Intuitive Experiment #3 – Try Your Hand at Reading this Man

It’s time for another intuitive experiment!

The aim of the exercise is for you to have some fun, strengthen your intuitive abilities and gain some confidence in reading other people.

The experiment goes like this:

1. Have a go at reading the person’s aura in the photo (use the instructions below to help you.)

2. Note down your impressions, and leave a blog comment

If you have done the other two experiments and have not left a comment with your impressions and results before, I invite you this time to take the plunge and post your impressions in the comments box right at the bottom! I use your impressions to tailor my feedback and give tips, so you’ll have more chance of getting some feedback that’s relevant to you, if you post your impressions publicly below.

I will reveal who he is in 3 days time.

So without further ado, take a look at this man:

Use the photo above to pick up information about his energy.

And if you’re not sure how do that, why not download the free worksheet below (with detailed instructions on how to go about it.)


Who Was This Man?

Find out by going here: Results of Intuitive Experiment #3

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  1. Avatar

    Let’s give this a try! I always enjoy it when you do these.

    First impressions: he’s gruff, and can be blunt.

    I get the sense of wealth, but involving financial loss – maybe not ruined from it but I get that something happened at some stage which took a dent. Wife, daughter or maybe two daughters. (I’m definitely getting the sense of at least one daughter, and *perhaps* a second that is not so doted on.) I think one died? I get a very feminine vibe, that he was around a lot of women at some stage, but in a family sense.

    Does he smoke?

    He looks like: a shrewd man. Someone who is keen, intelligent. Not necessarily bad, but perhaps ignorant at times because of privilege, because of lack of understanding. He might do something someone else sees as “bad” but not think of it in that way at all – it’s not that he’d try to justify it, just that he wouldn’t entirely realise.

    I think he went to university or does work involving one, or is associated with someone who works at one.

    Did he die from an accident?

    My vibe – not negative. A little positive, but still in the grey zone.

    His word is trustworthy, but he might try to weasel out of things. I think he tries to be an honest man, but he has vices he’s lied about.

    I think he cares a lot about a daughter, or his daughter, or even someone who’s like a daughter.

    I think he might be Polish, or from Poland, but I get a London vibe as well (to be specific, the dirtiness of London streets, how they used to burn coal). Maybe he’s a migrant, or worked there at some stage, or something to do with it?

  2. Avatar

    I think he is a musician. He has suffered heartbreak.

  3. Avatar

    he feels closed off to me. something about water.

  4. Avatar

    i get hes a dcieving man a nobleman who was also a business man.

  5. Avatar

    I got successful business man and is somehow involved in music. I feel like he is a good man and very proud of how far he came in life. As a child I see him in the country maybe a little on the poor side . I also see three daughters???? I cant shake the vibe that he got himself into trouble. Can’t wait to see!!!!;)))

  6. Avatar

    I’ll have a go!

    He seems highly-strung. A little odd or eccentric. Highly intelligent. Alert. Dignified. Astute. Extremely good at what he does. Successful and wealthy. Absorbed in his work to the detriment of personal relationships. I get the feeling people confuse him on an emotional level and he prefers intellectual relationships. Sees people as objects although he does care on some level. Might be married and might have children but he’s not overly involved in their lives if he does – there’s no feeling of family. British. Works in medicine or science – something that requires ‘the facts’. May be interested in astronomy, coin collecting, antiques. He’s an explorer. Likes the countryside and fresh air and walks. He’s trustworthy – keeps to his word, but is neither a ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ person although I’d say he has high morals.

  7. Avatar

    Bicycle. Bicycle. Bicycle. He wants to laugh. Humorous.

  8. Avatar

    Well I am completely NOT psychic. Not with a flat picture anyway. I usually have to be in someone’s presence to get a reading off of them. When I first saw the picture I thought he was creepy. Then I got Rose Rosetree “Big” and looked again and saw the word KINDNESS in my minds eye and maybe he is French? Also maybe a woundedness about him that caused him to be kind or to give because of a loss or to help to ease a loss. Don’t know.
    My luck he will be a famous AMERICAN SERIEL KILLER or something. I tried! lol

  9. Avatar

    Oh this is fun! Finally I’m taking the plunge to voice out my thoughts!

    I got the word “murder”. It’s like he’s just murdered someone or did something really terrible and there’s guilt and fear in his face. He is a “thinking” kind of man, very occupied in his mental body. I don’t trust him.

  10. Avatar

    His wife died before she was 50. There is grief there.
    He looks like a successful public speaker and leader in some field. I want to say politics.

  11. Avatar

    He looks like a wise, deep, somewhat sarcastic, self-confident man.
    He knows a great deal of things.
    He is smart.
    There is remembrance of something difficult to deal with in his past, which might still drag to this day.

    What I don’t like about him:

    He might not treat other people very well. Probably he wasn’t treated well in the past and now he doesn’t like people very much.
    He might be sarcastic and cruel at times.
    I think he is not married and doesn’t have a family.

    Do you trust him?

    I think, no.

    Does he remind you of anyone you know or anyone you’ve met in the past? – if so, which characteristics do the two people share?

    He reminds me of a British actor (I don’t want to say his name), and what they seem to share is their attitude towards other people. It seems like they don’t want to have a lot of people around them. This might appear as shyness, but it also might be because they don’t really like people.

    What is his life story? – can you pick up any fragments of it?

    I can’t get anything specific. It seems that there might have been a woman in his life, but they didn’t end up getting married. I don’t feel any feminine energy around him at all.

    I can’t get any specific details about him. As to his occupation, I think he is either a writer (or an avid reader) and/or a scientist.

  12. Avatar

    Ok, I’m having a go. Never done this before and bravely resited looking at what everyone else has written before posting!

    I got a horrible feeling when trying to read this man. Immediately I felt a strong pain in my heart area, and it grew stronger and stronger the more I stared into his eyes. It actually made me feel quite physically sick.

    First impressions of his character were: aggressive, on edge, angry, arrogant, untrusting, reserved, intolerant / strict.

    The more I looked, the more I felt he was hurt / bitter about something in his past. “He looks like a bitter man”.

    I got a very negative vibe / sense of deep pain.

    What he is good at – he’s conscientious, methodical, proper, pays attention to detail. Perhaps he’s a leader.

    What’s important to him – things being done the ‘right way’, his privacy (he doesn’t like to let people become too close), everything being in order, and that he appears strong / in control to others.

    Nationality – perhaps British?

  13. Avatar

    I think he is a doctor/physician. He is careful and meticulous. Someone wounded him/endangered him in some way. He is well-educated and caring.

  14. Avatar

    I think he is a doctor/physician. He is careful and meticulous. Someone wounded him/endangered him in some way. He is well-educated and caring. Perhaps he was a musician too?

  15. Avatar

    My basic vibe of him is that he is a fortunate man…postive impression, although his nature is domineering at times. He is quite amorous and thinks highly of himself. I get an English or German ancestry feeling. He is a world traveler, explorer or scientist. Inventor, possibly? The name Arthur or the word “author” pops into my head. There is some connection to airplanes that I’m picking up as well. I don’t get a negative impression of him, it’s more neutral. He is a thinker.

  16. Avatar

    First off, Anna, thank you so so much for these!!! I always get excited. Here’s what I picked up:

    Prideful…Ego driven…Authoritative…HILARIOUS…Show Business…Fire sign (Sagittariaus/Aries?)

    Opens up only after he feels like he truly knows people well…has experienced emotional trama…aloof until he gets to know you…

    Knows how to manipulate people…humorously…Hypnotist? Comedian? Some sort of host?

    Good person until you cross him…

    Had BIG shoes to fill…he or someone had big expectations from him…

    Is highly interested in what makes people tick psychologically, mentally, and emotionally…

    Lived in America…but is of European decent…

    That’s what I picked up from the picture. Can’t wait until you reveal who this man is, so that I can confirm my impressions.

    Che Tinsley

  17. Avatar

    i saw purple when i first looked at the pic. i think he’s interested in the arts but doesn’t pursue it some sort of music. i’m conflicted between an extremly happy man and a really severe one as though who he is and how he’s judged or what is expected of him are conflicted. i want to say he’s dutch. he has some effect on politics if not a politician then has enfluence over politicians.i keep getting that there should be a purple ribbon across his suit with some sort of gold or bronze emblem. that’s all i got

  18. Avatar

    Right away I got he was a very authorative man. He seems broken and determined. I also feel like he could not be trusted because he would do what ever it would take to be sucessful. I felt like he was a huge business man with lots of control.
    The one thing I think he would care about is money and not much else. He seems like he would be abusive to women with very little respect for them.

    Perhaps he could be Polish? He does seem to have a familiar face to me. Heart broken is something else that comes to mind.


  19. Avatar

    There is something dark about him – I mean almost like I can see this mean steak running through him. Like he comes off nice perhaps, but the darkness catches up to him every time. I can’t stop seeing this dark streak that runs right through his eyes. How bizarre. Kind of gives me the creeps. :~)

  20. Avatar

    When I saw the photo earlier I did not like him. I got a creepy vibe. Still do but less so. I think he has a secret. He is a fearful man, possibly gay, and I do get a negative vibe. He is quiet and speaks with a low voice. He doesn’t seem to be a physical threat. I don’t think he is violent. He is honest. It is hard for him to hide the truth. He is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. He is not a deep person, but he feels insulted and hurt. I see him around children and flowers. He is around children, possibly raising them. There is no female figure, but he might have been married once. He has a small suitcase or briefcase. A woman in his life may have died of a heart attack. Although he may be honest, or have a hard time hiding his true feelings, I do not trust him. He is selfish. He is not brave. And he is probably hiding something, even though it is difficult for him.

  21. Avatar

    My first impression is a strong sense of sadness. An impression of strong decisiveness, he is used to leading people. It feels like he had several tragedies in his life and did what needed to be done in spite of them. He also had many successes but they never fully overcame the sadness. It also feels like he lived a long life and was relatively healthy up until the end.

  22. Avatar

    I place this guy in the New York/New Jersey area of the United States. The first thing I thought about him was how frightened he is in general. He reminds me of a viper – a creature that once threatened, attacks quickly and ruthlessly. I think that he’s a businessman and politician. He has a benevolent side, a little of a soft heart underneath. Wife and three kids – two boys and a girl. He likes natural spaces and spending time outdoors. Smart, observant, doesn’t say much, emotional under a “tough guy” front, good at negotiation (but not so much with relationships, like his marriage), talent for making money and expanding his empire. His mother may have been ill a lot during his childhood. His father was a hard-working man with a lot of hard edges. If he has brothers and sisters, he isn’t particularly close with them, except maybe a younger sister.

  23. Avatar

    oh i love this game!

    My initial impressions:

    He’s a writer or an orator– words are important/key, to his career.

    he’s a bit devilish, but it’s all in good fun.

    i trust him but his flirtations might be a bit much if we were alone together.

    he has a family– maybe 3 children. I see them as young. At least one is a little girl, maybe 2.

    He looks Irish?

  24. Avatar

    Like a charlatan. sneaky, self-centered. Likes hugging you and at the same time holding his nose and slipping in the knife. Possibly in a low position of authority. Justifies his actions to himself and others because of his ambitions. England or German. Couldn’t pickup how he died.

  25. Avatar

    Rich (may have lost his money along with his marbles toward the end of his life)
    At least somewhat crazy.
    Probably comes off as a kindly gentleman to those he loves/likes, a real terror to those he doesn’t like/enemies.
    Businessman/inventor sort (at least somewhat inventive), metal/mechanical industry. somewhat willing to get his hands dirty, in invention if not production
    I keep thinking “Rutherford.”
    Probably has hordes of children, like 4-5, long-suffering wife who got fed up years ago but sticks on. she probably looks quite frazzled compared to him. (Julia?)
    Either British or American, I’d bet more that he moved to America for money.

  26. Avatar

    Ok… I’m gonna give this a go even though I feel like I have absolutely no idea.

    First impression, that he’s hiding something. A sense of not wanting to be seen. An impression of a scared rabbit. Yet he’s used to holding court, he’s got a quiet sense of satisfaction. A touch of flambouncy – a showman in some respect?

    I picked up something about America, maybe the mid-west, and also Austria/Hungary.

    And that’s about it…

  27. Avatar

    He looks like a writer, an innovator, perhaps scientific?

    No, I wouldn’t trust this man…a bit of a negative vibe. I am getting an impression of him being very narrow minded in some areas…maybe religion?

    I think he was brought up in a very strict household. Napoleon/Hitler impression…hmmmm.Even a mad scientist feel LOL German is my guess as far as descent.

  28. Avatar

    I’m scrolling past all the comments so I can post what I got free of worrying about whether anyone else got the same thing. (heh)

    I got an artistic bent, rather flamboyant but that is hidden well. He’s sad and feels betrayed by something or someone.

    I didn’t find him easy to read because the sadness felt so large to me that it blocked out other impressions I would have gotten. I didn’t dig further at that point.

    Posted it on my FB fan page – hope lots of others come to play!

  29. Avatar

    These are the impressions I got:

    He is not unlikable, but I’m not sure if he’s a good man either. He is powerful, big, imposing (perhaps tall as well). He has something to do with the symphony – I got conductor as well as a powerful violin player. He’s European, likely German. I asked for his name and got Heinz but that may have just been myself answering. He has two children, blond. I saw him presenting them to important people. I think he’s a good “schmoozer” – wants to impress and meet important, wealthy people. He liked to swim, but I got the impression that something happened to his left arm while swimming (both arms were functioning properly when I saw him playing the violin).

  30. Avatar

    I am getting that he is fearful. Hungarian and there is something not right about the back of his head. Maybe an injury?

  31. Avatar

    Ohhhh these exercises are SO MUCH FUN! Here’s what I picked up about him:

    * He likes to smile and be jovial.

    * He suffered from some type of mental illness at some point in his life – perhaps depression – due to life circumstances.

    * Children are very important to him – he has daughters/children, I think, who he LOVES more than life itself. This is actually the first impression I picked up about him.

    * British – but I feel like his family might have a bit of German blood, too.

    I might come back and post more, but these are my first impressions having spent 3 minutes looking at his picture.


  32. Avatar

    These are the impressions I wrote down: He is disciplined. He’s a play by the rules type of guy and fair. He’s also strict. He’s intense and likes things done a certain way. He works hard, but can have fun too. He has a hearty laugh and is very loving, but strict with his kids (not sure if he has/had any).

  33. Avatar

    a cheiftan in the class, yet a loser in life
    One who never did explain himself clearly enough,
    Yet was found undone by the society around him
    He spoke clearly enough for all to hear, and yet
    None did listen, for truly this one was something else

    He speaks of things that clearly he’s seen
    And though he’s known truth, he finds that truth is hard to breath
    And so with his words, and a pen, and a gun
    He finds fortune from a small gift within a sun

    The letter f…

    Two f?

    Finger puzzles

    French grenades

    handheld devices before their time

    Founder of something

    funny how he found out.

  34. Avatar

    There is fear in his eyes, but not a fear of a camera, or of anything in general, but rather, just a notion that throughout his life, the world caused great fear in him, so as to instill in him a tad bit of paranoia.

    He clearly knew something that most didn’t, and from that is where this fear stemmed, in that he was never sure as to who else could see it, coupled with various other metaphysical sensations I’m getting.

    He’s tense. Something tragic happened, seemingly constantly, and no matter how far he exceeded in life, it seemed that he could never win, as though he was destined for failure, though an onlooker would never guess, because his facade is that of one who is strong.

    I keep getting the letter “f” for some reason. Friend, Family, Fortune, Failure. Feelings founded upon fixations with few relations between himself and those around him. He was isolated. Intense, and intriguing.

    A father of 6, though only 2 were known by most. Time was of the essence.

    … Now back to the “F”…. He was a good man.

  35. Avatar

    Thank you for this great challenge to hone our skills 🙂

    I feel he’s 45 in this photo. He was German or Chez Republican to me. This guy was very well known in his life, he had this certain leo veil around him always wanting to impress people and look fashionable. I get the names Ernest, Enrique and Larry.

    I can see he liked drinking, specially at toasts and was someone that could make people laugh easily. He was the joker. He had a wife who died before him, I get the name “Elizabeth”. She was a bit younger with a sweet appereance and blonde hair. I feel her death was suddenly and I sense she was murdered.

    I got three different images, one of her being kiled by him with a sword (before being enough hit while he was drinking), another one of her drinking and falling instantly during a toast and the other one, she near a water body drawning or being choked.

    I get the feeling that this guy had different likes, I feel his passion for music and feel he was a recognized musician. Also he liked to paint and sometimes dancing at gatherings. However I feel he was really involved in secret organization related to politics or becoming strong.

    I sense he smoked for some time and liked to have his palms read or something similar to psychic phenomena.

    I feel he had three children, two middle aged boys that seem twins and a teen girl. This man got into depression when his wife died and he became alcoholic, I could sense he’s life was over when his wife died and then he committed suicide or was sent to jail. Two years come to me 1873 and 1963. This guy had to cope with both inner and external violence, since I got about three images about murders.

    Also there’s something with the loyalty I don’t understand well but it seems he had relatives that ruled a place.

    Can`t wait to see the results Anna 😉 hugs for you!

  36. Avatar

    Uh, I forgot to mention he’s very passionate and was good at having sex (women felt this about him) but was kind of tough while doing it. I see also a red flower.

  37. Avatar

    I sense a tremendous amount of loss, sadness, grief. He really loved his wife and perhaps the sadness is connected to her.

  38. Avatar

    Cont….I would also like to add that when I originally posted…I thought that I added “show business”…but going back and reading what I wrote…I realized that I didn’t…

  39. Avatar

    Crazy, scary person.

    Mentally ill?

    Highly capable and well-known.

  40. Avatar

    (I did a lot better with the last reading. Didn’t get nearly so much detail this time. And what I “saw” doesn’t jibe with most of what everyone else is “seeing”. Oh well, here goes anyway!)

    Initial vibe when I saw this photo last night was “extremely creepy”, so much so that I couldn’t even look at the photo for very long. It was much easier to look at him today, but because of that overwhelming initial bad vibe, I’ll stick to “creepy” and “untrustworthy” anyway. I sensed cruelty and smugness in his mouth, and he is keeping secrets of some sort.

    I got the sense that there was tragedy and that this fellow was deeply misunderstood for some reason. I heard the words “fire” and “torture”, but couldn’t go further.

    The strongest message I got was that “he knows who he is”—a deep sense of self-confidence. There was an image of the root chakra in bright red and overdrive—some sort of issue there.

    I also got repeated images of refugees in Europe during WWII, refugees in the streets and getting on trains. They could have been fleeing or it could have been Holocaust victims being forced on the trains—it was hard to tell.

    And I got an image of Curious George, the little chimpanzee from children’s books, with his friends at the zoo. Don’t know if this was metaphoric or what.

  41. Avatar

    Hello Anna!
    So glad you’re doing these again!

    Here are my impressions of the man in the picture:

    -he seems to me like an angry person; unhappy, rage comes to mind.
    -from his face expression I can tell he’s somewhat stern, untrusting, hard to get to know, secretive. He also seems like an important person, a diplomat maybe? Has resources and influence. A little bit on the crazy side 🙂
    -I actually get an in between vibe…not sure. Not completely negative but not completely positive, if that makes sense vibe from him. I feel he was misunderstood by many.
    He tries to smile but doesn’t.
    -I don’t trust him. He seems, again, secretive and possibly a backstabber.
    -He reminds me of one of my ex-boyfriends who was abusive.
    -Life story? I feel he ascended through the ranks, he was taken for granted many times. Heis influence was noticed but was far too dangerous. I also feel abandonment, need for something in his life; love, attention.

    -he was definitely a good speaker, blunt, direct, at times shy but hid it very well.
    He was good with people, again, I get politics.

    -I feel his nationality was English…I get England.

    -he doesn’t seem to care about much but himself. He has too many inside “demons” to deal with.

    That’s all I get! Can’t wait for the reveal!!

  42. Avatar

    i don’t like him.. he makes me think of a sleazy used-car salesman. i think he’s untrustworthy and you really don’t want to cross him; if you have to know him, get on his good side.
    he’s not stupid – far from it. not just street-smart; he’s probably well educated. i get a political vibe from him; and for some reason, a medical one, like a doctor…
    no doubt he can be a real charmer when he wants to be, or has to be, but he’s really only looking out for himself & what he can get out of any given situation.
    i suspect a nasty, mean temper…
    i feel growing up was hard, i get the impression he may have been beaten; certainly neglected and not feeling like he was actually cared for or wanted.
    i keep getting the feeling that money & power are very important to him; probably poor growing up.
    i can easily see him sitting in a gentlemens’ club, a cigar in his mouth, playing cards – poker probably. and always displaying an air of the ‘perfect life’; heaven forbid if anyone (family, servants, close circle of friends) messes up and he perceives himself to look bad as a result…
    i wouldn’t be at all surprised if he enjoyed hitting women (his wife? ladies of the night?) and animals – picking up on dogs & horses specifically..
    i’m guessing he’s german/hungarian; just a feeling…

  43. Avatar

    Hi Anna, I love this game too! Even though I’m scared I’ll be wrong I can’t resist!

    At first I just kept getting how unstable he was. That he could barely restrain himself from laughing.

    My first impressions are that he is a “startling genius”. A brilliant man, a composer but mainly a music conductor who is a little bit mad.

    (The more I sat with the photo, the more the “madness” bit went away and he seemed more stable.)

    A bit of a lost soul. He takes his own self by surprise, and is shocked and amazed by life constantly, and by his own genius. (I got alot of anguish in his head – maybe bad migraines, maybe epilepsy, perhaps he had electrical shock therapy for mental illness?)

    Positive – he is gregarious and exuberant.
    Negative – he is self-tortured, mad at times, his soul is locked in his body, and he has trouble getting his emotions out.

    Can I trust him? I got the words that he is “rock solid” honest, he believes he is a man of integrity. I’m not sure I would leave my kids with him though, seems like someone who has good intentions, but for whatever reasons can’t always follow through on them.

    He reminds me of a favourite great uncle. My uncle had a joyful exuberance and zest for life, could barely stifle a laugh at anything, and had a very dry sense of humour, which I believe this man shares. I also believe he may be Scottish, or of Scottish ancestry.

    Life story – 1 of 10 kids? I got that he studied piano. For some reason Chopin had a big influence on him, or he studied Chopin.

    He was good at conducting, the notes flew off his fingers. He cared about art and how life was lived. He believed that art was important to quality of life.

    Even though I saw some connection to Scotland, when I asked about nationality I got Russian/Polish, or some connection with Russia or Poland.

    Can’t wait to find out who he is!


  44. Avatar

    urrm having a go probly 100% wrong lol, trust yes but in business sense not one to muck around, austria/austin, whiskey/alcohol cigars entertainer life of party, died of sickness hard to breathe suffering, loved the ladies in a physical way, stubborn, sumthing bout boats water business, musical ear,

  45. Avatar

    My first thought were royal blue aura on his left side and red aura from behind his head . Highly charged person can border on egocentric , very passiate ,very strong veiw of the world very bold . tust, this stumped me I would say proced with caution . I would think he is welathy with education .excentric be careful .

  46. Avatar

    Hello! let’s try this experiment!

    I don’t know why I see a scared person or a upset one. I thing that He is in need (economic?). I think he like music and horses and money maybe esoteric!

    There’s something that say me that I can’t trust him, He is two faces, he is gently in front of you but he is ready to backstubbing you when you turn your back.

    Is He French?

    Let us know

  47. Avatar

    hi Anna,
    thank you for this:-)

    i get: magickal, powerful, ruthless, hurt, had had some very violent thing happen upon him, or a violent man was involved, is now dead, lived in America, with someting Russian or Polish about him.
    I like him in a way, would not trust him with my cat. He seems to have a connection to the feminine, through a beloved monther or sister. He does look funny and convincing, a little deranged
    Appearances look to have been important for him. It looks he is affluent.
    I think he has something to do with the entertainment industry, also get music and seances.


  48. Avatar

    I think he was a Lawyer/Judge and very authotitative. I also feel that he was a womaniser.

    He was French. He loved Music and I think he was a Taurus

  49. Avatar

    I feel that he comes from wealth, not attained himself, famous father possibly, not sure what part of the world but I will guess Austro Hungarian, has placid nature. Also has seen a lot and has a sense of humour.

  50. Avatar

    I get the impression that his nationality is of British decent, But an American citizen. Lutherin upbringing. He is very strong willed, but a positive attitude in his endevours, very vibrant. Jaded around the edges, with a quick temper, but I do believe he can be trusted. inwardly sensitive soul. Much like a diamond in the rough. I believe he has at one time in his journey been involved in farming ., perhaps grew up on a large ranch , with many siblings. Writing is one of his passions, and maybe a career choice.

  51. Avatar

    I didn’t like him the second I saw his picture. He makes me feel uneasy; there’s something about his eyes. That’s all I get though.

  52. Avatar

    Untrustworthy, but not intentional.
    Just doesn’t tell all, holds back details.
    I get French scientist, maybe government work, that is where the secrets come from, not able to divulge all info. And spends so much time alone that he doesn’t trust anyone.
    He has a jovial side, prankster possibly.
    Wife and 3 kids, girls…

    Tee hee – this is fun 😀

  53. Avatar

    First I sensed the color blue around him. I kept trying to see white, but blue stuck out. He seems a timid man. He wants to be a leaser and doesn’t believe in himself. I sense being scared in him. He seams sneaky, but not in a bad motive way but rather he doesn’t trust his own decisions so he hides things so his lack of intelligence isn’t found out. He has an important job however, he is not famous or really wealthy amongst his colleagues. He doubts himself a lot. I also see a wife and two children. The wife is content but not in love with him. There is distance in his family life. Generally he is a man that does not speak up first but waits for someone to engage him in conversation. Would I trust this man? Possibly but with reservation because I don’t believe in his actions 100%.

  54. Avatar

    Alright…I’m ready to make a fool of myself, but I’ll give it a go…

    I didn’t get as much detail as the others. I just got quick, short words coming at me.

    Eccentric and quirky.
    I got both a positive and negative vibe from him. Positive in that he can have an outrageous sense of humor, and negative in that he can be very intense, scattered, almost in a bi-polar sort of way.

    I felt that he was deeply creative, bordering on genius, almost a tortured genius.

    I feel he is a writer with the goal of success.

    Sometimes I don’t trust my instinct and wonder if this is all from my wild imagination….. 🙂

  55. Avatar

    I believe he has 3 children. 2 girls and a boy. The wife feels like she died and he very much misses her. I feel he works with his hands, like plumber comes to me. I like him, as he appears ready to smile. Hi is not a wealthy man, but a man of integrity and honesty. Has had a rather hard life.

  56. Avatar

    highly intelligent, passionate and driven and expects a lot from others around him. A scientist, British

  57. Avatar

    He is chairsmatic. He is a clairvoiant. A trusting soul. Strong believer in God. Post War victim. Tolerent of human nature. Sees all things as beauty. Didn’t see himself as judgmental, seen things for what they were. Couldn’t tolerate those whom fumbled through their life. Was indignent of others who disrespected the Cloth. Honored those whom took time to devote their life to mediumship, seeing that they were on their right directional path. Loved his wife and three kids. Sang silently to himself. Knew in his heart that his being was well taken care of by Higher Beings appointed by God. Didn’t smoke, but drank alchol, wine mostly. Had a stuburn habit of pickin at his face, nerves mostly.

  58. Avatar

    He looks very confident. Strong personality. Leader. Very inteligent, witty. Sometimes he can hurt people’s feelings with his remerks. He likes things to be his way and wants to dominate people. It seems, there is some dark side of him- maybe he is abusive?
    He likes to be around people and be the center of attention. He could also be a prominent figure in the community and use his energy for helping people, but that dark side confuses me. He is very self-assured, determined.

  59. Avatar

    His face scared me at first, One of his eyes shows innocence and the other destruction. In public he portrayed himself as the “man of the hour” and when no one was around he gave into the whims of the dark side. Hmm Bi-polar? He respected men, also treated women and children as “lesser” than him. His profession is not quite clear, I want to say something like lumber, steel, or even maybe a broker.

  60. Avatar

    I feel that he has a lot to do with music, Like a composser or conducter. He either lived in Pennesylvania or was born there not sure but somehow attached. Also see that he had mental issues later in life. (i see an asylum, or insanity of some sort) (like he is crazed) Also see a morgue the type with the long silver metal drawers. He is either alone or a very lonely man. Very dedicated to his work. era seems to be around 1910-1920 that he lived in. He doesn’t appear to be an alcoholic but does enjoy drinking. (hopefully this will be spelled right) but I also know something about pnuemonia is attached to him as well. Oh also see a piano with or around him.

  61. Avatar

    Let me start by saying thank you to Anna for letting me embrace the unknown in this experiment. I am intrigued and interested in the outcome and look forward to reading everyone’s comments.

    The man in the picture looks like a businessman. He is of Irish decent. I do not get a positive or negative vibe from him but more of a neutral disposition. His character and facial expression suggests he knows something or gives off an air of knowing more than you. At first blush, I immediately thought that the feeling could be negative but the emotion I got with the picture did not feel that way. It’s as though this man may be hiding something but then it felt more like he was protecting his thoughts and did this through his neutral expression. I feel this man is extremely intelligent and learned and a great thinker. I got the feeling he is a big risk taker as well. I do not know why or what made me feel this except a thought that popped into my head. I got the impression that he is a banker, or perhaps a printing press owner or even a politician, although I don’t get the feeling he is a politician but the picture gave me that impression.

    Do I trust him? Hard to say, but I would say yes. He has a look of wonderment in the picture that appears genuine. The other vibe I got from this man was that he was a heavy drinker. Perhaps the Irish stereotype is coming to mind but it was the third thing I thought of when I saw the picture. As for his personal life, I think this man had a family but was not close to them. I believe his work was his life and his aura or ego suggests to me that he did not take an interest in his relationships much. I felt this had something to do with relationship inadequacies in his past (mother/father) or perhaps even past lives. He is as hard on himself as he is on his family and looks to be preoccupied with “being right” or a perfectionist air. Here’s my thought process when I first saw the picture: Businessman, Irish, drinker, well to do, highly intelligent, dominate personality, risk taker, neutral good. Thank you for letting me share my insights.

  62. Avatar

    I feel he is a good man. Quiet manner or closed off ..that sense.
    Either from CANADA or US.
    Has many children. Had more than one wife. I feel like he might have heart problem.
    I feel he had done something big in his life either in merchant or technology. Created his own wealth.
    Whatever he did created, affected many others.
    Loved horses m, gambling, writing and reading.
    Don’t know why felt like he had faced some big legal issue in his life.
    I feel boat/ ocean around him. Like he went on the boat for either business or pleasure many time.

  63. Avatar

    serious and strict. Cruel and harsh. Stammer, impotence. Public boys school, money. Strict parents. Quiet child shy and lonely. Powerful adult. Married. Daughters. Writer. Loyal. Old fashioned. Cold but learnt behaviour. Trust to an extent. Dangerous if crossed. Likes to be near water. Hard childhood. Some link with war. Problem with heart or lungs. Has passed away.

  64. Avatar

    the words that come to mind are: peremptory, authoritarian with wife/children? Wiry/nervy/a little crazed. A scientist or inventor? A psychiatrist? A judge? He’s honorable and trustworthy but does not easily unbend. Intelligent. He reminds me of Mr. Von Trapp in the Sound of Music. Is he German/Austrian? Very reserved in public but passionate. Troubled, unhappy.

  65. Avatar

    It seems as if there is more to him than meets the eye.
    Selfish, yet willing to do anything for what he loves most. Mystery.
    He’s longing for something.

    He seems like a regular guy on the outside.


    I would not fully trust him; only with certain things.


  66. Avatar

    I am not a psychic at all, never worked on my psychic ability nor read any book about it. In short, I have no clue about how it works. I just did this for fun following your instructions. It would be fun to read your interpretation. Here is mne 🙂

    He looks like a stubborn, arrogant person with hidden goodness beneath stubbornness and arrogance.

    I feel positive as well as negative about him. He is stubborn to the extent people get tired to convince him. That is why he gets things done when it comes to dealing with people. At the same time he is a closed person due to his stubbornness and sticks to what he thinks is right.

    He has deeply loved by someone. He is hurt in a deep way that has made him a closed person. I don’t know if he got hurt in loving someone or in some other way.

    He has a very strong desire for something that he believes himself unable to fulfill. That is the reason of his underlying irritation. He believes he is here to do exactly that he finds himself unable to do. He can relax and try something new like taking a break from his routine life and travelling to a new place and just explore new place for fun. That would help him in the right direction.

    Do I trust him?

    Does he remind me of anyone I have met in the past?

    What is important to him?
    He wants to bring a political/social change at least in some part of his country.

    What is his nationality?

  67. Avatar

    The first character and personality traits that I had were negative and non-trusting of this individual.

    He looks like an engineer, math, heavy science, but I believe he stuck with Inventor or Medical field. I see the word “Lambda” or greek in him or towards the greek/latin language or prose.

    I still sense a negative vibe from him and is leaning towards being mad “crazy” or mentally challenging for him and maybe that’s the reason for that but i am unsure if he actually thought of himself as a murderer or killer of sorts.

    I keep hearing two names “Vincent” and “Von” and the letter “V” is pronounced so something about the letter “V” that stands out for me.

    His persona keeps telling me Belgium and Netherlands but not too sure why Netherlands? I keep hearing cold and it is cold.

    I get the words “Cunning” “carefree” and “cool”. Funny how all start with “C” but not sure why.

    I believe he is interested in inventing or science or math but something draws me to medical and telephones with headphones.

    At first he creeps me out but would I trust him I would say yes but with caution.

    Let me go back to the creepiness. For some reason I don’t like him but it really doesn’t concern him regarding if others like or dislike him. everything about him says he doesn’t care of others or for others and just doesn’t stick to him almost like a sociopath or someone who would not care about others feelings. Deep secrets and deep understanding for him just like a Mason from secret societies.


  68. Avatar

    French background or childhood.. composer or ariticrat, I have a very real sense of painful injury or tragedy surounding him.. I see a court and polished wooden benches.. So could have been into politics or involved in a court case.

  69. Avatar

    I feel this gentleman is firm but fair and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He has a hidden gentle side to him though.
    I feel music around him and keep getting the word composer.
    I feel he’s a family man who adores his children but at the same time won’t accept any nonsense.
    I feel he’s a shrewd business man.
    I also feel a deep sense of loss around him too.

  70. Avatar

    I feel he was a well respected man…dignified. I don’t feel much negativity around him. He is into one of these professions…politics, arts or business.

    He has a family he loves. Daughters…yes I sense his fondness for them.

    He is a kind man….may have had some grey areas here and there….but thats abt it.

  71. Avatar

    First impressions

    Business man, Tax broker, gifted with money.

    Impressions wise i tend to feel a darker energy from him. But deeper i sense a warmness in my solar plexus. Much to this man than first realised

    Further questioning showed me that he sliced someone across the throat. I was given the word ‘ cut throat’ and i feel it is a metaphorical sign indicating he probably stole or cheat a lot of money. Bank.

    More questions

    Do i trust him?
    A clear and resounding ‘No’

    Remind me of anyone?
    I think instantly of Jason Isaacs who plays Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter. They appear similar to me. There’s probably also a sense of acting involved with him.

    Life story

    I hear the word ‘Nun’. I feel American. Almost a feminine quality to him. I see his mother very prominent in his life. Lack of love from father, Army background there. I feel he has a wife and either 2 or 3 children. I feel he may have been stabbed to death in the chest or gut.

    What’s he interested in/good at?
    Money, sex, power, children, sensual pleasures, food.

    Im excited to see the results.

  72. Avatar

    Science, ahead of his time, kind, driven, misunderstood, hypnotist, brilliant, natural medicine.

  73. Avatar

    I feel this is a determined and accomplished man who overcame many obstacles as a child. He used those obstacles to set goals for himself that eventually led to being an educator, inventor, and an inspiration to others who suffered as he did. Perhaps French, perhaps American.

    I feel he was an outcast and victim as a child even to the point that his parents may have put him in a home for a disability. There may have been one person there who had a profound impact on him who led him down a path of good rather than inability to cope with his life.

  74. Avatar

    Here’s my shot:
    Positive vibe.
    US lawman or connected to congress. In charge and supported by others.
    Famous for some important forward-thinking legislation.
    Strong character, calm manner, compassionate.
    Family man, married with children but later widowed.
    Possibly went mad later in life.
    Thanks Anna,

  75. Avatar

    (I hope this is not too long, once I started typing, more and more impressions went through my mind!)

    The very first word that came to me about him was: “Emotional”. Then, “Very emotional”. He takes everything very seriously, and has a temper as well. He’s very capable of flying off the handle, but at the same time I get that he has periods of calmness and wisdom…or at least, what he *sees* as wisdom. Very ego-centered, though he thinks of himself as more of an intellect. He is intelligent, though not as much as he thinks he is. He is also talented; the first thing that I got was that he is a writer, but he definitely has that creative vibe. The values of the time he lived in made it difficult for him to be accepted. I get that he was actually accused of being “feminine” because of his strong (and often uncontrollable) emotions. Perhaps he was considered mentally ill by some? I’m getting something about him trying (on his own) some kind of remedy for his mood swings and intensity…a type of plant, perhaps? He strikes me as extremely unconventional in one sense, while being a strong believer in traditional values in another. He considers himself to be highly moral, yet actually he practices “situational ethics”. He’s extremely judgmental towards other people, quite rigid, though in another sense he is a free spirit. He definitely had many problems living in the age he did. There is a female vibe about him, though I’m not picking up on family except to feel that there was some kind of tragedy, possibly involving a wife or someone whom he wanted to be his wife. He had a lot of energy, and was generally quite productive, though I’m now getting a sense of periodic migraine-type headache episodes, which rendered him quite unable to do anything.

    My sense is that he is European (Eastern European…Polish? Though there seems to be a French influence in there as well). There is an American vibe, too. Did he travel internationally? Also, I feel a connection to Poe.

    In particular, I see a huge difference between the two sides of his face. The side that is in shadow is very disturbing, the eye on that side actually pretty scary!

    This individual reminds me of two other men, one famous, one not.

    The first is Richard Burton, the actor. Burton was a very talented man whose excesses and indulgences not only ruined his career and his marriages to Elizabeth Taylor, but shortened his life. He was quite articulate and very well informed about (and a lover of) literature(especially poetry), but his extreme emotions (intensified by alcohol) overrode his substantial native intelligence and common sense. His many gifts were ultimately squandered, and there is a sense of tragedy about his life. Being in show business was a poor choice for a person of such intense highs and lows as Burton – he would probably have been better off as a schoolteacher and poet in Wales, had he been able to stay away from the alcohol. And he probably knew that. There is some of that same sense of missed opportunities, or bad choices in life work, with the unidentified man in this picture. A feeling of real regrets, even sorrow, usually covered up by anger. I wouldn’t want to be around this man if he was (or had been) drinking.

    The other person this man reminds me of is a former acquaintance, who is a talented artist (though again, not as talented, or for that matter, not as intelligent) as he thinks he is. He is also highly emotional, with a very childlike outlook on life. He puts a great deal of attention on the spiritual and sees himself as devoted to higher values. Though an American, he prefers the Hindu deities and Indian spiritual leaders. He idolizes “the hugging saint”, Amma. He tends to be quite verbose, talking loudly and virtually nonstop about his ideas and beliefs. He never seems to think about anything he says before it comes out of his mouth. His actions are in general very spontaneous, and he is allowed to indulge his free-spiritedness by the fact of his elderly, wealthy parents completely supporting him, which they have done all of his life. He attempts to be, part of the time, kind and helpful to others, while at the same time being arrogant and selfish. A very confused person indeed, and for some reason, the man in this photograph reminds me of his turbulent and very unevolved energy.

    …Do I trust the man in this picture? No. Though I think he *thinks* of himself as highly trustworthy – tells himself that – yet, there are moments of lucidity wherein he realizes what he *really* is, but he can’t stay in that awareness for long. It is almost as if he is possessed, or is bipolar, there is such an emanation of two VERY distinct, and opposing, personalities in him.

    All in all, I would say that he is a deeply tormented soul.

  76. Avatar

    My first response was that he looked familiar. My second response was that he was arrogant maybe a teacher/professor or businessman. I though he was someone with money, a person of power I think that was from the small lips and arrogant tilt of the head. I also considered it could have been a picture pose. I also believe he is well educated and perhaps a bit pompous acting. I couldn’t get the feeling out of my head that he made me feel creeped out a bit. I don’t know why maybe I have a distrust of people as I meet them so that could have been part of my thoughts. I could also see him smoking a cigar though with the way he dressed he might have included that in the photo if it were real 🙁 Ok now the word Judge came to my mind(?)Now aristocrat.

    I didn’t read the other responses yet so I wanted to get mine down first.

  77. Avatar

    This is cool. I love that there are so many post-ers here willing to take a shot at this in the spirit of fun…it’s totally inspired me to play along 🙂 Okay, here goes…

    I get a quality of vindictiveness. Someone with a lot of of anger for having been betrayed or crossed in the past. I see someone who has maybe had the luxury of using his power and influence to fortify the emotional wall he’s built around a deeper part of himself that he conceals from the outside world, where this more vulnerable self watches from within its comfort zone as the assertive, aggressive aspect of his personality acts upon his environment as his “protector” and “avenger.” But what it’s really “protecting” him from is dealing with the deep emotional pain inside him. He has a very large ego that feeds voraciously on self-righteousness and self-importance. A strong sense of entitlement. He’s not used to people telling him “no” and he doesn’t expect them to.

  78. Avatar

    My immediate impression was a revulsion (stay away from him, he’s dangerous!), but as I continued to study the photo that eased a bit. I get an impression of a two-sided person, what he wanted to be or wanted the public to see, and his true self.

    Outer: well-to-do, well-accepted by upper society, well-liked, well-respected, well-educated, philanthropic, lives in easy circumstances, a feel of surgeon or scientist/writer or newspaper man.

    Inner: fearful, hiding his past, mostly controlled but lashes out in bouts of feral attack.

    Germanic roots, with British or American overtones. Married, with female children. Rules house with iron hand, very soft spot for young daughters. From poorer background which he tries to hide. He’s learned how to behave in affluent society, but is anxious about making a mistake that would noticed, because he wasn’t raised in that socio-economic level. *I* would do my best to stay as far away from him as I could due to what I feel in his energy field, but psychically unaware people would think he’s a wonderful man-smart, rich, in control. He puts on a very effective mask to hide his true, authentic self.

  79. Avatar

    My impressions are that this is a man of great kindness and an enormous heart. He has seen some great tragedy early on in life that has colored his perception to be wary of people. He is ready to remove any obstacle, especially that of people exhibiting pettiness, greed and meanness. He has some privilege, but is not wealthy. He can be frightening to women but considered too emotional by men. He reminds me of Gerard Depardieu.

  80. Avatar

    A postscript: after I posted my comments, I read the ones from others. Very interesting indeed how some of the impressions people got were repeated, such as the man being bipolar (or some other form of mental illness involved), the Polish and French connections, the intense feminine vibe (even though the subject is clearly quite masculine), the migraine headaches, some sorrow related to family (and especially a woman that he loved), and his living by his own laws, not conducting himself as he believes others should – and not being honest, even with himself, about that – and his being tormented inside.

    I, too, am very much looking forward to seeing what the real story is on this man!! Thank you for making this exercise available, Anna!


  81. Avatar

    Hungarian, magician. Hudini, brother, something went totally wrong, Henry, overshadowed in life by someone or something else, put on a good show, card tricks, cigar, vain about his hair, sloppy trick, honest but insecure. Wasn’t there when someone needed him, remorse.

  82. Avatar

    I’m totally doubting my intuitions, so have decided to write a comment & have a chance to check them out! 🙂

    Here are my impressions: that he is a very “direct” man, who says what he thinks without caring much about others’ opinions or what they will think of him. He respects people who are straightforward & has no time for those who aren’t.

    Seems that he has a strong personality; that he has a temper, but is definitely not ‘mean’.

    Seems that he has a tendency not to allow very many people to become emotionally close to him. However, I get the impression that there is a child (or children) with whom he is very different from how he is with most people; that with the child(ren) he is warm, loving, gentle.

    I get the impression that he does have a sense of humour that sometimes comes through, particularly with those with whom he is emotionally close.

    Seems he is involved in some area of science; maybe medicine.

  83. Avatar

    larceny murder lie ghost love lapsed sick

  84. Avatar

    I feel this man is very kind and a really hard worker but didn’t progress as far in life as he should have, seeing some kind of family tragedy which upset the whole family and it involved a girl and water and ended in her death.
    I certainly feel he lost a daughter though also see a baby dying so maybe 2 children lost and he had a lot of sadness in his life and stress that he tried to keep to himself but it would come out occasionally with irritable temper and bad health as it drove inwards to create physical symptoms..headaches and digestion disorders.
    I feel he passed young, late 40’s.
    I also see a connection with fences and tractors of farming machinary.
    See a lot of land around him. He was a hard physical worker and liked to be busy and active. I also see months connected with him, January especially.
    Liked a drink to ease the stress he suffered and generally had a ‘good life’ finacially if not in other ways, but felt he held some notorios office or post where he would be in charge of people and a community.
    Feel his end came with something connected with the head such as stroke or haemorrage as I see the head being held, certainly a man with headaches from strain too.
    I feel he lost his wife early. She died before him at a young age and see her with shoulder length black hair holding a baby son.

  85. Avatar

    Anna, look at all the people willing to stick their neck out and try it! I love this!

    Come out and play, everyone. Don’t be afraid – it’s fun to just see what comes to you when there’s nothing at stake to try it. I’m thrilled that people got so much.

    Imagine if you were able to do this in all aspects of your life! And – be accurate, too! 🙂 Amazing.

  86. Avatar

    Anxiously awaiting the results on this experiment. Well, here goes: I liked this man when I saw his picture. I found him very straight-forward, honest, a philanthropist…he treats people fairly, is very intelligent and good-natured. He sees multiple sides to a situation but is very direct in getting things done. Railroads and horses…railroads, either loves them, owns them or is in transportation-type of business. Owns horses for business and pleasure.
    Has a wife & three boys. Comes from a moderate income family. One of many children. A caretaker in this family but his older brother assumes the father role after father passes. Very close and dedicated to his mother. Worked hard for her.
    An inventor in his spare time.

  87. Avatar

    I love these! It is the 3rd one I have done. Glad to hear you are ok Anna! Thanks for the updated newsletter. I know you have been through a alot since the earthquake. Glad to see you post another experiment. It is good for all of us! 🙂

    Ok, I got a J name, actually Jim, but who knows? He is American, or from England. I picture a very large home, and he is the father of several children. He has older daughters at the time of this picture being takenn. He is a writer of some sort, maybe an author, or writes music. I see mistresses in his life, and possibly a second marriage. Lots of wealth. He is over all a nice man. He is a member of several councils and possibly high level in a church as well. He looks right through you. He has beautiful eyes, and he is not afraid to make eye contact. I think he is a very bold man, and he is very well known in his community. The head of his household and respected.

    ok, Let me know how I did! 🙂 thanks again,

  88. Avatar

    He is a creative man.

    I like that he communicates well with others but feel a little sad as he has a deeper side more serious side beyond this that isn’t expressed. His entertaining, artistic or creative side feels to be a mask for some earlier painful experiences. He has a unique way of seeing things that can border on mad (perceived by some). He likes things as he likes them (and may have a temper to go with that), but is capable of humour to soften the way his preferences appear to others.

    I don’t trust him.

    His country may start with H.

  89. Avatar

    (The first colour that came to mind when I thought about his aura was dark blue)

  90. Avatar

    He looks like a bit of an eccentric. Mindful. Gracious. Kind. Likes company and laughter. Unobtrusive yet wise like Albert the butler (from Batman:)). Positive vibe. He’s relaxed, languid, self-assured. He poses well for the photo, too. Maybe he knows Caruso (the famous singer). He may be a mecene of arts.

    He’s an older version of David Larrabee (Sabrina movie, anyone), but settled down. Grew up with the money and around money, or generally has such a good attitude towards money that it looks like he was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth :).

    Good father or carer. I see kids around him. I smell one lasting attachment to a woman, he might not have married her. Interested in/good at opera and visual arts. Maybe philosophy?

    Do i trust him? Yes. I wouldn’t trust him with alcohol. He cares about kids or youngsters. Nationality German or American, or both. More like an American, though. New York?

    Maybe there are other sides of him, but i don’t see them 🙂

    Yay this is fun 😀

  91. Avatar

    Intensity was the very first thing that occurred to me when I saw his photo. After studying it more closely, I saw a bit of jovial nature — probably a man who likes to entertain and is a gracious host. But I also don’t think I’d entirely trust this man. There’s something in his eyes that speaks of hurt that I suspect causes him to lash out at times. I see him involved in the theater world perhaps, and definitely creative. European.

  92. Avatar

    educated, diplomatic,planner, wealthy,german, politics democratic.
    I seea music oprahouse. like the one in vienna.
    a fattish lady with a bun. money,

    impression of colours from hte foto
    dark pink around his face agreen around the throat and chest and blue on his right side of the foto.

  93. Avatar

    Some belated thoughts which are probably completely off-key (having now read everyone else’s)!
    Good and bad sides like most people. Became very wealthy – inherited or joined the family business and involved in running (expanding?) it. Although with other interests – generally very driven.
    Involved in activity which was criminal in his working life at some point, although never brought to justice (involving selling illicit or harmful substances??).
    Born in Europe (British connection though not British). Moved to the US in the 1920s – Massachussets? Married, though neglected wife. 3 children. 1 perhaps physically harmed at some point? Handed business to middle child.

  94. Avatar

    He’s wealthy, self-made. College educated. Not from a wealthy family. He possibly worked his way through college. He has a ‘healthy’ ego. “What does he care about?”, his business and the running of it, very hands-on.

  95. Avatar

    He’s an explorer. His aura is a vivacious red, green, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and lavender white. Whatever that means. I agree with whomever said he was British. Something in the eyes.

  96. Avatar

    I got the distinct impression of heartbreak–in fact, I felt a sort of physical jolt when I first looked into his eyes. Intense emotional pain, loss…of a wife? Perhaps a child, too? I got the impression that he has a criminal history of some kind. He is ill. Heart again? Heart disease?

  97. Avatar

    he looks like a funny man. very protective and conceals alot. I would say he is from Switzerland, germany, austria. He appreciates the finer things in life and is a good cook. He is very physically strong, but not internally. I feel he has mixed emotions pertaining to his own sexuality and is attracted to both sexes. I feel the theatre around him.

  98. Avatar

    I get a green aura–his eyes look somewhat sad, like he has suffered a loss of some type, probably personal. He did some sort of business–not sure what. Possible European descent, I feel a compassion/empathy for him–he has been hurt or suffered a loss that is uniquely personal.

  99. Avatar

    When I first looked at his aura I noticed a well to do individual who is very intellegent, scientific, and one who is sucessful in business. I don’t think that he ncessarily worked in the field of music but it was very close to his heart. This person supported the performing arts somehow. My feeling is he worked with imports/exports and this had a lot to do with trains. I would say he is from Germany or Austria and feel that he may have traveled to the Boston area more than once. He is not a very happy person but may hide this about himself very well. I feel their is some darkness around him or around his family history and it gets him down. His vibe is not one that I would resonate with.

  100. Avatar

    Intelligent and self accetping.
    Opportunistic and lively.
    Strikes me as a very dualistic person.
    Portrays himself in a dignified way but also has another youthfully enthusiastic side.
    Loves arts, fine things, science as well as the mystical
    Perhaps a gemini or aquarius. Socially inclined, forthright personality but a mysterious or secretive event in his past.

  101. Avatar

    I feel he is a comedian…r a stage performer….but at the same time he’s cunning and selfish….he wants everybody to know him…he luks principled with strong values …..

  102. Avatar

    must be from GERMANY

  103. Avatar

    The third test,

    here we go,

    He looks like a proud man to me, but when I looked at his eye I saw warmth heart, a good man, not really wise. it seem he hold something in his mind just for him self, maybe terrible childhood experience and I think he is British man . That’s all

    Thank you

  104. Avatar

    I feel he was a wealthy, successful, businessman who was a family man and was kind.

  105. Avatar

    Suspicion in his face, untrusting yet he himself is very devious, maybe a con artist in business dealings.

  106. Avatar

    I feel he is a arrogant man, very self assured. I feel he is a successful man in life. He is either a Lawyer, or in politics. He was instrumental in helping with something that was life altering. I trust him and feel he has a wealth of knowledge.

  107. Avatar

    Man of distinction or authority,High in goverment,not honest. owner of large plantation,had slaves.Died of natural causes but at a fairly young age. Negative vibe. came from money

  108. Avatar

    i get German decent,a Jechkl n Hyde type of characteristics. Very well educated , maybe a Professor of science and a link with music.

  109. Avatar

    magician with psychic ability

  110. Avatar

    English, wealthy, statesman/politics, mistress, hard, vain/haughty, dead.

  111. Avatar

    Just a bunch of words came to mi mind, not as detailed as the first and second experiment. I didn’t read other messages because I don’t want to loose my own perspective and image. First word was Influential. A person very well articulated and communicative.Is a kind of public figure. I saw him surrounded by people greeting him. He bring services to other people but not spiritual or for charity, like a public service…I can trust him, but not in a personal way. Something is going on his life…A word pop up on my mind from nowhere…CRIME!!Nationality:Italian/American or related to Italy. I didn’t see any Aura just the color Purple came to my mind. Thanks.

  112. Avatar

    THE last message was mine i forgot to write experiment 3 …and then school master came to mind?

  113. Avatar

    I feel this man has two sides to his personality one is quite dark and frightening and the other talented and creative I see a dark haired womens energy near to him her passing may have had a strong impact on his character.

  114. Avatar

    I think i like this guy, he looks straight froward and artistic, and funny. Strong character.French or English. Charismatic.A bit biggot, or naive maybe. a strict an authoritarian side. looking at the eyss alone he does look scary.

  115. Avatar

    I see an intelligent and trustworthy man, although he lacks patience and is meticulous about things. I see a strong sense of musical talent. Railroad or other early form of transportation are prominent in his background.

    European immigrant to the U.S., probably German or Polish. He has several children.

  116. Avatar

    my impressions from this man.. confident, yet a bit arrogant, trustworthy, but a bit of a darker side. Good family life, but a little cold. British and a bit of an authoritarian.
    My first impression was that he was a merchant/businessman..

  117. Avatar

    Just words came, this is what i got, in the order i got. mean and or critical.
    political in some sort
    died late years…about 70?
    i seen something like slave owner/ big fields, many workers
    war anything to do with civil in it?
    wealthy/ business
    number 3. maybe wives, or children? 3 something.
    alittle artistic in some sorts

  118. Avatar

    On this one, I kept getting conflicting feelings. The man was kind. The man was cruel. My very first impression was that he was used to being in charge and having people obey him. I picked up on politics and kept seeing stringed instruments (violin and harp). I thought he lived in England in the late 1800s.

  119. Avatar

    When first seeing this photo I saw a green and yellow color surrounding him. My second impression was “businessman”. He looks hard-working, and genuine.
    He doesn’t strike me as someone who is extraordinary, but rather someone who tries to make a difference.

  120. Avatar

    my impressions of experiment #3

    wealthy-inherited or came into
    Golden Aura- good luck
    hiding something but keeps with status quo – depression and loss maybe of family
    lose money
    reserved disposition
    wrong crowd- robbery and murder
    Good conversationalist
    He tries to do the right thing
    sense of misguidance
    appears to be filled with love/happy
    positive vibe
    his aura is inviting
    nobility maybe
    entertainment of peers
    European- stone houses, trees and nature surround him

  121. Avatar

    +He’s a dynamic inventor- I see $$tycoon. A mover and a shaker. Innovator of new technology. He aligns himself with very wealthy benefactors.
    +I think American…something to do with lights.
    +Can be so energetic, bombastic…would steam roll you.
    + so many ideas in his head-always churning, chaotic, nervous energy.
    +an Idea Guy. He changed the world with his contribution.
    +Neutral vibe-generally positive. Likes it HIS way.
    +Middle class upbringing. Married- feel the wife had money. Lived in a major city. +Thought of as a brilliant mind at the time


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