Intuitive Experiment #4 – Hone Your Intuitive Abilities

Here we go with another intuitive experiment! This is intuitive experiment #4. (Previous experiments can be found here, here and here.)

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Who Was She?

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  1. Avatar

    Her face keeps turning into a man, on both picture…. and I felt heart burn when I first tune into her…

  2. Avatar

    Driven by her own passionate thoughts.
    Not healthy.
    Prisoner of some sort either emotionally or physically
    Suffered abuse or difficulty.
    Determined/ fanatical.
    I get a different feeling from each pic…one gives me the impression of wanting to do good, wanting to fit in and follow. The other pic says “I’ll do what I want and I don’t care if you like it or not”

  3. Avatar

    My first impression was that she was German. I see her as a teacher or caregiver, maybe in an orphange with lots of children around her… dependent on her. I see her as a strong, driven woman…a fighter/protector maybe even activist. I also feel she was creative either in art or music.

  4. Avatar

    EEK! The first thought in my mind when I saw her eyes, it almost makes me sick in the stomach. In the second picture, she looks scared- she must be tortured or something like that.

  5. Avatar

    She looks intelligent to me, with a stern side to her that could intimidate folk. She is an author or poet? There is some scandal around her and I wonder if she would have laughed at it, not caring what anyone thinks of her. She may have been a lesbian or bisexual (maybe that was the scandal)…..I bet my reading ability sucks, hahahaha

  6. Avatar

    For the first picture, I get a strong impression of sadness. Even though it looks like she is trying to smile, it feels like there is something on her mind that is causing her a lot of sadness/depression. It also feels like she has been or is going through a very difficult time in her life at the time of the picture.

    For the second picture, she feels hopeful and optimistic. There is also a sense of great strength and commitment to some cause that she is willing to push for. It also feels like whatever caused the sadness in the first picture has either not happened or she has moved beyond on it, there isn’t any trace of that in the second picture.

  7. Avatar

    This woman strikes me as being a very earnest type. Probably has at least somewhat of a dark/sardonic/snarky sense of humor though. I’m thinking of the name Juliette, also reminded of the name “Tammy” for some reason though I don’t think those are her name.

    Prominent somewhere between the 1920’s-1940’s. I think she was an activist type. Got her name known for rabble rousing of a feminist nature. Advocate for women. Practical. Does not strike me as someone who got married– either she did it in her older years or not at all, mostly I get a single/independent vibe. Probably has at least one brother. I think I’d like/trust/hang out with her. Seems friendly. I think she might be shy on her private time but has had to be extroverted in public.

  8. Avatar

    I did NOT like her. My gut says she is extremely troubled, she is upset, and has contraditory feelings, but sgtrong ones. I pick up that someone had recently died around her that effected her, at the time this picture was taken. I pick up on someone dying very strongly, first impression. I also pick up arduous worker. I am not sure what she does, but I see her cleaning, scrubbing, working hard, with strength. I see her having to tidy up with strength. I also pick up on love issues. I feel she has just broken up, or maybe just split up, left, or has a platonic love which she obssesses about… because it seems this is upsetting her even more. These are impressions I got within the first minute I saw this picture. The rest, I picked passion, very heartfelt and intense emotions, but a troubled moment in her life. I definitely did not get a clear aura, but rather dungy. Maybe I’m all wrong, let’s find out in 4 days!

  9. Avatar

    I am really curious, because I have experienced some significant trauma last month, and that’s the first thing that I see in her, so I am not sure if I am projecting.

    I interpret her eyes to be frozen in fear, shell-shocked, like she wasn’t even there anymore. She looks battered, or significantly traumatized in some other way. Trying hard to pull herself together, and I’d assume she on some level would do valuable work support others.

    I’s probably hard for her to receive support because she radiates some “don’t you approach me” and “i’m strong” thing. I also get some of the desire to fit in, but mainly for safety.

    I wouldn’t trust her (and it breaks my heart to say that). Seems like due to whatever violence she has experienced, she has a very broad range of how her life could be. I could imagine her both working with people and really meaning it, and killing people (in revenge or from not being able to cope).

    BTW, thanks Anna for offering those experiments!

  10. Avatar

    She looks to me like she has been abused, held prisoner or captive, unjustifiably. She looks like a nice person who softened in her later years, somehow escaped her past and perhaps wrote or became an activist of some sort. Thats my gut, probably all imaginary but I’ll go with it and see where it lands me. She looks like a lady I know who is an alchoholic who is ill and had a achild die approximately ten years ago, she is sad and beaten.

  11. Avatar

    A very warm, passionate, brave lady. I feel as though she is actually looking back at me and can see into my soul. She is sad and I believe she came to a tragic ending but her life was very heroic.

  12. Avatar

    Here are the impressions I get from the two photos:

    A bridge
    The name, Laura
    Dancing in a long dress
    Avid reader
    Ivy league
    Fear of spiders

  13. Avatar

    She looks like a smart,clever person but I don’t know I can trust her.
    Maybe she was in prison ones, I’m not so sure.

  14. Avatar

    For some reason she reminded me of my mother. I just wrote down a list of impressions. I went back through the list to try to get more from each impression. I got that she is a shy and sweet person, but is closed off from people. She is also mentally unstable. It’s almost like she has 2 personalities. I got the impression of jail. Her personality is “flip floppy”. I don’t trust her. She is not a bad person, but just not reliable. I got a neutral vibe. She seems anxious and prone to anxiety. At her best she can be funny, but not many people get to see that. She is secretive. I got the impression she has a big family. Also, a lot of physical work and labor. After a few minutes I started to get very sad as if I wanted to cry so I stopped looking at her picture. I figured maybe she had a very, very tragic end to her life or something within her life.

  15. Avatar

    Eh, I don’t really trust my reading skills anymore, but I’ll give it a shot just to play along. This time, as suggested, I am not relying on visuals, just impressions.

    When I look at her, my stomach twists and I get a little sick/anxious feeling. I can’t really see an aura around the first picture, but the right-hand one I see a cloudy white aura. Although that could just be the background of the picture or a reflection on my computer.

    I also get an “I’m going to get you” feeling from both pictures, which is strange because both initially look so different. I got the impression that there is mental illness and that she was perhaps confined to a mental hospital or prison. I feel like death is involved, maybe she killed someone.

    I also got a picture of being bound to a chair, and got the words “axe” and “Madeline”. Might just be my imagination though.

    Overall, I get a very creepy vibe from her even in the right picture where she looks pretty harmless. The picture on the left looks like a murderous version of the actress Marion Cotillard. LOL

    I’m probably wrong and she’s a saint or a teacher or something. Ha ha.

  16. Avatar

    I see “bad” not nice, conartist, liar, dishonest, murder. Mentaly ill and had a bad childhood. I got nervous looking at her picture. I feel like she hurt children and adults. Very selfish, but in so much emotional pain herself, all she can do to let it out is hurt others to release the pain.

  17. Avatar

    I got a very uneasy feeling immediately. I am getting that this person has been involved in some kind of crime. Possibly there is a male figure involved somehow. I don’t trust her.

  18. Avatar

    instantily my first I thougth was that it was two different people, and the CHCH girls who killed the mother came to mind.
    Then I realised it was one person…
    Writer, intellectual, devious, mood swings, her mind chatters away a million miles an hour. Work house, boiler metal engineer, strong personailty

  19. Avatar

    in the first picture I get a very violent impression and in the second one the violence is there but not manifested. I don’t really get anything about what she does for a living or why both pictures are so extreme.

  20. Avatar

    Sensual free spirit, women like her at first but most become jealous men are attracted both in her mind and unknowing flirtation maybe why women wouldn’t trust her. Kids are who she is most at ease with . Has to prove her intelligence. maybe no children of her own but is involved with children in work.

  21. Avatar

    The first time I looked at the photographs, I felt that this is a nice, sweet woman, but almost immediately my thoughts went to murder and mental illness. I tried looking at it hours later and I got the same impression.

  22. Avatar

    OK here goes… thanks to your course and my own practice I’ve developed a standardized face reading script:

    1. Upon reading her my first impression is a feeling of fear/anxiety because she’s afraid of losing someone or something.

    2. In one word I would describe this person as childlike in that she’s naive.

    3. This person’s underlying motivation is to try new things and to explore and dare to try.

    4. I would not trust this person with my money because she doesn’t understand consequences.

    5. She does speak the truth because she’s a bit naive.

    6. This person’s intentions towards me is that she likes me because I’m a funny and cool guy.

    7. Her intentions towards others is that she’s afraid because she’s concerned people will steal from her.

    8. Her weaknesses are that she’s gullible, naive and childish

    9. Her strengths is that she remains happy despite hardships and is a free spirit

    10. She makes decisions based on how she feels about them.

    11. She is a feeler and a sensor type (from myers-briggs)

    12. Her occupation involve cooking up schemes and going with the flow

    13. One thing that is significant about her is that she’s very childlike.

    I’m looking forward to the results!

  23. Avatar

    All i get is the name elizabeth and the feeling of a misjudged woman evolving quietly into insanity.

  24. Avatar

    I think I need to stop doing these things. Clearly I am just not getting anything at all but my own bullshit if every single other person than me gets DANGER DANGER EVIL signs. I suck.

  25. Avatar

    i get intelligent,unconventional, dangerous ..

  26. Avatar

    Youngest of 5 children in a wealthy family. Was much younger than the other children. Never left home, became a teacher for elementary school kids. She lived a simple life, was a simple woman. Competent, probably changed the oil in her own car. She never married. I think she took care of her father late into life. I imagine she was well known in the town, kind of life a town founder, active on committees, etc.I think she comes from the mid-west-Chicago area or Detroit.

  27. Avatar

    I don’t like her. I get a negative vibe from her. She seems to be a murderer of some sort or maybe just devious. She reminds me of someone who is exacting and has high moralistic standards that she doesn’t abide by herself. She may be highly critical as well, a sort of “mommy dearest”.

  28. Avatar

    The first word that popped into my mind was deceptive. My solar chakra said she is an extremely bad and to stay away. I think she may be a murderer.

  29. Avatar

    My first impression is that she is a very intelligent woman but she can’t be trusted. There seems to be fear and anxiety and that she does not trust the world. I wondered whether she has been involved in some sort of criminal activity- either as a victim of crime or as a perpetrator.

  30. Avatar

    This woman looks like a strong woman yes I would trust her I think this woman would be caring and understanding but also hard I feel she has seen alot with those eyes of hers

  31. Avatar

    The first thing that comes is a spirit of fear around her.
    Was she coerced into something made to do something really against her will/better judgement.
    Was the sentence justified?
    mental illness. I sense a lot of sadness,regret,grief.

  32. Avatar

    I wanted to add I see a child very afraid of her.

  33. Avatar

    When that picture was taken, she was a happy & physically healthy woman. However, she was covering herself from a major problem with her husband.Her husband left her for another married woman. He left her with two kids (boys), ages 3 y.o. and less than 1 y.o., at the same time she was also pregnant and finally gave birth to a baby girl. She had to bring up her children in a miserable financial condition.

    Yes, I can trust her.

    She reminds me of my late Mom. The two are very loving and warm, and… are worriers *LOL*

    I’m getting a positive vibe from her, probably because she has some mutual characteristics with my late Mom. Her strongest vibe is her warmheartedness.

  34. Avatar

    The first photo is a younger photo of her, young, sweet, shy, full of hopes and dreams. Part of the 1920-1940’s era. Part of the war years. Later photo is an older self, mature, a caring, nurturing nature either a school teacher, a nurse. Of European descent. I get good vibes about her. I can trust her. She led a difficult life due to the eras she lived through but went on to achieve her dreams. Achieved what she wanted in life. She lived a long life.

  35. Avatar

    In the first photograph I notice her eyes – she is very knowing and wise. I believe she is an educated women maybe a nurse. She works hard and is tired. I think she is in her late 20’s early 30’s. I see hardship in her eyes which has made it hard for her to trust people.
    In the second picture I simply see contentment.

  36. Avatar

    I get ink. Typewriter. Maybe a teacher, or a secretary. Involved with education in some way.

    I get “spy” for some reason, and yet she feels trustworthy. She feels very observant. German? Swedish? I’m definitely picking up something related to German.

    She’ll do what’s necessary. I think she’s killed someone before. She’s cold. She can put aside feelings to do what’s necessary.

    I think she has a little sister, or a daughter. If she has a daughter then she’s a single parent. I don’t think she has a partner. I get a brother, an uncle, a male relative. Don’t pick up a father.

  37. Avatar

    I get the feeling she was involved in WWII in some way, too.

  38. Avatar

    i think she is a changed woman…
    there is a stark contrast in both pictures.

    i would have trusted the person in the second picture but not the person in the first(there have definately been some crazy life transforming expiriences that she has gone through)
    she does not remind me of anyone i know.

    i get neither because i view both pictures together… i dint try pshycic insight, just used my feelings and i felt that though her smile is bigger in the first photo, the eyes speak a very different story… there is a melancholic,very desperate to be here and forget things look. in the second picture however the smile is not that big but the eyes are peaceful… no great zeal in life, content with waht is happening… more grounded….

    wherever she is may god bless her and help her with whatever issue it is that she is facing….
    om namah: shivay
    let there be peace.

  39. Avatar

    Left photo: My immediate reaction was that I didn’t trust her, and that there was a death around her (maybe she killed him)… but then again this could just be picked up from the pose itself. I also get loud noises-maybe in her head but I don’t think so, multiple young kids (not necessarily her children), & some kind of trick, a miscommunication. She is quite “aware”, spiritual in some way.

    Right photo: Quieter, possible isolation/distance, mind clouded somehow, a silent anger over something tragic that happened in her past. Still aware, but with an accepted cynicism towards the human reality.

  40. Avatar

    I am going to confess up front that her resemblance is uncanny to a female character on a new fave show of mine. She looks like she could be her mother. I say that up front because it might be influencing my thoughts on her.

    Okay My first thought was Calm, she looked calm and demure the way she held her lips but the eyes bring out thoughts of mischief to me. She could be up to something you know smile in your face and stab you in the back. She could be a hard worker or a serial killer. That soft look seems to hide a heart of deceit or just deep secrets. Anger and fashion come to me next but she is dressed like a hard worker or a poor person so not sure that is right. Looking at her picture made me nervous like upset, heart racing, almost fearful. I could just be anxious or over thinking this one. I close my eyes I see a Large Bow, a Big hat and all in white like going to a fancy place. A man short hair not stocky but not tall wearing a suit. She is not clear but the items she wore are white and overly frilly. There is grass some sort of like hay stuff maybe they are off to the derby. The hat was big like the ones they wear. She wants him to hold her arm while they walk in but after that nothing at this point.

  41. Avatar

    I get water surrounding her, deception? Not arranged right, something is not in order. And I keep hearing “Roll over Beethoven…” by the Beatles, no less.I get Hitler or Polski Wyrob pickles. God. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  42. Avatar

    I see a woman who is:
    very intelligent
    scientific works in medicine or research
    has had a hard life and come through it in a positive way
    not married

  43. Avatar

    I don’t trust her, she frightens me I couldn’t look at her pictures for long.

    I instantly found picture one dark and evil, she seemed like she could smile at me while stabbing me in the back at the same time. I sense death, I think she has killed before more than once. She is deeply scarred. She has passed over. She wasn’t always this way she has a split personality (I see many faces). I sense childhood abuse and neglect.

    Picture 2 she is stern and hardened on the inside and she is rage-ing and frustrated. She is clever but untrained. She has a lot of power but is unloved, so mistreated her power it was too much for her to handle. I feel her life ended badly she spiralled down out of control. Shes confused. I sense mental illness. Photo 2 is an earlier picture before she killed.

    Overall she is not a good person at all, she was badly treated and is a direct result of that mistreatment. I send her love and light.

  44. Avatar

    My overwhelming initial response is “wrong” (my stomach knots and my gorge rises and I want to step back, away from her. I feel she’s got psychological issues that explode violently; that she’s experienced abuse beginning as a child; that her mother was a non-entity and her father ruled the roost. I also get a feeling that she may have some affiliation with the Mob, and with Chicago. She’s obsessive, and ruthless. As an adult, she made her own way in the world. I see her getting on a train, alone, with a suitcase. I sense the name Lillian. I get the impression that she’s an actress of sorts – she acts this way or that to get the results she wants. I get the sense that she’s smart – and sneaky – but she has the feeling that she’s smarter than anyone else and so isn’t as careful as she should be with her role-playing, and that brings about her downfall (arrest/imprisonment/incarceraton). I get the impression that her childhood was financially okay – the family wasn’t starving, but they weren’t rich either. Perhaps her father worked for the railroad or was an accountant. She’s strong, and willing to put a lot of effort into what she’s focused on. I think the smaller photo is the earlier of the two photos, and I get the impression that she’s unfinished/a bit hazy, but she still feels “wrong” to me. I sense the words cruel, violent, insane, obsessed. “Lizzie Borden” keeps coming to my mind, but I don’t think this woman is Lizzie.

  45. Anna

    Thanks to all who have left comments so far.

    Jennifer – don’t be discouraged – you don’t know who it is yet! I noticed you picked up on some factual info about the person. I actually think that one of the hardest things to ascertain is what the person does for a living, what their name is and factual information.

    If you were to get me to tune in to a client and asked me to guess their name/location, I have no idea if I would be able to. I’ve never actually tried it. But if you ask me about their inner life, what they’re feeling right now and why, and what their character is, I’d be able to tell you no probs.

    So anyone who picks up on objective info/’hard facts’ like name, profession, nationality, etc gets bonus points for submitting it 😀 I certainly wouldn’t necessarily get any!

    The other thing I wanted to say is, if you do this exercise, you WILL learn something about your intuitive process and what does and doesn’t work for you. But you might not necessarily get everything right.

    That’s OK though.

  46. Anna

    PS – Don’t worry about other peoples’ responses. Just focus on what you get!

  47. Avatar

    First impression :
    Defensive person or in situation when she must defend herself, knows her truth and stick on it fanatically, mentally disturbed, can be stubborn in particular situations.
    Something foxy about her, I wouldn’ t trust straight away.
    Intelligent.Might hide some secret.
    Prison, orphanage are settings where I can see her.

  48. Avatar

    The person in the smaller photo is young,open and full of promise for the future-see the confident tilt of her head, eyes open and clear.
    The second photo depicts someone who is withdrawn and shy- see slight tilt of head downward. I think she has suffered and is still afraid.

  49. Avatar

    Really interesting and very strange. Can’t get my head around the fact that it is the same person – though I can see the physical features are the same. Makes me feel a bit sick.

    In the photo on the left as I’m looking, I get a sense of somebody that I wouldn’t trust or like to be around. She reminds of someone I shared a house with in college – always the eyes lowered a little so you were never sure where you stood. But here I feel menace, like this is someone who likes to control the situation. Defiant, in a way.

    In the photo on the right I’m meeting a completely different energy and I feel sad. This is someone I would trust completely, someone that can let people very close. I’m getting intelligent and a ‘scientific’ mind. Very calm. I get a feeling of great calm. I feel her passing was easy. I feel at the time of the photograph there was something she really wanted to communicate or teach(but to who?).

    But I can’t get any sense of what’s causing the great difference in the two photographs – all I can hear is that this is two different women. It’s like the one on the right is a role she played, maybe was over-identified with. Could she be an actress?

    So interesting to read other people’s readings and looking forward to finding out who it was.

  50. Avatar

    Strong woman with a lot of passion, moves in circles dominated by men: science/politics/doctors.
    -I trust her, but she finds it hard to trust others.
    When I “see” her,she is wearing an uniform with an apron, perhaps a nurse or a scientist. The word “hygiene” pops up and the sentence “I need to get my message out”.
    I don’t think she is married.

    As a young person: happy, in love, a bit cold
    As a mature person: playing a roll? a bit drama queen?

    The smells I get from the younger (small) picture: vanilla, roses, calmness. The air is a bit cold.
    Smells from the larger picture: lavender, heat, and the smell of food, plus the word “rabbit stew”.

    There is also something about a woman getting shot in the back.

  51. Avatar

    Ironically, I got the serial killer vibe from the second photo. I just didn’t feel ‘right’

  52. Avatar

    I don’t trust her AT ALL i see shadows around her, but a blazing light of passion inside her as well, I see darkness, trouble and suffering she kinda scares me so i don’t wanna read any deeper, she’s incredibly closed off and isolated

  53. Avatar

    I think she killed someone,her husband?

  54. Avatar

    This woman reminds me of someone I know…
    I’ve never tried aura reading, but this is what I got:
    I trust her
    She’s mischievous and sometimes silly
    She’s somewhat quiet to people who don’t know her but if you do know her, she never shuts up
    She’s intelligent
    Somewhat humble; doesn’t frequently show off
    From the 2nd picture, I got:
    I don’t trust her anymore.
    Even more mischievous than ever
    Slightly evil
    Thinks bad, mean thoughts about others
    Has gotten possessive over things
    Nobody really trusts her, but they are afraid she will do something to them, so they’re scared of her.

    I have no idea if I’m right or wrong. The only thing that came to me instantly was for the second picture I randomly thought “possessive, haughty”

  55. Avatar

    I was surprised by the pictures. She has a very intense, vivid, exceptional quality about her. Personally I found it quite disturbing. I wondered whether she was a psychic, medium or spiritualist. I also wondered whether she died in or lived through very difficult circumstances, eg a concentration camp.

  56. Avatar

    I felt this is a lonely, evil woman who definitely shouldn’t be trusted.

  57. Avatar

    In the process or has overcome a major hurdle or life hardship. Good concentration and tenacity with tasks without taking them too serious. Trying to be more open, but having difficulty. Is playful and joyful when you “really” get to know her, she tends to keep her secrets.

  58. Avatar

    Strong individual, I get the colour red/warning with this lady, academically minded, loves books/reading, acting/actress, down to earth personality,can be calculating in a clever way, can be deceitful and I’m sensing a a connection to prison.

  59. Avatar

    I just got words…
    I do not feel I would trust her

  60. Avatar

    This woman scares me! I get both a positive and negative vibe from her. I feel like she is mentally unstable. That she is capable of things a ‘normal’ person wouldn’t do or maybe she has done something a ‘normal’ person wouldn’t do and maybe institutionalized. I feel like she has maybe done something terrible but if she wasn’t mentally unstable she wouldn’t have done it.

    I think she is ridden with pain and confusion. Almost like fighting against her own will. This is why I sympathize with her. It’s almost like she doesn’t understand the things she does or why she does them. I think in her heart she wants to be a good person but can’t find the balance. I’m not sure but I feel like she may have killed someone.

  61. Avatar

    I didn’t go into too much detail. This is what I came up with:
    – personal style is mean (not nice).
    – Sexual violence committed by her (though not commonly known) at a later age
    – Other crimes committed at a later age, which were punished
    – British
    – unloving family
    – Middle class. Mother = teacher of some sort; father = legal clerk
    – beautiful, admired, accomplished (until downfall)
    – social climber
    – crimes committed with an accomplice, concerning murder of children (for their possessions??)
    – Happy life until caught. Lived a normal existence on the outside.
    – Married, though not to accomplice.

  62. Avatar


    I also got Drew Barrymore lol, but didn’t put it in my write up because it’s so strange.

  63. Avatar

    When I got your email and opened it – the pictures were disabled but I read through the info. I looked at the space where her picture should have loaded up and one word came to me ‘wise’.
    Could say all sorts having seen the pics, but main thing was that she was a wise, knowing woman. Don’t know bout her being good, kind, etc. just knowledge.

  64. Avatar

    When I first looked at the picture I felt a sensation around my heart maybe a burn. I was frighten and sensed the character is not honest. I also felt they were a bit sneaky. I felt that kids had been murdered.

  65. Avatar

    Have read all the other comments now, fatal as it always make you self doubt! Have had another look at her and as I don’t want to raise anything that might be identified by her clothing,etc. I can only go by my feeling of her not only being wise but also a sense of intensity, confidence in herself. No idea about her personal circumstances like family, but definitely a woman to provide a challenge.
    Had another look and nope, not evil. A grafter, hard worker but short lived, maybe.
    Last word – Intense.

  66. Avatar

    Kathy – “Addendum: I also got Drew Barrymore lol, but didn’t put it in my write up because it’s so strange.”

    I thought that there was a lot of visual similarity with Drew Barrymore, too, but since I didn’t “sense” a connection, I didn’t mention it.

  67. Avatar

    First I saw that she was happy, then I saw anxiety, that she was unsure and scared.

    I would trust her.

  68. Avatar

    My first impression was fear…as though she had some devious secret and it had something to do with me. As soon as that came through though, I felt a deep sense of sadness for her…it seems as though she is a victim of abuse and neglect. She may have had to deal with intense pain and suffering, both from an individual in her life and maybe from the “state” as well. She has been a victim – and has fought back. She is ruthless. this is the word i get. marilyn? marguerite? She is saying “help me”…not necessarily in that picture…but it’s there. there’s a real equivocation here. fear comes from her and at her. she is strong and weak…fair is foul… it’s as though she can’t breathe, or chooses not to because she’ll be found out.

  69. Avatar

    To me she looks like a very deep, determined, excitable, highly strung, and very sensitive woman. I also get the sense of a social distance, that she doesn’t fit in, which comes across in the first image. From the first picture I get a sense of unease, not primarily with herself but the world and how it perceives and accepts her.

    A strong ethereal impression comes from the second image. It is as if she is distant and detached from this world, doesn’t feel part of it, yet part of her is reaching out trying to link somehow to someone or something. Is she reaching out for love, forgiveness or both. I feel a sense of loss but hope too! I would trust her, but I am a very trusting person naturally!

  70. Avatar

    I couldn’t spend a lot of time on her. I got the feeling from the first picture that she’s dignified and powerful but mostly a psycho killer. Murderer is what came to mind and not remoreful. I did feel from the other picture that she may have been a worker like a maid bur it could be the impression that I get from the clothes she is wearing. There is evil in that woman’s eyes.

  71. Avatar

    I feel she is of German/Polish descent, very intelligent,trustworthy but non trusting of others. She is very secretive I see yellow around her. She maybe well educated and hold a position in a university or other teaching field.

  72. Avatar

    She’s insane. Overwhelming felt that she was insane and/or a psychopath.

  73. Avatar

    I get that she is an evil person… one to cause harm on others. I feel she portrayed herself as kind and trustworthy but she wasnt. I feel she killed someone. When I look into her eyes they are not warm.. they are evil. I feel torture but sure if she endured it or she caused it to happen to others.

  74. Avatar

    I get she is a great worker…but not all there because things never work out as they should…I think she is miserable, yet semi-smart enough to twist things to go her way. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. i don’t think she is criminally insane, but she is very screwed up and will flow along with whatever somebody smarter says is the thing to do. It is actually sorta sad, but she is teaching us to realize how we think.

  75. Avatar

    I get a sense of determination with her, like she wouldn’t let anyone get it over her. There’s almost a dare in her eyes. I actually feel more unease with the second photo – it’s a little more ‘vacant’.

    I hesitate to add more because I feel like the questions about ‘Do I trust her?’ make me suddenly think maybe she isn’t trustworthy, so I’m not able to be as objective.

  76. Avatar

    I actually forgot to answer the “do you trust her,” question. I actually do not. She plans things that could best benefit her emotionally and/or physically. She will choose immediate gratifaction over having to slave over a plan. And I still think she KNEW she was being elusive. I do no trust her. AShe can come up with a skillion reasons why she has done whatever she does.

  77. Avatar

    I have never heard the word, “gratifaction.” in my life. I think I mean something else. What I get from this woman is she is rolling with you are this and that and she falls into the category. By luck. I think she is making things up and they fit.

  78. Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind was a Feminist of sort. Very intelligent but not forthright. She is quite gentle and direct. She is hospitable but for a reason that could harm. July or August born. She has some art function like photography, cooking arts. She is outgoing when needed as an act.

  79. Avatar

    I get murder around her and I feel uneasy looking at her as though she is someone to be feared or has been exposed to horrific circumstances. I believe she is intense and intelligent and determined. She looks as though she is controling and has anger issues and can twist reality and take her anger and negative thoughts out on others. Interesting, can’t wait to find out the truth.

  80. Avatar

    Words which come by immediately (for the larger photo)are
    She has bitten someone very badly! (I felt this!)

    However I felt different things for the second photo (smaller one)-
    Psycho (again!)

  81. Avatar

    I got the impression that she was a teacher. Very intelligent and independent. She grew up poor and is a very humble and simple person. The word kids pop in my head. I also get the feeling she was a teacher. She had no kids and never got married. She was a lover of music and art. I don’t know if she taught this in school or spent a great deal of time with music and art outside of her profession. I get that she was the youngest of her siblings and was abused by her step mother.

  82. Avatar

    Lol with everyone else, I reckon it’s the scary first pic.

    I got grief, sadness. She is a ‘crying’ woman. Subservient woman, middle/upper class. I wouldn’t trust her with my baby 😛 Murdered her husband?

  83. Avatar


    I thought that there was a lot of visual similarity with Drew Barrymore, too, but since I didn’t “sense” a connection, I didn’t mention it.

    Thank you for the “feedback” of sorts. I appreciate it. This is the first time I’ve participated in any type of on-line read. I want to learn and know where to go with all of this. When I saw the “visual similarity” I wondered if I was supposed to do anything with it. Does this have anything to do with what we are trying to do. Maybe because Drew is an actress or creative or been in trouble. I’m very tense and insecure in doing this, but for the very first time I’m trying. Don’t know what to do with stuff so I very much appreciate learning what to throw out and what to keep. I’m glad I posted it. 🙂

  84. Avatar

    My impression from her is dangerouse. I feel like shes been confined someplace. I feel she has a múltiple personality disorder. Shes different people in the different pictures. Not stable in her mind. A mother. Power, even seductive power.

  85. Avatar

    I see ornery, intelligent, a writer. Tragic beginning that lead to a beautiful end. Peace. Anna and Rae or Anne and Ray. She knows me somehow but I am unsure the connection or timeframe. Imagination saved her. Gloria also comes up. Tired. Never satisfied. Understands.

  86. Avatar

    I got the following impressions:

    She was a teacher and writer
    Something to do with the word mysterious. Not sure if that means that she was mysterious, that she was a mystery writer, or something else altogether
    She is someone’s Aunt
    She had no children
    She was a feminist
    I got the name Isabelle but I don’t know how that relates

  87. Avatar

    Here are my thoughts and impressions from both photographs. Lady from the 1930’s or 40’s, New York, Ellis Island, lived in tenement housing. Mother, caregiver, very kind and a person who looks after people. Possibly an Italian immigrant. Not overly sure she is an Italian immigrant but she is definitely an immigrant. Her disposition feels magnetic and kindred and very strong. She has lost a child/ren. Her piercing eyes hide an insecurity or a shame of some sort, like she knows something we do not and it is meant to stay hidden. Bottom photo feels like innocence at first blush but after sitting with the picture it makes me think she hadn’t yet experienced the insecurity/shame seen in the top picture. The top photograph emanates the word matriarch. Her hair falls into place so neatly and easily and to me, that element signifies routines or chores in her life. Perhaps she once was wealthy or was married to a wealthy man who had money before losing it, or being displaced? The bottom photo seems like she may have been an academic or a student. She seems trustworthy but may suffer from anxiety or depression possibly because she is a depression era lady.

    The brownstone looking bricks are significant to the picture which is what made me think she was from New York. Thankyou for letting me practice my intuitive awareness here.

  88. Avatar

    Kind, wise but also deceives herself. Very big heart. Feel like there was a HUGE trauma that majorly impacted or changed her life. No idea what though……. Feel that she is psychic and/or involved with the supernatural. Believe she is related to you. Grandmother maybe? Her name begins with an “L”.

  89. Avatar

    Kathy – You may want to try this on the previous photos Anna has done this exercise with. Look at the photos, do your reading, and then see what everyone else has written, and then read Anna’s post about who the photo is of and their background. There’s no need to be tense or insecure about any part of this. As you can see, there’s a group that sense one thing, another group that senses another, and then there are the in-betweeners. We’re probably all correct about some portion of what we each see – and what’s publicly known about the subject of the photo is all that can be verified. None of us can point to written fact about what’s not publicly know. So even if you don’t sense what others sense, it doesn’t mean that what you sense is wrong.

    (Anna – Apologies for monopolizing your blog. 🙂 )

  90. Avatar

    i felt a tightness in my throat when i first looked in her eyes. although, i don’t hold any negative feelings to that sensation. initially, i was quick to write her off, but i caught myself. there’s a love in her eyes…there’s something that she shares with a lot of other people. i feel like she’s a bit misunderstood. extremely intelligent…borderline cunning, but is aware of her intelligence level and has too large of a heart to give much weight to the potential negative aspects of herself…she does seem to be stuck inside of her head at times….did she die young? there’s an unfulfilled feeling i get….still can’t get past the throat though…she either held something in, or had an ailment(?)

  91. Avatar

    My son’s first comment from a glance without me saying a word was that she looked “evil”. I sense the same and that she was a powerful woman with incredible determination.

  92. Avatar

    I get an impression that she is someone who is insecure and perhaps struggled to get the love the she needed. She was confused about why she felt the way she did and felt unhappy. She was iinfluenced/guided by other people in her life perhaps to her own detriment and held on to people that may notnhave been good for her. She got herself into trouble.

  93. Avatar

    I get an impression that she is someone who is insecure and perhaps struggled to get the love the she needed. She was confused about why she felt the way she did and felt unhappy. She was iinfluenced/guided by other people in her life perhaps to her own detriment and held on to people that may not have been good for her which got her into trouble.

  94. Avatar

    When I first looked at the pictures I said…..
    Are these two people the same but in different times

    They both seem scary and altho’ they look like women it seems at least one of them is male. I don’t trust either one of them

    The first photo seems old and reminds me of Kathy Bates in that movie where she held Paul Newman (I think that’s who it was) captive in the house and beat him and stuff.

    the second feels like it is from the 70’s
    and feels like they may have been sexually abused or the abuser.

    I want to find something positive in each pic but the fact is they creep me out.

    thank you
    have fun

  95. Avatar

    There is a look of mirth in her eyes. I feel like she could burst out laughing at any moment. I do not trust her. She is a lonely soul and has been hurt. She has suffered the loss of a child. She may have been the one responsible for the death of the child. She is a sensitive – hears voices.

  96. Avatar

    I see this woman with two young children, girls, about 7 and 3 years old. I sense a great love for them from her. I feel she
    might have some health issues, maby thyreoid-problems, maby depression some period of her life. I believe she might be shy,
    a little withdrawn from from other people. I think she has integrity, and doesn´t easily talk about her private life with other
    people. I think she has
    experienced a difficult childhood, there was some issues with her father. This made her “soft” to other people. She is a little
    suspicious to other people, doesn´t easily open up to others.
    She is used to handle things on her own, the man in her life is not reliable. Maby she is scared of him. I see her
    as writing books. I sense she is neat and proper, she likes to have a nice home, even though she might not always have the
    money to arrange it. She is a simple person, and accepts that, all is well. She doesn´t make things complicated. People often
    see her as strong, and tend to her for support and empathy, not knowing that she has her own problems. She can´t do much
    for other people, other than listening, but that seems like it´s just what people need, to be listened to. To get the feeling that
    someone really recieves what they say. And that she is good at, she gives no advises, just listenes. And often she gets ideas
    for her writing. I don´t know if she is published or if she writes for her own amusement, but this is a great amusement for her.
    In her eyes I see wisdom, knowledge. There is at the same time a young girl, then a woman and I also see an elderly woman in her eyes. I think she is an observer in life. She enjoys watching other people more than participate herself. She likes to wear comfortable clothes, thick stockings and proper black shoes.

  97. Avatar

    i felt really uneasy looking at the larger picture. the strongest adjective i got was “crazy” or “unstable”… something about her tells me not to trust her but that the instability she suffers from isn;t necessarily “her fault”.

  98. Avatar

    happy !!

  99. Avatar

    Adventurous daredevil was my first impression. Independent, loyal (but not to her own detriment). I trust her as long as I’m aligned with her personal interests.

    She reminds me of a teacher. I get the feeling she was pigeonholed as something she was not, though.

    She could be really mean and vindictive, if she wanted to be. But she was usually kind. Very masculine force with an spark of femininity.

    Hard laboring.. maybe washing laundry?

    I like her vigor, but I don’t like that she was blinded by it sometimes.

    Did she invent something that she didn’t get much credit for? Something big, only hardly any recognition?

    Okay, I think that’s all I got.

  100. Avatar

    A woman. She is not childish and not a kind of woman who lives only for shopping, cosmetics, and fashion LOL

    She is a critical thinker and logical so valid proofs and logic are a must if you want to assure her about something. Analyzing and reasoning are ones of her skills.

    But sometimes she is too far intuitive, and somewhat she has a dream of spreading a big thing, and also behind her strong appearance, she is a woman who is upward seeking things that really support her ideas.

    She is an open-minded person and is open to brand new stuffs and she is careful to choose which one is the best for her.

    She reminds me of….. hmmmm…. a woman in 20-40’s era ? Whoever she is this person gives you inspirations, Anna.

    Please don’t laugh at me if I am wrong LOL I have no psychic capability. Its all nothing but my guest.

  101. Avatar

    I feel that she is very shy. I also feel that she is or has been hiding something.

  102. Avatar

    I say she’s from India, looks very happy from inside & has great wisdom – her fulfillment comes from revelation.

    (other one is youthful, more serious tho)

  103. Avatar

    Initial impression is mental illness/instability. I see lots of children around her…. possibly a teacher, or as someone else stated worked in an orphanage. Or perhaps she grew up in an orphanage. Im kind of leaning to that last impression due to her mental instability. Not likely that she would work for an orphanage. Lots of conflicts going on in her mind. Very unsettled.

  104. Avatar

    I don’t see the reveal of who this is yet, it’s been over 4 days so am I missing it?

    I actually see someone very unstable. It may seem strange but I see a twin or split personality…maybe my mind playing tricks on me because there are 2 photos…I don’t know. I keep getting a strange & almost wicked feeling about her. She appears to be under much turmoil in her life.

  105. Avatar

    A bronze eagle, or bird of some sort, a basket, an empty whitewashed house, her in a red dress and laughing, a white dove, and a man with curly hair in dark clothing maybe a turtleneck

  106. Avatar

    Nice, Kind, sweet alittle shy,would be very old now, or is a very old soul.and mixed racialy. and has been abused.

  107. Avatar

    I would trust her. She is strong and has a defiant personality. The first picture makes me think that she is sad, possibly by some traumatic occurence. Possibly a family thing. Randomly I also got New York and drowning.

  108. Avatar

    a manipulative and conniving woman

  109. Avatar

    she has been put in jail for murder maybe her husband

  110. Avatar

    the minute I saw her picture I got the feeling that she is some kind of criminal or something, I could sense anger in her eyes, she is looking from deep inside and with the smile in her face it looks like as she did something and doesn’t regret it. even though the picture on the right looks a bit innocent but she has almost the same smile in both. maybe I was influenced by what she is wearing in the foto on the left (my left), its untidy, not ironed, the one on the right looks more neat also looks young. she seems educated, intelligent. is she a psycho? maybe at mental sanitarium? in my eyes, she in one angry woman, fiercely angry, her half smile with that down up look, it gives me the impression that she is holding back some big reaction. ok this is what I have for now. even if I was wrong, but surely I have good imagination :-)) but the interesting thing is that when I focused on her left foto she seemed a bit manly, as if it was the foto of a handsome guy!at some point i felt that she turned into a man or something :-))) ok that’s it.

    or a victim maybe? victims can feel angry as well, but why would she even smile in the foto if she was a victim of anything even if the smile was fake? unless it was a report about her where she tells a story about her life.

  111. Avatar

    Calm I feel a resounding calm in both photos, but underneath it I see the nature of this calm. She reaks of death though not that of others though she may have taken lives. No, its her own death like she has already expected or hoped that she would be killed by someone.

  112. Avatar

    Do not trust her, psycho, jail, dislike her, cruel streak

  113. Avatar

    she looks like a slave..not happy .made poise for this foto. maybe she spoke out and because she was a woman she ws punished?

  114. Avatar

    She’s pretending to be nice from the outside. But she’s not. She’s hiding things. She harm to kids. It’s an old picture. She’s dead by now.

  115. Avatar

    crazy, scary, bad things around her in childhood

  116. Avatar

    She gives me the creeps. Her eyes show intelligence, but she can’t be trusted. She has had hardships in her life with many losses, and I think it caused mental instability.

  117. Avatar

    With this one everything kept contradicting and was confusing. This was the hardest picture to read for me.
    This is the impressions that came in order
    -strong woman
    -ground breaking/ahead of time
    -could see children
    -could see lots of nurses
    -prostitute/brothel madam
    -fun loving risk taker
    -warm vibe but feel she is in trouble with the law
    -would I trust her? not sure, yes and no

  118. Avatar

    first thought is vindictive
    poor, housekeeper, cheater, she has , or has part of killing???
    she got people to trust her
    hurt..i dont know if it happened to her, or if she did it
    many children

  119. Avatar

    Was there stabbing, swinging of the arm violently of some fashion

  120. Avatar

    My impressions of this woman:
    She was a young adult in the 1910s to 1920s. American. She was arrested for a crime for which she felt no regret. I get a vibe as if she fought for women’s voting rights. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and is willing to put her own safety on the line for it. She may not have been treated well by men. She is confident. She is brave. And she is a risk taker. I feel she died in middle age and may have had 1 child, but no husband. He either left her or she left him. Curious to read the results. 🙂

  121. Avatar

    Looking at both of the pictures I got a sick feeling in my stomach. The main word that came to me is maniacal. I’m not sure if this woman is mentally ill, but I get the distinct impression that she likes hurting people. I feel she may have hurt children or the elderly. Really, she may have hurt anyone that is weak and or can not defend themselves. I feel that she got away with anything bad she did in her life because she was a woman and was never actually caught doing anything bad. I feel she died in her 40’s, maybe early 50’s. I feel that she did not really like society in general.

  122. Avatar

    I got shy,timid when it comes to loving and something to do w children.wet nurse maybe?

  123. Avatar

    My impression of Experiment#4

    mix of orange, red, white and blue
    mental disability; crazy
    I don’t trust her; eyes
    pain/ sadness
    hiding something
    poor or close to it
    craves companionship
    loss in relationship or family
    prison time or jail( mental or physical)
    loss of insanity
    non-solicitous appearance but solicitous in nature
    hatred of prostitutes
    intimate with children, love or them might not be natural or the times
    non conforming
    very passionate
    reminds me of “mother of death”

  124. Avatar

    First impression: mischievous.

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