Intuitive Experiment #24 – Have a Go at Reading These People

Once every several weeks I publish an ‘intuitive experiment’ on this blog, to give readers a chance to hone their intuitive skills, and of course, have some fun.

In the last six years, thousands of readers have tried their hand at one of these experiments. Some have been inspired to take their skills to another level and sign up for some training. A minority of them form a core group of a few dozen loyal readers who do every experiment I publish and who have made some impressive progress in their skills as a result.

With every one you try, you can learn something new about how you receive intuitive information. So, if you’ve never done anything like this before – why not have a go? You might surprise yourself.

This experiment is a little different in that I am asking you to read two people, and their connection to one another. Here they are:

int exp 24 2

int exp 24

For more info on how to approach this exercise, download the worksheet below: 


Who Were They?

Results of Intuitive Experiment #24

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  1. Avatar

    Think they are unrelated. Maybe both criminals…bank robbers?
    Can’t trust either of them.

  2. Avatar

    I think she is trying to help him maybe to get out of jail or trouble of some kind. Her family doesn’t like it.

  3. Avatar

    Not sure about her, him I don’t care for.

  4. Avatar

    There is a bookshop or books which is important to the lady. The man I feel on edge with, he may suffer with anxiety. Intelligent people but carry sadness.

  5. Avatar

    He has had stress in his life but he is smart. Not enough happiness. He has a crazy eye. He has had to endure hard times. He looks sad and lonely. She looks slightly crazy but full of love and excitement. Like a bottle of feelings. She looks scared and nice and mean.

  6. Avatar

    I made a whole story in my head. This was fun!

    She looks like she’s in the entertainment business. Maybe a dancer. Her husband/partner was also in the entertainment business. He left her for another dancer. She is now raising her child alone. The abandonment from her husband turned her into an overprotective mother. With control freak tendency. She wanted to control every aspect of her son’s life in a sickening way. Specifically when it came to his career. She didn’t want him to become an entertainer for fear that he would leave her, like her husband did.

    He is her son. He became an artist. Used his art to express his repressed feelings due to his mother’s overprotection and excessive need for controling his life. Because of this attitude from his mother he has an aversion to women. He is gay.

  7. Avatar

    I feel they are of poor character and either bank robbers or some sort of criminal. I think she worked in a bank which facilitated a robbery.

  8. Avatar

    She looked unsure of herself and worried about what people think of her. He has an arrogant look and one that doesn’t care what you think. Maybe he harmed her in some way.

  9. Avatar

    Oddly enough, I got the impression that they are like mother and son or aunt and son. Although perhaps, she just molly-coddles him. I feel he has a nervous tremor. His hands and voice shake when he talks. He doesnt feel trustworthy and //she looks flighty but I think she is mean and cold and the brains. They may even be brother and sister. Think its either an orphanage or nursing home type setup where they are getting state money for people already dead that they killed. Poison or slow torture. He feels bad bit?doesnt stop but she enjoys it. She piano or organ and he might be hypochondriac.

  10. Avatar

    I feel he may be a guy who has been in trouble, maybe gone to prison. With her I feel she may be his mother and perhaps a teacher. A I get a homey feel with her.

  11. Avatar

    I feel that the male is shift but was probably a nicer person in his earlier years – The female appears trusting but I feel looks are deceiving and that there is a menancing hardness about her. “Bonnie & Clyde” came through. I thought initially that they were related but 2nd guessed myself and feel that they are romantically linked. Partners in crime.

  12. Avatar

    I love doing these but it’s a bit daunting in case I’m way off.

    Then again, the worst thing that’ll happen is I’ll be way off.

    I got a strong sense that they are partners in crime. She seems quite shy and nice. Does he beat her? He’s rather hardened into his criminality – bad childhood, bad treatment by people. Dat’s all I got.

  13. Avatar

    The man : Walter or Edward, hiding something,Smug, sad, planner of some sort( perhaps to rob banks or people). 2 Different eyes – at least 2 different personalities. I feel he is thinking I could kill you and you wouldn’t know… and followed by saying “What do you think of that ?” not sincere! Bank robbers
    The Lady : Cutsie.. I hear her saying.”What me? I wouldn’t do that” How can I help?(as shes thinking -help take your money and things) Shirley / Shelly. I’m innocent! Really I am… I think shes on the run… also the thought” Look at me I can dance.”
    Final thought as to the connection: I think they are like Bonnie and Clyde types!!

  14. Avatar

    Him- I trust him. He is artistic yet emotionally troubled, prone to depression and bouts of anger.

    Her- I don’t trust her. Under her innocence and sweetness lies deeply manipulative traits due to insecurity and codependance.

    They had an affair together/were uncommitted lovers.

  15. Avatar

    Yes, I too got Bonnie and Clyde right off! Most definitely criminals of some kind.

  16. Avatar

    I got a chilling feeling with the man. His eyes feel cold, hard and unfeeling. I cannot trust him. He is involved in some dark or criminal activities. I do not trust the woman either. While he seems unemotional, she seems to be over obsessed with him. In terms of relationship, I felt she supports him, is enamoured of him. Maybe his mother and yes, they seem to be linked in criminal involvement. At the same time, I feel he might have duped her and killed her. She could be a gullible widow for example and he dupes her.

  17. Avatar

    First it came that they are mother and son, but I think that one of them is a criminal and the other caught him/her. The man agressive, the lady has some kind of big sadness , wished for a child, the lady lived in a city

  18. Avatar

    -Woman assisting the man with an illegal activity.

    -Not romantic partners

    – They are working together on behalf of a specific cause or belief Each of them
    has strong convictions regarding their philosophical outlook.

    -The man is an academic or scientist, highly trained and educated.

    -Their story ends tragically. One partner may die by suicide.

  19. Avatar

    I don’t trust any of them
    The male seems to secretive and unhappy he look so suspicious.
    The woman is a lion in sheep clothes. that smile is not genuine. she smile outward but inward she is so unhappy and suspicious too.

    Together is like they are both the man want to break of and the other ( woman) is threatening him…

  20. Avatar

    My first impression of him were not a nice person, but also felt a lot of sadness around him as though he himself had suffered injustice, I sense something going on in the background, a secret, the lady, I feel has an emotional connection to him and is protective as she feels she understands him, although this may have led to her downfall.
    Business premises keep coming to mind

  21. Avatar

    I think they’re related. Decietful,criminal and unhappy. Untrusting.

  22. Avatar

    Neither of these people are warm people. He was a playful personality in his younger years, but has lost that and lost his way, something is pulling him down causing him to loose his spark and his way. She is trying to portray she is happy, but isn’t, she can’t look people in the eye and is full of tension with secrets she is hiding or dealing with. Trying to mask who she really is behind her clothing.

  23. Avatar

    They’re mother and son. She brought him up in her own. His father was absent in his life and some kind of swindler or petty criminal. The son’s murdered someone. She’s abused him when he was a child. He is unhappy with life, disillusioned and doesn’t like people much. She’s wary of people and afraid she’d be caught out for her hand in her child’s scary upbringing that in part led him to lead the life he’s leading today.

  24. Avatar

    He has a very negative aura and doesn’t take any guff from people. Lives for himself. Rigid. Not a lot of education. Would not a sociable societal person.
    She is too frivolous and scattered. She just goes along with life. Not a deep thinking person but enjoys being in exchange with people. She’s out for herself also.

  25. Avatar

    For him i got: serious, hard-working, gambling, preacher, alcoholic, hides his loving nature, strict father, homosexual?
    For her: naïve, oblivious, turns a blind eye, she was devoted to him
    I don’t trust either of them
    Did he murder her?

  26. Avatar

    He gives me the creeps. A criminal of some sort. She seems to be aloof and gullible.

  27. Avatar

    Something about this lady leaves me feeling uncertain. I don’t think she’s very kind. I think she can get her own way when she wants to. There is something about the set of her mouth that says she’s very determined. The man has a kinder nature. He wants to stop her doing whatever it is that she wants to do but she is domineering. He has a sense of humour, she does not. He has been in an accident of some kind. The name Paul comes to mind. I think I would trust him but only because he would persuade me to trust him. I don’t think I’d trust her. I don’t think they’re related. I can’t help feeling there’s some criminal intent here. They have a criminal partnership of some kind and it’s very clever. He is the clever one but he wants to stop.

  28. Avatar

    I got “Bonnie and Clyde” straight away from these two.
    I feel like he had an abusive childhood. Oddly enough the next impression I received from his image was “writer” and I don’t know what to make of that.

  29. Avatar

    Hi Anna
    Just looking at these 2 faces I feel that he is a lazy lawyer looking for quick cash could be a gambler. Getting the name Bob-Bobby..
    The woman could be used by him for purposes of abduction for money reasons, children could be involved, they both ended up in jail.

  30. Avatar

    I feel they could be siblings, she is easily led or dominated by him.
    Both of them untrustworthy
    Some criminal activity?
    Feeling of some religious connection.

  31. Avatar

    I believe he is an artist and she is a patron. I do trust them both.

  32. Avatar

    Bonnie and Clyde came to me too. He seemed shifty, fearful, nervous, anxious and untrustworthy. He had a painful childhood that affected his entire adult life. Something about bars, a bank, cards, and guns. Had a big shot gun that was like an extension of him. She started out with a homey feel, apron on, big brown dog in the yard with her. They had a past life connection that predisposed her to blindly and unquestioningly follow him. Her heart and head were disconnected as with someone who has been brainwashed. She could have gone either way in that lifetime but because the thrill of following this kindred spirit excited her, she chose him.

  33. Avatar

    He is a psychopath and serial killer. She fell in love with him and became his accomplice. They are both without remorse and very sadistic and take great pleasure in inflicting pain. I sense most of their prey were young children, possibly teenagers?

  34. Avatar

    I believe he was a very kind but simple-minded individual and she devoted much of her life looking after him. I don’t think they were related.

  35. Avatar

    He says, “I’ll kill you if you get in my way.”…I see him with guns and a rope. He wants what he wants and he will do anything to get it. Bankrobber?

    She wants to give me a cookie and act sweet….she puts on a front that she’s a respectable woman but WOW, there are a LOT of emotions going on with her – she feels almost bipolar. The kindness she try to show upfront is not genuine

  36. Avatar

    He’s definitely a shady character. Aloof, emotionally unavailable, with a mean streak. Childhood trauma, possibly with father. Criminal. Very intelligent, manipulative.

    She’s with him because she needs him. She is not smart and is ‘along for the ride’. He uses her. She doesn’t necessarily agree with what he does but isn’t strong enough to stand up to him.

  37. Avatar

    He seemed harsh to most people but genuinely cared for them in some way. Sacrificed himself, even to the point of doing something illegal to protect others. Difficult to get to know him.

    They didn’t work together, and their relationship wasn’t that good, basically enemies. He was also something of a mentor or teacher to her.

    Their relationship ended up harming someone.

    People liked her and got along with her.

  38. Avatar

    The man- I feel uneasiness, he has this sadness to him that you feel right off the bat. Not very trustworthy and there is some anger to his presence, I just feel really off when I look at him. There’s a link to him and money, maybe very wealthy but with a catch of some sorts or he could have also stolen it, I don’t know I just think money when I see him.

    The woman- Quiet, seems trustworthy but has some darkness to her. I feel like she has a child or children. She tries to push forward. I see sadness in her too. As if her whole world was flipped upside down one day

    Both of them- there’s a bond between them, I think a sybling relationship or they could have been really close friends. But I still feel a brother and sister bond. Their paths have crossed many times. They are possibly the cause of each other’s unhappiness. Death Conspiracy comes to mind when I think of them together. Pain.

  39. Avatar

    Seems like she could be his mother. Or a caregiver/ maid. She looks like a nervous person but has a desire to make him happy. She appears to have a lack of confidence. He seems like he is easily annoyed by people. He seems like a very serious lonely man.

  40. Avatar

    I got a hot that they are brother and sister !! That they have similar needs and traits ! Yet different weaknesses and strengths ! I think they love and care for one another yet trust us an issue btw the two of them I felt neutral about the two of them they did not bring out a lot of fear not a lot of love for the I felt neutral! I feel they both had bad times growing up and as adults and they have attempted to rely on ea h other at different times !!

  41. Avatar

    I got that he is madly in love with the woman and would do anything for her.

    She seems a bit detached from reality.

  42. Avatar

    Hello again Anna


    1st impression = stroke victim (asymmetrical facial features) or suffered severe injuries from accident or fighting (bent nose, scars, and possible glass eye). Accident involved a bicycle, car and carriage. Operation went wrong.

    Punched. Pierced. Pushed. Pushing. Heaving. Swinging. Lots of action around him!

    Stripes prominent on jacket, but no collared shirt, tie or facial hair? Poor and possible jail time. Surrounded by shadows, death and funerals.

    Crooked criminal or dodgy scam artist, storyteller, liar, with a dark side and many secrets. Living a double life with Jeckyl ’n’ Hyde personality split, lawyer gone lunatic. Pretends to be a good person, but he can disappear into the shadows, like a ghost. Something smells weird, off, or fishy. Connection with maritime somehow.

    He’s secretive, glum, unhappy, angry, once resolute and determined, but now defeated and apathetic. Heard phrases “I don’t care”, “what’cha doing”, “in one ear and out the other!” He’s guilty of something, doesn’t pay attention, and paves his own path. He thinks he’s clever! A poster boy!

    He said “I wasn’t always like this”, so something happened that drastically changed the path of his life. Now he’s ashamed. How he gets his money is why he hates himself.

    Edward, Frank, Franklin, Fred, E, F, G names. Herman Munster, Frankenstein, “a bit made up!” Reminds me of Mickey Rourke (boxer, actor, and plastic surgery gone wrong), Tim Roth (actor), and a friend who was a mechanic. Also got The Joker (from Batman) and Jack the Ripper – is he a killer?

    Associations with USA, UK, France and Ireland. 1930’s or 40’s.


    1st Impression = dopey, ditzy, lost little ‘lambsie’. 1920’s or 30’s. ‘D’ word.

    She’s fearful, pleading, anxious, and desperate. But also a ‘free spirit’ who does what ever she wants, whenever she wants, and who can go off like an exploding cannon! Even to point of lunacy. Feels vacant, not quite all there, like she’s mentally ill or evil. Voices in her head. Also lives a double life and is secretive.

    Heard phrase “Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep”. Maybe she’s so useless she can’t look after herself or others. Or she plays at being weak to suck people in or to get what she wants. Also heard “by hook or by crook” so maybe she’s manipulative, cunning, and will do anything to achieve her goals. Or hooked, as in addicted, crook as in criminal. Word ‘machine’ jumped into my head.

    Heard her say “I can dance” but saw her twirling her big skirt around like a child would, as she spins in circles across and over a small hill. Saw her with outstretched arms like she was coming in for a big hug, and also saw her washing her hands (of something bad, dirty or evil?)

    There’s a fence that’s locking her away, keeping her in/out or preventing movement. Saw white smoke or cloud around her, maybe smokes ’n’ mirrors illusions or escape artist.

    Daisy, Winifred, Wilfred, Magda, Dora (the Explorer), Freda, Fraser, and Frog (?French). D, W, or F name. Also, Esmeralda, Esmay, Mary, Kelly, Molly, Macy, Marguerite. “Little Missy!” Was she a prostitute? Also got Molly Ringwald (American, redhead, actor). Double ‘L’ word.


    Man and woman together are ‘matchy-matchy’. They mirror each other, depend on each other, and fit together like a jigsaw. Both even have similar asymmetrical facial features, a crazy eye, and thin, pursed lips. I wouldn’t trust either of them.

    Their association is VERY inappropriate in some way. Not sure if they’re more like Bonnie ’n’ Clyde (criminal team), Jack the Ripper vs The Prostitutes (murder and sex), or mother/son sexual relationship (incest). I get impression he wants ‘to eat her’ (hopefully not literally!) Heard her say “boy – where’s your pants?” Either way, their attachment is very unhealthy, almost co-dependent, but definitely toxic. He looks after her, but she emasculates him! He thinks “despicable me”.

    They’re ‘boxed in’ together somehow. They try to act wishy-washy, neither Arthur nor Martha, but they both go to extremes to get what they want.

    Saw images of rocks, bricks, and stone. And arms. Long Arms. Maybe the “long arm of the law” will catch up with them! Saw black ’n’ white, maybe newspapers.

    Thanks for reading my essay!
    Mon 🙂

  43. Avatar

    This is a grandmother and her grandson he is a little bit shady and she covers for him. He is untrustworthy and is likely very dangerous. She is taken in by him. He may have killed her

  44. Avatar

    THe male is a thinker, analytical, often cold and logical , has the ability to see through a situation or people, not so kind.

    The lady is a fun loving spirit but has a distant coldness to her. She may be unclean and also a bit of attention seeking types. Not so kind again.

    I won’t trust either of them

  45. Avatar

    At first I thought, well he’s a man hardened by life and work. Hard to place any impressions on her. Thought maybe he was her daughter, some resemblance around the mouth.
    Looked more closely, now his eyes are scary to me, get uncomfortable more I look into them. Ask self why this bothers me. Soon it hits me I’ve seen him before, on tv or something. He’s a known killer. Maybe mob related?
    She was a victim of his.
    Ask again why a victim? Perhaps an unwitting accomplice? Maybe someone related, wife? who knew nothing of what he’s done.
    First impression they are from the 50s or later mob era. He may have been in a profession lawyer or doctor.

  46. Avatar

    The lady , I get not very intelligent but she thinks she is ,prostitute ,alcoholic, some kind of boarding house , criminal behaviour , possibly jail ,
    The man , I get criminal , violent , clerical or banking , possibly embeslemnt or payroll theft, I also see a policeman or security guard or night watchman that suffered somehow , jail,
    I get deception and I am finding this a difficult experiment this time

  47. Avatar

    After several times sending my results not publicly, and getting better at these, I am going to be brave and post them publicly!

    I get deceitfulness… she is lying to the world and he is too. I don’t trust them… I want to trust her but there’s something about her which seems unreliable.

    I think some kind of love connection but it feels tainted somehow. Was she perhaps his mother but the relationship was inapropriate maybe incestuous?

    Was he a painter or some kind of artist?

  48. Avatar

    He is a swindler. He wasn’t always, but became hardened and distrustful. He screws people before they can get him. Also betting man, dice and horses. Something about a gate opening? Lonely but pushes people away. He’s gay, she’s his beard and partner in crime…she helps him somehow.

    For her I got something about a shop with a wooden counter, maybe an apothecary? Also a red rose? One nervous son, not his. Cooky and soothing. Caring intentions but selfish actions.

    I never get these, but thought I’d really give it a try for once! Thanks for your work Anna, you’re such a wonderful resource. 🙂

  49. Avatar

    They are siblings -they are both sad however he is depressed angry maybe be even have aggressive and revenge -dark thoughts come to me
    She is sad but is trying to hide it she is a positive person who likes to help and spread light
    She seems genuine he doesn’t

  50. Avatar

    I have tuned in and tried to get information about these two. Only 1 thing comes to me — that they are not what they seem.

    I love these experiments. How do I see how I did?

  51. Avatar

    I feel they are related. A father and getting strongly that this is his daughter after she has grown up. I feel he had been in trouble most of his life and possibly as she was growing up so he was not around much. I feel she wanted to know him but didn’t connect with him until later in life. I feel as though he didn’t want anything to do with her. Had another life elsewhere. Another family. I feel hurt, anger and resentment from her. Guilt from him. I get a pistol. Suicide?

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