The spiritual teachings that I ascribe to say that:

Planet Earth is one of the toughest places you can incarnate, and some of the trials that humans can go through here, among the toughest in the universe.

This is all in the name of learning. Yet learning through the difficult experiences is hard, especially if you happen to be in a difficult stretch or indeed a difficult lifetime.

Reaching ‘rock bottom’ (or anything close to it) here on Earth is like no other experience in any other place.

Your essence and soul are forged and strengthened over time by your earthly experiences, good and difficult. Being melted down and forged in this way is hard and painful work.

But when you look at your life through this lens, your failures are not failures anymore, and you always succeed, eventually.

Being kind to yourself over past choices and being proud of the battles you’ve fought is important. Even if you weren’t sure you won.

What are your battle scars?

I will show you mine, hidden behind my ear; etched on my brain.

I survived a major earthquake, was brought up amid total dysfunction and craziness, and chose multiple abusive relationships.

This post is dedicated to us. And to you who are reading this. Your soul is brave and seen through the eyes of spirit, you’re always doing fabulously.

Or as Plato said: “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

Amen to that.