When people think of life purpose, they often think it’s a mission – something they have to do or teach. People often come for a career reading wanting to be told about some teaching they have to impart to the world.

While it IS true that some people do have a very clear message to share with the world, I have also learned (from doing career readings) that not everyone has a ‘message’ or specific teaching to share with the world, that they must share in a certain context (like teaching people to develop their psychic abilities or helping authors to self publish their books.)

BUT on the other hand, what everyone does have is a collection of gifts that they can use in any career setting or context (and in other areas of their life too, such as relationships.)

What Are Soul Gifts?

Often when I do a reading for someone, there will be a few main gifts that the client has, which never change, and which are central to their life purpose their whole life.  Your soul will be urging you to use these gifts so they are not just soul gifts, they are soul urges. They are not just gifts – they are soul gifts because they come from your soul’s past experiences and trainings.

Let’s say a client has three main gifts which are an ability to teach, intuition and compassion/ a humanitarian streak.  The client has known, on a subconscious level, all their life that they have those gifts.  And when they are doing a job that doesn’t use those gifts, they notice it and they feel unfulfilled, even if they don’t know exactly what is missing.

(As an aside, if you currently feel unfulfilled in your work, it’s because you aren’t using your gifts fully!)

So, how can you know what your soul gifts are?

Here are some really common soul gifts that I have come across – see if you can relate to some of these for starters:

Healing – you might have this gift if you are drawn to helping others to feel better and heal themselves emotionally.  Maybe you attract many people into your life who are wounded in some way.  Perhaps you are someone who gets a lot of satisfaction in ‘fixing’ situations and seeing them made better.  Obviously, this applies to physical healing too.  If you are someone who constantly wants to rescue, improve and heal your partner, lovers or friends, then you are probably a healer who hasn’t found a way to express this gift apart from in your relationships.

Teaching/mentoring – teachers cannot help but teach and guide.  You might have this gift if you learn something and then always REALLY want to tell other people about it.  You get great satisfaction out of empowering other people through passing on your knowledge – you like knowing that they can now do something they couldn’t do before.  You are good at explaining things to people.

Nurturing and supporting – these people LOVE to be there for others.  They love to provide an environment in which other people can thrive.  They love to look after other people and get a lot of fulfillment from seeing others happy.  These people sometimes express this gift through looking after animals and children.

Leadership – these people like to show others new possibilities and new, more effective ways of doing things.  They often like breaking out of the mould and going against the grain.  They teach us courage and that it’s OK to be different.

Communicator – these people teach, educate others, spark new thought processes, tell stories, pass on knowledge, information and wisdom, but they like to do it in a ‘one-to-many’ way, through speaking, writing books, journalism and blogging.

Inspiring – Inspirers motivate people, open their minds, excite them, show them the vast realm of possibilities (often through spiritual teachings), show them the bigger picture and encourage them to take action (although these people may not necessarily be spiritual people.)

There are around fifteen more soul gifts (some of them overlapping) that I have come across in the course of reading people’s Akashic records and energy fields.

Remember, if you want to know what your life purpose is through your soul gifts, the easiest thing to do is look at what brings you satisfaction. If something brings you great fulfilment to do, it is utilizing a gift of your soul that is central to your life purpose. And if you are unfulfilled and unhappy in your career, it’s because you’re missing the expression of one or more of your most important gifts.

Where do soul gifts come from?

Our soul gifts generally come from our soul group of origin, our past lives, the trainings that we have done in between lifetimes (see Michael Newton’s books for more on this) and our archetypes.

Are you interested in learning more about your soul gifts? One of the best ways to do so is through an Akashic Record Reading, which you can find out more about here.

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