I believe that there is a non-physical world, made of energy, superimposed over the physical world. When you have a third eye chakra that is very active, you may be able to ‘see’ this non-physical realm.

If you open your third eye wide enough you may see auras, lights, angelic presences, or even spirits. More specifically, sparkling coloured lights are associated with Angels and you may start seeing these if you call on your angels (to find out how to do this, read this article.)

Columns or pillars of light are also associated with an angelic presence. Although seeing these can be an exciting or comforting experience to have from a spiritual perspective, it’s not a way of receiving guidance. If it doesn’t bother you, then fine. No need to worry.

If it bothers you and you don’t wish to ‘see’ so much, you can take steps to reduce the activity in your third eye. Activities that stimulate the third eye chakra include meditation, intuitive development, some creative/artistic activities and some yogic practices. If you do intuitive development, meditate and do creative/artistic activities, all within the course of your average day, that’s a lot of third eye energy that is being stimulated.

You can shut down or reduce the activity in your third eye by spending less time on spiritual activities and instead focus more of your energy on lower chakra activities.

Balancing the Third Eye Chakra

If you are interested in balancing your chakras, you might want to check out my Chakra Meditation.  This meditation kit has been created on the premise that the level of activity that occurs in the chakras is in a state of constant flux. Some chakras are naturally very open for some people. It all depends on the stage of evolution (and life) a soul is in. It also depends on the life lessons a soul has learned in the past.

The activities you spend your time on definitely affect the balance within your energy body, and you can bring more balance to your life and energy body through the choices that you make and the activities you do.

To reduce the activity in your third eye, you will want to focus on activities that stimulate the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras instead.

Because I spend a lot of time on third eye chakra stimulating activities, the following activities help me to remain in balance:

  • Living in a natural, unspoilt environment and going for a walk daily
  • Having an animal in the house (my cat)
  • Cooking
  • Gardening (this one is big for me – it gets me right back into my body)
  • Regular Reflexology or massage therapy

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