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If you click around my social media pages, you will find I am not all that active on social media and I don’t share much on there. The truth is, I don’t love social media, for various reasons.

I prefer a more exclusive, closed group, where it’s about being real rather than the surface stuff. And also, ideally, helpful and useful to you as someone who is a psychic developer, professional intuitive or empath. That’s what I try to have my newsletter be like.

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In them, you’ll find a mix of:

Musings about my own spiritual path (these only make it into my newsletter and blog) and sometimes rubbish photos of my travels/house sits (I am not very good with a camera phone. Lol.)

Latest articles – on the topics of empathy, healing, psychic development, the Akashic Records and more

• Updates about new services and courses

• Discounts (these only go out by newsletter and you can make BIG savings when they do occasionally crop up)

Sometimes you’ll hear from me twice a month, sometimes it’ll be once a month or less, depending on what’s going on. I don’t usually email more frequently than once every 7-10 days.

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