Recently someone wrote to me asking if it’s true that intuitive development can hinder your spiritual path. This reader had been taught by an enlightenment ‘guru’ that intuitive development can hinder a spiritual path of enlightenment.

Here’s my answer:

Intuitive development, done sensibly, can help a person hugely on their spiritual path, which is why it is puzzling to me when I occasionally hear that it isn’t helpful for those on a spiritual path. This is the whole reason why I teach intuitive development – because it helps people to grow spiritually and it’s helped me in my life.

Here are the specific reasons why psychic development can help us to grow:

Intuitive development can help you to know what your gifts are, and what other peoples’ gifts are

One of the intuitive skills I teach is reading the Akashic Records through my Akashic Record Reading Program. I have given Akashic Record readings for almost a decade and it’s a very satisfying service to offer because it is incredibly helpful and affirming for people to hear about who they are on the soul level, and what is unique about them. Plus by reading the Akashic Records you can also know what a person is learning in this lifetime, and have plenty of other interesting information besides.  So that’s the first reason why I love intuitive development. Onto the second reason…

Intuitive development is a requirement for most practitioners of spiritual/energy healing

All the techniques I use for healing (such as cord-cutting) require that the practitioner uses their intuition as part of the process. Without these intuitive techniques (some of which are incredibly simple and easy to learn), a person would not be able to facilitate healing in this way.

Intuitive development helps you to make good decisions

We all have a lifelong connection to Spirit, our Higher selves and to our Spirit Guides. These are the beings that you learn to connect with more consciously when you are on a path of intuitive development.

Your Spirit Guides will always be singing from the same hymn sheet as your Higher self. They will never lead you away from the path that your soul wants. As such, they can help you to choose the paths that will bring you growth.  Using intuitive development in this way can also save you time and money, and energy. I use my intuition all the time to help me make good decisions in my work and finances.  Not to mention relationship decisions. By honing your intuition, you can more easily and quickly suss a person out.

Common pitfalls on the path of intuitive development

I use the word ‘pitfall’, however, be aware that any path can be abused. I have been exploring intuitive development for about ten years now so I’ve fallen down both of the following potholes, which means that I know how to avoid them:

1. Communicating with random spirits who have no guidance to offer

In my Intuitive Awakening Course, we learn how to connect with Spirit Guides and the Higher self, and use spiritual protection techniques to avoid those random spirits who should not be offering us guidance.

If you want to know more about these random spirits, read this article.

The next pitfall applies to pretty much any path you will ever take:

2. Over-doing intuitive development

I think that the adage ‘everything in moderation’ is relevant. Don’t do intuitive development for hours daily. There is a reason why I offer a 13-week course. Doing a little each week is preferable to jumping in at the deep end and getting it all done in two weeks. The latter can leave you ungrounded.

Remember not to neglect your life while you undertake any new path of learning. You do not want to use psychic development as an escape from your life.  People do. And like using anything as an escape, it’s a dead end road. But that does not mean that the whole path is rotten – on the contrary.

What about intuitive development as a path to enlightenment?

The person who wrote to me worried about intuitive development hindering their spiritual evolution used the word ‘enlightenment’ in their question.  Enlightenment is a word I rarely use and below I explain why.

What is enlightenment?

To my understanding, enlightenment is that state where you no longer need to incarnate any further. You have reached the end of the line as far as earthly incarnations go. You will have exhausted the life lessons that humans can learn here on earth.

I believe that enlightenment is an unhelpful goal for human beings to consciously hold. This is because you are already growing anyway. And you’ll get to enlightenment in your own time.

Plus there is the issue of comparison. Saying ‘he is enlightened but she is not’ is not meaningful to my mind. By saying this, we imply that there is one linear-like line of progression that our souls follow. Not every soul has the same path. Some paths take longer than others. All souls have specialties. Some soul groups like to incarnate on planet earth more than others for different purposes. Some are very invested in this place as a place of evolution. Others are not. So to measure their evolution by the same yardstick of enlightenment is misguided, and anyone who has knowledge of the soul groups will not apply this same measurement to all souls. Each soul is unique and every path has twists and turns.

I also believe that pursuing enlightenment takes us out of the present moment and into the realm of the future. This shifts you subtly out of a state of being enough, and into a state of lacking. Remember to enjoy the journey, and don’t enshrine the destination – one that the soul is not as attached to nearly as much as the ego is.

Aiming for growth is enough. And even if you don’t aim for growth, you’ll still be growing anyway.

What are your thoughts and experiences with this?