Does a spiritual awakening have to mean a change of career?

In 2006, I read Doreen Virtue’s book The Lightworker’s Way.

I identified 100% as a lightworker at the time because I felt a strong pull towards work that made the world a better place.  I was in the midst of a spiritual awakening, devouring one book per week with new-age or spiritual material in it.

I was also working as an English teacher at a University in France.  I had such a tiny sense of what was possible in my life that I promised myself I would switch to a career that allowed me to express my ‘lightworker’ side, but I didn’t believe it was possible at all.  So it really blew my mind when it happened for me within the next couple of years.

I went around in a happy daze for about 12 months after that. But the happy daze was gradually replaced by realism. It was unavoidable, as there were the realities of running my own business to contend with.

Here’s what I’ve learned about lightwork in the last five years:

1. ‘Lightwork’ isn’t necessarily about career

I had an incredibly strong pull to transition to a career that was a better fit for my soul gifts and soul purpose.

I’ve also had clients who have had a spiritual awakening, and felt strongly drawn to ‘saving’ planet Earth in some way.

But I believe that when we’re in the midst of a spiritual awakening, it can blow open our upper chakras to such an extent that we get an inflated sense of what one person can do, and we believe we can save someone else or the world.  We can’t.  Many of us have but a small corner of the world to influence and contribute to.  And we do this by the way we are, the energies we emit and the way we interact.

This summer I taught a group of students how to read the Akashic Records as part of my Akashic Record Reading Program. They are learning all about the archetypes, soul gifts, trainings and soul groups that are present here on Planet Earth.  The thing that really struck me while I was teaching this material was that every soul group fulfills its purpose by being here, and that’s all.

There is one soul group that understands suffering and has great compassion. Another soul group influences us to create more balance in our lives.  Another soul group is here to help others to improve their performance in some aspect of their life.  Some of the souls who belong to such soul groups may have a career based on who they are on the soul level, but not all of them will.

Every person has soul gifts that contribute to the betterment of life here. And those gifts are activated no matter what career we’re in. Some soul gifts are expressed in relationships, friendships, hobbies and family life.

I am not saying that there isn’t fulfillment to be had from switching to a career that is a better fit for who you are.  But I am also saying that your spiritual work/lightwork doesn’t have to be how you earn your money.  You are a lightworker in spite of what you do.

2. God (or the Universe) doesn’t give any concessions to lightworkers

Lightworkers and those who do spiritual work have to work as hard as everyone else.  They need a proper plan of how they’re going to do their work and not starve.  But when we’re inspired with an idea in our spiritual awakening, we can forget this.  I’ve known people to quit their job with no plan and wait for God’s special net to appear – you know, the one for the Lightworkers and spiritual folk.  I’ve also known people to quit their job with a plan of setting up a business and have to go back to their job within a few months because their business plans were too vague and they had not done enough market research to find out if their business was likely to be successful.

I am a proponent of transitioning gradually to something more fulfilling that pays the bills.

Three years ago, I quit my own job to pursue this business, which to me is my soul’s purpose.  It’s been a scary, uncomfortable and chaotic ride and if I could do it again, I would have transitioned gradually, instead of diving in head first right at the deep end.

3. Seemingly pointless jobs serve their purpose

I’ve worked as a cleaner in a hotel, a dish washer, an English teacher, a French teacher, a sandwich maker, a receptionist, a waitress and an office worker.  A couple of them I was very bad at (being a waitress is hard when you’re clumsy).

But the role that was perhaps most frustrating for me was English teaching, because by that point I was more aware of what my soul gifts were and I knew I wasn’t using them.

I had a moment this week when I remembered my English teacher training in 2009.  I hated every moment of this training – while I was doing it, I knew I would not be teaching English and I felt I was wasting my time.  The only reason I did not quit was because the training was given to me, and paid for, as a gift. Only now that I am putting together my Akashic Record Reading Program do I understand the place and the value it had in my path.  No matter how seemingly misaligned with my soul purpose it might have been at the time, it served a purpose. It has been very helpful for putting together my course and teaching people now – which is aligned with my soul purpose.

Might your path be the same?

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