Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is? What the meaning behind some of your more challenging experiences in life might be? Who you were before you came here?

Personally, these are questions I love to explore for myself, and from a professional point of view, I also love to find ways to find these answers for my clients.

I have done over a dozen past life regressions as a client, and I also have intimate knowledge of my soul’s purpose and nature through the Akashic Records work that I do. If I have questions, I am also able to consult with my soul and Spirit Guides.

But I was seeking the answer to a couple of personal questions that I was almost afraid to ask my Higher self/guides and that was one of the reasons why I booked myself in for a “life between lifetimes” hypnotherapy session with a therapist in Queenstown, New Zealand.

What is a ‘life between lifetimes’ session?

In case you have never heard of this term before, a ‘life between lifetimes’ session is where you are put into a very relaxed state using hypnosis, and taken back to your infancy, the womb, most recent past life and then to the afterlife (in that order.) The afterlife part is the significant part and the source of most of the benefits one can get from this type of session.

The ‘life between lifetimes’ session is based on the theory that we choose our life lessons, family and some of the circumstances of our lives before we incarnate, and by visiting the spirit world, we can gain some insight into the reasons behind our choices. We can also get a broader picture of the path we’re on, as a soul.

This type of session was originated by Michael Newton, a clinical hypnotherapist and author. He was not aiming to regress people to the afterlife (he was actually a skeptic) and instead focused on the more down-to-earth types of regression. However, he found that during his hypnosis sessions, clients were consistently regressing to a ‘place’ he eventually concluded must be the space between physical lifetimes – the afterlife.

He was astounded by the similar experiences they reported. Newton decided to research these cases first hand in sessions with clients and gathered thousands of case studies over a period of years, all the while avoiding new-age/spiritual materials so he would not be influenced in his conclusions. He published two books on the experiences (Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls) and founded the Newton Institute, to train therapists in the hypnosis techniques to regress their clients to the afterlife.

My Experiences Going Back to the Afterlife

The first part of my session involved being regressed to childhood, where I had vivid memories of hiding in the garden of my childhood home, and then to infancy where I saw myself being bounced on my grandmother’s lap. Then I went back to the womb, which was characterised by muffled sounds and lights. From there, the therapist took me into my most recent past life. I have already written about a recent past life here, and thought I would go into that lifetime again, but instead I went into another lifetime I wasn’t aware of.

I have written extensively about my experiences with past life regression here on this blog, and I know a lot of my readers enjoy hearing about past lives (for the rest of you, hopefully I haven’t bored you too much with them by now 😉 )

Returning to My Most Recent Past Life

The lifetime was during the 50s, 60s and 70s in North America. I was a truck driver who drove down the west coast of the US and along the south, transporting goods. I was also addicted to food and sex and was severely overweight. I died early on in life from a stroke or heart attack (not sure which).

Anyway, when I was regressed back to the spirit world, I was told that the purpose of the lifetime was to experience addiction. In the spirit world, they gave me what looked like a small jigsaw piece, which I could put back into my soul, which would protect me from becoming an addict in THIS lifetime.

This was interesting to me, because although I was born into a family that has the addict gene activated, it’s something that has bypassed me.

I already knew from an Akashic Record reading that my soul’s chosen primary life lesson is moderation (i.e. exploring the extreme edges along with finding the middle path) so that particular lifetime was a valuable one to have and apparently prepared me for this life.

I was told that struggles I have encountered in this lifetime have helped me to learn moderation, knocking me off balance, so that I could find my way back to some kind of balanced life.

Entering into the Afterlife

Next, I was taken into the spirit world.

This part of the regression had a big impact on me (in fact, I feel like my brain is still a bit fried from the experience.)

Once I was in the spirit world, everything about earthly life seemed trivial and small – like being in an airplane and seeing the cars down below which look tiny and insignificant. I almost no longer cared about the reasons I booked the session in the first place (the questions I had which pertained to my earthly life.)

It felt awesome!

I really enjoyed being back in the afterlife – my true spiritual home.

The part after we die feels awesome, and although after death we still care about the people we left behind, we won’t care two hoots about most of the day-to-day trivia that bother us and take up most of our energy when we’re here.

It will all drop away.

The only things that seem to matter from the standpoint of the afterlife are:

1. Did I value my relationships and love sufficiently well?

2. Did I live my purpose and make my contribution to the earth? (no matter how humble or great this may be.)

So, going back to my experiences in the spirit world…

Selecting this Lifetime

This was the point where I re-experienced choosing this particular lifetime.

I was offered a “holiday” lifetime prior to coming into this life, because my soul was tired and needed a break before the upcoming challenging lifetime.

(A holiday lifetime is when you do not have to learn much and your primary purpose is to enjoy being incarnated, and gaining resources for upcoming lifetimes.)

The lifetime I was offered was an idyllic one, on an island in the Mediterranean (possibly Madeira or somewhere similar). Because my soul is ambitious, was raring to go and wanted to get stuck into this life, I declined and the Spirit Guides said something along the lines of, “OK, your funeral.” Lol! (…meaning that they felt I might be biting off more than I could chew at the time.)

I selected my body for this life which was very different from the body in the last life. I remember seeing the choices and not being comfortable with any of them, because none of them were as robust-looking as the last body that I was very comfortable in. There were just minor differences to choose from, between the choices, such as hair colour and eye colour.

I was told that my life purpose in this life, on top of learning moderation, would be healing the self following challenging experiences, and later contributing to the field of healing.

Projecting the Soul into the Body

As part of the life selection process, I had to choose how much of my soul’s energy I was going to bring through for this life.

So when you think of your soul (i.e. your true spiritual self), you may think of a being who is on the other side, or somehow far removed from your earthly self. That’s only partly true – some of your soul is on the other side, and some is down here, in your body.

Different souls choose to bring through varying amounts of their soul’s energy into their lifetime, and this makes a big impact on how you will live your life. Most of us project about 50-70% of the soul’s energy into an incarnation, and some souls opt to project much less.

I only chose to bring through about 30% of my soul’s energy, which ups the challenge and means that I have one foot in the spirit realm and one foot in this realm (but am much more ‘in’ the spirit realm than I am present here.) That made a lot of sense to me and is probably a big factor in the work I do (i.e. connecting to spirit.)

Souls who project a lot of their soul’s energy into their life have more energy to engage with the outer world and those who have less (like me) will tend to spend more energy on their inner world and connection with the spiritual.

Reconnecting with my “Soul Family”

As part of the regression, I was taken to reunite with my soul family, which is a group of souls with whom you do most of your spiritual work. These souls tend to show up in our lifetimes repeatedly, as our friends, lovers, and family members.

I had around 16-17 souls in my soul family, but I spent a lot of time away from the soul family, training and studying in various ways.

I recognized several of the souls as my close friends, a few ex-boyfriends, and family members but I could not see the faces of some of the others (presumably I have yet to meet or will not meet those souls in this life.)

Answering Questions

I also had the opportunity to ask whatever I liked in the spirit world.

I asked about getting pregnant or adopting children now, as I had been very broody on and off for a couple of years and knew there were two children souls around me, and a big part of me was ready for it, but another part of me was not 100% on board with the idea. My soul said emphatically, “don’t do it” – that it is not my path at the moment, and that the children souls were ones that I would connect with later on in some other way.

Trainings on the Other Side

From my work in the Akashic Records, I already knew a lot about what I get up to on the other side, in between incarnations. We all undertake studies and volunteer in various ways, on the other side, and these influence what we are good at and interested in, when we incarnate. (There are around 13-14 soul trainings that we can undertake on the other side.)

My visit to the afterlife gave me even more details on what I personally was getting up to. I already knew I was involved in souls’ life reviews, but I also found out that I was involved in the keeping of the Akashic Records and also counseling souls who, following their life review, were unsure they wanted to continue on their current path of incarnating, and wanted to change trajectory. I was also involved in healing animals.


There are many ways to find out your soul’s purpose, life lessons and gifts, and if you ever have the opportunity to have a life between lifetimes session, it is one interesting way to find out more about these.

For further exploration on soul trainings, purpose and life lessons:

Have you ever had a life between lifetimes session? What did you think of it?