Since I became a professional intuitive over a decade ago, I’ve had plenty of emails from energetically sensitive folks (and parents of sensitive kids) asking for advice about negative energies in their home.

The issue that most of these people seem to encounter is that they cannot seem to permanently clear or keep negative energy out of their home even though they have used space clearing methods such as:

• Burning sage

• Clearing energy with Tibetan cymbals and singing bowls

• Putting crystals all about the place

• Deep cleaning the space or redecorating

Here’s why the above methods of space clearing usually fall short, in my experience:

1. There are 10 different types of negative energies (that I know of) that can affect our spaces and yet the methods above will usually only work for 1 or 2 types at a time (if indeed they work at all). Smudging with sage, for example, is a very popular way of cleansing a space yet it only works on one type of negative energy that is commonly found in our spaces – that’s the earthbound spirit. Earthbound spirits that come into contact with sage will flee, but they will often return when the sage wears off.

2. The usual, popular ways of clearing a space (like the ones mentioned above), when they do help to clear our negative energy, are not a long-lasting solution. Essentially, they don’t protect your space from all negative energies.

There are better ways to cleanse your space – methods which are quick, thorough and effective, and which allow you to clear out everything that is affecting your space in one fell swoop. And then keep the space clear long term.

And over the next couple of weeks, I will be publishing a series of blog posts about how to do this.

Here’s what will be covered in each post:

1. How to tell if you’re someone who is sensitive to environmental energies in places

2. Information on the types of negative energy that commonly pollute our spaces – I will talk about several different types of negative energy that can get into our spaces and affect us. I’ll also go into what these energies feel like and how to tell if you have them in your home.

3. In this final, ‘how-to’ post, I will explain how you can clear negative energies out of your space, and protect your home in the future from negative energies. I won’t be recommending burning sage, incense, or sound clearing, and by the time we get to the end of this series you’ll see why.

This series is the result of a decade’s worth of research into energy clearing and the energetic contaminants that affect our spaces. In it, I’ll be sharing very detailed and thorough information that you will not find elsewhere online!

I recommend you read this series of blog posts if:

1. You Are an Empath, Clairsentient or Highly Sensitive

(Empaths and clairsentients, you are much more likely to be affected by negative energies in your space than non-empaths.)

2. You live with a cannabis smoker or smoke it yourself

(this drug does attract spirits but if you love smoking cannabis and won’t give it up, or you take it for medicinal purposes, there IS a way to cleanse your space of the energies that cannabis can bring in.)

3. You are vaguely aware that there might be something negative in your space, but perhaps you can’t put your finger on what it is, nor do you know how to get rid of it

Maybe you have heard unexplained noises in your home (such as footsteps, voices, etc) or perhaps there is a spot/area/room in your home that you keep away from because it gives you the creeps. Either way, you just know there is something not quite right with your space.

If any of the above apply to you, you will want to read this series!

Picking Up On Ghosts…

Next, I want to talk a little bit about my background with space clearing, as a highly sensitive person who can pick up on ghosts, energetic residues, and more!

As you might have gathered if you’ve been reading my blog, I am an intuitive who is highly sensitive to energy — particularly the energies that are found in places, buildings and on land. I’m clairsentient and I am a place empath (more on these terms later) which makes me super sensitive.

I also travel a lot – I’m a full time house sitter — in the last year I have stayed in 27 places — most of them house sits (and yes, I do know I am crazy to move around that much!)

So I do pick up on a lot of negative energies in various homes and buildings — and I’ve amassed a lot of knowledge and understanding of what these energies are, and developed a way of clearing them so that I am not so negatively affected by them. It is this knowledge that I want to share with you in these upcoming blog posts.

My Life Without Space Clearing

If I didn’t have these space clearing techniques at my disposal, simply put, I wouldn’t be travelling. And I definitely wouldn’t be house sitting — I’d be too uncomfortable. In fact, I was made pretty uncomfortable for much of my early life by these negative energies, like ghosts, poltergeists, residual hauntings and more.

My Encounters with Ghosts

Many of my paranormal experiences that I went through during childhood and adolescence involved ghosts in my childhood home (aka earthbound spirits.)

One of my earliest memories as a child was playing in my bedroom and seeing the silhouette of a woman in Victorian/Edwardian dress, standing in the doorway of my room and looking at me. I was terrified — I remember burying myself under my bed covers and praying that she would leave, my little heart beating very fast in my chest.

Then there were the whispers and the heavy breathing I heard, day and night in my grandmother’s house when I lived there.

There was also the night spent in a friend’s house, an ancient pub in Cheshire, UK (where I grew up). The upper level room of this pub (or so we were told) had been used as a courtroom during the English Civil War. People who were sentenced to death there were hung at the bus station opposite. Yikes.

As a teenager, me and a group of friends spent a night camped out in this room in the pub, on the floor in our sleeping bags. I hardly got any sleep as I was repeatedly woken up during the night by the distinct sensation of something knocking against the side of my head (I have later learned that this is how earthbound spirits announce their presence to me while I’m asleep.) I was so glad to leave in the morning!

Another time that sticks in my memory is the weekend I spent at my friend’s house in a small village in Warwickshire, UK. Her family owned an old school and it had a reputation for being very haunted. The place gave me the creeps and although I enjoyed seeing my friend, I did not enjoy being there.

The local clairvoyant of this village often saw Roman soldiers marching through the town, on their way to who knows where. Teachers and pupils alike had seen white, ghostly figures crossing the school fields at dusk. My friend’s parents’ house had also seen its fair share of traumas and upsets in the past, a previous occupant had tried to commit suicide by hanging himself from one of the old beams in the living room. Luckily he was caught and cut down before he succeeded in his attempt.

I slept over there a few times, always very restlessly. As is usual when there is an earthbound spirit around that wants my attention, I was awoken pretty much every hour by the feeling of someone hitting me across the side of my head. This time it was the spirit of a middle-aged man. He was short, balding, wore glasses, and he seemed quite hostile and not at all happy that I was there.

I described the spirit to my friend’s father in the morning and he confirmed this was what the previous occupant of the house looked like.

These are just a few stories out of many where I picked up on low-vibrational energies in my environment. And I can tell you, it used to be exhausting to be this sensitive!

Ghosts are a pain and can interrupt our sleep, scare us, and make us feel unwelcome in our spaces, if we’re sensitive enough. Children are pretty sensitive (although many lose some degree of their sensitivity once they reach school age) and so they are the ones who are often picking up on spirits in our spaces.

But ghosts are not the only type of negative energy that can pollute our spaces – they are just one of the ten environmental energies that can negatively affect us. There are lots of other negative energies that we can clear from our spaces, too.

Stay tuned for the next blog post which comes out in 2 days. I am going to talk about more types of negative energy that can affect our spaces.

And more importantly, I’ll talk about how you can recognise if these types of negative energy are hanging out in your home, and how to clear them.

I encourage you to tune into the next posts to expand your frame of reference as a sensitive/intuitive person and learn something new – perhaps putting a name to an energy you could have possibly encountered before in the past, without knowing quite what you were picking up on.

Until then,


PS. I mentioned above that clairsentient people and empaths are most affected by negative energies in our environments. Below you’ll find some quizzes which can help you to know if this is you.

Let’s start with clairsentience – here are some signs that you are clairsentient:

•  You get tingling or prickling sensations on your body for no reason
•  You are someone who can feel your emotions very deeply
•  You are sensitive and thin–skinned
•  You have an ‘F’ in your Myers-Briggs type (F for feeling)
•  You know the right path to take according to how it feels to you
•  If you don’t take the path you know you want to take, your emotions wreak havoc and you can become unhappy very quickly.

And now let’s look at empathy – here are some signs you’re an empath:

•  You often feel other people’s experiences and emotions – experiencing them vividly and profoundly
•  You know how others are feeling without needing to ask
 You can feel tension in the air when there’s been an argument
You often find it hard to come down on one side of an argument because you can see all sides of it
•  You get hit with a certain ‘feeling’ or atmosphere when you walk into a building or home
•  You often have a hard time working out whether you’re feeling your own energies and emotions, or someone else’s
•  You cannot visit crowded places such as shopping centres, stadiums, train stations, or nightclubs because the energies are so overwhelming
•  You feel physical aches and pains, or manifest physical signs of nervousness or sickness, around certain people
•  When it comes to movies, TV and books, you do not like watching or reading anything that features sad or difficult experiences for the characters
•  You often find yourself playing the role of counsellor and caretaker in your relationships and friendships, but you find it a draining role to take on
•  You often wish that other people would follow your advice and get their lives back on track
•  Your relationships are a source of obligation and stress, either because you self-sacrifice, have a hard time saying ‘no’ to people, or take it upon yourself to help others with their problems
•  You feel like your empath gifts are a curse, and you wish you could be less sensitive.

Please count up how many of the above statements you agreed with in each category.

If you agreed with more than 4 of the clairsentience statements and/or more than 6 of the empathy statements, you are someone who is sensitive to negative energies in your environment and who is possibly being affected by them.

 So what to do if you are highly sensitive in this way?

I’m glad you asked…

Tune into my next blog post – I’m going to go into some common types of negative environmental energies and how we can recognise them.

Note: the second blog post has now been published – you can find it here.

And if you just want to get on with clearing your space, you may be interested in my Energy Clearing for Spaces Course, which teaches you how to diagnose and clear negative energies (and also to protect your space from them in future.)