Some people believe that intuition is data from your subconscious mind, based on past experiences and patterns, which is introduced into your conscious mind spontaneously.

I actually think that intuition is more than just your subconscious trying to direct you towards pleasure and away from pain. Intuition, to me, is a spontaneous notification or alert from your Higher self or Spirit Guides of something that they want you to know. The one defining trait of intuition is that it includes information that would be challenging (or impossible) to see from your current perspective.

The Purpose of Your Intuition

Being in a physical body without any input from the spiritual part of you (your Higher self) can be challenging – it’s like being on the ground, unable to see the wood for the trees, not knowing which direction to go in, with a limited perspective.

On the other hand, your Higher self has the ability to see your life from a different vantage point – like being on top of a mountain and having a bird’s eye view of the life going on below in the valley. Because your Higher self has a higher vantage point, your HS has access to the bigger picture of what’s going on, in your life, in your past, present and future and in the world around you.

Your Higher self can alert you to:

  • The truth about the people around you
  • What’s going to happen in your future – short and long term
  • Why something happened in your life – cause and effect and how you can fix it
  • When you can avoid danger or an unpleasant experience
  • Which activities, work, relationships, will contribute towards your happiness and serve you on your path of growth and evolution as a human and spiritual being. He/she also knows which activities/work/relationships will not serve you and take you away from your ‘highest path and purpose.’ Input from the Higher self is like a guiding system – a GPS – of what will bring you the most joy and what won’t. One of the easiest ways to keep you on track and connected to what your Spirit wants, is through your intuition.

How the Higher Perspective of My Guides and Higher Self Has Helped Me

I personally constantly get feedback from my Higher self about which activities will bring me most joy and abundance, through clairsentience. When I’m undertaking something that isn’t really in alignment with my highest path and purpose, I begin to worry more and I get stressed. So then I usually change to a course of action that does bring me joy and which is in alignment with my highest path and purpose. But sometimes I get really harassed by my Higher self before that happens.

Information about all of the above can come from Spirit Guides too. Just like your Higher self, your Spirit Guides have a higher, more complete perspective than you do as a human being. You could say that they are all on a mountain top of their own, so they each have a unique vantage point from which to see your life. They are not omniscient – they don’t know everything, but collectively they can see a lot about your life. One Spirit Guide often has insights about one life in particular – they all have specialties. So one Spirit Guide may deliver insights about your relationships and another may deliver insights about your health.

In the several readings I’ve had with other psychics, I have been given many insights from my Spirit Guides and Higher self about all of the above – especially regarding my future. Erin Pavlina picked up that I’d be doing intuitive readings in the future, because my Higher self already had this all mapped out.

About twelve months ago, a different psychic told me that I’d be moving to New Zealand/Australia within the next 18 months, and at the time I really didn’t want to, as I was enjoying life in London and couldn’t imagine wanting to leave. But then a few months later I met an Australian guy and decided to move to Australia six months later. My plans changed again a few months after that and I ended up in New Zealand which is where I am now.

So, I actually get most of the information about my future through dreams or from other psychics rather than from my intuition. My intuition is much more likely to direct me away from negative people or situations or move me towards my highest path and purpose, or save me time or energy here and there. And for me personally, it feels like most of my intuition comes from my Higher self rather than from my Spirit Guides. Although if I actively tune in through my psychic connection, I’m more likely to get to speak with my Spirit Guides than my Higher self.

Some intuition can also happen as a result of ‘vibes’ or energy transmissions that you pick up from other peoples’ energy bodies. For example, you can meet someone and can sense that they are defensive before they even open their mouth. In this case, you are reading the vibes they are transmitting and responding to them, which is also a form of intuition that does not directly involve the Higher self or Spirit Guides.