Intuitive Experiment #16: Can You Read This Person?

What do you ‘pick up’ about the woman below?

For this exercise, you’re invited to flex your psychic muscles and have a go at reading another person! Hundreds of people have taken part in our intuitive experiments to date, and have improved their intuitive skills as a result! Others have received confirmation on their abilities and gained confidence. Who knows what will happen when you have a go?

This is the lady I have selected for Intuitive Experiment #16:


I normally post instructions here on how to ‘tune in’ and read her, but it’s getting repetitive posting the same instructions each time. So instead I made a handy worksheet that you can download for tips and pointers on how to go about this exercise – you can download it below!

Who Was She?

Find out by reading this article: Results of Intuitive Experiment #16

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  1. Avatar

    She’s a deeply thoughtful person. I do trust her. She’s seen a lot – “Oh, honey, the things I’ve seen…” she says. She’s brave and a leader of some kind? A mother, if not an actual mother then perhaps like a mother to many… mother or founder of a group or idea? I see deep kindness behind her eyes. She cares deeply for people, or for the person who took the photo, perhaps. However, she has seen many things over her life and had many experiences – as though she’s lived many many lives in her one life. She’s very resolute and sometimes stubborn, but it comes from a deep sense of right and wrong and an unwillingness to bend when it comes to things she feels strongly about. I feel like she might be from the American South — there’s something about her that feels very familiar to me. That look of having known poverty and hard work, but having a good heart and a strong sense of honor. I’m very interested in who she might be and look forward to finding out! I hope she’s not a murderer, because I quite liked her – LOL!

  2. Avatar

    I feel very much same as above comment, but also feel she has lost a son, one of many of her children. Life has been a constant struggle for her and her family, maybe bought the children up on her own. Very loving and compassionate woman who has seen a lot of hardship and grieving deeply.

  3. Avatar

    I sense she is involved in American slavery or injustice and justice of some sort. She seems strong. A fighter but also saving. She has had a very hard life but I also feel a sense of royalty from her. She is someone to pay attention to, maybe she commands it with her presence. She is tired but continues on the fight. She’s a good cook. A big laugh and a big life. I feel like she’s witness much death, weather it’s from her past or in her present life.
    She reminds me of Oprah in the Color Purple.

    My husband: she’s a slave. Has 2 children. Died of old age. She came into a lot of money.

  4. Avatar

    She has experienced sadness in her life. Some of this sadness is also related to the sense of anger she also carries with her. Her lips reveal an effort to hide the sadness, as well as, her eyes. Also, though, her eyes reveal the anger which is ‘righteous’ in the sense that she is determined, wise, and compassionate to others’ suffering.
    She’s trustworthy, but it would depend on who you are–in terms of character, or, even in terms of what social, economic, racial group you belonged to. If she knew that you were a decent person–despite other factors–she would be very loyal and trustworthy to you.
    She is socially conscious, a community-builder/connector for women, for children. She’s an activist for people. She can be direct, almost blunt and abrasive–but she just knows what has to be done to ‘make things right’ for those who need help.
    She has a dry sense of humour and can enjoy life. But, she doesn’t ‘suffer fools gladly’…she likes to ‘cut through the crap’, so to speak.
    I think she may have actually physically hurt someone, or, even unintentionally killed someone in her life. Or, she acted violently when she was young–this caused her to be imprisoned for a period of time. But, it’s like she really didn’t belong…but, she took responsibility for what she did and moved on.
    I like and admire her.

  5. Avatar

    She was a slave, she is educated and also a leader, she loves to write, and she will write about injustice in the world, she fights for what is right. She also has a fiery temper. But she is a very good person, with strong deep moral conviction. She is courageous and not afraid to speak her mind.

  6. Avatar

    She’s a leader. She’s seen struggle and experienced it yet she is determined. Her determination is strong. She is also feeling the struggle in her body…it has aged her. There is some weariness.
    She is trustworthy but does not trust easily. One must win her trust. She’s been let down/ betrayed in the past.
    She’s committed to justice of some type, whether it be spiritual or social. She has a cause and has dedicated her life to it.
    She has the ability to move others into action because she has passion and is passionate about what she is working on.

  7. Avatar

    This is what I got: That she is trust worthy, that she worked hard, is a strong person, endured a lot. Not afraid of hard work,
    Maybe an educator, or schooteacher of some kind, worked with children to better their lives. Definitely helps people.
    Has a sweet gentle side or nurturing nature but is very strong. Has strong sense of right or wrong.
    Likes to cook, likes to feed people
    Likes Gospel music, likes to sing
    Is much beloved. Others look up to her.

  8. Avatar

    I do not trust her. She seems to have endured great sadness, appears intelligent, seething with anger beneath the surface, wants you to believe that she can be trusted, would stab you in the back if she got a chance.

  9. Avatar

    It feels like she’s a very wise woman. A maid/cook and mistress to white master. She uses this to her advantage to glean what she can for the benefit of her “family”, although she knows it’s wrong. I see her as a mother to many children but they don’t feel like they are her own or that they were hers to keep. Strong, intelligent and willing to stand up for injustice.

  10. Avatar

    strong mother catalyst for change I keep smelling something sweet like a cake or cookie sweet vanilla I dont know I’ve just started on working on developing my psychic sense of smell a good cook? sweet person? possible came up w/a famous recipe?

  11. Avatar

    I’ve never done something like this but thought I’d give it a crack.

    The first word I got was “strong” but soon after that “fearful” as well. I feel that she is a fighter. I feel that she is definitely a mother. I feel pain also. I feel that she presents herself as strong but may hold a lot of fear and pain inside. I feel her life has been difficult. I sense her as a mother but also as lonely.

  12. Avatar

    I see young children, boys around her, not hers? She does remind me of someone close. She seems intuitive and clever with organization type work, kind but can be over protective and one sided (to her supporters) I think she may have spent some prison time for taking advantage of a situation maybe.

  13. Avatar

    Sacrifice, struggle, politics, a life full of pain and in turn, anger, hatred or aggression
    A hug Anna. Wal.

  14. Avatar

    I feel there is either a strong masculine presence or some form of gender confusion. I also feel there is some connection to prisons – either she has spent time in a prison or works within / for a prison system.

  15. Avatar

    She is loving and kind but a strict disciplinarian. I get humilty too. She is surrounded cy children

  16. Avatar

    At first the friendly rounded of her face said committed, loyal and strong willed. Then I felt the myself gasp when I looked at the left side of the picture, the right side of her face, brutal and commanding are words that came to me. There is a darkness just around her right shoulder, maybe something/one from the past, hers or further back. Life hasn’t been easy but she has pushed through and continues on, she will not fail.

  17. Avatar

    I get a strong and gentle energy from her, like maternal and nurturing but unmarried and no children of her own, and again a lot of inner strength but a quiet calm. A leader for a just cause. I feel like whatever cause she works for is for people but I sense animals (particularly farm animals) around her. I also sense something creative in the artistic sense, visual.

  18. Avatar

    I do not trust her, I’m picking up anger and prison ( or jail ). I also see her with children though not her own, maybe she is a nanny. I also got the word “murder”.

  19. Avatar

    My first impression was strength,arrogance but was amongst everything and knew alot about what was going on,around her but stayed quiet.
    I believe she use to be a person at the forefront of many movements,has been battling people and various issues all her life.
    She had a big voice that held power.
    The for picture in my mind was Martin Luther King, don’t ask why because i have no idea. Nelson Mandella, then Nigeria and the south,came to mind.
    As far as trust goes,i believe she could be a double edged sword and would trust her only so much.

  20. Avatar

    Hello Friends.
    She has an interesting face. She is talking instantly to me as from the image. I will write it down as it comes to me.
    I do not know who she is. It is as if she was a pretty dominant woman and probably a perfectionist, maybe a teacher or writer. I trust her, even though she can be a bit mischievous and accuse others for no particular reason. I trust her because she is warm-hearted within, she didnt want to harm anyone. She is no longer alive. She has been dead for at least 20 years now. I see her with pen or brush with black ink. She writes. She wants to write more than she has time to do it, and it bothers her alot, she felt anger because especially one man close to her, complained about that she was writing too much and not attending her family more. I feel instinctively that she is a deep thinker, and perhaps even unique, a little headstrong, I would say. Sometimes she is quick to criticize their fellows. She is basically a lady that does not take too much contact with her surroundings if she don’t have to. She prefers to talk only with those she likes or needs to talk to. She did not like unnecessary conversations at all. Those kind of talks made her tired and even bored. She feels like a woman sometimes suffering from loniness. She is a woman of great wisdom and she has a passionate heart for what is important in society. She is steadfast, a little wary, having lots of opinions about justice, equal rights and so on. I feel that she is fighting for her origin in some way or another. Who treats her or her peers unfair? She is plagued by this. She has children but do not really want to be a housewife, it does not suit her because she highly value their own private time. I do not think she wanted this picture/photo to be published. She did not think she was in a nice position or mood to pose for a photo at this time. She was at the time worried about something she did not want anyone to know about. Personal pains, stress or phobias, mental anxiety? She was sick as a young girl and therefore she understood others in a special way, she was very caring about people with special illnesses, but she could not handle her own stress or emotions completely. She thought the world was cruel and unfair. She did not like violence, yet she could spank/beat her children every now and then when they were not responsible or attentive to do their homework from school, properly. She read a lot and wanted the children to be educated.
    (Sorry if any wrong translations or bad spellings, english is not my native language, though I use it daily).
    Be blessed.
    /Erika, Sweden.

  21. Avatar

    I feel she is compassionate, has seen a lot of life, is a mother figure, is powerful and is resourceful as well. I am not sure I trust her a lot because she is a fighter. I would like her to be on my side. She lends a feeling of credibility and sense of responsibility, yes she resembles one of my old friend who was sweet and harmless but this lady is powerful and go getter. A no non sense person she can be ruthless if required to protect her people

  22. Avatar

    When I first saw this photo, I heard the word “children”, as in she has/had a lot of children or she was involved in either children’s charities or maybe just “collecting” children in emotional need in her community and giving them a safe place to hang out, learn skills and thrive. Something about Africa.

  23. Avatar

    She is on the defense or on guard yet the is a softness with her. When she trusts you there will be a sincere friend. life has dealt her alot!

  24. Avatar

    Interesting. My first impresssion was that she was one to watch. Conflict follows or surrounds her; I saw anger in her eyes and in the set of her mouth. She looks fierce, stubborn, tough as a rock and dangerous to be on the wrong side of. I tried to picture her more relaxed and happy, but something remains that was “hardline” about her.

  25. Avatar

    She is closed off, private with her truth which has been a struggle. I feel distinct danger, I am not sure if it is from her or something she has been through. Children are highlighted, a little girl stands out…I do not trust her. In fact, this is the first intuitive experiment that I feel a strong dislike towards the person.

    I feel confusion, I am not sure if it is mine or hers.
    I feel there is a blankness, a stripped existence.

  26. Avatar

    I’m sensing a profound desire for love but it’s unfulfilled. This need manifests as anger. I feel she had a very active life that surrounded her with violence and left her longing for love, but instead being engulfed by badness…anger, violence, loneliness.
    Her overwhelming, yet unmet needs caused her to wall up against the world in general, so she would be considered strong. I don’t sense this energy being directed at anyone in particular, more unfocused into general ’causes’ and such.
    I don’t think she’s trustworthy or not…her reactions seem to be from her inner issues and not a result of things around her.
    Overall, I sense hard life and violence around her.

  27. Avatar

    as soon as I looked at her picture i had to stop looking!there is something in her that made me uneasy. its like i cant face her expression.its a poweful one, but i cant say clearly what it is but i am very uncomfortable with this…as if too many things..its the heart chakra that is loaded.

  28. Avatar

    Her childhood and early years were difficult and challenging. Those experiences became the anvil upon which her beliefs and strength were forged. A description of her as strong in several respects would be an understatement. She was a rare combination of physical strength, commitment to and an advocate for social justice, with an unrivaled compassion for the human condition. A leader, motivator, and a example of what could be achieved against long odds. A social activist throughout her adult life. Trustworthy indeed!

  29. Avatar

    This woman’s soul is very familiar. She is a firm, strong woman with a vision and she will see it through. She cares beyond herself, and is a very calm and wise lady. She also seems to have a comedic edge to her, maybe using it to obtain the information she needs or to slyly put someone down and they won’t even realize it until later, but by then it is too late. I like this lady.

  30. Avatar

    She doesn’t trust others, not sure if I could trust her, I sense she’s not open and honest with adults. Some words that come to mind, oppression, slavery, strong woman, child protection, human rights, Nelson Mandela comes to mind but I don’t know if he’s a relative or what. I think she’s a cook or she’s responsible for a household and cooks a lot. I see her wearing an apron or house coat, hard worker, see children, not necessarily her own, she’s happiest around them, doesn’t show her true face to others except children, she seems to be fully free with them and they like her. She’s not a lover of men. She’s not a bad person, she’s a tough woman, who experienced a hard life. I don’t think she’s alive either.I see a story, a book, but I’ve no idea what that’s about!

  31. Avatar

    When I saw her picture I was hit with a powerful wave of pain and sorrow in my heart chakra. She has suffered a lot; I also feel like she may have lost a child to violence. But she is a strong woman, a fighter, in a good way. I’m thinking she may have been involved in the American civil rights movement?

  32. Avatar

    I sense her in connection with slavery. Mother. Maths. Something in connection with abortions too.

  33. Avatar

    This dignified (but brutal, shrewd and scheming) woman is well aware of her responsibilities – a teacher ? and will speak up to tell her truth, she will not budge; there are no variations in her speech because she is always right ! She is quite narrow-minded and had some education.
    I do not trust her and feel a very dark side of suffering and death; she manipulates people. She could be very generous with her followers but would harshly punish non-followers. Hardworking.

  34. Avatar

    I approached this experiment a bit differently to the way I have others ,I took a lot more time and noted images I felt as I concentrated on her pic,,she was very poor in her early years growing up , I don’t trust her at all , I feel a lot of anger and dark moods , I was seeing a white coat and maybe a mental asylum or hospital and green grass surroundings and for some reason an old black car , I think she poisoned or harmed somebody and they died , and I feel a darkness around her like almost a black shadow behind her, I’m interested to see if I spent too much time on her pic and maybe my mind wandered

  35. Avatar

    She was a wonderful woman with a deeply spiritual, loving and giving spirit. She became this was via learning how to look at the sadness of her past as a blessing for the future (possibly she broke free from surrounding that only promoted her sadness – I see it in her eyes- and maybe joined a new church, a better sphere of people, etc. ).

    She is someone I would trust and more than likely go to for advice – she seems to have that air of “been there done that wisdom,” along with the “everyone’s grandma” kind of feel.

    I do get the feeling that she might have had children of her own and maybe took in other people’s children as well (orphans?) and loved them all as if they were her own.

  36. Avatar

    She was a servant to a wealthy/prestigious individual/family. She is strong, efficient and trusted by those who knew her. She was clean and was respectful to those that were deserving of her respect (hard working, honest individuals). She doesn’t tolerate any “BS”. No children. She had only 3-4 close friends that she spent her limited free time with. She minded her own business.
    She cared for her elders and was admired by her peers for her strength and knowledge/Intuition. She was raped at age 4, never married (or lost husband early in the marriage) and was separated from her only sister and brother at a very young age.

  37. Avatar

    looks like a very caring and motherly figure.loving affectionate towards others.Although she herself has faced quite a few hardships but still could not stop helping others…She does look trustworthy…

  38. Avatar

    Reminds me of last experiment but without the hard edge and lack of morality. Activist.

  39. Avatar

    Yes I trust her. I keep getting schoolteacher. That’s it.

    I love these experiments. Can’t wait to find out who it is!

  40. Avatar

    I have done 4 of the previous experiments in 3 days and am amazed at how many things I got right.

  41. Avatar

    I got that she was a care giver to many. She was either a slave or a freed slave in the USA. She was involved in the underground train movement. Of moving slaves to the north for freedom. Very smart lady. Trustworthy

  42. Avatar

    I do trust her. She seems like she is a mother/ protector, to her own children, granchildren and others who she sees as her own. She has had a hard life, but doesn’t give up. She has a strong spirit and resolve. Died peacefully at an old age, lived her life to the fullest.

  43. Avatar

    After doing this experiment a few days ago, a picture ran across my Facebook feed of a much younger version of this woman…the universe working in odd little ways 🙂

  44. Avatar

    my first feeling was no no I do not trust her one bit.
    I see many children around her and a dirt floor.
    There is something about her hair that makes me uneasy.

  45. Avatar

    I see children around her, 3 plus 2? I don’t know who the other two might be. I also feel like you don’t mess with momma. I feel like she may have murdered her husband, or was witness to or helped with a murder of someone “close” to her, it was deserved. I feel like she looked out for number one. You can only trust her so far because she will do what she has to do to protect herself.

  46. Avatar

    I get a strong feeling of contempt, mixed with sadness and suffering. Masculine personality and feels limited by womanhood. She’s had a difficult life, but I’m uncertain whether she is the abuser of victim. She meets life with stubbornness and self righteousness- whatever good or bad she has done in the world, it is certainly backed by her strong inner conviction and fixation on her own goals in life. I feel that she treats children or animals, or anyone who is less empowered than her, in a forceful and authoritarian manner. I would not trust her.

  47. Avatar

    ….unable to read her, made me very very uneasy to focus on her picture, I saw flowers…..that was about it.

  48. Avatar

    These are the traits I received when initially looking at this woman:
    hard working
    unjust life
    saw (maybe her) children die
    loves others
    cares more for others than herself
    A? M? initials

    My first time trying this exercise. I’ve never really practiced the gift before, just let it happen on it’s own.

  49. Avatar

    I feel as though she was imprisoned for a long time for the retaliation on a master or someone who killed her son and harm her daughters I also feel like her husband also died at the hands of this person. I feel like her name starts with an Etwana or Edna last name Starting with a D, I also feel like she was a teacher of young girls or the Den mother something along those lines. her strength come from all of the adversity in her life.

  50. Avatar

    Physically, this was a really tough intuitive experiment for me. Right from the get go, I got a really strong feeling of her being very closed off and defiant and I immediately felt a really strong pressure against my chest and throat (to the point where it made me cough). I sensed a lot of defiance from her that seemed to come from a lifetime of fighting against . . . something. Circumstances? Oppression? I’m not sure. I also got the words “family” and “children” but they were from a really dark place so I’m thinking she experienced some loss in regards to them.

    Really, the most startling thing for me was the intense pressure on my chest and throat when I tuned in. I’m not sure if she experienced anything like that or if she inflicted it on someone, but that feeling was the most prevalent part for me.

  51. Avatar

    She has seen alot in her life. She appears to have a heart wound. She has tried to use her hard times to gain strength and keeps moving forward. She is now cauious yet determined to survive.

  52. Avatar

    Educated, 2 children, widowed, writer/artist of some sort, hard/abusive childhood, did something bad-but she isn’t a bad person (hurt someone who was hurting her/threatening to hurt her?), she’s dead now (I pick up something to do with the throat or lungs- maybe drowning or choking to death. I picked up the words “Mae”, and “Leroy” and the numbers/year 1942.

  53. Avatar

    Oh, and I also picked up on a love of children. Whether she advocated for/worked with children or just really loved being a mother.

  54. Avatar

    I found this woman difficult to read. A word that came up when I looked at her was ’embroiled’. I get the impression she was tangled up in, or bore witness to a dodgy situation where she was living/working at the time. Because of this, it is as though she was blackmailed. There is a lot of anger coming off her regarding the injustice of this situation.

  55. Avatar

    She has seen some real sadness & tragedy, she has known a lot of pain & suffered through great difficulites. She is not someone who has always been pleasant to be around…a hard hard life. Has given all of herself to others,especially her children…
    Deep religious belief & commitment

  56. Avatar

    Her name has a “B” and “tt” maybe Betty or Etta. There is a deep sadness within her. She had a difficult life and is careworn. Alcohol problems.She was an activist in the civil rights movement. She aborted a child. She gives speeches. She was hurt by men, maybe raped. Her hair is significant to her, she loves it. She was in prison. She has great inner strength. No husband. No real joy. Sleep deprived. From Alabama. An adult in the 1950’s/0’s. There is a tiny sparkle in her eyes, she can laugh, but is mostly serious.


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