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Results of Intuitive Experiment #4

So who was the lady in intuitive experiment #4?

Her real name was Franziska Schanzkowsky but she was known as Anna Anderson throughout most of her life.

She was born in Poland in 1896. She was a Polish factory worker who first came to the attention of the authorities in Germany when she was 24 – she attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Berlin. She was subsequently institutionalized in a mental asylum. At first she was known as ‘fräulein unbekannt’ (unknown young lady), since she refused to reveal her identity and the authorities did not know who she was. Later on she claimed she was Anastasia – the daughter of the Russian Tsar who had been shot, along with his Empress and their five children, by Bolshevik revolutionaries in 1918. Since at this time, their bodies had not been found, some people (including those who personally knew the Russian royal family) believed that she really was Anastasia.

After a lawsuit lasting many years, the German courts ruled that Anderson was not Anastasia, but through media coverage, her claim gained notoriety and some people continued to believe her.

Between 1922 and 1968, she lived in Germany and the US, spending time in nursing homes, at least one mental asylum and in homes of people who supported her claims.

In 1968, just before her visa for the US expired, she married an eccentric history professor from Charlottesville, Virginia and she lived with him for the remainder of her life.

The claim that she was Anastasia was debunked after her death, when posthumous DNA evidence finally proved that she was in fact Franziska Schanzkowsky.

You can read more about her life here.

The Purpose of this Exercise

Before I talk about your intuitive ‘hits’, I just wanted to clarify what I see as the purpose of this exercise. I post the intuitive experiments partly because it seems to really give people a chance to refine their intuitive awareness, for free and in an anonymous way. I tend to get two kinds of emails after I post the results of one of these experiments. The first kind is an encouraged email, where someone has their findings (or some of them) validated. The second is a ‘I didn’t do so well but I learned something through this’ email, which is great. People often come to a conclusion about how their intuition speaks to them through these exercises. So if you didn’t seem to get much right, that’s OK. You will actually benefit more by getting it wrong. Below I talk about what you might learn about your intuitive process through this exercise in particular. See if any of them apply to you.

Intuitive ‘Hits’

What you got right…


Many people, when they tuned into this person, felt uncomfortable or uneasy. Other phrases which came up included: sick to the stomach, anxious, negative, frightened.

Some people then talked about insanity, which was spot on.

I think that insanity is one of the easier things to spot in an aura once you know how it feels. I can feel it within a minute of tuning in and it seems quite a few people did spot it here.

When I tune into someone and feel very frightened, chaotic or very lost that is very often a sign of insanity or severe mental illness. With this lady, I sensed extreme, almost childlike vulnerability (which is another energy that seems to be consistently present with insanity and severe forms of mental illness, when it presents with the other energy I mentioned above.)

So if you picked up on the madness, remember how it felt to you and file it away for future reference. You might pick up on that again another time.

Some of those who didn’t pick up on this directly did pick up on the fact that this woman was troubled.


A few people picked up on wickedness in this woman. I was interested to hear why – perhaps those of you who picked up on wickedness interpreted the ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘frightened’ energies incorrectly? I do think that this woman had the capacity to do a lot of damage indirectly to people, without understanding the consequences of what she says and does. I also agree that when you tune into her, her energy is very unattractive and repellent, to the point that it sends chills down your spine. You’re probably picking up on madness, in this case. When I tune into the aura of a mad person, it may feel repellent, but I also usually pick up on a ‘frightened’ energy, like being alone, very vulnerable and lost at sea, tossed around on the waves. That’s what some types of mental illness feel like to me, as an empath. It would be interesting to hear if others perceive the same thing. I am aware that you may be different.

Other details that were picked up on:


As far as we know, this woman did not murder anyone. If you picked up on murder, it might have been related to the murder of the Russian royal family.


Some people commented on acting and her having a split personality. This was obviously correct. Some people mentioned writing. Much has been written about Anna Anderson’s claims (plus a film was made about her story) but as far as I know, she didn’t write anything herself.

People suggested she was abused. I was unable to find any information on her childhood, but if you are interested in having your findings validated (if they weren’t covered here), you could do some more research by Googling it. As one of the commenters (Janet) mentioned:

“Even if you don’t sense what others sense, it doesn’t mean that what you sense is wrong.”

It’s true. What we do know about this woman is limited to my research of what is widely known about her. I am sure there are more facts to be uncovered.

What I Learned from this Experiment

I learn a lot from these experiments too.

Here’s what I realised through reading your responses:

When we tune into someone, we don’t always get access to the facts of what happened in their life. That is because we don’t always have permission to see what happened to them and to see what they did while they were alive.

One thing that we can count on having permission to read, however, is a person’s character. We are all endowed with being able to ascertain who a person really is, underneath. This can tell us a lot.

Occasionally, out of interest and curiosity, I read the auras of people in the news who have been accused of dreadful crimes, especially when they are appealing their sentence and insist they did not commit the crime. Last week I read the aura of Amanda Knox, who (in case you don’t read the news) is an American student who was in 2009 convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy. (Incidentally, she won her appeal yesterday.)

When I do this, I am aware that I cannot know for sure if the person did it or not. When I tune in, I do not have a spirit popping up telling me all about what happened. Instead I research the person’s inner life – what they are feeling (or not feeling). I research a variety of different chakra databanks which paint a clear picture of what is REALLY going on with that person at the moment, and with their true character. I bypass all the facades that the person projects to the world to see what is underneath. It’s a fascinating exercise. Sometimes it’s wildly different from the way they are come across on the surface or the way they are portrayed in court or by the media. By doing this, you can establish whether their inner life and character is consistent with having murdered someone or not. And you will get a definite sense either way.

But you don’t necessarily get factual information about the person that no-one else knows apart from you and the spirit who told you. That’s not how it works.

So if you picked up on facts about this person that weren’t correct, you may have been searching for objective facts which you may or may not get. I am saying that it is much easier to research who the person really is, and what they are like. You can depend on being able to read that. Plus once you have done that, you may get information on what the person is likely to have done in their life, perhaps their interests, gifts and profession. But it is good to start with ‘what kind of person is this?’

If you are interested in reading more tips on improving for this kind of exercise, you can read the tips I gave for the other intuitive experiments here, here and here (they apply to this kind of exercise in general.)

So that was intuitive experiment #4. I hope you learned something from it and had fun doing it.

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How did you do on this one?

If you have any comments or questions for me about your results or how your intuition works, please post them below too and if I can help, I will reply.


  1. Anna,

    This was a great experiment! Interesting that we could have been picking up on the murders. Not sure about it, but I wonder about her potential for actual violence from insanity. I didn’t post a response but played along from home because of the conflicting information I got – murderous, scary, mentally ill on the one hand and lost, sad, confused and victimized on the other, and also “jailed” (which could have been the mental instition). I’ll file away the feelings for future reference although I’d hope not to run into this type of mind in real life.

  2. Wow that’s awesome I was pretty accurate with the reading even getting the occupation of “cooking up schemes” in that she was conning people into thinking she’s someone else.

    I did learn something new from this, I didn’t realize that mentally unstable people tend to feel vulnerable and lost at sea. Thanks for this fun experiment!

  3. I really feel like there was a murder. When I read that she was going to commit suicide I thought “well maybe that’s where it comes from” but I feel like she had killed someone….oooooohhhh….or maybe she killed her old self by taking on another personality. Maybe that’s where it comes from.

    Sorry Anna, I’m just opening myself up to this world I didn’t know I was capable of after years and years of drug abuse. Now that my head is clear I see more clearly…at times more clearly than I want! Hahahaha! 🙂

  4. Oh Anna and another thing, before you posted this one I was looking at the others. I kept getting Polish, Polish, Polish. But it was when I was looking at the man with the glasses and I knew it wasn’t right and I kept thinking…where is this Polish coming from. Now I know I guess. That’s wierd how I picked up on it and hadn’t seen her pictures yet just the email you had sent and that picture was disabled. WOW!

  5. I did pretty good, I have much to learn still but I am proud of myself!

  6. Thanks for this, Anna. It’s always a fun experiment! I really enjoy all your blog posts and have learned a lot from you.

    I’m learning through these tests and through personal experiences in the last year or so that the information I get through claircognizance is becoming very reliable. I note that almost every impression I get that way is correct (even though I may not get lots of details but just general “knowings”).

    However the visions I see and words I hear in my head are becoming increasingly unreliable. The clairvoyant images were quite reliable before, but this year they’ve all gone to hell (so to speak). I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps I just need to find the “mode” that is right for me.

  7. This woman’s eyes are actually quite scary. When I look at them, I see (1) sunken eyes, and (2) yin sanpaku (white under the eye), which can be a warning sign of victimhood.

    Although I haven’t learned how to read aura’s yet, just looking at her made my heart chakra feel very uncomfortable. In my experience, when my heart chakra feels blocked in reaction to somebody, that is a sign of envy and/or malice.

    Did anybody else feel a hit in heart chakra while looking at this picture?

  8. I have learned to never try another one of these again. I am so utterly wrong I might as well have written down the dead opposite of how I felt. I truly, truly suck at this.

  9. My first impression was a patient in a mental hospital. I had the impression of evil and deceitful as well. Interesting and I was encouraged by the outcome! Thank you!

  10. There were two different images in the email I received. Who was the woman in the second image.
    The image of the first one woman sent shivers down my spine. My initial impression was that she was mentally unstable and uncontrollable when angry. For some reason I also felt that she was capable of or had already committed some type of bloody violence. However, this could have been triggered by the pinstripes on her shirt and the brick wall.
    The second woman looked like she suffered from some type of circumstantial depression. She had an almost autistic quality to her gaze which gave me the impression that she was intelligent but profoundly misunderstood and frustrated. She also seemed like she had a helpless or resigned presence about her. I’m curious to know who she is.

  11. I must be tired… after looking at the photos a second time, I realized that they are both images of the same woman. How interesting. They feel so different but definitely give the impression of an underlying mental disorder.

  12. I picked up the fact that she was prominent in the early 1900’s and born in the late 1800s. I picked up on something vague having to do with nursing…that I wouldn’t trust her and felt uneasy looking at her. I picked up on something that was like her going against an authority and being malicious but not anything about mental illness or lying about her identity. I was off on a lot too, but I surprised myself anyway. Cool exercise! Can you post these more often Anna? Maybe 1 a week? (-;

  13. Hi Julie – Good stuff. It looks like you picked up on most of what was defining about her!

  14. Hi Joey, Glad you learned something from this too. I probably need to say that is how *I* perceive mental instability and illness (when I get the ‘lost at sea’ feeling). However, you might perceive it a little differently.

  15. How exciting! I’m developing and I actually saw a grey cloud over the first picture, which I thought would be a grey aura. I read somewhere they can hint at inner/mental instability? I certainly didn’t like the look of her, I instantly thought “Trouble”. Certainly a nice little bit of encouragement!

  16. Ashlee, well done! A lot of people picked up details that they didn’t write down here because they weren’t sure. Yes that makes sense, you definitely see clearer when your head is clearer.

  17. I’ve been following the tips Anna suggested but I’m “blocked” for lack of a better term. I used to be quite empathic but some traumas have left me unable to read people anymore.
    When I did this experiment, I picked up on this woman’s personality…I got the impression she was very strong willed–almost like a child would stamp her foot and say ‘No!’ I also got the impression of there being two sides to her personality…she could be strong or opinionated or have a strong sense of self, and then the could be very emotional and uncontrolled…Does that make sense? I got the impression that she tried to control her emotions but they would escape and be very volatile.
    I didn’t get the impression of murder, but I did get the impression of having that very strong personality or very strong emotions that she didn’t or couldn’t control.
    But I’m probably wrong…

  18. thanks!!! anna..

  19. Well, I picked up on German if nothing else! 😀 That really stuck out to me. I’m surprised I didn’t recognise her. I’d heard of Anna Anderson, but I’d forgotten what she looked like.

    I wonder if that leftmost photo is where people got “murder” from. Because it reminds me of a mug shot.

  20. I love these experiments! In taking a few minutes to look at the photos, I have been very stressed out lately and it was tough to calm down. In any case, I picked up on “she doesn’t trust.” “My life sucks.” The fact that she had a tough life. And I’m not sure if I trust her or not. I also got that she’s a scrapper or a survivor. Finally, the word teacher came to me.

    I’m a little bit suprised that I didn’t pick up on the mental instability- probably because right now I’m dealing with my own mentally ill mother. Thank you for putting these experiments out; keep them coming.

  21. Just looking at her made me feel really uncomfortable. I couldn’t try this exercise.

  22. Very interesting! The experiment ended before I had time to comment, but once again I picked up the woman’s first name – as soon as I looked at her I felt queasy and kept hearing “Anna, Anna, Anna.” But of course I dismissed this, assuming I was just remembering the blog author’s name! Funny how that can happen, huh?

    I think this one was a bit difficult, just because that first picture does send some fairly clear visual cues – it really does look like a mug shot and a prison uniform, and the expression is a bit whackadoo. I doubt I would have gotten such a negative impression just from the smaller second picture.

  23. Now this one was interesting for me. What came to me was “she was sick” and “don’t take anything she says to heart” like she is nice and seems sweet but be cautious and best to avoid her. Oh and then I thought “was she locked up?” but then I didn’t get she was a hard criminal.

    I love these challenges, thanks.

  24. And you’ve just inspired me for interesting psychic readings practice, thank you Anna! 🙂

  25. Fascinating – definitely a role she was over-identified with! But this was definitely stranger than my intuitive capabilities. I wonder about the life of FS (not even going to risk the spelling) pre ending up being identified as Anastasia and whether Anna Anderson was hiding who she really was or whether she had left that place entirely. Thanks again for it.

  26. Thanks so much for these exercises, Anna. It’s so much fun to participate, to see how much I sense that has public factual evidence and to see all the rest I sense that doesn’t. (And to see how varied the accuracy of my readings are from photo to photo.)

    One thing I didn’t post much about earlier was that while I sensed the names Lily and Ann (and ran them together as Lillian), it turns out that Anne *was* her name, and Lili Palmer (actress) played her in a film. Cool!

    It’s also very interesting to see all the different things that other people pick up on. I can’t wait for the next one.

  27. sabrina – Great! Thanks for taking part.

  28. Hi fellforit – interesting! I have noticed that when you’re receiving clairaudient/clairvoyant information, usually you have to ‘tune in’ and raise your vibration quite a bit in order for it to be reliable, (in my Psychic awakening course we cover a technique for this) whereas with claircognizance there isn’t so much tuning in needed. It’s just there.

    So what you said makes sense. Claircognizance is usually more reliable unless you have a strong technique for tuning in to use the clairvoyance/clairaudience.

    I personally use claircognizance most of the time for my readings.

  29. Hi Jennifer,

    I’m sorry you are discouraged. Lots of people get it wrong a few times before they work out what works for them and begin having more success. It’s not that you suck. It’s just you haven’t yet discovered a way of getting info that works for you. That comes through practice, and learning specific techniques.

  30. Esme – awesome! Thanks for taking part…

  31. Hi Amanda – Thanks for your feedback! I might do these experiments more regularly than I have been.

  32. Stephie – That’s good the experiment gave you some confirmation of your abilities!

  33. Jodylee – You could be right about everything you wrote. It’s hard for us to know without talking to someone who knew her personally. I do think you’re right that this lady struggled with different sides to her personality.

  34. Janet, Nathan, Paula – glad you enjoyed the experiment!

  35. Olive – yes, it would be interesting to know more about her life as Franziska, there is a big gap in terms of what we know about that time in her life.

  36. Okay, so I kind of make myself nervous…although this woman is insane, I am an empath and I immediately felt sorry for her and trusted in her. I had a sick feeling in my stomach when trying to do this reading. I ended up writing this after asking her for her story (before reading this of course). “When I was a child my parents were very wealthy and we lost everything…” I wrote a few other things, including how she was “separated from her family” but ultimately I think I’m learning that my empathy can be a disadvantage. I ended up trusting in an insane person! Not a comforting thought.

  37. I found this experiment really useful – thank you. I did get quite a lot wrong, though that was helpful to show me not to try to go for facts, but rather feelings, character, emotions. I often catch myself trying to deduce facts or, worse, assuming facts, from things that I have ‘sensed’. This was a very good reminder to go with the feeling and accept that as as far as it goes. Thanks Anna!

  38. oops I didn’t know there was already the result.

    Well I was late 🙁 🙁 🙁

  39. I enjoyed these experiments so much that my boyfriend has been sending me a whole series of them that he made up for me, since he knows of a lot of historical figures that I do not. It’s been a blast figuring out who they are! We’ve done about 15 of them already, and I managed to find all but the first one. I’m going to be posting them on my blog for other people to have fun with too. Thanks for the awesome idea! 🙂

  40. Ha ha! This is what I wrote.

    She looks like a criminal, maybe a bit crazy, sad, lost…maybe went insane? In the second photo, she looks completely different, like she was quite educated and smart, due to the way she is looking at the camera. It’s almost like she came from a good background, and something bad happened, and things changed, or it could be the other way around.

    In the second photo, she looks like she was a teacher of some sort, educator, helping people learn things. Maybe even scientist or helping better the world.

    Her eyes in the second photo, make her look a bit crazy, and tired, like she’s gone through a lot.

  41. I did all four of your experiments tonight and I was surprised at some of the accuracies I had. In the above photo my first impression before really looking at her face was that she was a princess or a saint. I detected some that she went through some sort of change and was in an institutional setting, possibley a jail for murdering her children…but I didn’t think she really killed anybody. She seemed to have an inner peace or maybe a secret that nobody else knew. I also felt like she had love in her life.

  42. When I looked into her I just felt a vast emptiness. I didn’t feel any malice. I don’t think that she was ‘insane’ in the worst sense of the word, which makes people feel like she was also evil. I got a sense from her that she wasn’t fully mentally developed. I recently spent a year around many who were unable to completely mentally develop, and I got a similar vibe from her. In the first picture I instantly recognized that she was mentally instable and blocked it out because it’s an uncomfortable aura for me. But after I blocked that out I clearly felt a lot of vulnerability, a sort of airiness like she was constantly looking at the sky or like she wasn’t grounded at all. I felt a lot of something similar to innocence, in the fact that she never intended to do any harm, and did not quite know what she was doing, and only had the understanding of a child where doing something might get her what she wanted, but she never intended really harm. But when I looked past that I got a really good sense of vacancy, which led me to wonder whether she herself was vacant because she was instable or whether we did not have permission to read her life. I am inclined to believe the former.

  43. This is really amazing to me. I have never tried any psychic ability before other than your experiments here today and can’t believe how I a mable to poick up on things. First words that came to mind when I looked at her were insane and abuse.

  44. i am soooooooooo proud of my self :-))) and the most interesting thing is that even i felt she was a criminal, but i never thought of murder, i couldn’t get the criminal zone, but i didn’t sense murder. also i didn’t sense children, i felt her alone, as if she was not a lonely soul, but an alone soul, if u know what i mean.

    i am happy with what i got 😀 nice experiment

    i wish you bring us more of these

    thanks alot

  45. Hi Anna,

    OK. so first off, thank you.. these experiments have been a real eye opener for me…. here is what I perceived or “felt” about this woman in the photo…. it was instantaneous, and strong….

    She was a devious woman! right off, no hesitation.
    I initially wanted to trust her, but within a moment or two had a resounding NO jump into my head…. I had chills around my shoulders and top of my head as I closed my eyes and considered her….

    I felt she was intelligent and a good communicator; creative and a good story teller… this surprised me as I had no idea where it came from… and then I saw her as a Caregiver in an institution, and a cruel one or somehow cruelty was there….. uncaring but cared for…. pain and fear… and lots of it…. consuming pain and fear…. and that was all I could get. I did not get any answer or perception about her death or family in any way…. she seemed to be alone as an individual.

    Very kewl experiments.
    thank you

  46. Hi. I am new and this is what I wrote down:

    -Name: Anna ( as I scrolled down and saw her picture, ‘Anna’ came right into my head. I can’t believe it really is her name. )

    -Mentally ill
    -Lived a secret life
    -Strong minded
    -was prisoned

    But I also picked up this, which is think is way off:

    -no children, but comes from big family
    -Highly educated
    -Designer/worked with clothing

    This was a lot of fun. Very much enjoyed it. Thank you Anna.

  47. even tho the results came in before I did the test I did not look at the results until after i did all the tests, and I found this so interesting, but it also feels draining so I’m done.

  48. These are really kickass exercises! Thank you so much.

    This poor girl is still tugging at my heart, 30 minutes after finishing the test. From her photos I got “such duality–could be an axe murderer or Madame Curie”; mischievous but darker; asylum inmate; controlled, maybe battered; murder; children; took all she could stand, then snapped; can’t trust her, she doesn’t trust herself; she’s a victim and perpetrator.

  49. Wow, great experiments. Here are my results:

    -She was a very harsh woman, possibly mistreated and then passing on the mistreatment to others.
    -I definitely did not trust her at all. She gave me this terrible feeling in the gut of my stomach.
    -I felt her personality as a whole was very negative and devious, a little sad and insane. Her eyes gave me a very strong lead on that one.
    -I felt she was abused in life and had a sorrowful past.
    -I felt she was bitter about the concept of life, which definitely explained her attempts at suicide.
    -I felt she was very deceiving, explaining her alias for the rest of her life. I sensed a hint of cruelty, and a big load of fright emanating from her.
    -She gave me a horrid feeling. My nerves were completely frazzled after attempting to read her, and I didn’t feel steady or firm.
    -Those eyes of hers creeped me out deeply. She felt controlling, almost wicked and evil.
    -I thought that perhaps she was anorexic, unhealthy, maybe a slave of physical or emotional needs.
    -Wasn’t sure about her orientation. Thought possibly oriented towards women.
    -I thought her name started with an ‘e.’
    -I sensed a great deal of lying and deception in her background.
    -I got a German feeling–I was close.

    Thanks for this one!

  50. I didn’t do as well at this one, but I feel like I got some things that can’t be verified here, perhaps (doesn’t matter). I got that she was defiant, and that her life was one great big driven mission for something (to prove she was Anastasia perhaps? But I definitely didn’t get that part!). Then last of all I got images of loose white hair ribbons, and the feeling/view of a large roomy mansion, that had a lot of light grey & white colors to it.

  51. Haha, I got a lot wrong, but I did get some things right. Very few things. I should have gone with my very first, initial gut reaction of CRAZY! Oh well…

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