Intuitive Experiment #23 – What Do You Pick Up About This Woman?

Get ready for another Intuitive Experiment!

Here is the person I selected for Experiment #23:

int exp 23

int exp 23 4

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Who Was the Woman in the Photo?

Results of Intuitive Experiment #23

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  1. Avatar

    She’s a mother she’s been hurt she’s subservient, smiles & serves through her pain…?

  2. Avatar

    I feel strength, heart, some weariness, endurance. There s something missing but I can’t put my finger on it.

  3. Avatar

    In the bottom picture I sensed she was an actress or entertainer and was used to being admired and allowed it to boost her sense of well-being and self-esteem and worthiness.
    In the top picture I felt she had settled down from that life and somewhere along the way suffered the loss of a deep love. So deep it was like how a mother feels when losing a child. I felt she spent her latter days away from the limelight and imagined her reading papers and books in a country setting.

  4. Avatar

    Here we go! Top picture from the 1940’s, second picture from the 1930’s. I get something about an abusive past, abusive husband. I think her mother & her did not get along, however she loved her father. Australian? She had dogs, no cats, no children, She had several sisters & perhaps a brother who died young. Alcoholism. Science popped up straight away, but I think she was a writer. ‘Short’ not sure if that means short stories? poetry? I think she came out to be an independent woman once she got away from her husband. ‘English’ keeps coming up as well. Hmm will be interesting to see how we go. Thanks Anna!

  5. Avatar

    The characteristics I received are: warm hearted, cheerful, likes to laugh, sweet, comforting, silent. The facts I received are: she is not able to speak, nor walk, she lives some place with snow – a country like setting, she is wealthy, two locations come up – Texas and Massachusetts, and the right side of her head and face are not functioning. I trust her; her energy reminded me of Rosemary Kennedy.

  6. Avatar

    I feel that she is trustworthy. I think that she may have struggles with self-esteem and depression. To me, she resembles Shirley Temple.

  7. Avatar

    A teacher. Something to do with challenged children or adults. Loving, caring person.

  8. Avatar

    This woman appears to be kind-hearted. She has the attitude, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” This said, she seems to be hiding a more turbulent life behind the scenes.

  9. Avatar

    I really don’t trust this woman. To me, she appears to be what we call “two faced”. This means she carries herself with high respect to many, but her true character, which isn’t so pleasant, to very few. She may spread gossip or listen to it often. Maybe she’s a narcissist? Who knows, but she reminds me of someone close to me and I certainly don’t trust her. If this woman likes you, it’s only to her standards. Maybe similar to her class style. Rich maybe? If she doesn’t like you, she may not tell you, but you will know by how bad she treats you.

  10. Avatar

    First thing that popped into my head was “the big top” followed by a flash image of her in like a 1920s swimsuit. I see her wet. I don’t know the name but L and M entered my mind.
    She seems like a nice person.

  11. Avatar

    My first impression was she is or was a very caring person, maybe a nurse. But then I also felt that she is not what she seems there is some under lying deciet in this person. I am not sure that I trust her, I think she could be very controling, and maybe even mean

  12. Avatar

    My initial thought is that I love her, she is wonderful. Maybe a mothering personality, loves very small children. I get that she may have had an abusive marriage or some other similar trauma. Maybe she was not able to be a mother herself, but perhaps overcame her past and did something charitable with little kids. Maybe worked at a children’s hospital.

    Just my instant gut reactions. How do I know if I am projecting or being judgmental?

  13. Avatar

    Ok I’ve never done this before and I’m afraid of being “wrong”.
    I first came across your blog because many times I just “know” things that are startlingly accurate, but I don’t know how I know, and I usually won’t say anything unless I wait to see what comes to pass. I’m not always correct and I don’t know which is which.

    The first thing that popped into my head was that she was a man :-). But she doesn’t look like it so don’t know where that came from.
    I also sense fear. My first thought was fear of a man, maybe a husband, possibly surrounding physical safety or her children’s safety.
    It popped into my mind next that perhaps she was in WW2 Europe, then I thought of the Holocaust—maybe that was her fear?
    But then I realized I hadn’t finished reading your comments/questions about her.

    So, you asked, “Do you trust her?” and I don’t know why, but I’d have to say “no”. But perhaps that is because, in the first photo, she highly resembles my late partner’s murderous (literally) mother.
    So–I analyzed things more rather than having things pop up in my brain. Since I didn’t feel I could trust her, perhaps the fear and danger I sensed was “FROM” her, rather than her being afraid of something.
    When I study her face, I sense ambivalence. She is being pulled in two different directions and I don’t know which one she will listen to. Will she go for whatever she wants, or will fear hold her back?

    I them clicked on the link to this page, saw the second picture and had my doubts. Doesn’t even look like the same person to me. The second pic–this sounds silly, but all I could think of was snow or ice. Maybe it’s her outfit, not my intuition, lol.

    I don’t know how to control what I access thru intuition at all. Random things just pop into my head. But not always. Only sometimes. And I don’t know that I can intuit things “on command”.

    If everything I said is WAY off, I guess we’ll know whether I can or not, right? Hahaha. It was fun anyway. Thanks!

  14. Avatar

    I feel like her eyes show a lot of pain. The corners of her lips are upturned in a slight smile but her eyes are not smiling. Perhaps she was somehow oppressed in her youth but was able to overcome a very troubled childhood and/or adolescence. The word crusader comes to mind.

  15. Avatar

    Cheerful and bubbly. Something about children -many, but not her own. Maybe some kind of caregiver for the displaced or orphaned. British. Lived through a war in her country.

  16. Avatar

    I picked up kind soul ,loving, artsy, possibly a teacher

  17. Avatar

    Who knows if I’m on track – but here goes! I saw her playing the piano. She is trustworthy, industrious. A gentle leader. A stand out in her field. Had a lot of disappointment somewhere- sense of loss or heartbreak – or something tragic -? I am totally unsure. Just a underlying grief.

  18. Avatar

    she was from a poor back ground , maybe a dancer in the 40ts or a working girl she has a lot of worries ………………………….

  19. Avatar

    I find that she’s had a difficult childhood and comes from a poor background. Her teenage years became easier but not without struggle. It taught her to appreciate the simple things in life

  20. Avatar

    Do I trust her? Yes! Caring, compassionate, eyes. Kind to animals. Flapper 1920’s. High society, dresses well, wealthy.
    Nice car – word Rolls Royce popped up in minds eye. Has strength in her convictions, gentle strength not aggressive, leads by example, courage. Methodical, grounded – reminds me of the Queen of Cups in Tarot deck – intuitive. The word Helen Keller popped up in my minds eye – teacher of disabled? Entertained important people. See her in white nurse attire. Reminds me of the movie Titanic with Kate Winslet. Four leef clover popped up in my minds eye. Lover of music and the arts, writer, poet, possible activist, fought for something. Upstate, Northeast or lived in an area with large home possible mansion, retreat for the disabled, huge trees, lavish gardens.

  21. Avatar

    First impression I got was 2 different people, generally friendly with a firm side, not sure on the trust, really could not get a distinct feeling on that either way. Writing, poetry, books and reading came in, and I kept seeing an impression of dancing and lots of men seem to be attached to this person. Also 1920 came to mind. Lots of goings on in her life and parties or gatherings.

  22. Avatar

    At first glance, I picked up warm and loving. But, when I clicked on the picture, the screen showed only the eyes. When her eyes were removed from the smile, one can see that you have two expressions. Her eyes show pain and weariness. The bottom picture looks like it’s from a happier time – the smile reaches her eyes.
    Overall, I sense warmth, loss, and pain. I don’t sense anything sinister. I trust her, though I’m thinking that she didn’t always make the best decisions.

  23. Avatar

    I sense this lady was once a dancer or an actress. Her face shows a smile, but it was a smile for the camera. A great deal of sadness surrounds this lady, I believe someone in her life didn’t approve of her lifestyle which caused her great emotional pain. I can sense a small white dog named Bonnie as a companion for this lady. Also a lady who liked a small tipple, and loved to hug!

  24. Avatar

    1st my heart dropped like the felling of fear. 2nd I thought of Hitler. I don’t trust her. That’s all I got from my intuition.

  25. Avatar

    She cares about herself. She is flirtatious and loving. Good sense of humor. As far as trusting her I am not sure. I get the feeling she would have good intentions but with those good intentions she could hurt that same person she wants to help. She enjoys life and having fun with family and friends.

  26. Avatar

    I find her to trustworthy but guarded. I feel she had a flair for the dramatic and creative, maybe acting or writing. Her eyes in the top picture seem to show she has struggled and suffered. She seems like a strong woman, giving. I feel like she had children whom she cared for and loved dearly. I feel that she is no longer living, passed away , something to do with her heart.

  27. Avatar

    Her very original background is jewish, i am jewish myself and directly sense other members, but she is acting far from jewish. she is living a masonic lifestyle, not trustworthy at all. Dangerous woman, able to have someone poisoned or killed. Would never allow this woman near my children. she herself has a link with the black side of magic rituals. I find her satanic, she has treated other people badly, but when in public she will try to keep her deceitful image of being a ‘good person’.
    Terrible woman, killer and cold hearted. Narcissic, she does not regret anything and will not pity anyone.
    A very satanic person, materially rich, but spiritually poor.

  28. Avatar

    I thought she was a man before I saw the whole picture. Maybe she is in touch with being strong in her masculine side. Although she is very feminine & wanted lots of children. I feel she is very misunderstood & people may have not listened to her. She has a free spirit but someone wont let her be authentic. She may have not gotten along with her mother or daughter. She is a very kind person & appears happy on the outside but hides true emotional pain.

  29. Avatar

    I see someone who was sweet and truly caring to a fault, it seems like people often take advantage of her innocence. I got the impression that she was not very educated. It seems like her life is simple to a degree, and thus she lives at home with family members.

  30. Avatar

    Wow, I’m all over the map on t his one! The name Patricia comes to mind. I get a sense that she is unsure about herself. She might have something to do with entertainment…either films or plays. I don’t know if she is an actress or plays another role in the industry. It feels as if she carries a secret about disclosing aspects of herself. She is fearful about being judged. I feel an intense sadness around her that she tried to keep hidden. Maybe a sadness around not being able to speak up for self. Also pick up on a meekness or submissive quality. Feel as if she endured mistreatment from others…possibly her husband, but I sensed that she wasn’t married at the time the top picture was taken. I feel a combination of feelings about her. I feel sorry for her, but also don’t trust her sincerity. I keep getting something about sexual identity…could that be the secret. There is a bit of masculine energy I’m picking up on, even though she also has those female submissive qualities. Also kept getting the word ‘spiritual’ and ‘wicked’, but don’t know why such disparate things would be coming through, or whether it is about her or things she endured. Hmmm…..this is a fun one!

  31. Avatar

    I get she is violent, very misterious, cunning, smart, able to think fast on her feet with a troubled life. Loves to smile and be happy but it does not come as much as it should for her.

  32. Avatar

    I hear ‘showtime’ and ‘dolly’. Keep smiling. Can be outrageous but inwardly quite conventional. Wartime? Has a family, many descendants. Kindly. Considerate. Honest and open. 1920s? Singing.

  33. Avatar

    Something to do with baking i thought. Then leading, teaaching, guiding. Something to do with Girl Guides? Charitable. Generous. Selfless.

  34. Avatar

    I feel this woman had been wronged in the past. She’s angry and I would not trust her.

  35. Avatar

    I see a apron on her in her older years. I got “a hoot”. A dancer i. Earky years and a writer later in life. I also heard doctor.

  36. Avatar

    She is the only child of an humbling family. I see her going on quests with her parents, whom were constantly traveling. An honest and truth seeking woman. Heavily involved in nature, botany. Quite possibly a founder, a philosopher and professor to many.

  37. Avatar

    Wears a brave front to cover up unhappy experiences. Dominated and betrayed but accepting this to protect others. Desires to give an impression of friendliness but not free to pursue close friendships. Holding herself in check, playing the game until able to break free and lead a life of her own. Not above showing some steel to protect others when a crisis arrives.

  38. Avatar

    in the first picture i see her as stern like a teacher, but mother, or matron, lady like rich husband well to do, but in the second she looks more mellow soft vunrable, in the first picture i wouldn’t trust her, face of authority, second picture looks like a long standing family friene of an old aunts

  39. Avatar

    Never done this before and it will probably turn out that I’m wrong and she’s a nun who rescued children, but I got a real jolt when I looked at the top pic, and not in a good way; I feel like she’s not at all who/what she seems, or more correctly, who she wants to be seen as, and has some sort of secret in her past, something dark.

  40. Avatar

    Don’t trust her one bit. Flimflam girl. Dancer….speakeasies…preyed on men. May have done a Bonnie and Clyde type of touring. May have killed some husbands. Looks sweet, but there is evil under the surface. The night scene…bar scene was her comfort zone.

  41. Avatar

    I got Maggie O’hair was once male bodied who transistioned and met a man whom she fell in love with they had no kids just dogs as children since she was trans her husband abused her which caused her to plan out his death ….she murdered him and kept his dead body in her home where the smell drove the dogs to misbehave so she killed them all and stuck them together she stayed and played piano and sing all day because she felt she was going crazy due to hear the souls of her dogs and husband …..she turned herself in her birth name was Michael she was born july and she was a Leo she eventually died from suicide in 1940 also she used sex as manipulation promising sex for favors and when her needs are met she disappears very selfish very bad woman

  42. Avatar

    -English, one parent foreign born.

    -Enjoyed a stable and supportive childhood. Raised neither in privelege or poverty.
    Not extensively schooled, but entered the performing arts at an early age with
    parental consent. Traveled extensively during this period.

    – Strong work ethic, married early and well. Enjoys happy family life, two children.

    -A confident, happy, secure individual. A whirlwind of energy in her work and personal

    -A social creature, completely at ease with people, an entertainer and host for social
    and civic functions. A person of some celebrity.

    -Active in the performing arts, stage actress or singer.

    -Organized several Societies to further the Arts.

    -Also organizes a type of relief society during a period of military conflict.

    -Lends her personal celebrity to her causes; an early example of personal branding.

    -Suffered a debilitating illness later in life which limits her activity and work.

    -Highly applauded and regarded for her work, professional and civic, after her passing.

    -Her name is to be found on buildings dedicated to the Arts.

  43. Avatar

    The first woman appears to look like a man. She is troubled. I have an uneasy feeling about her.

    These pictures are not the same women. Maybe they are sisters. They have similar chins. I also had a feeling they could be mother and daughter.

  44. Avatar

    She liked to cook, dog lover and died of a stroke. She was tall and very practical – a bit of a loner too. I can’t see her path or trade though.

  45. Avatar

    I had a mental image of her before I scrolled down!
    Random list… I used a technique where I asked myself questions about her and waited for a tingly feeling on the left side of my head.
    Bread, baking. Schoolteacher, headmistress, mother of many. Women’s rights. Sexual pioneer.
    Shy, idealistic.
    Reminds me of Annette Kellerman.
    I trust her more when young than old. As she ages, she sees things differently. Becomes less confident. Warm feeling towards her when young, her naivety. Becomes complex/split later. Loss of power. Hiding/lying when older.
    English? New Zealander?
    Never married. Pet dog.
    Died of violence.
    Left wing radical?
    She cared for… colours

  46. Avatar

    Pardon me for being judgemental but as you said my thoughts are all ready formed of this woman, the top photo, she appears to be more humble and warmer than that of the bottom photo, the younger version she was not kind nor humble, one would think she was even bold with courage and had confidence but I feel she was actually timid and dependent upon others to fill safe and excepted. Her latter years she found courage and confidence thru her heart achs and sorrows, even tho she was untrustworthy in her younger years, I feel she has become honest to a fault.

  47. Avatar

    She is married with several children. Her spouse is cheating on her, she is hurt by this. I got an A name. Maybe Anne.

  48. Avatar

    My first impression from her slight smile and lower portion of her face that she is very warm, inviting, kind, motherly. Her eyes and upper portion of her face give me a totally different impression. She is very intelligent. Everything she does is very well thought out and planned. In the right situation she could be a champion of a cause but she could also fall prey to her own vices using her warmth to draw you in and use her overpowering intelligence to consume you. For this reason I would always be suspicious of her motives.

  49. Avatar

    The first thing I felt when I looked at her picture was sadness. I think she may have lost a child. I am having problems taking a deep breath and feel as if there were lung or chest issues. She feels like a humanitarian to me and someone who tried to fight for the rights of others. I do feel as if she had health problems though and I get a spiritual vibe as well.

  50. Avatar

    Comparison of top photo (later time) with bottom photo (earlier time)
    bottom photo – younger an earlier time – more carefree and self confident and looking forward to the future with anticipation and excitement
    top photo- not looking forward to the future – her eyes indicate an open and trustworthiness (that was probably taken advantage of in her younger years) – her eyes are also masking sadness and pain from harsh experiences – the song ‘nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen’ pops in to my mind – this lady is more resolute in her ways and thoughts – her nose is different as though it has been broken – maybe domestic abuse … ‘car accident’ also popped in not to sure of its relevance though

  51. Avatar

    The woman was tried and convicted of murder. She did commit murder and it was premeditated.

  52. Avatar

    Ok Anna tell us who she is already! ???? and what she’s all about! I think it’s interesting how we said myriads of different things, but, randomly, some of us had almost identical thoughts–

  53. Avatar

    I don’t trust her. In the above pic especially, i sense that she’s “troubled” and conflicted within herself to the point of personality disorder, dissociation … or perhaps bipolar; but I get more of a ‘disordered’ vibe from her; psychopathic-like, and/or narcissistic.

    Her eyes are looking in different directions… this could support my feeling that she’s troubled, dissociated, conflicted, and not to be trusted — or maybe just she just a lazy eye :-o!

    She does look happier and more content in the pic below – but i still her eyes pointing in different directions. I’m guessing she’s always had a personality disorder, but she was able to more adept at managing and hiding it — until some kind of tragedy or trauma came and her symptoms intensified, making her ‘act out’ more blatantly.

  54. Avatar

    After a few minutes I intuited this: “she has a heart of gold” and also felt she is somewhat unstable based on the top picture with her eyes. I also felt that she had suffered and was very kind to others. She looked familiar as if she was once famous but you gave us a hint of that.

  55. Avatar

    I sence she is in unhappy marriage with abusive husband. And very sad about that because she has to hide this.

  56. Avatar

    When I saw the photo #1 the first things that came to me was Abigale / English / teacher / great dancer / trusting when I saw photo #2 this is what popped into my head. Claire / nice / Powerful husband / nursing / 3 kids not necessarily hers /stylish /sweet / gets what she wants EASILY! Should be interesting to see the results. Thank you for these experiments, Terri

  57. Avatar

    This lady has a kindly side to her nature but also a very determined side. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. I’m picking up that at some stage in her life she’s been involved with children and has also done some teaching or has some connection with teaching although maybe not in a school.
    I get a strong connection with music hall. She loves to entertain. She takes great care of her appearance. She has carefully plucked eyebrows, neatly curled hair and expertly applied make up. She’s definitely all woman and she needs to look her best at all times. There have been a number of men in her life but I wouldn’t want to write down everything I’m picking up.

  58. Avatar

    She was helped along by the success/money of her parents. No real skill herself. I don’t trust her. Her eyes are odd and suggest some type of mental instability? I can’t see her as a maternal type.

  59. Avatar

    I get 2 different readings for these photos. In the first photo, I feel like she’s scared a lot; scared of change and things that are different. I get that she’s a caregiver and a solid homemaker. I also, with the help of the second photo, pick up a sense of humor. The second photo shows me someone much happier and open… I feel at some point in her life she drummed up a sense of courage and adventure, and it changed her/opened her up…

  60. Avatar

    I got that this woman was sweet and motherly. Very nurturing. She had a lisp. She was somewhat naive at times and surprised by cruelty. I saw her painting. I saw her as a leader. I also saw her dressed as a flapper. I got gay. That may just be the time period and she liked being outgoing. I also got suffragette.

  61. Avatar

    My first thought when I looked into her eyes was the word “scarry”. I was truly scared of what she had done. I feel that she has murdered someone. I don’t trust her at all. I tried really hard to see if I could get a good feeling from her pictures but I really didn’t.

  62. Avatar

    What comes to mind in the first photo: Greta, or the letters “Gr”, NY or NJ, Germany, children, writer, children’s books or poetry? imaginative, trustworthy.
    The second photo makes me think she was some kind of entertainer.

  63. Avatar

    She is from an earlier time, perhaps when artist Renoir was alive. Came from an aristocratic family at that time. She is a woman of the early 1900s, prior to roaring 20s, she is well known in her community but never gained national renown,carrie herself with grace despite all of life’s tragedies and disappointments.

  64. Avatar

    Teacher, humanitarian, works with children. Kind, caring, trustworthy, good. 2nd photo seems like silent film star or entertainer of sorts.

  65. Avatar

    Silent movies, fame
    Played a madam, strong women characters
    Self-conscious about her looks
    Later years a grandmother/quiet life
    Grew up on small farm/rural
    Celebrated for her talents/awards
    Furs and expensive clothes
    Tiara/jewels/a trendsetter
    Hard worker/fear of losing it all
    Taken advantage of financially
    Used alcohol to cope

  66. Avatar

    ok I feel she is very stern, unhappy, although she wants to be. I don’t feel shes a mum but I see although I see parties children and dancing around her.
    I just get sad even though there was a photo of her laughing. I think she was married perhaps she couldn’t have children
    Do I trust her, I don’t feel I can although its like i see two sides to her.
    its like she could be snobbish and looked out for herself. so no I don’t know now.
    there is great pain behind her eyes
    perhaps cancer?

  67. Avatar

    I feel this lady is a very kind person. I think she helped a lot of people during the war, some in secret. Was she a wren? She seems to be handing food to people. I see her dancing, looks like a club and people are sitting round at candle lit tables. The number 3 is significant in some some way, maybe 3 children, or she was one of three. I am picking up on a heart condition, i think this is how she passed. Was she aged 56? The month of October seems significant in some way. She loved flowers, i am seeing blue bells, as if they are all around her. The name ‘Marilyn’ comes to mind. I see a man with old fashioned flying head gear on, i think he is connected to her in some way ‘Gerald’?

  68. Avatar

    I feel that her name was a common name, but more specifically something with a ‘M’ maybe Martha or Mary I’m not exactly sure. She was a mother. I feel that she was very kind, loving, geniune, very respected and loved and I see her being funny. I feel like there was some secret she was hiding and possibly took it to the grave. I also see a sister or maybe close friend that was always with her. She might have been a teacher but I see her cooking too.

  69. Avatar

    1st Impression: woman or man, icky, and yucky. Early 1900’s, died around 1940.

    Boats! Saw her right hand waving, maybe to/from a boat. Plus person reminds me of Kathy Bates and her character “Molly Brown” in Titanic movie. Socialite? Association with both poor and rich? (Or Kathy Bates in movie “Misery” the psychopathic killer?)

    Mirrors, billboard, and bright lights – Maybe performer, singer, dancer, or somebody that enjoyed the limelight.

    Watchtower – in prison or watched? Jehovah? Auschwitz survivor or victim? Couldn’t be herself? Trapped somehow.

    Seemed ‘horsey’ – masculine or liked horses.

    If I placed a mirror on central vertical line on her face, the reflection would be totally different to the hidden side of her face. Left hand side of her face doesn’t match the right hand side of her face – usually means two-faced, two sides to her, living two lives, analytical, bisexual, transgender, or Bipolar. Also, right side of my body aching, and right side of person’s body feels wrong. Right wing? Stroke?

    Pain in my head – headaches, head trauma, aneurysm, OR great thinker/philosopher. Also heard “ping ping pang” like gunshots, fire-crackers, or ricocheting. Head wound? Also saw blood bleeding out of her mouth, nose, and her eye sockets got really dark. Black eyes? Illness? Battered? The dark recesses of her mind!

    Plus shape of nose seems different between the two pics???

    My throat felt tight and constricted and difficult to breathe – strangled, drowned, hanged (suicide maybe), suffocated, or poisoned. Chest tightness. Or prevented from speaking – activist? Thin lips – can’t talk, secrets, or nasty. Liar? Told stories?

    Also got ‘way shower’ and ‘may flower’. Leader? The Ship?

    Names: Janet Hooker, Macy, Mary, Betty, Betsy, Bethy, Kathy, and Dawn.

    Also Madame and Missy – brothel owner/worker, French, unmarried. No children of her own.

    Associations with Britain, France, and America. Massachusetts?

    Heard phrases: “Can you see me” (in limelight or wanted to be); “Dawn of the times” (started something big); “Shake it down” (?extortion); “Dressing down” (?telling someone off); and “Be me”.

    Looking at her pictures made me sleepy, and especially made my eyelids heavy, like I was drugged or drunk – addict, alcoholic, poisoned? Also “popper” came (popped) into my head, and modern day poppers are amyl nitrate, a recreational drug that is inhaled and common in LGBT community. Gay? I think person is lonely, and the smile comes mostly from intoxication, not necessarily true happiness.

    She was sweaty and I wiped the sweat from her brow! Maybe fear or exertion! Hard worker? Sex?

    Not sure if person is trustworthy as something not adding up. Sometimes feels kind, content, good, and satisfied with herself. But other times icky, wonky, and unstable, like intoxicated or mentally ill. Maybe pretends to be a better person than she really was. Philanthropist or the blank stare of a psychopathic killer!

    Doll or Statue – fake, no substance, used, admired, famous, played with? Oscar Award? Statue of Liberty? Acting a role?

    Deadpan. The facial expression doesn’t match what’s really going on inside!

    Bump. Flinch. Jump. Uncomfortable minor body movements like person is being poked and prodded? Is she conscious?

    Saw frilly dress, maybe with lace.

    Thanks again Anna
    🙂 xx

  70. Avatar

    Kind, warm, loving. Either a school teacher or caregiver at an orphanage. Takes care of kids in some way. English….maybe from England. never married and lonely. Socially awkward. Guarded, shy, loyal. Vulnerable. Trustworthy.

  71. Avatar

    I’ve tried three times now in the past ten minutes to get some impression , all I’m getting is an image of a large tree and park like setting it’s pleasant and sunny , a very large house and vaguely a crystal ball or maybe tarot cards and a table , I’m feeling maybe she is phsychic or clairvoyant , maybe shes writing at the table

  72. Avatar

    The first thing that came to me was not a thought but a smile. I want to give this woman a hug. I find her energy kind and loving. She probably had a great laugh. There is something adventurous about her. She loves water or was born in a water sign. Maybe Pisces. Her aura seems like it would be pink or yellow. Perhaps married but no children. She helps others overcome adversity with her big heart. She is troubled my injustice in the world. Old soul. Lightworker. American? I would love to sit on this woman’s porch and drink a glass of ice tea with her, that seems like something she would do….

  73. Avatar

    I picked up married twice, either has alot of children or takes care of a bunch of children. I saw children all around her. I picked up that she had been involved in some form of tragedy either to her or someone she loved. She seems sad, but is trucking on.

  74. Avatar

    Forgot to add to my previous comment – Looking at her pictures, I kept asking myself ‘Why can’t I see her ears?’ and ‘Where are her ears?’ I thought it strange that her ears and ear lobes weren’t really that noticeable.

  75. Avatar

    When I looked at the picture, my first impression was intense fear. I feel as if she did something evil–like perhaps murdered someone–but also, that she couldn’t tell right from wrong. Perhaps some sort of mental instability?

  76. Avatar

    Something about the 1950s is significant. Eyes… Temples. Personality disorder or blindness. Some connection about Helen Keller or that time period. Famous. Don’t trust her, feel a duality. Lies or puts on a face like an actress. Top picture makes me uneasy. Feels intuitive. Powerful. Get a grandmother feeling. Something dizzy, in the head. Keep getting something significant about something in the 1950s. Something related, relation. Feel family, but alone. “Be me.”

    Getting things from Anna? Didn’t pick this photo by accident. There is something that intrigues. Like she has studied her before. Knows about her. Wasn’t a random picture. Smiles, this will work.

  77. Avatar

    This woman was born in reach family with traditions, got very good education. She wasn’t very obedient child. Opposite, because she was smarter then her siblings, very active child, quick thinker, she always came up with some ideas and as well as plan and a lot of energy to realized them
    When she grew up and became young lady, she, WA not satisfied with traditions in the scosiety because of sharp mind, being wit. She was very active in her social life and possibly even participated in revolution. When she was young, this woman was easy going person, laughing a lot. She has very distinct eyes! They look straight to the bottom of your sole and nothing can hide from them.
    Eventually this woman got married, had about 3 kids. Her husband was dominant and possibly drank to much. She never arguared with him. She kept everything to herself and cried when was by herself. On the picture where this woman is older, she looks very wise, warm, kind person with big heart and again THOSE EYES looking right deep into you! She was wonderful mother. Her life was not easy, in spite of that, she did not became angular, bitter person. She remained true to her big warm heart.


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