Intuitive Experiment #29 – What Do You Pick up About This Woman?

Once again it’s time to flex your intuitive muscles by taking a shot at reading an unknown person from a photograph.

This is a great way to practice your reading skills in a fun and no pressure setting, and to get definite feedback once you’ve given it a try, since I will release the identity of the mystery subject in about a week. If you approach it with a relaxed and curious attitude, you might be amazed at what you can pick up!

The best way to play this game is to add your comments to the community discussion below, but if you feel shy about that you can simply write your reactions down at home, or send them to me privately in an email.

No judgment, no worries! It’s all just intended to be fun, and to help you build your skills in a measurable way.

So have a look at the photo below, and ask yourself some basic questions to begin with:

  • Does she have a good character, a bad one, or a combination of both?
  • What did she do to become a notable individual?
  • What sort of personality did she have?
  • Do you like her, or would you avoid her if you met her at a party?
  • Is she still alive, and if not, then how did she die?
  • Which historical events were going on around her?
  • Was she married, and did she have children?

If you have no idea how to go about this exercise, you need to download the worksheet below! 


PS. If you’re worried about getting it wrong or picking up total nonsense – read this!

Who Was This Woman?

More info here: Results of Intuitive Experiment #29

Have Another Go:

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  1. Avatar

    I think she is still alive, she works or worked in the media, I get the word “writer”. I like her, very positive vibes. Married twice, one son. She is well known in her domain. Sarah? I am not sure about historical events though. I see her cross and feel that she believes in God. Honest person with kind personality.

  2. Avatar

    I am getting her name is Anna McGregor, i feel some strong sensations in my solar plexus, She was a nice person i would have liked her. She had lots of emotional traumas in her incarnations. She is not alive

  3. Avatar

    Inspirational public speaker. Can see her with a mic attached to her face as though she spoke to large audiences. I believe she had a public side and a private side. She would have kept her private issues to herself whilst being positive in public. I feel there are sexuality/gender issues with her.

  4. Avatar

    I’m getting Jane for her name. I think she is alive and has held a position of some authority. I think she has a very strong character and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. In her personal life J think she is a strict disciplinarian and has strong moral views.

  5. Avatar

    Her name is Jean, she can talk to the other side, she had a bad time growing up with a strict father ..her mother died young leaving just her and her younger brother Jake to look after their dad who had turned to drink, she is now a minister within a church and likes writing books

  6. Avatar

    I get the impression of quite a powerfull lady, connection to things financial, Politics,keeps a ‘tight ship’ at home and work, the letter J, fraud investigation?
    Health issues heart and liver, Married with family,
    Doesn’t really like limelight but career choice thrust her into public eye.

  7. Avatar

    I feel she’s lived in an era of war. She’s a writer, a public figure. Make energy. Soul lesson could be acceptance/ letting go. Huge divide between the mind and the heart. Detached, critical(would make a great critique), famous. Married. A son. Intense energy. Famous. Not alive . World war 2. Suffered through relationships. I would have chatted her up at a party
    She had to overcome her adversity to become famous. Poverty as a child?
    Ruth or a name starting with S.

  8. Avatar

    Actress that moved about a lot, performing in theaters here and there. Dependable person and very outspoken. Strong, both physically and mentally. Strong supporter of women’s rights. Not married, no children. Often thought of by others as gay, due to her forthrightness and rather masculine composure, but is bi-sexual. No longer active as an actress. Name: Iris, Irene.

  9. Avatar

    I have never participated in these in comments before but this is the first time anything happened when I looked at a picture so I thought it worth noting for my own curiosity.
    When I saw her I got an overwhelming sense of music & felt nothing untoward about her. I know that’s only brief & I’m not sure what it means, but I wanted to push myself to participate this time.

  10. Avatar

    Sorry, Anna, had wanted to add the following:

    Before looking at her picture I got this:
    She has become weary “cleaning up” after people. She had envisioned for herself a bright, happy future, but her sense of responsibility led her to depart from that path and concern herself with cleaning up the mess others around her had made.
    Time: fifties, sixties.
    Location: rural and later city, UK
    Context: politics

  11. Avatar

    I am hearing the name, Sandra. She worked in politics ( government offices) In her younger years she was happy. She has been married twice and I see a son and step-daughter. After she was divorced I feel and see bitterness, sadness, that she is trying to cover up due to she has a large Italian family. This picture was taken in early 2000. With the unhappiness, she carries she has become (sorry for the terms), bossy, picky, everything has to be done to her liking. She is lonely and frustrated, life has not turned out the way she wanted it to be. I have a problem going to parties or large groups. I feel everyone’s emotions, thoughts, feelings. It is very overwhelming. If I had run into her I probably would not have talked to I know I would feel it very big differences of opinions. She can be intimidating. Yes, I really do believe she is alive

  12. Anna Sayce

    Good on you everyone who had a go & posted with their insights! Enjoying these comments!

  13. Avatar

    I got the vibe she had some kind of accident and nat have some trouble getting around , maybe difficultly walking all of the time , yet that is still in the recovery process and she’s come a long way , with more to go, she’s a very positive spiritual person and her faith helped her get thru this , very gifted, talented, creative , maybe artistic endeavors , making jewelry, create gourmet cook, hosting parties, decorating creative ways about her very positive and good energy, the bane Emma surfaced around her it may be her name, I’m nkt sure she is married , she may have been but may be widowed , she’s loved thiugh and I see let’s maybe a small dog , a cat and maybe a horse around her she lives where she has lots of flowers and a lovely home and environment

  14. Avatar

    I keep feeling the word “civics” so she is in the government somehow. She had a son that died. Late 1990’s maybe. I would not talk to her at a party. She is strict and you have to go by her rules.

  15. Avatar

    I got she was a speaker or teacher of something. I felt a Queen of Wands type of lady, so possibly a Leo or Aries Woman, Very passionate with her beliefs and views. Strong lady who may have got peoples backs up. Men probably found her threatening due to her raw masculine strength. This woman was a leader and did not stand for an nonsense although disciplined and strict I feel there is great love and depth there.
    I am still learning to recognise names but I got Maureen or Janice.

  16. Avatar

    I get journalist, mother, deceased, strong character with a good sense of humor, heart issues and headaches?

  17. Avatar

    She keeps her personal emotions private as to a tender yet bruised heart. But has had success through being an author.

  18. Avatar

    This is my 1st attempt at a reading. My first impression was that she had a sad childhood and there was some loss. I see her as a guarded person. The word butcher came into my mind so I don’t know if a past relative was a butcher? When I noticed her necklace I found my ego taking over and trying to apply assumptions. I felt she was a hard worker divorced. Lived someplace which started with The letter O. She’d like to have a lot of reasons for things/understanding. She had either one or more sisters. She was possibly too much of a people pleaser her. I saw/heard the word “rising” so I don’t know if that meant she has risen and is dead or she rose on the career success ladder? I felt something about a farm maybe an old relative or a prior life I saw cancer possibly breast or something with digestion issues. I got the feeling that she was very hard on herself and judge mental and later developed her faith.

  19. Avatar

    I believe she’s in the medical field she has been married but not now she’s still alive and has two children I believe it’s around 2001

  20. Avatar

    Strong masculine energy, Jewish connections, war, orphanage, no children, very sad experiences, strong survivor. Singer/stage/novelist.

  21. Avatar

    I think she was either a judge or in a position of leadership in a church. I started leaning more towards pastor type with a strong penchant for things either being right or wrong. This means me she could’ve been very judgmental of others but still forced herself to be kind. I see her wanting to help poor or disadvantaged people.

  22. Avatar

    I think she is a man and if she hasn’t passed over, then she is about to!

  23. Avatar

    I believe this women was a writer and had a hard time in Life. And is not incarnation.
    I see a boss in this Lady.
    And lived in the war years.

  24. Avatar

    After reading some of these comments i feel even more ” out of the loop ”
    Anyway, i thought she was a performer, perhaps an Opera singer, unmarried but has a daughter, a strong willed lady that takes no nonsense 🙂

  25. Avatar

    I feel like this lady has a very masculine energy the name Marie comes to me . There’s a sadness in her eyes I think she struggled with accepting herself. Feel like the death of her mother had a profound effect on her it changed who she was.

  26. Avatar

    I got.. she is part Czech, name Anna Linden but also getting an S?. Her son died in a car crash. She is divorced. There is a lot of grief held in, associated with her mother and her divorce as well as her son. She works in a male dominated world – publishing, political or ministry? I also heard’first female bishop’. I saw the Berlin Wall. First go at this, surprised at how specific the information is but also so conflicting! The first thing that came to mind was that she’d killed her husband, but I don’t think this is actual killing, possibly in her heart or metaphorically somehow.

  27. Avatar

    I first saw flowers, lots, maybe a garden . She is still alive, 70s . I see (funnily) her in parachute track suit so i think something significant in the 80s /90s. I get the name Margaret , initials MV, and Arthur . 2 children, 1 boy. Speaks English bu has a ‘twang’ of some accent. I saw a train and long track… Maybe travels. TV. Wedding cake? I feel she is kind/ generous. I got Sin…, Seat… A when I think of where she lives. I got a sore temple and a pop/pound/bang feeling. I also saw a horse or dog (something with a long nose/head … muzzle)
    I’m not great at readings, very hit and miss… But you never know.. I might get something:-)
    Thanks Anna

  28. Avatar

    I see this very strong and bright yellow aura around her, with everything shooting in an upwards direction. Yellow corresponds to the solar plexus chakra which leads me to believe she was a very powerful person in her lifetime. She had high ambitions and a razor-sharp wit. I sense a bit of a snarky sense of humor and playfulness to her as well. I’m getting the sense that she did a lot of caring for others – cooking, baking, cleaning. She had a lot of self-confidence. Personally, I would be intimidated by her if I met her in real life.

  29. Avatar

    first time taking a crack at one of these: I get that she has struggled in working in a (traditionally) male field and is a very strong, some might say “aggressive” person. She doesn’t feel particularly happy, and I believe she is still living. A name with an L, like Linda. ?

  30. Avatar

    It feels as if she was born in a different country…maybe Greece, or possibly near the mediterranean. It feels as if she is kind…a philanthropist. I feel like she experienced the horrors of war as a child and is now in a place where she can help and give back. It feels like she wants to make lives better.

  31. Avatar

    I think she tries to be something she isn’t. Her fame .. winning something.. Good if you get on the right side of her, but go against her and you’re for it. And she’s really stubborn. I would avoid her. She’s still alive. The historical event had something to do with money.. Married, divorced with 2 sons..

  32. Avatar

    I’m getting name Janet. Nurse/ carer type. Picture 1997. Married 3 times no children. Poisoned all 3 husband’s! Possibly committed suicide.

  33. Avatar

    I got deceitful, mean, stern, calculating, poor self-image, someone who tries to be one thing on the outside but inside its not the same. I don’t trust her one bit. Pierced lips, squinty eyes, Tammy Faye makeup, turtle neck, severe haircut. I got a mafia-ish vibe from her.

  34. Avatar

    Still alive, friendly, teacher/principal, adopted a child, divorced and remarried, Gemini/cancer cusp, church choir, strong personality, extrovert, has interesting stories to tell, logical but also a good balance of emotional.

  35. Avatar

    I get the sense this woman has had to keep a lot of secrets. As a child, a lot of responsibility was placed on her shoulders. I don’t know why I get the feeling she may have been raised in an orphanage. The name Sandra comes to mind….I feel if she was married it wasn’t a happy one….she stayed because of tradition.

    I hear inner conflict with herself. She is no longer here.

  36. Avatar

    1960-1965. An intelligent, determined woman, very cunning and sly, cruel,
    cynical and manipulating. Would do anything to succeed. Close to fifty years old, speaks english. I feel she is still alive. No children.

    From an early age victim of a brutal person – being abused and an abuser herself. A life of *sacrifice”.
    This woman observed and knew of secrets she could/would not talk about. She certainly watched her words. Secretary to an important person ? Acquainted to wealthy people.

    Connection to prison (or tightly closed doors) and alcohol.
    I would stay away from this person if I came across her.

  37. Avatar


    A confident woman. I get the sense that she faced some emotional traumas in her life that made her very strong, focused and straight to the point which might come across as insensitive or rude to others. She looks like she might have been a widow in some point of her life particularly at a young age. Majority of her kids are male with only one daughter or one grand daughter. She looks like a teacher.

  38. Avatar

    I got a lot of pain when I looked at her picture – a hard life. Initially I couldnt get past that wall of pain and hardness but the longer I looked at her picture I realized she was someone I would like and the wall of pain was just a protection from the hurt she had experienced in her life. I got writer, activist, politics in the women’s movement. I got a grandmotherly figure who liked to cook when not doing the activist thing.

  39. Avatar

    I sensed that she was a deeply religious woman, Catholic Faith, she sang in the church choir and was possibly the church organist. She writes part time and co-writes the church newsletter. She was in a car accident years ago and had some facial reconstructive surgery. She’s the mother of 4, 2 are her own from a previous marriage, and 2 are her current husband’s from his previous marriage. She has 6 grand children. She is a Mary Kay Cosmetics Consultant, and drives a pink Cadillac.
    She does public speaking at the Mary Kay Conventions.

  40. Avatar

    My first thought was that I would not trust her to babysit my cat. The longer I looked, I had to place my hand over my heart for protection.
    So interesting!

  41. Avatar

    i think she is a minister or preacher of some kind, highly involved in her religious community/church. i think she lives with a lot of pain but is a lovely sweet soul. i think she lost her children.

  42. Avatar

    Hello Anna,
    Love these experiments, usually scribble notes, first time adding a comment 🙂

    I feel Italian. Bronx-US, Scottish, Mob -gangster (moll), lot’s of men around in black. Tough, helped people, Nun – religious order for a time, no children, feeble parent’s, uniform – land/farm in younger years, perhaps with parent’s maybe an older brother or only child, adult life in the city. Sexuality issues in later life. Took no messing, pen – writer, sadness, surrounded by people but lonely.

  43. Avatar

    I usually look quick when I first get the email and get ideas but never post them until I have a longer time to analyze the photo.. but this time Im going to go with it so I dont forget what I thought… THe first thing that popped into my head was Marley. And I feel like she was some kind of dancer or some type of performer. And she feels very sad to me.

  44. Avatar

    I’m also getting the sense that she might actually be a he… Carrying some secret or withholding something. “Keeping up appearances”. Also sensing: opera?

  45. Avatar

    I get a sense that she had a strong faith, a connection to the afterlife. She was very precise with her words and actions. She had a strong personality but was loving and nurturing. I’m sensing health issues, which she downplayed. She liked to act like she’s fine even when she wasn’t. I can’t tell if she’s still living or not but there are a lot of spirits around her…she seemed to have a deep connection to the spiritual.

  46. Avatar

    The letter S. Not a whimsical person. I see a lot of green around her.

  47. Avatar

    I got a series of visual images, then a few feelings. I’m nervous this is all wrong, but as Anna has said, don’t be afraid to screw up!
    I saw the desert, the southwest, university, public speaking, leader of authority but kind and generous, a bridge and an automobile, perhaps an audio accident or being lost in desert? In the leadership role she had integrity.
    Had feelings of love and joy (mixed with the pain of loss) as a mother or daughter – daughter role more strong. But then got images of some of my own family, so I might have been distracted.

  48. Avatar

    I’m getting the name Evelyn, and feel she is an author, or has published at least 1 book. I also sense she spent some time working in a prison or law and that was then the cause for her to write a book? I get she was married but now a widow after her husband passed, think cancer was the cause to his death. See the year 1997 being of importance to this lady! She is a tough independent lady who gives a first impression of being rather brash and cold yet on getting to know her people get to see her softer side! No children but sense this being due to trouble in concieving?

  49. Avatar

    I believe that this female has passed. I feel that she may have been married having four children but also would have at a relationship with a female at some point during her life. I feel that writing has some importance/relevance to this female as does sport.

  50. Avatar

    I got a strong sense of singing right off the bat! I felt a strictness/discipline, and also some type of possible hidden abuse; I feel like she suffered silently maybe.

  51. Avatar

    Hi, I think this woman is/was actually a man. Highly intelligent, knows life in all its strange ways. Great sense of humor, lots of finesse and insight into everyone she/he meets, and with so much beauty to share. Would probably be the life and soul of a party, projecting a very strong character. It’s as if he/she is saying ”look, i’m happy now’, nevermind that the road here was a hard one”

  52. Avatar

    I get that she is very spiritual, a pastor or minister. Also I get she has some psychic abilities, she sees & hears things. A very nice woman that many are attracted to. I feel like she is still living, though I can’t get her name. Married to the church, no children. Tough childhood, became spiritual in her teen years. Older now but still very spiritual. A good person & friend to those that know her.

  53. Avatar

    She was in the entertainment business! Theatrical, music.
    No kids or husband. Her name has an A in it? Maybe Sandra?
    Very friendly and a positive personality.

  54. Avatar

    I feel she has never been married. Has been a lawyer, not a good one. I suspect embezzlement with a company. Not a nice person. I get the name Leonnie/Bonnie. Also a connection with the name James. Bowling Club seems to come to mind, whether there was theft involved Im not sure.

  55. Avatar

    Get writer, public speaker. As did many here. She’s on stage. Strong male energy. I feel a deep possibly painful past.

  56. Avatar

    I get the name Joanne or Joan. I feel that she worked in education as a teacher. Married once, three children. No longer alive. I feel a great feeling of sadness around her. I believe that she died at the hands of another.

  57. Avatar

    I don’t considered myself to be psychic as such, though sometimes I get a message from no where. This lady to me looks like she cannot walk. To me that is the main thing. I see her life force and good things but I see something that is an encumberence to her, that weighs heavy on the lower parts. I think I’m only interested in energy.

  58. Avatar

    I’m new at this but will give it a go. I saw the word music after looking at her. Two children and a very rocky marriage. I think she had many hurdles to overcome. I don’t think she is still alive.

  59. Avatar

    I feel this woman was a writer/author & well known public speaker.
    she is a widow, husband passed relatively young.
    3 children who are now successful in their careers.
    lived in a farm/old counrty manor type, with horses/animals
    feel she is religious & necklace may be a cross (without jesus)
    had personal struggles along the way, that has brought her closer
    to god & strengthened faith, has a deep sadness though very strong
    & coped with what life has thrown at her.
    (name Norma…. but not sure of that, think i put it in my head)
    Blessings to this woman

    Trace xx

  60. Avatar

    I get living part rural areas neck and bead injurys her soul is playing a wounded attitude head bowed and heart disconnected energetically one son one child passed or from another marriage she doesn’t get on well with denise seal she would think shes to important to speak to me may be if she has time her regrets are in the way of living life to the fullest

  61. Avatar

    I do not feel she is still living. Getting that she may have passed from something in the chest, heart or breast cancer. I do not feel she was married at the time of the photo. She may have been earlier in life. I feel she was well known for what she did professionally, but I do not know what she did. No, I don’t think we would have enjoyed each other’s company at a party. She feels like a very strong personality. Her name may start with a J or an N. Jean? My daughter feels she wanted to help people, but couldn’t in the way she envisioned. Served God in her own way.

  62. Avatar

    Associated with LGBTQ. married a man when young for a very short period. Speaks and or writes on self acceptance. Accent? Great sense of humor. Has never liked her teeth/ smile. Spiritual, clairvoyant.

  63. Avatar

    I get the sense she was born a male. Name of Alice, could formerly have been Alan.

  64. Avatar

    My first thought was this lady is a medium.
    She fell from something when she was a child, perhaps a tree, and that’s what caused the scar on her face.
    She takes very great care of herself. There’s not a hair out of place. Her eyebrows are carefully plucked and jewellery is chosen not to be too ostentatious. The make up is perfect. She strives for perfection in her appearance and in other areas of her life as well. Casual and slapdash just will not do. I get the feeling she has something to do with the law. She has helped the police a few times. She has a twinkly sense of humour.
    There’s something not quite right about her face though. It feels as if she’s had some reconstruction, maybe due to an accident. There’s a masculine sense about her and some gender uncertainty. I don’t see any children. I find it hard to pick up her character traits. I think she is still alive.

  65. Avatar

    I see an intelligent, spiritual woman. Possibly an teacher/instructor maybe in the medical field. “P” name associated with her. I hear the word June associated with her as well. I feel she has 2 daughters. She may also have participated in some type of research. Career driven, considered an advocate.

  66. Avatar

    Haven’t tried this before. Color Green is a color she is associated with present or at one time. She is surrounded by many books as if she is a historian art teacher. Criminal investigation may be important in life. Saw isolation at one time couldn’t get out of a room hallway to find help. Could mean she was trap in life but now free and alive spirit. I can only see clips five seconds at a time need to continue your class.

  67. Avatar

    I got the Wollow,willow or maybe a widow? I see a glass cabinet and a teacher, nice and polite but strict in someway.. The name Kate, dancing, married with children..

  68. Avatar

    Her name is Hannah or Anna. She has a pet dog that she loves a lot. She has worked as a medium or counsellor. I think she is still alive. She has had big emotional traumas. She is generally a very kindhearted person, but she has previously done something or treated someone in a way that she was once very ashamed of, but has now found a way to forgive herself for it and accept herself. She was once married but now she is a widow. I think she is still alive. I think she likes gardening. possibly has a daughter, but she may have lost her daughter young and this is where her sadness comes from. She is a very nice person overall – helpful and welcoming. I think she was in her 20s in 1960s and was possibly involved in some way in some kind of revolutionary political movement.

  69. Avatar

    When I look at this photo I hear its a GUY , its a GUY over and over at the same time I got words, names and character. ACTRESS, JOYCE as in similar to Joyce Dewitt, Her name starts with a “J”. female impersonator type, stage personality, GOVERNMENT, German, Male – two faces perhaps bisexual. 3 children, 3 marriages or both. Town starts with the letter “S” its shown to me as Stown. I see an Indian Chief head-dress perhaps (s”he”s) Indian, Supports the Indian culture or makes Indian head-dresses. Navy, the word “com-stock” not sure what that means. VERY sure of him or herself. Not a good vibe from this person at all. Wouldn’t go out of my way to meet this person. Strong Male feel… crabby, and Icky to be around. Heart problems…hole in the heart , broken heart not sure. Bright yellow or white aura more so on the persons right shoulder Just might be a slightly softer side. Split person – 2 people , 2 in one, 2 faces. shrewd and smart. I’m really interested to find out the results of this one. Thank you for all the experiments, they are very insightful 🙂

  70. Avatar

    I’ve never done this before, but A few things popped in my mind looking at her picture. First the name Rene, the number 8, then 58, then water or living near water, possibly a lake, then Texas, Plano Texas. Is there even water near Plano Texas? Can’t wait to find out in a week if I’m imaginative or intuitive!

  71. Avatar

    And definitely alive and well

  72. Avatar

    I get the word “piano” and the color green.

  73. Avatar

    I got a name ‘susan’ and the letter J. I think she wanted to pass on knowledge or experience but maybe did not live a long life. She had many children who she did not give birth to

  74. Avatar


    Okay, hope this isn’t just free association and I’m revealing my dark side.

    She makes my b**** alERT go off, on first look. But there’s also something sweet about her face.

    As to character I believe she is two-faced she likes to present herself as sweet butter couldn’t melt in your mouth but she’s a manipulator and she’ll stab you in the back but she’ll always try and look innocent try to have plausible deniability. she’s very controlling

    Heard Ukraine. Proud. First Woman something DOH THAT’S AN EASY GUESS.

    Girl Scouts? (feeling, just drifted in)

    Can’t keep my mind very. Just now thought of a woman who on Facebook called Michelle Obama an ape in heels I don’t know why is she prejudiced?

    Lisabeth ?

  75. Avatar

    I feel this lady is the first woman to be ordained into the church, breaking down barriers, she has a strong personality, but is also caring at the same time. I feel she has been married, and has two children, and now devotes her time to the church. I feel she is around early to mid sixties and still alive.

  76. Avatar

    Firstly I felt she is an author and has done a lot in the field of being a healer, self help, & inspiring.

    I also feel a very successful woman against many would describe as odds in her life which have served as her being a role model and a positive catalyst transformer for others who have looked to get story for guidance, persisting in their own life.

    I also get a lot of music around her and an influence of a strong male energy.

    I get something related to her and the words revolution, military & activist especially for those who are referred to as disabled or devolpmentally delayed.

    I feel her talking with an accent or having a distinctive way of speaking and a connection to England & Scotland.

    I feel as if she had a family but lost them to an act of violence..I kept getting drinking & driving, murder…not sure what it is but thought it was related to a male she used this tragedy to touch the lives of others in profound ways & protect others with new laws of operation and justice.

  77. Avatar

    P.S. I wanted to add initally I got that she gave off two personas or the phrase the mirror has two faces/Dr. Jackyl Mr. Hyde type of thing but this doesn’t add up and clashes with what I got…really unsure of why I would get that & a lot of dying around her. Confused…overall.

  78. Avatar

    Hi Anna!

    To me this is a gentle and lovely but strong woman, dead, she preferred women rather than men. I would like to talk with her in a party. She is admirable.

    Thank you

  79. Avatar

    She reminds me of Cindy Lauper
    science, music
    outgoing, bubbly
    I like her
    still alive
    not sure if she had children

  80. Avatar

    I’ve been studying her overall appearance to get some clues about her.
    The short hair cut tells me she can be a direct and forthcoming individual;
    the precision cut around her ears ..she likes detail and she’s a sharp observer of
    life and people. She’s a no-nonsense person, religion is important to her..the traditions and rituals; order and routine is her calling card. She may be Catholic. Possibly works as a secretary or in communications. She’s had some traumas in her life and this has given her a hardened aspect to her, edgey. Possibly of italian descent. She seems to be well-connected, networks. She likes classic styled clothes and enjoys living well.

  81. Avatar

    I believe this woman is still alive looks happy. Probably has a child and looks like she has dealt with her times of sadness and has overcome fears, but is very kind to others and probably works in healthcare or hospitality.

  82. Avatar

    I get the sense that she is a dominant type, but wouldn’t necessarily admit it to just anyone. There’s a level of false humility. She’s always keeping an eye on things that aren’t 100% her business, just in case it becomes useful to her. She’s very concerned about image. This isn’t all negative. She can do these things for good, even noble, reasons. But there is some arrogance in her ability to mold situations.

    Something’s blocking her from reaching higher levels in a spiritual sense. I’d say she’s likely a young soul and spirituality is more of a tool than a devotion. There’s something that’s been haunting her since a young age and I’m not sure she ever made peace with it. If she did, it was after this photo was taken, likely at the very least 5 years later. One of her greatest fears is losing control. In coming lifetimes, she’s likely going to have to work on surrender.

    She does care deeply, though. There’s some level of “the ends justify the means,” but she isn’t going to go to any lengths, per se. I get the sense that children matter to her. There may be some connection to a school or other organization focused on children. She’s a persuasive speaker, but not automatically a chatterbox. It’s about adaptation, not an irrepressible urge to express herself.

  83. Avatar

    She was a Medium, and did not care for children.

  84. Avatar

    British, parents may have been Irish.

    Large family, chaotic childhood, rough and tumble existence.

    Sought refuge as a busker, later became involved with theater.
    Swept along by her talent and creativity!

    Singer, opera, as well as other song types.
    Spokesperson for various causes.

    Also writer, composer, and teacher.

    Two failed marriages, three children.

    Premature accidental death involving a form of transportation.

  85. Avatar

    This first thing that sprung to mind when I saw the photo of this lady is that she is a man. I sensed music and entertainment and thought maybe she was in caberet, perhaps a ‘dragqueen’. I see mischeivousness in her eyes and a gentle defiance. I
    sensed spirit behind her which felt ‘kindness’. I don’t think she is in spirit. It feels like she has a loved one who is in spirit and remains very close to her. I saw an office and sensed campaigning, she was pro-active, an activist, civil rights or something. Cigarettes on a holder. Taking a large dog, like a wolfhound, for a walk in wooded area, lots of open space, possibly a retreat, a ranch or farm. Image of mountains – made me think of Canada. She has/had male partner and I saw image of young girl with blonde hair. The name Marie and Syliva come to mind. I also feel she has written a book, possibly an autobiography. I’m also seeing a connection with the 1950’s? It’s a very smokey and busy room Again it’s like an office, printing, newspaper, journalist, deadlines – are the impressions I’m getting. I do feel she is still alive and lives a solitary life’ away from it all’. I feel as though she is tired now. It’s all past.

  86. Avatar

    I get that she has something to do with the legal field. Something significant legally. At first I thought it was something to do with a president being removed from office, possibly Nixon, but no it is not that. But something of that order. She is not married and did not have any children. She is not alive. She suffered in her life but she took it well, made the most of things.

  87. Avatar

    I get a couple things about this picture. Couple signs I see one is a diamond ring and the other one is a cat. I believe there is a background of royalty in this family.
    I also get this person was born A male. He struggled most of his life with his identity. Later grew up and became one of the first transgender women.

  88. Avatar

    I saw her face and I got “Julia” is her name.
    I heard Brigadeen
    how many children? I got five
    Something about mental health surrounds her, maybe she was a psychologist or worked with the mentally ill.
    Something political surrounds her too

  89. Avatar

    Haven’t tried this before. I think her name is Jean or it starts with J. She is a public speaker as I see her with a microphone in front of her and being on stage. I think she may speak to large groups of women. I think she had a terrible childhood and an abusive first husband. She is a strong woman with a good strong public face but is really quite shy underneath. She doesn’t put up with any nonsense and has a male energy about her. I can see a male face behind hers coming through maybe from a past life or influencing her? Also because her aura is very strong around her shoulders.
    She has a cheeky sense of humour and a loving heart but very guarded about who she makes friends with.
    I don’t think I would have been friends with her,

  90. Avatar

    Just wondering now about the outcome

  91. Anna Sayce

    Hi all, results will be posted in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!!

  92. Avatar

    She had a wry sense of humor. I hear “satire.” She wasn’t a laugh out loud type but had a mischievous smile and a quick wit. I saw a stage performance. I felt she came from humble beginnings. She had strong psychic abilities and relied on her intuition to guide her decisions. I see her teaching others, not in the traditional sense but more of a mentor. I hear footfalls on wooden floors and steps. I hear “joy” and the number four is prominent in her life. I think she died a natural death from a stroke.

  93. Avatar

    Hi Everyone

    1st Impression “Wow she’s wearing clown makeup”. An act!

    Maybe performer or actor of sorts, on stage, in lights. Well known. Reminds me of religious pastor preaching on TV. Public speaker, writer, or some other issue with her throat or neck.

    Confusing gender. Very masculine energy. Her image seems overly groomed, too perfect, and well rounded, but she’s also a bit ‘wonky’, uneven, and unbalanced in some way. Two sides to her. Hiding scars or hiding something else. Her make-up is extremely thick or she’s had facial plastic surgery. Image VERY important to her. A major ‘blemish’ from some event or accident in her lifetime now scars her image.

    I see her counting money. Something to do with money. Wealthy? Finance? Banks? Accountant?

    She’s ‘one eyed’ – narrow minded and opinionated. Her left eye is dominant. Tight lips mean secretive and/or nasty and critical. Flighty and impatient. Her hairstyle is annoyingly perfect! (Vidal Sassoon!) Fake eyebrows ¬– church arches or fake persona. She’s trying to appear more aware, open, pure and holy. Maybe 7th Day Adventist, Christian, or profession ending in “ist”. Trying to appear happy but in reality is rather closed off and icy cold (dead?).

    I’m wary of her and I don’t want to get to know her. She is stern, authoritarian, has strong morals, and thinks she’s above everyone else. Know-it-all. Leader. Crowned.

    Margaret. Anne Dufrey. Mary-Beth. Anne-Margaret (some double hyphenated name). Rosa. Jack or J name. Michele. Genevieve. Badger (could also be character).

    Andy Dufresne (character) in movie “Shawshank Redemption”. Some delivering from sin, saving from evil, prisons, or wrongly accused. Trapped? Also got actor Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

    I see a young boy and a young girl superimposed on her head, either two kids, or she a twin. Maybe two identities (or genders). A lost son?

    USA, Bible Belt, New Jersey, and some Asian connection because her facial features and makeup remind me of a Japanese Geisha. But also Nun-like appearance. 1970’s significant. Still alive?

    I hear “where’s your heart” (heart issues or cold personality), “I don’t like you” (mean bully or bullied), “fractionless” (mathematics, whole or holy), and “the principle is wrong” (teacher or moral code).

    I see a vulnerable little girl asking a parent, most likely her daddy, “are you proud of me?” Daddy issues? Career is VERY important to her.

    I see a base clef (musical symbol) or a giant ear shape (or maybe “S”) superimposed on her head. Maybe music or something to do with hearing, ears, or talking? TV or radio? Her ear looks deformed. Had an accident? Is she deaf, wearing a sound piece in her ear (communications), or does she have pet dogs (floppy dog ear)? Horses too.

    Thanks Anna xxx

  94. Avatar

    ooops in my reference to the Shawshank Redemption movie link I forgot to mentioned she was framed for something.

  95. Avatar

    As soon as I looked at her I did not like her – at all! I didn’t know why. Sometimes this is because a person is hiding something. Her eyes indicate a duplicity; there is something hidden or there are two sides to her.

    It is possible that she started off life as a man or she is a lesbian and yet there may have been a front to her, she was one thing but presented another to the public; presented a religious, pious front but it was only a front. There is something I really don’t like about her. Strong-willed. I want to say she did things against people and nobody could shift her view.

    I also felt that she had some psychic ability perhaps that’s why she made me uncomfortable. I did feel strongly though that she may have been a gossip; there was some great invasiveness in her character.

    I felt she suffered in life and was very resigned to that particular suffering.

    She is dead.

    She was not married and had no children.

  96. Avatar

    I decided to come back to this & really try again after getting notifications about it in my inbox & resonating with some of the comments.

    The thing I feel most about her is that she is very complicated, & while I noticed the cross like everyone else, I don’t actually feel religion was overly important to her, but more something she chose for the sake of appearances. I also think she has some sort of split personality, as though people don’t really know who she is (& perhaps neither does she) despite her trying her hardest to portray herself in a certain way. For example, when looking at her face, nothing about her image seems sincere to me because it’s as though she is always playing a part. Very opportunistic, & although I don’t think she was particularly well liked, I feel she still managed to have a profound impact on many people. I realise that’s all very vague but I have no idea how else to focus in on specifics lol. I also felt something when I saw someone post the name Jean, so if I had to guess, I would be inclined to say that was her name, or some variation perhaps? I don’t think she is alive, but I think she could be, if that makes sense? As in, I don’t believe she died of old age so if something hadn’t happened to her (accident or illness etc) she might still be alive today.

    I’m very interested to find out about this one.

  97. Avatar

    I wrote: cruel-sadistic, fundamentalist religion–perfectionism. Battle, warrior–internal struggle. Sexual abuse as a child, complete denial of sexuality, repression

  98. Avatar

    I felt an overwhelming sense of dread … and saw the word ‘rape’. She is dead through suicide. I am sorry … I don’t believe you would have put up a picture that says this but this is what I saw 🙁

  99. Avatar

    I first got the name Donna then Rose. She was either in an accident or had the crap beat out of her. Lawyers around her and something to do with a lot of money, maybe not legally obtained but something she felt entitled to. She or someone close to her is a swimmer. There are definite gender issues and think book or movie about a social or civic issue.

  100. Avatar

    I missed the experiment , we’ll sort of ,comments are still open so I will give it a try and then check my results against your results as I haven’t looked their yet , the impression I’m getting is overwhelmingly dishonest , something to do with a religious swindle like a crooked tv evangelist or medical swindle ,I’m seeing I think a large multi story hospital maybe 1950’s or 1970’s , that’s about it , I usually see vehicles or children or husband or inside of houses even trees or country side but I’m not getting anything much , very guarded ,thanks for the experiment I shall go look who this is

  101. Avatar

    I feel this woman was bad. She hurt someone and she is an angry person. I would not be friends with her, I’d avoid her. I believe she is alive but I feel her presence of anger was in the 60’s. I do not feel like she ever had children or was married.

  102. Avatar

    First time with picture: good and bad character, she works on making good and helping others in an organized way. She is rispid, doesn’t accept lies or inventions, a little hard…but she learned how to communicate and that she needs people. She has a dream regarding her work purpose and she works on it.
    I would avoid her… she is good but on a very self-constructed way (no judgements here, just saying). I thought she just died but I couldn’t figure how, so meybe she didn’t 🙂 Married with children. Husband with cancer or something dificult and truth shaking?
    Historical? Involving murder or deaths?
    Thank you for the test! Namasté

  103. Avatar

    She’s alive with 3 kids and was involved in a murder case. She has split personality and contained a lot of anger in her, which she could not find a channel to express. She was abusive to her children and was someone that people wanted to avoid even though she appeared to be friendly.

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