When I tell people that I read the Akashic Records, many have not even heard of this term. People often have heard about channelling Spirit Guides, or angels, but not many are aware of this other source of information that is open to us.

So first of all, what exactly are the Akashic Records?

The records are a repository of information that is stored on the non-physical plane of existence, referred to in the Bible as the ‘Book of Life’. All that has ever happened, and will happen is recorded in the Akashic Records – and that applies to all of us. The records contain information about our souls, including its past, present and future. And the records give answers about what we are doing here, incarnated on earth.

Spirit Guides, our Higher selves and angels are an excellent source of information about our lives, our path and our decisions. But if you want to go deeper and access some more extensive information about your past, your soul’s purpose and your reason for incarnating, then you will want to read your Akashic Record.

So in this article, I am going to give some tips and principles that can help you to read and access this valuable source of information.

The first is this:

1. Know what you can ask about in the records

In the records, we can:

  • Find out where our souls are from, and how this impacts our personality and strengths
  • Find out what we have trained in, in between lifetimes, and how this has impacted us
  • What we are learning in our lives, and why we chose to incarnate here and now
  • What we are here to contribute and what we have become good at over many past lives

We can research any given past life and find out more information about how our past lives have affected us.

We can also find out about how many lifetimes we have had here on earth, how many lifetimes we may have had with another soul, and even the future possibilities for our souls.

But once we have our questions, we need to know how to…

2. Interpret the responses

Ideally we will have a frame of reference to interpret the responses we receive in the records.

Those who go questioning in the records will ideally know about:

  • The 7 Archangelic realms that a client can have
  • The 74 life lessons that a soul can be learning
  • The 13 areas of study/service in which a soul can partake, in between lifetimes
  • The 22 soul groups of origin, one of which everyone belongs to
  • The 34 archetypes

Should you lack knowledge of (for example) all the different soul groups that are known to us, and you go asking about this in the records, the information you receive may be incomplete or not all that helpful to you. This is because the information you channel has to pass through the filter of your brain and its conscious knowledge – this is why medical intuitives, to give one example, should have some knowledge of physical anatomy.

Reading the Akashic Records obviously has nothing to do with the anatomy of the body, but it is the anatomy of the soul, and the same principle that applies to medical intuitives also applies to those who read the records.

3. Have a method for connecting with the Akashic Records

Of course, once you have a good frame of reference for receiving information from the records, you also need to learn the steps for connecting in with the records.

There are lots of different ways to access them – most involve an initiation or an attunement, which calls on Akashic Record Spirit Guides to be assigned to a person.

Once this has happened, a prayer is often used, which sets an intention to access the records and, and then a visualization/meditation to access the records.

Once you’re in the records, it’s a bit like a giant cosmic Google – you give the soul’s name, date of birth, and place of birth in their current incarnation and then information can be accessed about that soul.

How you receive information in the records often will depend on how you’re gifted as an intuitive. I teach my students to access the information in the records using a pendulum, as this is the most reliable and accurate way to access the info.

4. Know the ethics of reading the records

You can access your own record at any time, but you usually need permission to access another person’s record, unless you’re involved with that person in some way, and Spirit deems it appropriate for you to obtain information about them.

If you push to find out information about a person that isn’t available to you, you may be given misinformation, so if in doubt, it’s best to ask Spirit if you are allowed to access the information you’re seeking. And accept the answer you’re given.

Would you like to have your Akashic Record read?

I am not offering readings at the moment, but the talented intuitive and Akashic Record reader Shelly Holbrook-Ebeling is now offering readings via my site.

Would you like to learn my method of reading the records?

I offer a course which teaches you – go here to find out more about that.

If you have any questions about reading the Akashic Records, please leave them in the comments.