So who was the lady in intuitive experiment #4?

Her real name was Franziska Schanzkowsky but she was known as Anna Anderson throughout most of her life.

She was born in Poland in 1896. She was a Polish factory worker who first came to the attention of the authorities in Germany when she was 24 – she attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Berlin. She was subsequently institutionalized in a mental asylum. At first, she was known as ‘fräulein unbekannt’ (unknown young lady), since she refused to reveal her identity and the authorities did not know who she was. Later on, she claimed she was Anastasia – the daughter of the Russian Tsar who had been shot, along with his Empress and their five children, by Bolshevik revolutionaries in 1918. Since at this time, their bodies had not been found, some people (including those who personally knew the Russian royal family) believed that she really was Anastasia.

After a lawsuit lasting many years, the German courts ruled that Anderson was not Anastasia, but through media coverage, her claim gained notoriety and some people continued to believe her.

Between 1922 and 1968, she lived in Germany and the US, spending time in nursing homes, at least one mental asylum and in homes of people who supported her claims.

In 1968, just before her visa for the US expired, she married an eccentric history professor from Charlottesville, Virginia and she lived with him for the remainder of her life.

The claim that she was Anastasia was debunked after her death, when posthumous DNA evidence finally proved that she was, in fact, Franziska Schanzkowsky.

You can read more about her life here.

The Purpose of this Exercise

Before I talk about your intuitive ‘hits’, I just wanted to clarify what I see as the purpose of this exercise. I post the intuitive experiments partly because it seems to really give people a chance to refine their intuitive awareness, for free and in an anonymous way. I tend to get two kinds of emails after I post the results of one of these experiments. The first kind is an encouraged email, where someone has their findings (or some of them) validated. The second is a ‘I didn’t do so well but I learned something through this’ email, which is great. People often come to a conclusion about how their intuition speaks to them through these exercises. So if you didn’t seem to get much right, that’s OK. You will actually benefit more by getting it wrong. Below I talk about what you might learn about your intuitive process through this exercise in particular. See if any of them apply to you.

Intuitive ‘Hits’

What you got right…

Mental Illness

Many people, when they tuned into this person, felt uncomfortable or uneasy. Other phrases which came up included: sick to the stomach, anxious, negative, frightened.

Some people then talked about mental illness or insanity, which was spot on.

I think that many types of mental illness are fairly easy to spot in an aura once you know how they feel. I can feel mental illness within a minute of tuning in and it seems quite a few people did spot it here.

When I tune into someone and feel very frightened, chaotic or very lost that is very often a sign of severe mental illness. With this lady, I sensed extreme, almost childlike vulnerability (which is another energy that seems to be consistently present with severe forms of mental illness, when it presents with the other energy I mentioned above.)

So if you picked up on the mental illness aspect, remember how it felt to you and file it away for future reference. You might pick up on that again another time.

Some of those who didn’t pick up on this directly did pick up on the fact that this woman was troubled.


A few people picked up on wickedness in this woman. I was interested to hear why – perhaps those of you who picked up on wickedness interpreted the ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘frightened’ energies incorrectly? I do think that this woman had the capacity to do a lot of damage indirectly to people, without understanding the consequences of what she was saying and doing. I also agree that when you tune into her, her energy feels quite repellent, to the point that it might even send chills down your spine, or something of that sort. You’re probably picking up on the mental illness, in this case. When I tune into the aura of someone in that situation, it can feel unpleasant (because it is not pleasant for the person experiencing it), and I also usually pick up on a ‘frightened’ energy, like being alone, very vulnerable and lost at sea, tossed around on the waves. That’s what some types of mental illness feel like to me, as an empath. It would be interesting to hear if others perceive the same thing. I am aware that you may be different.

Other details that were picked up on:


As far as we know, this woman did not murder anyone. If you picked up on murder, it might have been related to the murder of the Russian royal family.


Some people commented on acting and her having a split personality. This was obviously correct. Some people mentioned writing. Much has been written about Anna Anderson’s claims (plus a film was made about her story) but as far as I know, she didn’t write anything herself.

People suggested she was abused. I was unable to find any information on her childhood, but if you are interested in having your findings validated (if they weren’t covered here), you could do some more research by Googling it. As one of the commenters (Janet) mentioned:

“Even if you don’t sense what others sense, it doesn’t mean that what you sense is wrong.”

It’s true. What we do know about this woman is limited to my research of what is widely known about her. I am sure there are more facts to be uncovered.

What I Learned from this Experiment

I learn a lot from these experiments too.

Here’s what I realised through reading your responses:

When we tune into someone, we don’t always get access to the facts of what happened in their life. That is because we don’t always have permission to see what happened to them and to see what they did while they were alive.

One thing that we can count on having permission to read, however, is a person’s character. We are all endowed with being able to ascertain who a person really is, underneath. This can tell us a lot.

Occasionally, out of interest and curiosity, I read the auras of people in the news who have been accused of dreadful crimes, especially when they are appealing their sentence and insist they did not commit the crime. Last week I read the aura of Amanda Knox, who (in case you don’t read the news) is an American student who was in 2009 convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy. (Incidentally, she later won her appeal.)

When I do this, I am aware that I cannot know for sure if the person did it or not. When I tune in, I do not have a spirit popping up telling me all about what happened. Instead, I research the person’s inner life – what they are feeling (or not feeling). I research a variety of different chakra info banks which paint a clear picture of what is REALLY going on with that person at the moment, and with their true character. I bypass all the facades that the person projects to the world to see what is underneath. It’s a fascinating exercise. Sometimes it’s wildly different from the way they come across on the surface or the way they are portrayed in court or by the media. By doing this, you can establish whether their inner life and character are consistent with having murdered someone or not. And you will get a definite sense either way.

But you don’t necessarily get factual information about the person that no-one else knows apart from you and the spirit who told you. That’s not how it works.

So if you picked up on facts about this person that weren’t correct, you may have been searching for objective facts which you may or may not get. I am saying that it is much easier to research who the person really is, and what they are like. You can depend on being able to read that. Plus once you have done that, you may even get information on what the person is likely to have done in their life, perhaps their interests, gifts and profession. But it is good to start with ‘what kind of person is this?’

If you are interested in reading more tips on improving for this kind of exercise, you can read the tips I gave for the other intuitive experiments here, here and here (they apply to this kind of exercise in general.)

So that was intuitive experiment #4. I hope you learned something from it and had fun doing it.

Want To Do Another Intuitive Experiment?

Move on to experiment #5!

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