It is widely accepted that dreams are a way for the unconscious mind to communicate with you – that part of you that holds unconscious feelings, thoughts, fears and reactions. To give a couple of examples, the unconscious mind often allows us to process traumatic and stressful events in our dreams. The unconscious might also give you intelligent insights into situations from time to time so that you can solve problems.

But Are All of our Dreams from The Unconscious Mind?

Some of the insights, a-ha moments and solutions you get in dreams WILL be from the unconscious mind – but not all of them. Some dreams are from your Higher self. The Higher self is the wisest part of you, so it sees much further than the unconscious mind can. As a result, it is able to give you spiritual and practical insights that go beyond what your conscious mind (or even your unconscious mind) knows.

To illustrate this, I’m going to tell you about one of my most memorable dream experiences.

The Strangest Dream I Ever Had

When I was eighteen, I went to work in a hotel in France for the summer, with the aim of improving my French. While I was there, I had the strangest dream I’d ever had. This is what happened in the dream:

I was in Paris, outside a locked car which was parked in the street. Inside the car was an African baby. There was no air, water or food in the car and the baby was dying. There were many people around the car – some wanted to rescue the baby, and others were just observing. There was a sad, inevitable atmosphere in the dream – we were waiting for the baby to die and we could not prevent his death.

In the night, I woke up, feeling quite disturbed and haunted by this dream. When I went back to sleep, I dreamt of the same thing. It was so awful that I kept waking up. I tried to sleep a couple more times but each time, I returned to the same dream.

The very last time that I fell asleep, the baby was out of the car and someone was holding him. He died in their arms. After that, I gave up trying to sleep as I did not want to dream about it again.

I went into work really tired that morning and the radio was on, as usual. Literally the very first piece of news that I heard was that a baby of African origin had been found dead in a locked car in Paris, they thought he had been left there overnight and died of dehydration. Of course, when I heard that a shiver ran down my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I got goosebumps (OK – maybe not all at the same time, but suffice to say that I was freaked out!)

I thought about this experience a lot over the next few days, and wondered – was it just a dream and a coincidence? Or had I actually been there in Spirit?

If I was of a more skeptical mindset, I would probably have attributed my dream to a coincidence. But instead I concluded that my dream was somehow linked to the actual event. I felt haunted by the dream, in a way that a dream had not haunted me before. I felt some sort of connection to the baby.

Prior to that experience, I had never really thought too much about dreams – I had had lots of strange dreams in the past, sure, but I did not pay so much attention to the meaning of them or think they were ‘real’.

The Real Significance of Dreams

Through my work in the Akashic Records, I have learned that our dreams ARE real experiences which take place on the astral planes. Some dreams we have because we need to learn something from them. Others we don’t need to remember as much.

Here are three common activities that we do when we’re dreaming:

1. Learning Through Role-Playing

Have you ever had a dream that taught you a real lesson? And when you wake up, something big ‘clicks’ for you? Some of the dreams we get may have a lesson contained within them, that we are meant to remember and take on board.

Here’s an example: if you are someone who is very giving (to a fault) in your daily life, and you need to learn to balance giving with receiving, you could be in a dream situation where you experience the direct negative consequences which can occur as a result of giving too much to others. And when you wake up, you realize that it doesn’t serve you to be the one who’s always giving and never receiving.

Sometimes your Spirit Guides can be involved in this type of ‘role-play’, to help you to learn these lessons. At other times, you may see souls in your dreams whom you do not recognize. These souls are often what we call ‘Dreammasters’, who serve you by playing parts in your dreams, to help you to learn something. You could be a Dreammaster yourself – especially if you have lots of dreams that don’t make sense or have any lessons for you in them.

2. Consulting with Spirit Guides, Angels and Other Spiritual Teachers

Sometimes people don’t connect with their guides or angels in their daily life because they’re too afraid to open up to the spiritual world. But the most un-scary (and quite common) way that your guides can pass on a message to you is in a dream. However, not all of our dream messages from our guides are always remembered by the conscious mind.

Sometimes guides might show you metaphors within your dreams, and in other dreams, you might have conversations with them. Mine have even played songs to me (in a dream) to give me a certain message. If there is something which I am missing about any aspect of my life that I really ought to be seeing, I know that my guides will come to me in a dream and let me know about it.

This happened several years ago, when I heard from an old school friend of mine that our former Spanish teacher, Mr. Owen, had passed away. I was sad and sorry for his family – he was only in his early sixties. But then shortly after hearing the news, I had a dream in which one of my guides informed me that Mr. Owen wasn’t dead and that it was just a rumour.

I wanted to check, so I wrote to my old German teacher to ask her if she’d heard the same news. She replied to say that she rang Mr. Owen and he was alive and well – so, it was a rumour, nothing more. That experience really taught me to pay attention when my guides give me a message in a dream!

If you are looking to connect with your Spirit Guides, it can be helpful to set the intention to receive messages from them in your dreams. It’s so easy for your guides to reach you when you’re asleep – they may even have some tips or instructions for you to contact them in your waking hours.

Let’s look at another activity that we can be doing in our sleeping hours…

3. Helping Other Souls to Cross Over (Third Order Work)

The Third Order is the spiritual order (essentially a group of spirits) which comes for you when you die, to help you to cross over to the other side. Some of us have worked in the Third Order in between our physical incarnations and when that is the case, we often bring our Third Order skills into the physical with us.

Obviously, when you’re in a physical body, you can’t work as a member of the Third Order. But I have read for plenty of people who belong to this spiritual order and a few of them have told me that they often dream of helping earthbound spirits to cross over and find their way back into the light.

Perhaps this was what I was doing in my dream about the African baby. Lately I often dream I’m helping stuck or earthbound souls. The souls that I dream about seem extremely real to me. Maybe I should start demanding astral payment! 😉

So, voila – three ways in which dreams can be very, very meaningful. Contrary to what you may have heard, dreams are not always about our subconscious mind talking to us – they are actually part of our connection to Source. And there’s no reason why we would not want to remember dreams, except of course, if we have nightmares.

A Note on Unpleasant Dreams

Those who have nightmares are often travelling to the negative astrals in their dreams – a pretty unpleasant place to visit. Many who have nightmares actually have a portal way open in their subconscious to the negative astrals.

You can close a portal way to the negative astrals by lighting a candle, sitting quietly and focusing on your breath for a few minutes. Then by reading the following prayer:

“Creator of all beings, Divine Archangels, my Astral Guide, my own personal team of Guides, Teachers and Angels, please close the portal way in my subconscious, that leads to the negative astrals, for all time, so that it may never be re-opened. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Please leave a comment if you have something to relate about your astral experiences!

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