Intuitive Experiment #19: Can You Read This Woman’s Aura?

Once again, it is time to hold an Intuitive Experiment – this is a chance for blog readers to have a go at seeing what they can ‘pick up’ just from a photo.

In one week, I’ll post a biography of the subject we chose, so that you can find out if you were correct, and hopefully learn more about how your intuition works.

Here is the woman we’re going to read:


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Were You Correct?

Go here to see how you did: Results of Intuitive Experiment #19

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  1. Avatar

    Hi Anna,
    I wow’ed with myself because, as a mental/verbal type of intuitive, her name (won’t mention here) just popped into my mind! And I was correct, of course!

    Reading auras or energy of people isn’t my forte, to be honest. Instead, I will focus on improving my “information downloading skills” verbally because that’s where I love and excel. Akashic Reading, maybe?

    Thanks for this opportunity, Anna.

  2. Avatar

    What character & strength! I feel that she has been through a lot of suffering & has come out stronger & with a great attitude & philosophy.
    Is she a writer, poet?
    Loves nature…English..
    although I’m a bit wonky at the moment & am prepared to be completely wrong!

  3. Avatar

    I sense some ambiguity regarding gender/ sexuality. Maybe gay. Lover of literature- A writer- I think she’s a poet. I get the word “carpenter” – maybe coming from a blue collar family or she is somehow tied to that occupation.

    There is definitely a guarded energy in the first pic. She is hiding something. She seems to have conquered those demons by the second picture (perhaps comfortable in her sexuality?) I dont think she has any children.

  4. Avatar

    The picture of her when she is older looks very familiar, and I am sure I have seen this woman before. I know who she is, but cannot recall exactly. I feel very strongly that she is English and that she was from a well-off background with prominent parents. She married someone prominent or had a relationship with someone prominent but she is known for her own achievements.
    I trust her and feel she was not only honest but very perceptive. She was wise and respected for her intelligence, her words.
    Ah, now I know who she is…I am glad I wrote above what I did before I realised who she was…

  5. Avatar

    I sense poetry, Politics, stubborn but with a good heart. Animal rights activist maybe.

  6. Avatar

    She is a survivor. Been through some stuff when she was younger, but has achieved a balance in her older age. I get a smart, knowledgeable person who loves nature. Maybe lonely or angry when younger. Found peace in older age. Creative.

  7. Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind was ‘flowers’, then maybe fashion, dancing… busyness around her.

    There’s something elusive about her character as though she was in a situation where she didn’t show herself easily, but I can also see her being flirtatious.

    When I asked about her father I felt nauseous, but not sure exactly what that meant.

    Possibly WW2 connection as I felt darkness around her.

    Thanks for posting!

  8. Avatar

    I felt this lady to be very positive in nature, and feel she was ahead of her time, interests in nature, possibly conservation, the names Jean and Gabrielle, held in high esteem. Not the easiest start in early life but managed to turn negative into positive, very independent.
    Interest in food, cookery, all things natural.

  9. Avatar

    Ok this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this sooo here goes.

    I get male soul/ presence
    Im getting “proper” feeling from the first picture- soft but pressured into being proper. observer. not angry just is.

    The second I see strength- not connected to what she should appear to be to others- worker- just gets it done. diligent- happy and at peace. proud. I would say writer. justice inspired but calm.

    ( not sure why I’m getting this- I created safety with knowledge of words.)

    lets see how this pans out!! im excited to see results!.
    Thank you!

  10. Avatar

    Intelligent…strong… Science…single….a pioneer.

  11. Avatar

    A very positive lady, feel she may have had a troubled start in life\ early years but turned negative into positive, lover of nature, I got the names Jean and Gabrielle? Drew a blank on marital status, perhaps never married, also food and cookery came to mind, ahead of her time and gender.

  12. Avatar

    She took my breath away! Very powerful woman!

  13. Avatar

    Hi Anna, as always a pleasure to participate.
    Scientific or artist. He does something with your hands.
    sexuality … Connected to power indefinitely.
    died very old …
    Walter July from Uruguay
    small high heart country

  14. Avatar

    Adventurer, explorer, free thinker, not bound by convention.
    Defender of moral rectitude, or just causes.
    Sensitive, strong, vibrant, a person of generosity and moral principles.
    A person of energy, action, and purpose. Deceptively formidable and fearless.
    One who would throw her energies against injustice, tyranny, or cruelty.
    British in origin, but she may spent a goodly portion of her life outside the UK.
    Someone whose purpose, work, and causes were widely acknowledged and lauded late in her life.

  15. Avatar

    I feel like she was very repressed as a young woman, a controlling husband/father, no children. Perhaps well known or instrumental in her community. Later in life she found herself, she became free to explore her own interests. She became a doctor/scientist/environmentalist?

  16. Avatar

    I got that she was a writer, from England, lesbian, no children but I see cats. Loved gardening or being out in nature. Very strong woman, good character, strong work ethic. Definitely would trust her

  17. Avatar

    In the first photo I feel a real hunger. A real desire and need to change the world to be a better place.

    In the second photo I feel like she has climbed the mountain, burst through the glass ceiling, so to speak, and really accomplished something great.

    I feel like she was a pioneer for women. I feel like she’s worked in a field that’s very male dominated, and she became very accepted as a female in the industry.

    I’m sensing something to do with nature, the outdoors, marine life, conservation, maybe even science/research related, likes to get her hands dirty.

    I feel she’s truly operating in her zone of genius, and feels free and completely on purpose.

    I feel like she has a very strong point to make and she made it. Something to do with perhaps a study to confirm or help something with the environment. Or some discovery about nature.

    Can’t wait for the reveal. I love these practices 🙂

  18. Avatar

    From the first image, the first word that came to my mind was “apprehensive”. Maybe someone who is trying to tow the line, do the right thing, is a little lost/suppressed.

    From the second image, I felt a strong, secure, positive, creative person. It feels like she has become more confident in who she is. I feel like she’s a painter or a writer, and that she has found freedom of expression through her art. Maybe she even teaches/guides others in her art form? I feel that she is single, either her husband died or she was never married. But she feels quite strong in her single status, not sad. She seems positive, kind, and like she would be a positive role model.

  19. Avatar

    My first impression was “she’s someone I would get along with”. For some reason a name jumped at me, Jenny and then Margaret. I don’t think the second name is hers, but may have a strong connection with her. Not sure if Jenny was her name, but I feel something in the line of a J name (Janis, Jenny, Janette). Her younger photo she seems more reserved with an air of sophisticated artist, idealist. She looks like she has a close inner circle of friends and does not trust easily.
    Her later photo tells me that she has made a few travels of importance to her and that she has made lasting impressions abroad. She has lived a full life that she doesn’t regret, and she approaches the world in a practical, caring manner. She is a woman of strength.

  20. Avatar

    I see the younger pic as a woman with a yearning to be more and do more,at the time she seems misunderstood but she has a strength that’s unmatched.I feel peace when looking at her and I don’t quite no why.Her later pic reads to me that she is in tune with nature as well as all things around her.I kind of want to sit with her and talk while sipping tea.She just feels peaceful to me

  21. Avatar

    In 1st picture I feel she is extremely guarded, a strong woman who in her earlier years was perhaps abused sexually or physically. She was an emotional English writer, I sense mental instability, restlessness, manic/bipolar maybe? This lady was a feminist, perhaps bi-sexual. She seems in agony over some sort of incompleteness. I see water, an Aquarius? (Lots of water)

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    Something to do with aviation…a pilot
    Likes time alone each day to recharge

  24. Avatar

    my first impression is about her younger picture is that, she set as a young woman very naive, trusting everyone she related with but I think she has gone through a lot of disappointments. life has thought her lots of lessons, she started very unsure about life but experiences of life has made her so sure about exactly what she wants and she is now living a happier life, she looks like me and I can actually relate with her character.

  25. Avatar

    I love these! Thank you!!
    My first impression – deep soulful eyes, sensitivity- I immediately warmed to this person and thought of animals- dogs in particular. Then came a second wave- is she a he? There is something unsettling and difficult to sit with- some kind of acting or spying or duplicity carried out in a role? Maybe it was more a job she didn’t want to do or that didn’t suit her energy. This is more from the older image. Much hidden perhaps in both. I feel pain. I see white as a uniform- perhaps a clinical coat. Very big heart.

  26. Avatar

    Wow. This lady is on a mission and she’s going to get there come hell or high water. I sense a very driven personality, someone who works hard to achieve. The first thing that comes to mind is a strong connection with gardening and horticulture. I don’t know if this is a hobby or a purpose in life but an outdoor life figures heavily.
    There is also an interest and a connection with science and for some reason transport. I see this lady riding a motorbike. She has an interest in machinery and how things work but she is especially interested in all forms of road transport and possibly also flying and aircraft. She has an inquisitive mind. She seems to be happy with a lot of laughter surrounding her. It’s hard to dampen her spirit.
    I don’t think she was brought up by her natural parents. An aunt features strongly so maybe she spent a lot of time with or lived with her aunt.
    I’m not sure if I would trust her. She wouldn’t deliberately betray but she’s too concerned with her mission in life to worry over what she considers to be trivia. If you asked her to do a simple job and there was something she found more interesting the job would be forgotten.

  27. Avatar

    I picked up on the sadness of the younger photo and she looks much more at peace and happier in the older one. The names Isabella, Arabella and Jane have come to mind. She also looks aristocratic and strong. I think huge loss has been a big part of her younger years.

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    This person is very soft n good natured.
    she is innocent too.i trust her…she is a poet and very creative too

  30. Avatar

    strange to me I’m not sensing a variation of things just one main direction she was an academic or writer involved with university , married maybe to a man very similar, no kids, french or English , ww2 underground or spy , I see nazi Germans and uniform types around her in the second pic and one or two spirit figures in the shadows in the trees behind her one may be her male friend that I thought was her husband and a red dog all around her ,I’d trust her if I was in her circle, bit strange I’m getting a very different feel on this one ,it’s real hot here and a big change is coming thru , heap of wind , bit unsettled maybe that’s part of my feelings

  31. Avatar

    I am getting a lot of male energy, strong, determined, focused and not detered, almost single mindedness, head strong. Very atypical of other females of her time. I don’t see children or long term companions. Later in life she seems to have balanced, settled, softened, she is well rounded and peacefull. I am getting very creative, works with her hands, some sort of artist.

  32. Avatar

    A few words came up immediately: manly (maybe she’s gay), women rights activist, writer, English. She seems pretty trustworthy. In the second picture she looks more grounded, maybe she became more wise and less self-absorbed in the course of her life.

  33. Avatar

    I believe she is of Jewish descent. She is very intelligent and somewhat masculine. I think she suffered greatly and was misunderstood when she was young. I think she went through many hardships and became a very strong woman because of them. I think when she was older she was secure in herself and her identity. I think she was a hard worker and very giving. I don’t think she is alive anymore, never married, no children. I think she died in her older years, having something to do with her heart.

  34. Avatar

    I am feeling a very masculine energy from her. She is a strong independent woman, who did not fit in with the expectations of society at that time. I don’t think she ever married, possibly a lesbian. She loves animals and nature and loves her solitude. She is a maverick. I feel she created a career for herself so that she would not have to marry and found her own success. At the time of the younger picture I feel she was trying to fit in more with societal expectaions of her, but in the older picture she has been true to herself and flourished. She is trustworthy.

  35. Avatar

    Strong willed
    Doesn’t rely on a man
    Trust worthy

  36. Avatar

    The color of her aura seems pink. She is a European, but lived in north America, Educated, strong willed and inquisitive. Learning was/is her passion throughout the life. Its either fundamental science, or social studies. Decisive, never married, no children. Known in her field.

  37. Avatar

    In her younger photo, I saw a purpleish aura, but it was very slight.
    I feel like she is mysterious, introverted, very ambitious, possibly hiding something. I saw flowers in the first photo. Maybe a gardener?

    In the second photo, I had trouble seeing an aura, but I feel that she is happy.

  38. Avatar

    She endured great sadness as a child. Experienced a huge loss. As a teen, she was not afraid to work and found enjoyment working with her hands. Although, she was born wealthy and working like she did was frowned on. Many times she would be found helping the servants do their daily chores. Later in life, she moved away and helped the less fortunate and loved her life.

    Do I trust her? YES!

  39. Avatar

    I think she is a writer or an artist, English, lesbian, maybe involved with the Bloomsbury set or similar. Her appearance is very typical of that type and group, so I am not sure if what I feel I know is intuitive or just very obvious?

  40. Avatar

    Adventurous, explorer, inquisitive, loyal, earthy. Comfortable in her own skin, confident, friendly. May be selective with whom she is close.

  41. Avatar

    First things that popped in my mind were some deep connection with animals, strong willed yet soft spoken, very matter of fact type of personality, masculine energy, tough, resilient, and doesn’t take any crap from others. Tends to be Outspoken. Says exactly what’s on her mind.

  42. Avatar

    All I know is she’s artistic but I think mainly she is a writer

  43. Avatar

    I feel a very sad younger person with a lot on her mind. I feel a very strong love of animals- not your typical dog or cat- the jungle or rainforest- desert type animals- maybe anthropology? – very hard working.

  44. Avatar

    I’m new to all this so here goes her younger photo middle class I don’t feel I could trust her something not good here . Her older photo older wiser lessons learnt hard working with nature no messing no nonsense person. Probably way off but I’ve had a go.

  45. Avatar

    I feel this woman was quite intelligent. She worked in a slow methodical way. Calmly confident. Earnest and serious, but outgoing/sociable. A bit of a trailblazer. For a brief period there may have been some form of abuse, but it didn’t last long. I think this was a woman of contrasts.

  46. Avatar

    I feel something strong, like she helped people. Maybe something with children? Definately something where men felt she was a burden or something most women wouldn’t do. She paved the way for something and helped others. A few things that popped up…

  47. Avatar

    She has problems with her father. She has to meet his standards. She puts men off because she is very intelligent. She doesn’t have children, not married or unhappily married. Knowledge, wisdom, independence, career, wealth. She doesn’t have a strong female figure in her life. Well traveled, likes routine. She wishes her love life could have been different.

  48. Avatar

    You said read aura.. not that I can lol but thought yellow in the young picture and pink in the older one. I can feel a knack for learning and a love of animals and gardening.

  49. Avatar

    The younger photo of her gives me a constricted vibe. There’s something that’s constricting her freedom… It could be her sexuality, the fact that she’s the only female at her university program, or something more like political strife in her country. I don’t know. In her second photo, I see that she is ‘free’ at this point, but not totally happy. She’s successful and accomplished, but the weight of her past is still something she works through.

  50. Avatar

    My gut instinct was that she is a photographer and suffered an accident in some point of her life that left her in a wheelchair. However, her spirit did not weaken due to her physical limitations.????

  51. Avatar

    Hello, just thought I’d try this. The first one was more serious and conscious person, also sad and suffering from a loss of a man??? Also her ‘aura’ seems masculine and also the second one it was only a while that I realize that they are the same. The second one is more happier and contented, also hardworking maybe related to farming, artist, or a writer.

  52. Avatar

    I feel like she was very cold-hearted before, as if she had abusive parents. But throughout life it seems that her parents died and eventually she learned forgiveness.

  53. Avatar

    Regarding trust, I asked do I trust her. I got, she won’t let people close enough for them to be able to get to know if she could be trusted or not. French. Repressed and sexually abused. Still living at her parents house, but feels trapped there. Quite miserable.

    Second picture – Found her freedom in life, she remained single. Her work was her life. She worked with her hands, creatively. She’s lonely, but looses herself in her work, (art?)

  54. Avatar

    This woman can be light and funny. She is thoughtful but selfish. You can trust her about 65-75 percent of the time. She has a need to be heard and not so much admired but respected. She has had an average level of sadness in her life but she is the type that thinks her experience is much harder, deeper and more meaningful than it really is comparatively. She causes many unnecessary problems in her life out of fear. She shows the outside world that she is independent and artistic through her clothing. She does not realize that she looks messy, to her this looks attractive and artsy. She does not have a strong sense of self-awareness. She is also stingy with her time and does not give it often if she sees no benefit in it for herself. She does see herself above others on the surface but inside she really knows she’s somewhat of a fraud. She has the ability to be a great person but often makes selfish choices. (I had made a comment before but don’t see it so I reread her. I apologize if I am on this reading twice).

  55. Avatar

    She was present during world war 2. I feel pressure on my head, did she have a concussion of something? She didn’t get to achieve her goals. She liked writing. Something aout a crash. I trust her.


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