Intuitive Experiment #22 – What Do You Pick Up About This Man?

Here is the man I chose for this experiment:

int exp 22

int exp 22 2

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  1. Avatar

    For some reason, I do not trust this man (I don’t know why). I have never met anyone like him prior to now. I don’t often converse with adults unless they are educators or family members as I am 18. I wonder who the man is.

  2. Avatar

    I get good vs bad lol
    He was not so much living a honest life! I saw greed, lies, manipulator but he changed his life over and was reborn in a sense

  3. Avatar

    He looks a bit like an astronaught. The older picture- his eyes tell of clear vision, like someone who has seen the earth in a different way – spiritual but in a scientific way ( like an astronaught). I like clear vision, peaceful, philosophical- someone who see’s through problems rather than adds to them.

  4. Avatar

    Leery and pragmatic. Favorite hobby is fishing

  5. Avatar

    I feel as if this man is well spoken, well educated, and energetic. He seems friendly but I’m not sure I’d trust him for some reason. I also felt like he was involved in politics or FBI or some kind of public service type job and I also had the word “peddler” come into my mind for some reason. I felt he was a leader of some kind. That’s what I got.

  6. Avatar

    An entertainer…a father…or played a father on tv or in a movie

  7. Avatar

    I get an uplifted feeling in my chest looking at him, also a strange numb-tingling sensation in my lower lip, but don’t know why. I get that he’s an air sign or has strong general qualities that are typically associated with air signs in that he’s intelligent, strong communication skills, and has accomplished something of significant value to those who know him or know of him. He is adventurous and trend-setting or pioneering in some aspect of his interests, career or sphere of influence. He has a quirky sense of humor, is affable, and is generally well-liked by people who know him. I’m also getting a dizzy sensation in my head when I close my eyes thinking about him so I wonder if he’s done something at great heights or altitude above sea level, perhaps a pilot?

  8. Avatar

    Ceo , technology , has a daughter he’s extremely proud of . Donations

  9. Avatar

    I got the impression that he’s comfortable with himself and his decisions (although some of those decisions were of a “the good of the many outweighs the good of the few” type. Overall, he’s made his peace with his life and his choices, and he keeps his private life private, only sharing so much with the public. He’s an Old Soul, and sees things from a detached, observational distance.

    He likes the outdoors (i.e., hiking, fishing, etc.) He may have a military or law enforcement background. I also got a sense of politics or law – perhaps an environmental activist?

    I would trust him to a degree, but also get a hint of “sleazy used-car salesman” from him…perhaps it’s that he’s trained himself to believe his perspective is the right one, so anything he does is the right thing to do. Despite that, I also feel a sense of expansion/uplifting-ness from him.

    I also get the impression of his being Australian or Canadian; that he has several grandchildren, only one or two children, and that he’s long ago widowed or divorced.’

    He’s a strong person, willing and able to walk his own path alone and not kow-tow to public opinion.

  10. Avatar

    The first word I get is strength…a great deal of strength. Entrepreneur of some sort. I also see numbers, as in he’s good with them-either figures like dollars and finance, or computers/algorithms. He seems to have a way with understanding numbers.
    I sense that he worked his way up the ladder of success. He was a seemingly average guy who became successful and a ‘power suit.’
    I sense his personality is honest and straight forward. I sense that he’s trustworthy, even tempered and overall happy. He didn’t have a difficult life or face traumas like many other people have had to. I get the sense that one of his more negative traits is that he clings to things/ideas in an almost OCD kind of way, and he winds up stuck in a particular pattern or style.
    Besides being successful and a strong leader, I sense the word charismatic or vivacious–if that applies to men. He enjoys his status in life but doesn’t abuse the power or mistreat others.
    Overall I sense he’s someone who worked hard to move up and be successful without becoming an a$$.

  11. Avatar

    He is a handsome man with handsome eyes in the first pic, but that smile was for a photo taking, his eyes are between happiness and sadness, the colour on his nose confuses me coz it points few things. On the second pic, I see someone who has won battle of life and the sharpen in his eyes points those and has seen light. That light is shining in shaped from his eye lits and his lower eyebrows. He has seen and knows the world and in badness he found a way. I am not sure if I can trust him but seems like there is light in him

  12. Avatar

    I don’t trust this guy. Wealthy guy, maybe a CEO, Or some sort of investment company. Definitely commuted some fraud, maybe money laundering. Don’t know of his whereabouts now.

  13. Avatar

    I know we should go with 1st impressions,but my 1st,I saw kindness in his eyes,but then deception popped in and I got that in early photo,he was very good at gaining people’s trust through deception. I then saw a predator that was very good at gaining the trust from his prey. I believe his prey was/is children. In more recent photo, I see a man whom consciously thinks he still he still has that ability,but subconsciously,he knows he does not,and this really gets to him. I do not trust him. Not a good person.

  14. Avatar

    He seems kind but I don’t trust him. I feel like he works in finance or with money but not in a typical way. He likes to travel and is possibly divorced. He enjoys life but in a reserved way.

  15. Avatar

    For some reason I’m getting the name Paul or Peter. His eyes are soft and kind and there is a gentleness around him. I feel that he has family – daughters? I also feel a question mark around his marital status, and that there is a connection to finance in someway, perhaps through his work?

  16. Avatar

    When I do this type of intuitive experiment, I imagine myself holding hands with the person in the photos and all I wanted to do was take my hands back. I didn’t want him to touch me, I was really uncomfortable, and I kept getting a weird feeling around my stomach when I tried to read the photo.

  17. Avatar

    This man look like sumone who is well of and knows at lot . Im not to sure if I could trust him as he is a perfect stranger to me but on the other hand he looks like he would have alot of knowledge about anything

  18. Avatar

    At first he seems pleasant but underlying distrust is there. Educated and we’ll spoken, maybe too much for his own good. Likes to fish and play golf. I get the name Gary, not sure if its his name but that’s what came to mind. Feel likes he lives a double life. When looking at him I feel lightheaded and pressure in chest.

  19. Avatar

    I don’t feel as though I would trust him for some reason and also feel police or something to do with law was involved somehow.. maybe very strict too, I see him giving hugs.

  20. Avatar

    He is very trust worthy. He is down to earth & has achieved a high status young in life. He is shy of women or he has been hurt by them. He is very sensitive. He is easy to talk to & approachable. He values work and has a good work ethic. He enjoys being with the guys and having a good time.

  21. Avatar

    My characteristics thoughts are; divorced professor with 2 daughters (1 blond 1 brunette). Passion is philosophy and anything outdoors especially hiking. Trust, would be labeled as introvert (which may reflect as untrustworthy or different to some). Very educated.

  22. Avatar

    I feel like this guy is in a high power position: politics, law, or banking. He may have been involved in the economic crisis in 2008. I sense a search for him. He may have been wanted by the law or went missing and a search was called to find him. He has or had a wife. The marriage was not happy.

  23. Avatar

    I got maritime (deep sea diving/mining, deep ocean rather than sailing on coastlines). The initial J figuring strongly, had Judy and Japan come to mind.

  24. Avatar

    He looks like a happy person. His eyes hold a sadness deep within in the second picture. He is probably a Gemini or air sign. He has a volitile temper He is a family man or was, I get the feeling he has hurt and been hurt deeply,these are pretty intimate details I am getting. He is either a journalist, sports commentator outdoor work or hobbies. Would I trust him…no

  25. Avatar

    I wouldn’t trust him either. For some reason I get uneasy feeling about him. He looks like a well educated person. But I think he has done some wrong doing.

  26. Avatar

    I get the impression he is a very hard working and honest man, and very peaceful; I trust him. I think he is a family man with 3 children but has been married twice. That he was from a middle class background but through honest hard work, has made a lot of money. I feel he has invented something huge in the aeronautics field that has made an impact on the world today.

  27. Avatar

    Rich, successful, player type.
    A bit shifty. I wouldn’t trust him

  28. Avatar

    I get “doctor, astronaut, science”

  29. Avatar

    At first glance he looked like a typical politician but the more I looked the more I saw someone who’s life was centered around family and then I felt a loss…maybe his wife??? I also think some else on here said rebirth in a way. Because after the loss I felt ok.

  30. Avatar

    I got impressions in this order: writer, comedian, Australia, jail, cancer (lung or colon), wife issues

  31. Avatar

    I see a speaker and/or a writer in the later picture, maybe a CEO. Earlier picture a little unsettling or I was just unsure and maybe connected to radio somehow. I do see a charismatic or charming man though. Maybe had a brother.
    All else the popped in my head was his father was a “baker”.

  32. Avatar

    This man is witty and has a great sense of humour but unfortunately other people can sometimes find his idea of humour annoying. He does think a lot of himself. He likes women, maybe a bit too much and he can be too flirtatious. The first word that came to mind when I saw his picture was, ‘Girls.’
    I think he may have something to do with science, possibly physics and also politics. He’s well educated and I get the sense that when he walks into a room everyone takes notice. You can’t ignore his presence.

  33. Anna

    Well done to everyone who has had a go at this! There are some great comments here – looking forward to revealing who the man is 🙂

  34. Avatar

    I believe it’s the same man , his younger version I don’t trust because he doesn’t even trust himself (younger self ), but the second pic of the older version seems more trustworthy because his eyes have more love.

  35. Avatar

    There is something that makes me feel uncomfortable with his second picture. Sadness perhaps.

  36. Avatar

    In the picture on the left, the individual is much younger than the picture on the right.
    In the one on the left, he appears to be sincere.
    In this multi-faceted snapshot of him, in the pic on the left, he is conveying a trust, kindness, sincerity.
    In the pic on the left; I trust him.
    When tuning into the pic on the right, a thought struck me that the one on the right, was a picture as he stood before the parole board.

    Going back to the left: he does remind me of someone; not specifically, but has a kindred spirit or a familiar spirit of someone I have known.
    The character traits that both share, are trust, kindness, love for his family, gentleness.

    Upon my first impression of the left: the thought of having a family with two small children. Two young girls.

    The pic on the right: first impression is that he has led a hard life.
    Crow’s feet around the eyes.
    Deep wrinkles of consternation.
    He still carries an underlying smile or uplift in his spirit.
    Nice dress, clean shaven.
    Something deep in his spirit that is looking for the truth.
    A judge.

  37. Avatar

    Untrustworthy ,con man of some sort maybe a cult leader ,I get religion or evangelist of some kind , I’m not getting much of anything , mostly untrustworthy ,Mmm we will see

  38. Avatar

    My initial feeling when I looked at his picture was sadness. When I thought about his character, I felt that he is a successful businessman and has worked hard to get where he is. He is tough, but honest and is a good family man who is caring and supportive of his children. His early life was difficult and he decided to never be in that situation again. He may be someone who helps others to be successful by sharing his knowledge and resources.

  39. Avatar

    This man seems passionate about one specific interest which he is endlessly exploring. Possibly a scientist. He is eager to share knowledge with others. He has an independent mind, is not really social, but is surrounded by like-minded seekers. He is full of creative ideas – always on the go. He spends quite some time outdoors (I associate him with windy conditions)- a yachtsman ? He enjoys simple life. I would not trust him as I believe he is not a considerate person

  40. Avatar

    I keep picking up an image of a snake and a gas station in a desert. I get the feeling he was involved in some kind of embezzlement and or fraud and spent time maybe in a federal penitentiary. I feel like there was a blond woman that he was trying to win over with this scheme.

  41. Avatar

    I am getting a businessman, entrepreneur, possibly English, though his younger photo has an air of Scandinavian. I think he is self-made, may have had ups and downs financially, perhaps stocks and shares relating to a large enterprise. I would trust him as far as any businessman – which means business is a priority over personal affairs but I don’t think he would be out to hurt anyone intentionally. I think he may have done his bit for charitable causes too, and have come from lowly beginnings to reach success in his own field.

  42. Avatar

    Hi Everyone

    Found #22 difficult to read which usually indicates con-man or writer, ie both very creative minds!

    1st impression = Pic 1 reminded me of Kevin Spacey’s character ‘Verbal’ Kint in “The Usual Suspects” movie, where’s he’s a stuttering, story-telling, crippled con-man/mastermind-criminal (Keyser Soze). However, this same pic also looked wholesome and fatherly, like he was someone’s Dad. Long shot – maybe 3 kids? Wife Anita?

    Pic 2 reminded me of an annoying but cheerful politician, again untrustworthy, smooth talker, and con-man.

    His appearance didn’t match his energy for me ¬¬– that pleasant wholesome looking face versus an icky, something’s gonna happen feeling. I couldn’t stare into his eyes for long.

    He made my sinuses burn and my eyes go cross-eyed! Ouch! What a pain he was! Maybe somebody spent so much time concentrating or focusing on this guy, it made them cross eyed. Maybe wanted by the law?

    Swedish, American, Los Angeles, California, and Mexico came up.

    Strange bird-like theme with that unkempt tuft of hair looking like a feathery crest = “beep beep” Road Runner, peacock, turkey (neck), and rooster. Maybe he ran around a lot, strutted his stuff, showing off, and had lots to squawk about! Or his personality was flappy and flighty like a bird? Pilot or worked on planes? Flew a lot?

    I heard him say: “Catch me if you can” which was the movie about fraudster and con-man Frank Abagnale Jr., starring Leonardo di Caprio. Did he commit fraud, work in FBI, steal money?

    He also said: “it’s raining – future”, “that’s fascinating”, and “keeps on”???? Weatherman or News Presenter? haha

    He also said “Nothing Sticks” as if he’s hard to pin down and good at dodging blame. Plus his nose gave impression of a icy ski-jump, or kid’s slide, basically a slippery slope, meaning he may appear squeaky clean but he’s going down-hill, and fast.

    Heard “Sea Saw Margery Daw” start of kids nursery rhyme. Long shot – maybe something to do with kids literature or cartoons? Or maybe he sea-sawed between two lives, two women, or two jobs? Childish character? Was he a good story-teller?

    I see 2 vertical lines either side of his forehead, which boxed him in, or made him seem narrow-minded. Maybe goalposts? Square? On TV? Prison bars? Downhill skiing slalom racing? He had a white patch on his forehead too. Did he kick goals with his career? Was he framed? Closed off?

    Names: Anita, Allen, Bob, Benito (I think this one continued on from “The Usual Suspects” impression), Freda, Wendell, Max, Axel, Nab, Nabawah, Losier.

    Random Words: loafer, exquisite, falafel.

    Letters: AK, KK (but with 1st K reversed, like he was dyslexic), BB, RR.

    Repeated letters – Did he stutter?

    His whole pic (2nd one) shuddered and moved over fractionally to the left (his right side). Then this same pic kept vibrating and blurring slightly, especially around his jaw/mouth. Maybe shifty character that talked incessantly, maybe at one stage with a stutter? Possibly shivering or quivering? Moved around a lot?

    Accident of some sort?

    Top of his head felt detached and fluffy, like he was lifting off! Lost his mind? Got carried/taken away? Flew away? Leader in his field? Air head? Extremist?

    Got lots of contradictions as usual. Thanks Anna. I do love these experiments.


  43. Avatar

    Detective, investigation
    “Chuck Taylors” – sneaky
    Womanizer, affairs and a sense he believes his actions are justified
    “Work boots” – he could change his appearance when needed and make people trust him
    Very engaging in conversation
    He has insecurities
    Complicated life filled with secretes
    Theft, bank, security alarm
    Being tracked down
    Aliases, many different identities
    William, Frank, Robert, Russ
    “Night crawler”
    Crocodile Dundee
    Aloof, avoidant

  44. Avatar

    I have two different impressions one he was into science but the other one was that he is not to be trusted he did something with finances my posta I have two different impressions one he was into science but the other one was that he is not to be trusted he did something with finances I feel like you lied and stolen some money with big-time corporations greedy

  45. Avatar

    This individual experienced unstable, uncertain, and insecure circumstances in his youth – not hostile or abusive, but tumultuous. These conditions distilled his self contained and self reliant outlook and orientation. He learned to trust and rely upon his own resources very early in life.

    He is a keen, astute fellow; well trained and prepared for pursuit of his life’s ambitions and endeavors.

    Supremely self confident, focused, determined, relentless, and subsequently extraordinarily accomplished as a pioneer in a new field.

    Congenial, sensitive, and optimistic despite the armored persona. Driven, full throttle is the preferred setting. He can be evasive, even brusque regarding intrusions into his personal matters.

    A successful public life, but less so in private matters. His relationships lie strewn and broken, estranged from his children.

    I felt he was neither British or American.

    Of the subjects presented for intuitive examination, this individual is the most impervious of the lot. Perhaps this is a measure of his self containment.

  46. Avatar

    I absolutely do not trust the man. I would never have any kids around him. I’m sorry but he seems like a pervert. I’m curious who he is? I’m picking up something really bad in Thailand? Indonesia? Some Asian country.

  47. Avatar

    I think there’s 2 distinct phases of life for this man. At first I saw him as untrustworthy – but formerly trustworthy (or maybe vice versa). I was thinking something along the lines of someone in an average workaday position – rather nondescript – who worked their way up. Sort of like a cross between school teacher and a used car salesman. Maybe he had to use these characteristics to get somewhere. I didn’t really see children for this man in offspring terms (more in schoolteacher terms). From somewhere in the northern hemisphere. I thought Nokia, I don’t know why (then thought maybe some technology based thing). Something a bit sleazy about him.

  48. Avatar

    I felt this Gentleman maybe a writer, or maybe a Architect, something along these lines, He reminds me of Teacher i had at Senior school many years ago, A gentle man, very kind, though this Gentleman only has a vague look of my teacher his persona reminds me of him.

  49. Avatar

    As a young man I sense creativity. Maybe a writer. Someone I would trust. He has a kind face. In the mature man, are laughing eyes. Could be from joy of having a good life or he has a secret that would blow your mind and the joke is on us.

  50. Avatar

    I do not trust this man. He mimics emotions that he cannot feel. Appears charming and friendly. He feels like a predator. The smile on his face does not match his eyes. Got the impression that he works with food somehow, then the words, “yeah, poison.”
    I thought, “God, I hope not.” Also picked up involvement in politics or political influence. Thinking of location, seems he is or has been incarcerated or should be.
    Came close on many of your past experiments. I’m being pretty harsh here and that feels uncomfortable to me.

  51. Avatar

    I don’t know why but I feel like I can trust this man. I feel no negative emotion on him. I sense that he’s a good man. I don’t know if this is really what he is but it’s what my mind telling me. I’m not sure about it and I’m not good in this thing.

  52. Avatar

    Kind generous man, successful financially
    Married, sense he made a mistake he regrets in his relationship
    Father of three kids, yes he can be trusted

  53. Avatar

    I keep feeling, sensing the word ‘forced’. The other thoughts I’ve had when I look at this man is that he’s trying to seem as kind…like the eyes are attempting to be softer than what they really are. It’s like he’s trying too hard to be seen as kind. I’m a bit puzzled if it’s because he really wants to be good or if it’s just him ‘pretending’… or a bit of both.

  54. Avatar

    I felt at first that he was a celebrity of some sort, very talented in his field.

    Name sounded like Richard Davis/Dan….I got that he was from US/Canada, English speaker, some flavor od French or France.

    I saw him eating seafood, exercising and bei g careful about diet. Then his age came up as being 55-60. HE was eating by a huge table with a woman using fork, like well mannered old fashioned style in a dark room with stone walls and loads of wood, big windows.

    He looked like the person that would never hurt anyone verbally. He would never reject a woman in a mean way for example. He would pretend and hide, but not say the negative things. I felt he was very reserved and had certain believes that were the reason wht he did that, like he went by the rules of his own.

    I felt pleasure looking at this person, like “Wow, what a person!” And I felt something “politics” or indirectly related to politics or politicians. Something ” big and VIP” type.

    I asked his photo if he was a drinker or smoker and it camw up as “on and off”. He was more into healrhy living.

    I asked his profession, but I just felt country music oe instruments, also sports. As well, my hands started to burn as if he constructed sometging with hands or his hands were the cause of hus success. As if it was the main tool in his work.

    Married twice. First wife brunette and the second one – blond with cyrly hair. I see 2-3 children with first wife but I feel he had a very strong connection with a girl, a daughter perhaps, like he just adored her and could give antthing ti her and she adored him too. So he’s “a little girl’s daddy”.

    I then wanted to know if this person was alive, but couldn’t understand. Then I saw a sudden huge accident, like cars or bikes hurting him with pieces of iron. He was overall of good health but there was some incident, very sudden ans unexpected and that was it.

    This all must be my imagination too. By the way he reminds me of the guy from X factor UK, sorry dont remember the name.

  55. Avatar

    He is involved with money, maybe a banker/Wall St. type. He is charming and people trust him, but he isn’t trustworthy. I feel like he’s funny, like a comedian/performer so maybe he is not himself and presenting a front to people. I felt like he is English. Perhaps that he got into trouble for shady dealings, conning people out of money and ended up in jail.

  56. Avatar

    Ok let’s try this. I’m thinking in the line of ‘medical, scientist, researcher, writer, computers’. He looks trustworthy to me. Maybe he made some important medical discovery? I think he’s successful. English? Really looking forward to the answer!

  57. Avatar

    I felt as if this man was a successful businessman with cunning ways to achieve his ultimate goals. A creator of whatever product line he is selling but I absolutely do not trust him. He looks complicated and deceitful in personal life. He wears a double edged face that scares me if I had to be around him.


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