Question from a reader:

I was very intuitive as a child, and up to the age of 23, I was likely to be able to predict things almost before they happened. But since then I have been unable to connect with my higher self and “see” what is about to happen. So my question is: is it possible for one’s gift to go quiet after a while? If so, why does it happen? – Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Yes, spiritual connection and intuitive ability is something that can strengthen or wane over the course of a lifetime and there are many factors that cause this.

Let’s have a look at some possible reasons for your gift waning/increasing and hopefully, this will give you ideas to help you strengthen it if you want to.

The first possible reason for your gift weakening is this:

You Don’t Need to Tell the Future These Days

You described your gift as ‘knowing the future’ (i.e. what we call precognition.)

Teresa, I just want to separate this form of intuition out from everything else, because it is different.

The difference here is that precognition (knowing the future) is not usually something we can control.

We can control whether we can channel our guides or not, by developing our psychic ability. But the ability of precognition is something Spirit gives to us, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, and it isn’t always clear why, or how we can improve this ability.

In short, it is given to you – not developed. And to be honest, sometimes it doesn’t appear to serve any useful purpose (perhaps Spirit has reasons for it that we don’t see.)

So, if you try to develop the gift of knowing the future, you will usually be in for a frustrating time, because the future is always shifting and changing, depending on your actions and the actions of others. You can’t always pin it down accurately and in trying to do so, you might reduce your own personal power and the role you play in it. In my opinion, it’s a better use of your energy to learn to channel your guides and Higher self – that you CAN control, and it’s arguably more helpful to do, as well.

I too have had phases where I was able to predict the future with uncanny accuracy and it has come and gone throughout my life. When I was about 11-12, I went to the Menai Centre in Wales for a week-long school trip, and during that week I was able to predict what we would have for dinner each night (in a menu that changed from day to day) and the lottery numbers for the week. I also remember playing with Tarot cards when I was about 14-15 and being able to pick one and tell my friends before I turned it over, which one it would be. I remember I was right 17-18 times in a row after shuffling each time.

I don’t know how I was able to do any of it and precognitive gifts don’t feature in my life to that uncanny and weird degree anymore. Certainly not on the level of it feeling like a cool party trick. I have had the odd dream about world events, usually the night before it happens, and I sometimes know what is going to happen in the lives of people around me. I have a track record of having dreams about my own future that come true. But it isn’t within my control and I go through phases with it.

I think most people are not given the strong ability of precognition permanently because it might not actually be good for us – it might become a party trick in other peoples’ eyes and our intuition is not for expanding our ego or for others’ entertainment.

If you want to have your strong precognition back again, you could ask Spirit to grant you the ability, but I am not sure if this will work.

Teresa, you only mentioned precognition in your question, but in case you or anyone else reading has seen a decrease in other spiritual gifts over time, I wanted to cover this too…

Precognition aside, let’s look at some other reasons for other kinds of intuition disappearing…

The Physical World Calls to You More

Lots of people start to develop their intuition or a spiritual practice after they go through something difficult, or go through a loss. When we go through something challenging, we might feel our angels around us more, we might pray more, and we might rely on Spirit more overall. Traumas can also open up intuition (not the most pleasant way to do it.) If we lose someone to death, that can also really open us to up the spirit realm. After my cat Big Boy died, my intuition and spiritual connection really increased, as part of my consciousness followed him to the other side. This is normal.

As for how this spiritual awareness might wane, well sometimes a person can go through something difficult, heal from it and then immerse themselves back into the physical world – that is, the realm of paying the mortgage, focusing on human relationships and attending to the minutiae of everyday life. Their intuition/spiritual connection may decrease as a result, and that’s OK if the person doesn’t feel anything is missing.

If on the other hand, you want to maintain that spiritual connection and intuition, you will need to use it more often – like keeping up a foreign language you once spoke. It’s the language of energy. You need to invite your guides, angels and Spirit into your life again.

Another factor that has a big impact on your spiritual connection/intuition is your brain and its levels of certain neurotransmitters.

Your Brain

Intuition comes through your brain and your senses, so your “apparatus” for receiving it needs to be in good working order.

If you find it hard to enter the alpha state (maybe you suffer from anxiety), this affects your spiritual connection.

(Here’s an article where I talk about one way to overcome this obstacle.)

If your vibration is too low (maybe you are grieving or depressed), and you can’t raise it enough to receive spiritual guidance, that has an effect on your intuition too.

Stillness and raising your vibration are the two essential keys to strong intuition. Low levels of GABA and low serotonin, amongst other neurotransmitters, interfere with those and can affect your spiritual connection.

(Geeky side note: I recently read two great books written by a psychiatrist about the neurotransmitters and how we can balance them, to bring about greater contentment and calm, and also, in an indirect way, spiritual connection – those books are called The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm.)

In conclusion, in my experience you can’t control precognition but you can control your other gifts. If all your gifts have waned, you will need to look at the factors mentioned above, and put a bit of focus and time into developing them and practise using them. It is like using a foreign language – practice makes perfect.

Did this article speak to you? If so, please leave a comment with your thoughts/experiences.