I am currently living in Shanghai with my wife. There are a lot of spirits here!

I had an odd occasion a few months ago. I woke up to find a Chinese girl pop out of my wife while I was turning over in bed. The Chinese girl turned around and walked out of the bedroom. The bedroom door was closed as well.

She looked like a real person. I think I’ve gotten to the point now where I know they exist in the real world and I can hear them all the time in the room (creaks, and what not) and see them – my brain creates a special construct to view incoming input. Why should I not see them too?

I was wondering if you see spirits, and if so, how are they represented to you? Why are all these spirits stuck in this world? I figured I try and help the ones I can to move on, but I just wanted to get your thoughts.

Thanks. Love the site!


Hi Shannon,

Some people, like you, are especially sensitive to ghosts (FYI here on my website I also call them earthbound spirits.)

Here is my experience of them:

When I see Spirits, I see them in my mind’s eye (the mind’s eye is what you see when you shut your eyes.) I don’t see them in front of me, as I would see a real person.

When I’m very relaxed I can get faces pop into my mind’s eye – faces that I haven’t seen before. This can happen when I am having Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy or some other bodywork which is putting me into the alpha state.

These faces look just like the faces of normal people who are alive, except I don’t always know who these people are.

So I run through my mental checklist when that happens –

Is this my Spirit Guide? If yes, there is usually some benevolent energy there, it’s not neutral, it’s kindly and nice and focused on me.

Is this my guardian angel? This energy to me feels more otherworldly, extremely loving, and it evokes emotion in me.

Is it a deceased loved one? If it is, there is usually someone close by who the “face” wants to talk to.

In a few cases, the spirit could even be an unborn child in which case it will present as a child and have some message for you. But that’s less common.

If it’s not any of those, it’s usually a ghost.

Be aware that when you first wake up, you can ‘see’ things which are a sort of carry-over from the dream state or astral plane, so they are not always ghosts as such if they disappear as soon as you are fully awake.

Why Spirits Get Stuck Here

When a person dies, they will either cross over fully, cross over to some degree or become earthbound here in the physical.

When a person crosses over fully, they wave goodbye to the earth plane, and continue on their soul’s journey with no ties left over to their last life. This is more likely to happen if the soul has no unfinished business here.

Sometimes a soul may cross over fully but will ‘keep an eye on’ this plane. This can happen for example if a parent with a young family dies. It is highly likely that such a person will keep one eye on their family and will come through during mediumship readings as a result. Other emotional attachments can cause the same thing to happen. This means that a portion of the soul’s emotional body is still here. This is not the same as being completely earthbound and the soul will eventually move on.

Then sometimes a soul will not cross over at all and leave their emotional or mental body behind at death. This can occur in circumstances where the death is really traumatic. It can happen to people who are afraid of hell or the judgment of God when they die. It can happen when there was a murder. It can also occur with people who are addicted to some earthly substance and cannot move beyond this.

When this happens, the emotional or mental body is not taken with the soul upon death but instead is left here. It does not literally mean the soul is completely stuck and unable to move on forever, but it does mean the soul is missing a piece of their ‘puzzle’, and so lessons and traumas from their lifetime are not fully addressed or integrated and this may affect the soul upon its next incarnation. Some souls may have ‘pieces’ of themselves which are still woven into past lives and times. And for those who are sensitive, they can show up as ghosts in certain locations, repeating the same actions, stuck in the same patterns.

What I do when I find a ghost is I ask the ghost to move along. Ghosts do hang around people, and it’s not an ideal situation, engaging with ghosts does not help them particularly – it’s a no win situation.

If ghosts are bothering you, I would recommend getting a house clearing. Smudging with sage also makes ghosts leave. Make sure that certain “paranormal” phenomena aren’t something more down to earth. For example, mysterious draughts and cold spots can often be explained by something more mundane.

If you are picking up on a lot of ghosts it may be that you are particularly sensitive to them. If you are and you don’t want to be, I recommend requesting the following:

“Spirit/God, I intend to close my aura off to all random earthbound spirits, and stay connected to only my Higher self, Spirit Guides, Guardian angels and all those high-vibrational spirits that are with me at the choice of my soul.”

You also have to want to close yourself off. As a professional intuitive, I have an incentive because otherwise I would be “tuned in” too much and my energy gets wasted.

I used to try and help every earthbound spirit who came to me and I was sometimes busy with these “clients” who showed up at night. Don’t feel you have to help just because you can sense them. There are angels and guides who are ready to escort these souls to the other side when they are ready.

I hope that answers your question.