Intuitive Experiment #6: What Do You Pick up About This Woman?

Every now and again, I do an ‘intuitive experiment’ where readers are asked to read someone based on a photo, and then post their impressions in the comments section below.

Here’s the lady I chose for this experiment:

(The two pictures are of the same person but obviously taken at different times in this woman’s life.)

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  1. Avatar

    She looks like a movie star from the 1920s. That thing on her head. And the way she’s posing for a picture in later life. So I think she’s a movie star.

  2. Avatar

    Shes caring, she wishes the best for all, easily affected by others opinions, shes weak, very sensitive, believes in the innocence, a writer, forgiving nature.
    No taste of excellence.

  3. Avatar

    ….She’s a woman who been through a lot, and had some misfortune in her life. something to do with a child or crime? haha – pls dont laugh at my answer 😀

  4. Avatar

    I get the impression this lady is a dancer, maybe a ballerina, or at least she worked in some kind of creative or artistic field. In the second picture she is dressed like a ballerina…but I feel some kind of energy from her beyond her dress style.
    I immediately got that she is trustworthy, but had her own trust issues. In the earlier picture she seems to carry some trauma behind her eyes, and I feel that she had issues with her family or someone close to her. In the second picture I feel a sense of calm, of acceptance, a strong woman with determination and courage who after a lifetime of soulsearching had forgiven and accepted her past and was able to find peace. There is such a light to her and it shines much more brightly in the second picture when so much of the troubles and turmoil have been released.
    The words elegant, graceful, but feisty, come to mind 🙂
    I also feel that she struggled as a mum but had such warmth as a grandmother, or in a grandmotherly role. A beautiful lady.

  5. Avatar

    She is a woman who has had extreme highs and lows in her life, suffered from depression and in her later photo has learned to come to terms with her life. I believe she may have turned into an activist of some kind.

  6. Avatar

    I’ve literally had 2 mins to look at her.. But I feel theatre is part of her life. I sensed a distant male around her.. A father figure (but could be a partner that reflects fatherly qualities) he is very smartly dressed. I see him leaving on a train. I sense a cat around her that she was extremely close to. I don’t feel any children around her. That’s it from me.. I love these experiments, thank you!

  7. Avatar

    I get the 1980’s for some reason ,artistic in some way maybe an artist? And 3 children lol I’m prob way off

  8. Avatar

    She feels political, like some kind of leader for women. She feels like a mover and a shaker. She teaches what she has lived.

  9. Avatar

    Sad but happy. She is kind and grateful but has lots of sorrrow. Very trustworthy with childlike innocence. I feel that a man has left her and she has had many struggles. Perhaps this man was abusive and took advantage of her kindness. The word immigrant keepsnpoping in my head. I feel she becomes a very fulfilled, independent, selfreliant woman.

  10. Avatar

    As a younger woman, I see fear…as if she is afraid of someone, or possibly trying to please someone else. I’m thinking a male.

    As an older woman, I see true beauty, inside and out. I see her as a teacher, using her experiences to help others, whether or not she is even aware of how she is helping others.

    (This is my first time trying this, so I may be tuning into myself and not the woman.)

    Thanks for doing this!


  11. Avatar

    I think she is an actress and a very sensitive woman. The words that came to my mind are water/watery and emotions.

  12. Avatar

    I get that she was stuck in a very heavy place in the first photo. Sadness, repression. The second she seems free and content with the lessons life has handed her. She is free.

  13. Avatar

    Not reading the comments before I leave this, what a fun post! I think she is:
    VERY outspoken..but feminine about it, think ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’
    Warm personality, very protective of those she cares about loves/but ruthless and relentless when crossed
    Someone who likes a good debate/needs some bit of ‘drama’ to feel alive
    Someone who has a cause/or causes and openly/often speaks out about them
    so..strong convictions, not easily swayed by others
    Someone who might hide her emotions well but those emotions are *just* at the surface, someone who cries but in private
    Domininant streak/alpha personality. NOT a shrinking violet

    This all said- I laugh as she looks dainty and feminine but yeah, I could see people misreading her and perhaps understimating her strength :)) Her first photo looks eerily like my grandmother who passed not long ago. So very much. The eyes and mouth in particular.

    Now, I will read the comments so excited to see what others came up with!

  14. Avatar

    Oh- She LOVES a good dirty joke./has a bawdy sense of humor, too I think. Very sharp wit and very impatient with people who cannot keep up/understand that wit. Not a patient woman I think- but not unkind unless justified:) She loves contradictions and extremes. Well traveled. Self taught. NOW I am shutting up ha. Likes her scotch. OPA!

  15. Avatar

    Takes her time getting close to people but when they’re in, they’re ‘IN’. Not gullible at ALL.

  16. Avatar

    One more edit, I am sorry to threadjack haha. She is only ‘warm personality’ to the people close/those she trusts but she can come across as aloof when she just meets people for the first time. I am feeling like she has a sharp tongue , critical streak.

  17. Avatar

    Very artistic /artistic creative abilities, too. Ok! and I’m out!:)))

  18. Avatar

    I’m sensing that she experienced tremendous amount of emotional pain and turmmoil, almost unbearable.

    I’m sensing intelligence and sensitivity and the ability to see deeper on her part. But I am also sensing heart break and general life brokenness. Twistedness.

  19. Avatar

    she is a lightworker and a humanitarian. she also has some pyschic abilities…i can see it in her eyes. maybe claire-sentient. she spent a big part of her life looking for a partner that was her equal =D

  20. Avatar

    I feel as though she has had much sadness in her life and lots of depressin. She didn,t. Find love and chose the wrong men in he that hasr life and very lonely. I feel as though that has now passed as she is full of light and she wants to teach. People to bring light into their lifes and to feel love for yourself first. Sois lady strong now

  21. Anna

    Amanda I want you to look beyond what she’s wearing and how she’s posing. This is a common error in previous experiments. Reading the pose and clothes is not actually as revealing as tuning into who she is.

  22. Avatar

    serious, sensitive, pure in heart, depressed, psychologically ill

  23. Avatar

    i get the feeling that she is a confident lady by nature, i iinstantly felt and saw the stroke of either a pen or a brush but im not quite sure which one, so i think she was a writer or a painter and used this to express herself and her strong beliefs 🙂

  24. Avatar

    i believe her to be a stong willed and determined lady, and i also got the impression of a brush stroke or a stroke of a pencil/pen which to me would suggest some sort of art or writing and i believe she would use this to express her strong opinions and feelings. 🙂

  25. Avatar

    There is a sadness.. more in the first picture than the second. She is more comfortable with herself in the second (later in life) but still is – (searching for the right word- insecure, unsure) But this has more to do with the way she feels people see her.

  26. Avatar

    She looks like someone who had training in dance…most likely ballet. Comes from a wealthy western European family, lost her husband and child(ren) because of a divorce or early deaths. I sense that she later moved to the United States and spent the rest of her life there. Maybe in NYC? Her thoughtful and philosophical nature helped her to overcome the uphealvals in her relatively long life (I think she lived up to around age 70) and, by the time she was old, she enjoyed a peaceful life surrounded by a small circle of close friends and disciples.

  27. Avatar

    What I’m picking up is that she is wealthy or somehow affluent/abundant.
    In the first picture, I feel a sadness about her…like she’s longing for something. The first thing that came to mind was freedom. Then something came in about her father…like maybe he doesn’t approve of her somehow, or maybe he doesn’t approve of something she wants – a direction in life.? I feel like her mother is maybe passive or somehow not in the picture (or able to be there for her) in this and so she feels a bit alone – or without someone to stand up with her.
    I feel like she has a large social circle but that she feels alone sometimes or maybe like people don’t know her. She hasn’t yet grown into herself.
    In the second picture I feel like she’s more confident and found a path in life. She feels stronger in who she is and what she’s done with her life (the direction it’s taken). I feel like she accomplished something great but can’t really pinpoint what that might be…but that she touched many people and really brought some great things to this world.

  28. Avatar

    Initial impressions are that she was very secretive in her opposition to oppression during a time of great turmoil in this world. She was also the subject of music. The first name that comes to mind is Angela, and the next is Gershin or Gershwin. There seems to be a connection. I’m also picking up on a connection to well known musicals in the vein of Rogers and Hammerstein. She seemed inspirational to those in certain social classes, but preferred to remain quietly in the background to avoid being identified publicly.

  29. Avatar

    I am a physical empath, I feel that she has delicate health. Something wrong with her eyes, feels tired all around, maybe some sinus problem in nose too.. The back under the shoulder blades feels tight. nervous and worrying type of Person. She suffers from lower back problem, on the right side and around the buttocks and also the heel of her feet are sore. First time I ever feel thru a pic. Am I right? Lol

  30. Avatar

    I feel that she is an intelligent woman. She probably used to be shy, melancholy, and reflective. She used to be an observant of the world and of the people.

    But something’s changed in her that made her transform into this witty, lively, and well-respected woman.Perhaps it is age and life experiences. The latter picture definitely feels like she’s found herself.

  31. Avatar

    I feel she is very intelligent but didn’t realize that early in her life.
    Her early life was superficial but a great event happened which
    made her more introspective and to stop hiding her intelligence.

  32. Avatar

    A ‘Tragic Romantic’ as per the Enneagram personality type no. 4! Believes she is special and different from others.

  33. Avatar

    My first impression was that she was angry. Then, looking over the pictures, I felt she was on a spiritual or soulful journey, was excited to talk about it, and also very sad at being born a female. That’s it.

  34. Avatar

    In the first picture she looks like she has a dream or desire, but maybe hasn’t taken the action to address the desire. In the second picture she looks more eager and forceful, as though she found her voice and purpose and was able to act on her dream or conviction. She reminds me a lot of Hilary Rodham Clinton.

  35. Avatar

    I know who she, so I already knew some things about her life, and roughly where she was when these photographs were taken. I did try to meditate on each photograph and see if I could learn more. With the younger photograph, I discovered a feeling of being in a room with a lot of people coming and going, and a sense of stillness and quiet outside, like a summer house, with guests. As she is older, she is more confident, less needy of men, with more to give.

  36. Avatar

    I feel this lady was a dancer, Ballet dancer, also feel she modelled in her younger years. A wealthy lady, but not happy in life. Feel she has lost a child, a daughter, and she throw herself into her work to help with her grief for her lose….Feel this lady passed with a cancer condition (breast cancer) feel she reached the age of just over 80. Feel she was a huge animal lover and left a lot of her wealth to animal rights, and animal charities…..

  37. Avatar

    1st Picture: Despondent. Choosing to withdraw. Enough sadness for a lifetime, and little joy. Her despair is more than she can bear. 2nd picture, giving the impression to the photo-taker that she is eagerly embracing life, but it is a ruse. There is an insane light coming from her eyes. Not trustworthy.

  38. Avatar

    I was going to fill in the missing word as ‘theatrical’ and say that she looked like a ballerina/dancer. Creative and artistic were both words that felt described her. I thought that before checking out any of the comments… so good to see that this is the vibe from some others too!

  39. Avatar

    The first thing that came to my mind is that she is very mysterious, especially in the first picture, and may very well be a psychic herself or has strong spiritual abilities. Don’t know why but I am getting the name Mary, or perhaps some kind of Marian-centric devotion. Really odd!! It will be interesting to find out about her.

  40. Avatar

    i think she looks like a passionate , artistic woman. She lokes happier as an older woman than as a younegr. I trust her.

  41. Avatar

    I’m picking up sorrow in the first picture. A village in Eastern Europe, or Italy perhaps which was my first impression. I feeling of giving ones power to someone else out of fear. The second picture feels that the power had been reclaimed, she has come through and is stronger from experience.

  42. Avatar

    She tried hard to have children, may have commited adultery a few times. Unhappy in younger life. Generous.

  43. Avatar

    In the first picture I see a woman who is kind and caring, but her eyes feel like they’ve been worn out from seeing too much. I wouldn’t presume to know details about her personal life, but I’m assuming she was in a field of caring about people or at least cared a lot about other people to the point where she felt pain from them (more than the average person does).
    In the second picture I see a woman who has almost opened her eyes to “divine craziness.” That is, she has seen so much that her eyes almost have a mentally ill feel to them, but at the same time she isn’t evil or truly disturbed — she’s grown in a way that only happens with age.

  44. Avatar

    In the first photo she has a far away look in her eyes she seems somewhat unhappy, listless. In the second photo it appears that there is ‘purpose” in her life. She has more strength in her expression and has smile lines which may indicate that, after the first photo, her life, along the way, got better. It’s as if she may have been stuck in a life that didn’t work for her when she was younger – She may have been unhappily married, in the first photo, which might have caused her sadness and then may have lost her husband and been allowed to find her authentic life – was able to grow with the times. Also, my first instinct is that she doesn’t have children, which has also allowed her to follow the path that was right for her. In the first photo, she is just existing, in the second photo, her energy feels like it is coming toward you — she is assertive.

  45. Avatar

    She seems to have a deep soul, her eyes are windows to deep thought. I see her as a dancer or creative woman. Also, she seems as if the world / her life has been a journey filled with ups and downs. The second picture feels to me very secure in whom she has become, but also with a price that was paid early on in her life/career. She has accomplished more than what she had hoped and feels satisfied with her life.

  46. Avatar

    My first impression is one of sadness. Obviously quite wealthy. And the second picture gives me the feeling that she eventually used her power politically to help others, and she has a high level of satisfaction with her work. She reminds me a bit of Hillary Clinton. I feel that, given her political power, she can only be trusted within the confines of her power, yet I feel she is trustworthy.

  47. Avatar

    Survivor, Activist, strong, she reminds me of Mother Teresa in the sense that she does good deeds and stands up for the underdog…the underprivileged…and all those thrown who have been discarded by society. She is somewhat political and suffered great loss in her life time. She does it all.

  48. Avatar

    She is artistic in nature, perhaps a writer, dancer, or actor. She is kind and loving with a gentle spirit. Animosity towards her father. She is comfortable with herself at the end of her life and did not die of tragedy. I sense she gave her time to those in need, charity or volunteering. She seems goal directed from when she was young, but needs approval from her father?

  49. Avatar

    At first, she looked sad. She look like she had some hard times or she was struggling, not sure if it was financially or relationship.
    Second picture, she looks as if life has been good to her. She did well and she was good with what life had dealt her.

  50. Avatar

    I just read all the comments now. This is so very cool. Whether I am completely wrong or not I love this challenge!!! Thanks Anna.

  51. Avatar

    Strong and creative. I don’t know if I would trust her 100%…I feel that she’s complicated in that way.

  52. Avatar

    Prisoner of war came to mind as well as my previous post.

  53. Avatar

    I got your email about this particular experiment, but brushed it off. However, this woman’s eyes have had my mind reeling, so I took another look. Without reading any of the previous comments, I’ve decided to take a stab at this…

    To me, I see a sadness in her eyes and pick up a struggle, perhaps a loss of a young male that was close to her. On the other hand, I see feel peaceful when I look at her face. I don’t know why, but religion keeps popping into my head. Maybe she had strong faith?

    I may be way off here, but that’s what I initially got from the photos. I like this type of experiment 🙂

  54. Avatar

    I get sadness. Possibly a forced marriage. Something to do with a child. In the latter photo, she has found her voice and her happiness. She helps others.

  55. Avatar

    I see a woman that has deep set depression from
    A lifetime of turmoil. This began in early youth
    Due to an unstable home life perhaps of a broken
    Home. She has had several love relationships
    Gone wrong in her adult life because she never felt loved
    & appreciated so she did not know how to return
    Such emotion. She dealt with life as best she knew
    How and displayed an outward appearance
    That she was ok.

  56. Avatar

    She is your mother, had a very tough childhood…and young adult. Have the feeling she was raised in “the old country.” Older pic…is at peace, and has made peace with her younger life. Was successful in mid-life.

  57. Avatar

    She appears to be a vain woman but if she befriends you she will be loyal.

  58. Avatar

    Unhappy actress. Resigned. Unsure. Conflicted. Resigned but determined. What do I do….She has been betrayed or has lost something. Has had pain and struggles in her life.Hopeful, wanting to believe. Stressed. Received some news, maybe bad news. But carries on as others may depend on her. Still feels alone. She’s not giving up. Hides her true feelings. Carrying some guilt. Needs to forgive herself.

  59. Avatar

    She is fierce, feisty, defensive, can be cold-hearted. I don’t trust her. I think maybe she was more trustworthy in her youth. She went through some trauma and this made her hardened. She’s kind of scary. She could see right through people and possibly use this information to spot people’s weaknesses to take advantage of them. She is sensitive and emotional and doesn’t show her true self, she shows a tough face to the world. She was an actress. She was a single woman. She had an affair with a married man. Perhaps a mother of one illegitimate child. She is very intelligent. Independent. A survivor. No one really looked after her. Life was hard on her. She uses her acting skill in her social life to keep people at a distance. She doesn’t let people get close. She is very lively. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She is intimidating and people know not to mess with her. She has a soft maternal side to her. She might be German or french, not clear. I think she’s a Cancerean star sign. She likes to socialize. She is single. She is intense. She likes fashion and glamour in life. She pretends to be ok when she isn’t. She is a bit lonely. She would bulldoze anyone who got in her way. She is a bit of a dreamer. She is creative. I sense she was taken advantage of when she was naive and it made her a bit cruel in later years. She wanted to be kind. Maybe she started drinking and became an alcoholic later in her life. She didn’t get what she wanted out of life. Something about horses.

  60. Avatar

    She has a good sense of humour and a infectious laugh.

  61. Avatar

    She looks very spiritual and in touch with God, very peaceful. Later she looks like she had some trails and is a teacher of dance maybe or something artistic

  62. Avatar

    Charity work.

  63. Avatar

    In the first photo I am getting that she is holding her true self back and this is making me think she’s an actress. Equally it could mean that she is acting how the people around her make her feel she must be, she certainly isn’t being herself, which is why she looks like she’s playing a character. Definitely connected to art world somehow. And theater.Resigned to duty of some kind that doesn’t serve her. Quite shy in some ways. Brenda. Sadness covered up. Possibly abusive relationship in earlier years either family or with a man. She looks bored in the first picture, like she is zoning out and daydreaming to sustain herself. Vivid imagination and intelligence.

  64. Avatar

    Could be very warm hearted at times

  65. Avatar

    I get a strong feeling of judgement when I look at her,
    or of her being a very judge mental person. I also
    feel abuse of some type. I do not get positive feelings
    when I look at her.

  66. Avatar

    i find her very said and not trustworthy

  67. Avatar

    Wow, this is a bit scary, isn’t it! 🙂

    Okay, what I get is that she has a certain amount of sadness. There has been some sort of big loss in her life. Not sure if it’s a love-life-related loss. I think she is a creative and a sensitive soul.

  68. Avatar

    Firstly I feel she is a theater performer. I think she loves the outdoors and gardening. I feel she has issues trusting others as she has been hurt in the past. I sense a nervous energy around her and performing is how she channels that energy. She’s an over achiever and therefore works extremely hard, her obsession with work could also prevent her from fully connecting with others.

  69. Avatar

    She looks like an educated woman. I pick up either a ballerina or a poet. I’m not sure about her name but maybe starts with a G. She also seems to me like she shared her talents by teaching others. Perhaps fell in love, but went through a lot of heartache, but being the strong woman she is, she overcame it and became successful. I get a good feeling about her in her more recent picture, not on the first one. Her first one gives me a sad feeling. But I do feel that she is a strict woman due to her life experiences.

  70. Avatar

    The very 1st word that came to mind was secretive…

    After that was kind & geniune but Ive learned to pay more attention to the VERY first word that pops in my head because generally its the correct one.

  71. Avatar

    I would like to add that she may be of English decent. I don’t think her mother was a good role model for her, and lost her dad at a young age. She has a curio full of tea cups and plates, expensive ones. Loves a good glass of wine. Very few friends, no kids.

  72. Avatar

    Hi Anna,
    I’ve go a lot of impressions I’d like to share.
    First question that You’d posed way ” she looks like a ___ Woman ? I see “Prominence” in that space. Diplomat of some kind ( possibly family related though )
    My immediate impressions are Dancer at heart first, but I believe that she’d experienced Acting first. Dancing, a little later in life…. maybe 30’s through mid 50’s .
    Also, World Traveler / renown.
    3 marriages ? … the last of which was the Happiest of all.
    I see 2 children. Primarily female energies… possible girls, yet also may be first Grandchildren are girls.
    Also, Loved Cooking.
    Born Overseas.. but lived in USA much of the time.
    I see Sunshine and Flowers, therefore there is some sort of applied Fine are or Art that she may have tried her hand in.
    Father male figure somewhat negative. May be incarceration of some sort. Possibly abusive somehow.
    Water/Ship… could be child immigrant herself.
    Maternal Grandmother… possible French Italian family.
    Also, Copywriter comes up… Book, Published, Her Story maybe.
    And If Siblings, not close or distant in more ways than one… possibly due to different Ideas or complicated circumstances.

  73. Avatar

    The younger woman is sad,doubtful & insecure. Older she is self secure. She has found success in herself as an actress or as a dancer. i trust her.

  74. Avatar

    First impression was ‘Nazi War”.
    Second impression was “good witch”.

    Yes I trust her. Deep down her “good” side is stronger than her “bad” side.

    Feeling that she did what she needed to do in a situation that was tough…maybe for her own survival.

    Something sad but working her way back to coping with thes past and accepting what is/was.

  75. Avatar

    Hey Anna! I love these experiments but this one I found particularly hard..not sure why. I felt like the information I was picking was incorrect or way-off base, but this is what I got. I tend to write lists of things I pick up in the order I pick them up, not sure about the name could have just been your name fresh in my mind from seeing it at the top of the email.

    I would trust her
    Wavering personality
    “a” name, anna?
    A mother
    Religious leader? Or civil rights leader?

    I think I was picking up contradicting information due to the difference in the photos, the more negative things I picked up were coming more from the first photo.

  76. Avatar

    The early photo shows a woman who is almost a supplicant, who lives by the grace of others and seeks to win that grace by her supplicant behaviors.
    The later photo shows a woman who has continued that path but has learned the grace of others is fickle. She has not learned her own path. So she continues as a supplicant, without conviction.
    I do not trust this woman. She cannot be herself. Her actions are guided by others so they will be variable according to the company she keeps. She will seek out strong people because of her inherent lack of faith in her worth.
    She reminds of a woman I know well, who worked as a prostitute for many years. She has wisdom, she has love, she has insufficient understanding of her self and her purpose.

  77. Avatar

    My first impression was “Nazi War”.

    Second impression was “good witch”.

    Yes, I would trust her because I feel her “good” side is stronger than her “bad” side.

    I feel she did what she needed to do, perhaps for survival…had to do with a male.

    She is moving forward learning to cope and accept.

  78. Avatar

    I felt I could trust her. In the second picture I felt she was speaking for or a representative for some worthy cause and spoke with conviction.

  79. Avatar

    The first photo is obviously when younger; she is repressed and sad, possibly in an environment where she is controlled by either her environment or people (parents or the man in her life); she feels the need to be passive, be the person her family and peers expect her to be and her eyes lack spark. In the second photo her eyes are alive; this woman has found a life, along with the confidence and self esteem of knowing she can do whatever she sets her mind to! I see her in a caring or spiritual role, assisting others get out of the rut she was once in herself.

  80. Avatar

    The lady in the first picture looks sad…and un a dark place. I felt she had come from money but had been emotionally abused or her heart had been broken…the light aura around her apoeared to be off…dark.

    The second picture appeared to be brighter…but i could see and sense the hard times in her life…

  81. Avatar

    The 1st thing I pick up on is sadness perhaps from enduring a tragedy in her life. I don’t feel as if she died tragically -old age feels right. She is a non conformist who lived by her own rules and may have had some hardships as a result but also a real inner strength that carried her through. I pick up on dining for some reason like a restauraut…not sure why? No children but married at least once. Artistic or affiliated with the arts in some way. I don’t distrust her and don’t sense criminal behavior. My heart feels heavy when I look at her ….not sure why. She lives comfortably but that wasn’t always the case. I’d say shes eastern european …jewish maybe?

  82. Avatar


    She hit me that she is/was a slightly depressed, passive woman.


  83. Avatar

    1st pic:
    glamorous, movie star/celebrity such as Marilyn Monroe. Definitely a “photo shoot” type of pic. Regarded as being beautiful, strong woman. Someone idolized. Iconic personality.
    Not sure if I looked at pic too long or what, but seemed like faint writing coming through pic- if that makes any sense. lol.

    2nd pic:
    Get more of a political feeling… yes, beautiful, but smart and someone with a good “debate or argument”. Not sure if my impressions are correct, but would like to know if they validate my intuition or not. Also, I would appreciate any feedback on my comment, as well as suggestions to develop intuition. TY! 🙂

  84. Avatar

    She was a dancer and lover of all arts. Very motherly, loving, nurturing and I feel she nurtured many. She was single (widowd young?)and struggled in her early years working hard always in service to others. I feel she spoke english but with a soft accent…perhaps Norway or Swedish?

  85. Avatar

    the first thing that came to me was sadness and tenacity. I believe her to be a very strong vibrant woman that lived through a particularly sad or tragic period in her life… I also felt deep loneliness… which makes me wonder if she had a partner and/or children….. I don’t think so. I think she struggled with depression and was excellent at convincing people she was just fine…. so maybe thet is where the strong vibrant feelings came in….

    I believe money was not an issue for her. She was not overly wealthy, but enough to live comfortably. I’m not convinced I trust her although I don’t think she was particularly a devious person intentionally; more out of necessity.

  86. Avatar

    She is sorrowful and enigmatic. Her eyes contain a hidden pain and she is empathetic. She has/had issues with a father or father figure and men have been difficult in her life. She is good at hiding the real pain, from most, but this also caused real fits of despair. She has children around her, but I feel that there was a loss of a child as well. Male energy is what i pick up. She seems to have wanted to do more than she did and often felt held back. Later she seems resolved in her life, but mostly seems to be so used to wearing this veil of everything is OK that she is starting to believe the self told lies. She seemed to be moderate in financial area and I get less that she was well to do, but may have also been swindled. Se had a very close female confidant and I am getting a name like Julia, Juliette

  87. Avatar

    When I read someone’s comment about her being a teacher after passing perhaps, it was like someone shouted the word, ” MOM!” At me in my head. Is she your grandmother?

    Based on the pictures, I see a woman who feels like she was born at the wrong time. The picture below shows her caught up with the right time in history, so she feels more enthusiastic and joyful, although there may be a twinge of regret for time lost to her.

  88. Avatar

    I see a sad lost soul. Her younger years she seems sad and through her sadness I feel or see confusion and distress. As she gets older, her eyes are so lost, her soul iS restless. Maybe a mishap with her marriage. She wants needs acceptance, sruggling.
    Trust….it is iffie.

  89. Avatar

    I think she was a ballerina, at least early in life. Later in life she might have been a writer, speaker or some type of communicator. I get that she might be Russian and that she’s overall a gentle, sensitive, elegant and possibly spiritual person but that she can also have a “prickliness” or “thorniness” to her personality. I also saw something about flying high on a swing but I’m not sure what that could mean. Maybe a trapeze or something like that?

  90. Avatar

    I get that she’s artistic, maybe even a dancer. Getting ballet or expressive movement dance. Maybe even runs a dancing school. Getting that she lived in Paris or maybe London.

    There is sadness, a longing in her eyes in the earlier photo. In the later photo she seems more at peace with herself. There seems a darkness covering her in the first photo, like such sadness and grieving as if she’s about to cry or is crying inside. I see lots of tears running down her cheeks. However, she seems very theatrical like perhaps she was in theater too. She seems soft but yet dramatic emotionally. The main adjective I get is the word “refined.” She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

    She’s stylish, but simple, clean style, like Coco Chanel. I feel like she lost her father at a young age or even both parents?

    She looks eastern European – Czechoslovakian or Russian. She may have two children – a daughter and a son. She was married twice. Married to an actor or a fellow dancer – someone also graceful and refined with well-defined features.

    She seems trustworthy for the most part, but I can see her dramatic nature maybe causing some problems. I also get Jewish and the name Anna Krasinski.

  91. Avatar

    Younger pic:
    Daughter of overbearing highly ranked father, possibly royalty
    Sad, closed off, doesent speak against offenses or her family traditions
    Arranged marriage not for love
    Widowed young
    Free spirit
    spy ((?) I don’t understand where that came from
    Older pic:
    Found happiness,true love later in life

  92. Avatar

    First Picture:
    The woman is sad, reserved, is unsure of herself and feels trapped and doesn’t know how to find a way out. She’s lonely and confused, not much joy in her life

    Second Picture:
    The woman is calm, confident and sure of herself. Her relaxed nature boosts confidence and makes those around her feel confident, relaxed and happy. She has changed her life around and is powerful in her own right. She now lives the life she’s always wanted.

  93. Avatar

    I meant to add that she’s a grandmother maybe not her own biological grandchildren but loves them just as much.

  94. Avatar

    I pick up sad, hurt, misunderstood, waiting for life to be over, blasphemy, lonly, empty. She has 3 kids..husband died. Loves to chat.

  95. Avatar

    I feel she had suffered deeply if not for her own heartache then through those she loved. I get the feeling that she may have become connected to metaphysical interests or an interest in astrology. I also feel she was some type of advocate. She traveled and knew other cultures. I see writing or books were somehow connected with her as well. Very intelligent woman.

  96. Avatar

    One more thing….I wrote down dancer in my notes, but didn’t write it here at first….that’s because it didn’t feel quite right.
    I think dance mayve been her first or a great love but because of her station in life she was not allowed to pursue it.
    Later in life she wouldn’t change a thing because the journey she had made her the woman that became a voice for others. Dance was always her love tho.

  97. Avatar

    In the first picture, I see a sadness that is deep. It feels like she is “buried” under material trappings. I get the feeling she is in the arts. She is not comfortable with herself, and puts a mask on to present to the world. She feels unfulfilled and unhappy with life.
    In the second, there is a greater light around her. She is more open. I feel there is less outer trappings and so much more of her. I feel she “did something”, made a choice, a leap of faith to be free. Her eyes are bright, almost fiery with a new passion. She is full of energy.

  98. Avatar

    I got that was was a trustworthy woman who has gone through a lot. I feel as if she might have came from the 20s or 30s, and I get the sense that she is an author — or had something to do with the arts. As for her struggles, I sense something about a male… I don’t think she had any children. In the first photo of her, it seems as though there is a layer of hurt beneath her eyes. And in the second photo, she seems strong, happy, and determined. She is a very beautiful character. 🙂

  99. Avatar

    The first almost instant impression was sadness. I feel she was associated with the arts. Actress, dancer-ballet…silent black and white movies. Possible mental health issues later in life, some sort of debilitating illness. I feel she was kind, sensitive, possibly taught. United Nations and peace came up as well. Involved in fashion too.

  100. Avatar

    I think she is a ballet dancer and possibly later a teacher. She has hurt and depression in her eyes in the first pic, perhaps related to a man – a husband or father who hurt her. In the second pic she looks like she’s been through a lot, but stronger. And still seeking approval from others. I also think of cancer or a problem related to the ear.

  101. Avatar

    What I pick up when looking at this picture is that she is a woman of great strength. I believe she has had to stand her ground for what she believes in & that those moments required great inner strength. She may have been involved in a world event eg war time or a huge political standing. Whatever this was, she was true to herself & her beliefs & this was witnessed by many who admired her.

  102. Avatar

    She looks like sad and lonely woman

  103. Avatar

    Where did my post go?!?

  104. Avatar

    First dynamic impression: I recognize this one as possibly a movie star during the Silver Screen Era, that is, early talkies. She also looks like a woman who has experience a great tragedy, perhaps, she lost some loved ones on the during the Titanic Disaster. She looks contemplatively sad. Her make-up is professionally done. She is wearing ‘flapper like’ custom.

    she also reminds me of the ‘Mother’ Goddess. As she reminds me of the Crone or ‘Wise Woman’ Goddess. The three faces of the Moon Goddess Diana sometimes, Hecate. the ‘Maiden’ Goddess is the only phase missing.

    Also during the ‘Roaring Twenties’ the Speak-easies and the flappers were trying to adjust to prohibition. The ‘Great Depression was on. And people were in a near state of panic all the time. You can see she is burdened by something a great loss.

    In the next photo she looks more wiser. Her face is open and her eyes are seeing, including her third eye or Sixth Chakra. She has learned through her karmic lessons to integrate her pain as well as her happiness

    She has learned to overcome and endure whatever life may throw at her. she does seem lonely in both photos. I get the impression she never married again and had no children for what ever reason. Just my impression.

  105. Avatar

    I see sadness, a cloud, depression or maybe grief. I feel she has experienced a loss, maybe a widow. There is some type of abuse in her life..maybe sexual abuse or a parent with alcoholism or something of this sort. I get the impression she did not have children and that she was a writer or journalist.

  106. Avatar

    These are the words and blurbs that came to mind that I jotted down: Wife, Mother. victorian or elegant taste. She’s Christian or Catholic. I do trust her. She’s someone famous or connected to a celebrity. I feel sadness when looking at her. Got a gentle feeling. A longing in her eyes. Maybe her father was absent but she had a strong mother figure. I feel she has a lot of compassion, but is guarded. A legacy comes to mind. Maybe that’s what she comes from or wanted. I feel a sense of grace, like maybe she’s a quiet person. Maybe she has an inner weakness like someone hurt her but I sense she’s a patient woman. Not sure if she was abused when she was younger. Or naieve so she got into some tough things growing up. Maybe she has an illness of some sort in her body. Letter A, L or E is showing up. So maybe her name starts with those or has a dominant sound in her first middle or last name.

    These are fun 🙂 I wish it was a weekly thing. 🙂

  107. Avatar

    she is solemn in that first picture, sad and but in a longing way. quieted by the man in her life but too in love to say anything about what her mind is telling her she knows to be true. the 2nd picture she is all the more wiser and ready to share knowledge as to why being led down that path made her what she is today, stong and steady.

  108. Avatar

    Clicked send too fast! Got a name…Christine? Also some link to mental illness and possibly a relative connection for you.

  109. Avatar

    This woman I feel after a bit of unsureness at the earlier stages of live grew into a very strong lady. She had a lot of sadness around her when she was young and lived abroad or travelled abroad quite a lot. I feel that she didn’t have much time for herself always had a crowd around her, she gave of herself and never expected anything back in return. This is what I picked up

  110. Avatar

    I get really really sad. Like old world spanish catholic penance repression. I hear a rosary being said over and over but in really thick tounged spanish.

  111. Avatar

    I feel some kind of philanthropy or advocacy sparked by her own tough experiences. I feel that she was very unhappy when she was young, and may have had an affluent upbringing but was oppressed. Maybe an eventual estrangement from her parents. She had had a rough life, but by the time she was older, she had found her life’s purpose and contentment through serving others.

  112. Avatar

    I feel like she’s very creative, soft spoken but very talkative. In her early years, she’s very restrained, not being able to fulfill her desires to the maximum. In the more recent photo of her, she looks like she’s more fulfilled and has overcome some of her life’s troubles (if there were huge ones).

    I think she’s an artist. I couldn’t say if she’s a theatrical artist or something.

  113. Avatar

    I find it impossible to meditate and clear my thoughts but after looking at the photos, I felt that she was sad and feeling trapped by circumstances that she thought were out of her control in the first photo. And in the second, she looks like a survivor who is at peace with herself. She maintained her elegant nature on the exterior but seemed to be freed from within. Also, at first glance, I immediately thought she looked like Hilary Clinton or at least a close relative of hers (In fact, that is why I clicked on the link on my wall bc I felt so certain there was a connection to her!) Can’t wait to hear who it is. Fun experiment! Thank you for sharing!

  114. Avatar

    I see a determined women in the first picture. Feels like the determination comes from love. Love that is tied to pain and regret but strong. Making the pain worth the reward. A nostaligic look full of all kinds of mixed emotions but love regret and determination stand out the most. The bottom picture looks like she has made peace with the decsions she was mulling about in the first pic. I was a long long road for her. Lots of work but satisfying and complete. she had a look in her eye that she has made peace with herself and the world.

  115. Avatar

    I see sadness brought on by tragedy of some sort. That was the first thing that comes to mind…

  116. Avatar

    I felt something very sad in her youth which she conquered and became enlightened as an older woman, I felt she was a psychic.

  117. Avatar

    Lovelorn actress. Lost her family. Is she Russian. Made a new home for herself, far from where she was from, originally.

    Trusted too easily, even in show business. I trust her. If she were my friend, I’d be confident she had my best wishes in mind.

    Very modest, despite her surroundings.

    I am expecting to get this completely wrong.. lol. My interpretation doesn’t sound right to me at all.

  118. Avatar

    I feel shes of theater background her true self is the older pic i feel she lived her life the way she wanted to and have always hhad a passion for being….the pride and drive if you will is all over her 2nd pic cant wait for the answer

  119. Avatar

    their eyes look the same they feel blank like they have no life left very sad

  120. Avatar

    I have never done this before in the fear of being wrong so I am going to give it a go and if I am wrong I wont let it get to me:)
    First photo- I saw images of a car from the 1940’s, I also saw the image of a dark haired male(she has some sort of issues with this man) I also got that she is very mysterious and sad and I get the sense of fear and I saw a black cat.

    Second photo- much wiser and confident..more at peace…she has a past of troubles but they were lived and learned..I feel a motherly connection to her.

    I did also get some sort of illness…cancer or something and this may seem strange but I feel as though she was involded with witchcraft or has psychic abilities…something along those lines. I also feel she has some sort of accent. I am hearing the name Marie or Maria for some reason.

  121. Avatar

    and an A name Adrianna…Anna…forgot to post this with the other post.

  122. Avatar

    Very difficult to read her. The first picture I got nothing.

    The other was simply killer. Which couldn’t/shouldn’t be right. I feel hidden pain and a false sense of rationalizing like everything is right in her mind. Anybody would have done what she did.

    I keep getting Marie Claire Audra/Audrey and the word Killer. Guess more Psycho than Psychic.

  123. Avatar

    ‘She looks like a very charming smart woman, she knows how to use her beauty and charms to get what she wants.’ Men love her, but not all that good to her.

    She reminds me for my good friend. She is very charming and smart, but at time she gets in trouble when it comes to love. She makes excused for bad behavior. She is very kind, but find bad men very attractive.

    I feel very anxious looking at her photo for some reason. I don’t think she is a bad person per se, but there something about her that makes me nervous. I am nervous for her. Something really tragic happen to her that seems to stuck in her cords. She is a survivor though, but I can feel her pain.

  124. Avatar

    Dear Anna,
    This is the first time I try to read people.

    Things I picked up:

    1. born in Oct
    2. She likes dancing, a bit of acting, artistic, She does a bit of charity. striked to improve the world.

    3. struggling with cancer, died at the age of 82 (if she is alive, i am sorry, do not mean to offend her)

    4. hardship in childhood, maybe through war?

    5. she is sentimental, emotional. she is afraid of being alone or feeling of abandonment.

    6. she looks like someone from East Europe.

    7. a bit of Jewish, Russian, Spanish ancestors.

    8. She has hard time trusting people. had 3 kids. 2 sons , one girl

    9. important point at the age of 20 and 25

    10. husband died of heart disease?

    11. she was the eldest of two children in her family

    12. she had high dreams and hopes. she has a bright soul.

    Just a guess or intuition, i dont know.


  125. Avatar

    I get the sense that she was a strong woman, probably from a society where women were supposed to be seen and not heard like in some places of eastern Europe and the middle-east. I sense she was in or connected to politics somehow and that she was a leader in some way and a compassionate, but quiet and dignified person who wanted to make things betters for others in some way.

  126. Avatar

    I feel this woman was a bit aloof in the first part of her life – she didn’t have to struggle, was not mistreated but somewhat overlooked by her parents. Put up a bit of a shield to the world “I don’t care” kind of attitude. There is also sadness there, perhaps through an unhappy marriage that allowed her to escape her dull life.
    I feel the latter part of her life was to do with healing of some kind, I get children – could be aid work, hospital work – not medical, more alternative or just care giving. She also had an artistic connection, perhaps theatre, that allowed her financially to do the other work.

  127. Avatar

    So I am really new at this and was not able to pick on any major character traits. I was able to tell she was unahppy at a younger age in contrast to her later photo, but the oddest thing is that a specific fruit popped into my mind. “WTF? I thought to myself. After a quick google, I was able to identify the woman and realized that her “work” has included this fruit before. Sorry if this sounds cryptic, but I do not want to give out too much info for the sake of keeping it fresh for everyone else.

  128. Avatar

    Ahh! I totally know who this is (and have read extensively about her), otherwise I would love to try my hand (er…mind, rather) at it. But this is awesome!

  129. Avatar

    Dear Anna
    I get a sense of loss around this woman in the first picture an artistic (music or dance, writer)person who struggled early in life, was never confident of her beauty, was maybe looking for approval, went through some difficult time, marriage break up but it gave her strength to find herself, very strong willed person, would have been focused on career, and had something to do with charities, I feel she has children, and has grown closer to them as she matured, I keep getting the names Anna & Maria, maybe of English origin
    This has been fun, can’t wait to hear or see have I made any connection at all, as i was very hit and miss on other lessons!!!!

  130. Avatar

    In the first picture, I sense a lot of sadness, with a feeling of not understanding the world. A sense of loss. I think that this is connected with being Jewish. I think there is a connection to Poland, but I think she moved to the States. I think there is a coonection to the theatre – an actress. In the second picture, I still sense a lot of fear. The feeling that she doesnt trust others and is holding onto a lot of sadness and unforgiveness from earlier in her life. That she is quite solitary, keeps herself detached from others. That she holds back because of past experiences. I think there is a sharpness to her. I also think that there is a connection to politics in some way. An activist – peoples rights.

  131. Avatar

    I got sorrow and sadness, dancer,gypsy, musical, artist, the names Emily, Eve. I would trust her, yes.

  132. Avatar

    A thoughtful woman.

    Yes, I would trust her.

    A gentle nature. Outwardly might appear to be meek, but actually strong and capable. Caring and passionate.

    She kinda reminds me of a girl I knew. This girl from my past was quiet and uncomplicated.

    Thanks for this Anna. I live in Nelson, NZ. Best wishes.

  133. Avatar

    This woman was artist(dancer and actress),she performed in theatre and travelled a lot. She was religious, warm, caring person, full of love but she was unfulfilled and unhapy in her love life. Finally she ended up alone.That is the reason why her eyes look so sad. She didnt have any children but later she worked with children. She was committed to her job. She was famous( but felt so allone, and abandoned)and she was wasting lot of her energy in maintaining her “mask” becouse she was trying to hide how fragile and vulnerable she was.
    She was regaining her strenght in solitude. She reached a high age.

    These are so much fun!:)

  134. Avatar

    First time trying this – I didn’t spend much time on it (I didn’t want to second guess myself).

    Instant I saw the first picture I thought spy.

    My word to describe her is intense.

    Also think she may be involved in writing.

  135. Avatar

    Oops. I forgot something to do with a feminist or the like.

  136. Avatar

    I’m sure I’ve seen the second picture before but I can’t remember where or who she is. In the first picture I feel that the woman has to “behave” socially but feels confined and unable to be her true self. The second photo I believe she has become free of her constraints in her earlier life. She has a certain power, has studied further later in life and is a very confident person. She is a public person who wants to teach people about her experiences but is not forceful. I don’t feel like I can trust her. I could listen to her but not follow.

  137. Avatar

    I feel she was an actress or entertainer Silent popped into my mind so i think she was good at keeping secrets. I thought she may have been in the resistence during W.W.2 As an older woman i feel she is peaceful, in a good place.

  138. Avatar

    In the first photograph of her I sense a sadness about her, suppression. She has a fight to struggle with to find freedom from whatever it is oppressing her. She has a determination though and she exudes strength.

    The second photograph of her she feels much happier as if she has made it through that struggle successfully with a positive outcome. She still looks very determined and strong. No one is going to pull the wool over this ladies eyes or walk over her. She knows who she is and what she wants and no one is going to deny her what she wants. This all comes from a loving heart though, compassionate and sharing.

  139. Avatar

    What i got was a woman of the arts of some kind, singer dancer, actor, maybe model. Shy in her younger years and maybe entered a relationship with an influential man that became troubled. There seems to be some sadness that she may of overcome later in life, perhaps the loss of a child. She seems to be open and honest and i would trust her. She reminds me of gypsy rose lee. There is a teacher, ballet dancer look about her and her expression comes across as being very knowledgeable and not afraid to express her thoughts. I may get more impressions later lol..

  140. Avatar

    Oh and I also picked up her being an actress of some kind in the younger photo.

  141. Avatar

    Im picking up the name Elizabeth or Mary. in the first younger photo of her, she looks quite an affluent lady, but in the older photo, she looks as if she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.she certainly looks as if she has struggled in some way, she looks like she might be a teacher, and im picking up that someone has maybe been unkind to her… she looks a gentle person, very trusting but also someone who cares for others or is put on by others.

  142. Anna

    Heather you need to scroll upwards to see it.

  143. Avatar

    I pick up a ballerina, and she may have taught ballet in later years. I think she’s Russian, maybe French. She was very disciplined and expected those around her to be disciplined too, a perfectionist, kind of expected to get her own way a lot of the time.

    I see surrender in her eyes in the later photo. Something happened to dull her flame a little bit. She is sweet-natured and kind yet when I ask myself ‘do I trust her?, I just don’t know. I could simply be picking up that due to her perfectionism she was quite harsh sometimes on other people, therefore you couldn’t trust that she’d always be kind to you.

    But there’s something secretive in her past. She was involved with something that she believed was right but in hindsight realised how very wrong she had been to support it. This is where the surrender comes in, and the slight dulling of her flame. Like a spy in WWII, only which side was she on?

  144. Avatar

    I only got the sense that she worked in the theatre business, not necessarily as an actress though. And that she was sick later in life. Possibly something to do with the brain or nervous system?

  145. Avatar

    dancer or actress

    not north american, I don`t think. I think she may be from somewhere south east in or of Europe – Greece? Turkey? somewhere around there?

    became a bit of an activist for women or children.

    married… more than once?

    1 child, maybe

    maybe wrote a book – about her life? or the life of someone close to her.

    i think she had an overall happy-ish life… very active and busy. Did lots of stuff.

  146. Avatar

    She gets jealous easily.

  147. Avatar

    From the first picture i quickly pick up on some sadness, her thoughts are troubled for some reason. Trustworthy, strong, passionate woman. I feel like she comes from a family of high rank. second pic. At peace with her past. She does what she wants and loves what she does. 🙂

  148. Avatar

    I get the impression she’s a dancer. She is helpless, seems overwhelmed or burdened or even sad. Something is bothering her in the first photo (abused?). I don’t trust her, but I get the distinct feeling that needs help. In the second picture, I get a different vibe comoletely. She seems unstable. Something about her rubs me the wrong way. It’s in her eyes. Perhaps,ill with a personality changing illness. ???

  149. Avatar

    Here are my thoughts, in order:
    widow of possibly an abusive man
    “Golda Meir”
    hiding something, or is in hiding
    troubled youth – old in youth, but youthful in old age
    because she has been liberated
    sad secrets
    finally free as an older woman and is able to speak of her situation in youth
    abuse was secret
    Nazis – WWII, 1930s, 40s
    spy – double agent?
    Mata Hare
    gather information – collect incriminating evidence
    health – nurse?
    frightened and closed… then free and open
    dancer, performer – ballet?

  150. Avatar

    When I see her I feel as though she is a very compassionate person…yes she looks like a dancer…i also feel as though she could be a spokes person for some kind of cause…as though she “speaks for her people”..

    Intelligence, determination and compassion are what i feel when i look at her photo

  151. Avatar

    She does seem sad because she has hurt children her own I believe. She is no longer living in this lifetime. She went insane and regrets what she did and is glad she no longer lives with that guilt and pain.She has rerturned back to the spirit realm.

  152. Avatar

    It feels this lady did many things in her hay day: she was an artist, she danced, she was someone who loved to unite men and women in high society but especially she would have been an excellent psychic and medium who flourished into that field and brought a lot of good to people.

  153. Avatar

    On the picture of the younger woman, I picked up contemplative, deep thinker. Sad, melancholy. Feels deeply about herself, life issues, maybe also the world and what’s going on. Artsy (based on what she’s wearing) or involved somewhat in maybe fashion or the arts. Not sure about acting, though.

    On the picure of the older woman, I picked up green, earthy, environmental (that she is interested or passionate about these areas). She’s still passionate about life in middle age–has probably found something to dedicate her life or her time/pursuits to.

    The lady was very fashionable/stylish as a younger woman and has retained/is equally stylish in her older, golden years. Whatever issues she was thinking about/dealing with as a younger lady she has definitely figured out/worked through, as she is quite happy where she is right now in life.

  154. Avatar

    She seems to be an artistic. In a profession somehow associated with the stage…perhaps a designer, actress, playwright. She is very competent in her work.

    Some sadness in her youth but nothing horrific. Married 3 times. First husband died in a war. Somehow associated with France – either husband’s death or her life directly.

    She is introverted, has a quiet demeanor but is effervescent inside. She has a rich fantasy life to the point of self delusion, at times.

    She is a person you can trust to a point. Her tendency to self delusion is a significant barrier to being able to trust her fully.

  155. Avatar

    she kind hearted,she still holding to some kind of energy from her past ,she look like an actress Jew background ,who’ve survive The Nazi German camp in warsaw Poland,whoever she is she’s a suvivor:)

  156. Avatar

    From the first picture, I get the impression that she’s a bit distanced from life. She’s got an inner sadness/resignation for her lot in life. There’s a theatrical feeling to her here. I got the impression that she’s financially and socially well off, but perhaps in her earlier life she wasn’t quite so well off. I get the sense that she cared a great deal for her father, but didn’t always like him/his actions. I got an actressy feel from this picture.

    From the second picture, I get a ballerina/dancer feel, a medical field feel and a political/diplomatic field feel…perhaps she’s a children’s advocate/children’s charity advocate/humanitarian. She’s got a deep well of passion for this, her purpose. I sense the words “Please come home.” from her, and “A light went out when she died.”

    I also sense that she had a huge longing for love inside, that she freely gave her love to children/the less fortunate, but that she didn’t receive much love/the love she was longing for from the adults in her life. I think she was respected for her accomplishments, but quite lonely.

  157. Avatar

    This is what I read:

    This woman was an artist of some kind, most likely a dancer or singer (dancer is a stronger likelihood). She experienced loss as a child, perhaps during World War II; perhaps the loss of her family. She is likely Eastern European. She is a solitary woman. She has a hard time trusting others because of the loss she experienced. Despite this fact, she believes in the kindness of others and in giving to others. She is unlikely to have children of her own, though probably fostered or adopted children, or did much work with children of this ilk. She most likely donated both her time and money to the welfare and betterment of children. She is a gracious woman, a woman of integrity, a woman who will not go out of her way to explain herself to others. Whatever hardships she bore during her lifetime, she bore them silently, yet lived a contented life.

  158. Avatar

    There is a welling of energy that is projecting from between her eyes. Third eye chakra comes to mind, as if there is something significant that she has an enormous amount of insight about, and is something that she makes a contribution to and provides direction for. There is a hardness about her character, as though toughness and determination are part of her gift. Not meanness, but more like a stern teacher who is equally a joyous as he or she is disciplined. Kindness immediately came to mind. She struck me as someone who would intimidate me at first, and I can be mildly intimidated by people who are very connected to the power of the universe and God, and not necessarily people of authority. So, she strikes me as someone who has found her purpose and lived it. (I am assuming she has crossed over.) Her appearance is also very groomed, though the first photo is clearly a portrait. In her private world, she is neat and organized, and likely has a tastefully kept home. I would hazard to say that she is European also.

  159. Avatar

    Top photo: I sense sadness and longing, she was a bit of a day-dreamer, possibly in love strongly connected to somebody but Mr somebody was probably not connected to her so much. Bottom photo: It feels as she’s gone through a lot in life but regained her strenght back with a new glowing wisdom. She was happy with herself at this stage of life, strong personality possibly leader?

  160. Avatar

    She is a deeply sensitive, artistic soul. She is interested in people, making a difference in the world. Her later picture implies energy, drive, ambition, warmth, dynamic, full-of-life personality. She perhaps was a writer, interested in getting ideas across to the public.

  161. Avatar

    She seems untrustworthy, I can tell by the way her eyebrows arch. I feel that she caused drama for people in life. I don’t know what else I’m picking up on aside from the fact that she seems troubled.

  162. Avatar

    She is intense, and there is a depth to her emotionally and spiritually. She once was vulnerable but has learned to protect herself with what can be a vicious streak. She is highly creative and is not afraid of being on stage or somehow in the public eye. She is intensely social and is a good hostess. She represents the softness of femininity, and she’s also tough as steel underneath her softness.

  163. Avatar

    My first reaction was “spy”. She’s brave and confident and she hides her real self.

  164. Avatar

    I get mother, widow, kind hearted, a woman of both great sorrow and great happiness.

  165. Avatar

    Hi Anna,

    I always love doing these experiments! I skipped past all the other comments so as not to be biased by the impressions of others. Here’s what I got on the woman in the two photos. In the first one, I perceived that she was rather shy and reserved. In the second one, I perceived that she had been through a lot of personal drama, maybe even on a public level. I feel like she may have become an activist for some cause that she was really passionate about. Can’t wait to see the follow up!

  166. Avatar

    I feel she was a dancer or in the arts. Many men but one husband william maybe who was bald with brown hair, had a son. Instructor. A bottle, maybe alcohol. Kind but a darker side. Got Sundown or summer. Middle eastern. Saw her wearing diamonds. Saw claire, eve or eva. Kind, sad.

  167. Avatar

    She’s a woman who has survived a paradigm shift.
    First photo is from a time when life was known; tradition was present. She was on a path. It could have been theatrical or perhaps it was simply the customs of her community.
    She comes from wealth.
    In both photos her essential elegance of nature comes through. No matter what, she has a deep sense of her roots. She knows beauty; she believes in beauty even if life hasn’t been beautiful. She can find beauty wherever she is.
    She is trustworthy. However, she may have had to do things to survive that were at odds with her values. Perhaps she had to break trust; or it was broken with her.
    I sense she is Jewish. It strikes me that the paradigm shift she survived has to do with WW2.
    She has lost a great deal…such as the life she lived in the first photo.

  168. Avatar

    My first thought was that she was a singer, then the theater popped in my mind and I thought maybe a dancer and a singer. I hope this doesn’t sound rude but I don’t feel she was very intelligent. She started out in life pretty sweet in nature, I even felt the “clueless” personality in her older picture. She just went through life with rose colored glasses. 2 Children?


  1. Results of Intuitive Experiment #5 – How Did You Do? - […] Move on to experiment #6! […]

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