Intuitive Experiment #7 – Have A Go At Reading This Person

Occasionally we do an ‘intuitive experiment’ on this blog, where you are invited to ‘read’ a person’s energy and post your impressions in the blog comments!

The purpose of this intuitive experiment is for you to try using your psychic or energetic reading abilities to find out who another person is.

Here is the person I chose for this experiment:


I will reveal who the man in the photo is in five days time.

And if you want a resource which can show you how to go about reading another person – download the worksheet below!


Who Was The Person in the Photo?

Results of Intuitive Experiment #7 Revealed

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  1. Avatar

    A soul so sad and lost in time and space. A drinker does but fall from grace, Proud once was he, until he crumbled to his knees. Life is heavy and hard. A writer: poet or a bard. His heart is hurt from time he wishes to erase, he gambled and he lost his place. I have no idea – this poem linked in”A Bard’s Epitaph” by Robert Burns so whether or not this person is related – I do believe something resonates.

  2. Avatar

    Insecure. Afraid to take risks. Eyesight has gone bad. Did not marry who he truly wanted. I feel he is one to be trusted…but deep, down does not truly trust others.

  3. Avatar

    This man has two faces, hij looks reliable but has a secret about his sexual preferences. He had a dark side about this, toture and abuse. He is ashamed of this but can’t resist his needs. He is obsessed. He is married, his wife is unknown about this. He’s homosexual and a murderer. He owns a butcher bussiness where he capture,and freeze his victims.
    He is not allone, he had an assistent who covers for him.
    He sales human meat.

  4. Avatar

    I get the words dairy,and I seen an ear of corn and I felt the outer layer of a cob of corn with my right hand.It was very vivid.I could almost hear the sound of the dried outer leaves of the cob.Also I seen a 1900’s black delivery truck…

  5. Avatar

    He’s concealing something, possibly his true nature. Displaying a slight grin on the left side of his mouth contradicts the other sides expression of sadness.

  6. Avatar

    I feel an emptiness and possible cruelty. For some reason I see both genders in the face. There is confusion/puzzlement about life in general. Not really at home in his own skin. Tiny traces of sadness or remorse. Trying to maintain a mask but feeling it slip.

    I made sure to put down my feelings before reading any other comments. So you will post on Tuesday?

  7. Avatar

    I keep getting that he was possibly german? He definitely has a secret. Married, yes, but unhappy and hiding something. I also keep getting a black truck..? Picking up on lots of pain, not sure from him or if he caused it. An addict of some sort?

  8. Avatar

    Experiment #7

    Do I trust him? Yes
    He reminds me of my father – he looks like a quiet, observant, man, but a worrier. Looks like he worries and is concerned about a great many things. He has a 3-piece outfit on, but his tie is loose which tells me he doesn’t typically dress this way, otherwise the tie would be tighter around the neck. He’s a country boy and would probably like to work outdoors.

  9. Avatar

    I feel that this person is usually a funny person, but has recently lost someone close to him and is sad and is wanting help from someone.

  10. Avatar

    Well, the first thing that popped into my mind was sexual ambiguity….and I think this man may have worked in some way for gay civil rights or acceptance??

  11. Avatar

    I don’t know why, but for some reason I get ‘Titanic’ with him. Not sure if he died there, or if it’s describing his personality.

    I also feel like he was a strong man, but at the end of his life he was tired, wore out. Had many loses…a woman perhaps was very significant. Sad, kind of a loner person at the end.

  12. Avatar

    I got frustrated, unhappy, compassionate, hopeless. Very strong – Ralph Waldo Emerson (I looked it up – that’s not him) but a very strong connection to that writer, I think an alignment of ideals, not that he knew him. When I asked why he was frustrated it was linked to his wife in the delivery room. A marriage and/or child he did not want. Also something about the smell of fresh lavender, and pine needles. He did a “good job” of inheriting something, I think “good job” is sarcastic, perhaps a property he doesn’t feel he earned. He feels trapped by family circumstances and expectations.

  13. Avatar

    I get the impression that this man has lead a very hard life. It is apparent in his face. He appears to be older then he is but hard times have had their way with him. He had to work, but didn’t work at the career or field that he was passionate about. He had struggled to try to break into the field of writing but was never taken seriously. He is married and has two children. He is a man of little emotion and rarely if ever laughs or allows himself to have fun. He lives within his own torment and turns to the bottle for comfort and understanding when the world around him closes in. the relationship with both his wife and children are strained due to long hours at work and his inability to show intimacy.

  14. Avatar

    Kind hearted, trust worthy man who has struggled a lot in life and has made it, but is unhappy with the way his family turned against him.

    The pointy ears make him look like a shrewd man .

    Has very many layers of self – guilt, a lot of which were not really his fault.

    And is a spiritual man too with the gift of clairvoyance that he tried to ignore.

  15. Avatar

    He is sad, tired – and twitchy. Were I sitting in a room with him, he’d be pacing, looking out the back door, peering out the curtains – and still trying to be polite, like he wasn’t conscious of what he was doing.
    Some large disappointment – a business deal that went horribly wrong, possibly for lots of people he cared about too, more then just his family.
    Without company in the room, he might be far more neurotic or self-destructive. But most of the damage he will do outside of himself is already done.

  16. Avatar

    My first thought was regret. There is a sadness about him that goes beyond his facial expression. I feel he wished he could have done more. It feels as if he was a professional of some kind and was in a position to help others. I first felt something about Australia, but maybe it is Austria. It seems there is something medical about him, but I’m not sure if that means doctor, per se. I feel as if he worked hard, but never felt as if it was enough. A mother or strong female presense seems to be with him as well. And my mind keeps drifting to trains and the number 5.

  17. Avatar

    The one word that came to mind was “defeated.” He’s hiding something. He wants to reach out but won’t let anyone in.

  18. Avatar

    I also get the impression of deep sadness, of fatigue and exhaustion at the life he lived. It seems to me his mother was very much like this.
    He doesn’t seems to me a person of much knowledge, he seems a suffering/tormented soul who could make others suffer in turn.

    Trauma that never healed and solitude.

    I don’t see any creativity in him, he didn’t experienced love and didn’t found peace.

  19. Avatar

    Father, stern and possibly violent, also felt there are issues with money (a banker maybe?). Someone who doesn’t open up to others emotionally.

  20. Avatar

    I get sadness, preoccupied by a problem which is weighing down on him, maybe some kind of financial loss. Perhaps he is affected by the recession? Lack of a job, or having fallen on hard times. It feels as if he is a tradesman. But something makes me feel that life got better for him after this pic was taken and that he became happier again.

  21. Avatar

    Tired old soul. Something dog like in him, loyalty, but not sure if I trust him completely. Sad. Sad. Like an old pain that turns around and around inside and he feels crumpled by it. Heavy body, strong inside. Some kind of iron will. Power in his hands. Angry hands. Love in his hands. A need to feel things, turn them over, think. Ponder but not mentally slow. Living in the feet and hands and jaw and teeth and yet not much pleasure in food. Appetite like fuel and sustenance but taste is a bit dead and joyless.

  22. Avatar

    I get a very strong impression of sadness. It feels like he is surrounded by tragedy and his life is falling apart. I get a sense of a successful businessman who is having some huge difficulty with his business. It also feels like he has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is. His future feels like he overcomes these and his life becomes better but at the time of the photo it feels very bleak and that he has no where to turn for help.

    I get a sense of honesty and intelligence, he is someone you could mostly trust but he will push for his advantage in business. I get some sense of a family and some tragedy there but not as strongly as with a business.

  23. Avatar

    Surprised and shocked, it seems he is easily surprised.
    He is quite kind but may not act on it. He seems to have been quite at peace. It seems he likes good food, probably chocolates. He does not have serious dislike of others.

  24. Avatar

    A pessimistic guy who worries about small things. He can be fussy and he can easily affect other people with his issues. I won’t feel comfortable hanging around with him.

  25. Avatar

    He was a hard working man that didn’t own a suit. He borrowed the suit he’s wearing from a relative. He kept a coin and a photograph of his wife in his pocket, and his granddaughter possesses both items. She remembers spending time with him in a garden. When she was very young he taught her how to plant tomatoes and corn. He enjoyed growing flowers, and would name certain flowers after his grandchildren, much to their delight. When one granddaughter would visit, she would ask him which flower was named after her. He lived frugally, and left quite a bit of money to his family. They were completely unprepared to learn that he was much better off than they expected. He left one of his children his house, and this created some discord among the others. This had an impact on future relations within the family; something his granddaughter learned of through older family members.

  26. Avatar

    The very first impression I got was Educator or “keeper of the rules”. I feel he is trustworthy although repressed is another term that immediately came to mind.

  27. Avatar

    My first visual was a country road w an old black pickup. There’s something to do with Native Americans, a fight or heritage, not sure exactly. In his face I could see a woman at times and a Native American at times.

  28. Avatar

    I thought “this a troubled man”. I’ll say he was artistic, had a hard time, may have had too little confidence to perform but performed anyway and this hurt him. i imagine he could be a good friend. There’s a fair bit of sadness in there though. I’d say the photo was taken in the 40s.

  29. Avatar

    I feel this man is a sad and troubled soul. I get a connection to England or Ireland. I see he is either writing or journaling a lot. He has a connection to shipping vessels. The month of May or number 5 is significant. E and F initials stand out. I feel he was close to his mom or strong connection to her. I see him on the streets as a child asking for money. I see a large marble cross and St. Michael, possibly brought up in a religious background. The last impression I get is of a firehouse and a police station.

  30. Avatar

    When I looked at this man I thought I saw a Native American Indian man, a chief.
    Keep hearing a song from Christina aguelera…words…naughty! It’s time for my arrival, ohh make some noise, ladies!
    Hearing the word ‘righteous’
    I keep seeing a lady that looks like 1920’s…love of his life…Elizabeth.
    I asked who is he…and heard writer first then jon writer, but also a priest too.
    Keep seeing a lil boy amidst children..and he stands out due to oddness or something like that. Like this boy is intense and brooding. Hearing ‘overbearing’ and this boy grows up and is like a stalker or traits of one….deprived…focuses on something fervently and a bit delusional. I think the boy was this man. And his mother had to put up with him as he may have been an overbearing or overwhelming child. OR he hunted this boy who grew to man…like a cop or something.
    I keep thinking of guns and knives…and seeing red around his torso area splattered as if he was shot in that area or something happened to that part of his body causing splattering or bleeding.
    Lived in America perhaps Britain and born in Canada
    I kept seeing hitler too.

  31. Avatar

    this is kind of funny too because I also kept seeing the actor Hugh Grant in him lol…so that maybe means english or a character hugh grant played to do with love of a woman.

  32. Avatar

    His eyes grabbed me first- He looks like someone who is/would be in a position of authority, a good leader. Someone respected well by peers- a man’s man. Someone who values hard work/making ones own way/being industrious.

    Prone to melancholy, a heavy drinker (if not, total teetotaler- for some personal reason- I feel this is a man of extremes, all or nothing, black or white…absolutes) Loyalty is very important to him.

    Trusting people is not easy for him.

    had money growing up but not an ‘easy’ family life. Strict upbringing, was an ‘adult’ early in life in terms of what was expected of him.

    HAS A TEMPER!!!!!!!

    Impatientand stoic- a deeply feeling man but hides those feelings. Tactiturn. Easily annoyed by people/things he sees as folly or superficial. Quick decision maker. Needs *absolute* authority and loyalty from those around him.
    Domineering but not cruel

    Problems with insomnia/sleep issues.

    He sacrificed a lot to make his way in life- that includes his personal life and not a lot of happiness there. Did his wife die before him? Hmn..

  33. Avatar

    Right off the bat I can sense that this gentleman had a rather rough start as a boy – abuse from his dad and older siblings, neglect, bullying. I also feel that his mom passed when he was rather young.

    Growing up he always beat himself to be better than the best, always tiring himself out with work, closing himself off from society. The few relationships he had were marred because of abuse, and his own bad habits getting into his way. I also sense he might have a had a few children but was never all too affectionate towards them because he was overly involved in his work.

    I gather this man was quite the loner but not much of a “Scrooge” as he did have respect for every cent he earned, but gave where and when he saw fit. Work was his mainstay as well as his mainframe for life and living.

  34. Avatar

    I get the feeling that he’s someone who’s never felt physically safe. Some sort of insecure childhood? Love didn’t come consistently; nourishment didn’t come consistently. He’s lost. There’s a strong creativity in him and an attraction to anarchy. I see him dancing. Maybe a musician. Also a fighter. He uses too much force at times to assert himself in the world. He is unsure of his relationship with things and lapses in and out of being aware of himself. He gets it wrong and knows it. He expresses himself in short powerful statements but isn’t fluid in expressing emotions. He doesn’t love himself. His sexuality is also tied up with power – giving and withholding; controlling. He knows something of how he is and it makes him sad. He can also be wildly lucky at times. There is a link to the world and to fate that means he benefits in an almost chaotic seeming way at times. He takes risks and can be reckless, maybe even a sort of con artist sometimes. At times he experiences a joy in that recklessness and non attachment, but the flavour of sadness rarely leaves him.

  35. Avatar

    No I wouldnt trust him, I would say “He looks like an estranged man.” He was extremely secretive about personal affairs, I think he had a stutter.


  36. Avatar

    I think his spirit is possessed; that could be to the benefit of mankind or to its detriment; but I do not think he is in control of his own spirit.
    he is lacking grounding and and disappears into his own thoughts and his own world easily.

  37. Avatar

    Everyone else here is giving life stories, I on the other hand do not trust him for some reason. He looks like he’s been dragged through some rough times, plenty of battles and he lacks a smile because he knows he’s done some stuff he might not be proud of, but he won’t apologize. That’s what I saw. Sadness is there but anger is more abundant within him I see.

  38. Avatar

    I felt immediately some kind of powerful presence emanating from this person. He is brilliant, troubled, but a clear thinker. He seems weighted down by something. I feel he has lost something or someone very dear to him. He knows hardship, loss, sorrow. I trust him, I feel he is open like a child, a gentle man.

  39. Avatar

    I feel he is a sad man and did not accomplish everything in life he wanted to do! I can trust this man! He reminds me of my dad they have the same eyes! He was a hard worker and I dont think he had much money at the end of his life! He possibly never got over his wife dying?

  40. Avatar

    I sensed sadness maybe even torment. Lonely even among friends/colleagues. Hard working and the will to persevere. Darkness.

  41. Avatar

    I got the creeps when I looked at him. I think his profession involves something that which is highly organized. Something like tax or about books. He’s got two personalities. One which is sad and he looks like he’s been into a lot of crying. One look and I feel like he’s a schitzo.

    I slowly got the feeling he’s gonna hurt someone.. like a deceiver or a murderer.

  42. Avatar

    On first glimpse I felt businessman/salesman.. but I continued to gaze at his face and eyes..and his face began to *change*. Its sort of difficult to explain, his eye began to look dark, sunken and hollow.. his face continued to shift and change.. the left side looked smooth while the right side appeared.. rough, older? and I sensed abuse.. he was abused as a child. He had to grow up fast..old before his time. I sensed a sadness about him like he wanted or needed to do MORE.. nothing gave me the sense of him being untrustworthy…more like compassionate. He helps people..

  43. Avatar

    I get the impression that he has been worn down by something…some kind of burden or bad luck. He experienced something or a series of events that aged him before his time and he is very weary. I feel a father vibe from him–I don’t know if he was a father or wanted to be, or if he wasn’t had issues with his own father.
    In any case, I feel tragedy around him. He is also being followed by spirits. I sense a female spirit around him in the photo. And I keep getting a feeling about his neck…Was he hanged? Did he have an ailment with his neck? But I keep getting a sense that there’s something about his neck…

  44. Avatar

    My first feeling or impression upon looking at the photo was almost one of fear. Not quite sure if it was my fear or his! Just as quickly though I felt a great deal of sadness. I also feel he may not have been a “good man” but had “reasons” and didn’t want to be “bad”. Almost as if he had intentions that were not good and thought about doing something but was actually blamed or framed by someone. Perhaps, a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but intent could have been his. He had a great deal of sadness in his life. Much inflicted by a mother or mother figure. He may have been abandoned….

  45. Avatar

    I see a man of two sides there’s two people. there is a deceitful side and a sad sad. I feel like I can’t be trusted I feel like he’s been wronged in his life. I’m not sure of what he’s done but there is a sadness but there’s also a con artist in him. he too is hiding something. I believe that whatever job a profession that he does he is dressed in this picture a little higher classed um then he would normally be. I’m not sure what he’s done to someone but I feel like whatever he’s done to someone no matter how tragic that might be he would be somewhat remorseful remorseful but I don’t like him I don’t trust him. I can I see sadness I feel like someone has betrayed him he want to take it out on someone and has. it might be that something has been done to a family member for which he was trying to get revenge.. but possibly might have had a family and no longer has a family and that’s part of what is driving his behavior

  46. Avatar

    I do not trust this person. I see ‘two faces’ and he is constantly changing, unpredictible. This is someone who is living in the past, unable to reconcile and is full of regret.

  47. Avatar

    I immediately strongly & clearly got the words vulnearable, lost and scared. I thought this is an innocent man.

  48. Avatar

    I see a lot of sadness in his eyes. Like he’s pleading for help. His mouth is naturally downturned but the sadness seems to come from the eyes. His clothes don’t seem right and I don’t know why his hand is in his pocket. I see masculine and feminine energy in him. Perhaps he was gay or questioning his sexuality. He kind of looks like Ellen DeGeneres in the face to me.

    I think that the financial depression hit him hard. Is he American? I get Chicago – maybe he was born around there but moved elsewhere. I see him in a shop with an apron on – could be a chemist, butcher, baker or something like that. Chemist is stronger. The word “gin” is very strong for me. Either he liked his tipple, or it was part of his work.

    I don’t see a spouse or children around him so perhaps he never married or had lost his family before the picture was taken.

    Regarding his personality, I got polite, nice, kind. At least on the outside. 🙂

  49. Avatar

    On a personal level he is trustworthy if he liked you. On a professional level he is not trust worthy. He was in a position of power, intelligent, and had some following or clout among his peers. I see money exchanges and acts of injustice around him. He is educated and involved in white collar crime. He has a mood disorder (sometimes depressed, sometimes anxious -often displayed through fits of anger). Despite this, he can be quite charming and influential. WWII comes to mind. Overall, I would feel uneasy and on edge around him. Curious.

  50. Avatar

    My first impression is that he is a sad heavy soul. A person in a power position, but duping a lot of people about his true nature. I say this because the images of people who came to me were Abraham Lincoln and Christopher Walken. Both actors and presenting a charade (sorry if I offend Lincoln lovers).

  51. Avatar

    My first impression as soon as I saw the picture in the email was water and worry. Water bill… Water taking something away. He’s been beat down, maybe tortured but he hasn’t given up. Even though he is represding feelings and other things, I think he is a good man and I’d trust him cautiously.

    Also not sure where this is coming from but I believe he was born in Belgium but the picture was taken in NY.

  52. Avatar

    He is a sad man. Did he have a hard life and go throught traumatic events? Did he lose a child?

  53. Avatar

    Michael- laborous job hard worker
    gentle lots of hardship
    would trust him
    -think of my father who worked on railroad had rough hands from hard job
    owned one suit

  54. Avatar

    I get two black lines across his face and down towards his chest. I feel sorrow. I get 1918, southern, land owner, scared.

  55. Avatar

    He is Sad, full of grief, even depression.
    I feel he is a widower.
    He has faced difficulties in life but has courage to face them head on.
    Business man, or like to give that impression but possibly manages labourers, he is focused mentally.
    He shows stress, tension, worry.
    Looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.
    Kind man, but full of regret of what could have been.
    Not comfortable in this photo, or in this time of his life.
    Can be secretive at times or closed on some subjects.
    Truthing him depends on who you are to him.

  56. Avatar

    This man has suffered great sorrow. He had success and maybe even fame and still holds a vestige of the confident man he was, but there was betrayal that destroyed him inside.

  57. Avatar

    When I first looked at the photo I was immediately drawn to his eyes and felt deep sorrow and sadness. It felt as though he had lost something and was searching for it. Loss of family perhaps. However, the more I look at the photo the more I see him smiling…it was like seeing those two faces back and forth, smiling then sadness…don’t know if this means he’s possibly schizophrenic and/or he’s hiding things. He reminded me a bit of my grandfather and that could be because he kept a lot to himself, other reasons could be he lived in the country and was a soldier. Others words that came to me were carpenter and stress.

  58. Avatar

    This man looks sad/displaced/lost. He looks burdened and feels the weight of responsibility of many. He has wisdom and a kind/gentle spirit.

  59. Avatar

    On comment more…I get the face of a stern woman standing to his right and behind…I also get a slender man almost hidden to his left.

  60. Avatar

    It seems to me this is a caring man, loving , possibly sexy and playful. But something happened to him that really disapoonted him or hurt him.
    He is still able to smile and has a great smile, but he has been beaten up.

  61. Avatar

    The first thing I felt when I looked into his eyes were sadness, I feel as if he has had a hard life. I get the impression that he worked the feilds

  62. Avatar

    I get the impression of long-time underlying sorrow and loneliness from him. He’s lived through some painful experiences and doesn’t trust others much. Old before his time. Perhaps his wife/child died young or they were responsibilities he resented and didn’t want and felt guilty for feeling that way. I think he’s from a large, not-affluent family. His name may start with an R (Richard?) He hides much of his feelings and doesn’t leave around things that would make him easy to track down. I think he’s been horribly betrayed by someone he trusted totally.

    I sense he’s Irish-related but also sense Massachusetts, New York City, San Francisco – big city-ish boarding house/dingy apartment(flat) – in the U.S., and living in the vicinity of a large body of water but not right on the waterfront.

    I get a sense that he associated with wealthy people, perhaps organized crime. I wouldn’t totally trust him. I sense that he could be very vicious at times, in a hands-on way. I also sense something sports-related (golf? American football?) about him – maybe plays golf, bets on sports games/races, and get a sort of seedy-not-on-the-up-and-up feel from him. And I get a sense of writer (investigative journalist? poet?) from him.

  63. Avatar

    Wow… I feel like I need to take a shower right now to clean off the residue that this picture left on me. I hope this isn’t a picture of a family member because the impressions that I got from this guy were horrible. As I stared at the picture, his face changed and he had this “I’m going to get you next” look. I saw him pulling a woman by her hair and it seemed that rape and murder were what would follow. I had to stop looking at the picture because I began feeling afraid like he could somehow pop out of the picture and get me. I’m definitely going to go see a doctor if you come back and tell us he was a nobel peace prize saint that never hurt anyone…

  64. Avatar

    My first reaction was one of extreme sadness, and he reminds me of an Irish man I met once: extremely hardworking (worn-out really), good natured, good family man, loved his garden, very religious and under his wife’s thumb (this caused him great unhappiness but learned to live with it).

  65. Avatar

    Hi, I’ve quickly gone to the comments section so I don’t read what others have put. My initial impressions are:
    A very sad man with a troubled mind. He hides a very dark past. His day job did not give any clue to his ‘hobbies’.
    I feel no one really knew him or what he was about.

  66. Avatar

    I think he looks like a con man. I do not trust him. He’s hiding something.

  67. Avatar

    – Worked very hard. His work was very important to him.
    – Not afraid to speak his truth
    – Lonely / scared / sad. . Something heavy may have happened to him, almost like if he has experienced a loss (death of someone dear eg child)
    – Man with integrity

  68. Avatar

    i feel sadness from this man and a pulling in my solar plex i would not trust him id say he had very hard times in his lfe hard worker

  69. Avatar

    Hesitant at first between two very opposite sides: either a murderer or a policeman then felt like a policeman, a very thorough, analytical man, one who knows the heart of men deeply… a psychic policeman, so good at his job that eventually he got bullied – if not persecuted – out of it for knowing without being able to reason and through jealousy. His eyes feel so penetrating but I concluded there was deep compassion in them. In the end, he lived in the countryside, with gentle folks and surrounded by animals – horses – he might have loved riding and country animals.

  70. Avatar

    Seems quite outside but cruel at home. Something very disappointed happened in his early years and it made him emotionally unavailable for the rest of his life. I think he is German and his name is Henry or something like that. His occupation is related with factory and bookkeeping. He is man of numbers. He is secretive and might con.

  71. Avatar

    This is my first time doing this on anyone (or anything) but instantly I got sadness and femininity from the individual. He also reminded me of Ellen Degeneres but I’m guessing that’s where the feminine side is coming from (pertaining to homosexuality). He’s maybe confused about his sexuality which I’m guessing would cause him to feel a slight sadness as he would never fully accept himself and realizes the world (during his time) would be less accepting as compared to now. I’m curious as to who the man is and what his story is going to be!

  72. Avatar

    My impressions:
    There is someone looking over his left shoulder.
    Looking at photo is intense for me-headache
    Hard worker
    Railroad keeps coming up
    He had 3 children, but he wanted more
    His wife passed away
    I don’t trust him
    I sense that he is desperate for something

  73. Avatar

    i felt a dark side of him,that he trys to hide.But also a strong lost in life,possibly a heavy drinker& fighter

  74. Avatar

    The more I look at this picture, the more sadness I feel. But I also am getting overwhelmed with anger. Very troubled man. Not to be trusted.

  75. Avatar

    He has a dead look. He looks like someone with no conscience, no scruples. One hand in the pocket makes him look insecure, he is not very confident.

    He is not someone I would trust or would want around me. Behind the dead look there is a deep want for something, some yearning that he would fulfill at any costs.

  76. Avatar

    The first sight of the man in the photo is startling. He seems very sad and troubled. I feel that he has had a very hard life and I feel pity for him. Trust him? No, I don’t. There is an undercurrent of crazy and not quite in control………

  77. Avatar

    There is sadness in his eyes and a sense of loss. Emotional loss. I also got mental instability and maybe bouts of paranoia linked with a breakdown. Feel he had a great lifestyle on the surface at one point and also that he was very punctual and that keeping to Times was important to him. Name Edward came to mind. It feels that at some point, a major event led to a total breakdown mentally.

  78. Avatar

    He looks like a nice man who is sad or suffered loss.

  79. Avatar

    First thing that popped into my head was farmer. Hard worker, and has lived a difficult life. Sad, maybe lost farm or struggling. I trust him.

  80. Avatar

    I get the words Irish and Train. He’s sad. He’s recently lost a loved one, perhaps his wife?

  81. Avatar

    I see a troubled man with a lot of sadness. It seems like his sadness has a lot to do with a marriage or relationship that never gave him the attention he wanted. I also got the sense that his unhappiness is stemming from poverty,maybe a bad investment. I didn’t” get the feeling that he was a bad person. He looks a bit clingy and like he is looking for the type of attention he never received.

  82. Avatar

    I feel this gentleman is feeling sadness, is concerned, troubled and feeling apprehensive. His wife is missing – hurt, and he is needing answers to understand. I feel he is very sincere, but he himself feels insecure

  83. Avatar

    He looks very sad. Seems like he had a very difficult childhood, and had to work very hard to gain things he received. Seems like not much of a talkative person, he holds alot back. Only speaks what he think needs to be spoken. I want to trust him, but something is preventing me from doing so.

  84. Avatar

    Pixie ears!pointed!?its questionable…I see a Powerful man with double standards_not someone I’d like to confront.Thou! His eyes shines bright, with lots of stories to tell.mixed emotions I’d say__aloof and he’s one with hidden talents……………………………..I wonder……..who is he?

  85. Avatar

    He seems haunted. Bereavement left him vulnerable, perhaps he has a longstanding problem with alcohol. Seems the (possible) bereavement is related to a significant female, perhaps early loss of his mother, or the loss of his wife or of a longtime lover. Think there is a risk with trusting him. Wonder if he is a writer/poet/dramatist. He’s perceptive and perhaps his work is was the realm of politics or drama, his words have influence.

  86. Avatar

    I feel like he was a teacher or leader of some kind. Maybe a minister? He does remind me of someone I know, a quiet, defeated, easily dominated man. I don’t trust this man. I get the impression that he has deceived people and pretended to be someone that he wasn’t.

  87. Avatar

    He looks to me like someone feeling deep grief, someone intelectually oriented but not necessary by profession, someone unsatisfied, stubborn, yet submissive, childish, maybe feeling subconcioussly guilty for something.

  88. Avatar

    He is a calm, but energetic person. He was injured when he was younger and does not have full range of motion on the left side of his face. He is a man of action, probably played a sport of some kind when he was younger. He is performing a duty bound task by having his picture taken, and is willing himself to stay still long enough for the picture to be taken. He is married but has no children.

  89. Avatar

    Anxious, sad, despairing, reactive, sensitive, tries hard.

  90. Avatar

    Gerald Martin
    father of 6 children
    age 59
    2 of his his kids have died and more are ill.

    The more stuff I make up, the more I’ll probably hit something. None of these things are probably true. From it I get something to do with the great depression. Either he’s depressed or in economics, bussiness or politics. Who knows. we’ll find out soon.

    From what I read of the other comments there is a lot of vulnerability. There is also a lot to do around 1920s. I saw stuff that had to do with “english”. There are lots of things like “position of authority” “Priest” that kind of thing. The most common idea was childhood. People either regarded him as childish or having a rough childhood or a boy amonng men. These are the relative ideas and concepts that surround the tenderness of his eyes and how afraid he looks will remaining calm.

    For later purposes, I’m leaving this comment so I can check back to what I thought later and maybe inquire into the pasts of these people, because personal bias may be clouding the interpretations. I’d like to investigate how memories relate to the way we infer things. Anthropology major. What a fun field to study. I wonder where it will come in handy outside of cognitive science.

  91. Avatar

    “Sad” was the first word that came to mind. Also, desperate and intense. I don’t read people well at all, and find those sharp pale eyes most hard to read, but I hazard a guess that this guy is probably detail oriented, makes plans, and he’s quiet. Is he Irish?

  92. Avatar

    Sad came to mind immediately, and then tired. He seems deflated. I felt perhaps he had spent his life working for someone elses benefit, but not getting anywhere himself, and that he’s carrying some guilt regarding something he may have done under the direction of his boss or company he worked for.

  93. Avatar

    I see a man in deep pain. However, he has a shadow self~ TWO sides to one man. I feel that he has a lot of weight on his mind and possibly a gun in his hand. No I do not trust him. Yes I feel he has taken a life or more. Even though he is feeling very sorry for the things that have happened but he will if needed kill to protect himself and keep his secrets safe. Not able to overcome the abuses that he had gone through. A very lights on but nobody is home person. He may not even be in his body., when this pic was taken. Childhood trauma is abound. possibly a loss of a women to something he was responsible for in some way. Or at least feels responsible for. Possibly involved in organized crime at some point.

  94. Avatar

    I picked up that he is very torn and troubled. He’s an alcoholic, hiding a secret possibly about being gay or feels like a woman in a mans body. He has a good heart but he has lost so much, possibly someone.

  95. Avatar

    I feel that he is an intelligent man. I first got the impression of a farmer and/or sailor. I think his name starts with a J or D (maybe last name something like Demmit? Also possibly Edgar). I saw images of sports with balls; first something like croquet then baseball. I felt the man was small in stature but maybe with large feet? He was married and his wife may have been named Elsie or Mary or Marilyn. I believe he had a sickness of the stomach (cancer?) and may have died from this.

  96. Avatar

    First impression from his eyes was a sense of defeat. I could almost predict the sound of his voice, it’s quite high tone for a man & he talks quite quickly. He smoked and he had a really nervous disposition. I feel that his childhood was sad and I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I picked that up. I hear the name Mildred and it feels as though he was close to her (mother maybe?) I feel he had a hard life and worked outside in younger years, then found a job doing administration of some kind (I feel a post office/ mail kind of place) paperwork etc. I think he may have taken money out of the till!
    Over all I feel he has shame in his energy and he couldn’t quite overcome his limiting beliefs about himself.

  97. Avatar

    The words that came to mind were criminal, drama, and bookkeeper (oddly enough), and he reminded me of two people: Dennis Hopper and Gertrude Stein.

  98. Avatar

    I feel he has hardships but is a very strong & determind indiviual. I get writing around him like a news paper or an author maybe even an editor. He was father possible of 3 children. I would trust him to get to the root of a problem but there is something abount him that i feel he could be sneaky too. He didn’t start life off weathly & he didn’t end life wealthy but he was very comfortable in money. I also feel like he spoke another laungage like german or dutch.

  99. Avatar

    He is a troubled man, a loner – he marches to the beat of his own drum, and life has not been kind to him. Lack of love shown to him so he is somewhat shut down and lonely.

    I feel his background was military.

    He has had to work hard for what he has achieved – and he has very fixed ideas on how to behave. He is not very imaginative and lives by his routine, never deviating from it.

    He is honest but unforgiving if he feels somebody has wronged him, does not believe in showing emotions because he was not encouraged to as a child.

  100. Avatar

    I get a strong sense of fear or worry. I believe he had a sense of humor, but it was either dry or one that not many people understood. I feel deep grief or sadness; possibly that was caused to him over many years, or that he caused. I feel like I want to trust him, but shouldn’t…he may be paranoid. He’s struggling with something.

  101. Avatar

    This nab seens to have lead two lives, a dual personality as it were. He fought for a people and was greatly misunderstood. ADdiction of some sort, took his own life? Highly educated.

  102. Avatar

    thank you for this. It was cool to test my abilities! I can’t wait to try the others.

    1925 (Year he said he it is)
    I’m sorry I hear him say.
    Where are you I asked he said: I am happy
    My wifes’ name is carol/connie
    He looks like a tired man who has gone thru a lot and is sad
    No I did not trust him I feel like he is hiding something but it’s not because he has his hand in his pocket.
    He stole something and wants to return it but can’t

  103. Avatar

    • Worried
    • Left home when very young
    • Mother died when he was a child
    • Drinking – father?
    • Felt lost most of his teenage years
    • Married
    • Something about a bank? banker?
    • Depression (time)
    • Was one of 8 children?
    • Stock market crash affected him severely
    • Railroad
    • Travel
    • Sales
    • Grandfather’s pocket-watch most prized possession
    • Telegram, mail, letter – bad news
    • Someone close died of typhoid fever
    • Rope
    • Hung himself or thought about it

  104. Avatar

    Sad, depressed about something is the initial feeling. Remorse. Something he was forced to do that he regrets. He’s smart and will probably try anything. Following that is the idea that he might be playing a game or that he usually has a whimsical attitude about life. Passed the surface sadness there is definitely someone who probably used sarcasm in a humorous way. Perhaps when he was a bit younger he would have been fun to have in a group for his witty remarks.

  105. Avatar

    I see a troubled man.
    I wouldn’t trust him.
    He is sad, but cruel.
    Mark, 37, jeweller but I also see pigs/butcher.
    Very conflicted, almost schizophrenic. I sense there are psychic tendencies (Findhorn popped up) that are frightening and disturbing for him. I also get that the cruelty is when he is when something else “takes over”. Perhaps auric impingement. I keep seeing his face turn from sad to one filled with viscious cruel intent.

    The more I look though, the more I see a psychic medium trying to make his way in the world and that I see “cruel intent” because he reminds me of my grandmother.

  106. Avatar

    From this man I get a sense of deep underlying sadness. I feel this would have been surprising to people who knew him or were close to him as he presented a fairly upbeat image. My sense is that he had a great love, maybe a wife, who died. Though he later married and had children and had a happy married life, I feel like this woman who died was his greatest love and he carried her around in his heart. For some reason I feel like this man perhaps came from poverty but became financially stable if not wealthy later in life. But my strong sense is that he never forgot where he came from? I get this sense that though he perhaps rose in the ranks of social status, he was always a little “rough around the edges” and that actually people admired him for that and enjoyed that about him. I also have a sense that he was a philanthropic individual.

  107. Avatar

    a drinker was the first thing that came to mind

  108. Avatar

    This is my first crack at this. At first I thought he was really sad. He did something bad. Not sure what. But that’s not why he’s sad. I trust him. He seems tired but I sense a sweetness about him. A kindness. I thought banker immediately or someone who was holding a lot of money.

  109. Avatar

    A very sad man, very passive all his life and been trodden on by all his bosses, and has now given up on the human race. He has lived in a cold country all his life and feels cold inside as well.

  110. Avatar

    Music or Professor

    Feel awkward but slightly excited around him.
    I want to help him, but I also know I can’t. He want’s it but he’s stuck. He’s sweet and open…but his deepest self is distant.

    He may be empathic. Troubled relationships.

    He’s not great with his money.

  111. Avatar

    As soon as i looked into this mans eyes i saw sadness and was hardship maybe.lonesome,tired,hardworking,physical abuse from father,quiet.i felt that i could not trust him as i felt that if it meant him getting what he needed he would betray you.

  112. Avatar

    beaten down
    hiding something
    2 face / liar / tricks
    terrible childhood
    sharp hearing
    something stuck in chest
    yearning for recognition

  113. Avatar

    He makes me think of TV, for some reason, like a TV presenter except I think this pic looks too old for that.

    I get a vibe, something to do with women. A mother? I think he might have daughters. Two.

    He looks… trustworthy. Not entirely, but if he’s on your side, then yes. I get a warm vibe from him, but it’s not completely warm, it’s a bit hesitant. I don’t think he trusts people easily himself. And I get this secret about him, something colder that either taints the warmth or is the reason why he’s not as warm as he could be. Like something happened, he did something he wasn’t proud of (or, at least, blames himself) and he’s been wary about trusting people ever since. Maybe he feels like he’d taint people by being their friend or something.

    I get a vibe that he’s comfortable with money and yet, not? One moment I feel like he’s on the brink of being poor, but on the other hand I also feel like he has access to a lot of money. Maybe he spends recklessly and could be a lot better off than he is if he watched his habits. I think he might spoil people he’s close to — his daughters, maybe. Perhaps out of guilt. Or maybe I’m picking it up from two different times in his life.

    I get the feeling he just goes with the flow. Might be depressed. Not severely, but there’s a melancholy to him.

    When I think about his health I get cancer, and coughing up something. Like TB or pneumonia? I’m not sure.

  114. Avatar

    I’m new at this, so I always have trouble when trying your experiments in distinguishing between my initial impressions and then bringing to the fore whatever biases I might have that are unconscious. I am clairsentient and claircognizant (thanks to your reading of me some time ago!), but as I said, still trying to get a fix on both of these. So when I look at someone’s eyes in a picture I get a quick and sometimes fleeting impression, sometimes it’s weak and sometimes it’s strong, but it’s always quick and hard to hold onto. This one was strong, and it felt like a heavy pressing sensation on my forehead, which happens sometimes when I look at eyes in photos, and the only way I relieve it is to look away. In this man’s photo, I wanted to look away to relieve the pressure on my head. When this happens to me when seeing someone’s eyes in person, I’ve learned that it can mean they have a lot going on in their energy at that time. But what this means for this man, I have no idea! I am excited to read your answers to these posts in the days to come.

  115. Avatar

    Hi Anna, I got that this man was from a very poor family.
    Hard times, and he tried to rise above poverty.
    I also got, Brewery, prohibition, sales, and
    something political. Also, G name. THankx ~

  116. Avatar

    The first thing that came to me was “serial killer”. At the very least I would say he was involved in organized crime. I started to get a queasy feeling in my stomach. I would not trust him at all. I don’t get any good feelings about him and I’ll say whatever he was involved in….he was on the bad side of things.

  117. Avatar

    Words that came to mind:
    Mafia…do not trust him…was married, 2 children…did not have a good relationship with them…affairs of some sort…he is hiding something…died early…not of natural causes.

  118. Avatar

    He looks, sad, nervous and fearful.

  119. Avatar

    When I first looked at the image, I felt extreme sadness, anxiety. He is someone who worries a great deal. He is an old soul. He is a person of great responsibility. I have a hard time trusting him as I get a deep feeling that he does not trust himself. I would say that his age is mid forty. I also see a woman. She has dark hair pinned up in a ivory hat with flowers and dress. He had fought with her…

  120. Avatar

    ‘He looks like a cruel man.’

    1. Do you trust him? No.

    2. Does he remind you of anyone you know or anyone you’ve met in the past? – if so, which characteristics do the two people share?

    He reminds me of someone but I’m not sure who. Nobody comes directly to mind.

    I can’t say why I thought this, it’s just the first thing that comes to mind. He seems weary and frustrated. He does not care for the photographer.

  121. Avatar

    He lost someone recently, a wife or a loved one. He’s had some really difficult times in life, there’s an inner struggle going on within him. He likes butterflies but he hates them a little too. Either his father, or step father or someone in that role used to beat him up or degrade him. He has had some laughter in his life, but not much. He dislikes hope because he still hopes, but he feels like it’s what leads to his disappointment. He’s reaching out, he wants someone to understand, but when someone gets close he shuts them out of his life. He wants someone to come along and tell him that they can really see him for who he is, that they can see good inside him, but again, for those who come too close he freaks out and shuts them out. He misses his mother.

  122. Avatar

    The first, immediate feeling I got was he’s some sort of criminal or did some criminal acts/bad things. Maybe finally shot/hanged to death.
    Should not trust him, although I belive he was somehow able to trick people to trust him.
    Just started Anna’s course and this is the first time trying to read someone…. very exciting!

  123. Avatar

    Shy, jealous, needs to have control over others.

  124. Avatar

    I see a man of power. Helpful and giving but spread thinly.Stressed and tired, worry. I did get the scent of alcohol as well, maybe a drinker?

  125. Avatar

    I get that he is German and that he’s seen a lot of death and it troubles him. I think he is an honest man. I get that he was in a position of power in World War II and althiugb he was fighting Hitler’s war he was not a nazi sympathizer. I see him helping people in the concentration camps. I could be way off but that was my impression.

  126. Avatar

    I’m very new at this Actually it’s my first time ever at reading people .But the impression that I got from this man was that he was sad and Lonely at times .But very proper a serious Man know Doubt . Very hardheaded ,worked very hard ,A bright And well educated man.He likes to feel important And needs to feel that to feel good about himself .I feel that the kind of work that he did was Either banking or being in some kind of politics . I feel that he was either the oldest child or the middle child and I feel that he has always had to work hard to Prove himself to his father and And would do anything to be able to get affection and praise from his family .I also feel that he was good at what he did for his job but he was socially awkward when it came to the opposite sex .I also feel that when he does fall in love he Falls in love for life. He also like Repetition he’s not spontaneous he only likes things planned out by the book if it’s not planned you don’t do It .He likes control a bit OCD.I feel that his life was a hard and very sad and Lonely and at times a bit boring and Boxee to. I really hope I nailed him or Some of him:) like I said I have never did this befor and im so Anxious to know how I did! Thank you for reading this 🙂

  127. Avatar

    I am a beginner at this… 🙂 All I’m getting is some images and words.
    A worried person. “I did not …” “I did not mean to” something to do with a fight with the law
    He was important but lost something – could be status?
    Writer – political, journalist?
    Farm, driving 1920’s motorcar down country road. Car swerves – Accident? Loved cars.
    Daredevil, challenged authority and boundaries. This element got him into trouble. Perhaps cheeky. Lights up when he smiles.
    Not a long life.
    Lone ranger

  128. Avatar

    The person in photo is wise man, too brainy, speaks little but meaning full, likes potato very much, butter chicken in food red wine is his favorite, loves kids very much, loneliness his favourite, came up as a sucessful man after struggling a lot in his life, from child life to young life he is not much happy , but his generation r all happy and last one now he is no more…… sorry if my reading is wrong but am confident am perfect.thanks to give me this oppurtunity

  129. Avatar

    A cold stare, he looks untrustworthy to me, eveb though I get mixed feelings about him, he reminds me of a gangster from the 30’s.

  130. Avatar

    My first impression is puppets. Maybe manipulation? I feel he WAS charismatic but manipulation led to solitude, loneliness and depression. I see 5 children. He took his own life.

  131. Avatar

    This man is tired. He has worked hard for many years. He is honest for the most part but will do anything to protect his loved ones. He is not happy.

  132. Avatar

    As soon as I saw the picture : Sad/great sadness – writer

    Also: other land (immigrant?)
    boat – train
    names : John – Robert – MacKenzie ????

    Only flashes

  133. Avatar

    The image didn’t show for me in my email, so before I saw the image I got the word “Mischievous”, fame / well known person and I saw a chess board which could mean actual chess, analytical/calculated in life – a concept map man. After seeing the photo, I got a good sense of humor. Surrounded by a bit of loss. He reminds me of someone I know through an old job. A soft exterior, gentle man but loyal so if you crossed him or those he loved, then he’d be strong in his stance around that. A good business sense. 2 daughters or sisters… (not clear on that one).

  134. Avatar

    A sad man, unsuccessful businessman. I feel he struggled later in life. Not married, possibly cruel towards animals.

  135. Avatar

    Sadness…..was once happy and excited about life, only to be harshly thrown into a reality he can’t understand. Gave life a try, but sadly, is too sensitive for this world.

  136. Avatar

    He is a sad man, has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Lost Love. In a lot of emotional pain. He looks like my father, eyes and nose are similar. I would trust him with my life.

  137. Avatar

    at first glance he looks scary, sad, even ghostly. had a weird feeling in my stomach and my heart felt weird too . but looking deeper into the eyes i somehow see compassion a shy person. looks like he was about to smile in the picture. eyes somehow cold yet warm. reminds me of a president of the united states or a banker but the clothes seem old not the clothes of a person who is rich more the clothes of a farmer. maybe he was once rich. i figure he could either be a president or a serial killer. some where around there

  138. Avatar


  139. Avatar

    I scrolled past responses so as not to sway my impressions. Honestly, I had a flash of work, lots of work and then intense fear. For a second I wondered if this man had killed or had evil in his heart. I kept flashes on blood, death.. But work was just as big of an impression. He seems like a banker or lawyer or businessman. I also got the distinct feeling he grew up on a farm, maybe in another country. I had a flash about cars and autos. I also couldn’t really see family much around him. His face seemed so asymmetrical, like there were two sides to his personality. I saw a deep laugh, almost flirt even, but then an intense sadness. Looking again, I want to say, he tried hard, whatever that means. I’m new at this, so forgive any huge mistakes. Thanks!

  140. Avatar

    The first time i look at him i see lot of sadness and emptiness in him. He was a kind person i believe but has lost his strength agility over the years. He seems very tired facing the trivialities of life. He does not look trustworthy and seems to be in need of money.

  141. Avatar

    My first thought was that he was sad. But then I thought of Abraham Lincoln for some reason. Yes I would trust this man.

  142. Avatar

    I got that he came from a rural background. I see him as being a vert diligent, hard worker, worn by life and harsh circumstances within his life. He has experienced some loss either someone he was close to perhaps a wife, family member or friend. I get a feeling of sadness, forlorn expression, and the smirk is I feel related to something he is ashamed of I also get he has a mischievous side and there is something he did that wasn’t accepted in his time. He reminds me of my father and I don’t trust or like him.

  143. Avatar

    Worried, troubled, insecure.

  144. Avatar

    This man is so very sad, if not depressive. He is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, or so he thinks. He wants to give up. He is highly intelligent and highly intuitive. Much too sensitive and impressionable. At the time this picture was taken, he was beseeching to anyone to save him. A loner by nature; he trusts people too much. He doesn’t have the usual filters in place that most people do. Because of the lack of filters and his lack of suspicion, he’s been – repeatedly – used, manipulated and stomped on. A humanitarian by nature, he may turn to sedation when he can no longer handle the ways of the world and its cruelty.

  145. Avatar

    A kind and quiet man.
    Charitable work
    Founder of something
    Work related to cars
    No children
    Business man
    Possibly American

  146. Avatar

    German. Something to do with medicine and death. Or science. Highly intelligent. Sense of cruelty but also a sense of deep sadness. Understands the nature of others and of darkness. A tidy mind. Don’t think he is married at the time of the photo.

  147. Avatar

    Wow this person is amazing Anna. This person is very very sad. This is in fact not a man but a woman who is living as a man. She/he has traveled a great distance to live in a new country and has a very sad history which was not fully left behind. She is actually a mother but has passed off her son as being his father. Unusually this woman has also been married to another woman and this woman truly believes that she is a man. Wow really strange I know but I really felt all of this and more!!!!!!I feel her saying that she didn’t mean to do what she did – it was an accident and was done to save not only her reputation but also her son’s. I’m sorry if this is really off track but this is what I felt!

  148. Avatar

    He gives me the impression of being feminine. He is meticulous in his dress. There seems to be a bit of fear in his eyes like he is scared of something. I think he is a smoker.

  149. Avatar

    I see a man in despair who has suffered loss of someone very close through a vicious criminal manner. I also see a writer about such crime. can understand and articulate it for others but not himself. I see a bank also whether the crime occurred in the bank or he worked there or both.

  150. Avatar

    I first learned of my ability after reading someones pictures and giving details of someones past or present that I have never met.

    This picture bothered me: Infact I had to stop and protect myself again.

    When I read I get works or a statement in my head what I got was:

    Pain: Then eventually in my head I heard the statement, “how could you.”

    I was very uncomfortable with his picture, not that I didn’t trust him but because I kept thinking dark.

    Just as I was about to finish up ABUSE came into my mind in All caps. I don’t think this gentlemen was abuseful, so I feel maybe he was abused younger.

    I sense that his mind is advanced for his time, that he had a wide thought process that people didn’t understand or even shunned.

  151. Avatar

    A European immigrant who stood for something political but was not directly involved in politics.

    He was also an author of some sort but quite possibly not well know or published.

    He is small in stature but probably would have been hard and cold and possibly a bit of a tyrant in order to compensate for his size for which he may felt inadequate.

    He died of natural causes.

  152. Avatar

    My first thought was that he looks creepy;
    I don’t trust him. But, I also got the word, honest with him.
    There is deep despair and no hope. I feel he was a drinker.
    My heart hurts and I have the sense that had a lot of heartache. I think he lost not only his fortune or was robbed. I also sense stomach issues. I got the words, death, isolated, hurt someone, tried to kill himself, and I heard, the words, “I have nothing to say to you.” My neck started hurting. Perhaps he was strangled. Other words that came to mind are
    million dollar corporation
    all or nothing
    “he ain’t anything at all” and
    he doesn’t trust anyone.
    This is my first time so my thoughts are a bit disorganized. 🙂

  153. Avatar

    The first impression I was was sadness but something inside me that this person isn’t a man but a woman dressed like a man. She is sad for not being who she really is and living the life she wants because of what is expected of her. She reminds me of Elle DeGeneres and took the role of man for circumstance I can’t understand.

    I think she may have taken this role to protect the woman she loved instead of being branded and outs from society.

  154. Avatar

    Scared my half to death

  155. Avatar

    Definitely a blur between the genders, an extremely sad and beaten man. Someone who has worked doing hard labour all his life with little success. So little defences show, like he was plain spoken and was not evasive and that got him into trouble more than once. A man who didn’t belong in the life he lived but endured it anyways.

  156. Avatar

    Eyes of a woman.
    Fear,cold,survival mode,predator.
    Prohibition era,moonshine,gangster.
    German ancestry.
    Shooting soon after this picture was taken.

  157. Avatar

    Thanks Anna

  158. Avatar

    I actually managed to figure out who this person is by following intuitive clues, but I don’t want to give it away here, so I sent you an email instead.

    Very interesting, awesome choice! 🙂

  159. Avatar

    This is my first attempt to read anything,,,,,

    I felt a pain in the middle of the chest when I looked at this man. I think some wound he had, maybe in his earlier life in the army or maybe related to his death.
    I sensed an army career in the past and that he is now a widow, his wife having died in the past.
    I thought of my dad also, although my father Isn’t in my life.

  160. Avatar

    He looks very sad. Intelligent. I don’t trust him.

  161. Avatar

    Before I even saw the picture an uneasy feeling came over me. Looking at his picture, I felt cold. I do know photos from that era were delicate and people would have to be perfectly still, so I tried again. I saw sadness in him, I felt like maybe he even did or was capable of murder. I think he was abused as a child, his eyes feel empty.

  162. Avatar

    My initial impression is that I perceived this man to be “driven.” Then for whatever reason, the name “Henry Ford” came to mind. This morning, a few days after my initial impression I thought it time to respond to your challenge:

    He looks like a tinkerer, a thinker, and thoughtful and passionate man.

    The adjective that comes to mind still remains as “driven.”

    I believe I would trust this man and he reminds me of my mothers present husband, possibly because of his looks and perceived demeanor.

  163. Avatar

    Criminal was the first thing that came to mind the instant I saw this pic.

    Then I got the word Church. Then sick (maybe a debilitating disease and/or addiction?).

    Also got entertainment.

    And gun.

  164. Avatar

    My skin crawled when l studied this picture. I feel he has done something terrible like he was a paedophile or murderer. The picture shows a no remorse blank look on his face. The position he has one hand in lap and other in pocket also made me feel uncomfortable.

  165. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the experiment!

    The gentleman is a sad sad person, which is also evident in the way his mouth has dropped.
    Crystal clear light blue eyes – he was slightly psychic. Heard voices maybe, but definitely misunderstood with his feelings about people, places and things. 3 children, two blondes and one dark haired (one son two daughters). His wife could have suffered from joint pain but she seems to be a home maker. He had built a lot of things with his hands, or at least tried to build. I see failed inventions. His father abused him as a child, or it could be an uncle. An intelligent man, he probably had issues communicating. Might have spoken with a soft voice, and maybe a pronounced ‘S’ in his diction.

    My heart does go out to his sadness. Wish I could have helped.


  166. Avatar

    This man looks very sad, as if he has en enormous weight on his shoulders, he’s tired of life, but somehow is resigned to his lot, he has lost hope, but is not angry. He looks like an intelligent man, someone who would be interesting to talk to, just somehow lost in his problems.

  167. Avatar

    It took a while for me to read my email, I’ve had the flu, but I felt compelled to add my two cents.

    At first I saw those unmistakable eyes in the photograph and was repulsed by the trained policemans stare. I read a few of the ‘readings’ below which was a bad mistake, then dismissed the whole matter. For all I could tell, he was the leftovers of the stock market crash or a rich deviant.

    Then I had this segmented dream later that night.

    What I saw:

    When I woke around 5:40 the next morning, it wasn’t his face I saw.
    It was the woman. I’ve never seen such pain and yearning in a beautiful face.
    If I were an artist I could easily sketch her face. Short dark hair (either by the black and white of a photo or actual color I can’t say) with very large full rose colored lips. It was one of those faces that could launch a fleet of ships or start a war. Her eyes were still pleading with me when I awoke.

    There was a little toddler boy involved, wearing blue and white pinstriped jumper with a white button down shirt, running across a perfectly cut lawn chasing one of those small inflatable rubber balls. I never saw his front side, only glimpsed his back as he jogged away after it.

    Conjecture (what I felt):

    The man was a killer, he’d seen lots of death, some by his own hand, from war. I can’t say that I felt either regret or compassion for him for some reason. I felt as if he was some sort of secret service agent/body guard for some important figure. The woman was a secret love, maybe an affair that resulted in the child.

    I do know this – The whole matter had a Romeo and Juliet depth to it, tragic, but I couldn’t see how it ended…, only a snapshot in time and that beautiful woman’s face begging for peace. I still can’t get her face out of my mind.

  168. Avatar

    he gives a very negetive vibe.
    sucks energy out of others
    prejudiced,criticizer and constant complainer
    I cant trust him.
    doesnt have a firm opinion on anything
    middle class
    Does not speak from his heart of what he feels.
    overactivated 3rd eye chakra
    lots of fear in him

  169. Avatar

    I don’t trust him.
    He may have been good once, but some traumatic life event caused him to be bad.
    He’s a swindler, a con artist. He may have killed someone, unintentionally or not.
    He is fearful, but he is dangerous.
    I got the name John T (Talvey?)

  170. Avatar

    Interesting reading all these comments today AFTER doing the readings yeaterday.

    My initial impressions were of kindliness, followed by sorrow, followed by a huge wave of WEARINESS. Then I got a very unpleasant feeling and a sense that this man was not to be trusted. This made it very hard to look at him further or get any additional information.

    I got a strong sense of energy at the sixth chakra, which made me speculate that this person has strong intuitive powers. But he is not necessarily using them for good.

    Also, there was something about the neck which troubled me. Neck…necktie….choking….hands on neck… whatever it was, it wasn’t good.

  171. Avatar

    No, I do not feel that I would trust this man.. Weird feeling but felt like he was a dr of some type that was not good ??

    words of train and inventor came out???

  172. Avatar

    Around 1895ish?? Chicago world fair??? daughter or someone missing???

  173. Avatar

    Not sure if I would trust him.. Feel like he was a dr of some type?? Also words of train and inventor came out…

  174. Avatar

    One last thing: I see a connection a railroad or oil. And, to losing lots of money.

  175. Avatar

    Indian, Doctor, Nicholus Fines, Feminen, Aircraft Pilot Flying, Started out with a mate one of a kind. Looks sad.

  176. Avatar

    Some see that this person may be a woman? It’s hard to tell from the photo because you can’t see the hands and the way that the person is sitting, really can’t see if he/she has an “Adams Apple”. I don’t feel the gender confusion though, but this is my first try at this. This is a lot of fun, great exercise!

  177. Avatar

    Initially a negative feeling.
    His face is full of sadness, he could have fallen on bad times.
    But he is alert, eyes wide open and staring at the camera so he has a strong character.
    He wants to do something with his hands

  178. Avatar

    I got a feeling of tightness in my chest. He’s sad looking, he liked to tinker with things and I saw jewellery around him. He worked a lot, had a wry sense of humour, was friendly and well-liked and soft spoken.

  179. Avatar


    I know who this man is, I e-mailed you directly. That was great….thank you so much.

  180. Avatar

    I get the impression that he has a strong personality and that he doesnt show much emotion for fear that it will display weakness, yet ther is something very deep about his eyes. He has experienced some kind of trauma or chos within his life at some stage and he is an old soul. I get the feeling he could be someone that suffers from depression but only behind closed doors. His a family man but has a dark side. He is concealing some kind of secret.

  181. Avatar

    At first I got worried, burdened, weary and sad.
    Then I followed your suggestions and let my eyes unfocus, did some breathing and called on Michael.
    I then got compassionate, warm and sexy. Still getting sadness too. I think there’s far more to this man than this picture could ever reveal. His pose says confidence but his expression does not.

  182. Avatar

    The first impression I got was that he was a very sad, troubled man. He
    may have worked a hard labor job like a miner or something not requiring a lot of education. I also get that he might be an alcoholic.

    He lived in the West somewhere and had a wife and children. He fell on hard times and was never able to recover. I would say this is in the 30s or 40s in the US.

  183. Avatar

    This man is not much of a talker. He likes to rely on certain “routines” in how he lives. Meaning he was not fond of change. Not openly affectionate and very private about himself . I had some kind of a connection to the rail road with him in some capacity even if he was an avid traveler of the system. Banking and money played a role in his life but not in the traditional way of doing business. I would not trust him.

  184. Avatar

    Adding to my previous comments, I meditated on it again later and also got a strong picture of a car.

  185. Avatar

    When I opened to him, he came at me in a rush of desperation and fear. I think he’s been hurt badly and he’s still hanging onto it, alive or dead. Likely dead.

  186. Avatar

    This man looks very unhappy; I’m getting railroad worker, depression era. I sense that he had a very close relationship with his mother

  187. Avatar

    I agree with one of the other commenters…my first impression of this man was that he is he has very feminine qualities. I get a wierd vibe for him, almost like a Norman Bates personality from the movie “PSYCHO” I sense a close but maybe strange relationship with his mother.

  188. Avatar

    I forgot to mention that I also felt very cold.

  189. Avatar

    His name is SIR!

    Has personal wealth and power.
    Often in the middle of conflicts. His work and effort is that of a mediator and mentor .

  190. Avatar

    Sadness, lived hard life. Tries to do his best but life does not always turn out that way. I trust him, yes.

  191. Avatar

    I don’t trust him, but I do (which is unusual since it is usually one or the other) because I think he has a lot of love and care. Something is wrong though.
    Depression Era
    Bank or money, gambling or betting
    Great sadness/worry
    father, kids (more than one-girl and boy perhaps), wife (dark hair, little)
    Something happened to make him feel failure, helplessness, despair
    a long session of down times or hard times
    Had a great sense of humor at one point though and a zest for life
    authority at him or from him
    Hiding something which could be why he exerts so much authority and also why he looks a bit beaten as stress can age you. Maybe violent at home?
    Something with water- fishing perhaps? and a city, dirt too. A factory- smoke from chimney and big building. Manual labor nonetheless

  192. Avatar

    I should also add that I feel pity for him, the general feeling I get is that I feel bad for him and I want to give him compassion.

  193. Avatar

    That stare grabbed me by the throat…I literally gasped. I did not want to look deeply, there was something so disturbing about this man. Just darkness, struggle, violence, both done to him and by him. And then a sense of oblivion on his part mixed with awareness…such an ugly mix, confusion, no sense of what is right or wrong with any clarity. Since this was the exercise, I stayed a bit…reluctantly. I examined his face and eyes, two people in this one person, a person torn. Some acceptance of this split but not the end of the inner conflict…not a conflict to resolve anything, rather an angry battle between two sides. No hope for this man. Deceit, nothing to trust, whatever maliciousness there was came inevitably…not really a choice, a result of that ugly constant battle, sometimes from the joy of imagining it was won and thus a sense of empowerment, lost all too soon. A man without a conscience because he can’t have one…he believes half the things he thinks/does, the other half is personal pain endured and transformed into this hardness…impenetrable. I only spent two minutes or so looking at this picture and it was already toxic…I felt it like this thing with tentacles holding me to it, and I pulled away with a shudder and shut down the browser.

  194. Avatar

    My first go at leaving a comment:

    I see his face alternating between a deep frown and a harsh deceptive smile. I see him furiously dealing with large books that appear to be bank ledgers. He may be a banker or has a money problem.

    There is an issue with the left side of his body, specifically around the stomach area. I see a scar but feel it is an internal organ problem.

    There is an issue with his son. I see him kneeling giving lollies or coins to children.

    I don’t trust him. I see him driving a black car. I also see him writing letters of some sort.

  195. Avatar

    First impression was hard-working, labour intensive job but then conflicting feeling or sense of writing… I felt that he was writing or someone was writing to him or about him.

    I got an uneasy feeling when looking at the picture, felt that there were hidden emotions and some type of longing, that he had deep felt emotions.
    I felt he was a quiet person, someone who was thoughtful in a sense of planning their next step, like a “processing mind”. I also got the sense of there being something that was different about him, couldn’t quite explain it, but maybe some disability or something he concealed about himself.

  196. Avatar

    he looks vulnerable. my first impression /feeling before my thoughts came. i know this look very well through my own experience. and i ve seen this face so often in other people, too. this kinda shut-down vulnerability and “i am so hurt” look. of course you don´t have this look all the time on your face.

  197. Avatar

    Sorry anna yo give my comments again for the past two days am feeling this person may b a best comedy actor .realy sorry to comment again

  198. Avatar

    My first reaction was SAD.. Then I saw a slight smile n comedian..then it hit strong abusive feeling

  199. Avatar

    Wow- a very dependant and scared man. On what I’m not sure. Hiding something as noted by his hand in his pocket and the fear in his eyes, like fear of being found out.

  200. Avatar

    I see a man who is very sorrowful and regretful.

  201. Avatar

    I pick up sadness above all, and devastation and loss. My throat tightens up and my eyes become teary. I want to cry for him. His sadness may be due to a child or children?

  202. Avatar

    I think I may have gotten more today. Water seems to be significant. A boat/ship perhaps? I’m not completely sure since my “view” is obstructed. I’m looking through foliage from land out to sea/lake. I want to say there is a ship out there (coming to the conclusion that it is a sea/harbor) but I can’t be sure. I feel a bit scared or shaken…alone like I’m hiding? At one point I see the hull of a boat/ship. This does not seem like a populated area I’m viewing from.
    Also the song “Clementine” keeps repeating through my head but that could be just me. I tend to get repeat songs often.
    Something with police. I don’t think the police and boat are connected though. They came at different times.

  203. Avatar

    His eyes are soft. He seems young at heart and a bit naive. He want’s others to accept him and he is insecure. His mannerisms are somewhat effeminate. He can be charming but is more introverted and in his head too much. You can trust him a little more than half the time. He would not support you if he felt like people wouldn’t like him because of his choice or opinion. He’s a bit of a chameleon. He owns a larger dog with short hair, black lab or something close. He cares for the dogs but more in a masterly way than a friendly way. He does well at fooling people that he is a nicer man than he is.

  204. Avatar

    In the last comment I stated it seemed like the view was somewhere near water with a ship. It seemed like there was movement far off from me through the foliage(not sure if I was just sensing this or if I could “hear” it). Carried voices but nothing I could make out from across the water. I do believe it was a ship now. Not sure if this has anything to do with the man or just a vivid imagination:)
    More water later on but it was darker, windy like a storm coming or just twilight/dawn. Rocks by water, waves a bit choppy. Seemed like a different area completely. The colors around me seemed…”gray.”
    I’m finding a common theme of water it seems but maybe it’s just me.

  205. Avatar

    God is this fantastically distant, hard, dusty man to him, and he is scared and lonely that he hasnt found. He questions everything He has ever said to him. This man is extremely haunted by a web of things. And he is scared to pray. I feel something truly perverted or tragic first changed his life when he was six. Nobody in life ever gave him what he needed, so he spent his life empty, isolated and confused and a bit wise and unique as a result, and that trait gave him jobs. His personality is a very warm, festering alabaster yellow with a twist of discomforting “oddness” . A corn-fed, quiet, man. Pink, spindly legs. Before the picture, at least 6 months before, he lost a woman related to him, and one male, I believe. his mother was a garrulous, woman with a kind of fast, busybody walk and a distinctive, strange smell. She was either tall and pink or short and fat. His father gave him many scars. This man loved the taste of whiskey, rum, coffee, and his tastes in art (which he wasn’t really a fan of or exposed to) WOULD be very questioning, twisty, dusty, and dense. Art that’s sunburnt, red and rusty and makes you feel warm and at home.

    His wife, (and I feel he went through 2 or 3 and had many flings as a youth,) shares some of his pain and, after about 6 partners, clings to this rare, black gem for safety and his hot, deep style of giving affection. The man hasn’t ever been loved in a way that made him feel “home” or without longing for something.

    He was victimized for half his life by capricious people. His parents influenced his own controlling, close-eared disagreeableness with his own children, whom he controls with rigid and well intentioned principles. He has a daughter, and I feel that very strongly. His “softness and forlorn secrecy” tell me it’s moderate to hard to push him to anger without knowing his buttons, which are REALLY RAW and sore. And then, he flies fantastically off the handle.
    His gambling side to his spirit has flimsy morals that blow with the wind, and his capricious, wild addictions to sex, drinking, doing “party stuff that guys do” by night, and his intense rage are lifestyles he’s made out of his hopelessness, and his being abused as a kid (he may have been molested by a friend of the family who was a fat, greasy, bastard farmer when he was 7.) He lives on a corn farm somewhere in Iowa. Maybe German immigrant or descendent.

    I see a frayed red, leather-bound Bible. I keep seeing this 17 year old redhead girl in his spirit. 6 or 7 months before the photo, a female in his life died. 3 people in his life died in the past 1 or two years prior to the picture and their deaths were young and very cutting into his soul. His aura is a warm, light, twisty alabaster yellow. His whole childhood was a deep scar to his life, and his sullen, sad eyes have seen so many things no human being should’ve ever seen. There’s also a deep, uniqueness and strength in how he makes a woman feel, and his sexuality is very very, unusually intuitive during the act.

    I feel his twisty, deep, shiny, red heartache that was almost bringing me to tears. And I pray to Jesus for his spirit, his family, and descendants.

  206. Avatar

    the first thing i saw was pain and sadness. i feel like he’s got substance abuse issues (alcohol) and is stuck in a way of being that torments him. lots of people mentioned worry and that fits with the people he reminds me of in my family. something in his family is also troubling. is he unfaithful or there was a dead female relative?

  207. Avatar

    Hi Kylie,
    In regards to ‘water’ you keep mentioning…do you think it may be symbolic for the person in photo’s emotions and memories…carried voices? You could be getting literal images or symbolic images.

  208. Avatar

    this man is a man maybe in mid life crisis, he may have lost his partner and kids. he is a sad man and he doesnt know how to get his life back on track again. he wants to be happy, but life has not been good to him in the last few years. he is a man who is a hard worker and believes that you dress for success but his facial expression tells it all. he goes home to a empty place, drnks till he passes out praying that tomorrow life will be good to him. he doesnt have any friends and no one to talk to. he stays silent at work and has no communication with anyone.

  209. Avatar

    I can hardly look at him. I don’t like his energy at all!
    He is not a pleasant person.
    He was at times very agressive.
    It’s like he didn’t have a clue what respect was.
    But he also knew how to ‘play’ nice. Some people would think he was trustworthy and kind. But he used that kind ‘role’ to get what he wanted.

    I hear the word ‘body’. Like there was a body found.. or involved?

    I hear the word ‘complete’…

    Something traumatic happened to him in his childhood which formed him (not for the good).

    I see a big house, like a big villa or a castle.
    Water is near or around the house.
    There is something about this water.
    Did something happen there?
    I see flowers in the water, lilac colors (and white).
    Is there a woman, a lady involved. White dress.
    I see bricks. Red stone bricks.
    I see a big water, like a see.

    His name is with C in it? Or Harry?

  210. Avatar

    Ps. (to my former post)
    I think he had harmed and hurt people. He was without remorse. Like he didn’t have a consciousness.
    He could have been a killer..
    He wasn’t able to handle his aggression. That caused him to hurt people. Verbally, emotionally and physically.
    He was also hurt himself, by his father.

    He is trying to look in the camera like ‘trust me, I’m a very nice person’… But he evilness is coming through.
    He can hardly control himself.

    I couln’t look at him for long. I had to wash the hand which I ‘felt’ the picture with. And I still feel ‘invaded’ with his evil energy.

  211. Avatar

    The first thing that I thought when I saw this picture was the word “psychic.” I also thought that he should have had white hair for some reason and kept seeing a character from tv that was a somewhat successful man, but had a lot of loneliness and emptiness in his life. I feel that this person was somewhat misunderstood and actually had a kindness inside of him that perhaps wasn’t always shown or understood. I also think that he may have lived in the western United States somewhere. Also, everytime I look at his face I see a woman first and then realize I am looking at a man-I am wondering if he had a very feminine energy because I really thought I was looking at a woman before I had a chance to take in the whole picture. I also got a name starting with an “S” and thought maybe it was Sydney. I am also confused by this because it is a unisex name and I see such a mix of feminine and masculine when I look at him.

  212. Anna

    There have been some good intuitive hits here. Lots of people have done really well.

    I will post tomorrow to reveal who it was.


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