Late last year I returned to the UK (my country of origin) and thought I would spend some time in Edinburgh.

However, it took me just a few days to remember that nature is my church and city living does not suit me at all. I love to be outside and to feel ‘in tune’ with the natural world and the animal kingdom, both of which hold spiritual guidance for us, if we have time to slow down and notice.

And that is what this article is all about – how Spirit communicates with us through signs from animals and the natural world.

Animal Totems & Signs

An animal totem, or sign is essentially an encounter that we have (often repeatedly) with a particular animal, as a message from Spirit. Its purpose is to teach or show us something about ourselves or our lives.

Here’s a good example one of my students, Elena, recently had of this phenomenon:

Since starting your Intuitive Awakening Course last month, I have seen a few crows hanging around my house. I live in rural Queensland, Australia and crows are common around here.

However, I have lived here for five years and have never had a group of crows come right into the patio area of my home and hang around nearly every day and especially when I have been meditating or practising tuning in.

I have read a lot of different things about what this may or may not mean which makes it a bit confusing. Do the crows mean anything or is it just a coincidence?

Obviously not every single encounter with an animal is going to be meaningful, but Elena’s experience is a good example of one which is.

Animal encounters tend to be a ‘sign’ when:

  • The animal comes much closer than it usually does
  • You keep seeing it
  • Its presence ‘feels’ relevant to you somehow

(Crows have no-nonsense, “don’t care” energy. They encourage you to mind less about what other people think and to remember that a lot of things matter less in the scheme of things, than we think they do. So the medicine the crow is bringing to you, Elena, is possibly along those lines. However, you should also consult your own instincts about what this encounter means. The message can vary from person to person – so, do some research and see what resonates.)

The Wisdom of the Animal Kingdom

While we’re talking about the animal kingdom, I also want to mention animal guides. Many of my clients present with an animal guide around them.

On a spiritual level, animal guides embody certain positive energies and bring them to us. These are energies that we often need a dose of in our lives – “animal medicine”, if you will!

Animal medicine can heal us, and keep us in balance and aligned with our higher selves.

Here are some example of Animal Guides I’ve come across in recent readings, along with the ‘medicine’ they bring to us:

The Cat

What is the wisdom this creature holds for us?

The cat reminds us of the importance of rest and relaxation. She wants us to get comfortable and forget about our worries for a while.

The Zebra

Next to a horse, this creature is rather fabulous looking – it stands out and draws the eye. It is different.

The zebra reminds us that it is OK to not be the same as everyone else, and to fly our ‘freak flag’! Zebra teaches us about embracing our quirks and beauty, especially when they are different from everyone else’s.

The Cockroach

(I won’t publish a picture here because they give plenty of people – including me – the creeps!)

This insect is known for its indestructibility. They are hard to kill. They teach us to persist, survive and do our best in whatever circumstances we’re presented with.

Want To Find Out If You Have an Animal Guide?

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Ask Spirit to reveal your animal guide to you (in the form of a sign), as you go about your daily life
  • Ask to be given a dream with your animal guide in it.
  • Put yourself into the alpha state via meditation, or a guided visualization, and ask Spirit if you have an animal guide.

Upon doing this, you may ‘see’, ‘hear’ or just ‘know’ what your guide is. Once you know what your animal guide is, you can work out what it means.

The Significance of Your Animal Guide

Often the symbolism is very obvious. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What is this animal known for?
  • What sort of feelings/reactions does it inspire in me?
  • What is the animal’s strength, in practical terms? (i.e. is it fast, fierce, easily hides itself, etc)

Often the answers to these questions give us a big old clue about the ‘medicine’ your animal guide or totem is bringing to you!

There are also many books and websites online dedicated to understanding the significance of your animal guide. What’s Your Sign is a good one.

Do you suspect you have an animal guide/totem? Please share in the comments.