Intuitive Experiment #26 – What Do You Pick Up About This Man?

This is Intuitive Experiment #26!

For this, I ask blog readers to have a go at ‘reading’ a public figure, and seeing what they can pick up about the person’s character or life, just from a photo.

What do you pick up about this guy?

Intutive Experiment #26

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Results of Intuitive Experiment #26

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  1. Avatar

    – Family, wife served him, he has a son and daughter.
    – He appears to be bored with his life, I see in his eyes he thinks that he does not have people around him who are on his wave length. Has his ideas or his inspiration.
    – Holds power even though he was a small man.
    – Anger
    – First initial thought was swords
    – I can see a dragon on his forehead.
    – A sense of military, training, forging a path for people and a teacher.
    – I can see spirits behind him, his life consisted of some form of deaths.
    – great loss in his eyes (loss of son?)
    -wasn’t wealthy but gained wealth in life.
    – half his face is light and half dark. He has walked in darkness but he considered his work to be light.

  2. Avatar

    I also do see cotton and a dress maker….

  3. Avatar

    I feel that he is a teacher of some sort… and there is great loss in his life… whether child/wife or he is orphaned… not sure… a lot of loneliness is around him.. whether he keeps to himself …

  4. Avatar

    I am feeling he is a monk with much wisdom. First thought that came to mind, was Confucius.

  5. Avatar

    He appears to be a fair and kind man. But I also get war, as in a general possibly. Very important. Many may have seen him as cruel but people were not aware of things he accomplished for his people.

  6. Avatar

    He seems two people occupying a single body! He was frequently torn in opposite directions throughout his life.

    Though he came from a secure background, he was shuffled off to be raised by relatives and friends. Well educated, background in medicine, civil service, dabbled in art, writing, but he made his mark as a type of spiritual and social commentator – an elder social / cultural statesman. He was frequently a peace maker or mediator.

    Challenging youth for lack of parental tutelage and tumult in Chinese society. Period of academic training was a relief as he gained direction and confidence. Flirted with politics of the day.

    Enjoyed longevity. Two wives, several children. He seemed out of sorts with domestic life. His interests and energies were applied elsewhere. He helped with the development of the modern Chinese state.

    His reputation was sullied late in his life, but it was restored after his death.

  7. Avatar

    I get all sorts of clanging warning bells when I look at his photo.

    I feel he’s detached emotionally; that his family is no longer important (dead? He had them killed?) I sense a mean streak in him and feel that he’s Not. A. Nice. Man. I get a sense of austerity around him, and feel he came from a financially poor background but is now well-known and looked up to/respected (perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of intolerance of people who are “different” than those respecting him.) I sense the phrase “slaughter of hundreds”, and also that one shouldn’t air ones grievances/disagreements about him because that could be very dangerous for your personal safety.

    I don’t trust him at all, but also feel as though I *should* feel that he’s a wise and nice man.

    I normally get a great deal more about the people whose photos you post. This one, not so much. He’s very walled-off from me on the energetic level.

  8. Avatar

    I get the sense that he is a smoker or around smoke. He has multiple brothers or sons, and one of these people is famous/important – maybe his brother is in the government? He writes poetry or some other kind of written art. He may have been in prison, but not for a crime (more because of being a radical).

  9. Avatar

    The man looks like a jerk or a criminal and tried to take over something or he was angry at something and then made something huge with his hands and fled an area with water and lived in wilderness or was never seen again or he was an immigrant trying to get home

  10. Avatar

    I get the sense that he’s had great loss and perhaps he was confined somehow, whether a camp of some sort of maybe jail. Defeated but accepting.

  11. Avatar

    Two different sides to person, maybe a master side or smart side but an evil not balanced side, death his eyes. Tell different stories, bad vibe eyes ?????

  12. Avatar

    I believe he is deep in thought, that has something to do with a white horse and/or old lady who is covering her face. Don’t know why…

  13. Avatar

    Why is face 2 sides, eyes follow different, is he hiding. Have he had a spiritual battle. One thing no joy, he searching. Weird vibes

  14. Avatar

    He was around something coal or railroad related in China, perhaps he helped lay tracks. Lived in mid to late 1800s. He either is from Tibet or a region of China near it. He is probably in his late 40s to early 50s in the pic.

    Someone else had control over him, he was to be obedient to them- he was ruled over. He had witnessed a lot of death or loss around him and his heart feels numb and empty.

  15. Avatar

    I don’t feel a lot of trust. He looks lost and pensive almost remorseful, but with an untrustworthy vengeance . The dark outfit looks as if he were a prisoner possibly. His beard is unruly like he didn’t care what it looked like. His eyes have two different shapes giving him a beaten appearance.

  16. Avatar

    I trust him, I feel he had taken my hand as a child and has led me to the highest of mountains. He teaches of great respect, quieting the mind and listening to the heart. I also feel he teaches great love and compassion not a love given on the outside but a deep rooted love from the deep being of one’s self. I see hands together at the heart open and holding a ball of light giving me something that makes me feel deep satisfaction. I would very much like to travel back to the mountains.

  17. Avatar

    He survived or got away from something, maybe by the use of a boat to escape. He served time in prison.

  18. Avatar

    …and his wife and other family members died in a fire (maybe the result of a village burning). The man in the picture is responsible in some way.

  19. Avatar

    It’s amazing, some of the comments are spot on, others have missed the mark. I know who the person is, so I’ll remain silent. My path in life changed when I was 40, that’s how I know of this person.

  20. Avatar

    Blind,spiritual reader,deep senses, twin or double personality,slightly deformed, telepathic, I get chin chow lee dont know if thats part of his name, I also get lyn. Healer, loner perhaps an orphan…teacher, pshycic, worldly, scholar..people seek him out. Complete other personality NOT TRUSTWORTHY! Uses his insights for profit leads you too believe he’s helping you! Creepy

  21. Avatar

    * Quiet, guarded, observant man – LOTS going on in his mind but he didnt always share what he knew with others
    * I didnt trust him but I am pretty sure that was because he was so guarded – not because he was a bad man or mean
    * I got that he could be harsh or a taskmaster – high expectations for self and others
    * simple/poor
    * agricultural background
    * healer/spiritual/teacher

  22. Avatar

    Okay first off I am very new to this so I could be totally off and just speaking from face value. I See a man that at first seemed as if he was cold & maybe unkind. As I looked longer I see a man who appears to be very wise and has gone through many battles & struggles in his life. I see that he looks as if his eyes and body are tired not just physically but mentally. I see him as some what of an athority figure or someone who may have had alot pressure on him to be a certain way. A structured life and strict life. At other times I see glimpses of a softer soul who may have had to be corse but was also kind. Like I said I am very new to this but it is just a sense I get from the photo. Maybe he was a mentor of some sort and he had to be stern but with good intentions. This is a tough one because his face gives off a couple different vibes and hard to put finger quite on it.

  23. Avatar

    I felt there was hardship in his life – suffering. I don’t feel he is a particularly nice person and doesn’t show much emotion.

  24. Avatar

    I do not trust him. He has two strong sides to his character which are in constant conflict. He is angry, harsh, and self absorbed. He does not care for comfort, self imposed austerity, strict beliefs, and is closed off from emotions.

  25. Avatar

    A man who knows his mind is powerful he will not change himself for no one in anyway

  26. Avatar

    Woo, when I see this guy my heart races and gut wrenches. I want to like him but feel afraid of him. He does seem to have some very redeemable quality though in spite of the trepidation he inspires in me. His gaze feels cold, like he looks right through me and can’t see my soul, it feels he’d have this same face while looking at mass death or destruction. He’s a leader and seductively charismatic…but in a Hitler way. But as I said, there’s some very tender redeeming quality.

  27. Avatar

    I have seen this man in a dream. He looks like a man who has intuitive abilities, mental strength and strategic skill . He has struggled a lot and has a connection to the divine and yet has a depth and sadness about him. He is guarded and has made his mark on the world.

  28. Avatar

    There were conflicting beliefs surrounding this man during his time- a lot of controversy- close to revolution .

  29. Avatar

    I just get one feeling: this man walking a very long quiet lonely rural road, dirt road….. Maybe this is the loneliness he feels inside?

  30. Avatar

    Wow – I felt a real sense of love when I saw his picture. I get a sort of huge sense of wisdom. He has a huge amount of followers, I felt like he was not a born leader but he was passionate and that was where people were naturally drawn to him. He’s very kind, thinks of scenarios from other peoples opinions, quite democratic and had a very strong sense of what is right and what is not. He would take time for kids, for listening to other peoples tales & loved being around his friends & family. I got this image of him sitting at the head of a table, laughing with food, friends & laughter. A bit of a sensitive soul, but he did not share his pain with others. I have a lot of time for this type of soul

  31. Avatar

    I got the impression that this man has quite a cheeky sense of humour, felt as though there was a grin lurking under that beard. In that sense he reminded me of my father, as though he could tell a ribald joke or limerick, would maybe give you a wink after teasing you etc ? I got the impression that he spent at some point in his life (possibly his early life, maybe the end of his life, or maybe he just had an affinity for) a mountainous region. My final thoughts are that he may have had some association with Western academia, whether it was science or not, I’m unsure but I feel as though there is some significant relevance to his life of the name (masculine energy so not a female with surname Williams) but William/s who worked in the scientific field. (This may be carry over since my father was William?)

  32. Avatar

    My initial thought was that he reminded me of Confucius. Conservative and composed, I felt that he had little regret in his life. A man of few words, stern at times. He may have also embraced a certain faith in his later years. I also felt that he was an only child and perhaps needed to grow up quickly to asssume certain responsibilities. He did not travel abroad, perhaps only as far as a neighboring town or village. He was blessed with good health, as well. I felt that he also would have been closer to the father figure in his life. Perhaps, though, he resisted change. He remained unmarried. Finally, I felt as if he would have been a teacher or someone who the community would have respected.

  33. Avatar

    I see someone who has seen tradegy – lost members of his family perhaps. I also see torture – has he been tortured? I also think that he has been made to conform, probably in the military, however he doesn’t believe in the regime and it hurts to see how others have been hurt because of this.

  34. Avatar

    I see him as a peaceful man who has spent time time in jail or prison for breaking the law. He does not have family – perhaps this is from a tragic loss. He may have been a wealthy person who lost his wealth.

  35. Avatar

    He is a great teacher. He has endured much pain but learned the wisdom needed to get through it. He is to be trusted but will not engage in pity.

  36. Avatar

    My first impression was martial arts. He seems a warrior. Sadness, focus and anger. I don’t trust him although he doesn’t seem to be a criminal. A bit patriarchal. I think he is left handed. For some reason als writing comes up. Maybe he was writing about wordly affairs, an ideologue or he wrote a book highlighting societal problems (like Charles Dickens)

  37. Avatar

    The first thing that I sensed was that he is connected to Taoism or some form of Chinese spirituality. I don’t think it’s Buddhism. He does put off an aire of isolation but that may be a certain seriousness.

    I asked the question about being connected to war but it didn’t seem to be validated.

    I don’t come up with familial images.

  38. Avatar

    First thing I thought was Fu Manchu – an evil fictional superhero character. I see him rubbing his chin, he is a thinker, philosopher, man of wisdom. Do I trust him? I don’t know yet, his eyes are dark, he is quite, does not let you know his thoughts, secretive. Hard working hands, underground movement. This just popped up so it’s crazy to say but I’m going to say it anyway, he created the pasta noodle. He is humble, I see him doing Tai Chi, I don’t see him travelling, but well known in his country.

  39. Avatar

    An amendment to my earlier comment…. ……
    I described the man in the photograph as Chinese. My hunch suggests he
    may be IndoChinese, perhaps from Vietnam .

  40. Avatar

    I don’t sense much from him. There’s an emptiness. There also the sense of some kind of stigma attached to him…like maybe he was labeled criminally insane but really wasn’t. I also get the sense of death from him…it surrounds and permeates him. I don’t know if he caused death or witnessed it though…he is very closed emotionally.
    The most powerful sensation I get is that I get chills when I look at him. I don’t know if it is from fear or because he was very powerful…but definitely the sensation of having the chills on the back of my neck.
    I get the sense that his body image portrays him as being poor, lower class, submissive, etc…but his eyes reveal that he is much more complex than that.
    I think he’s one of the most difficult people I’ve had to read because he attempts to block from being read, and is demonstrating a kind of false-self…what’s under the façade I can’t really say entirely for certain.

  41. Avatar

    This is my first time taking the picture test. I glanced at first and thought “oh, a wise old man”. Then I actually looked and stared at him and I felt uneasy. He’s very smart, and stealthy. I see him being very flexible, secretive, and carries multiple swords. I see him sneaking around at night, trying to go unseen, heading to someone’s house. I feel there has been death around him and he is pretty much numb to it. He does what he has to do.

  42. Avatar

    I feel he has to do something with cement and construction. He feels like a man with very little outward demonstration of emotion, most likely bottled up emotions.

  43. Avatar

    Met him he motioned me silently to garden & bade me sit down. A man of serenity & calm. He introduced me to myself

  44. Avatar

    He is a mean man who wasn’t caught

  45. Avatar

    He was hurt early in life and disconnected emotionally. He is rigid, cannot be trusted, relies on his principles or plans rather than feelings. Can be cruel. He is exhausted by having to go through his machinations for the goals he sets, done the way he thinks he has to do things. He is feeling empty and demoralized. When I first saw his photo, I was frightened by him, but now I see the sadness. But I don’t want to be near him. I don’t know who he is.

  46. Avatar

    This man is quite complex and I think he would be amused and a bit dismissive of us trying to read him. He has a superior attitude and is a bit lofty. I got the feeling that he has problems with his eyesight and that he only sees properly out of one eye. There were things in his life that he tried to cover up and prevent people from knowing. He wasn’t married but that wasn’t to say he didn’t like women. He died of a stroke or a blow to the head or some other brain trauma.

  47. Avatar

    China and potential influence or visit to the US. 4? daughters 1? son. Hard on them at times, wasn’t always with the family. Trustworthy and reliable, but reserved. Dedicated his life to his art. Also a writer and poet. Not military. had some political influence, though only due to his art. Started schools for his art. He loved nature and remote places.

  48. Avatar

    He’s very strict about rules.. because he lost someone who was very close to him, he tends to put up a wall of non emotion.. life was not easy for him while growing up so he’s very frugal in all aspects of life.. except in a spiritual sense.. life made him a wise teacher

  49. Avatar

    Intellectual, philosopher type. Someone who stood up for what he believed in no matter what the consequences.

  50. Avatar

    I got trains. That was it. I kept trying and then had the worst pain in my stomach that went away as soon as I stopped trying to read him.

  51. Avatar

    My initial impression was Ho Chi Minh but after I asked if that was who it was the answer came back “no”. Next thought was Chinese but a childhood school mate kept popping into my head and she was Vietnamese Ha Phan. I feel he is Vietnamese. Pious, teachings, political.
    Waves of people or movement.

  52. Avatar

    It seemed to me that this man is pensive, possibly a writer, and a reformer. There is much going on in the world around him that has hardened him. He has decided on one way, one path, and has single pointed focus upon it. He does not vary from this which has created a disconnect between his heart and his mind. He is very set and determined in this belief system. It seems he may have lost his wife and feels lonely. He was born with a kind nature and remembers it but feels that is a luxury that he will no longer allow himself to explore due to the nature of the times they are living in. He has an idea that he so strongly believes in that nothing can sway him or change his focus. However, since he was born with a kind nature, his heart was beginning to tug at him by the time this picture was taken and he is again starting to connect with his softer side … allowing for a bit more openness and gentleness. I see him being kind to and having a fondness towards a cat which tends to open his heart. I see him sipping broth from a bowl. He felt he was justified in his life choices and being closed to exploring other options. He had a very strong will and believed it was important to stand for what he believed in. (And I send him my humblest apologies for any and all inaccuracies in this exercise!)

  53. Avatar

    He was very close with this mother. He is intelligent, deep thinker, introverted and withdrawn. He has the capacity to cause great harm. Could be merciless if angered. He is very nimble, quick, and physically agile. Feels very dualistic…

  54. Avatar

    Is he the founder of Reiki?
    When I see him I feel somebody knowledgeable, wise maybe not understood.

  55. Avatar

    Seems like a wise man with deep intense eyes
    Has overcome upheavals with firm faith
    He s a man of few words

  56. Avatar

    Hmm. Definitely mixed impressions. My first response was that the man was wise, probably much older than one might initially think, possibly some sort of spiritual leader and quite kind. But on reflection, I thought I detected a cruel streak and felt a little afraid of him. I also have a ‘thing’ about long, unkempt facial hair, feeling that it is used to hide something and conceals a lack of honesty/trust; also thought the beard may be deliberately suggesting that the man is older than he appears. I see the man as a lone individual without close friends or family.

  57. Avatar

    When I tried to read him, he kept giving me this very shy reserved kind of smile, double thinking whether he should show any emotions at all. He thinks more than he talks. I sensed kindness and loneliness in his eyes. He suffered a tragic loss (maybe in childhood, not sure). He also had something to do with medicine.

  58. Avatar

    My overwhelming impression is that I am afraid of him and can’t look at his picture because of this

  59. Avatar

    sounds strange but heard the word food when looking at him. I see him as a leader -teacher of some sort. Very strict can see him with a cane and people kneeling down, bowing to him,in a camp .This man was very strict ,feel like he had a wife and a son,Feel like he was shot and killed

  60. Avatar

    In meditation I saw a queen toasting him then he was in a king’s attire. Then I saw a schoolroom of higher learning where all of the students had the same book opened as a female teacher walked around the room.
    My impressions
    Seems like he was involved in politics or diplomacy. An advisor whom all did not appreciate due to his candor. Life had hardened him, but also given him great perspective. He kept a sense of humor. He was very introspective. Thought a lot about what he was going to say. A lot of what he said had double meanings and he liked that. Liked to fool or confuse people in order to get them thinking. Liked satire. I see lots of Chinese symbols and writings, wrote a lot using Chinese symbols. Words were important to him. His eyesight eventually failed, probably from writing by candlelight. Very philosophical. Connection to an E name like Edward.

  61. Avatar

    At first glance I felt a great sense of distrust, despite feeling as though I had to go trust him

    I feel like he is a powerful, dominating man, though he is quiet at keeps to himself.

    Well known and influential; perhaps not in the best way .

    He had a hard life, maybe being sent to war and may have suffered a great loss of people he loved, making him callous.

    I keep thinking of Hitler as I look at him

    He is also hard to tune into to but he perhaps is just a misunderstood man but that is my intial thought of him.

  62. Avatar

    At first glance I felt a great sense of distrust, despite feeling as though I had to trust him ( in a misleading way )

    I feel like he is a powerful, dominating man, though he is quiet and keeps to himself.
    •A leader

    Well known and influential; perhaps not in the best way .

    He had a hard life, maybe being sent to war and may have suffered a great loss of people he loved, making him callous.

    I keep thinking of Hitler as I look at him

    He is also hard to tune into to but perhaps he is just a misunderstood man and I have got it wrong, but those are just my intial thoughts of him.

  63. Avatar

    He was orphaned at young age. I think he is one of many children, abandoned or suffered major loss early in his life. The read I get is that he has had some sort of imprisonment or long-term suffering, which may have contributed to addiction to substance to ease his long term depression from major loss. Odd, but opiat comes to mind or something for pain, crippling pain.

  64. Avatar

    he is a calm person.
    he has died a century ago.
    he was selling his handmade products in the market, he had a little table.
    his wife has died before him.
    his mother also died when he was little.
    he has a high sense of humor, he likes to dance, but he was very poor.

  65. Avatar

    Herbalist but out of need. Maybe an apprentice? Pipesmoker, vision problems towards to end of his life. Loved sweet sticky buns. Married but maybe out of duty, there children but not the bright points of his life. The end of his life was welcomed but painful. Maybe suffered with a right leg problem. He saw lots of death with his years but not sure if he was involved in it or just witnesses lots of injustice. He used his hands in a skillful way but I can’t tell how. Maybe painting but that doesn’t totally feel right.

  66. Avatar

    My first impression was that he was imprisoned for many years – maybe because of war. Lonely. Philosophical. Did he write about his experiences?

  67. Avatar

    +He gives me the impression that he could only be trustworthy within his circle. That if placed in a situation in which he felt cornered or in fear of possibly losing what little he had, he’d do anything. Like anything! So be wary
    +Felt victimized most of the time. Avoids eye contact because of lack of trust of strangers, strange things or fear of reprisal.
    +Would like to be a proud man but feels beaten by the world most days. Causes anger that can be displayed suddenly to those closest to him-family.
    +Has a wife and children – i see 3.
    +Enjoys reading & his close family. They do give him joy. He also enjoys tradition. Tradition makes him long for home where he could be more like himself. I don’t believe this was taken in his “true” home.
    +He was not a rich man but was very proud of what he could provide.
    +I feel he emigrated to possibly US. Found life hard but had more freedom in many ways. Somethings easier in “home” but much harder in more ways. Things were better (?) for his children

  68. Avatar

    Is the final comment above Anna’s response or did I somehow miss it again?

  69. Avatar

    I get that he had some type of mental illness(maybe unknown at the time). He was detained(like in prison or camp), either because of something he did, or because of the times. I get that he was lonely. He almost reminds me of a Chinese Charles Manson.

  70. Avatar

    I got that he came to the United States to work on the railroad to make a better life for his family.
    He was a shaman and a very wise man. The people he worked for were intimidated by him because he was so highly respected by his countrymen. So they couldn’t control him the way they controlled the other workers. But he wasn’t someone you messed with or angered.

  71. Avatar

    I feel that although this man has suffered some hardships in his life that he has a very bright light inside. I feel that on the outside he is stoic and reserved but inside is very deep and has a good heart. I feel that this difference between the outside and inside gives some people the impression that he is hiding something. It’s just that what he is not quick to show is spiritual gold! I feel like family was very important to him and to those who knew him, he had a very good sense of humor. I feel like he’s a little bit me and a little bit like my dad. I feel like many looked up to him although he made some mistakes in life.

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