My recent intuitive experiment has brought up the issue of ethics, as it relates to reading other people, to find out information about their life and character.

Ahh, I love ethics and the moral highground 😀 Plus maybe there is a useful lesson in here for me, you or anyone who cares to listen!


I got two emails this week from people which further inspired me to write about this topic.

Person #1: Disgruntled

I had one annoyed reader tell me earlier on this week that it was wrong of me to get people to read the internationally revered and adored poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

I did not understand why it caused offence.

My reason for this is that Lorca’s story is in the public domain.  Check out Wikipedia for anything you’d like to know about him.  He’s also deceased, God rest his soul.  If Lorca comes to me in a dream and tells me to take my damn experiment off my blog, I might oblige him 🙂 But in the mean time, I bet Lorca doesn’t mind us picking up on his emotional life from his photo. You can also delve into his psyche through his poetry. That’s what his literary critics do as their full time day job, using his poetry (I had tutorials with some of those people when I was at University – so they definitely exist!)

I plan on doing another experiment of the same kind soon. I will make sure that the person read for is not someone who can stumble upon the experiment and feel violated.

Reading For Those You Have No Business Reading For

Perhaps inspired by my experiment, I had someone else email me with a well-meaning reading that they’d done on me, without me asking for it.  It was depressingly negative. But it was also 100% inaccurate for my current life. (Interestingly, this person also did an accurate reading of Lorca.) Maybe the person who did it never read my posts beforehand, but it’s possible some of the impressions could have been gauged from old blog posts like this one that I wrote a while back in Australia, when I was intensely homesick and sleepless, chasing cockroaches (I have a phobia of them) around my apartment in 30 degree heat and 90% humidity. And I think this reader was just trying to verify their skills.

My point is: don’t read for living people who are not in the public domain, without their permission, if you have no reason to do so. Here’s one reason why: you’ll probably get it wrong.

Spirit will give you the information that you need, and probably no more.

You’ll sense when it serves you to steer well clear of someone, because that serves you.  You can get accurate information about topics that relate to you and your own business.  If you really need to know if your new babysitter is trustworthy, you can have that information – I would even say you have a right to know that information.

But if you read another person ‘just because’, or if you want to know if someone you know is having an affair, as an example, you could get misinformation. The exception to that (to some degree) could be deceased people or public figures i.e. those whose stories are already out there in autobiographies and on Wikipedia.

Because of my own experiences trying to read those I had no business reading, and from my experiences being read in an unsolicited way, I believe it’s a good idea to get peoples’ permission to read them, unless we need the information for our own personal safety and benefit.