Intuitive Experiment #8 – What Do You See In This Photo?

Sometimes on this blog I do one of our ‘intuitive experiments’. An intuitive experiment is where I post a photo of a kind of obscure person from history and ask readers to read the person’s energy and see what they can pick up.

The purpose of the experiment is for you to improve your energy reading abilities.

Here is the subject of this experiment:


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Results of Intuitive Experiment #8

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  1. Avatar


    She was stronger than she was supposed to be (i.e. stronger than a woman was supposed to be).

    There’s a sense of guilt; maybe for the statement above…acting outside of the confines of her societal role at the time…not necessarily a guilt for a crime, more of a defensiveness of actions. Eh, not exactly guilt or defensiveness…it seems more like having to know precisely why her actions were acceptable, being able to explain herself.

    Mixed feelings about her class…her garb seems like she was possibly upper classish, but she doesn’t seem it…maybe she wasn’t born upper class, or didn’t die upper class. Royalty of a subjected people? I don’t know that doesn’t seem quite right, either…

    Even if she did act in ways deemed unfit by her society, she did so with grace and humility that would be expected and honored.

    I think I would trust her, as long as I weren’t a person in a place of power which she felt should be utilized in some other way.

    She’s driven, sharp, and concise…steady. Very steady. She seems like someone who could bluff her way through a poker game and somehow you’d feel like you owed her an apology or some debt of gratitude after she won all your money. She is wily, but admirably…her intentions seem honorable, she seems like she cares a great deal for the good of others.

  2. Avatar

    A stone castle with towers on the corners.She either was in a Castle or kept a castle type prison dungeon or both , at different times.
    Tarot cards say 9 swords = Face palm . Not a happy camper. Worry , unresolved problems and conflicts.

    I am thinking, became a Grandmother .
    Did wear rings on her right hand. The middle finger ,and also possibly the ring finger on that same hand.

  3. Avatar

    I got kind of chills looking at her idkw. I cant help but see sadness in her eyes, maybe shes hurt and misunderstood. Maybe shes hiding something, she looks secretive. She wants help..has she been treated unfairly?

  4. Avatar

    My first impression is she’s a desperate woman. She will do anything. She either has lost everything or feels she has/could lose everything. I do not trust her because she will do whatever it takes… ruthless? Comes in my mind. But to her it’s not ruthless it’s desperate — no choice. Must do whatever it takes. Never had any choice. Had to do it.

    This is my first try at this, and it feels a little risky! LOL! Why not give it a try. 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Hey Anna! This is the first time I am posting my impressions although I have enjoyed all your previous exercises and even experimented successfully with my new patients!(I ask them to send me their photo before I meet them in person and ‘read’ them and later get confirmation from them 🙂 I always look forward to these experiments! Thanks a lot!
    My impressions of these photos:
    She seems to be a strong, ‘strong willed’, determined woman, who is trustworthy. Very practical and focused on ‘finding a way’. Hardworking even though she hails from a respectable, well to do family. Concerned about and devoted to family or tribe. Responsible. Giving her all to family. Missing a husband’s/ man’s support in some way. Passionate about women’s rights/ upliftment. ‘Healing’/ Home remedies. Leading a group or family or herd. Short tempered. Helpful, but if you hurt / annoy her she may not be very sweet/ may not go out of the way to patch up. Strict and disciplined, no nonsense person. Community service. Not defeated by difficult circumstances. Hard life.Can do a man’s work.
    Image of a large community kitchen and caring for the health and nutrition of children.

  6. Avatar

    I do not trust her. She has a sadness behind her eyes. She looks stern and strong probably out of traditional duty than her own choice.I don’t think she likes that aspect of her life. This women would keep secrets to herself but if it conflicts with her stern beliefs she is not loyal. This is why I don’t trust her. She has had a difficult life not necessarily from poverty but from not being able to rule her own destiny. I doubt many under her crosses her.

  7. Avatar

    High society or royalty, confident, guarded, married, children, leader-role, lots of people in her life, appreciates art, lung issues around death, strict but compassionate, perhaps she comes from meager beginnings

  8. Avatar

    Hello, I see women uns cold, calculating, very strongly connected to a religious or spiritual power. Cunning … I do not trust her. I think he’s hiding something or not telling the whole truth …
    Walter, from Uruguay

  9. Avatar

    I might be completely wrong.. but here’s what I feel about this woman:
    Humble; Honest
    Has faced a lot in her early life and now that past is a source of strength for her. She is a strong willed woman.
    I feel a deep blue aura around her.. although I am not really sure.
    That’s what I feel!

  10. Avatar

    Unhappy child, had to get though early on. she is very intelligent. She has done something unusual for her time to get power. She commands respekt. She has visions and plans. I see her sitting on a kind of throne, as if she is the head of the household, with lots of children around her…. but somehow she walks alone. I cannot feel a man around her. She has a kind heart, but has a lot of selfcontrol. You better keep your promises to her.

  11. Avatar

    First thought that came to mind was very emotionally unstable (possible schizophrenic), lots of deceit.

  12. Avatar

    Got the impression of an ambitious woman of southeast asian origin, maybe burma/myanmar, or china. she is set into a strict setting of culture and etiquette. although she has an aura of political power, she also expresses insecurity of her own status in society. Maybe the wife of a toppled asian leader?

  13. Avatar

    I have enjoyed all these psychic experiments though this is the first one I have replied to. I found this photo particularly difficult to read. I didn’t get very much at all.
    Felt she had experienced cruelty and fear in her life though wasn’t sure if she was the perpetrator or the victim, or both. Also felt the position she had in life was of a higher standing than she was born to. She was a very quiet lady, didn’t say much.
    There was a child, a son, there was a sadness linked to him.

  14. Avatar

    I see and sense some anger and potential for cruelty. In her eyes I do see disillusionment/disappointment and the distant (early) possibility of kindness, but her face has become a sort of mask. Any tenderness and probable early vulnerability was long ago walled up behind what she viewed as “necessary” willfulness and dominance. It feels that there was a man in her life–father or husband–who left her in a position of some power.

  15. Avatar

    OK, so I’m new to this, and I guess relatively new to the psychic world.

    First impression:

    -of Chinese/Japanese origin.
    -Two different pictures taken at two different times.
    -Wears two different shirts, yet looks similar.
    -She looks like a mother and someone important.
    -However, I also noticed that she looked similar to a man in the black and white photo, which may indicate that she was of high statute (either to herself or others).

    So, let’s see how close I get!

  16. Avatar

    Daughter. Matter of fact. Maybe cruel and cold due to what she was taught as a child and what was expected of her. Training…she endured a lot training. Her mother had very little influence in raising her and perhaps was not very present. I see a close relationship with her father or a male figure. I see a little boy but I don’t feel that she had any children and maybe never married. Had favor in society. Did not have to earn a living. I see a lot of people in one room. Uniforms. Responsible. Dutiful and satisfied with efficiency. Someone I’d keep at a distance yet remain in her favor at the same time. Untrustworthy. She enjoyed water…maybe swimming or being around lakes/rivers/ocean.

  17. Avatar

    I’ve not replied before but have certainly had a go at home so here’s me throwing it out there!
    I feel like she is centered, if not happy yet highly structured. By that I mean she has rules she must live by but is quite comfortable with those structures. That’s where her calmness of mind is. She is a nice person but rules are rules. Having said that though, I don’t entirely trust her because her pleasantness would only be there if no one was stepping out of line.

  18. Avatar

    This is my first time posting. However, in past I was pretty accurate on a few except the last.
    she plays by no rules and I feel would kill if needed. strong very independent. there is for me a lot masculinity I feel from her and that could be what she throws off. Picture show she could be or come from wealthy family…something inside her feel less fortunate and that could be from her life experiences. I would like to concentrate more on her again.

  19. Avatar

    royalty,rich,hiding something ,unhappy .

  20. Avatar

    My first time posting on the psychic experiments! Haven’t read any other comments, so here goes. I sensed spirituality, immediately thought of a monk in Tibet. Whether right or wrong, I wanted to tell this person all my troubles. Also sensed food and felt very strong energy.

  21. Avatar

    First thought before I saw full photo – Alien
    1st thought after I saw photo- Ching Shih the “Pirate Queen”

    After pausing and meditating for a moment:

    “Lost a few babies. Sad. Strong business woman.”

  22. Avatar

    My first thought was she married into royalty. I feel she has some suppressed anger and sadness. I do not trust her. I think she may be passive-aggressive/manipulative.She acts the role of being very traditional, quiet, and demure, but she is strong-willed and not above deception and other means to get her way.

  23. Avatar

    This will be my first posting and attempt on something like this, so here goes – my first impression was mean-strong willed and dont care about anyone but her own objective.then again I can be wrong.

  24. Avatar

    This is my very first experiment…not sure how I will fare. Here goes! The immediate impression I got was something immensely tragic occurred to her (I sensed violence.) SUCH a strong sense of that, with chills over my entire body immediately when I started scrolling over her photo. I had an overwhelming sense of sadness, and yet she seems to be a very strong woman. I saw kindness in her eyes. I also saw an infant that was lost.

  25. Avatar

    My firt impression was a deep sadness. I felt that she had lost her children, not necessarily through death but that they had been taken from her. She led a restricted life, perhaps confined to her home and not allowed much freedom. Her home seemed large and upper clas with gardens and a lot of greenery, but walled-in gardens. I don’t think I would trust her as she seems to have lost so much that her own agenda now comes first and she could be quite deceptive.

  26. Avatar

    My immediate thought was that this is a man wanting to pass as a “woman.”

  27. Avatar

    I could sense a very masculine energy coming from her at first, I was wondering if this was a transgender man, but then I got a sense that she was indeed female. It’s funny what you said about contradictory information because I have a sense that I can’t really trust her, but at the same time I can feel “charisma” oozing from her…

  28. Avatar

    Chinese woman, writer, time of Cultural Revolution? Serious, intelligent, strong and brave. Upper class. Dissident?

  29. Avatar

    When I first glanced at the image, I felt something violent or unfair at death. Then I spent a few minutes clearing my mind, and I looked again. I felt deep engagement in the life of the mind, ideas, something passionate. I kept also sensing something was really wrong. I look forward to going back and reading what you all picked upon.

  30. Avatar

    My first thought as soon as I saw the picture was that she is very sad and alone, maybe she’s seen and been thru a lot and lost her family in the process and she’s just left behind.

  31. Avatar

    Artisan energy
    There’s a softness about her an insecurity possibly. What she does in life is often scary to her but she does it because she feels it is the right thing to do. I feel she may be connected with women’s rights. She is married to a soft-spoken but confident younger man or softer man who supports her but is also an intelligent sounding board for her and will tactfully disagree sometimes. She is a very focused individual And notices what is going on around her if it applies to her goal or blocks what she’s trying to do otherwise she’s oblivious. She is more of a detail oriented person but can see the big picture with effort.

  32. Avatar

    My first impresson is a woman with no emotions . Very strict .i feel she was someone in power like an emporess .

  33. Avatar

    All I get is a dark, an empire, violence, removal of body parts (torture) terror…

  34. Avatar

    I just got individual words. Pain, struggle, strife, unhappiness, trapped

  35. Avatar

    This is a very shrewd and calculating woman. She has had a hard life and is determined to get her own way by exploiting others in whatever way she feels she can. I do not trust her.

  36. Avatar

    She seems to me as being insecure, fearful, suspicious

  37. Avatar

    She looks like a woman who lost a fairly young child, that’s what I got suddenly after watching the picture for a few seconds.

  38. Avatar

    I feel that this woman has mental strength and can and has endured a lot of emotional issues. She has a set of values that keeps her from being truly happy. She feels she must look strong on the outside for fear she will reveal the weakness within. She has most likely obtained the things she needs in life by doing without. She longs to be her true self and be free. I don’t know. Im just taking a guess.

  39. Avatar

    I have the feeling that she is worried about something. She appears to be at an event…..a wedding maybe? She is very opininated, a matriarch in the family and something is happening that she dissaproves of. Everyone in the family wants her approval.

  40. Avatar

    At first glance I thought she was a man!! But I quickly recognised the femine aspects of her face, given that she is of Asian decent this is an easy error, she has a heart if sadness and oppression, she is kind and caring and very wise, however she has fear from someone in her life. Her facial expressions contort in a way that suggest she tries to hide this, quite a regular thing in a photo but the underlying emotion sadness still finds a way through.

  41. Avatar

    Very intelligent, something haveing to do with a man..possibly and older man and a child.
    Trust worthy, I get yes and no.
    By her style, possibly someone who was in a position of power or positioned around prominent people.

    Kind eyes.

  42. Avatar

    I see a compassionate woman who struggles to find a balnace between her privilege and these who are not. I sense a deep sadness as she walks between fulfilling her “duties” and wanting to take off her outer garments and don those of the people she most identifies with. She struggles to keep her face without emotion but what she sees moves her viscerally and she helps others secretly. She is very influential spiritually to those around her and brings change with ardent submission.

  43. Avatar

    I got the impression that she is a man dressed as a woman… hiding her true identity. Sad. Angry. Frustrated that she can’t be who she is publicly.

  44. Avatar

    This lady has lived a very hard life. She is very strong and was not able to be herself as I feel people watched her every move, perhaps noble. However this woman has sat and watched as terrible things happened yet she had a hidden side and a softness there was something or a some people she worked really hard to help b it was hidden. Her heart has been signiciantly hurt and great sorrows she has borne. She lived her life (at that stage) through series of rules and people who must be obeyed possibly male power. She passé over time and over water, which means water was important and abundant, ocean she may have been on boats and she may have drowned. She may have stayed on land where she could see the ocean she spent a lot of time looking at water and was definitely in or on the water. This lady has a strong spiritual faith. I would trust her if I was one of those she could help but if I had to go before her for some wrong doing I would be in trouble and expect no assistance. This lady feels alone or unsupported but I feel we owe her due to the work she has done and the bravery she has shown.

  45. Avatar

    She seems like a determined women. Also someone that has had a hard life and is committed to succeed.

  46. Avatar

    My instantaneous hit was that this is a transgendered person. Feelings I pick up: fear, sadness, manipulativeness. She reminds me a little bit of my dad, in the sense that there’s something being willfully repressed. A kind of checked-out quality in the right hand photo, lots of vulnerability in the left. I feel a little uncomfortable taking her in, less so after I meditated. After I looked again, I saw mostly her sorrows, which were many, and which she rose above as best as she could.

  47. Avatar

    She looks like she is in pain. Or pained by something that has happened. That was my first impression. The images that came to my mind upon closing my eyes; were of a sword being drawn. Long and it is thrust abrubtly. I also see lots of fish. A marketplace with many people. Busy streets. Darkness also comes to mind. I see someone guarded.

  48. Avatar

    I feel a sense of dread when I look at this woman ,she has a past that is full of pain ,fear and sadness.She is strong ,had to be because of past experiances and her deeds.She can detach herself from emotion in order to continue her journey through life, She is a powerful figure either in politics or royalty.
    She has a cruel part to her character and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

  49. Avatar

    First time doing this. my first thought was negative, I do not trust her although there is something masculine about the face something in the eyes does not match the expression portrayed in the first photo.
    words that came to mind, controlling, harsh, may have experienced some sort of trauma or caused it for many.
    I may be totally wrong.

  50. Avatar

    Teacher – lonely – child – sea/ocean.

  51. Avatar

    Compassionate woman. Wise. Wealthy. Traditional & lets a man be the power & leader. I trust her. She could be a leader if she was able to.

  52. Avatar

    Yikes, I don’t feel like I’m good at this but I’m going to give it a try. 😉
    My very first impression, without thinking about it at all, is that she is very kind. Then I got that she may be a nun or someone with a strong religious affiliation and a very good heart.
    That’s all I got!

  53. Avatar

    She was a powerful woman. I feel she commited acts of great cruelty, perhaps ‘evil’. I feel this involved many people, almost like a genocide. Her husband was the main protagonist of this evil, but she supported him completely. She even sacrificed her own children, or was willing to do so, for this power-crazed endeavour they had embarked on. I can see her fleeing overseas to hide from what what she’d done. But it didn’t work, she suffered for it in the end.

  54. Avatar

    This woman has an introverted shy side but presses herself into a leadership role. I believe she makes tough decisions but there remains something of a lost child about her. I would trust her and would like her friendship. I do believe she is strong and even ruthless in her leadership role. I also think of her as wistful, vulnerable and longing for approval.

  55. Avatar

    This is my first time! I see a woman trapped! I don’t know if it’s something that has to do with an imposed role in the family or if she was imprisoned in the true sense of the word!
    I first feeling a connection with an activity of religious nature. She probably had to keep some secrets for many years. She has learned to hide his emotions and she is firm in her intentions. She had a great suffering tied to a son or a daughter. She has a passion for flowers. I can’t understand how much one can trust her. I believe that to protect something or someone (maybe her husband) she may become violent.
    Please forgive my english! 🙂

  56. Avatar

    She looks like a woman who lost a fairly young child, that’s what I got in my mind after watching the picture for a few seconds.

  57. Avatar

    I sense a deep sadness, related to the loss of a child. Nevertheless, despite an ordeal she has lived through, I don’t trust her. Perhaps because she doesn’t trust others, related to the experiences she has had to endure.

  58. Avatar

    First time doing this so here we go! Initially, sadness then some anger. I see deception, secrets, conniving, and for some reason, people passing through tunnels, passageways.

  59. Avatar

    I think she is a rich woma. I get the impression that dhe is a fighter or has something to do with gighting or maryial arts. I do trust her. There might me something wrong with her speech or the way she talks.

  60. Avatar

    I would normally do a more thorough reading but I’ve had a long week so here goes:

    Upon reading her face I get a feeling of anxiousness because she feels like people are out to get her. In one word I would describe her as angry because she feels like she doesn’t get what she deserves and is jealous of others. Her underlying motivation is to get even.

  61. Avatar

    I pick up on vibes around distrust/untrustworthiness, retreat from the world (or a desire for retreat), and a sense of internal confusion. Also, power, and calculation.

  62. Avatar

    I got – prison, dictatorship, god given right to rule. Let’s see if I’m totally wrong! I didn’t spend too long on it though.

  63. Avatar

    Felt very strong masculine energy, wondered if in fact if it’s a man? I felt they looked wistful and sad. Not happy with their life journey, but a good person who would have been a trusted friend. Just wanted to be accepted as thier true self.

  64. Avatar

    Hi there, I got a hard, serious, determined woman, her clenched jaw made me think that, but in her eyes I feel a clear sense of direction and purpose, I saw swords and royalty and children?

  65. Avatar

    Possibly sold at birth into a Royal Asian family of some sort. She is guilty about something and waiting for the other shoe to drop. She screwed someone over and is trying to keep a lid on something that is brewing underneath. A trickster, spy and possible prostitute for the Courts. She is carrying a heavy burden and wants to escape. She is a fraud and if found out, will be executed. She appears to be Chinese or Korean descent.

  66. Avatar

    I see this woman as living in fear. Maybe she is hiding things or events she has witnessed and that is preventing her to become her true self or live her true authentic self. She has fear and disappointment in her eyes. No light or spark in her eyes. Her wall is up.

  67. Avatar

    When I first looked at her picture, the word Reiki came to mind. I felt that she was wealthy and of high status, very rigid, teacher, possibly teacher of Reiki or some other form of healing…spiritual.

  68. Avatar

    She was married to a man of importance “politically” he had a position in the government. She learned many secrets and keep silent about the truths she uncovered. She played her part in history with mastery and held her personally feelings close to her chest.
    She witnessed many back deals that did not meet with her approval, but she was powerless to have a say over the outcomes of disagreements and the consequences that be-fail those who where in opposition of those decisions.
    This lady is personally very strong and had to look the other way on more then one occasion. Her husband was difficult to live with and hard on her personally.
    She has regret, and wishes that she had acted more in the face of danger.
    She has a son who walks in the same path as his father.
    She lives a life where she is known for her role in the Chinese government and lives a lavish lifestyle compared to her peers.
    She is a women on to her self. She does not share her secrets nor her true feelings to you.
    Outside she is a rock inside she bleeds and cries in the silence of the night alone.
    She is disappointed with how things turned out.
    She has much wisdom gained through the many painful lessons she had to endure.
    Her message to me; “is she lived her part in history with grace and made it look easy even though it was very difficult. She played her part well and did the best she could in the circumstances she was living.”
    I can feel her saying;”do not judge that you do not understand” that is some of the energy I felt from this lady.

  69. Avatar

    I keep feeling “mother” and “death”.
    When I try to clear my mind and start again, it comes back.

  70. Avatar

    She seems like a very controlling woman. Elegantly dressed, wealthy, powerful, strict, uptight and has a dominating personality. These are the traits that stood out to me when I first saw her.

  71. Avatar

    This is so cool!

    First time posting here as many others are 🙂

    My impressions were the following –

    She looks like a dignified woman, a deep woman. Some relation to Genghis Khan.

    Involved in politics or caught up in something political. Could be an activist. Do I trust her – No.

    ‘Flower’ or some sort of flower/plant name either is part of her name or nickname. I feel sorrow also. Deep regret.

    She reminds me of Lizzie Borden for some reason. Did she defend herself or others and then was tried for murder?

    Death seems connected to her in some way. Also crime involving money.

  72. Avatar

    I see a woman who had a hard childhood with rules and conditions. She is a reserved woman with many hurts inside. I heard Tokyo. She could not speak up much or have a say by the shape of her mouth which looks like its glued or she forces to keep it shut. Theres a ring shape from her nose around her mouth which makes me think of a bull ring. So male dominated and bullied by men. She is sad and disconnected and has a lot weighing her down emotionally from her past. Not much joy or connection through crown chakra. Had a very structured life of rules and everything needed to be in place and order not of her doing. Her femininity is hurt and injured. She is rigid. She can not speak what she wants to say and wears a mask. I also got beheading.

  73. Avatar

    I felt I’d better clarify my ‘Lizzie Borden’ comment above as I haven’t made it very clear what I mean by it.

    I have the personal belief that Lizzie B was sexually abused by her father with her step-mother’s knowledge and she killed them both in a fit of rage and violent anger.

    This is what I perceive with this lady too. That she may have been placed in a situation where she felt that she was forced (she had no choice) to take another’s life, in defence of herself or possibly another close to her.

    That’s what I meant by she ‘reminds me of Lizzie Borden’

  74. Avatar

    Hi, I’ve never posted before but thought I would give it a try!
    The first word I got was stoic. I feel there is great sadness behind her eyes, her feminine qualities are locked away. Chinese, woman of stature, dynasty. She had more hope and youth when the first picture was taken, compared to the second. She is married to a cruel man, she has put up with a lot of suffering her whole life. Very controlled. War, turbulent times. Very faithful – religious. I feel she only had one son, but he passed as a child. She is very lonely.
    I could trust her if I was of the same class as her, but not if I was lower than her. She had responsibility over children, orphans?
    She murdered, or was murdered by sword.

  75. Avatar

    first impression not thinking twice is..she will take care of a bordel..that sort of business

  76. Avatar

    I see a person who has seen terrifying things.
    I sense that she was never in a position to be able to tell the whole truth of what she witnessed or endured.
    My very first impression of/from the photo, before I had time to think, was that she was two-spirit or did not define who she loved by her assigned role in society.

  77. Avatar

    She is having a strong personality
    And has good will power.
    She also looks trust worthy and slightly detached.

  78. Avatar


    the first thing thats comes to my mind was the words SADNESS. I see a lot of burdens form the past in her, her pictures give a double feeling of trust and not to trust her.I feel she hurts peoples and her self a lot. Thats what i,m feelin when look at her picture.

  79. Avatar

    This is my first time trying this… My first impression was foot binding, suffering and abuse from her husband. my mind went to china, and turtles.

  80. Avatar

    I’m sure she is an imperator at some time.from the first picture,i can figure out there’s steadfast faith about sth. maybe the victory of war, the success of political reform.
    but as time goes on ,it made her saw reality,as we can see that from the second picture,I can read cruelty,decisiveness,the desire for firmly grasp the right,she would spare no effort to do that:purging those who hold different views,fooling the people under her rule.all of that is what i see.

  81. Avatar

    My first impression was that this is an old photo of a psychic woman perhaps on stage and in front of a large group of people. In the 1930’s or later and being asked to show some proof of her ability. Or that she is in a political setting….I also get a strange vibe from the area around her lower face and chin and the look in her eyes that feels like there is a grotesque murder in her life, perhaps her own. She seems to have an unaware or meek mindset at the moment the photo was taken. I immediately thought she was a psychic or has some metaphysical or mystical and spiritual ability, and it could be coming from my own impression of photos I’ve seen of famous people from the past with these abilities, as this is a huge fascination for me. 🙂

  82. Avatar

    I feel that she is/was a very loving, caring person under her cool exterior. I feel that she may have been traumatized somehow and is fearful and distrustful. I also feel like she may have been dishonest out of desperation. I wonder if she was the victim of government abuse/tyranny. I feel that events in her life turned her from being a gentle person into a bit of a tyrant herself.

  83. Avatar

    I felt her sad and out of place. I sensed a boy or loss of children. I feel her forced. She is not accomplishing her life goals she is suffocated. She looks uptight and reserved but in reality she is fragile. I sensed she is living a different life now then what she lived like as a carefree child. She has to pretend.

  84. Avatar

    Babies. Lots of babies around her. Mother of royalty. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Gave a child up for adoption. Someone very small, possibly a dwarf around her. Mother of a spiritual type leader, teacher. “I did what I had to do.” Hidind baby in boat.

  85. Avatar

    Fleeing in a boat. Mother, Dali Lama.

  86. Avatar

    A Chinese or Korean woman, she looks royal powerful and of great importance. Like a feminist or politician. It’s puzzels me because this seems very unusual in the history of the asian culture.I think she was born in the nineteenth century In the first picture she looks strong and caring. In the second picture she looks cunning to me. I suppose she is a mixture and uses her femininity to get to the top.

  87. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    My impressions are:
    Noble or upper class but of humble beginnings.
    Something around sexuality (picked up a strong masculine energy)


  88. Avatar

    First time I’m posting – here goes:

    Powerful, cruel, rich. Doing terrible deeds, justifying her acts internally – “What else could I do?”

    Would I like to be in the same room with her? NO. Don’t trust her – out to get me. Is planning to betray or kill even as she talks to me.

  89. Avatar

    She looks like a cruel woman and I don’t trust her.
    She lived in a kind of palace or castle. Maybe she was upset of her husband and killed him. Knowing that she could do anything she wanted, she did it to achieved her goals.

  90. Avatar

    She was responsible for the deaths of many people.

  91. Avatar

    I see a vulnerable, repressed, helpless woman on the brink of insanity. Burdened by strictures from her childhood years. Has the potential to be cunning and can be cruel to those she has power over – children, younger female siblings or subordinates, pets.

  92. Avatar

    I see a helpless, vulnerable, repressed woman, not in control of her life. Has never been. Always subjected to strictures. On the brink of insanity or mentally deranged in her later years. Her insecurities are behind the little cruelties she inflicts on those more helpless than she is. She targets children, pets, maids, subordinates and younger siblings. In other words, those dependent on her in some way. This gives her a sense of control.

  93. Avatar

    Hard for me.
    I see scarity and secret in her eyes. Something like “busted”. 🙂
    Curious to find out.

  94. Avatar

    My first impression was that this person is oriental, there is a deep sadness in her eye’s and she is or has suffer some tragedy I am not sure if I would trust this person. She reminds me of a lady, I use to see in church many years ago. The characteristics these to people share:
    dark hair, oriental complexion, dark eyes and face shape.

  95. Avatar

    its my 1st time hir 1st newsletter too ^_^ but here’s mine…it just came out, the word “pregnant”… i think tis’ has something to do with her offspring or cultural problem like struggling from fixed marriage issue

  96. Avatar

    hiding something
    not to be trusted
    dogs..a dog, small.

  97. Avatar

    1st thought- This woman is very weird/strange. I saw a baby laying on
    A table. Perhaps she is a doctor. Smart. I don’t feel compassion from her..Cold.
    Thank you for the experiment, I always enjoy them.

  98. Avatar

    The first adjective that came to mind was “strong” I feel she was a very strong woman, was not afraid to speak her mind and was possibly a leader in some way shape or form. I don’t feel as if she ever had kids or husband, nor do I feel a creative vibe. I feel like her role in life was more political.. Or an activist of something, even in her own culture. I feel she was located near east India. I feel like most of her struggles in life came from being misunderstood.

  99. Avatar

    a powerful very wealthy woman.
    travelled extensively and well know in her region.
    at some point she was held against her will or a political prisoner. she had servants and was always immaculate and very well mannered.
    not a woman to cross she was not concerned about using her influence to get her own way.
    whilst not a humanitarian in the true sense she was an advocate for modernisation.

  100. Avatar

    I got a strong sense that she was imprisoned in some way…both physically and mentally but she had strength beyond a normal persons ability. She enduring many struggles but she overcame them. She was a changer of people views..a progressive thinking beyond the scope of what was excepted around her. She was a leader of some movement in rights or for a cause. Sarah Jessica Parker comes to mind in likeness in standing up for others mistreatment and equality of rights.

  101. Avatar

    Slave, servant, Mother Mary, blue, green, Grandmother, nurturer, leader, poet. Love.

  102. Avatar

    This woman was both: compassionate for those close to her (although she could turn around and be a traiter suddenly)as well as willing to bring radical changes she saw as modern and well intended. Yet she was very cruel too (criminally) in that she had a lot of power and/or used too much of it to satisfy her needs for: control, development, the need to bring radical changes that would open doors to many as well as close them to others. When restrictive, those changes implied executions – possibly mass executions.

  103. Avatar

    She is VERY EXPERIENCED,with alot of WISDOM, STRENGTH, & COURAGE! She has suffered much & therefore has alot of SYMPATHY. She is STERN but FAIR!!

  104. Avatar

    The two photos almost seem to be different women. Photo on left shows a softer expression, hope in her eyes, happier times? Photo on right is of a sterner woman who is unfazed by cruelty to those disobeying what she perceives as the rules. Possibly the wife behind a dictator type husband; in her time period, women could not be in charge, but she ruled from behind. No, I do not trust her. Now I feel bad judging – if it turns out she was a good person, I’ll know this is not my psychic forte!

  105. Avatar

    My first time doing something like this, so this might be a bit vague.
    1. When I first saw the picture, I immediately sensed grave concern.
    2. After taking time to breathe and quiet my mind, then focus on the photo, I mostly had feelings come to me. I felt: a) first, an overall heaviness; a heavy sadness; b) next, I could feel a heavy ache in my chest; c) then came the feeling of wetness behind my eyes, as if tears were being held there…not yet IN my eyes, but almost. d) last I sensed loss — I sensed a deep and significant loss in her life — either of a child (my first thought), or possibly many close loved ones … at least more than one.

  106. Avatar

    Ok. funny you said she was a woman so at first glance I saw a “kept” woman -Royalty must be seen and not heard. I had an overwhelming feeling that this is a male / I got twin/dual personality. about 34 years old. This person reminds me of the Lion in the wizard of OZ very sad and cowardly. Like a guy in a play amazing talents yet I feel this person is a healer/ medical field perhaps a doctor of oriental methods. many trials this person has gone through..I feel mostly male with this photo especially the one on the right. The left photo looks a little more female and slightly sweet or vulnerable and the right photo looks more male and not trust worthy,terse not a good feeling on that one. I get you will be amazed with this persons talents and showmanship almost like swallowing fire… Oriental persuasion. I would not make this person mad the repercussions would be great because I think this person has some power and likes to use it. could be because this person is so talented as a healer and to others can do no wrong.. I also heard “lily” I don’t know why..cant wait to hear who this person is. Thanks for sending these experiments. Its interesting 🙂

  107. Avatar

    This is my first time…let me know how off I am.
    “She looks like a burdened woman.” To me, she looks a bit uninviting, and I believe that to be a bit of a self-defense mechanism as in to prevent more problems being added to her “plate.”

    I don’t know if what I feel is real however I do sense of great closeness with her. Not in the way of actually knowing this woman but in a way our lives could relate. For some reason I believe the great creator favors irony to be his/her favorite kind of humor. Which brings me to my point, it feels like she has had a lot of ironic events happen in her life and she has noticed it and felt it. Sometimes it could have been humorous, left picture, and sometimes it could have been hurtful, right picture. She has that sarcastic look on her face and I can’t get over it; it’s like she is saying “What do you want?” in a sarcastic way but she still has the capacity to take more on because she believes it is the right thing to do…ironic? I also can’t help but to think that she is a musician…curious.

    Anyway that’s my two cents, good luck everybody!

  108. Avatar

    My impressions are that this woman is timid, shy, and somewhat anxious. Overall she is honest, but keeping secrets that another or others are imposing on her to do. This is possibly the reason for her anxiety and apprehension about speaking out to others. She herself is trustworthy, but her experiences and fear are causing a big lack of trust for others and deeply affect her self-confidence. She is unsure of how to act, what to say, whom to trust or confide in.

  109. Avatar

    A woman of great pain. Yet she has great strength inside. She is a thinker and is or has been in positions of power. I see honesty in her eyes and I feel love from her picture the losses in her life are great yet she is able to give love. And people give her what she needs. Feel she would be part of the a great density and there is a spirituality that is not from her about her. There are many spirit people coming through the picture men women and children. I feel like the Dalalama. There is cnacer conneted to this lady too in the form of mother.

  110. Avatar

    Contradictions abound! Which I cannot make sense out of. Photo #1 — individual is beseeching — seeking clarity, wants desperately to be UNDERSTOOD. She thinks she’s right, and wishes to impress upon you that SHE IS. A fury just below the surface, if you do not agree! But, for the time-being, she seeks out your approval. Expects it! Photo #2: COLD as ice. Flat. Devoid of proper human emotion. She simply does not care what she carries out; if she deems it necessary, it is. Heartless.

  111. Avatar

    She was a compassionate mother of about 4 children. Also very protective of them. But at least one of her children died fighting in a civil or military conflict. She also had a major upheaval and had to leave her home suddenly with her children some time after losing that first child.

    I feel she was trustworthy, and she would have been fair, even in business dealings, but would certainly have bargained for her own advantage while still being fair.

    She also had more education than was normal for her time.

  112. Avatar

    I got a really bad vibe from this one. I feel she was instrumental for killing many children. Possibly as a midwife or an abortionist. Perhaps hundreds of children died by her hand. I didn’t get anything else because this thought makes me sick to my stomach.

  113. Avatar

    I feel she was a person of high rank through her husband in her society. Province and Zichuan come to mind. 5 children. She was unfairly treated and she met her demise cruelly. Strong moral stance. Early 1900’s-1920’s.

  114. Avatar

    I got a sense of strength like a man but she is female. Violence in her life behind closed doors, almost like having to wear a Cinderella dress & act like a princess outwardly but at home the mask comes off and she is a slave. I do trust her, I think she’s been beaten & has a sense of stoic about her, she’s endured a lot & no one knew of it.

  115. Avatar

    She has a lot of masculine energy. My thought was she is an ‘astute’ woman. She is intelligent and shrewd. A diplomat’s wife or pasty of a royal family, either by marriage or birth, but she was definitely ‘bred’ for the role of wife to someone on power. She takes her position seriously but struggled with her conscience around ‘lower’ class conditions. She is someone who speaks her mind, which is unusual for a woman in her time and culture. I think she made lots of enemies, but mostly she was feared as a tyrant. I see her holding stiffness around the neck and shoulders as being significant, that she suppressed her communication and/or her death was associated (beheaded, hung).

  116. Avatar

    I immediately got that she was a loving mother, living in a privileged or royal lifestyle but involved with politics in some way. Books!!-either avid reader, author or teacher. At her death I felt connected to the lungs, breathing or chest area. Yes I trust her.

  117. Avatar

    She seems as though she is a very strong woman that has endured a lot of great pain and suffering. It seems as though she is suppressing this pain to the point of feeling numb to it in order to continue on with her life mission. I feel this mission had a great impact on society. In the first photo there seems to be a tiny glimmer of hope in her eyes while in the second picture despair.

  118. Avatar

    Qest.1. Yes I trust her
    2. No she does not remind me of someone I know.
    My immediate intuitive impressions:
    1.Though well dressed, I do not sense wealth, nor do I sense absolute poverty.
    2.I felt a distinct impressinon that she was TWO of the same person, indicating to me that she may be a twin or have a sister very close in age. Also that the twin or sister passed on either at birth or passed very young, under the age of five. .
    3.I sense she is not of traditional asian decent that she was either Mongolian, thi, or portugese decent. Or a mixture of one or more of these.
    4.There is a profound look of loss about her, but also of great strength and perserverance. Many losses. Loss of men, women, children, and home.
    5.I sense a marriage then a widowing. Her husband mayhave died violently, in battle, a murder, a revolt, something along those lines.
    6. She never remarried and had no children of her own, either a still born- a boy- or a child who died young as well, I sense a small masculine energy.
    7. I sense education in her, when she was young she was schooled and the only of her family to achieve this. Also that she continue to learn, and also taught others in some respect.
    8. She was forced to move fron her home with many of her people, she worked with her peple side by side, either farming or some other work consisting of difficult labor. But she was never a complainor, she forged ahead no matter what she faced in life and stood by what was left of her community, as her impression was that her people and culture were her true home.
    Her mother was with her and lived a long life, her father passed of exahaustion, trying to make the best life he could for his family, the result being her education. He passed when she was a teen, most likely early teen , and lefther a small dowery which allowed her to marry when she did. Her sisterwho lived, worked along side her and he mother, she the sister out lived the woman in the picture. The woman taught her sister, as her sister could not attend school due to the exile of their people.
    9. All three women, passed from natural causes, but before they did they made couragous strides in helping to rebuild and hold together what was left of their community. They were revered by many.

  119. Avatar

    By the way, this was my first reading of this sort, i used to read tarot but stoped long ago. I know there is something more to me than what meets the physical eye, i am currently on an endevor to find out if i have an ability or if i really am what they say i am, crazy. I think you website is wonderful what ever the out come and I think your and incredible brave intelligent woman who deserves praise for making this oppertunity accessable to us, and I thank you fron the bottom of my heart. I really need all the help i can get you know, im flat broke and im in desperate need of the knowledge and guidance you are so miraculously giving the world at no expense. I say God Bless you Anna Conlan, may God bless you, love you and keep you for all the days of your life and beyond. You truly are a human being and an Angel alike. Thank you.

  120. Avatar

    She was a powerful woman and she knew it.
    Calm of mind and face. She rarely let her true feelings show. I get the impression she very rarely walked. She was mostly carried. I don’t see her as a deep thinker. Rather, she lived her life managing more routine, mundane matters. For her that was enough.

  121. Avatar

    Japanese woman, shy, scared has masculine/royal qualities energy
    performed medical procedures like a doctor
    has a connection to a hospital

  122. Avatar

    Imperial Chinese. I think she is an Empress. I get the feeling that she wasn’t officially in charge, but manipulated a son or adopted son who officially held the title. Strong, but sad. Made a lot of decisions that affected the fate of her people. In the second photo she looks to be in pain. Cancer? Held a great deal of respect. Could be friendly and caring, but wouldn’t tolerate nonsense. Loyal?

  123. Avatar

    My first impression upon looking at this woman, is that she looks to be of Chinese ethnicity, matronly, submissive to a husband or other male figure, although she does not appear to be timid in personality…rather I find her to be an authoritative figure to women and children..but in the teachings of religion or spirituality.

    She may be the wife of a man of wealth and who himself is revered in his circle or community,and he is probably a man of the cloth…I believe they have children or that children are part of their business..I feel a sense of despair. She has lost something or someone, and seems fearful or worried…

  124. Avatar

    First word that came to mind was strong, also got the sense of kids, though not necessarily her own, And a kind of matriarch vibe… But thats all pretty vague so it will be interesting to find out who she is!

  125. Avatar

    I feel as though she has written a book on hardship but it has a vicious tone, a hatred so to speak which stems out towards a sister or sister inlaw for something she feels was done to her. She did not have a stable upbringing being shifted from family members or foster parents back and forth not really fitting in anywhere in particular. Her own parents abandoned her possibly because they were not accepted from their own family so chose their love over their child. This feeling of loneliness has a lot to answer for her actions towards others. She looks as though she is waiting to observe the consequences of her carefully planed revenge on someone close.

  126. Avatar

    Trustworthy? Yes.

    Felt she had had a hard life. Tormented or abused.

  127. Avatar

    My instant feeling about the lady was that she has had a troubled life, perhaps financial or relationship problems that have created a hardened and tough minded approach to life. I felt that she may have also been caught up in some kind of criminal activity, perhaps though association through a partner?? I didn’t feel a sense of trustworthiness relating to her character in general. This may be my conscious and judgemental mind working over time though! Overall, I sensed sadness and a sense of disappointment with her own life and a feeling of not being satisfied with her choices. This is my first attempt at this kind of reading, so I may well be totally off the mark 🙂

  128. Avatar

    A stubborn, set-in-her ways, extremely closed-mouthed and untrusting lady.

  129. Avatar

    Someone with a great deal of power, who lost it. Betrayed somehow.

  130. Avatar

    I feel that she is a sour woman; her eyes have no expression and that gives me the impression that she has no deep personality but is someone who can adapt to whatever circumstance for her to survive. she doesn’t inspire trust.

  131. Avatar

    This is my first time to try this. Here goes….immediately I felt a deep sense of sadness. She has a strong sense of loyalty and seems to be “Mother of her Nation”. I had a strong feeling of royalty from her. Also, I felt that she was deeply intuitive. I had a little sense of Native American. She had been betrayed.

  132. Avatar

    I see in her eyes that she is an honest person, with a strong personality, bright, not necessarily have a degree, and i feel that she is not so rich but she has a good job.

  133. Avatar

    This is my first time doing anything like this and so I did not even attempt to get any details just my very initial impressions. My first thought was that she was a strong woman. I sensed some hardship in her life, if not for her directly but in regards to someone that she cared for or was responsible for. I do seem to trust her in the sense that she would be direct and forthright; however I sensed both a helpful and philanthropic nature combined with a cruel and somewhat judgmental streak. I sense an anger despite a caring nature. I wonder whether she was in a political/royal position which caused her to care for and help many people in a motherly role, yet remain stern and be cruel when needed.

  134. Avatar

    My first impression is an old soul but not an earthly soul. Perhaps from another star system. In this lifetime she is from a wealthy family. She has secrets or knows more than others around her. She likes the colour red and purple. Softspoken.

  135. Avatar

    First impression is of deep sadness and pain. Person looks to be royalty, high political status or simply very wealthy. Frankly, I can’t tell if it’s male or female.

    I wish that the comments submission section was at the top instead of after all of the comments, because I try really hard not to read the other comments, but can’t help but see a word or two as I scroll to the bottom.

    Stern and cruel have both been said before. I tend to agree these appear to be apt words. Yet, maybe it’s simply a very deep sadness.

    I’m very new at this, but thought I’d take a try. Very interested to find out.


  136. Avatar

    Chinese royality. Maybe even Mongolian. A very unhappy woman, not wanting to be married to the man she is married to. I don’t think she had any children. Sorry can’t give you any more. Dealing with a lot of anxiety at the moment,

  137. Avatar

    Hmmmm, this one seems harder to get a feeling about. I do keep feeling something about teaching or mentoring and something to do with government. At first I was thinking teacher, but then it almost seems like it could be a brothel rather than a school. My mind keeps drifting to Cambodia, and a feeling in my chest like maybe she died of heart issues.

  138. Avatar

    She looks like a “hardened” woman. As if perhaps she is part of a chinese military aristocracy. She appears to have an appearance of a woman who didnt have choices but instead conform to what was expected of her. This has made her heart closed and her demeanor quite cold. She feels as if she is carrying alot of pain from being in a rigid, somewhat cruel society, where there was no place for her true expression of self but instead a self that was deemed acceptable by the group. I feel like she has had to assume a given role and title as some type of ruler, of a military society.

    Thanks for experiment! How fun!

  139. Avatar

    This person is spilt for me I feel though that I lean to the side of her not being so nice. I feel she may have done some good early on, but that it turned out she needed to be ruthless later in life. I get kids with her and a leader of a group of people somehow. I feel people trusted her but not rightly so. Thief came to mind, I got handcuffs as well. I feel like she was a wanted woman for a time, but she managed to hide for a bit. I felt she may have suffered a severe punishment one that did not fit the crime. Something feels off about her, but I cannot put my finger on what it is. Perhaps mental illness or physical sickness. I feel murder around her as well. I feel she may have been married at one time but that her husband died or left her. I don’t feel I would want to meet her.There is an element of fear for me when I think of encountering her.

    Interested to see how I did, thank you for a fun expirement.

  140. Avatar

    She’s afraid. She may have been married to a powerful man. She is holding the truth back. She has strong beliefs, blind faith. She gives me the creeps.

  141. Avatar

    Sad.I would not trust. I see possible torture. She looka csught in the first picture. Doing something she knows she knows she should not do. Perhaps involves children …hurting or abusing them in some way. Situations perhaps that didn’t have her buy in but got out of control
    ..Manipulating .Secretive.

  142. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    I really enjoy your blog, and the psychic experiments are such a wonderful idea! tTis will be my first posting ever…

    I don’t get a very clear sense but something beginning with T (initially I thought Tibet or Thailand but cannot be sure the T is related to a country) I also sense something about ‘imposter’ or ‘double life’… I do not want to elaborate on this, as this would be my ‘thinking’ mind building a story around it, but I’m curious about finding out some more – thanks again for a great blog!

  143. Avatar

    First impressions and words : Dali Lama, Dragon, I don’t trust her/ruthless, man/woman – either a lot of masculine energy or she was(is) a man, vacant serious, politically connected/ man – the word “Fire”. as i stare at her picture my head hurts ( R side, forehead, eyes, back of head), I feel sick to my stomach, Japanese, dynasty, madame geisha, die from lung issues.

    This is my first time sharing my findings. I’ve enjoyed the previous experiments and have found my impressions quite accurate on most of the pictures.


  144. Avatar

    I sense that she is a very strong, intelligent and grounded woman. She has witnessed suffering and experienced deep pain. She is incredibly driven yet is ultimately an altruistic and kind soul who wants to eliminate injustice in the world so that others will benefit.

  145. Avatar

    I sense a regal-ness. Strong and loyal.
    Loyal to a cause that was important to her.
    I feel she may have died for this cause.

  146. Avatar

    At first, I felt that this woman could not be trusted. i sensed evil. After studying her picture further, I felt that she was a woman of intelligence but someone who was suppressed and feeling a lack of control over her life.

  147. Avatar

    The feelings and words that come to mind for me: Precious, child, child bride, flowers, pony, passive, quiet, grandmother, aunt

  148. Avatar

    I keep hearing the word “Royalty”. Looking in her eyes, she feels some reluctance or resentment to her role. It’s not what she wanted for her life. She’s wasn’t treated fairly or respected.

  149. Avatar

    At first I felt as if she was just told that she was found guilty of committing some act. Something that she is really guilty of doing. Her face also gives mixed feelings of fear and humiliation. I can see that she belongs to the upper class.

  150. Avatar

    The word/words that come to me regarding this person include…

    Born in America?
    “I miss my family”

    I did instinctually feel that I trust her, this was a fleeting answer before “no” came through more powerfully. Thus, I figured that it was more my personal conditioning that said “no”. 🙂

  151. Avatar

    She is a mother, strong, beautiful soul, kind…I feel like she is the mother of an exceptional figure head in history…feels like a son.

  152. Avatar

    I feel this woman a heavy load to bear. She is being held responsible for something. I believe this woman has made her own path in life, born into a family of moderate wealth.

  153. Avatar

    First thing that popped in my head was the word forlorn. sad, lonely, empty, in poor psychological condition, not having much chance of success, nearly hopeless. Not to be trusted.

  154. Avatar

    She looks troubled. I do not trust her she appears as if another life as someone who might have been a hired killer ( for lack of a better word ) her eyes are cold leaving me with the impression that she is not a caring person.

  155. Avatar

    My very first impression of her was royalty or something of the like, cold and untrustworthy. She seems dark and probably ruled with an iron fist. I highly doubt the people “crossed” her or even disagreed openly.

  156. Avatar

    I agree with those who say she gives me the creeps. I also sense she is cold, calculating, not to be trusted. As soon as I saw her face I did not want to know about her further. I have a knot in my stomach.

  157. Avatar

    Her marriage was arranged. She has had a financially secure life, but it has been emotionally taxing. I feel that there is sadness due to the loss of a child. I feel that she is a grandmother and she loves her family, but it is hard for her to express her feelings, so they may not fully realize the extent of it. I feel like her spouse was hard on her and overbearing. She seems trustworthy to me, just a little defeated. It feels as though she has had to be strong all her life, but it doesn’t come naturally for her to be. I feel like cancer was the cause of her death.

  158. Avatar

    My first glance of her was as being guarded/closed off. So much so that even in this old photo, she was closed off.
    My second thought was that she was harsh, but not cruel. Harsh in that she had a keen intellect and “whip smarts” about business and her affairs. I also felt she chaffed at the limitations of her gender during her life, but played the role and got by. I think she used her gender/ sexuality as a tool for her success? Maybe even sex directly? The word geisha comes to mind.
    Yes, I trust her, but only if my interests are her interests. She isn’t cruel, but takes care of herself and hers at all costs (maybe due to hardship earlier in her life).
    She reminds me of my mom, in that she is independent as a female, despite other’s (parents for my mom/society for her) not “allowing” her to because she is female. She does care deeply for the few she allows into her life, but has to guard this to not get trapped in the feelings of others and get distracted and “stuck”.
    For some reason, I feel she circulated in powerful circles, but had no say in them publicly.
    Maybe she ran or had a large role in underground/illegal activities after feeling powerless in “proper” society? Maybe she was some sort of call girl/ or felt powerless with her sexuality and then used it as a tool to become powerful?

  159. Avatar

    A name came out instantly in my mind at first sight, so it is difficult to tell my impression is authentic or biased:- 1) A powerful, manipulative and obsessive possessive woman. 2) Can’t trust her if you have a free mind not in line with her own. 3) Remind me of my grandmother who is blind, intuitive, intelligent and good at mind reading. Also having a submissive son married to a woman she disapproved.

  160. Avatar

    Prisoner of war. She was used as a pawn and was not aware of how much power she held.

  161. Avatar

    The first name I got upon seeing this woman’s image was Chiang Kai-Shek, but I don’t know how that relates to her. I get an overall feeling of a sense of duty from her – a matter-of-fact-ness like, “I had to do this; I had no choice.”
    She has a strong masculinity to her, as if she was very strong-willed. She was a revolutionary, but on the wrong side of the revolution. Tyranny. She withheld her heart. She died in pain. I also think that she had a daughter.

  162. Avatar

    I found this one didn’t flow easily, many contradictions which confused me and made me second guess. I will just put what I saw, felt and heard…
    A lot of male energy, may have been male and changed but definitely considers herself or is female in photo. VERY strong individual which may have experienced a lot of conflict (internal and external) however I feel found inner peace at some point. I think she was at peace when she died. Determined, knows what she wants.
    Writing, possibly poet – not sure if this was work but she enjoyed it. Somewhat of a revolutionary or possibly philosopher. I got sentences “I don’t want …” and “This is not a game” and “Hell has no fury…”
    Mother to many, perhaps a motherly figure or worked with children.
    Farming, sugar cane on hills of what looked like cambodia or vietnam. May have been related to location of death as it came up when I asked how she died. Worked the land at some point.
    1823 and 1890. Flew/traveled.

  163. Avatar

    I got mixed emotions from her, but the one that came through was that she is a strong person, but kinda shy and withdrawn

  164. Avatar

    something happened to her when she was younger
    And she finds it hard to trust others. She has a history of insecurity
    And is not comfortable around others . She may have been adopted.
    She may have a prominent career. Her father
    May also have been well known. There seems to
    Be something odd about her parents
    And she often feels alone even though
    Surrounded by others.

  165. Avatar

    I feel she is sadder & more worried in the first pic than the second, also a bit fearful & more hesitant. I can see that they are taken at the same sitting, but they are still different. As I look to the second picture, I still have these feelings or thoughts, but I see a bit more calculation in her gaze. She is weighing the outcome, assessing her situation, feeling more shrewd, less powerless… s though she has realized that she has ways of affecting her outcome, which she may not have been thinking or aware of previously. With this is also some resignation…

  166. Avatar

    Feet. I felt strong sensations in my feet when I looked at her pics. Strong, moving sensations in my feet. And my head felt like it was being lifted up and away to the right of my neck. I can’t make heads or tails out of this, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

  167. Avatar

    I want to trust her because I feel like that is what she wants, but something stronger is saying she can’t be trusted. Like she’s “two faced”. Her eyes, they look full of sadness. This is my first time trying this (:.

  168. Avatar

    I feel this woman is deceitful…Evil. Got the impression she was in some form of criminal activity such as the matriarch of a crime family. Responsible for many peoples deaths.Feel she was beheaded. :-/

  169. Avatar

    Born around October 1858ish-this lady is quite vulnerable on the inside but there is strength in this vulnerability ,she has learned to silence the mind and she holds a clarity within, that when a decision is made it is made swiflty and can come across as sharp. I feel she lost her mother at a young age around 9. She has a deep understanding of her faith, she loved children, she is both sweet and strong ,not one to waste her energy on small talk , she had one child she has a deep love & compassion for her people for she has seen much ,she is the power behind the man, she has a lot of wisdom which she imparts through few words, her compassion is felt through her eyes & heart. I feel she was the daughter of a hard man that was either high up in the military , the government or royalty, and she married into royalty,her name may begin with C.I thought of lady Di and the connection there being this ladies husband had a mistress/s

  170. Avatar

    I just wrote mine as bullet points:

    – Something about both Japan and Korea
    – 1945 felt significant
    – Had 3 sons who she did not remain close to due to some outside factors
    – She is a strong, loving woman
    – Did something important to help others (something secretive?)
    – Enjoyed playing an instrument I don’t know the name of, but she reached a point in her life when she wasn’t able to enjoy that luxury anymore
    – I trust her, but I feel she was a criminal
    – Lived near water, then in a mountainous area
    – Made medicinal teas? (I just kept getting “gross tea”, but that it had a purpose)
    – Died of kidney failure

  171. Avatar

    I got royalty right away. Has a sense of duty to her role and resentment towards it as well. She did not get to do the things that she wanted to. Daughter of…. like her father was of some importance and her role played into that. Not happy with the obligation. Japanese, 1940’s or 1950’s. I got the impression that she looks like a man, but that could just be a strong male energy within her. She keeps a secret. Could not love whom she wanted. She had no say. The word poison came up. She had nothing to say or had no say – very stoic. Heavy weight on her shoulders as I felt pressure in mine and my stomach as well.

  172. Avatar

    she is a strong woman , secretive , I sense that she had killed or done something terrible to someone , but it was out of passion , I mean may be to protect a son , or killed her husband some kind of crime , but originally she was a kind person !!

  173. Avatar

    `Captive but released/captivity
    `Child was ruler
    `POW – multiple imprisionments
    for beliefs
    `child was beheaded
    `horses- grand display, trotting in full costume
    `beliefs in tradition are strong and becomes a problem
    such as war-torn times or civil type wars
    `more than one imprisionment for conflicting politcal or religious beliefs
    `wiping of the slate clean/reinventing self/starting over under a different identity.

    Personal note: I found this website 2 days ago because I had searched in search of guidence since I’m really ready to take a proactive step towards honing my apparent psychic senses. I just have to compliment what comprehensive and useful information you have provided here! I did 1-7 of these experiments yesterday just to get the feel for it and by the 4th one I couldn’t believe how much I was able to tune in on (some of) the people in photos! Mainly due to the subtle but highly useful tips I had read on how to hone my abilities and other things you had posted here. You have a wonderful way of translating what my ears needed to hear! Spirit does come to me and I am tuned in but I (in the past)just let it happen at Will and wasn’t adapt at this sort of photo reading. What fun!!!! Thank you Anna! I will pass this site onto friends. Sincerely, Patti Z

  174. Avatar

    All I can pick up from this photo is that she was a very guarded person – never let on to anything and was almost sneaky – not someone you could trust.

    I also get a feeling that she was one of many (children, wives) and harbored resentment towards that, possibly from being ignored and acting out on that which likely got her into trouble.

  175. Avatar

    Descriptions of the woman: deceived, sad, lonely. She was an only child. There’s an issue about a position of power. She was dominated. She had 1 son, married and lived a long time. I also sensed there were big issues that were life changing.

  176. Avatar

    Wow, how many replies! Here is mine: Married, no children, red colour, marketplace, apples – was she selling fruits or spent a lot of time around a market? I trust her, she seems silent to me, timid , not highly intelligent but rather ordinary. I felt chest pain. I see swastika on her clothe but I am not sure what it means to her. Overall looks like a mystic person. Does her name starts with A?

  177. Avatar

    Hi Anna.
    I get strong and ruthless. She has been made to do things. I get sadness around child or children. Royalty or a place of importance

  178. Avatar

    the first thing i sense in people is that they are torn by their opposites! like many others i thought she was cunning because she was forced to be, that she had power but was also suppressed, and that she was a mother but that there was pain around that.

  179. Avatar

    hi Anna,
    I think 3 words to describe according to me…
    1. Sensitive
    2. Emotional
    3. Secretive

  180. Avatar

    My first impression was that they weren’t the same person. However, I also sensed that she was sad, someones grandma, trustworthy, wealthy…

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