As a student (and client) of past life regression, I find this discipline to be endlessly fascinating and a source of great learning.

This article is part one in a three part series of what I’ve learned so far on my path:

We Weren’t all Cleopatra

My experience of having and doing past life regressions shows that most lifetimes are ordinary ones, and yet often extraordinary at the same time.

The age-old themes of love, loss, survival, injustice and hatred tend to be very prevalent during regressions.

My most recent practice client was a female in her 40s. During the regression she found she was a German soldier in WW1 who had a foot blown off in the trenches. She survived the war and met the love of her life, and lived happily ever after (notably, the male love of her life in that lifetime is her best female friend in this one!)

In another lifetime, the same client was an American woman born to a wealthy family in New York in the 1700s, who felt passionately about women’s suffrage and women’s working conditions. Her views were so inconvenient to her husband and social circle that her husband moved the family out to Ohio, where she became an alcoholic, and wrote articles on women’s rights that no-one got to read, and died hoping that her daughter would care about women’s suffrage and fight for it, too.

Usually, the past lives that we go into have traumatic aspects to them (and this is why they come up in the first place.)

My past lives have involved:

  • Being a prostitute in the Middle East around 1000 years ago and dying in childbirth, choosing a life of financial independence from men above everything else
  • Losing 3 grown-up sons in a fishing accident in Scandinavia, and dying of grief
  • Being a woman in Norway, having my beloved baby son taken away from me as payment by a powerful man who claimed that I owed him tax on the land I was living on
  • Being a petty criminal living in a city in Northern Germany during the Industrial Revolution, dying of starvation and illness at a young age
  • Being raped as a young woman in Roman times, giving birth to a baby that was promptly drowned by my father, committing suicide
  • Being a West African man who fights to defend the tribe during raids by Portuguese colonizers and slave merchants, being tortured and murdered as a result.

During a regression, your Higher self will often pick the lifetimes that are most harrowing and traumatic to explore, precisely because once they are cleared, it can make the most difference to your life.

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