Intuitive Experiment #5 – Try Your Hand at Reading this Woman

Periodically I do an ‘intuitive experiment’ on this blog, where you are invited to ‘tune in’ to the photo I present, and submit your thoughts and impressions via the comments section below.

(Or you can simply write them down at home, if you’re shy!)

Here is the person I selected for this experiment:

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  1. Avatar

    First impression, she’s not what she appears to be, there is some secret she is hiding. I feel a lot of sadness in her past, that she has had some kind of hardship in her life. I also feel that she is very proud of herself for something she accomplished, some kind of job she completed with a great deal of success.

    I don’t feel that I would completely trust her, However, if it became too uncomfortable for her to keep her word she would leave others in a bind and has done so in her life.

  2. Avatar

    She looks like she is avery determined woman. Dod she suffer from some type of illness perhaps related to the throat or chest?

  3. Avatar

    Re the lady in the picture. She is distinguished but very sad in her position. She acts a part but wants to be elsewhere. She reminds me of King edwards wife whom he relinquished the throne for but nobody I know or have met.
    I dont think she has children at this stage in her life. There would be no need to trust her as she has a deep reserve.

    The aura around her is white with a pale blue edge.

    I have no idea what any of this means?

  4. Avatar

    I get the impression that she’s confused about something, as if she is attempting to solve a problem much larger than herself. I feel like she is a very thoughtful person, more often putting others first and lending a hand. Trustworthy? maybe. depending on her mood at the time. I feel like she is someone who isn’t totally reliable, but doesn’t intend to intentionally harm people. I also get “animals.”

  5. Avatar

    I have put in my thoughts already but looking again I am having conflict with her. There is a feeling of her as a nurse and is she pregnant maybe.

    I sure hope we find out.

  6. Avatar

    Since I am absolutely awful at this, I am going to write down the dead opposite of what I actually get from this woman, because THAT will probably be correct.

    She is total sweetness and light, a real angel on earth. She probably has many puppies and loves babies. She’s a real homebody and a domestic type from the 1940’s. She’s a flibbertigibbet type who is utterly shallow and lives to have a good time. She dates a lot of men. You could totally trust her with anything.

  7. Avatar

    I would say she is some sort of business woman. I don’t see her as the social type among her own kind though, more tends to stay to herself. A kind woman but did not have an easy start in life. There seems to be some pain in her eyes, she looks distant in this photo. Maybe went through the times of the suffragette woman in the 1800’s as she seems to be determined to stcik to what she believes and and does not follow what everyone else says includuing that woman have no place in business. She has this kind of I will show you look on her face.

  8. Avatar

    The person seems to be terribly lonely and feels misunderstood. She is conflicted about who she is and doesn’t fit in with peers. she wants to appear “normal”, maybe even high society type, but she has a rage within that no one excepts her. I think she died early in life, maybe even of suiside over this conflict.

  9. Avatar

    I’m not getting much on this lady and didn’t have a strong reaction to her. I think she is trustworthy and accomplished in her own right, rather than being attached to a notable family. She is married, but I don’t sense any children. I think she is sociable, but not a real charmer. American perhaps.

    I got impressions of Julia Child and Betty Crocker, so she might be a notable cook/baker or “domestic goddess” of some sort. I also see her with a vacuum.

  10. Avatar

    These are the impressions I get from the photo:

    Horses at a racetrack
    The name, Angela
    Love of food and cooking
    Small village on the sea coast
    Excelled in school / studious
    Charitable work
    A death during childbirth
    A son

  11. Avatar

    She looks like a strong determined woman. Her eyes look as though she is staring into the distance and remembering something – not exactly painful, but some memory which is emotional. I feel the determination is to keep this emotion in check and carry on with her present life. I also sense a touch of humour about her.

  12. Avatar

    I just looked at the photo and said “Hard”. That was my knee-jerk reaction. I’m still meditating on it, though.

  13. Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind was that she was of high society, or at least travelled in that circle – or maybe not even high society moneywise, but intellectual social circles? Or political ones? I get some kind of sense of affluence. I also feel as though if I were in the same room with her, she would not take note of me. Maybe condescending or just that she would be almost oblivious to my presence.

  14. Avatar

    She has very kind eyes, maybe a little sad. A soft mouth-I feel she is quiet spoken and has a warm and inviting heart. She’s very stylish maybe from afluence. I sense generosity from her as well.

  15. Avatar

    When I first read her I feel happiness almost a laughing because she feels like she has accomplished many things and wants to spread the joy.

    In one word I would describe her as vengeful in that she wants to correct wrongs done to her and her family. Her underlying motivation is to make things right.

    I would trust her because she is all about making things right and leads by example by exhibiting right actions. However, she does not speak the truth all the time, if the truth does not serve her purpose she won’t be truthful but otherwise she will speak the truth.

    Her occupation involves writing, rebelling and thinking.

  16. Anna

    Hi Marion,

    Yes, you will find out! I will post the results of who she is in 3 days time.

  17. Avatar

    I feel this lady was very psychic when she was alive. Its like she had the ability to see spirits and perhaps even do Séance in closed door.
    She is from Europe area perhaps around 1940-1950 era . probably lived alone in her later years .
    I feel good about this person. Something about Garment that she is involved with or likes so much.
    Strokes related.
    She likes boats, water a lot so traveling via boat would excite her .
    Lost a child through miscarriage.

  18. Anna

    Haha Jennifer, I hope you wrote down/remember what you really got too. You might be right this time!

  19. Avatar

    I’m getting that she’s a very no-nonsense person – she knows herself, is her own woman, very strong-willed and strong-minded, very self-controlled, very pragmatic. Cuts her losses and walks away from them. She’s sure of her standing in the world, but would like a bit more (not billions, just a bit.)

    She’s very focused and not easily distracted from her purpose/goal. I feel ambivalent regarding her trustworthiness. I feel I’d have to meet *her* qualifications as to whether or not I was worthy of being noticed by her. If not, she’d walk over/through me as though I didn’t exist.

    I get a sense of higher social standing, more from “business royalty” (Rockefeller, Astors, etc.), and her clothes say “reasonably well-to-do”, or better. I feel like she’s a bit of a socialite and on Boards of charities because it’s expected of her. Some of the charities she feels are worthy of her attention, others aren’t but she has to be on their boards, too, because “it’s what one does”. I get a hint of “fundamentalist” from her, too, along with the sense that she never wanted materially, but that there wasn’t much loving, emotional support when she was a child and not a lot even as an adult. I also get a sense of well-hidden loneliness – more of an “I’m lonely, but that’s just the way things are, there’s nothing to be done about it” feel.

    I feel she’s well-travelled – long journeys, commercial airplanes once or twice, ocean liner, trains – and that she travels frequently. I get a feeling of “Denmark” and “New York City” and “California”. I also get I get a flavouring of “Amelia Earhardt” as well as “Wallis Simpson” from her, like the poster above. I also get “swimming” from her. I

    I get a bit of a sense of “trapped in this life” from her. I think she’d prefer something a little bit different – more easy – but the life she has is comfortable enough that she doesn’t feel strongly enough to make the changes she’d have to to get the life she’d prefer. She made an agreement with whoever (family? husband?) and she’s living within the terms of that agreement. She’s a bit constrained by it and would like to be a little less confined. I sense “married”(more of an arranged marriage), but no children – which she’s just fine with.

  20. Avatar

    i get the feeling that she’s a quiet person but is in chaos inside. i also get the impression that she wants the people to see her as someone successful and wealthy.

  21. Avatar

    Anna, she is your maternal grandmother. She is no longer living. She was very trusting and deeply spiritual. Someone betrayed her and broke her heart early in life, in her early 20s. She kept that knowledge mostly to herself, as she blamed herself for the betrayal.

  22. Avatar

    When I first did the exercise, I noticed that I got a double image and one was more in focused then the other. And that her eyes says she is a strong woman but soft.

  23. Avatar

    She looks like she has been through some adversity, but is resilient and looking toward the future. She has her eyes set on some higher purpose or goal. She is resolute, with a tinge of sadness.

  24. Avatar

    I get the word strong. I feel that she is like Eleanor Roosevelt, not afraid to take a stand-maybe worked for or with her. Crusaded for women’s rights and human rights or war efforts. She is obviously wealthy. I think she lost a son in the war. I’d trust her is she was on my side but not against me. I think she could be manipulative.I feel like she may have been a girl scout leader or some type of hiker.I can almost see her marching, like in a parade.

  25. Avatar

    She seems like she needs to maintain a sense of self-control, is somewhat guarded – but not very “hard,” proud, vain but not terribly feminine – in appearance or demeanor (energy.) It appears that she is not looking at whomever took the photo – not b/c she is uncomfortable but, b/c she just isn’t looking. Her eyes seem somewhat vacant but, there is a slight smile to them – an attempt to smile because she should? Maybe an affectation that came about in order to hide her feelings.

    Her clothing are of her time and, it appears like she has money (based on her outfit and the fact that she is not thin. At that time, not being thin meant you had money – enough money to eat – a sign of status.) I don’t get the impression that she is happy or fulfilled. She may have wanted more from her life but, due to the times, and the family she was born into and/or married into, she did not have the opportunity to follow her dreams/desires. She is probably educated which may cause her to be frustrated by how narrow her life is. She may also have a strength that she has been trained to repress. Maybe she was taught that or she learned by what she has seen.

  26. Avatar

    Hi there, this is my first time here so thought I would give it a whirl! I actually see a man who is both wondering and worried that he is not going to see his loved ones again after taking the journey he is about to embark. Not quite sure what that is, but something to do with train tracks and work.

  27. Avatar

    I don’t think she had close friends. I don’t see her as being social for the sake of being “friendly”. I feel she kept almost everyone at a distance. I feel she was at times lonely but money may have kept her from the harshness of loneliness that poverty often brings deeper levels of despair and depression. I don’t think SHE was very trusting. I think in her later years she may have had a pet that she cared and preferred more then human company. I also think she could be very cold and aloof towards others and indifferent because she genuinely didn’t care what others thought or felt. If she upset someone.. oh well that’s their problem not hers.

  28. Avatar

    I don’t think she had close friends. I don’t see her as being social for the sake of being “friendly”. I feel she kept almost everyone at a distance. I feel she was at times lonely but money may have kept her from the harshness of loneliness that poverty often brings deeper levels of despair and depression. I don’t think SHE was very trusting. I think in her later years she may have had a pet that she cared and preferred more then human company. I also think she could be very cold and aloof towards others and indifferent because she genuinely didn’t care what others thought or felt. If she upset someone.. oh well that’s their problem not hers. She is deceased.

  29. Avatar

    DEC.21,2011 12.32 am I think she was a opera singer,she is lost in thought and is drifting along looking for answers from whith in.She looks important and has money and she likes to have nice things.

  30. Avatar

    my reading: she’s a dreamer, a visionary, strong, opinionated, confident. Born of privilege but determined to do worthwhile, meaningful work.

  31. Avatar

    I already know who this is…so I’m afraid my reading will be ‘colored’. 🙂

  32. Avatar

    She appears to be a powerful woman, with some hard angry energy.

  33. Avatar

    This woman is kind, poetic, determined and courageous. I trust her.
    She reminds me of my mother…high-minded, very spiritual. She is
    also stubborn and stands by her convictions.

  34. Avatar

    And I don’t think I’d trust her if I knew her in person.

  35. Avatar

    I came back to look at the picture again, and a name popped into my head of an American writer whom I had not seen a picture of.

    I looked her up in Google images and she looks strikingly similar to this lady but I’m not totally sure if it’s her. I won’t post the name here in case I’m right so as not to ruin it for anyone else.

  36. Avatar

    Never done this, but it sounded fun.

    When I first looked at the picture I thought/felt determined and self assured/confident. But when I looked in her eyes I felt vulnerable and scared or maybe worried. So, I’m thinking maybe she projects confidence when in reality she feels very vulnerable. I don’t know why I get the scared feeling, but I do see/feel fear. Not overwhelming, but still there.. so maybe she is worried and I’m getting scared instead. As for trustworthy.. I’d say sometimes. Not that she is completely not trustworthy, but that she isn’t all the time. Though isn’t that like everyone. Also, I’m getting cunning. I think she is intelligent and knows how to use it for her own gain and in a “cunning” way instead of an overt way.

    Can’t wait to see how right or wrong I am with this.

  37. Avatar

    I feel she was very spoilt as a child. She may very well have been manipulative and new how to get what she wanted. She was strong and determined. She was very much the matriach of the family. Kindness was bestowed upon others at her own discretion and not for reasons that did not fulfil her own endeavours. That aside – there was hardship in her upbringing and this is how she knew to survive.

  38. Avatar

    I believe this is a man impersonating a woman, perhaps an actor. I sense that he is not entirely at ease with himself and lacking somewhat in confidence, but does a fairly good job of hiding it. Wants attention and admiration.

  39. Avatar

    She seems kind with a hardness that is born from deep sadness or grief. She also appears generous and loving but borders on what appears to others as indifference.

    Teresa is the first name that comes to mind but so does the name Terrie. Perhaps “Terrie” was her nickname or the name of her most beloved pet.

    Looking a second time, I sense ties to aviation, horses and global travel. A worldly insight that comes from experience in foreign cultures. Perhaps a husband that who had international business ties. She seems like she has a tremendous interest or love for animals and horses. Green grass of Kentucky, England and Germany also come to mind. So does the war, feminist leaders like Margaret Sanger, Amelia Earhart and the English Triple Crown.

  40. Avatar

    What comes to me off the cuff is that her personality is voluminous(?), not sure what that means. Maybe larger than life? She fills a room with her being when she’s there. She has presence?
    I also feel she is associated somehow with airplanes, and flying. Also, she has something to do with the arts….music, songwriting(?), fine arts, poetry, and writing maybe.

  41. Avatar

    First a tap,tap sound could be a typewriter.Shes a writer.
    Odd I thought of machine gun fire. Perhaps travel/war writer
    Next I saw a tribal marking on her face,could she have visited New Guinnea.
    Exposure to missionary like life at some stage.
    One side darker and masculine is she one of twins?
    Name begining with F Felicity or Florence.
    No need to exert self as all was provided as required.

  42. Avatar

    I feel this woman is very strong, the symbols I am getting are books/newspapers, dog, sun, butterfly. Activities: charity, fashion, theatre.

  43. Avatar

    I believe that she is a strong woman with inner reserves to pull from and that she is judgemental and a bit of a snob.

  44. Avatar

    She is a brave woman. And she has fared well in the sciences, an intellectual woman of her era, a threat to the men around her. She has a purposeful and forceful drive and her character is complex and witty. A brave adventurer. For some reason Marie Curie comes to mind.

  45. Avatar

    I feel this woman is something to do with writing; an author. She is an activist, comes from a well-to-do background. She has money, a comfortable existance back then.

    When I’m writing this, I get goosebumps and a cold draught came in the door!

  46. Avatar

    You grandmother, Anna? I cannot really focus right now, going to sleep in a few minutes. I might come back and see a lot clearer tomorrow. 🙂

  47. Avatar

    The first impression that I got was that she looked like a triumphant woman. Like she conquered whatever struggle she was going through. Ii could just be the pose that she is in, but to look in her eyes I felt that as well. I would trust her, but think she was misunderstood at a time by people that surrounded her, and may of had a problem with that. She reminds me of a survivor, someone who feela she finally overcame what she needed to, to survive, almost like a relief in life.

  48. Avatar

    I feel she is a sportswoman of some type; maybe a swimmer or mountain climber(Mt Everest keeps popping into my mind but I dont know why). That she is wealthy in her own right; not married into it. I think she was divorced/widowed and had no children of her own. But feel that she might have adopted some, or helped in the adoption of children.
    She is very confident within herself; a self made woman.

  49. Avatar

    My first impression was that it wasn’t actually a woman. LOL But looking deeper – I feel like she is not who she ‘seems’ to be. Although she is dressed to the hilt – certain things seem ‘off’ about her. She is very intelligent, but has things to hide.

  50. Avatar

    Upon first sight I received:
    * She grew up in poverty in a major city, probably lived in tenements
    * Was one of many children, one of the older children, the child of immigrants
    * Decided to work extremely hard in order to make a new life for herself
    * Either worked in something related to publishing, newspapers, books, owned a shop (on the far end, a sweets shop)
    *Had a secret passion for the arts, like sining & performing
    * Met her partner/husband/mate who was significantly wealthy & married into more money
    * Went on to have children, I keep seeing 3 boys ( did one go off to war?)
    * Settled into philanthropy, especially toward young women’s education & betterment through career.
    * I’m getting death due to heart disease or heart attack.

    I hope I’m not too way off…if I am it still makes for a thrilling story! Can’t wait to see the results 🙂

  51. Avatar

    She looks like a ‘masculine’ woman. In fact, she reminds me of Jack Lemmon from the movie “Some Like It Hot” when he impersonates a female to escape from some gangsters (along with Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe). That was one of the funniest movies I ever saw!

    I’ll try doing you aura experiment and see what comes up.

  52. Anna

    Great responses. Some really good hits so far among all these answers.

  53. Avatar

    an overbearing person. she seems like she would steamroll over anyone who is in her way. probably doesn’t treat her servants well. she could be a great friend to people of her own class though and would do anything to help them.

  54. Avatar

    Having never tried anything like this but i have always been curiously fascinated i could be completely wrong but eh better to try than not at all, right?

    Okay, i saw a white aura around her, i got the impression that she is fierce but friendly, kind and caring, thoughtful and considerate. When i tried to think of what she liked to do i got that she liked to read, help others and singing and dancing?

  55. Avatar

    Anna Rose. Strong. Defiant. Made waves. Changed her world/the world some how. Sad for a missing family member. Sad for what she could have had in love.

  56. Avatar

    When I first looked at her I saw an artistic side to her..
    She does seem very determined and set in her ways which makes
    me think she might have something to with political movements
    from her time. I don’t feel like she would have any children. Her eyes
    do seem to tell a long hard story for some reason though

  57. Avatar

    The first thing that came to me was her profession – nurse but then teacher came to me much stronger. As others mentioned she looks like she is looking toward the future. And she’s hopeful about it, eager to get away from where she is now.

  58. Avatar

    I found her hard to read and feel that is because she is not what she appears. I see her as someone who is not well off, financially or family station but is proud and wishes to look the part. She looks to me as though she is looking at someone who she admires but who makes her uncomfortable. She has pain in her eyes. I don’t see her as married, but if she is, she is not happy or feeling married. I think she would be a trustworthy friend but is better in one on one situations, uncomfortable in large group situations.

    Never done this so it will be interesting to see the information in 3 days.

  59. Avatar

    I get that she has had to be very strong but that she tries to project a calm, gentle exterior. She’s quite firm underneath, though and keeps part of herself locked away and untouchable.

    I think she might have done something that was not usual for women at the time – something associated with masculinity. Perhaps having to do with verhicles or transportantion. Ships? airplanes? Something…

    I feel like she always struggled to fit with society. She had to work really hard to accomplish what she did and she did accomplish something but it was not necessarily what she wanted and it was unusual for a woman. All she wanted was a normal life.

    I believe she has family. I see children but they might not be hers. She may be an Aunt. If so, she is involved in the childrens’ lives fairly regularly. I think they might be her sisters’ children.

  60. Avatar

    I see this person as being courageous, light hearted and somewhat of a comedian. Misunderstood as a child. I also get the impression that this is a man dressed up as a woman or either a woman who is just very masculine and maybe this is where the childhood struggles came from. She’s trying to fit in. I get that this person is American and I also got an image of live Theatre. I saw show girls but it’s almost like this person was a spectator of the show versus in it. She has been affected by war somehow but I don’t know how.

  61. Avatar

    She kinda looks like a man to me; hard face features.

    Anyway, first thing that came to mind was the word ‘shy’. I felt like she came into money, not necessarily from money. Dreamer-type lady, but had to struggle to get to were she wanted to. Sensitive and strong at the same time.

    Taken for granted maybe?

    I actually do trust her….Doesn’t really remind me of anyone in particular.

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  62. Avatar

    She is a male in hiding and a protector

  63. Avatar

    I think she is looking at something or someone in an excited way. She seems to be looking off into the distance as if watching someone coming toward her.

    I would not say I mistrust her but I would be reserved in what I said to her.

  64. Avatar

    She looks like a polital woman through marriage or family connections. She could be trusted as she knows secrets and possibly classified information eventhough she is indirectly involved. She appears masculine and has not had much courting. She is educated because of the opportunity she had growing up in her family

  65. Avatar

    She feels like a teacher. someone who has had a difficult past and can’t quite believe she has made it. She is confused by the attention she is getting but quite enjoying it. for some reason I thought of face cream! she is married.

  66. Avatar

    I’m seeing kids, police and some sort of alarm/siren. She’s running from something. She’s scared.

  67. Avatar

    I tried to post earlier from my phone, but I don’t think it went though, so if I’m on here twice I’m sorry. 🙂
    I am not the greatest at these, but I feel ill when I look at her, almost panicky and sick to my stomach. I don’t like her. I’m not getting images related to her, but those are my feelings and they’re intense every time I pull her photo up.

  68. Avatar

    I get that she had a rough life. Perhaps came from humble (or rough and tumble) beginnings and worked her way up to something that she’s proud of. I feel that she did something important. I do trust her, and picked up that she can be caring and compassionate.

  69. Avatar

    Very first impression was loss of a child. Perhaps miscarriage or stillborn. She seems to be a very hardened woman…. tough on the inside but soft and gentle with others. Maybe self conviction. Very intelligent. She’s touched many lives. Brave. Well schooled.

  70. Avatar

    Sorry, this is my second entry. My very initial thought which I didn’t write down because I wanted to do some deep breathing was that the female in the picture is really a man. My first entry is really my second thought (post relaxation breaths and calling the archangel Micheal). We will soon see if either reading was right or wrong.

  71. Avatar

    I feel that she is a very sincere woman. She is a little sad and lost, but strong because of her upbringing. Someone to trust, however can be a little deceiving but only because of the distrust in her past life.

    She’s had many accomplishments in her life, and has a caring heart, but tends to show more of a stubborn side. Happy on the outside but a little lost on the inside, but still lived life with determination. I feel like she is full of life, but was brought down because of a husband or lover.

  72. Avatar

    I had guess of who I thought it might be, and did a google search and found her, is that being psychic or lucky! Love her first name!

  73. Avatar

    I have a feeling this woman is evil and she has done some sexual abuse and murders, possibly together with her husband.

  74. Avatar

    i somehow just got the feeling that this woman was some type of leader in something important (amongst women maybe)
    i got maybe her name is lee-anne ?and maybe she liked to pamper herself a lot and maybe her children didnt feel enough love because of her materialism (thats if she has children ) hmmm what else . .thats all for now

  75. Avatar

    I think she was a restrained woman who had quite a number of secrets about her life. She liked to keep a low profile. She was overall kind.

  76. Avatar

    the first color that popped out at me was yellow. she’s a happy and strong woman on many levels. confident with where she is at the moment of this photo. she’s a warm and giving mother, providing her children with the right balance of love and discipline. i also sense that she’s very strong willed. she’s comfortable with her marriage, material-wise she has much of what she needs and she knows that, but she won’t be pushed into a corner easily by her husband. this is the cause of some strife between the two. she doesn’t necessarily ‘wear the pants’ but she won’t lay down if something doesn’t feel right to her. she utilizes this intuition and power of change she has inside her, and thus is involved in many community causes, affecting many around her. she is well liked and people are drawn to her solidarity and strength.

  77. Avatar

    She is uncertain, searching for something, particularly more knowledge, thirsty, a little closed minded, private person but trusting of others. She has more than adequate means, but something is missing…perhaps loss of love or forbidden love because of social class differences. She has an emptiness inside, a longing. She is generous and giving, stubborn. She experienced a painful death and I see her standing inside a doorway or portal facing a major decision before her death, but she can’t walk through the doorway/portal. Her spirit is in a state of unrest.

  78. Avatar

    She seems strong, and perhaps did’t care what people thought of her.
    High aspirations, and people were attracted to her? I got that she traveled a lot.

    I liked her, but not sure that I would trust her.

    I feel a bit of chilliness, and tingling when I look at her.

  79. Avatar

    I’m new posting but thought I’d take a crack at this!

    Impressions I get:

    She is a writer of some kind – maybe women’s rights or travel stories

    I get the sense of of being well off

    She had restrictions place upon her since childhood, she ended up shakng those off and traveling exploring

    A quiet person but able to imagine greater things beyond her with a solid head onher shoulders, a toughness beneath her but also some sadness

  80. Avatar

    The first word that came to mind repeatedly was “pompous”. Trustworthy? Ehhh
    I decided not to be shy this time, but that’s all I got.

  81. Avatar

    🙂 I’ll give it a try!
    She seems a bit like a toned-down version of the character of the woman Molly Brown from the movie Titanic. She looks like a high-class, practical, straightforward, political, down-to-earth woman who has experienced many challenges in life. I trust this woman to live up to her values.

  82. Avatar

    I get that she is a “haughty” woman…that’s the word that came to mind. I don’t feel that I could trust her…I think she’s very focused on her own needs and goals, which I think she keeps to herself, only revealing when necessary. I think a lot of people dislike her.

  83. Avatar

    She looks like a he, perhaps a socialite racehorse owner or from a similiar type of family. She seems strong and expempliary, yet may be plagued with rumours re her secret sexual tendencies, or may have a very feminine and weak husband and be the strong dominating force in their famous business or career. She looks loyal and determined, and she feels proud yet wistful for some reason.

  84. Anna

    Thanks you to everyone who left comments for being game for this 🙂 I have enjoyed reading the responses.

    I will post the results tomorrow.

  85. Avatar

    She is a very sad person and is very lonely. I get the feeling she miscarried a child and never had any children. She is very affluent but generous to those in need. She is kind and likable but very sad. I also get something with music.

  86. Avatar

    I feel that she is a stern woman. Also, the country Romania popped into my head.

  87. Avatar

    i literally see her aura bouncing off of her…i see white and a lil bit of green. i sense sadness with her.
    i wouldn’t be inclined to trust her.

  88. Avatar

    She looks like a woman who is strong willed, yellow white aura

  89. Avatar

    I feel she is an extremely selfish woman. There is a sadness in her past that I believe pushed her to accomplish what she has in her life. However, in order for her to do that there was a sort of ruthlessness, in that she had to push people down so she could make it up. Underneath that she cares deeply for her true friends and family, but everyone else are people that can be used to achieve goals. She’s extremely proud of how far she’s come, so I assume she’s not from a well-to-do family initially, and probably married into one. I think she grew to adore her husband, but not quite love him. She married for money, I believe. It’s a weird combination of her ‘doing what she must’ in order to get what she wants and where she wants. She is very strong willed, which might have led to her downfall in relationships with others.

  90. Avatar

    Secondly, I kept thinking she was on a ship looking out at the horizon. I barely paid attention to this until someone mentioned it. A lot of those kinds of details I just assume I made up.

  91. Avatar

    I too felt that she is a person of some means, possibly philanthropic in nature, a teacher or writer (children’s author?) but that she is hiding something, or supporting some currently unpopular cause. She may like to sing or play an instrument.

    My first and strongest impression was that she might have been a spy (I got the analogy of Ethel Rosenberg), or involved in some covert operation. Possible Germanic royal connection in the distant past, like the von Furstenburgs, or some form of American royalty.

    Like others, I get the sense of an adventurous or pioneering spirit, whether for good or bad. Maybe an A and/or L name?

  92. Avatar

    She looks like a fascinating woman. I would say she is well bred and has good social graces.
    Family orientated.

  93. Avatar

    She looks clever. First impression is that she might be cheerful, better, knows how to enjoy life. She might seem like she’s approachable and friendly but there’s something about her which demands that people keep their distance and not be too intrusive into her space or personal life. I would trust her up to a point but still be suspicious that she is someone who could rob you. Some people you know wouldn’t rob you.

  94. Avatar

    I like her, i feel like she’s someone I would be friends with. I see her as an actress or artist. Perhaps she’s a bit proud, reserved in some ways. But I think she’s over all a kind person. And for some reason I associated the color purple with her immediately.

  95. Avatar

    She is the wife of someone prominent, I feel aviation of some kind around her. She is strong & independent, but has suffered some kind of trauma. I do trust her, with reservations. I feel that she will fight for what she wants or needs. I feel she has traveled a lot, seen the world. Something about her seems so weary & sad.

  96. Avatar

    She’s an old soul, and lonely. She is kind, lovely, and she does right by the people she loves, and those who love her. She shares freely with those who are her good friends. She is not a socialite. She eschews the trapping of wealth, despite her inheritance. She is more concerned with relationships than money. I’m lonely for her when I see her face. She’s a very nice person, and she will come through for her friends.

  97. Avatar

    Impressions I get are:

    M in the first name like Margaret,

    From England/Scotland

    1 male baby

    Perhaps fished earlier in life, since I get fishes around her, a horse too.

    Spiritual woman and thinker

    Had a hard life, possible went through war time as well.

    Couldnt really express who she really was on the inside and felt and was limited .

  98. Avatar

    I’m a bit late on this. There was an article in my local paper (online) about her and I had to scroll away really quick. lol.
    I felt the following words and impressions. It was hard for me to get anything. I was a bit distracted so that was probably why…
    Stern, strict
    She enjoyed children
    Sort of shy, only had a small group of friends/people she interacted with
    She can be trusted
    I see her in charge, but not power hungry, but fair
    Her emotions seem stable
    I see music.

  99. Avatar

    Ok…she was wealthy, didn’t trust people (root), had many people telling her what to do (right ear), Depression (weight on the head)a feeling of being withdrawn or going internal does that make sense? issues with her thyroid or not being able to say what she wants(throat)…irregular heart beat, possible high blood pressure…

  100. Avatar

    I immediately felt conniving. I know this was posted a few years back but I absolutely love doing this! It helps “shake out the cobwebs” that is for sure! I didn’t put down my feelings on the first 4 pictures and I wish I had for most of what I picked up were almost dead on, so to speak. So, my first thought was she was a bad mother. I kept feeling the ‘mother” issue come in. I am not sure if that meant something about her mother or her being a mother. Either way it seems she is hiding something. That for awhile what she projected to the world was not how she really felt. She had some trauma in her life she did mot share much with others.

  101. Avatar

    My impressions of experiment#5
    Extreme sadness, depression
    reminds me of Amelia Earhart
    wealth through marriage
    working class woman
    no children, dislikes them
    pain concealed
    mental health issues
    appears to be submissive
    she is trustworthy in character can’t be trusted to function in the world
    addiction of some sort?


  1. Results of Intuitive Experiment #4 - […] Move on to experiment #5! […]

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