I give a complete set of dowsing instructions in my Intuitive Awakening Course. But if you would like the quick (and free!) version, below is a set of instructions for pendulum dowsing that some readers might find useful.

I have been working with a pendulum for a few years now and I love it. Pendulum dowsing is a great way to get answers and guidance from spirit because it is so specific.  You can get specific yes/no answers or even percentages.

But there is more to pendulum dowsing than simply whipping out a pendulum and letting it swing.  That’s why I’ve provided these dowsing instructions – I get lots of people telling me they don’t bother with dowsing because they get contradictory answers all the time. That might be because you didn’t program your pendulum properly.

To do it properly and to get accurate answers, use the following instructions:

1. Choose the Right Pendulum

If you haven’t yet chosen a pendulum, just make sure you get a pendulum that appeals to you aesthetically and swings for you when you hold it out.  It is easier to do this in a metaphysical store than choosing online, because you get to see the pendulum in person first rather than getting it in the mail and later deciding you don’t like it.

2. Clear the Pendulum

Once you have found your pendulum, you will need to clear it.  This means you remove any unwanted energetic residues which are still present in the pendulum.  All objects absorb energy from their environment and the chances are you do not know where your pendulum was made or where it has been.

Here’s how you do this: place the pendulum in a pot plant overnight and make sure it is covered with soil.  You could also put the pendulum outside in the soil.  Alternatively, you can run the pendulum under hot water and then under cold water alternately, and visualize the pendulum becoming clearer energetically as you do this.  Keep running it under water until you get the sense it is clear again.

3. Program the Pendulum

Next, you will need to attune your pendulum to your Higher self.  This ensures that the answers that come through your pendulum come from your Higher self and not your subconscious mind or emotional body.  We want answers to come from your Higher self because it sees much further than your subconscious mind or emotional body.

Do the following:

1. Take three deep breaths.

2. Then call on an Archangel or an Ascended Master, and ask them to be present. Then say the following:

I ask that this pendulum relay answers from my Higher self/spirit at all times, unless I request otherwise.  I also ask that all information be in truth and accuracy and 100% aligned with my highest good and the highest good of all.

3. Now hold your pendulum out.  Just relax your hand and ask the pendulum, “Show me a yes” and just allow the pendulum to swing.  It may swing from forwards and backwards or side to side.  It may go in a clockwise circle or in a counter-clockwise circle.  When you see what your pendulum does in response to a ‘yes’, write it down and say “Thank you” aloud.

Next ask the pendulum, “Show me a no”. Observe what the pendulum does in response.  It will move in a different way compared to when you asked for a ‘yes’.  When you write down what it does, say “Thank you”.

Now ask the pendulum, “Show me a ‘maybe’/’undecided” and observe what the pendulum does in response. Once you have your ‘maybe’, say “Thank you”.

Now your pendulum is ready to use!

How does Pendulum Dowsing Work?

This set of instructions wouldn’t be complete without an understanding of how dowsing actually works.  You might be wondering why we have to call on an Archangel or even involve your Higher self.  When you begin by connecting your pendulum to your Higher self, what happens is that the answers go from your Higher self, to your unconscious mind (which makes tiny movements in your wrist and hand to make the pendulum swing) and then to your conscious mind, when it sees which way the pendulum is swinging.  So, when you use a pendulum, you are moving it unconsciously.  Spirits do not move the pendulum for you.  It is a spiritual thing (in that it comes from the spirit in you), but not a ‘paranormal’ thing, like a ouijia board (which I don’t recommend you use, by the way!!)

So, those are the dowsing instructions (short version), to start you off if you’re a beginner. As I mentioned, there is also a longer and more complete version in my Intuitive Awakening course (with suggested questions to ask.)