Intuitive Experiment #31 – What Do You Pick Up About This Man?

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Here is the person chosen for this experiment:

Intuitive Experiment #31 subject

Intuitive Experiment #31 Photo 2

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  1. Avatar

    A ‘mother’s boy’ English speaking, of European origin. Poland? He led a life of
    struggles. Had quite some responsibilites but felt unable to handle these. He
    moved from one country to another. His neighbours would describe him as a nice
    I associate him with trucks, vehicles moving, building industry.
    In order to protect himself, he hid most of his emotions but was a man who sincerely tried to cope, to appear nice and full of good will. Therefore, I do not really trust him and would not expect much if he promised a helping hand!
    Easily upset and offended.

  2. Avatar

    The first words that came into my awareness are hurt, caring, physical hurt, wheelchair, loss, survivor, quiet, shy, slow and disheveled. Those came to me kind of rapid fire then stopped. As soon as I asked about trust the feeling became neutral and no other information. I asked again and he almost seemed to recede into the background. It didn’t feel negative or positive. Just neutral. Brother kept coming up. After I let go of the trust question I got a few more descriptors. High forehead came up several times with no other connection to that. His eyes were the same in both pictures whether smiling or not. This was an interesting study for me as it seemed first like a very open read and then closed, distant and neutral at other times. I will be very interested in hearing others and getting the reveal

  3. Avatar

    I feel he is someone who is more than financially abundant, but only by tricking other people in order to make it. Murder comes up. His.

  4. Avatar

    First Impression: Reminded me of Elvis Presley (‘The King’, music, American, famous, and showy).

    Then felt a strong visceral reaction where my gut felt squirmy, vomity, and anxious. He was difficult to read, which usually means creativity or criminality, so maybe writer, artist, or conman. Has both ‘preacher’ and ‘gangster’ aspects. I couldn’t decide whether he was a wholesome, truth spreading, do-gooder, or, a fake, well-groomed, sly shyster. There’s two of him, with real life and hidden shadow versions. Maybe some secret deals, like money laundering?

    Got ‘Where’s Wally’, and camouflage feelings, like I’m looking for something that’s well hidden. Like in those whacky 3D stereogram images! Worse still, he made me question myself, and it was hard to breathe around him, like he sucked all the air out of the room.

    Dominant personality, with very strong views and opinions. He wants me to listen! A lecturer or just has lots to say. Big shiny forehead, which usually means intelligent. But also feels like “The Fonz” in “Happy Days” TV show, with a ‘too cool for school’ vibe, or was biker/mechanic! Still he was ‘top of his game’ with an activist/lobbyist feel too. Also reminds me of the psychic medium, James Van Praagh.

    Heard “Happy Chappy, Danny Boy and Billy Boy!”

    Got Battle-Star, fighting, and saw blood on his forehead, so maybe physical fighting or attacks. He is branded and labeled somehow.

    Bible Belt in America, either lives there or some links to God and religion. Also connections to Louisiana; Mississippi; Minneapolis; Waco, Texas; and San Francisco. France, Africa, and Australia too, but not sure why.

    Cowboy! Loves horses and animals. Saw giraffe-like animal in his hair.

    He gives conflicting messages – like – was he an animal activist or a big game hunter?
    His appearance begs me to like him, but there’s some bad vibes or some type of violence that I can’t identify. A ‘snake-in-the-grass’! I wouldn’t trust him. The sad face looked a bit clown like, and wasn’t sincere.

    Saw ghosts in the background or something going on behind closed doors. Felt sharp pain in my upper back – maybe back stabbing. Heard “What’s going on Gus?”; What’s up Gus?”; and “What’s in the shadows? – Come out into the light!”

    His image oscillated like moving pictures or old cartoons. Some Hollywood/movie link or shifty character. Heard “What are you doing with your hands?” , so maybe manual labour, thief or magician?

    He’s got big shoulders and thick neck, and carries lots of weight on his shoulders. Pale and white.

    F name: Francois, (San) Francisco, Fred, Fab or Fabian. Marcia or Marsha. Axel. Gus Pike.

    Something about the weather? Either, 3 wives, 3 kids, or 3 siblings?

  5. Avatar

    Intuitive, highly intelligent, invented something? Sadness in the eyes,

    some issues with low self esteem and talking to women. Gentle.

  6. Avatar

    Financial is all I get x

  7. Avatar

    Eyes. Maybe a discietful or misunderstood person.

  8. Avatar

    He looks like a person who would like to be considered working class but he is more educated than that. He appears to be maybe socially awkward with people who are in the same financial and social level that he is. Maybe used to having everything done for him. A salesman. He could have a drinking problem

  9. Avatar

    My first thought was restaurant owner or realtor. Someone who deals with people a lot. Then I thought law enforcement or car mechanic. Something about his eyes that tells me he’s an analytical thinker. He has opinions and can back them up with logic.

  10. Avatar

    Italian or Serbian. Heart broken. Very kind. Hasn’t found the love of his life, yet. Is protecting himself from something. Feels held back. Two kids (boys).

  11. Avatar

    The first picture something is clearly troubling him. Perhaps not snout sleep or problems with work. Something with cars comes to mind. Might be a mechanic. He is around small children though. A grandpa? He has some artistic something in his blood. Sort of a jack of all trades. But healthcare. He is trustworthy and kind. Is compassionate. Is compassionate. He takes care of his own. Maybe he has a motorcycle? I keep seeing black and Chrome. He has been a blue collar worker all of his life. He has worked some long days. He loves coming home to his family.

    Maybe I am picking up on someone else. I don’t know. It sounds like I got something completely different from everyone else.

  12. Avatar

    He has had a very sad life and is longing for something he can’t have this time around. A lot of stress and emotional strain. Some poor health.

    I don’t trust him, exactly. He doesn’t have bad intentions, but I get the feeling that his deep needs outweigh his ability to analyze whether his actions are appropriate. When he is kind he wants something in return.

    He is hands on and active in how he interacts, and more emotional than logical in relationships. There’s something having to do with math or science/analysis there as well. He hangs out with educated men in business suits.

    Mafia. Cookies. Horses. A farm/ranch/green field surrounded by a white rail fence.

    Family: wife, three children? another woman (aunt, mother, ???) important to his life, but in the shadows

  13. Avatar

    I think hes a good person with a big heart but is feeling something that is upsetting.

  14. Avatar

    He’s some kind of chief or teacher maybe police or fire. Not so sure about the trust though… He lives backs east has 2 kids girl, boy a wife blonde hair has a pool and a dog like a German Shepard. He thinks a lot his mind is always working.

  15. Avatar

    I’m not usually good at this but for some reason he makes me think of serial killers. I’ve probably just seen too much Cold Case.

  16. Avatar

    He’s an artist. He works with a lot of mediums but especially likes paints.

  17. Avatar

    He has an open face and looks fairly honest. He may be or have been someone who professionally fixes things, but my first thought was that he has psychic abilities.

  18. Avatar

    In the first photograph I got rushed by a feeling that he was very worried and had been through a lot but then i began to get the feeling that he spoke from both sides of his mouth. There is something about his face that says he says one thing but means another. As to origin i get South America. A politician, a man who fights for workers but has to also do underhand deals. Some sadness drives him on. Family is important to him. Mother figure put above others.

  19. Avatar

    Would not trust him, self conscious, barely making it financially, can get upset easy, not happy with his life at times. Doesn’t sleep well.

  20. Avatar

    Duplicitous. Spousal infidelity. Work involving family business, food and/or pipes/tubes (plumbing, HVAC (heating cooling).
    Performs role as salesperson for this business as well.
    Lacking integrity.

  21. Avatar

    My first feeling was I don’t trust him. Not that he isn’t trustworthy, but I feel something about his personality would conflict with mine to a level where perhaps his degree of privacy and need to keep things to himself would make me suspicious. Big family, a need to give back but I feel that is to make up for something. Business owner, hurt, retaliation, conflict. These were my first impressions.

  22. Avatar

    European I think German, Bavaria? The person in the two picture is the same person.
    In the first picture he looks as if he is in stress or sad, trying to say a sad message, something is weighing him down. The second picture seems to me he is spiritual , maybe a pastor and hopeful. Also I get this feeling he could be a car sales person. I think Anna, you know him well. Seems to be intelligent kind and caring. I don’t sense any danger in this man, would I trust him? I don’t trust anyone right away.

  23. Avatar

    This man I see in picture 1 , I feel his expression of a loss of someone or something or possibly his job, I’m also hearing he has bad news. I hear sadness, sorrow and he’s in a lot of pain. He appears as a friendly man in the second picture. Seems to be happy with his life and circumstances. A man with a family in tact and a great worker. Possibly he owns his own business, carpentry . He’s quite content in life.

  24. Avatar

    I’m get numbers, accounting, money and prison.. gambling? Not trust worthy. Wife and kids unaware of his dealings.

  25. Avatar

    This man is very insightful and keen. Is empathetic. He is concerned about the future of this planet and his culture. He knows someone named Uri……………..Uribinski?/Urbaninski?
    Has “royalty” in his family……He will live a long life. I see loneliness, craftiness, independence and aggressiveness. There was early success in whatever craft he is engaged in.

  26. Avatar

    this man has suffered loss and depression hes a father and granfather and treasures his time with family but work often means hes away for long periods of time. he has at least one boy in spirit as i see 2 roubd him one fair haired wearing a green jumper but another looks older head bowed as if he took his life. x

  27. Avatar

    I feel he is someone who has seen/experienced alot as a child, and those experiences have enhanced who he is naturally. His communication is clear (whatever that means 🙂 ). He is content with his lot in life. I don’t trust him, at all. I also get that he has a lot of pressure in his fingers and hands (maybe he stands alot or grips things alot) that continues through his body (maybe high blood pressure).

  28. Avatar

    I see a kind man. I feel he has hearing loss in one ear. He works around wood I see sawdust around him and large trucks. Kids and dogs like him.

  29. Avatar

    An opera singer

  30. Avatar

    I feel like he was in Public Service, maybe law enforcement or Fire Department. He lost friends and co-workers and might have issues of his own because of those losses.

  31. Avatar

    I picked up was an overwhelming tight painful feeling on my chest and throat.. really still feel it as I am writing and the photo is no longer on my screen. Either he suffers ailments in those areas of his body or he has suffered pain and loss. Throat and heart chakra. Keeping things very close to his chest, he does not show emotions easily, but the big feeling that came from this photo was that he could not have his say. Having to choke his words or hide his feelings. Thought of a recent passing came to my mind. His wife or a woman he cared for.

  32. Avatar

    seems like a trusting person that will help anyone he can, if he can. mayb from europe. a happy person but also worries about something. he is in some sort of sales position. he likes his work but would rather be doing something else. one or both of his parents are gone, has two brothers..I got the letters J and P….and prolly none of that is right lol..but i tried..thank you i love things like this…would so love to be better at it..

  33. Avatar

    The first hit I got was lots of violence in his past. Blood. Murder. Loss. Not necessarily something he committed directly, but a participant. I don’t trust him at all but the second picture made me think – “aw, is he actually a teddy bear? No wait, that’s a facade”. Something about his wife – cheated on him? Then he killed her? Maybe I’ve been watching too much Mindhunters. Something came through as Mexican or Latin American, and a brother he was in business with. I get the sense that he felt very betrayed by those around him, but that his perspective was skewed. Prone to rages and emotions that can turn on a dime. Possibly also beloved by a grandniece or extended family who are on his “side”/don’t believe he committed a crime he is accused of?

  34. Avatar

    The masks he wears in the pics are examples of how he can be deceitful to others. Looking for monatary gains, he has no guilty conscious. Estranged from his family of origin, he had a dysfunctional relationship with parents, especially his mother. Lacks confidence, poor self worth.

  35. Avatar

    Pain, I do not trust him. He is hiding something, fake. Wants to be love. He wants to be more attractive to others. He can be obnoxious, maybe talks to much. blue collar worker. Doesn’t love himself, self-esteem issues, accountant.
    Reminds me of someone in the mafia
    I know I said blue collar worker then accountant, I feel both.

  36. Avatar

    Womaniser, full of lust, not trustworthy ,

    As a professional not someone who would work hard and earn the respect. More like a guy who finds his way up by pleasing others.

  37. Avatar

    This man’s eyes are off and his forehead is damaged due to an early childhood traumatic brain injury. His frontal lobes / neocortex/executive functioning in his brain is damaged and causes him to have impulse control and temper issues. He has two sides to his nature in regard to the regulation of his day. He has a secretive self where he is committing financial crimes and a public self that shows generosity. He acts needy and with bad manners because he is so used to women rejecting him that he tries to buy them off with flowers, expensive trips, etc. He reminds me of Gary Giordano, the guy who took his girlfriend to Aruba and then she went missing. I don’t trust him. He has premeditation on his mind.

  38. Avatar

    Womaniser, full of lust, not trustworthy ,

    As a professional not someone who would work hard and earn the respect. More like a guy who finds his way up by pleasing others.

  39. Avatar

    I get the feeling that he puts up a friendly warm front but behind it he has had his heart broken and it hasn’t mended.

  40. Avatar

    I feel Italian, of Italian decent. Northern location, New York or New Jersey. Recently lost a father or grandfather, a very important person to him. Union affiliated or maybe some connection to 911. Caretaker, public servant. Takes life seriously, responsible personality. Fireman? Family oriented man, has children, may have twins.

  41. Avatar

    I’m not sure why but I don’t trust him at all. He makes me feel edgy. I think he’s reliable and grounded and works in some kind of construction. A lot of deep inner melancholy. I think he was married twice, he had four children with the first woman and none with the second. I also think he severely abused his first wife but actually learned some valuable lessons and tried to do better the second time around. He also makes me think of serial killers, not sure why.

  42. Avatar

    He seems like someone with a good heart, but who takes on too much responsibility. It feels like he tries to take care of everyone but himself. When things go wrong or problems arise, he feels it happened because he left something undone or failed in some way. When things go right, he’s the last one to take credit. He loves his family, takes care of his mom (I don’t feel that his dad is around…this guy is definitely the man of the house). He’s a loving father, though he doesn’t always show it enough. I’m getting a J as either part of his name or someone he loves very much.

  43. Avatar

    All I get is something to do with his mother. That’s it.

  44. Avatar

    The first picture he looks sad. The second picture it is as if he told a story and got some frustration off of his chest. I am getting the name John come to me.

  45. Avatar

    Kind, some sort of work or efforts to support children. Cares about the earth.
    Married. Three children. 1 boy and two girls. From the US.

  46. Avatar

    I got the name Steven. I also got that he is connected to theater, possibly teaches theater at a university. Possibly married and 3 children. I feel he is trustworthy.

  47. Avatar

    I can see he is a man who works many hours, overworkeshimself…
    Is really hiding his emotions, if married is not happy in relationship and if single is desperately searching for something more..
    He seems to be giving at times…
    He distracts himself with either work, or tv.
    Instead of facing the self

  48. Avatar

    I feel that he is currently single, or if he is still married the relationship with the wife would be rather distant, I feel there’re older children, in insure how many, 2 or 3 & there definetley a girl in their, but again the children feel as if they are separated or at a distance away from him.

    I feel business, he either works in business or has his own business but again like the family, it feels as if he’s distanced from it, whether that’s because he’s now retired ? Or physically in another location.

    I get the sport Cricket also. To do with him.

  49. Avatar

    As far as trusting him, I would say no. I got the feeling he was/is a con man of sorts. Maybe he stole peoples identities? The reasoning was he used to be too trusting and was easily taken advantage of and decided it just wasn’t going to happen any longer.

    He was a policeman but was forced to retire. Maybe he stole folks identities while he was a cop?

    Adopted 3 children and may have abused them as he was abused as a child. He also lost a wife or a sibling to an injury.

    His eyes are sneaky and aware

  50. Avatar

    I’m thinking this is a man who wants to be liked or wants you to think he likes you. He seems like he may say something you would like to hear only because he has ulterior motives. It’s not that he may be telling you a lie, what he says may be true—in fact, it may be something you agree with, however, his reasoning for telling you that is because of his own ulterior motives and actually has nothing to do with him wanting to make you feel good.

    He seems to be a reader of people. He knows what you need to hear and he says it only to get something from you. I guess that would be a conman. But not a con man in the sense of mafia or thief. But a deceiver! A liar!

    He seems to be a person who would try to give you a feeling of guilt if you call him out. How could you say something like that about him. Maybe he is a fast talker. He may even have a mean streak if you push him too far.

    On the other hand, he also may get heavy labored when trying to solve a problem or issue. He may have a lot going on and doesn’t want you to know it so he puts on a show to put you off.

    He’s a people pleaser. And he doesn’t like it. He’d rather run the show but always finds someone else in the spotlight instead of him.

    He’ll laugh and talk with you, pull out all the jokes, but it’s a different story when he is alone.

    He is organized in a disorganized kind of way. Neat, not disheveled, but can’t always find what he is looking for.

    At first glance, people will like him. They will fall into his jokes, his laugh, his personality and charm, but then it’s something internally about him that will automatically push people away or cause people to reject him. But he doesn’t know what it is. So I would say he has few friends.

    He likes himself ok enough, but he just does what he has to do even if he does not like it. And that comes with an internal sadness or depressive like state that he can’t seem to get rid of.

  51. Avatar

    I feel he is American, maybe partly South American. He is very intelligent. He is working on something, like a research project. He has discovered something or he is working to discover something. Likeable and trustworthy, maybe he has a lot on his mind a lot of the time. Intelligence is the guiding factor in his life.

  52. Avatar

    Im going to say he is a spiritual person has a lot of wisdom a helper maybe a teacher. A family man with children at one time. Someone who has reached out to a lot people maybe has spoken to many people. Lost someone close to him at one time. Could be a instructor or counselor or writes books could be a good musician. One picture looks like is thinking and the other picture seems he has a good aura presense of a higher power.

  53. Avatar

    Name: Bill or David. Yes, I would trust him.
    Close to his mother. He entered into a relationship, but separated; no children.
    He was involved with trains and railroad transport.
    He loved being with with friends, having a good time together while the music is playing. Enjoyed bowling/lacrosse.
    No longer alive. He had an illness. He saved someone’s life (in a fire?) and was killed in the process.

  54. Avatar

    I got an awful feeling of foreboding (like the hairs standing up on the back of my neck) looking at the first photo, I feel he is not trustworthy. I didn’t want to look at or connect with him, even in the second photo where he is smiling I feel he is not trustworthy, his eyes mirror a twisted soul

  55. Avatar

    First look brought immediate physical sensations in my stomach; intense anxiety, panic, fear, loss, suffering. Belongs to him but feels like it’s familial. Sense heaviness and close connections to family, secrets. Misunderstood by others which led to sadness and loneliness. Heard “he sees the light”. Leads me to believe he is psychic/ intuitive.

  56. Avatar

    Not trustworthy. reminds me of sneaky car salesman type. Dishonest, lies to gain money. Maybe a small town politician. Very shady, doesn’t like women.

  57. Avatar

    Donald Trump

  58. Avatar

    I see someone who has a history of some sort. I don’t feel I can trust him. I see a person that makes up stories isn’t really who he says he is and I see a facade around him. I see someone that is insecure. But this can also be an actor? No one really wears their hair like that anymore? I see many personalities in this person. His hair and mustache is too perfect! This could be an old or recent picture so this is why I said possible actor?

  59. Avatar

    I get truck driver, smuggling. Used to be a woman.

  60. Avatar

    Or a strong female personality in his life he is very attached to.

  61. Avatar

    Right away I feel that he is hiding something and he is not trustworthy. He is a good actor in the sense that he easily tricks people into thinking he is a good person. He puts on a show go people so they do not know the real him. I get a sense of evil from him. Not sure if he killed someone, or did something abusive. His eyes are the same in both pictures, the smile feels forced and that’s why I feel he is untrustworthy.

  62. Avatar

    This man has sad soulful eyes. Married or widowed, young children, boy and girl…middle class middle management …Italian descent…

  63. Avatar


  64. Avatar

    I would trust this person but I find he is very worried about something and is suffering from stress.

  65. Avatar

    This man is not to be trusted
    He has a Heavy Burden
    Twisted mind
    Pretends to be someone he’s not!
    Devilish character

  66. Avatar

    Feel like a very friendly outgoing person. Got the word holistic so mabye works in that field. Generous and funny. The name Michael. Feel like he’s married with a little girl, who had a huge impact on his life.

  67. Avatar

    First impression I got was of a sadness, a hurt, I was drawn to his face something different about the left and right side. Feeling a genuine relaxed person, who could be quite humorous. Then this changed to feeling that this man had strict rules in family life, had a wife and child, then got a feeling of a killer, boy or boys. Drives a big car, has a dog, Mexico and Italy/Italian connections. 46 years came to mind and prison/ criminal and something went really wrong for him, let down.
    I don’t trust him, also sensed a writer – memoirs, likes food and a time keeper, hates to be late or when others are late. Also felt sales for some reason.

  68. Avatar


  69. Avatar

    I felt Greek family restaurant owner, overwhelmed and overworked.troubled ,worried possibly lost a wife child or both. The name Marco, Marcos or Agustas. He talks out both sides of his mouth, two faced. Shows kind yet very stubborn or dictator like. Double personality.. Mean streak.. Mafia like.. Got all that and then no more. Just Done

  70. Avatar

    This man is posing for the photos. He has a great sense of fun and was trying to look dark and sinister in the first photo but then he gives the game away by smiling. I see him around knives but I can’t see what the knives are for. It could be anything from a chef to a surgeon or maybe he just likes cooking. I also see him going into a building with a bulging briefcase. He goes through a revolving door and down a corridor where there are lots of paintings on the walls. Everyone says hello to him and he knows everyone. A very genial and popular man with a silly sense of humour. He can sometimes be annoying and I’m not sure I’d trust him with a secret. He’d give the game away and then say, “Whoops”. I think he’s a family man and Anna knows him well. He’s either related or a good friend. English or possibly American.

  71. Avatar

    So much negativity people can pick up on 2 pictures. Just saying. There is a process! Im no expert but female or male i try to pick the positive because there is good in every human.

  72. Avatar

    Somewhat of a gentle soul although I did get the impression that he had suffered or been through suffering and heartache and loss of some type. Brother kept coming up. Very meticulous individual, and definitely close to his mother. Maybe some loss around those two. Trusting, but easily agitated.

  73. Avatar

    He seems sad, some type of a loss-either someone dying or sick. I think he has a good soul.

  74. Avatar

    First, I see a lot of spiritual energy around him. He’s got a lot of people on the other side who come around. It gives me the impression he is some kind of first responder or someone who is around danger and death, and the spirits of those who died in his presence come around him frequently. I get the feeling too that he’s unsure about being in contact with them. I get that he wanted to live a normal life but is coming to terms with being some kinda medium…although he still likes his nice normal 9-to-5 job. I sense he feels he’s just an average Joe who somehow got this super gift and it’s made him feel more empowered.

  75. Avatar

    This man has meticulous grooming habits, pays attention to detail, “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, I see a barber, either his barber or he was one. I get the sense that he was involved with the MAFIA, a Mobster, guns, violence, car bombings & imprisonment. He has done things that he is not proud of, he has regrets. He reminds me of the Mobster character that Chris Penn played in the movie “Reservoir Dogs”, driving around with people locked in the trunk of the car. The name Paul, Pauly or Pauly “the Pike” or “Spike”.
    FAMILY came to mind but not in the traditional sense, more like MAFIA Family, Brothers in Arms.
    An Italian Restaurant, a favourite hang-out/”Office”, a front for money laundering.
    I felt the physical pangs of anxiety, fear, nervousness and nausea, perhaps how his victims felt before they were slain? I do not trust him.
    Football was his favourite sport to play and watch on TV, he liked placing bets, he dabbled in “bookie” work.

  76. Avatar

    Not sure what it is but I feel as though he is the same sort of field as you Anna.. psychic.. medium.. can’t put my finger on it… he seems to be somewhat private person.. and I feel as though he has had a bit of a hard time growing up.. sexually confused… his parents are very straight and narrow so to speak.. so this has made it extra hard for him to come out… the road has been long and tough but he has come out the other end.. and slowly he’s parents have come to understand this… there is some type of sadness about him….

    Jim… I’m getting the name Jim…

  77. Avatar

    I immediately felt that he cannot be trusted. He is hiding something, maybe has to do with finances. Works in the science field, maybe a scientist. Divorced, three kids. Depression, drinks to much. Something dark here

  78. Avatar

    He’s in politics in a third world country. He is intelligent and charming but in his personal life (his marriage perhaps) he not trustworthy.

  79. Avatar

    I don’t trust this man, it makes me uncomfortable to look at him. My throat chakra tightens. His face takes on completely different sides to his personalities in each photograph. I get loss around him, suffering — he experienced both, and he may have inflicted the latter upon others as a result. May have struggled with alcoholism. I’m getting “T” and a “P” initials. Anna, please don’t tell me I’m way off and this is your uncle!

  80. Avatar

    I got conflicting characteristics from this man. He is funny charismatic and charming and welcoming. But inside he is wound up tight. He is very hard on himself..OCD. he is successful in his business. I kept seeing him as a speaker, in seminars and conferences…when trying to look at what was being said/discussed i saw scientific material (pictures of organisms etc) Highly intelligent. A very quiet/studious child who “found” his personality as an adult. Saw him drinking alot of soft drinks. I got a feeling he got himself too deep into something. Also that something major in his life happened that changed his life around.

  81. Avatar

    I see a communicative, good humoured person who talks (too) much and is not always keeping to the truth. He is a gentle and chummy person full of life experience.

  82. Avatar

    ‘C’ name. Charlie? Suffered(s) from alcoholism/addiction.
    Pain in left shoulder blade (bursitis?).
    Seeing mist between neck and left collar bone; past life issue or looking back in present life, can’t let go.
    Now I’m hearing the name David.
    I’m seeing him pushing a cart in a grocery store. Why? Entrepreneur?
    Seeing Hemingway and his home in key west. Writer?

  83. Avatar

    He looks friendly, approachable, well groomed, kind, outgoing, I think he is married and may be a salesman of some sort. I believe he is from the United States. He looks like he could hide his emotions very easily for outside impression purposes. Well established.

  84. Avatar

    Sad. He’s struggled in life. Knows the depths of the struggle. Friendly. open. I’d trust him.

  85. Avatar

    Very energetic active man. Ex athlete or related to sports.
    I see like a stadium (of rugby or baseball).
    I think this men prefers blond women, maybe his wife is blond.
    I think he has 2-3 children and there is chatter at his house all the time.
    I think he’s related to bigger groups of people, like coaching, training, leading. I see him as a leading figure.

    When I try to imagine his daily life, I see/smell some sports equipment like rubber smell almost. Also kitchen, like he loves steaks and barbecues more than veggies etc.
    I also smell petrol, a big SUV type of car, like he spent a lot of time in the car.

    Also there’s a lot of goodness around him, like he was people’s person and always focused on how to help others etc.

  86. Avatar

    I am only picking up: Elevator

  87. Avatar

    My first go on this one… Im not feeling much 🙁 but what I did quickly get is that he is a father of 3 boys, they love him or he loves them very much. But I feel he is truct worthy yet the words that came into my head were con artist and swindler of some sort.
    I also felt that maybe he had loss, that his wife died. I keep getting an L sound for a name. Elenor, Lilly, Louie? Thats all that I could try to get.

  88. Avatar

    I get a hands on specialty occupation of some kind, like a plumber, carpenter or an electrician. Someone who is going inside people’s homes to work. The first photo shows him being bombarded by someone else’s problems…his facial expression shows concern, however his eyes and forehead show problem solving going on behind the scenes. The second photo shows him being able to put someones mind at ease, while explaining a solution to the problem in a human way. I am not sensing shady here at all, I am sensing someone who helps others and probably spends his off time devoted to his kids, his dog, etc. Seems like a person who gets dismissed by people who think they are cooler than him, when in fact he has a jolly sense of humor and probably enjoys a few brewskies after work at the neighborhood tavern.

  89. Avatar

    Adding to my previous; I got MAFIA,…

  90. Avatar

    this is my reading:
    he is an honest man.
    doesn’t have much sense of hummer.
    is involved in physical work like mechanic or tradesman .
    having middle financial situation.
    family oriented.
    can do a lot with his hands.
    not in to fashion.
    likes BBQ.

  91. Avatar

    He seems worried or scared about something. Someone close to him died. I sensed he was a nice man but he isn’t someone I would trust. Then I crossed that out and put neutral on trusting him. I also got a spiritual man and a bible and maybe a pastor, which is contradicting the trusting. I don’t think he is married at this time but I think he has daughters & I got the number 3. New Jersey and the east coast popped up. I also got that he has sexual issues but not what the issue was.

  92. Avatar

    I forgot to add this to my post — he seems surrounded by spirit energy. Also get a feeling that some of that spirit energy is lineage or family related —
    He is a slippery fish! Seems to be a mix of strengths and weaknesses (aren’t we all) but this guy is more confusing to me than most. Would I get in a car with him? Hm.. no.

  93. Avatar

    The classic chameleon…….one who turned himself inside out to escape the tumult and emotional trauma of his youth.

    He found his way to the arts; theater, music, and writing and achieved success.

    His success and notoriety tainted by past pain.

    Troubled but trustworthy.

    Sensitive and kind hearted. Known for his generosity.

    Not living in the country of his birth.

    Close knit and supportive family a well spring of emotional support.

  94. Avatar

    Adolf Hitler personality. Likes to hurt little girls in secret. Not to be trusted! Even reading him is yuck! Mother was cruel woman with strong personality. He doesn’t want anyone to see the real him. Orator. Controls others with his verbal skills. Enjoys the symphony, wining and dining women, anything that makes him “shine”. Yucky!

  95. Avatar

    Afraid, worried, some serious problem weighing on him heavily.

  96. Avatar

    I sense something about his voice – not necessarily a singer – but perhaps a voice artist, speech giver etc. Not entirely sure I trust him, but that could be because he has a public ‘persona’ or puts on a mask for his profession.

  97. Avatar

    I feel a sadness of a troubled soul may be dealing with some emotional issue a loss of some kind hard to pick from a photo may be the loss of a Job personal loss of some kind

  98. Avatar

    Alright, I’ll give it a go:

    – The first picture gave me chills. Something creepy happened. There are secrets. A dark past. Hidden things. Skeletons in the closet. Something to do with his family and/or marriage. He’s either done something terrible or something terrible happened to them.

    – I get death/loss, maybe murder.

    – I get Poland.

    – I get Wood or Woods. Maybe works with wood or something happened in the woods.

    – Holocaust.

  99. Avatar

    Hi Anna – another fascinating exercise. Whenever I have participated in a ‘work shop’ learning how to do readings I found I always shut my eyes…and opened my mouth to rattle stuff off. Or I wrote furiously. I would love to know if you are influenced at all by studying your clients features or do you simply work on what comes through to you…feelings, information etc? I realise everyone works differently but am particularly interested in how you ‘work’.

  100. Anna Sayce

    Hi Valda,

    I am probably a bit different from the average psychic in that I only read my clients’ Akashic records to find out who they are on the soul level. But sometimes in the past clients have sent me photos of another person they would like me to read.

    And in those cases where I read a photo, I might notice things about the person’s superficial appearance right off the bat but I don’t study their features. Sometimes there is something superficial I notice that opens up the channel and yields more info. E.g. “she has a lovely smile, looks quite sweet’ and then that leads me into more detailed info about the person’s life and character from there – it can be something that reinforces the impression gained from the physical appearance or it can be leading me away from that. People can have facades (these are energetic structures around the energy field) which beginners tend to be confused by/tend not to get beyond in terms of information. Sometimes you get an impression and then you realise it’s a facade and it takes you somewhere else from there. I sometimes see people picking up on those in the comments.

    Facades are not necessarily sinister, most people use them, and they can sometimes be a result of social conditioning. An example: a lady whose photo I read projected a beautiful, almost angelic sweetness and gentleness. Seeing beyond that facade, it was clear she had great strength, courage, could be ruthless and did not suffer fools. Most likely underestimated by other people due to the personality she projects.

    The more experienced you are in reading photos, the easier it becomes to pick up on facades and get to the heart of who someone really is.

    I mainly get information about their character come through me to me via claircognizance. I also feel how they felt at the time of the photograph (I am an empath.)

  101. Avatar

    Hi Anna,
    I know I have entered my comments already, however something else has come through. The name Bernie comes to mind, church choir and an older woman, perhaps a “Sugar Mommy” and the word “murder”.

  102. Avatar

    Hi Anna
    Good day to all. I also thought of this person as someone involved with construction. Everyone best spirits! Its getting cold here in Nebraska.

  103. Avatar

    Thank you, Anna, for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. I am fascinated by all the responses to the photos you show for us to read and look forward to the ‘reveal’.

  104. Avatar

    This man has a very strong spirit. He is focused on his work and is casual with his coworkers. It seems like he is an executive or a head man because his office seems to be in the back. He walks fast and deliberately. Get out of his way; he has work to do and his is highly focused on that. He’s not the kind of co-worker that people warm up to easily. They kind o just stay out of his way.
    There was a very traumatic incident involving some kind of crash – a violent crash maybe like a bad wreck that killed everyone in the car. It seems like the car turned over violently. It was hard to look at.
    The man in the photo is overpowering. His spirit is strong. If he approaches you, you really have to tell him powerfully to stay away or leave or no. But you just can’t be timid with it. You must let him know you mean business. He seems to be domineering or a dominating kind of person.

  105. Avatar

    Has it been a week? I’m excited to see how we all did 🙂

  106. Avatar

    I get the words Teacher/ Counselor. There is great sorrow coming off of him in waves. I hear screaming & gunfire & see children running.
    I was so overwhelmed by this, it made me snap my phone shut.
    I hope I’m completely wrong.

  107. Avatar

    I would not trust him. Issues with money, a “patsy” and crime. Close to his mother, a ‘mama’s boy”. Not married. Attempts to be cool with hair and clothes. His weight holds him back. Wants to emulate “Rat Pack”. Coward.

  108. Avatar

    I don’t trust him. He’s in denial about something. Words and names that come to mind: psychic, Diego, painter, Mexico, Daisy. He’s witnessed a tragedy, possibly a woman’s death.

  109. Anna Sayce

    Hi everyone 🙂

    The results are out – you can have a look at them here:

    How did you do & what did you learn from this one, if anything? Please leave a comment below.



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