On the Summer Solstice this year, I got together with some friends. We wanted to do a ritual to give thanks for the good things that we had experienced over the last year, and ask for Divine help and guidance to achieve what we wanted to manifest over the next year.

I wanted to share the ceremony here, in case anyone else wants to use it.

You do not have to do this ritual on the Summer Solstice – although summer is a great time to usher in growth, abundance and harvest what you have been working on all year. (I have used something similar at other times of the year, too!)

My Summer Solstice Manifesting Ceremony

1. First of all, I gathered some flowers, foliage and vegetables from the garden, and tied them together as an offering of thanks. We reflected on the good things of the last year that we felt grateful for.

One of us made little head dresses from grasses – I felt like Titania queen of the fairies.

2. Then we brought in the Divine, by saying

“Archangel Michael, please be with us. Angels and Spirit Guides, please be with us. Ancestors and friendly land spirits, please be with us. We ask for a temple of love, truth and power to be anchored through us now. We call in the powers of the north, the powers of the south, the powers of the west and the powers of the east. We are between the worlds. What happens in this space changes us and changes all the worlds.”

3. Next, we did the breathing exercises I teach in my Intuitive Awakening Course to raise our vibration (you can use any breathing exercise or meditate to calm your mind – for example, take a few long, deep breaths, and then just focus on your breath for a minute or two.)

4. At this point, we chose 3-4 intentions/wishes that we wanted to see manifest. We held these things in our minds and visualised them happening for a few minutes.

5. Then we all said:

“So mote it be, as long as it is in my highest good and the highest good of all.”

6. We then requested the following:

“Thank you Spirit beings and Archangel Michael for being here. We ask you to send us intuitive impulses and guidance to lead us towards our goals. We ask for help in recognising this guidance. We ask for help in getting beyond any resistance or blocks to taking action.”

One of my intentions was to bring in more help to support my business. Another was to feel more connected and have more community in my day-to-day life and in my work.

Soon after that, I got a chest infection which took about 6 weeks to recover from. I spent much of the time at home (which is currently an Airbnb in West Dorset) being kept company by these two:

Phoebe the dog


And fuelled by steroids (for the chest infection!) I went to work bringing about my goals and bringing in more help to support the intentions I set.

I do love being in Dorset because I get to spend time with my 2 adorable nieces and my sister-in-law, but I also don’t love it, because after several years living in sparsely populated and peaceful New Zealand, I frequently get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of traffic and people in the South of England!

Get me out of here!!

I have recently started an Instagram account and you can follow my travel adventures on there if you use Instagram. (I don’t post as often as most people, as I am not much of a photographer…some of my photos are taken by other people!)

If you use the ceremony above, I hope that all your summer wishes and intentions come true!