Intuitive Experiment #9 – Read This Man’s Aura

Yay – it’s time to do another Intuitive Experiment here on the blog!

I do an experiment every once in a while, to give my blog readers a chance to hone their intuitive abilities when it comes to reading people! We’ve had thousands of people take part in our past experiments, and some were very surprised at what they were able to pick up!

So why not have a go?

Here is the guy chosen for this experiment:

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  1. Avatar

    The first impression I got the second I looked at him was that he was a kind man, perhaps with a gentle side to him. Something about adoring his mother as well. After quieting my mind I felt that he lived almost a double life, he had secrets. He played the gentleman in many ways but his alternate life was quite different, maybe a kind of release for him. He feels like he was a womanizer. I wouldn’t trust him or feel comfortable around him, although I feel for him. He seems shy, also an introvert. It feels as though this bothered him. Intense personality, like a harshness about him. I see dancing and music..maybe he liked to dance. I had an impression this relates to a woman in his life, maybe his wife, perhaps he met her while dancing. I felt pain in my right hip while looking at him. It could just as well be my own…this is my first time trying this so I can’t be sure. He feels unhappy and conflicted.

  2. Avatar

    I sense a man who is quite sensitive beneath the tough exterior, he has a big heart.

  3. Avatar

    This is my first time trying this experiment. There’s something I really don’t like about this man – his eyes make me feel like he has ulterior motives.

  4. Avatar

    I sense a coldness behind the seemingly-mild expression–it’s in his eyes. He comes across as straightforward, but he has secrets. He dresses well but is not a gentleman. He does not smile with his whole face; has had many challenges and does not wholeheartedly experience happiness or trust. He is very guarded. He is concerned with power–either is in a position of power or is highly resentful of those with power over him.

  5. Avatar

    My very first glimpse I saw a kind smile. I felt that he was a kind man, a family man of great intelligence. Maybe a lawyer? Doctor?
    Although his smile was kind upon my first impression, I had this urge to zoom in on his face and stare into his eyes. His eye’s told me that there was something more behind the kind smile…I felt an uneasiness. I feel like he has a secret.

    I am very conflicted about this one. I DO sense that his kind smile is genuine, but I can’t shake that ‘uneasy’ feeling I got when I stared into his eyes.
    Like a Jekyll and Hyde?
    …or is hiding a painful secret?
    He was very hard to read.

  6. Avatar

    I sense a kindness to him but also a ruthless streak. I feel he may be linked to shipping, some business around ships.

  7. Avatar

    Science and music, somehow obsessed and sarcastic. He takes what he want in a special field of his life. Hiding some of his actions. Intelligent.

  8. Avatar

    Twisted, two faced. Seems mild mannered & creative but demonic other life.

    Feared by women. Prostitutes? Or his wife? Violent, slaps women. My throat feels choked. Strangled? Holding onto a woman by the hair, has no mercy.

    He makes me feel sick. I see him as demonic, his shape shifting.

  9. Avatar

    I got “religious scientist”, which makes little sense. I get hubris and ego from him. I don’t trust him. I get the impression of a snake when I look in his eyes.

  10. Avatar

    I think this is a man who has seen much, and it shows in his eyes

  11. Avatar

    I really like such experiments!

    Herewith my impressions (although it feels like I am just about to write a lot of nonsense):

    – Immmediate shivers by looking at the picture, very negative feelings, serial killer? Also killed his brother in the end?
    – Pine smell, mountains, lakes, snake
    – Minnesota, Pennsylvania
    – Somebody complex, with more personalities, vindicative, laughing about other people’s misery, enjoying it. May have appeared to some people as a good person at first, but he’s absolutely not.
    – Smart but evil, glacial
    – Mistreated as child
    – Restless
    – Yoghurt, maple syrup, strawberries
    – Glasses
    – Hang up himself or was hung up?

  12. Avatar

    I got a jolt in my heart and an urge to run. His eyes seem very snake like and I feel he would’ve come across as an upstanding citizen but a heart of stone.i feel He was an organizer and a very money oriented person. I saw trains too. I heard the word tragedy and felt there is grief surrounding him I felt particularly concerned as a woman around him

  13. Avatar

    Halo.his eyes~ pure is fake.i sense death around him.maybe his a murderer alcohol abuse.child abuse.comeing from a poor background science.alot of blood too

  14. Avatar

    I sensed blue, either his eyes, or in his aura…maybe well to do, but worked hard to get it. Railroad. Occasionally uses a single eye spectacle…good heart….

  15. Avatar

    He has a cunning intellect. Wealthy/comes from a wealthy family. Methodical. Quick to laugh or joke-Perhaps at another’s expense. Has hidden agendas. Had a wife or wives- either only a few children or none at all. May be involved in the medical field or a type of field in which formal education is paramount.

  16. Avatar

    Gina – Me TOO! I literally felt a surge of weight on my chest and felt distinct fear.

  17. Avatar

    he looks like someone who likes and needs control over situations people etc. hes the top dog and thats the bottom line
    chains came into my head so im going with some form of punishment or slavery but more punishment person or director (i hope that makes sense) it does when im saying it in my head.
    I also feel like he has no choice theres something “over casty” about his eyes there soft but his facial expression is smirky so although hes no choice i feel he enjoys it.

  18. Avatar

    A clever but sad man. Maybe he lost his wife.
    I feel he’s religious, puritanical, possibly a quaker.
    I feel he’s hardened to life, maybe through emotional loss, but is not unkind.
    I think he’s travelled a lot, perhaps an early settler in a new area.
    He has a lot of life experience, is proud, but guarded.

  19. Avatar

    My first impression was he was kind and fun. I could imagine him dancing and laughing with children. I hope he’s not a serial killer, lol

  20. Avatar

    I immediatly sensed kindness, gentleness and intelligence. Possibly in medical field. Maybe misunderstood but forgiving in nature. Hard life, difficult decisions made.

  21. Avatar

    I cried, even a tear popped out nice fella, loverly then I doubted myself almost instantly never know about those types of eyes might be the lighting but don’t trust to turn my back

  22. Avatar

    My first thought is that he is a woman. Second feeling was that of a religious zealot, or cult type figure.
    Perhaps an iron fisted individual of strong ideas.

    Thanks for letting me try! :O)

  23. Avatar

    I saw blue with red specks. I think soft-spoken but powerful. I see pain from the past, and think he suffered physical trauma or abuse. I see him in a position of power and intellect – medical or psychology field, as he wants to heal – and also as a leader in a military role.

  24. Avatar

    A rich business man very protective of daughter .
    In charge of a mine or something to do with gold and jewlery.
    Never hesitated to kill a man who stood in his way. Entrepreneur

  25. Avatar

    I immediately got a “whoah back off” feeling when looking at him at first glance, quickly following that feeling came a sense of deceit, with a little hint of good intentions at one point in time in his life, which is long gone. He definitely left behind some unfinished business. He doesnt seem like someone i would wanna be picking up energy from, thats for sure!

  26. Avatar

    I got “misunderstood” and “difficult childhood” and “wants to be better” and “unloved”

  27. Avatar

    I got… an American, picture taken sometime between 1880 and 1890. Some kind of religious/cult leader… a person who was weak, but sought power through controlling others with his mild mannerism… he was perhaps gay and ashamed or tormented and propagated hate against homosexuality. He was fraudulent, but it was about manipulating people’s ideas rather than just greed and money.

  28. Avatar

    My first time with this… I did not trust him the moment I saw him. Took some breaths and tried about… I got shifty.. stole things…

  29. Avatar

    As soon as I opened the email and saw his face I thought of a circus performer and entertainment environment. I believe he would have had a brush with the law maybe. A magician back in the days??

  30. Avatar

    My first thoughts..

    I trust him.
    He did something good for someone, but he was killed for it.
    A martyr perhaps.

  31. Avatar

    Psychology wiz, head doc, dentist killer upper class eyes of a viper descended from the fallen hidden knowledge and power. Familiarity ……..

  32. Avatar

    I immediately sat back when I saw his face…not sure why.

    Anger under the surface

    Cruel streak

    all dressed up…hiding what’s beneath

    his lips…control

    He is challenging you…his face…and body language

    His eyes….the kindness was beat out of him…but there are traces in his eyes.

    No idea…first time

  33. Avatar

    My first impression was one of darkness. I feel he has a somewhat impatient almost cruel side to him. I also feel he was part of some powerful organisation – very successful business (transport?) but was not always kind to those around him on his way up.

  34. Avatar

    This man appears to me to be in pain – deep inside emotional pain. He has been hurt to his very heart. I feel he had dreams for his life, but they failed to materialize. He feels this as a personal failure. He has come to terms with life and the loss he feels. The sides of his face are very different. his left shows clarity of thought and an interest in what he observes. The pain shows mostly in the right side – the softness of his eye there indicates to me a compassionate side, a caring that he feels for his fellow man, yet is reticent to express. He appears to me to be very self-contained and probably has noone he trusts enough to bare his soul to.

  35. Avatar

    There’s only One word use to describe wot I felt!LUSTFUL I could feel his eyes pierce boring holes through my skin!I’ll not trust anyone to be alone in the same room with him*

  36. Avatar

    My first attempt at anything like this……. the word that came into my head when I first saw his picture was magician – also doctor. I felt a slight unease when staring at him and it felt as though I was looking at a much younger man when looking into his eyes. I feel that he was wealthy and this was self made – a harder rougher past. There is a calm confidence about him.

  37. Avatar

    I Get the impression of a structure mind maybe someone involved with war or military someone who saw to much to handle and some form of grief a continued pain inside
    Something relatado to a female
    on the other hand i feel someone who might have dabbled with the occult or espiritual side of life

  38. Avatar

    Shrewd, hardworking man
    I trust him as long as my needs and beliefs fulfill his purpose.
    a little crazy
    good with money however possibly miserly
    goes to great lengths to take care of his family
    rigid in his beliefs
    almost militant

  39. Avatar

    I feel this man as a negative energy. I think he was an undertaker or worked in the graveyard or with people after they were deceased. Perhaps a Dr., but he was also a thief. He took things from people, but he was in a position to do that. He walked on both sides

  40. Avatar

    seems like an author or writer of some kind as a side maybe aura is very strong and pulsating psychologist maybe

  41. Avatar

    My first impression and a very strong reaction was that he makes me feel sick. I feel that bad things happened around him. I feel uncomfortable and nauseated by his eyes. He strikes me as untrustworthy, he has a darkness around him.

  42. Avatar

    i felt this gentleman to be sensitive to light his name george darby french man emigrated to america but i got the feeling that i wouldnt trust him

  43. Avatar

    An humble person. Soft spoken

  44. Avatar

    Creepy, agitated, no I don’t trust him. Maybe has Asperger’s disorder.

  45. Avatar

    The smile starts out as welcoming and sincere, then changes to a devious hurtful scheming man. Very much Jeckle and hyde but not the English version, more North American. Projects a sense of security and comforting, but not the truth of his soul. Almost a Black Widow, “come here I will care for you”, while the death blow comes out of the unseen

  46. Avatar

    He looks dead and very old fashioned. Can’t be trusted. I see nothing kind about this individual.

  47. Avatar

    He looks evil, short tempered, filled with rage but trys to appear kind, likes to project tenderness but inside he is cold, cold , cold. Seething underneath I think he is capable of a lot of violence.

  48. Avatar

    at first glimpse i saw him as a owner of a engineering firm… or he’s working on hardwares(transport vehicles) but at 2nd thought somehow he loves music ^_^

  49. Avatar

    First words that went through my head: “Serial Killer / Dentist or Doctor. When looking at his eyes there is a glimmer of kindness, but it quickly turns deceptive. At first I wasn’t sure if it was the shape of his eyebrows making him appear evil, but I think there is a definite coldness in his eyes.

    Like others have said, he appears to have a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. He kind of reminds me of Abe Lincoln, yet when you think of Abe you think of honesty and I don’t believe I fully trust him.

  50. Avatar

    I felt a man with almost a split personality. He is an intelligent yet controlling individual. He is known as a philanthropist to his peers and as a bully to his women. I felt that his aura was mostly light but the darkness exists. I feel he could be very proud and feel exceptional in everything he does yet lacks compassion and a conscience. He’s a thinker but has a difficult time thinking outside the box unless he is actually in the box. Everything he thinks and feels directly correlates with and must benefit him.

  51. Avatar

    My first impression was quite strong but I don’t know how to translate it into words 🙁 I saw lower chakra colours and felt a sadness. I also got a feeling that he was quite creative in some way.

  52. Avatar

    My daughter says he’s friendly in the “forefront” but something dark behind him. Doesn’t trust him.

    I posted my impressions (in the comment above this one) before reading the other comments. Now that I’ve read all the comments, there were some themes or things in them that I had flashed through my mind too, but for whatever reasons chose not to write in my other comment. Serial killer, evil, something in his eyes is the problem, and “oh, wait, he’s kind and warm…..wait, no, no he’s not.”

  53. Avatar

    OI see a man who is kind and loving who has heart problems. He worked at helping kids, women, those who are not as fortunate. He was a sickly child. DHe was a family man who always worked hard. I see farm but schooled also.I see he had daughters, who he loved. A wife who got sick. Maybe a Christian man. Preacher?

  54. Avatar

    I get a feeling of sadness and being closed off. He seems to have a duality to him; a harsh side and a soft side. I don’t get a sense of being able to trust him, but it seems as if he’d be loyal and trustworthy to some, like an inner circle, but definitely not to others.

  55. Avatar

    I get entertainer, a musician perhaps, intelligent. The first sight of him is alarming. Strange looking fellow.

  56. Avatar

    Mean streak a mile long, that is not a smiles its a smug smirk…He has gotten away with something and is very proud of it. Trust him not on your life…Eyes as cold as steal, manipulative, abusive towards women and children. Evil incarnate…Karen

  57. Avatar

    I would trust this man. He has kind eyes, but looks a bit of a man burdened by worry.
    He also looks very smart, maybe a doctor or an undertaker.
    I think he is single.
    no family.
    a loner.
    a proud man.
    but I think he looks very tired.
    maybe he is sick.
    I think his name is George.

  58. Avatar

    My first impression is that he initially appears and seems trustworthy, and kind, but he’s actually not, in some ways. He seems very focused, and exacting – if he’s got a job to do, he will not only go through anything to get it done, he’ll be very detailed in doing it right, and doesn’t have patience for others who aren’t as hardworking.

    It feels like he has a mission, that he’s very, very focused on that. It wouldn’t be possible to sway him from his convictions. His mission is more important that what people might think of him, or people he might hurt along the way.

  59. Avatar

    Is he in the Navy, I see him on a ship in the Pacific? He seems to be compassionate but has a darker & rather menacing side, a little unbalancd perhaps.

  60. Avatar

    My first impression is that he practiced some type of occult science, and that he was also a magician. His childhood seemed very difficult due to poverty. However, he was more comfortable financially as an adult. He looks like a kind man, and I also feel that he had many different loves in his lifetime.

  61. Avatar

    At first I thought he looked kind and successful…until I zoomed in on the photo and looked at him closely. His eyes suggest a coldness inside. I don’t trust him. Believe he would sell out someone he “loves” for his own material benefit, while also being able to actually justify doing it. Especially when it comes to money. Feel like he probably works in a profession, such as banking or as a business owner, that also revolves around his love for money. I feel he presents himself as a kind man, but has a darker side that only those close enough see. He’s overly proud and takes extreme care in how he’s perceived by others. He’s also guarded, and defensive of letting others get too close (arms crossed before him).

  62. Avatar

    Experiment #9 – I felt the following: shrewd sort of fellow; his eyes scare me; don’t feel he was a nice guy and I don’t like him; all work and no play; mean/sarcastic; could have been some sort of doctor; dry sense of humor. He seems rather reserved – was not a party animal. The more I look at him, the more I seem to get wishy washy, so I’ll just leave it at this. Quite interested to see if I got at least one thing right!!

  63. Avatar

    He at first seemed a genial, well respected, kind, family man . Professional and well regarded. I dont know why i kept thinking doctor or lawyer? Then i did a close up of his eyes, and the reaction i had was so strong it scared me. I would not trust this man. His eyes remind me of a snake, predatory, i cannot explain.

  64. Avatar

    Con artist, sex addiction, mysogeny, very charismatic, bisexual, cult following, magician, illusionist, misleading, sex trafficking, sexually abused as a child, maybe grew up with a single mother who had different relationships. Religious fanatic, drive for ego desires, fame, greed. Easy to be mislead by this man. Adored, but not what he seems. Gambler, something about stealing money. Very manipulative.

  65. Avatar

    I saw sadness then hurt/damage/abuse.. he has been wronged and now he quite empty/unfeeling because it has all been taken away from him 🙁

  66. Avatar

    He looks like he has a down-to-earth personality, but has a hidden charm lurking underneath the surface. I think he’s very intelligent.

  67. Avatar

    I feel a very dynamic personality. He was important in his community perhaps important nationally within his field. I sense him being related to theology, philosophy or academia. High intellectual abilities and high ethical/moral beliefs. I also sense that he had a keen sense of humor and wit despite what some might have perceived as a rigid disposition. I think that he was very funny.

  68. Avatar

    I got an immediate strong impression, and couldn’t spend much time with his photo in order to analyze further. I felt sick.

    A very odd mix of compassion and violence. You could trust him with your life—but only if you agreed completely with his aims. Otherwise, he would kill you for disagreeing. A self fashioned “gentleman thug,” of a similar ilk to the young men in A Clockwork Orange. Highly idealistic and forceful, not much for negotiation or discussion. Likely spent time in prison. A highly disturbed person with a mission who believed himself also to be receiving instructions from a Higher source.

  69. Avatar

    He reminded me of Evel Kenievel. He looks like he had a good sense of humor. I also see him wearing womens clothes, and perhaps using his good humor to swindle people.

  70. Avatar

    I sense he was a king and gentle soul. Also humorous, liked to joke.

  71. Avatar

    My immediate first impression was he looked like Abraham Lincoln without the beard.
    Then I thought he looked as though he was a hard working man. But I didn’t feel it was through complete honesty. I felt there was something in his background that was achieved through a wrong doing of some kind.
    I also had the feeling he was a school principal, or someone associated to education.

  72. Avatar

    My first impression of this person is that he is very disturbed. He had a rough time in his early years which translated into the person he is now. I feel sick to my stomach looking at him. I don’t trust him one bit! It’s like he’s trying to hide his true self to the world by preening himself so perfectly in his outward appearance. I think he had odd sexual preferences for his time. He is not someone I’d like to be around. I see his aura as being red.

  73. Avatar

    I think I am claircognizant. My first thought upon looking at the picture is that this is a mean person its written all over his face and he has done terrribel things to people in his life. I also saw a 1/8 inch outline around each shoulder that was clear. I closed my eyes and saw a white coat with gray hair and a black face. Hmm trying to figure out what thats all about. I really could not get past the darkness i felt coming out of him.

  74. Avatar

    I get he has kind eyes, family man, business man, kind but can be mischievous as well. But I didn’t consentrate to long on it went with first impression and what I felt.

  75. Avatar

    As soon as I saw this picture I felt this person to be unkind and instantly had to look away. I found it difficult to look at this picture and still feel unnerved by it.

  76. Avatar

    As soon as I saw his face, I cringed. The word, “mean” came to my mind. I feel this person was very verbally abusive and controlling to those closest to him. I feel that many were not aware of his abusive side and that he was well-known throughout his community.

  77. Avatar

    Current Physical State: Not living

    Proud, discerning, I feel some sadness yet a deep soul. I sense he was a seeker of spirituality when his clothing and mannerism(s)or ‘mask persona’ tells me he was raised in a ‘proper’ mannerly way. This man is a thinker, also get he can have quite a sense of humor and while I feel he is typically lighter hearted, but at the time of this photo I get a deep sadness, yet he is contemplative, has much wisdom and a strong loving heart – he’s steadfast – less religious “dogmatic”. A kind soul who’s lived life’s pleasures as well as hard knocks and has learned his spiritual way/path from this.

  78. Avatar

    I have a sense of bad feeling about him, that there is something like those eyes can see something bad which could happen.
    I believe I will not even trust him to talk to him because I feel if I get to know him he will make me go in the direction that is not good for me.

  79. Avatar

    Upon first glance I smiled and kept smiling. I got “wizard”, “scientist”, “funny guy”. Magician maybe? A happy person, caring, but sad too. Married, no kids? Yes, I trust him.

    Thanks for posting! Look forward to hearing the reality behind this person.

  80. Avatar

    I see a closed off/withdrawn man; misunderstood, not trusting, control freak. He seems to be an introvert, but arrogant – a shady man. Perhaps he dislikes women. Seems hurt to me.

  81. Avatar

    My immediate impression was “wicked.” I also got some sense of abuse situated with this man, like really awful bad, the worst. But, I don’t know if he was the abuser or the victim, but I suspect the abuser. I got a sense of some sort of major handicap. And for some reason I felt there was some sort of problems with his midsection/abdominal region???

  82. Avatar

    He feels like a confident man to me. Even though it’s a serious face in this photo, I felt a huge smile could erupt at any time! His eyes show mischievousness and inquisitiveness 🙂

  83. Avatar

    I see him as a man of action, not a man of letters. He could be a sea captain or a surgeon of some kind. I’d be surprised if he were a writer or philosopher. He resembles Lyle Lovett a bit, but my guess is that he is less creative.

  84. Avatar

    A teacher, a loner, a certain sadness, never married, possible addictions, photo circa 1937, American, kind but strict.

  85. Avatar

    When I looked at his eyes I saw kindness. Someone with a lot of knowledge. In his aura I saw colour around his ears and throat, perhaps a singer or speaker, but softly spoken, someone who listens as well. Perhaps a teacher, or even ear nose and throat specialist doctor came to mind. He reminds me a bit of my paternal Grandfather. I trust him.

  86. Avatar

    My initial quick response was he comforted me.I feel he is trustworthy. I am still working on seeing auras so mostly what I got what and hints of blue and green on the edges and some red.

  87. Avatar

    He has left handed eyes, or the picture is reversed.

  88. Avatar

    I feel this man is a Lawyer , Doctor, he looks very strict but his eyes looks like he is a man of many woman’s, about trust him …well probably on professional level ONLY

  89. Avatar

    Look me a good and serious man, worker.I think this person was single. I think this person died of heart problems at an approximate age of 70 years.I think it was a very dear person in the city where he lived.

  90. Avatar

    My first impression without concentrating was something to do with working with animals and/or the circus.

    Then after I meditated and concentrated, I thought of funerals, possibly a funeral home, death, and/or a preacher. He reminds me a little of Billy Graham. A very conservative preacher.

    He has sadness in his eyes, like he had a hard life, yet very satisfied and content with his actions, self-assured. He seems honest and reliable.

    I think of children – either his traumatic childhood, or he is surrounded by many children .

  91. Avatar

    My first impression: The word president come to mind. The words were composer, affluent. Then I got the feeling he was alive in the 1800’s, strong willed, serious. royalty. A sea man or navel duties, a leader, respected leader, power, tragedy, a man of greatness. My next impressions were he was a man of warmth. He reminded me of Mozart, the characteristic they share: serious expression.

  92. Avatar

    When first looking at the photo, I did feel uneasy. I felt as if he was a very smug, wealthy, and very mindful man. I sensed that he was hard working, and did what had do be done no matter the situation. On the other hand, I felt as if his eyes told a rather different story. I feel that, although he may not be trustworthy to those around him, he would be loyal to those he loves most dear. I found his eyes hid certain things that he did not necessarily want to be shown. That he was a very caring man. To me, his facial features all told different stories. From his grin, I felt the smugness of the man, like he accomplished something big. And that’s where I believe I got the uneasy feeling from. His grin was hiding something, but his eyes had told a complete different story altogether.

  93. Avatar

    I instantly got a strong repulsive feeling towards this man. The words sinister, creepy, cruel and evil came to mind immediately. Abuser also came to mind.

  94. Avatar

    His aura stood out immediately. A vibrant, strong blue highlighted around his body. I feel calm looking at him. I don’t feel afraid or scared. An outside the box thinker, highly intelligent. Perhaps a philosopher/pioneer/scientist/inventor – an innovator. But not traditional, perhaps caused controversy that could be related to his death. I felt pain around the neck baseline/shoulder when staring at him. I feel as if we’ve learnt a lot from his work.

  95. Avatar

    I feel that he is highly intelligent. Possibly a doctor/scientist/engineer and has invented something widely used now; that he revolutionized something important. I “picture” blueprints of some kind; something that he designed or modified….I get the impression it is in the medical field. I think he is highly respected in his field of expertise and I feel a genuine warmth from him. I think he was married with a large family, has seen hard times in his past but has overcome them.

  96. Avatar

    Can’t wait to see how much of my own stuff I projected onto him! LOL.

  97. Avatar

    My first impression is that he was a kind man with limits. There’s something about time. I can here him say I don’t have time for this…time is of the essence. I got the impression the he liked to help others. Illness…fire.

  98. Avatar

    He seems dark and dangerous. I would not trust him. His unsmiling eyes make him sea like an unsavory character. He seems harmless at first but commits sinister acts behind others backs. Feel like he was part of the court system at sometime.

    He makes the hair on my neck stand up!

  99. Avatar

    I believe he is a teacher. Perhaps at a private boys school. I would say he looks like and intellectual man.

  100. Avatar

    Sent people to the guillotine if say!

  101. Avatar

    My first impressions are that he’s loving, kind and a devout Christian.

  102. Avatar

    My first impression of him is that he is a funny man. I feel he must be involved in theatrical arts. Perhaps he is a playwriter or play director. He is eccentric and slightly manipulative but in a comical sort of way. I would trust him for sure when it comes to his work but I wouldn’t get personally involved with him. He is very right brained, and embodies much creative energy. Charlie Chaplin comes to mind when I look at this picture.

  103. Avatar

    “Lizard” instantly came to mind. The best way I could put it is that if he were to be sorted in Hogwarts, he’d be a somewhat stereotypical slytherin. He seems very logical, cuning, and probably plots his every move. He knows exactly what he’s going to say, how he’s going to say it, and the same for what he does. Not necesarrily evil, but very possibly manipulative. He wouldn’t share more detail than necessary, and he is very confident in himself, particularly in regards to intelligence.

  104. Avatar

    Hi Anna
    The impression I felt was he was misjudged. He might look sly but I sense he can be trusted as he wants to help others. A teacher or head of a group. He had a wife. I get a stronger urge to say he had sons then maybe a daughter. He came from a good family with troubling times.

  105. Avatar

    The first word that popped into my head was “yellow” and then when asked to describe his character the word “kind” popped into my head. These two words came to me almost instantly when looking at the photo. When it came to trust, I hesitated though….not sure why…that could be my own baggage coming through when it comes to trust in general.

  106. Avatar

    he is a scary man,capable of anything.His eyes are cat or snake like…I would not want to be in a room with this guy for long.
    He also is not symettrical
    He has done something bad

  107. Avatar

    This is a fun test! Got a lot of stuff not sure if its just my imagination though..
    At first glance he seemed evil then I gradually saw kindness appear. American, 1870-1917, high middle class. Strong connect and love for his mother. Has a wife but no kids although he likes kids. Got a kind of granddad feel and connection to a little boy. He is very cunning and smart business like mind but is in the backstage and not recognised for his work. His family are the only ones who knows who he really is. Lives in small villiage , something about a railroad and a boat and possible French connection. Also think he might have been in jail for a short time either to visit or to serve time.

  108. Avatar

    A banker or doctor. Respected in the community but a devil inside. Hurt his wife. Gold mining comes to mind.

  109. Avatar

    I don’t trust him. He is very charismatic and charming on the surface, but it’s all to hide his deceit. He has shady intentions.

  110. Avatar

    He’s quite overwhelming if I actually tune into him. While there’s a softness to his face, his eyes are terrifying. I feel a sense of coldness…lacking emotion or the ability to empathize with others. His eyes are so cold…snake-like. I get no sense of warmth or compassion from him…Perhaps a false kindness or deliberately misleading, but there is nothing feeling about him.

    I’m sensing that he spent a great deal of time in a sunny area when he was younger, and as he grew older, he moved indoors…like to a more powerful job where he wouldnt be outdoors or involved in “menial labor”. He seems to be very prideful in whatever job/position he holds…It gives him a sense of respect in his community and allows him to deceive others as to his lack of compassion, empathy,etc. i wouldnt be surprised if he had held slaves at some point or trafficked humans…I get the sense that he oppressed or dominated others in a very negative way…and felt nothing about such abuses.

  111. Avatar

    The first impression that I got was that he was a woman.

    Then I got, strongly, that he is in love and our recently married.

    When I let my eyes blue, the thought “he’s Abraham Lincoln“ came to me.

    That distracted me.

    I picture him as genteel, maybe going to balls or banquets.

    I see him waking in the rain with a woman, an umbrella. He is romantic.

  112. Avatar

    I just get it in a list of words, so I’ll put them as I got them.

    -rough, tough.
    -The welfare of others is his priority.Sad when it didn’t work out.
    -Farming is his business, I see cows. He’s successful at it but still lives a simple life
    -Field of flowers or corn.
    -death was esophagus related. He wasn’t eating.

  113. Avatar

    I LOVE these! Here I go:

    Kind…yet dark.
    Kind eyes…yet I felt a very strong pull to his eyes and as someone else mentioned…I noticed shape shifting as well.

    Laws, Rules, Congressman?
    Late 1800’s
    Cigars, Burbon, Elegant Feel in a way.

    He seems warm on the exterior but I believe he was dark.

  114. Avatar

    I felt my stomach flip? I was scared, I couldn’t look in his eyes for long and I felt there were two sides to this mans personality, religious sailor…

  115. Avatar

    stern, hard worker, can be a giving man, keeps himself “shielded” closed off, hiding something, has secrets, history of emotional maybe physical abuse, repressed feelings, somehow associated with clergy or religion in some way, pain, would be uncomfortable in presence due to thoughts he has, would not trust, well known but does not like to be around large groups or fraternize unless needed, recluse, I keep getting the sense of physical pain he received and the need to have an outlet for it-producing pain, at war within himself

  116. Avatar

    I’m just beginning to explore my gifts (if I even really have any beyond Empathy), so I really appreciate the safe space to do that here with these experiments! 🙂

    My initial impression was actually very strong – almost immediately after looking at the picture, I was struck with the feeling that there was an energy that I did not want to be around. It was odd, in that I couldn’t pinpoint *why* exactly I was averse to it, just that I felt like it was an energy I didn’t want to associate with. Continuing to study the photo to try and see what that energy was, I couldn’t make out any more regarding the bad energy, but I started to find that it conflicted with how I felt he was viewed by other people (friends, community, public?). I got the sense that he was viewed in a good light (by most or many, I guess?), and that the darker energy was…well, I sense it to the back of me/my mind, like it was a hidden or not often seen part of his personality.

    I also got:
    “big family” – either born into or had his own
    “business, enterprise,” maybe “greed”
    “another man” — a man close to him (friend? colleague?), someone instrumental to his life or his story

  117. Avatar

    Looks like he just lost his significant other and is dying inside rapidly.

  118. Avatar

    At first glance, I saw evil in his eyes, but then beneath the evilness is a kind and gentle soul.

    I wouldn’t trust my life with him. I feel repelled as I sensed that he would prefer that I keep a distance from him. I sensed manipulation, but I also sensed that he always keeps his promises.

    I see blood, coldness like steel and Victoria era. He has a girl that he loves. But the girl is afraid of him. I sensed abuse.

    He may be a doctor or a scientist. He may be involved in S & M in his sexual life.

    I also sensed feminine energy.

  119. Avatar

    My first impression was of a politician. He did things he did not want to do, but had to do. Not violent, but powerful. Money. He often thought it wasn’t worth it.

    I also got music around him. Playing, composing, perhaps by someone close to him, or himself. Maybe writing as well, novels or journals. Creative inner life.

    He had a good sense of humor.

  120. Avatar

    A writer, a thinker. Possibly an explorer – something to so with shipping and ships. Prefers to be alone, finds company difficult. Reserved, especially around women. Not sociable.

  121. Avatar

    I sensed nothing kind upon first glance. Immediate darkness seemed to pour over the image. I felt unease all at once.

  122. Avatar

    For some reason, in the moment, he looks to be synical. But it may be directed at someone who is in the room. He looks like he may have a clerk profession. I was thinking he may be a relative of the person who posted the experiment. Idk if color plays into this aura, or if its the background of the photo, but I see a swirly yellow. May be cause hes like “alright take the photo.” ???

  123. Avatar

    A banker???

  124. Avatar

    He is a great leader…commander of a “army” perfectionist, good at strategy, delegating duties,disciplined, assertive,takes things to heart but does not wear his emotions on his sleeve.
    This man takes hours to figure out the minutes of his next move. You will not find him a easy man to get to know as he controls what he reveals, as it is part of his plan.
    In business he is hard line, detailed, he has a high expectation of others, he has a creative mind, strong charter, he is trust worthy as long as it is part of his grand plan. Yes he is a very good busy man, chess player, not to mention card player/ games of chance.
    He is American politician; with a English/Irish/Scottish background.
    He is upper-class in his life style, he has a lot of personal responsibility and has a high rank in society.
    He has a wife, and four children.
    He knows of many things that are worldly, yet he does not share this knowledge. (He is tight liped)
    he can be judgemental, careless and lose sight of those around him because of the demands of his job which is of great importance.
    The initials that come to my mind are A.L. I hear the name; Abraham Lincoln…is this correct? Kim Kraut

  125. Avatar

    Something is very wrong with this man. This is the strongest vibe I’ve gotten of all the psychic experiments and I have basically been right on on most of them. I feel that there is a mental illness of some kind…maybe even sociopathic? I feel he gets what he wants, even if he has to hurt someone or something to get it. For some odd reason I keep getting “circus” with him, perhaps because he reminds me of the character in “Water for Elephants”..the owner of the circus who is egotistical and inwardly cruel to people and to animals. I feel he had a wife and two children but I am afraid he hurt them. He seems to have had money and power of some sort. I will be really interested to hear who he is!

  126. Avatar

    I see him on board a ship, South Pacific, a Botanist perhaps? There is a feeling of mental disorder hidden behind those eyes, maybe bi-poplar, I get a real in balance from him

  127. Avatar

    A very dark feeling came over me when I looked into his eyes. My first impression was sadness, but I think that is due to an abusive or traumatic childhood. I get an urge to clutch my throat – a definite, palpable sensation there – and I get the word “atrocity”. I feel like he was a cruel, ruthless man and maybe even a sociopathic criminal who inflicted harm (or even death) upon others, either directly or indirectly, by ordering it.

  128. Avatar

    He strikes me as a man who has (or will) endure great grief. My immediate impression is that he likes music, is a hard worker, with a good conscience and a strong ethical bent. Intelligent, well educated, kind.

  129. Avatar

    He seems to be smiling and I think he has kind eyes. I feel like he knows a secret–he knows how something will turn out. Does that mean he has power over an important situation? I think he feels honest–I feel like he will help me.

  130. Avatar

    Looking into his eyes disturbed me. He may have some kind of mental illness. Maybe he was abused which exacerbated his issues. I don’t trust him, something about him is scary.

  131. Avatar

    kind, fair, smart. maybe a judge. I get the feeling that he’s a little nitpicky. he doesn’t have children but there are children in his family who love him, and who he loves.

  132. Avatar

    Reminds me of a movie star – David Hasslehoff from babe watch
    kind man – reminds me of my uncle. serious yet kind. Can Trust
    American of Scottish or Irish descent
    Often put in social situations but not the best at socialising – prefers to talk facts rather than small talk

  133. Avatar

    European writer. Father.

  134. Avatar

    I feel he was a bad man, a con maybe. I got only bad vibes from him

  135. Avatar

    I cant even look at him too deep as he scares me

  136. Avatar

    This man was a conflicted individual. He did love his family, but he had confusion with the women in his life and he had many secrets. It feels like he came across as cold or guarded, but this was a front to be seen as a strong individual in both his profession and personal life. I have a feeling that he had younger experiences in the war (WWI?). I would not trust him and I believe he made selfish decisions that he would now look back on and regret for hurting others, particularly emotionally. Is he English? I hear a rougher accent and I don’t thin he was a gentleman at heart. He was introverted. I get a sense his business was around trains or shipping because I feel metal but also my hands wading in water.
    Thank you, this is my first try.

  137. Avatar

    I see him as a kind man. I sensed success and achievement but a sly sense of humor. He has a stern front but is loved by children. I got actor or entertainment industry. I did get a feeling of loss of maybe his own desires in his life to ‘keep up the family name’. He likes to garden and long walks.I like him. I think he has a good story to tell. Philanthropist.
    Seems like I would like to know him. Lots of good stories in that fellow.

  138. Avatar

    I wont trust him. He looks very cynical and perhaps, would not mind manipulating, hurting for his own benefit. He could also be creative and rich with experiences, turbulences in life

  139. Avatar

    When i saw the pic didnot want to look at it felt creepy but when i looked i felt that is is confidence of him self after achieving what he has been fighting for and noone is gonna take it away from him but he has a big heart eventhough his eyes feel like he is a great manipulater to get his ways

  140. Avatar

    I am a closet experimenter, first comment. This one really spoke to my heart. He has incredible eyes. They are light in color and he is a natural flirt. I am guessing an original Spaniard. He has a very kind heart, but has been taken advantage of. He has a lot of people that look up to him and seek him for advice because of his wisdom and known reputation. He had one true love, but the ladies loved him.

  141. Avatar

    Even before I had time to produce a wrod about him, I felt an enormous unease and fear. I felt his eyes were calculating everything around hi, his smile was falsely placed to calm others but was not at all sincere and that he has evil or criminal intent. I could not stay in the same room with him. Never want to see him again!

  142. Avatar

    He looks honest, a hard worker. Rigid but companionate. I’m also sensing that he would help people, especially if it benefitted him. I don’t get a sense of family… like he grew up without his parents. No family in his later life either, they died or he never had a wife and children.

  143. Avatar

    My first impression
    Hard working, eyes are gentle, takes care of his family, I see the sun or him working outdoors, felt guns, outdoors, agriculture, family, farm, and very proud. Patriotic also. Lots of laughter and he enjoyed dressing up and taking pictures.

  144. Avatar

    Here are some of my hits:
    Immediately felt fear, dread, terror
    Something related to brother
    Do I trust him or not? Not.
    I got you!
    Banking, money, saloon, stealing, theft

    Shift, then:
    3-4 children

    intimidating, frightening, manipulative, kind man.
    Tries hard

    Something about a mix-up, or being mixed up in something

    I feel scared of him. I feel intimidated by him. He feels like a big personality. Like he takes up a lot of space and room. He may mean well but he is misunderstood.

    I’m getting that he takes things, maybe money, maybe involved with finances.

    Also, I see movement, trains, horses, transportation.

    Color: Black

    He tells me to: Ask me about my family

    Something about “six of us”
    Killed on a train? tragic killing, family dies together?
    Family is important to him.
    I am a tragic figure.
    Softspoken, quiet, but intimidating, makes me feel apprehensive.

  145. Avatar

    I picked up many of the same as above comments, but yes I’m the shy one!! So will you let us know if we are right?
    What is the truth about this person?
    I like this idea, it helps us to trust our guidance

  146. Avatar

    Exp. # 9
    For some reason I can not stand looking at his picture…it creeps me out.

  147. Avatar

    I got “kind” and “gentle” vibes, too. Which is odd because I think his expression was little grouchy.

  148. Avatar

    I got rueful, regretful, sorrowful and loving.

  149. Avatar

    The first emotion I felt was fear. This man has a hard side to him and he won’t suffer fools gladly. There is a softer side but you would have to know him or find out what brings out this aspect of his character. I get the impression of a fierce intelligence. My first feeling of fear was so strong however that I had to force myself look at the photo again after the first glimpse.

  150. Avatar

    I feel like there was a woman that was near him that he adored very much, although I’m not sure she returned his feelings. I keep seeing a blue bonnet with stripes and maybe lace. It almost seems she was someone he couldn’t have. As I relaxed and tried to connect, I was suddenly very afraid as if I just realized something about him or saw a new side of him. I felt as if I was retreating but may not escape him. I keep seeing/feeling something about his hands….maybe strangulation or a wrapping up of some kind.

    I also sense several boys around him. I don’t know if they are his, it seems more like he may be the head of a boys school or an orphanage or something. I feel like he was respected, at least in his local area and that what he did (when I felt afraid of him) was unexpected or perhaps not known at the time.

    I only sense American from him, possibly Chicago or Indiana. There really seems to be something about his hands. They are large and sturdy and can be mean.

  151. Avatar

    First time doing this, here’s what I felt. A façade, duality. There is a sense of arrogance, religious. A man who can turn it “on’ when he chooses, like a lawyer. I sense hidden insecurities and aggression. Cold and detached but can be witty and purposely engaging. Genuine compassion with something specific. I think he was in a position of trust, but I feel there is a part to him that is untrustworthy.

  152. Avatar

    The messages I received say some thought he was a martyr, he was dangerous even killed people, he thought he was doing God’s work, but wasn’t. Not totally sane, but not insane either. He loved to fight. I saw him dead hanging from a rope around his neck.

  153. Avatar

    The first thought I got about this man is that he is very smart, brilliant even, and sly, don’t feel comfortable about him. Not creeper out , just don’t trust him.

  154. Avatar

    In the first instance the man looks very clever, he knows how to manipulate things. In the second instance he looks a little worried about something. I will absolutely NOT like be with him in the room.

  155. Avatar

    The pitcher look’s like it has been stage, He has the impression of some one that is at the time trying to stand tall and proud maybe has a good job or had well groomed but button’s are left open Why! because he wear close like it every day as some one dressing for a photo would fasen all in all he look’s a poser

  156. Avatar

    His eyes are unusual but not in a negative sense, he feels difficult emotions but does not reveal them. He struggles in life and has known poverty. He reminds me of my maternal grandfather – a simple man who likes to dress well and has made an effort for the photograph. He has personal qualities which have not been developed because of the times he lived in, lack of opportunities.

  157. Avatar

    When this man posed for this photo in say the late 1700’s to mid 1800’s they were not allowed to smile. I got the impression that he had something to do with shipping.

    I felt uneasy when I looked at his eyes and got the feeling that one of them was a glass eye (right one)or he may have been suffering with a disease which affected both eyes as one eye drooped and the other stared directly.

  158. Avatar

    I felt like he was a knowledgeable man and either involved with the military and/or science. Ivalso feel a sense of adventure about him.

  159. Avatar

    I felt like he was a knowledgeable man and either involved with the military and/or science. I also feel a sense of adventure about him.

  160. Avatar

    I don’t like this guy or trust him. He feels dangerous, and I got the word fugitive. He feels like a con artist to me, I get the sense of him being charming and nice to get someone to do something, and then take advantage of them, this feel money related to me. I do think he was able to earn a lot by stealing from people. He feels like a drifter. I feel like he may have had a rough childhood, and got the sense of him having a few siblings. I also got the word pistol.

    That’s all I got, thanks for the fun expriment.


  161. Avatar

    First impression was he did something bad, but he was also kind? And then that he worked with paper. I saw it being moved across a desk.

  162. Avatar

    I am not at the stage to read aura’s, this will happen at some later stage. what I can say is that it’s a woman not a man.
    Why because far away in my memory I have seen this photo before.

  163. Avatar

    At first impression he seemed like a very practical business-oriented person. A person not led by his emotions. He has very brooding eyes and tight lips suggests that he is not a very warm person and genuinely not trustworthy.

  164. Avatar

    I am a bit conflicted on my feelings about this man. When I first looked at him I saw a mixture of yellow and green in his aura around his head and shoulders. I felt he could be a bit possessive, manipulative and selfish at times, but at the same time I got the feeling he could be a kind and sensitive man when he chose to be(or that may just be an act to get his own way!). He may have suffered from depression and I think he could have been quite clever and intellectual.

  165. Avatar

    Photo Reminds me of person i knew,
    Smart, well dressed, cunning, hiding something behind that smile, hiding something
    or keeping something behind or wants to protect something by his hands folded across
    his stomach. Eyes talking direct to you, hears listening very carefully to what you are
    saying. Appearances are deceiving, beware all that meets the eye is not necessary in
    your best interest. This person has a great potential with focus on his own higher best
    interest, so be aware of this as it also means that it may not be in your higher best

  166. Avatar

    My first “official” try. Most of the feelings I got surrounded his physical presence and charateristics. Perhaps he smoked, not sure that his teeth were real (later in life)and that he was a short, small man. I felt that he walked like a rooster and like nice clothes. Seems like he was important–but not respected. Back and forth on his character. I didn’t sense that he was a kind man. Can’t wait to see who he was!

  167. Avatar

    At first glance at his picture the words author/educator/landowner came to mind followed by:

    he was known for a new concept or idea connected to education and/or his concept was taught in schools.
    wise and caring but with high standards
    had a difficult period during childhood that connected to or fuelled the passion for his lifes’ work

  168. Avatar

    I see him in legal settings…courtrooms, jails, etc. Legal authority…keys to jail cell. Kind hearted but extremely principled..unbending. Very Intelligent. Was married but no children…possibly wife and or child died prematurely of illness. Deep sadness around this. Died suddenly.

  169. Avatar

    A very knowing man. Very clever – street smart and intelligent man. He knew if you were looking at him. A big strong aura, lots of white and a foreign guy I got French even tho he doesn’t look it to me.He got hanged. He oposed authority and wasn’t scared to state his opinion.He did not always follow the rules or laws.The name Edward and genuis. His father died before his mother.He is a Creator and built or created something on a BIG scale. He went into a building regularly either a law or Marshall office or the pub it was a wooden building. and had a feel of the West.This is an intense man who has been through a great deal of challenges and come out on top but not everything how he would have liked and has had to live with it. The Force is strong with this one! He works for the light but sometimes chooses the dark side and has something about mistreatmen t of woman or girls sexually and physically and verbally and using the mind. I feel he is also a spiritual or religous man and is wonderful when he is feeling good and not into dark stuff. Charming and a liar. I would not trust this man. Also I saw a snake slide in front of his face. Is he a snake?

  170. Avatar

    I feel he is a reserved man. Possibly even a duplicitous man.

    I keep getting the feeling that something is being held back, that there’s more going on under the surface, behind his eyes, than he would care to reveal. I sense that he presents one face to certain people and a completely different one to others.

  171. Avatar

    He seems like a cunning *business* man, he’s probably from the 19th century.

  172. Avatar

    He is a clever man.
    I trust him.
    He is so generous.

  173. Avatar

    My first impression was similar to others’ — he appears kind, mild, gentle. But when I tuned into him I felt something completely different — cruel, cunning, manipulative, scary. It feels like he is dangerous to women in some way. I don’t trust him.

  174. Avatar

    I first heard the name Alexander – could also be a place Alexandria?? What is with his hair? He is a thinker, has a lot to worry about. He has something to do with government, in the US in the 1800’s? Closed off, private – keeps his business to himself. Is he a Senator? Some prominent occupation, he is a man of importance. Now I get the feeling of duality with this man. Duality in location. Is he for the North or the South? I think he plays both sides. I get a cold feeling so I feel like he resides in the the North Like Illinois or close to that, but may be a Southern sympathizer as I feel there is a kindness deep down inside. He was wealthy and had money, very intelligent and was influential. Once again I get the words slavery and sympathizer. He could be both cruel and kind-once again the duality. Pleasant family man and has been quite happy during his life time, but has also gone through some very tough times. I also am getting 1862,1892 or 1902 something with the “2” in the 1800’s – I know that is vague, but that was what I saw.

  175. Avatar

    I see a man that is comfortable with himself, probably not with pics so much. But trustworthy, yes. Kind and confident. Non assuming and a good leader. He reminds me of Abraham Lincoln.

  176. Avatar

    My first thought was sharpness, intimidation, but then I think that he was a man that had a lot of kindness if you are able to overlook his overbearing nature. He was wealthy, self-made, and so he expected a lot of those around him as well. He loved one person deeply, his wife maybe and she died early on, and there is something about his father…absent or abusive.

  177. Avatar

    Old soul with past lives on Aldebaran, Zeta Draco, Arcturus, that are obvious from his look. So he’s got a clear sense of right and wrong, but will probably go as far as killing to defend what he thinks is spiritually pure or correct.

  178. Avatar

    The name Herbert
    the name Lennie
    Aggressive and I heard “tone it down”
    He reminds me of a shark and I don’t trust him especially..

  179. Avatar

    Not trust worthy – wants people to think he is a man of integrity, but he has a dark side. Ca-Ni-Va (spelling?)

    Was not a happy man, who was married with 3 children and owned lots of land for cattle ranching ????

    Had money, even gold, but nothing brought him peace. Sad, very sad.

  180. Avatar

    My first impression was one of distrust. Something in his eyes makes me feel like he is up to no good. He has a smirk about his face that makes me feel like he is a person of power and uses it to his advantage. He has a family but is unkind behind closed doors and puts up a front for the public eye. He is an empty man.

  181. Avatar

    I am getting a name like Theodore.He feels like a business man, confident and respected for his business sense. He is a listener and observer. I see brandy and cigars. He is in a room in his house where only men can meet.I am sensing a plantation type setting.He has a wife and two children, a son and a daughter. The daughter feels older than the son but they are close in age. I am feeling pain in my chest. I feel like he died with an illness that had to do with his heart or lungs. I am seeing a chestnut colored stallion, his favorite horse and hearing the word “tea”.

  182. Avatar

    Tired man.
    I feel like he is a ray of sunshine around people, but underneath he is exhausted and could use a rest and some time with his family. He is more often on the “go” than at rest. But he has lived his life full and wouldn’t change it. He is very good with people, very good at making them laugh and making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. He has a strong voice. A bit of a “politic” about him; very quick on his feet. Sure-footed. But he has his insecurities and anxieties. Feels like an actor most times, afraid he can’t keep up his act or will be discovered.

    I felt neck pain when I look at him, it was the first sensation I felt.

  183. Avatar

    This man is very self-assured, determined and deals with the public. I did not expect him to have light eyes, a little unsettling, they make him seem perceptive. I don’t think that he laughs much because he carries other people’s problems; he will become kinder with age as he realizes he has done his work well.
    He reminds me of Abe Lincoln. He may practice medicine and has traveled across the Atlantic, most likely to Great Britain. Perhaps Dept. of State, an ambassador? I would speak with him if I met him because there appears to be some wisdom there. His hair is styled very neatly for his time in history, he looks to the future and is interested in the betterment of society.
    His soul is not calm, he has his arms crossed. He may not have wanted to take time for his photograph. He may also be involved in developing industry of some sort. I’m not sure that he has much of a family, some may have been lost, he is burdened from it, he appears alone but not lonely. He is deliberate in speech and manner and gives considerable thought to what he says or writes. His eyesight is good but he might be a little deaf.


    The following is not germain to the photograph but this recent experience may illustrate claircognizance??

    On December 12, 2013, I was waiting at a red light to proceed across a 2-lane road. My light was green for several seconds before a 1-ton white pickup directly opposite me moved forward to cross, and then I braked. My foot would not go to the accelerator. I watched as the pickup entered the path of a black sedan traveling about 50mph (25mph zone), running it’s red light head-on. I glanced up to see the light functioning. The sedan screeched sideways to a stop at the driver’s door of the pickup and it’s driver started cursing at the pickup. Then it went around the pickup, it’s light still red, and zoomed on. The pickup driver was shaken but proceeded to cross the intersection.
    I still could not cross. I heard “Do not move, it is not over” clearly in my head and chest. I started counting seconds – 1 money 2 money 3 money – up to 7 and I knew it would happen at the number 7. Traffic behind me had seen some of the problem and no one was honking a horn. At 7 seconds a second black sedan ran the same red light at about 50mph. My light was still green and I was able to cross. Creepy, but thanks to my angel for the warning.

  184. Avatar

    I immediately felt anxious when I looked at him. I felt excited but apprehensive. Very conflicting. I feel that he would give you the shirt off his back. Perhaps a Jack of all trades but definitely has some sort of specialty. Something very skilled. I feel,though, that privately that skill and trust can be used to betray. So well, in fact, that he uses his trustworthiness to lure. Again conflicting, I think he truly enjoys helping people and believes that what he does is for a greater good. Tough one. It’s hard to get past that anxious feeling it’s overwhelming.

  185. Avatar

    when I first loojed at this man I sensed he was domineering. I feel like he was a “hard” ..powerful..well to-do..I felt he felt as if he was/is entitled. I feel he has a family and is very good and loving to them..takes care of what is his buf also I feel as if he sees women as possessions and that he was rather a ‘play-boy’. I feel if there were a woman he wanted he ‘took’ her and there should be no fuss. This isnt love tho just lust. he loved his family

  186. Avatar

    I too felt uncomfortably about him..he makes me uneasy..anxiety

  187. Avatar

    I sense a well educated man.. Doctor/Pathologist. High up in his game & respected, he grew arrogant about his superiority. I get the feeling that he cut bodies open rather a lot (Eeeeew!) but he didn’t flinch, no obvious emotion in his face.. Quite cold in his manner. I get the sense that he broke the law and was eventually found out.

  188. Avatar

    I saw yellow surrounding him – not a bright, happy yellow, but more murky. I felt “murder, killer” but I don’t know if he was the one who committed the crime or the victim. I sensed he’s hiding secrets and I wouldn’t trust him. I got a very uncomfortable feeling looking at his picture. I also sensed two daughters, young (maybe between 6 and 10 years of age), dressed in frilly, ruffled dresses. I feel he had something to do with writing and lived in a big city.

  189. Avatar

    My first impressions of him is that he has the capacity to be cruel, selfish and miserly although he always knew how to make money. I think he is an intelligent man who can easily manipulate people.

  190. Avatar

    I got the year 1910. From the south, tobacco, maybe political background in family. Sad, a lost from a women. Ocean, something athletic was developed. Educated, maybe doctor. Heart or lungs are important. And he had a library name after or built. Fun thanks

  191. Avatar

    My first impressions of him is that he has the capacity to be cruel, selfish and miserly although he always knew how to make money. I think he is an intelligent man who can easily manipulate people.

  192. Avatar

    Shape of his head is disturbing. A very closed person,not sure how trustworthy. Withdrawn. Secretive.

  193. Avatar

    My first impression was of uneasiness, of him being secretive like he was someone in power like a witch, he hides something. He also shows with his smile a sarcastic nature as well as a lot of intelligence. He is his own master.

  194. Avatar

    My first impression when the photo appeared was “very intelligent” He’s had to do things and had some very tough decisions to make, some he didn’t quite agree with but did because he had too for the good of all. Very serious but could be a bit of a jokester when he wanted to. Was outside a lot-maybe a farmer or sailor. Died too young

  195. Avatar

    This man looks like there are two different sides to him. He thinks highly of himself, perhaps even clever. Arrogant and self assured but tricky. His arms are crossed in defense or to his something. His eyes look like the tell a different, darker truth than his outward appearance would convey. He does creep me out a little. I would not trust him.

  196. Avatar

    electrical-engineering-railroad connection
    unhappy ending

  197. Avatar

    My immediate response was the color of deep purple; kindness, philanthropy, influence and power…my second impression was the world cruelty..he may have experienced some heartbreak or loss that made him hardened to life in some way…I also got a betrayal energy..that he might have perpetrated a betrayal on others (believing/saying one thing and doing another…his actions causing others pain.) A man of cintradictions, but ultimately a person who tried to dedicate his life to others.

  198. Avatar

    My first impression as the picture was loading line by line was ‘circus’. I get the feeling that he was a circus business man of some sort and worked with people and animals in the early 1900’s. Possibly elephants? Maybe like a circus trainer of some sort? Or even the business manager of a travelling circus. I get a train with wooden carriages. He was cruel to his animals in order to train them but respected them at the same time. It was all about the money and success of the circus.

  199. Avatar

    Most likely hung by the neck till dead.

  200. Avatar

    My first impressions as I tuned in was that this man held an important position in the community, was he a lawyer or in local government? He possibly grew up in Australia. He had a family, a wife with kids. He possibly did a lot for his wider community to the extent they acknowledged his work by using his name, surname. His upbringing was possibly difficult, hard times, depression, little money and so they struggled. I think it’s is what drove his success later in life. He was much admired and looked up to. A kind man.

  201. Avatar

    Grandfather. Gentle. Train. J. John. Laughter.

  202. Avatar

    I feel like he is an upstanding and honorable man. He seems happy and content. I was only able to see his etheric aura and just a tiny glimpse of pale yellow. I’m new at this but thanks for the opportunity.

  203. Avatar

    He’s highly intelligent, has a charm an is able to manipulate others but doesn’t often use it. He lives quietly and alone but can be animated in public. He’s more calculating than introspective. He sees the world at face value than out of his intuition or heart. Others admire him for his personal strength in many situations. Many are slightly afraid of him as he can be judgemental and his judgements are often accurate and harsh. He can be trusted 60 to 70 percent of the time, otherwise his ego runs wild. He’s constant in his character not changing much throughout his life. He’s predictable.
    I see a bar and a general store. He was most comfortable staying in one place. If he wandered it wasn’t far for most of his life.

  204. Avatar

    Hello, well, I felt he certainly has a range of masks. At first I saw a magician or an escape artist as such. I sense him flying over a stage of sorts. I can see strings whether they are attached to a puppet or to a supposed partner in a controlling relationship. I also sense him to be very charismatic but that is where it ends, he can be quite manipulative to gain adoration (of which he does often) yet does not return the feelings with anyone EVER. I wouldn’t trust him, but fear I would be hooked by his deceptive approach. Criminal acts against women come to mind but nothing that has stuck because of his ability to fool anyone.

  205. Avatar

    this is what I’m picking up:
    – business man
    – stern personality
    – not an easy life
    – some misfortune, maybe loss of loved ones
    – very egotistical

    I asked my 8 year old son and he said this:
    – don’t interrupt him when he is busy
    – he works at a special place because he has a special suit on
    – business man
    – boss of someone
    – he appears mad about something
    – he is very smart
    – he has important work to do

    will be very interested to read what this man is all about.

  206. Avatar

    Ruthless, almost demonic. Was mistreated by both his parents, but primarily by his mother. He uses his mother’s mistreatment as his excuse for hating/hurting women, specifically those with children. Thinks he’s important in the business field, but his constituents loathe him. Makes me feel sick to my stomach. There is something dark within him that he tries to hide but there are a few people who have seen the darkness. Maybe victims?

  207. Anna

    A few people have asked me how to disconnect from the person’s energy once they are done reading him. If you’re empathic and would like to cut the ties to someone you have been reading during an experiment like this, I recommend using the technique given in this article:

  208. Avatar

    His mind is somehow twisted, I wouldn’t trust this man.

  209. Avatar

    Wow! Alot of responses. Well I didn’t get much. But what I did get was him holding something in his hand behind his back. Almost got a playful vibe like he was playing a joke on a kid…but I could also see it representing secrets.

  210. Avatar

    Science. Adventurous. Militaristic? not sure about something with military but science, medical? Pursuing something science orientated. Massive change in his life by the time the photo was taken.

  211. Avatar

    Hi Anna!

    When I started to tune into this man I got the impression that he was very determined and that i could trust him. I felt that he had a sense of the blarney about him and was a good story teller.

    Some of the other impressions I got were that he was a bringer of change, taller than most and had a sense of destiny to fulfill about him.

    I felt that there was Scottish or Welsh ancestry with him and that ‘medicine’ was strong around him. I also got the word ‘magnate’ (which is not a word I would use myself!). 1872 – 1873 was somehow significant and the names ‘John’ and ‘Blake’.

    I also got that there was a female associated with him who had lost two children, one in stillbirth/miscarriage and a young son. She liked the colour blue and would often wear blue coloured clothing. I felt that this was a younger sister or close friend.

    Some of my other original thoughts about him included the names ‘Roberts’ ‘Immigrated to US’ ‘Custer (of all people!)’ and ‘Railroads associated with him’ but I don’t think any of those are correct.

    For some reason he reminded me very much of Abraham Lincoln!

  212. Avatar

    I love these experiments!

    I sensed he was head of the community in some capacity. He was giving to society but had a secretly tortured past. Perhaps he lost important family members and he wasn’t able to heal from it. I feel that though is giving to society there may be difficulty in relationships. That said, he is engaging. I sensed a feminine and loving energy to him. I felt an uneasiness in my stomach at one point and wondered if he had nausea issues. I also felt touched on the left side of my head/face and wondered if it had anything to do with his death.

  213. Avatar

    At first I thought he was a statesman and was kind but then changed my mind. On second thought I felt he was a psycho-path, a trickster, and smug. I also got something about bridges.

  214. Avatar

    I felt uncomfortable immediately when I looked into his eyes. Although visually engaging,I notice my neck has a prickling sensation and my first thought is fear and evil.
    I sense he made as deal with the devil and has been rewarded as such,however very punished. Very proud on the outside, He lived his life in guilt.

  215. Avatar

    Marcy at first I also felt distrust when I looked in his eyes but then I felt it was more my distrust of others and went with my next feelings and I know this goes against the rule so I can’t wait to find out who he is.

  216. Avatar

    Many secrets, military, cunning and the word electric popped into my head.

  217. Avatar

    I don’t trust him. His aura is white very close to his body. At the top of his head, his aura takes an upward movement. Beyond the white, there is a darker color… A purplish gray, but on the dark side. I see that he has two sides. He is charming with women, but torments them. He is a sociopath, but works in a profession that helps him cover that side of himself. He definitely has several sides.

  218. Avatar

    When I first looked at him I got a scary feeling and I felt he had to do something with the law or a court system? He had lots of money! I did not trust him! A momas boy! He reminded me of a not so nice uncle that was very conniving!

  219. Avatar

    As I opened the email and was reading along, I instantly got chills all over my body when I saw his face. My first feeling was he died in some horrible, violent way. I think he was very religious, probably to the point, that he was a great friend to those who agreed and violent and cruel to those who believed otherwise.

    I see a town in a valley, with mountains around it. I feel like he was alone for most of his life.

  220. Avatar

    immediate impressions: a dragon. electricity, invention. an Aquarius? a yellow flame around him. metal things. an entrepreneur? but something of a wordsmith.

    he can be blunt, very determined. but there’s a trace of caddishness, humour. he might not be the most trustworthy person (with money?) but I don’t think he is intentionally bad. maybe he leaves people behind in his determination.

    He looks like a fiercely intelligent man. future-focused. inventive.

    He looks a bit like my grandfather. they share strong morals. I also thought of Henry Lawson for some reason – is there a touch of the poet? or an actor.

    He has a rocky personal life, maybe romantic relationships sacrificed for ambition.

  221. Avatar

    My first thought was evil. There is a Jekyll & Hyde personality to him. Possibly one of a twin with something to do with the circus

  222. Avatar

    He gives me the impression of being an intelligent man, a true gentleman with a heavy past.he is particular about his appearance because of his confidence as a business man.he stands proud of his accomplishments in his life but shows concerns for the future.He is a kind and loving man and is a generous giver others. he loves classical music and a well aged wine is one of his favorites. He is successful in many areas of his life. he is also well connected and has a sincere compassion for the ill and the poor. i also sense a fear that he has about death.i aslo sense that his wife is no longer with him but his two daughters are still close and love him very much

  223. Avatar

    I can feel a very strong determination in this man in achieving the goals he has fixed. He is rather cold. He never does anything without a purpose. A powerful 3rd chakra. Very secret. He seems to be satisfied on the picture. If I trust him…it depends on the matter but yes in general as he seems faithful. Good mental capacity and concentration.

  224. Avatar

    I didn’t even scroll all the way to his face when I was overcome with fright. I couldn’t even look directly in his eyes. I actually had a heavy feeling in my throat and chest as if unable to take a breath. I just feel he exudes pure evil. Very, very uncomfortable…

  225. Anna

    Wow! Lots of people taking part in this one.

    I’m enjoying reading all these responses.

  226. Avatar

    OK, my second try at this. Maybe it’s the really really big head but he seems very philosophical. He seems to be a thinker. Possibly a teacher or Professor. A visionary. A little nuts. Major dark side and a threat to the church.

  227. Avatar

    He seems to be a very intelligent man.
    Feel he might have been ‘romantic’ or a ‘charmer’ in his youth.
    I don’t trust him fully. I trust his intellect but don’t trust his moral sense/ his intentions.
    Has a ‘teasing’ sense of humour. Can mock others at times.
    Perfectionist-obsessed about punctuality and everything being done in a timely manner.
    Could have been a doctor.
    Skilled with his hands.
    Short tempered.
    Disciplined, to the extent of irritating the other people involved.
    Feel like he got caught in some sort of a scandal.
    Died of some illness of the brain. ‘encephalitis’ was the word that I sensed.
    He taught something…’zoology’
    Obstinate and stubborn.
    Confident of his point of view, of his judgement about something.
    I feel scared when I look into his eyes. His look is as if he were saying ‘I know what’s going on in your mind. You can’t hide it from me.
    Hard working.
    Something about law or being a lawyer came up.
    Don’t know why, but ‘Sherlock Holmes’ flashed in my mind.
    He was powerful and influential in some way.
    I would be very conscious and careful sitting in the same room with him.
    But there also seems to be a kinder side to him-probably towards his immediate or close family. Felt for a flash of a second as though he were saying, “You’ll be fine.” Found it very strange…Felt as though he was helping in a very specific way.

  228. Avatar

    I am afraid of this man. The smile is not of truth. Part of me wants to believe him and to trust him but his eyes tell the story of cruelty. He was not a man to mess with. He was very powerful in his community but abused his standing. Sadistic, especially to less the advantaged and would pleasure seeing others misery.

  229. Avatar

    This man scares me. Although he has a smile, it is not one of truth. His eyes tell the story of anger, abuse and of hatred. He was a powerful man in his community who took pleasure in his sadistic practices on those less fortunate. He was a man to be feared of but was always believed.

  230. Avatar

    These are the words I get for him: something to do with the Gold Rush and guns. Character info: a miser, precise, married, 2 kids, sharp tounge, inventor, religious, ran a store and had “an air about him”, determined, ruthless, exterior nice to outsiders

  231. Avatar

    He is a spiritual man,a very old soul.With a deep inner wisdom and inner knowing. He is look at as know it all. Very powerful eyes!!

  232. Avatar

    At first I thought he was nice but then I started to see, don’t laugh, Dr. Smith from the “Lost in Space” tv show, who was smart, cunning, manipulative and nasty. I sense this man is intelligent and somehow is involved in the arts but he has another side to him. Not trustworthy.

  233. Avatar

    I feel he’s confident, maybe arrogant?

  234. Avatar

    I feelt initially that the male was a nice, friendly type; then that changed and I think that he is a Confidence trickster,, and well capable of conning all strata of society. For some peculiar reason I started thinking of President Abe Lincoln. I think the subject has gone through a tough live.

  235. Avatar

    My impression of this man — he felt like a big personality. The kind of person that walks into a room and immediately attracts attention. I would trust him just as far as I could see him, as if he would be a good friend if you were on the same side of an argument. But I don’t get ruthless.

  236. Avatar

    This is my very first time doing this…. I felt like his eyes were very gentle, but that to many people he seems to have a tough exterior, but inside he really is gentle. I felt like he had a very large heart.

  237. Avatar

    Wow! I was immediately struck by anxiety which almost took my breath and made my heart beat faster.
    Power/control/authority over people, negative energy. But he does have two sides; also repressed by someone. Very intelligent.
    Had to leave my computer but he’s still haunting me… gotta clear my energies. Soooo spooky person.

    My daughter (14) love’s these experiments too, she says:
    A bad person, she wouldn’t trust him, he’s a con. He also has suffered; some wrong doings, not married, “a lizard”.

  238. Avatar

    My first reaction was to laugh and laugh as if I couldn’t help myself. So I think a comedian, clown or someone who used humour to get a reaction. But I wouldn t trust him, feel that this is someone with a gap between what he projects to the world. I am incredibly unwilling to try and feel out what’s behind. I love to read the responses and i notice someone else mentioned Charlie Chaplin. I got that too. But think it may just be the sense of real life rather darker than the public view.

  239. Avatar

    My first impression of him was that he was a magician who lived in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. I don’t get the feeling that he was evil.

  240. Avatar

    He looks like a highly dedicated man for very specific cause/purpose & there is also a moral/religious tone to what he dedicates himself to. There’s a sense of “rigidity” or tenseness to him because he’s so focused — he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. There’s a kindness to him, he can be quite empathetic especially for those associated with his cause. On a personal level, he can sparkle with wit & can show a unique sense of humor.

    These experiments are fun & really enjoyable (even if I turn out to be totally wrong!)

  241. Avatar

    Got it! I know who he is! Inner voice gave me a good clue (someone his life is associated with) and I researched on google and found another picture of him.

  242. Avatar

    Influential, kind, religious, has led a hard life and has a hidden past. He died by someone else’s hand.

  243. Avatar

    Run away! was my first reaction. Doctor, abusive, serial killer, torturer. Prominent and/or respected among those who didn’t know the truth.

  244. Avatar

    My first feeling was that he was a kind and quiet man, and had great depth and wisdom. He reminds me physically of a friend of mine called Tim.

  245. Avatar

    New at this….

    – reminded me of Abe Lincoln
    – small, petite man
    – Business…government…politics of some sort, lawyer
    – John
    – not seeing anything on family
    – sad
    – guarded, protected, secrets
    – don’t trust him, but most people do
    – maybe he held secrets for someone and had to carry the
    burden for them

    Actually this is hard for me, because I kind of like him…he has/had good intentions that went sour…either by his environment or attached discarnate’s.

  246. Avatar

    Hi Anna,
    My immediate impressions were a kind man a good father, a military man, someone who was prone to giving out sage nuggets of wisdom, a well liked and respected man. Even so, I did not get a sense of him being a great husband but I do think he was also quick with a smile.

  247. Avatar

    Words and impressions that came to me:
    -sad, hurting, abusive
    -cheat,(deceptive to?) family
    -math [teacher]
    -[as a] small boy [was] lonely
    -Parents owned large farm
    -not trusting
    -kindness to some younger school kids
    -nervous, flighty man
    -inherited/begot a large fortune at some point
    -softness towards a younger baby or son
    -abraham lincoln
    -a little playful, has a sense of humor
    -throat… was sliced?
    -family … taking care of family
    -worked with sickness

  248. Avatar

    My initial reactions were:
    fear and concern
    I had a sense of man that was devilish in nature and I feel like he cannot be trusted. I got an immediate gut reaction of wanting to keep distance from him

  249. Avatar

    I saw that he was a trustworthy man. I thought he might be a messenger but important like an advisor to aristocrats. I heard the name Eddie. He is a conservative.

  250. Avatar

    This man was surrounded by people but felt lonely. He was smart/clever. Something about his mother keeps coming to me.

  251. Avatar

    Irish, addict, bribes or pay-off for criminal acts type thing. Farm.

    (…I don’t know whether it’s the last photo making me think this person is female but something feminine about him).

    -Now I may be overthinking it: Temper. Butcher and body parts.

  252. Avatar

    Looking at this mans’ image:

    I saw a shifting aura around him; his eyes startled me a lot – to the point if my needing courage to keep looking into them.

    Despite his appearance, I feel that he’s a kind man. He’s an American man; kind and fair; yet in a position of authority and power within his community. His attire in the photo is worn only for special occasions, and not what he wears in his every day life.

    I recognise the striking appearance of his eyes to be that I have seen before belonging to a Scorpio – who have intense, penetrating eyes.
    He has a strong character and is capable of being very generous, caring, loving and kind; but if crossed could exact cold, ruthless revenge.
    A relationship with this man would not to be undertaken lightly; although once he considers he has met his match and respects you, he is like putty in your hands.
    He can be attracted to superficial beauty.

    I sense that his occupation is one where he is looked up to & highly regarded within his community; he wields much power and his seeming ability to ‘mask’ his feelings/expression/thoughts important and to his advantage – perhaps he is a Judge.
    A person who you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of, or anger. I don’t trust him.

    He is capable of such love and kindness; yet has witnessed and experienced such harshness and injustice that he has been irrevocably scarred.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to spend long in the company of this man, and certainly not without psychic protection.

  253. Avatar

    Hi there Anna, I think this man is a ‘trickster’, some spin doctor, a man with the gift of the gab, some road magician and/or some travelling doctor with magic potion. Possibly excels at pocker, card games and gambling of all kinds. Tricks people for sure. I think he always managed to escape, made a fortune and bought some bar/hotel/prostitution/cabaret type establishment where he ended his life. Might have been cruel and selfish too. Could I find something nice to say about him? Well, if some credit is to be had for him, at best he might have loved curing people of incurable diseases just because he believed he really could;)

  254. Avatar

    He seems American–maybe from the South–and perhaps was a politician or attorney, with a private life in conflict with his public persona.

  255. Avatar

    This is my first time, and here are my first impressions:
    Looking at his eyes I thought he was a woman or a sensitive man.
    Occupation: doctor, but something to do with trains also came up.
    He looks very tired of life, either because of a great lose or because he did not live by his desires. He looks very restrained and disconnected from his heart. Very hard on himself perhaps because of a difficult childhood.
    It feels like he is not alive.

  256. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    This man reminds me of Abraham Lincoln without a beard. He has a large, wide forehead which indicates intelligence as of a politician or a man of law. He seams an important man as he has a clean cut looks and clothing with posture that says,he is sure of himself and knows what to do. To me he has kind eyes and I maybe contradicting myself but I feel he can be trusted. It would be interesting to know his height, he seams a tall man but if not, short people are very talkative and in some cases with sharp tongue to make up for shortfall. I am looking forward o your feedback.

  257. Avatar

    I instantly got ‘murderer’ then ‘composer’ for job

  258. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    This is my first go at this. I tried clearing my head, but at this time there is a lot rolling around in it. Going through some changes. Anyway, idk why but the instant I looked at him I got a sinister vibe, and I did what u said most people do, I pushed it to the side. I would just like to know if I’m going in the right direction. He seems proper and cold to me.

  259. Avatar

    Reverand or Minister

  260. Avatar

    Evil, writer/publisher something to do with books, has money but not richest man, from England, had a privileged upbringing, mean/ruthless, doesn’t help anyone, married/widowed, had mistresses, two children, the color blue.

    My first reaction was also “woah, I need to back off” and I had a hard time concentrating on him because I felt sick as well.

  261. Avatar

    I felt a great connection to a woman figure. I felt he had a medical background of sorts. He had a sense of chaos around him. Ultimately a good man but had to balance good and bad. I did not see him as a bad person. His eyes didn’t feel good though. That was my only bad feeling I got. It was almost as he was torn about something in his life.

  262. Avatar

    I feel like he has religious conviction. Set in his ways.
    But I also feel a political connection also. I feel maybe
    he was a preacher, but politics were involved in his life
    somehow. I feel he had his own agenda, and he knew others had their own as well. It was like a “separation between church and State” thing with him. Very strict person too.

  263. Avatar

    Hi Anna,
    With the above picture

    At first glance: he changes to a woman. He keep morphing back and forth, between male and female. I think there was a major gender issue there. With that,the name Harriet comes to mind

    I feel a connection to his grandmother on his mothers’side, he adored her and she adored him and watched over him in spirit, when he was living.

    I am picking up a strained relationship with his mother: there was some form of abuse, whether mental or physical, not sure which one exactly. I feel he did not have a good relationship with women in general, because of this. He does have a charmer persona, he’s quite perceptive and intuitive about things to.

    He feels like he is been misunderstood and does have a guarded feeling to him. I do feel thaT what he is hiding is that feels more like a female than a male.

    There is a literature or literary (writing) connection to him, he was quite prominent in that field.

    He did have financial problems, somehow mismanaging money
    He played the piano or organ music.

    He got into the the occult in his later years( maybe a fan of Aleister crowley).
    I keep seeing an Iron(to iron clothes), those old irons made completely of metal.

    A fan of Charles Dickens, maybe or the intials CD important.
    Also keep seeing a little girl around him, even though feel he was never married. Not sure if he knew about his daughter. Idk.

    I don’t feel he was a bad person.I wouldn’t cross him though.
    LOL, why tempt fate.

  264. Avatar

    At first I got the impression that he was kind, he really looked like my great grandfather. But looking in his eyes he looked cold and calculating. Idk, a little mobsterish?

  265. Avatar

    I sense preacher or teacher, heads a church maybe, starts a movement, measured, his aura shines white, something about suffragette, and girls talk, took a journey on a boat, coal,, disciplined but soft,,, Irish.

  266. Avatar

    Hi Anna, I got that same feeling that I did a while back. The heart racing ugly feeling. When I looked at his picture the back of my neck on the right side started to hurt. The picture looks harmless enough, but I don’t trust this man. To me, he is sneaky. I also felt like I couldn’t breathe.

  267. Avatar

    This man immediately reminded me of Abraham Lincoln. When I took that impression away, I felt that this individual should not be trusted, but he does have a big heart. I think he may have done something with finances, something money-related.

  268. Avatar

    I saw something very womanly about him, i felt the colors blue and then green, although i dont know what that means when it comes auras, and around his mouth area seems like he has a violent side or coldness about his actions.

  269. Avatar

    When I first saw the picture it gave me the creeps. I took a few deep breaths and looked into his eyes. Then I asked him if there was anything he would like to share with me. I became very calm. From head to toe I was completely relaxed. Then “Doctor” came to my mind. I didn’t get the feeling of medical/healer. This “calmness” was conflicting with the “creepiness”. I don’t really know how to explain this, only that I felt at odds with what I was feeling.

  270. Avatar

    I instantly get a cold feeling. This man is evil. He has committed mass murder. I do not trust him nor believe he is all human.

  271. Avatar

    i keep coming back to him & i have posted already but the more i look the more i feel like he was fighting for something like oppression along those lines i also keep getting a creek in my neck when i look was he hung??

  272. Avatar

    where are the results?

  273. Avatar

    I sense that he is a politician and or doctor, he helps children (or maybe has children). He is kind and can be trusted. A leader or guides people.

  274. Anna

    Hello everyone,

    The results will be out in the next 24 hours!

    I hope you enjoyed the experiment.

  275. Avatar

    I got a rush of words,
    a visionary before his time…
    truth sayer,a full soul, strong sense of righteousness, his eyes have seen and committed darkness but the light remained…
    lived a true and honest life to his soul contract…
    blood mixed with chains..
    two sides a person capable of taking life.. violent but peaceful/ righteous..(only comparison is modern day freedom fighter ? )
    perhaps dies for his righteousness, important person in history but perhaps unknown..
    guarded, connected….

  276. Avatar

    Not a man I could trust easily. There is something very secretive about him and I can’t quite pinpoint what it is but I just get the feeling that it isn’t a good idea to trust him very far without having someone close by or with me.

  277. Avatar

    everyone did really well! Maria-Adriana you did great!

    thank you anna!

  278. Avatar

    I feel he was a successful man. Would I trust him him? Yes. He reminds me a bit of Abe Lincoln, though I believe he Is of small stature. He was probably somewhat a lonely man, who may have been ridiculed by some, but was a shrewd thinker. He probably had the last laugh.

  279. Avatar

    I see confidence, secrets, wisdom and strength. Somebody you don’t want to make an enemy with. Possible double life and well guarded.

  280. Avatar

    I really have bad vibes about this man. I can’t tell you why, but I feel that he has a mean streak and a cold heart. It’s made me feel quite uneasy.

  281. Avatar

    I sense great loss in his life as though he has guilt from it. His mother died as a result of giving birth to him or his wife died giving birth to their child leaving him a widower and very bitter. He blames others for his misfortunes. He really is a gentle man but closed off from the world and afraid to let anyone in. He had a very sad and painful death.

  282. Avatar

    I felt instantly uneasy looking into those eyes, I felt there were two very
    Distinct sides to this man. A well respected pillar of the community but on the flip
    Side a violent evil man, I felt there had been extreme violence towards a woman or women and I also sensed cruelty to children.

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