in an ongoing way

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Psychic ties are small connections that form between you and another person when you interact. They look like tiny threads, akin to webs of energy communication that form between us. They are created when you interact with someone else – this could be in person or at a distance. You can even form ties to people you watch on TV and those you read about in newspapers.

These little psychic connections exists on the astral (or unconscious) level. This can lead to being hooked into another person’s emotions or thoughts, in a very subtle but impactful way.

I recommend cutting these ties regularly. Here’s how to do this:

Ask Archangel Michael to be with you.

Take three deep breaths.

Then say: “Archangel Michael, I ask you to clear all the psychic ties that may have formed between me and anyone I’ve engaged with in the past 24 hours/3 weeks/ over the course of my lifetime (depending on when you last did this.) Please bring in new love, truth, light and power to me. Thank you.”

This is very cleansing energetically.

3. Clear your energy on a regular basis

This is very simple – no elaborate rituals are needed. Just call on Archangel Michael to “remove from your aura anything that is not your burden to carry” and ask to be filled with love, peace, light or whatever it is you would like.

4. Have a nightly routine that involves cocooning yourself away from the rest of the world

This is important for all HSPs and empaths.

Leave the smartphone outside of the bedroom.

Cut psychic ties and clear your energy before bed. I also find having a bath or shower cleansing energetically.

Some people have told me they like to do my Chakra Meditation before bed.

5. Baby, you were born this way

Your sensitivity can be managed using the tips above, and even used to your advantage (and other peoples’) so that it does not feel like a curse.

There are many professions where sensitivity is a real plus, including teaching; all forms of healing; translation (which involves being extra sensitive to the nuances and energies behind words); creative writing; parenting; making art and music; marketing and business (being tuned into what people need and want, and giving it to them in a way that appeals.)

Empaths can excel in any area that is about meeting other peoples’ needs.

Empathy is also a beautiful gift to have in your personal relationships.

I hope you found these tips helpful.

I have a question for empath/HSP readers: how do you manage your sensitivity?

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