Intuitive Experiment #2 – Have a Go at Reading this Person

Do you remember Intuitive Experiment #1?

Just in case you’re new to this blog, a couple of months ago I gave a picture of a (kind of) famous person and asked those readers who didn’t recognize the person to have a go at reading him and see what they picked up psychically (or just using their ‘instincts’.) Many readers were surprised and delighted at how accurate they were.

I thought it was time for another experiment like that, as it was fun to do. Plus being able to read people is a wonderful skill to have. If you don’t already have this skill, by practising enough, you can develop it. That’s partly what this article is about. Being able to read people is perhaps one of the most practical uses of psychic awareness. It means you can tell who people really are, just by looking at their photo. You become good at spotting untrustworthy people. You can know what an employee or an employer is like. If you’re single and dating, you can even preview internet dating partners before you even meet them.

Take a look at this person:

If you recognize this person, please don’t leave a comment letting us know who it is, as it can spoil the experiment for other people!

And if you’d like extensive instructions on how to read a person’s energy and find out more about this guy, sign up for the Intuitive Experiment worksheet below!

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Wondering How You Did?


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  1. Avatar

    This is what I get, he is from Brazil, not to be trusted, has to do with money, and the word embezzeled came to my mind

  2. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    Love your experiments 😉

    1. My surface initial impression was player, philosopher and artist archetype.

    He’s an artistic person. Probably a writer.

    Trustworthy character. Very nice person. Insightful. Philosophic. Caring.

    He probably lives in a city – you can tell by his lack of hair that he probably doesn’t live in a cold area like Northern Europe. I was thinking he might live in a large city from a European country but probably not a cold one.

    I received Iceland as a word. I don’t know why. But he’s definitely a city person – a very cultured person for sure – just look at him!

    2. Likes dogs and icecream. And a lot of dusty books – has two book shelves of dusty books. Has desks with lots of scribbled paper on them. Likes bikes – and carries a notepad with him.

    I trust him yeah. And like him.

    Reminds me of Ken Wilber – a bald philosopher.

    3. Wrote some books about philosophy or something philosophical.

    Probably European. But likes traveling. There’s something about him and cities though.


  3. Avatar

    I think this guy is strong, independent strategist, likes to dictate but yet analyzes every detail almost to a fault. He would be very passionate about what he believes in…very loyal to loved ones. Trust him? depends on for what..but totally if he’s on my side…look out if he’s not!

  4. Avatar

    ok, here’s my impression.
    He is trustworthy, kind, warm, soft, nice, gentle, pleasant, gallant, chatty, light-hearted.
    The vibe is kind of positively neutral:)
    Nationality – Italian and/or Jewish.
    I think he might have some relation to medicine (maybe he is or was a doctor?), or fashion industry.
    Divorced, with 2 daughters.
    He’s good at golf and cricket.
    well, I hope I got at least a single thing right:)

  5. Avatar

    What I get from this man is that he’s very sad, and very concerned about something. I also get the feeling that he is not a normal person, rather hes into sub cultures rather then the larger pop culture.

    For some reason I get the feeling that he’s an actor, or around an actor a lot.

    I think he’s from Sweden.

  6. Avatar

    Love these, thanks Anna! 🙂

    I’ve never seen this man before. When I first looked at his picture, I got a good feeling about him and then thought “artist”. I also thought he may be gay.

    However, when I went into a light meditation, I saw him standing in a gravel area, getting frustrated with people (workers maybe). Saw him looking up at a house being built and not being pleased. I thought he might be an architect or something – like he planned and organized the build but wasn’t responsible for the actual building of the structure.

    I asked where he was from and got Spanish or Mexican. Or perhaps just hispanic generally.

    I then saw him in a type of library, working and writing in a notebook. He’s left handed. I saw two children approach him (boy and a girl) but he wasn’t very nice to them, and was absorbed in his work. I saw a woman standing in the background but I felt that she was to keep quiet and keep the children away from him.

    Lastly, I saw him laying face down in the ocean and wondered if he died by drowning. Not sure if it was suicide or accident, but it wasn’t murder.

  7. Avatar

    Okay, here goes my impressions, by the way, this is very funny yet scary to put myself out here like this. I love your site and your free book….here it goes:
    takes things from others
    not trustworthy
    I see paper money flying towards me
    Negative vibe
    First i thought American, then I heard an accent, I thought British, then I
    heard “Good Day Mate” and concluded w/ Australian. Wait, that’s odd, cause aren’t you in like New Zealand?
    Charming and likable on the surface, but deceiving
    (He does look like Orlando Bloom)
    Past: Things came easy for him, like too easy, like theft in adolescence. Over indulged as a kid, no need to work for it, so take it…or maybe had friends like this and he felt entitled to that lifestyle too?
    I see myself up on the stairs looking down, like his vantage point where I feel this entitlement, there is a rug down there and things are being taken from this wealthy home.

  8. Avatar

    I don’t feel as if I am very good at this sort of thing, but in the spirit of things…here it goes.

    I thought he seemed like a prick, but that he wasn’t at the same time. It was kind of like he is a charmer on the outside but has very bad intentions he doesn’t let on. I felt also, that he may be a human rights activist, but that his methods were not very human rights oriented. It’s like he justifies what he does under the label of someone who does good things for the world and others.

    I didn’t like him or dislike him, but I didn’t trust him. I think he gives off the air that he is likeable but will stab you in the back at any moment it suits him.

  9. Avatar

    I’ll play!

    As soon as I popped in to his energy, I got a really yucky vibe. I also got the feeling of cruelty or cruelness to someone or something. Generally sort of negative feelings all around.

    There’s just something cold about him that I am picking up. Not sure why.

    Didn’t get a whole lot more than that because I wasn’t keen on hanging in his energy field very long.

  10. Avatar

    He is easy-going, easy to talk to, with good sense of humor, artistic, energetic, funny.

    I like him, he may seem a bit shallow, but he is a kind and caring person.

    Nationality – I get French or partially French.. or has something to do with French language.

    What he is good at – I get math and guitar.

    He likes people and he likes art. His job is connected with one of these or with both.

    About his past… I feel some bitterness… maybe difficult relationship (emotionally difficult) or a health issue of someone he loved.

  11. Avatar

    This was a tough one for me (compared to the first). Initially I thought New York, tough SOB and highly critical. Upon reflection, it flip-flopped and I saw someone who has been hurt deeply. Sad. Either he is gay or more likely, has a gay brother. I saw him as an activist/crusader. Tough minded and trying to do something big and good for the world. Something to do with healthcare, doctors, maybe reform in this area. Highly educated, very detail oriented, and I can imagine him at a platform speaking out on behalf of a group or for rights. This seemed to conflict with his style (appearance) completely and I was trying to figure out what caused him to shave his head (notice the tan on the bottom of his face but not the top of the head). For some unconnected reason I was thinking Amsterdam, Australia, or some other place that starts with an “A” that I couldn’t pinpoint. I felt that he travels frequently, around the world. Really interested to know what he’s observing in this picture.

  12. Avatar

    My first reaction was lack of trust… I feel that this man doesn’t trust people easily. I feel that he needs to weigh things up and thinks things carefully through before making a decision to what’s going on around him , especially on a personal level.

    Even though I feel he lacks trust , I think he has a warm and caring heart but I feel like he will need to feel safe in his relationship to let his guard down, even though he appears tougher on the outside. I think personal relationships is his weakness , maybe he has emotional scares and needs to let go of his past and rebuild his trust with people.

    I would trust this bloke to talk too and maybe on a work relationship level but I wouldn’t feel safe enough to have an intimate and personal relationship with him…

    He reminds me of one of my ex boyfriends, he had a bald head and brown eyes and he found it difficult to form a an intimate relationship

    I think he looks a bit shifty but not in a way to hurt anyone , I just feel like this is about himself not feeling sure with certain things in his life …I think he is very inquisitive and likes to explore every nuke and cranny to make sense of things…maybe a bit controlling

    I am getting the feeling that this man is very intelligent (his strength) a doctor maybe, or artistic person comes to mind

  13. Avatar

    I’m posting anonymously, because I’m not confident of my skills in this!

    Impressions: a positive facade to the outer world, which masks his past pain, and inner turmoil

    The song lyric “there’s a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you” came into my head.

    I would like him to meet him, but I don’t entirely trust him. I got that he has the ability to control his negative impulses, he is highly disciplined, especially mentally, he is idealistic, and helps others by his modelling. He might even be some kind of guru to others (but maybe not in an entirely positive way)?

    I got that he’s good at leading large groups. Nationality: European of some type, perhaps Belgian?

    Hope I was accurate on at least some of it!

  14. Avatar

    Well, I started hearing criminal before I even scrolled down to the picture. Sure enough, when I got to the picture – I was like “oh yea – criminal!”. But I also got a bit of a sociopath. I felt like his crime involved lots of money! Money was the first thing I thought of. Then it got deeper, and domestic violence came up. I started to wonder if he killed a family member, and it was over money?? But I also think he has stolen money from other places before, and he is good at it. Personally I think he is insecure and not sure of his identity, but you would never know it because he such a charmer. Women love him and fall for him. He has a shady past, and has mastered the art of cover up! He is still alive. I do not trust him or his energy. You would not catch me talking to him alone somewhere.
    Hmmmmmmmmm. Wonder if I got any of it right? Can’t wait t find out.

  15. Avatar

    This is cool, and my first attempt at reading a picture so please be gentle 🙂

    Yes I like him and I trust him.

    The photo shows characteristics of an introvert and caring nature. He doesn’t remind me of anyone.

    As for his life story I’m getting that he was in writing, and somehow involved with boats. Also I’m getting beer was part of his life and his background is also sad too.

    He is good at writing and reading/analyzing the bible. Plus he is good at videogames, ping pong and legal affairs.

    His nationality is Irish.

    And that is what I got just from pure intuition!

  16. Avatar

    First impressions:
    He’s been hurt by a woman
    Has emotional baggage/problems
    Maybe mental problems:Bipolar/schizophrenic
    Loving person, in his own way
    Very critical
    I felt sadness, darkness

  17. Avatar

    Isn’t it interesting how the responses are very much one way OR the other: caring and sensitive AND cruel and untrustworthy. I wonder how much of that is our projections.

    Can’t wait to hear the real story!

  18. Avatar

    I don’t think I’m very good at this so I’m also posting anonymously, but here goes:

    I don’t dislike him but I don’t trust him either, largely because he doesn’t follow through.

    I see him in a big loft and he is directing. He is either an artist, a director, an engineer…something perhaps to do with the structure. I think he works with tools of some kind.

    What stands out for me is big movements. He may talk with his hands or have high energy. Maybe because there is sometimes frenetic energy, I think he might be bipolar.

    I think something big has changed in his life. I think that he may have lost loved ones, possibly at his own hands in some manner but not necessarily. He feels as if he is all alone.

    As far as nationality, I get a Hispanic influence.

    I can’t wait to see who this guy really is!

  19. Anna

    Great responses everyone. It was fascinating reading all the different responses. All will be revealed on Sunday! (New Zealand Sunday, that is and Saturday in the US.)

    Lisa – yes, isn’t it just! Fascinating.

  20. Avatar

    He is an interesting read. I got feelings of dissapointment, embarassment and shame on his part. Impressions were of a clock/watch/time, a large city, the color purple, and courage. There are legal issues involved and he feels misunderstood. There could be a speech impediment of some sort? The name Cortez came up.
    I got a postive vibe from him, but I would hesitate trusting him. Money, checks and financial things came to me, so maybe he has money or works with it. He grew up near water. He is good with computers, possible hacking??

    Can’t wait to see who he is!
    Thanks Anna!

  21. Avatar

    Got a bad feeling from this person. Made me feel yucky.
    Got out of there pretty quick.

  22. Avatar

    “Freedom Fighter” was my first impression. I get this guy lives for change and fighting causes dealing with humanity. He’s a revolutionary man with a heart of gold. He’s driven by compassion. Perhaps he lost a partner or friends to AIDS. He is sad but determined to make a difference. I like him.

  23. Avatar

    1. He’s around 5’8″
    2. He’s an introvert and
    thus very private about his
    3. He’s had an affair? Or he
    has a charm about him and he’s
    used it in the past to attract
    4 He’s well read and knowledgable
    About arts and culture.
    5. Coffee drinker and smoker.
    6. Writer or creative of some
    7. Latin American – Argentinian,
    or from Chile?
    8. Witty humour?

  24. Avatar

    I get some good vibes from him.
    I feel he is an artist, probably a musician,
    he plays the piano I think. He seems to be a very anxious person and somewhat shy. He looks like he is from Europe, Eastern Europe. Could also be an actor. He loves nature and being in the woods. Very educated.


  25. Avatar

    First word that came to mind: ‘predator’. This picture creeps me out, gives me a slight sense of panic.

  26. Avatar

    he does not agree with what is going on around him but won’t sy anythingabut it.inrovert.trustworthy if he cares about you bt if he doesn’t care about you he owes you nothing.he has his own set of standards and morals and looks down on people who do not meet them.
    keeps priate life quiet.may be french,european decent.
    alot was expected of him ad he passes that on.can be deceitful

  27. Avatar

    Hi Anna. My first time participating in your challenge.

    From this photo:
    He’s extremely fit. Look at the face from temple to chin. Extremely muscular cheek, jaw and neck. He’s vain enough to shave his head and wear an earring; no quarter given to receding hairlines here. Look at his hand. His fingers appear thick and short, almost swollen. But I don’t think this is a sign of debauchery. They look muscled. See that wedge between his thumb and outer hand? Now try to recreate that on your own hand. This man is clearly in his mid-thirties to early forties (smooth skin, only a few facial grroves) so a wedge like that says to me that this is a man who works out and who has very muscled hands. He is wearing a sporty jacket with semi-fitted cuffs, and he is comfortable in it. He lives or works in a cold, probably maritime climate. His glasses are sparkling clean and straight, with small nose winches, and he’s touching them on the earpiece, which says to me that he is not a total computer nerd. The white reflection indicates that his glasses may actually be prescription, and for those of us graduating to fucking “progressive lenses” then you know that you must look through the bottom to read ingredient labels, and you must look through the top to see people.

    Personally, I think this is a man who is very focused. He has a singular purpose. And probably a very happy wife.

  28. Avatar

    My thoughts were that he either writes or likes to read books. Maybe he writes for a newspaper or has been written about in newsapers. I feel sorrow like a deep sense of loss or disappointment, but there is some smugness in there too. Got something about New York and a yellow taxi cab. I feel nervous in my stomach when I think about him and especially when I asked myself if I liked him. He reminds me of someone from my family who has not been the most trustworthy in the past.
    Can’t wait to find out who he really is!

  29. Avatar

    Leader…. and a writer.
    Not to be trusted.

  30. Avatar

    Bad vibe.

    I dont like this guy.

    He is a good person, no doubt about that. But he has had bad experiences due to his natural personality and they have left a bad effect on him.

    He’s humble, very down to earth, simple guy.

    He prefers that other people mind their own business and he gets to mind his own.

    He has very few friends, probably hasnt had many girlfriends. A successful but not quite happy person.

    All of this is what makes him a good poet. His sadness is his source of strength.

    I dont care about nationality. He is human.

    Although he is a very good person its best to keep a safe distance from him because he is going to act selfish when he thinks he will get hurt.

    So in friendship, he might retreat and give up. Not a good thing for me as a friend or as a partner. I feel bad for him and I will help him, but will not trust him.

  31. Avatar

    I love your wonderful idea of doing this for us! Thanks!

    I have not done this before so here goes :

    I picked up children and some thing do with with spiritualism, either writes about it or critics it. Funny but he reminds me of Gandhi. Weird huh? :p

    Word that comes to me is deep intuitive. hm…

    Would be interesting to see how much of that relates. 🙂

  32. Avatar

    I rarely, if ever, try to enhance my psychic ability so this will probably be horribly, horribly wrong. But what the hell, may as well give it a go!

    The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the picture was “photography.” I thought it was a stock image so it may have been because of that.

    I don’t get a good or bad impression, but I got this impression of wanting to be good and yet hiding something and not feeling good enough. Actually there’s a lot of “hidden” that comes off. Not bad things (or maybe, I don’t know), but just of being closed off in general.

    “Brazillian” came to mind. So did “British”. A gun as well.

    Do I like him? He seems likable and even a bit friendly. Very polite. I think he has low self esteem though.

    Do I trust him? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s because he follows his own ends, not out of maliciousness.

    On his face – he seems to be wincing a bit. Bemused, slightly sad.

    Oddly, he reminds me a lot of me, so I don’t know if I’m actually picking up on something or if I’m just picking up on *me*.

    As for his past – gun again. I don’t think he shot anyone, but he’s had an incident with one or he just keeps one or something. I think he owns one.

    What he’s good at – crafts came to mind. Acting, but he doesn’t look familiar.

    Looking at other people’s responses, I seem to have gotten a few things in common with them. (I also had the vibe he might be gay but that’s because I was writing a gay character before I looked at this, so I’m not sure.) Let’s see what comes up!

  33. Avatar


    My initial quick response was that he was wamr and friendly but as I went into it this changed. I think he is older than he at first appears. I got German, or at least that he speaks German. That he is a great thinker, rather than speaker. Gave me the feeling that I would never be quite sure whether he was serious or joking with me, so would make me feel uncomfrtable,not knowing the ‘truth’. I think he can be judgemental, thinks he is always right and doesnt tolerate other peoples views easily. Can be arrogant. Doesnt show his feelings easily. Has beenhurt in past andnow is frightened of loving or allowing himself to be loved. Cynical. Find sit hard to see positives. Quite insular, prefers his own company, as he feels less threatened by his books and his belongings. DOn’t think he likes women, but not necessarily in a gay way, just despises them because of previous hurt. Feels men are better than women.

  34. Avatar

    Mmmm I could be way off track here as I have been writing this and watching the Bone collector on TV, so hopefully it didn’t get mixed up! Anyway its fun and no harm. Thanks Anna for taking the time.

    Positive person deep down. Maybe sees the world as his own playground at times and may lose grip on reality as an adult. Dreamy.

    Witty. Cheeky – very funny person but also very insecure underneath. Would use humour to cover his insecurity as is often the case. Which means usually over developed ego as well. Might not know when to stop. But easy to make him laugh. Has dry humour.

    Confused, past troubles – possibly within family.

    Has trouble adjusting with fame of some sort, possible recluse by nature but keeps up appearances.

    Family orientated. Doesn’t trust easily. Trust issues inside and out. People towards him and him towards people. Has maybe 3 good friends he can rely on, the rest are associates. Can be smooth with people. He is likeable but something you can’t place on him. Something dark from the past comes up on the radar. Something people don’t know about.

    Strong personality. Can dig his heels in but also has water traits of letting passion override logic. Don’t want to go against him if you have an argument. Very heated and will stand his ground. Sharp tongued. Will say what he needs to with an edge if he has a point to make. Thinks a lot, is analytical for an artistic person and very practical too. Unusual balance between the left and right brain.

    Artistic trade and temperament. Musical instruments come up and something to do with architecture. Grey, large buildings, sky scrapers keep popping up. A desk and writing, writing furiously, notes, sunlight streaming in the window, locked away writing, no one else around him.

    Europe, Middle to Northern. Central Europe and Italy. Keep getting focus on Italy.

    Can have shyness, learned a lot in his twenties. Some major lessons learned between 27-29. Hard lessons but not sure if he took the lesson that was required from it and moved forward. He came into his own before 30. Maybe found his life path early on say 26ish. About mid to late thirty years of age now. 36/38?

    Loss of some sort. Possibly family member, maybe sibiling when younger? Strong impression on his life. Only 1-2 other siblings. Maybe only one now. Brother. Not a huge family but large extended family.
    Gay? Or closet gay?

    Daniel or Joseph coming up. Could be Jewish. Maybe an Italian Jew.

    Red colour. Red flag or material. Maybe secret liaisons or business deals with Russia or people in power. Corruption? Politics? I don’t know if he instigates or gets caught up in or represents against.

    On the fence whether I like him or not. Don’t feel entirely trustworthy. Hooded eyes show he can keep a lot to himself. Maybe very deep underneath but puts a surface façade of aloofness to protect himself. Turns people off at times. Quite abstract like abstract art piece. Only a few people will truly click with him.

    Lots of people around him. Lots of travel and movement. Busy, busy. Europe keeps coming up and Italy. Italy and Britain maybe Germany a bit too, borders? Bordering countries.

    Has moments of tenderness, children come up, female child. Shows great depth when it suits or something profound has occurred and suddenly life’s mortality is recognized. Showman?

    Mainly I get misunderstood person, with misguided ideals at times, a core of sadness, struggling with internal demons and wants to be better than he is currently being (soul urging for enlightenment) but may feel trapped or has to keep up appearances so continues in the path he is on. Frustration.

  35. Avatar

    I’m getting that he’s a possibly a criminal but I’m also getting miscarriage of justice, so maybe he was found guilty and later freed? Been imprisoned at some point. Something to do with human rights or hate crime. I don’t entirely trust him but I think he’s a likeable character. Possibly British or Brazilian/south American. He comes across as being quiet and shy with normal level of intelligence, not gay, something to do with acting. He looks like someone who has been through a lot, and I think the conflicting answers on here reflect how he is seen in real life.

    Looking forward to the result!

  36. Avatar

    My 1st time at this:
    I feel he is some kind of artist , painter, photographer, sculptor, contemporary.

    He has a strong need to express himself through work and has depression or possibly bi-polar.

    I don’t like him -he’s argumentative and tries to force his view of society onto others. He doesn’t trust or connect with people too easily but once he does he makes a strong supportive ally.

    His face shows inner turmoil I think he is fairly successful and he lives in a way which he feels is slightly contradictory to his beliefs which are quite socialist.

    He has strong political views but isn’t involved in politics

    I feel he supports disadvantage young people to find and grow their talents in non academic subjects.

    I didn’t get a nationality but feel there is a connection to Ireland through family, friends or work I’m unsure.

    I think he is a hard person to know but once he trusts you his strong sense of loyalty holds people to him.

    As I say this is my first time so I’m not holding out much hope of it being right!

  37. Avatar

    3 words come ot my mind
    money, books, conlicts.
    this man is an out of hte box thinker.
    he is an eloquent talker and speaker however will not reveal his true feelings or emotions.
    I picture him in cold with a black muffler maybe france/italy.
    intellectual,might be a writer by profession or hoby or has ivested his time in studying something or has a profound education.
    money oriented, deception, untrue.politician type.
    has an expensive taste, loves to own artistic things.
    not a loyal person…i wouldnt trust him.
    has not been true to his partner/partners.hedonic?
    I see a table with a single red wine glass…..he is a loner.
    nationality…somewhere in europe..france/italy?
    I dont really trust this person.

  38. Avatar

    I’m not very good @ reading pictures but, I think he is very sad, has alot of emotional pain, may have been through a recent breakup or lost someone close to him…. he lacks courage and self esteem, he doesn’t believe in himself. He doesn’t follow through on projects. He starts them but leaves them undone…. Chaos runs through my mind. I don’t think he likes animals (don’t know why but I’m going with it) ….he reminds me of someone, like I have seen him somewhere before, I initially felt he was of Latin ethnicity but I also get Swedish or something to do with Sweden. I think he has alot of secrets and I don’t think I would trust him. I feel his aura is orange, he has a creative streak, but he has some grey negative energy as well. He wants someone to love but he takes more than he gives and doesn’t last long in relationships.

  39. Avatar

    HI Anna
    This is what i picked up on him.
    Good person. i dont get any bad vibe around him but he is going through some touch time right now . i feel he is in Europe area , could be france or close by . Has two kids .
    i feel there is something to do with government perhaps his work. Its like he has to make decision of moving .I feel like he travels between the country.
    i see him showing his work ( combo of artistic and analitical area )

    I get water around him a lot. i dont know why but i got big decision for him to make.

  40. Avatar

    First time I have had a go at one of these so a bit nervous about getting it completely wrong!

    First thing I got was that he is a creative person although there is also a very structured side to him as well. I’m getting a sense of France, in particular the south of France.

    I do not feel that I trust this person at all. I feel that there is a self-centred streak in him and he can be very ruthless, a ruthless side that I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of! There is probably an internal conflict going on between his creativity and possibly a lot of anger.

    On the surface I feel that he is quite introverted and quiet but he has a lot of influence with the words that he does speak. I pick up that he also likes to drink and smoke a lot!

  41. Avatar

    I see him in a white shirt, sitting in a room, laughing and he’s either doing something mechanical (like something he built) or paintings. Maybe he’s making a metal sculpture.

    I also get impressions of wide open fields in a clear day, of clothes hanging to dry and blowing in the wind.

    I like him and I trust him, though I think he tends to keep his problems to himself, deflecting the questions.

    About his energy…I feel a whirlwind. And he probably talks a lot, and gets discouraged/frustrated easily.

    He probably didn’t have it too good at school. Somehow I see a boarding school, all male, everyone wears a uniform of some sort and he gets bullied.

    I’d say American/British, but he’s probably an immigrant.

  42. Avatar

    My immediate impression is that this is a very quiet, gentle, deep thinking man. I do like and trust him, and I think most people would like and admire him, but from afar. People who see him in person might not feel comfortable approaching him, almost as if they consider themselves not to be of his caliber.

    As far as his facial characteristics go, I think they reflect a man who’s intense, but also laid back. He’s very observant, always taking in and thinking about what’s going on around him. He knows himself well, has a rich inner life. His eyes are a bit sad and the furrowed brow make me think he’s been through a lot of turmoil in his life, has seen more than he ever wanted to. As for reminding me of anyone, the first person that come to mind is Bono. I sense a similar concern for humankind and putting that concern into action.

    I believe this man has no close ties to immediate family members. He may even have been orphaned, or never knew a parent. Possibly, he even had family member die tragically or prematurely. He had to grow up fast, and become a caregiver. As a result, he’s always been fairly solitary. He reads a lot, has a high I.Q. He could be anything he wants to be, even a leading scientist, but he has an artistic bent. So, he’s good at writing, visual art, as well as music.

    As to nationality, I sense that he no longer lives where his roots are. I feel his origins are in the southeastern part of Europe.

  43. Avatar

    I’ve gotta say, after reading all the responses once I’d posted my own, I can’t wait to get the scoop on this guy. So many sensed him to be a real underhanded crook. Which is so far from what I got. But I also see many thought along the same lines as I. So, this is VERY interesting.

  44. Avatar

    I automatically found something sort of cocky about him. not quite that i didn’t like him, just that something seems a bit deceitful. I also got something linked with his mother. I feel that he either has an accent or an interesting way of speaking, maybe a higher pitched voice or quiet. I think he may have had a difficult upbringing and that he may be a writer.

  45. Avatar

    Okay, I also have never done this before but will go with initial impression. He may be Jewish but has had leanings toward Eastern thought. There is some spiritual confusion. He has suffered but seems to feel a bit victimization. This has made him bitter and cynical but his better nature tends toward empathy. It may be what motivates him. Seems lonely or solitary but capable of schmoozing and being “the man” He is evolving into a better person and takes it seriously.

  46. Avatar

    I got the impression he is quiet and introverted. I thought that he may be a writer. Also, for some reason I had a thought that he may be gay.
    As for trust…well I think he is a very neutral person-I think he is capable of anything…good or bad. So i don’t trust him, but i do not distrust him either. I think it all depends on the situation.
    Also i was thinking European.

  47. Avatar

    This is also my first attempt ever. I’m not sure if he’s French or just living in France. He doesn’t look french to me but that’s what I get. I like him but I don’t trust him. He’s charismatic and can get people to like him easily. Con-artist and mastermind. Emotionally very sad and troubled.Currently not married.

  48. Avatar

    This is what I’m getting:

    First word that came to my mind was “power”. He wants to be in control of everything, even if it brings conflicts with other people.

    Another word was “coward”

    I definitely got a bad vibe from him, I wouldn’t trust him, shady

    He’s a writer or a musician


    Extremely smart and takes advantage of that

    Russian or Swedish

    A divorced or never married father

  49. Avatar

    Doctor/surgeon. Works in world health projects.

  50. Avatar

    This man is kind hearted, he wants to please people and when he doesn´t, he feels bad about it.

    He has been hurt emotionally, i can see his heart having a lot of sadness and regret in it.

    He is a very sensitive person, likes to always be on time.

    I feel that he´s doing something that´s creative, something that needs him to be a bit technical in what he does.

    He is creative and the same time very logical.

    He has confusing thoughts about his personal life, sadness.

    I think that he lives in Europe.

    Let´s see how i did:D

  51. Avatar

    first impressions…..scholarly, of european descent…maybe french…..deep thinker…..but secretive…has political interests/or is involved in activist activity…..possibly has children (young ones)…has he been in some kind of trouble with authority? has he landed in trouble because of his beliefs/activist/political interests? Not entirely trustworthy in that he has lied about things or he because he is so secretive and hence gives of this vibe that he cannot be trusted. Aloof.

  52. Avatar

    He is defiantly an artist or with some strong skills. He has learnt a lot in his life. He is far ahead in thinking than his age. He is a quite and shy guy. He has got 2 different personalities, he can be your best friend easily and he might not recognize you after a while. He will strongly love or already have only 1 women in his life. He pretends that he is happy with his life but he is actually tired and bored from his lifestyle inside. He loved his parents with respect. You can’t fully trust him he might change if something dosen’t suit him.
    He is drinker, non vegetarian loves going to the beach and sit there alone for while. He loves trying different things in his life but most of the time dosen’t really works for him.
    His parents or Grand parents are from mixed cultures.

  53. Avatar

    He is clean cut and refined and emits a slightly positive vibe. He seems like he could be an optimist with a fairly laid back approach to life.

    I like him but have mixed reactions about trusting him.
    He shows some hesitancy, and the trait of being an optimizer. He often emits a bittersweet vibe and wants more balance. As a result of the wanting, he sometimes holds unnecessary tension
    His life story is a mixture of good an bad and has experienced hurts and has some hesitance about moving forward.
    I get that he interested in art and perhaps music. He is good at refining the details of situation. I think he could be French, but ‘Bulgarian,’ comes to mind.

  54. Avatar

    I’v never tried doing anything like this and I want to give it a shot.
    I’m not getting very much besides Britain; more specifically, I think England. Live there? or from there? I’m not sure of.
    Something about breaking the law? or sitting in court?
    He’s quite friendly looking, in my opinion. I think he may have a pleasant laugh. Polite too, when around the right people.
    Do I like him? Yeah. Do I trust him? Um…ehh. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you would trust with most things.
    The letter “S”. That’s no help, really. And water. I don’t think “S” is related to the water, though. Is his name Steven, or something similar? No, someone else is Steven. Oh, heck!
    But honestly, for whatever reason, I want to give him a hug.

    I finished my guess and went to read what the others wrote before I post. I had the feeling of needing to defend him against some of the comments. I’m not sure if that’s just me being weird, or he defended something or someone and an incident occurred. Maybe I’ve gone back to the court thing… I don’t know.

  55. Avatar

    I am not a psychic (in the usual sense) but I have had many paranormal experiences in my life, and I have psychic dreams from time to time, so I will give it a try.

    My first impression is that I do not like this man…Looking at his hands gives me the creeps…I feel that he is capable of cruelty…I feel he has foreign ancestry.

  56. Avatar

    I think he’s a writer or a singer, but I feel more about him being a writer, anything that’s artistic. My first feeling to him is negative, maybe because of his facial expression? Anyway, i feel that he has many frustrations in life. He’s sad and I cannot feel any smiles/happiness in him. Maybe, I think, because he’s very busy in his job. But he’s trying his best to look okay or happy. But he really is not. My first thought was that he’s an American, but then the word “european” came to my mind. Maybe he’s mixed.

    He likes to tell jokes a lot, and he’s confident. He could carry himself very well. He likes to smile to people. If the ring on his finger is a wedding ring, I think he’s not very satisfied in his relationship. I don’t think I could trust him, there’s something inside him that I don’t understand.

  57. Avatar

    * He looks a little stress
    * Seems to be a deep thinker
    * When I look at him it makes my heart beat faster
    * If feels as though his lost in a situation
    * Possibly a relationship problem
    * Feel he has an important decision to make

    Sorry its short and brief but I’m in a rush out

  58. Avatar

    1. European
    2. Introvert
    3. Artistic
    4. Could be gay
    5. Can be friendly and jovial once familiar.
    6. Free spirited person who does not like to be dominated.
    7. If has kids, a good father.
    8. Has creative talents like music or playing some instrument

  59. Avatar

    Emotional. Sensitive soul. Creative. Reactive but tries to maintain control. Looking at something or having a thought that makes him feel uncomfortable. No children. Difficult childhood but hides that part of himself.

  60. Avatar

    Deep insecurities/self esteem issues that he hides with his highly creative side.
    Difficult childhood but he hides that part of himself.
    Sexually charged
    Unusual relationships

  61. Avatar

    I feel like he’s modelling for eyewear – those aren’t really his glasses.
    His hands don’t seem to match his face, they seem to be workers hands – manual kind of work.
    He has a lot of expression in his face but the one he’s wearing in this picture is one of he’s not happy with what he’s seen or about to say.
    I don’t really trust him, he feels fake to me, almost in disguise or a new look – hence why it’s like a model shot.
    First of all I thought he was italian, but now i think he may be something to do with the UK.
    He’s a personality of some note, this isn’t how he usually looks.

  62. Avatar

    He is a deep thinker, overthinker at time. He is trust worthy and kind. Like time to himself, but has a few trustworth friends. He is a writer of some sort. He may have lost his way and needs a bit of clarity on a particular subject.

  63. Avatar

    I wish I could see his eyes..this way I can only guess from his expression. He is writer/intelectual, conservative, fighting for his truth. He is very unpredictable. He seems to be sensitive, but can be also cruel. He seems like he has arab ancestors. I wouldn’t trust him- he seems in conflict, or unhappy.

  64. Avatar

    This is a first and I may have missed the deadline but here goes 🙂

    . decided very quickly that I would not trust him
    . He is sad/lonely
    . I think he is gay
    . I got Germany (crazy I know) but I think moreso Spanish/Mexico
    . Deep thinker
    . Not to be crossed
    . very guarded
    . wears a hard ‘mask’
    . initially felt negative however the more I looked at the pic, my view changed somewhat and I decided he is regularly misunderstood and although no angel… it felt more comfortable and I felt empathy!

    This was all based on ‘visual and a 5 min analysis. Unfortunately I was not able to meditate or think further as had to get little one to bed 🙂

    Look forward to hearing the experiment outcome.

  65. Avatar

    My impression says…a mostly kind and gentle person. Politically VERY liberal. A city dweller. May be employed by city or government, and is probally European. I’m neutral on like/dislike, but would be careful if I was around him. The ear stud should go :

    Best wishes

  66. Avatar

    Well I seem to pick up he is mainly into singing and has done some acting. Has had a very mixed life so not sure that I would trust him and is of a Latin descent. This is interesting hope I got some point right.

  67. Avatar

    i think that he’s artistic. he’s uncertain, worried. that he travelled and that he on a bus stop waiting for something to happen. and his mind is troubled because there’s a deal that he wasn’t able to close or did not go as planned. i feel sorry for him, i feel like he doesn’t trust himself, like he’s second guessing. so i don’t trust him because he himself is filled with doubt if he should go forward.

  68. Avatar

    The second test

    1. Getting a basic vibe

    The first time I see his face I feel negative vibe, I feel pessimist feeling in his, a bit thinker, to much think something simple not serious matter.

    2. Next,

    Do you like him?

    No I don’t like him, around him make me exhausted, running out my energy. and always listen to him all the time.

    # Do you trust him?

    scale 1 – 10, he is in 4 grade, he is busy with his own mind, he very easy and not take seriously when he make an appointment, otherwise he will take it serious when you promise him something and you forget about it.

    # Which characteristics show on his face? or which characteristics/traits can you pick up from his energy?

    He seem like a child, worry about anything and loner, or maybe have one or two friend, very close friend ..that’s all I can’t go deeper or not yet, still need a lot practice

    Thank you Anna for the test

  69. Avatar

    I feel this man is of Middle Eastern descent and has been misunderstood and unloved most of his life. He is TORMENTED by feelings of not being loved when he was a child. I feel he was either abandoned by his parents at a young age or perhaps they died when he was very young but I’m leaning toward abandonment. I do like him and trust him. I think he very technically oriented.

  70. Avatar

    I get the feeling that he’s a writer.
    He’s a very nervous and paranoid person, but he’s also very observant and thoughtful.
    Brazilian or Cuban

  71. Avatar

    Although he may have an important position working in data collection.. or IT position I don’t feel he is happy and may even have a low self esteem.

  72. Avatar

    When I looked at this picture the first thing that came to my mind was don’t trust him also he seems to maybe be a scamer with money

  73. Avatar

    This photo, straight away got the feeling of covering his face with make up ( like a guy who dresses different and puts make up on- actor, clown, cross dresser) so something that he pretends to be…which makes sense to me now knowing that he was an impersonator!!
    Other signs I got were: illness (sick, sad, physical unwellness)

    Old lady (which I guess is his grandmother who raised him)
    Daughter but no other children came up to me. And I got the feeling right at the end that he might have been overweight and lost heaps of weight. Not sure what that means.But most my signs made sense after reading his story.

  74. Avatar

    i got good vibes. he seems intellegent, hard working, he seems balanced, atheletic. he seems wealthy. good heart. i feel good when i look at him. he seems compassionate, open minded, loves his mother! loyal to his mate, i think he can make a good father, probably has children maybe even before marriage. i think he is a sensitive person, feels with others. i sense sadness, i sense that he misses someone, i think he miss someone dear, maybe someone close to him died and he miss him.i also feel that he is with the one that he loves. positive energy, i like what i get from him.

    maybe he has something to do with computers, engineering, i see intelligence. but i also think he has athletic activity.

  75. Avatar

    I got a vision once I focused into the picture; I imagined myself swirling into a vortex and reappearing elsewhere, which is my way of inducing visions. But I was at a podium, facing a crowd of people , I couldn’t tell if they were media or students, but they were people waiting for information. I felt anxious, my heart racing, and my lips felt glued shut (which is odd, for me as a person, since I have worked past my fear of stage fright) as I rubbed my hands together. Thinking. But my mind felt void. My hands rubbed together so much they felt rough.

    Otherwise, I got a very modest mask from him. As if he tries to portray someone he really isn’t, for fear of people not liking him comparedwhat they would expect. The public form expectations from him because he exports something, such as books, reports, or even enlightening lectures.

    He is involved with education or informing the public; he is possibly a scientist or professor who constantly has to represent himself. He is extremely intelligent.

    As for love…. he is sad. The one person he needs is gone. Maybe someone died, left, or a relationship didn’t work out. He needs someone to fill the void, and seeing no one identical to that one person, (even though someone he knows is very close to it) he is closing his heart.

  76. Avatar

    They are showing really fast. Took only a few minutes for words and images to starts popping up in my head. In this 2nd experiment the 1st word was shyness but not a normal shyness, as a characteristic of a non emotionally stable person. 2nd word was double life. European but not specific Country. A kind of person who is living a double life or hidding something from others. I felt no trust at all. That was all in my mind. I felt chills in my spine again but I fee fine. Thanks again. I will check the rest of them later. Peace…:-)

  77. Avatar

    photographer …annoying person

  78. Avatar

    I picked up some kind of trickery in him, not to be trusted,

  79. Avatar

    I get the feeling that he lived in a city (New York, New York). He’s the kind of guy who liked those long wiener dogs and ice-cream. He’s very friendly and artistic, a nice person to be around. He may or may not be homo/bisexual… Perhaps he has a blog or is on YouTube? I think of Nintendo while looked at him…

  80. Avatar

    This one impressions came quickly but with confusion.

    -lives two lives
    -would I trust him? no
    -family man
    The strongest vibe that leapt out at me all the time was university/schools.

  81. Avatar

    this man is very worried financially. His Mate has just dumped him. He works in an office setting and he hates it and feels he is at a dead end. i feel he may have a child as well. he is a good father, but worries too much about providing. he has many regrets and has lost a lot in the past. He can pretty much be trusted. But he doesn’t have much confidence in himself and doesn’t feel very worthy of having any “true” friends. He feels that he burdens people.I feel very bad for him. I hope he can get some help with his problems.

  82. Avatar

    he’s not trustworthy and i feel like his a pedophile

  83. Avatar

    I felt a good vibe, I feel like he could be a person that I could trust. He seems very smart, intellectual, but really shy. Well that’s what I atleast got without reading the other questions. I get a feeling that he puts up a front to other people. He puts up a I got it together front and everything is good front, but really he’s struggling inwardly with something, but idk


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