By Shelly Holbrook-Ebeling.

Life is full of tough decisions.

Should you take that new job?

Will moving to a new town be better for your kids?

Is leaving your spouse really the right thing to do?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone available to help you navigate life (and decisions like these) a little easier?

You do!

That is exactly what your Spirit Guides are for! Spirit Guides are helpful beings who are here to guide you through this lifetime and help you to stay on course. They are your go-to team for tough decision-making!

How cool is that?

Even better, your Spirit Guides know what your life lessons are in this lifetime. They know which events, people, and situations you have chosen in order to learn those life lessons, and what direction you might take that is aligned with your Highest Path and Purpose. They really know a lot.

Often times, in a reading, clients ask me to check with their guides when looking for career guidance or when they have a really big decision to make.

We can consult one’s guides to get more information in order to make an informed decision, but they don’t tell us what to do. They are not in charge of you and they cannot affect your free-will.

That being said, guides prefer it if you ask really specific questions when you are seeking guidance. If you ask a vague question, you will get a vague answer. Specific questions garner specific results.

Here is an example of a vague question:

“Should I take that new job I was offered the other day?”

Now here’s why that question will get you nowhere with your guides:

  1. You asked them if you should do something.

This will always result in receiving zero information back from your guides since that free-will thing comes into play. Can you? Sure. Should you? Maybe.

  1. You asked about ‘that new job’.

What new job? Perhaps you have 2 offers on the table. How would your guides know which one you were referring to?

  1. You mentioned that it was offered ‘the other day’.

Guides have no idea what the ‘other day’ is, as time is irrelevant to them. The other day could mean two days ago, or it could mean two years ago.

Get it?

Here is an example of how you might get better results from a reworded version of that question:

“How aligned is taking that position with Smith and Company as the Regional Marketing Manager on the West Coast with my desired outcome of making more money, having the ability to travel, maintaining a work/life balance, while feeling challenged in my position on a daily basis?”

See the difference?

We ask about a specific position where you lay out specific goals and desires pertaining to you. With a question like that, we can get an exact percentage on how aligned (or not) taking that job might be with your goals. It’s a far more informative way of receiving guidance than when a psychic tells you they feel you ought to take the job without backing up why they feel that way.

In a reading where the questions are specific, a properly trained psychic can tell you that taking the position with Smith and Company as the Regional Marketing Manager on the West Coast is 96% aligned (for example) with your desired outcome of making more money, having the ability to travel, maintaining a work/life balance, while feeling challenged in your position on a daily basis.

How great is that? It’s a logical and organized way of understanding what you are really asking.

This applies to not only career guidance but any type of decision-making question. You simply need to come to the reading prepared with the options you are considering and the desired outcome you are looking for.

Let’s look at one more example. Let’s say you are deciding on where to take your next vacation. You are considering flying to Hawaii, travelling to Italy, or sticking close to home and driving to California.

You would come to the reading with the three options you are considering (Hawaii, Italy and California) as well as your desired outcome. Let’s say you desire the ability to relax, try new and exciting foods, experience a different culture, and meet new people while on vacation.

During your reading we may receive an answer that California is only 40% aligned with that desired outcome, Italy is 98% aligned, and Hawaii is 95% aligned. So, we can rule out California as an option.

Next, we can get more specific with looking at Hawaii and Italy. Perhaps you are also concerned about the cost of the trip. We could then check the alignment of how likely it would be that you might stay within a certain budget for food and drinks for the duration of the trip.

Keep in mind, you would need to budget the food and drinks, but we can look at the likelihood that it would happen easier in one location over the other.

Spirit can’t say you would definitely stay within budget, but that it might be more likely one way or the other. Perhaps Spirit is aware that pina coladas are $12.00 a pop in Hawaii and a glass of wine in Italy is only $4.00. It would be more likely you would stay within your budget while in Italy.

Make sense?

Consulting with our guides when providing logical and well-thought-out questions can be an invaluable tool to help you make decisions where you will be happy with the guidance you receive.

Have you ever had a major decision to make and consulted your guides for some help? What was the result? I would love to read your comments about times where you asked your guides well-thought-out questions as well as times when perhaps your questions could have been more specific.


Shelly Holbrook-Ebeling is a Professional Intuitive who has been certified in Anna Sayce’s Akashic Record Reading and Intuitive Reading Programs. She was selected by Anna to be the resident Akashic Record Reader for this website.

After years of ignoring her sensitivity to energy and strong Empath gifts, Shelly was called upon by Spirit to use her Clairvoyance and channeling skills to bring clarity and healing to her clients in a personal and down-to-earth way.

In addition to offering Akashic Record Readings, Shelly specializes in (and really enjoys!) helping others with both Decision Based Readings and Career Guidance Readings. Sessions are offered all over the world via phone or Skype.

To book an Akashic Record Reading with Shelly please visit this page.