Intuitive Experiment #10 – How Does This Woman Look to You?


Periodically we offer blog readers the chance to hone their intuitive abilities through taking part in one of our intuitive experiments!

 What’s An Intuitive Experiment?

 It’s where I give a photo of a person and invite readers to ‘tune in’ and see what they can pick up about that person! And the purpose of the exercise is not just to have some fun, but also to find out more about how we all receive insights and read other people.

 So, here is the person chosen for Intuitive Experiment #10:

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  1. Avatar

    She looks like a very deep woman – her mind is active with the knowings of a lot of important information – she has to watch her back – at first, she looks severe and intense, but looking deeper you see the warmth of her heart, and, she’s incredibly strong ~

  2. Avatar

    I get that she is an accomplished woman

  3. Avatar

    As soon as I saw her pic, I felt good and I just felt like I know her, am not going to write the name that clicked in my mind, is she an actress?. She looks optimist, strong and good hearted person. She is creative. Acting, enthusiastic, music, arts are her intrest..This is what I felt when I connected to her.

  4. Avatar

    well educated,reserved,loving and compassionate. trustworthy,quiet. a mother and protector. looks like Anna.

  5. Avatar

    She likes to watch ppl around her instead of being in the mix and is quiet. A first name comes to mind and I have no clue why but I also do not believe she is famous. I cant wait to find out.

  6. Avatar

    I got something totally different to everyone else. Not sure if I am Untrusting of others who I don’t know as when I looked at the to photo I got the words greed and adultery, the I could see green around here, then the words green with envy came into my head. When I said she looks like a ( mad ) women. I also got a first name. I always find it hard tuning into other people energy as I have a hard time working out what I’m picking up and what I’m making up. My imagination can get away from me sometimes.

  7. Avatar

    I feel like she is a very serious woman with strong and deep loyalties. I get a heavy feeling in my chest. I feel like she could be a writer or maybe an actress. I feel like she isn’t a bad person but could be associated with some form negativity. Not sure if that is to do with her loyalties or the environment she is in. I keep feeling like she is involved in a war, world war two keeps coming to mind as does Hitler so I wonder if she is involved in that in some way. Regatdless I feel like she exoerienced some pretty bad times but survived and died reasonably old. But I think she died alone as I feel like she didn’t have children and that any romances or relationships she had were when she was a lot younger. I keeping getting the impression that her name begins with a vowel like A or E?

  8. Avatar

    Someone who helped…. a nurse or doctor maybe. Someone who put others before herself.

  9. Avatar

    There first thing that came to mind was that she was a dangerous woman. I feel like she murdered someone. I may be way off.

  10. Avatar

    I would not trust this woman. She looks selfcentred by nature, more of opportunist or trader type. Over the years she seem to be fatigued and stressed.

  11. Avatar

    Mild personality, quietly spoken unless vexed. Actress. Even teeth. Can be mistrusting. Self respecting. Observer of people’s behaviour, not very outspoken, but with definite opinions. Judgemental of others. Secretive. Good sense of humour. Blue. Headphones/phone link. Rabbit.

  12. Avatar

    The first thing that came to me was author or writer. I feel that she was not to be trusted in some way. Maybe she went against her country for something she felt strongly about eg helping the enemy? Or the Jewish people. Germany comes to mind and wartime.

  13. Avatar

    Never done this so am probably way off the mark, but I get Austria as a location, a cheeky manner and a blue aura around her.

  14. Avatar

    She has a brother and he is/was in trouble but she stands/stood by him. There is also something about children that is not right. Her eyes go aggressive looking if you look at them too long and she starts to look more masculine. Maybe she is very strong or did something more typical of a man in her day.

  15. Avatar

    First i sensed worry and sadness, as if something that had happened around the time of the second picture. Then i saw this woman in a swing laughing and havin so much fun! But here i feel she was younger than the first time. And i sense the word ‘athlete’ around, : ) !!!

  16. Avatar

    … I just want to add that I’m now unsure she had no children. After she posted I thought maybe a daughter but I still feel she died alone.

  17. Avatar

    First word, sad. She’s subdued…. Trusting her has me feeling the need to simply be friendly & nice, not one I would close to though she does have a charm and warmth. I get she may be an office worker like a clerk or something.

  18. Avatar

    I believe she is hard, yet loves deeply. Reserved, made hard by the world and personality, not a negative person or bad. Maybe lost a child? Confident, powerful, believed she was here to do big things. From a domineering world, but a daddy’s girl. She loved him and felt protected by him, and she has trouble finding this in other people. She was trustworthy, but she would do something very wrong for the greater good – was forced to make hard choices.

  19. Avatar

    She is a strong, kind, warm woman. She is happy & in love in top photo! She has experienced a loss in bottom photo! But her warm & giving energy shines through! ;*)

  20. Avatar

    First timer, here….I’m surprised how similar my thoughts were to other commenters. I see a strong woman- feminist comes to mind. Leader of something? Author? Or produced something important. I feel as though she is a good woman, but has either had to do some bad things, or has witnessed some pretty bad things.

  21. Avatar

    I get the feeling she’s a very intelligent woman. Maybe an activist of some sort? Not necessarily unworthy of trust, but secretive, and I certainly feel like she could outsmart/ outwit me, if necessary. I get the feeling that men didn’t like her or the work she did. I don’t feel like she is a chatty or overtly happy person. The more I look at her, the more I feel like she acted against the law or the social norms of her time.

  22. Avatar

    This is my first time posting. This is what I get: she is defensive, reserved, strong, cares a lot about a certain issue that is important to her. She is hesitant and mistrusting. I get a sense of the Holocaust, World War II. She knew something/kept a secret, that had to do with her important issue. I sometimes get names, but they are more sounds or a few letters, never the whole thing. This time I got E/A, L, STR. Elysia or Alice, Strubel or Strudel or Strubiel or something like that. Her last name might be longer. Oh, boy. I will feel silly if I am way off!

  23. Avatar

    My initial response was that I liked her (which surprised me as I don’t usually like the people in these experiments!). I then distrusted my response. I felt that there was some deep wounding which made her vigilant, shrewd, assessing. There is some kind of lost innocence and naivete. She is determined and tough. She might have been an actress who then became a writer. I felt America and there was something political, maybe communism.

  24. Avatar

    I wondered also whether she had relationships with women as well as men.

  25. Avatar

    Involved in a labour movement. Demure.

  26. Avatar

    I agree that she seems very strong, but my whole body tensed up and I felt very nervous and aggressive and feel like her mind was always whirling, always planning and waiting.

  27. Avatar

    At a glance, she appears to be a surviver as either a spy or helped to save lives during WWII. This is what my first thoughts were when I glanced at the photo. All other further attempts only strengthened this, either due to having the thought in my head or I read nothing else.

  28. Avatar

    She looks like someone who can be trusted. Proud and confident but not arrogant. A happy person who likes to take chances, is not afraid. Strong and determined, not a door mat. Strong beliefs driving her. Blossomed at a fairly young age. Parents/those around her new she was special and enjoyed watching her accomplishments. Not royalty. Had joy in living. Helped others by being herself through her strength/accomplishments. Light hearted but also serious. A life that made a mark on society perhaps.

  29. Avatar

    First thing I got from her was humor but a knowing of something/secrets? I got a flash of Jews/WWII, but I don’t think she was Jewish, people being taken away? Kept getting that she was putting on an act but not lying, so actress? Maybe stage actress? She has strength and power in both the physical and mental, she’s tough. In the older photo, I still see her strength but I also see that’s she’s had loss in her life.

  30. Avatar

    I heard in my mind straight away she’s creative, then “monster”..which after some questions I received mobster. Perhaps she uses her creativity in a bad way. She may be a mobster’s wife who plans the heists or is involved in it in some way?

  31. Avatar

    I look into her eyes and what I felt was shills on my skin for some reason I just will not trust her at all or be at easy in her presence seems like she is a good woman at first but deeper inside she will betray and get what she want her personality resemble someone that is easy calm and kind of secretive she not open up that much to anyone also looks like is very intelligent and quick witted and will make money fast or marry to someone whom will provide status or richess of any type she is a winner regardless of what and not too friendly neither.
    I’m sorry this is my first time so I may be so wrong please excusame! Just trying to,

    Thanks Anna.

  32. Avatar

    Do not stand your way. She is strong and will not put up this any s**t. Do I trust her yea, if she likes you. She said she got better with age. I like her She is caring, getting grandmother, she would take you in off the streets, but don’t cross her.

  33. Avatar

    I am getting she is angry or mad? I see a man with her with black hair and a mustache? Which I feel is abusive to her? Sad feeling

  34. Avatar

    She looks intelligent, focused, with perhaps a mission of some kind — determination. The photos portray her as serious, but there is something in her eyes — depth perhaps, deep love, not sure what that is.

  35. Avatar

    I felt a connection to the 1940s as being significant. Strong woman, independant or self reliant, possibly an actress or singer. I also thought possibly a nurse or someone that was helping others. Creative/artistic. Warm and open, but that might be a front (or maybe she was more closed off at some point). She makes me think of my nan when she was young, maybe a smoker or some stress related habit. I feel like she is either French or there is a French connection. I also had a strong thought of either the name Grace, or the word graceful (after additional thought, possibly a graceful person).

  36. Avatar

    My first thought was that she was a very kind woman. A humanitarian, but maybe with a duplicitous side. Also that she may have either had a twin or a brother who looked very much like her. Or that she altered her appearance in order to pose as a male. Possibly to go fight in a war or as a spy.

  37. Avatar

    The opposite. I get the sense that she is not to be trusted. A lot of masculine energy and quite a bit of cruelty about her. Germany or Austria came to mind, around WWII. Something to do with a train or a train station. Don’t think she had or liked children. Secretive and with a touch of mischief. I don’t think she had a happy childhood and there is something vulnerable about her past if one looks for too long. Definitely a strong personality. I think whatever happened to her or whatever she did, left her embittered and with a sense of resentment. Very guarded too.

  38. Avatar

    I got the sense she was a scientist, a mother, perhaps athletic, and lived by the ocean.

  39. Avatar

    The first words that come to mind are ‘power’ and ‘control’. There is a kindness in her, whether it’s real or a facade, but her motivation comes from a desire for power and control. I can’t say it’s a bad thing or that she was abusive in these desires, just that those are the things that drive her.
    I also get the sense of strength from her, but there is also a vulnerability too–some weakness, whether real or perceived. And there’s something or someone she’s afraid of…I pick up a sense of fear…maybe that she’s not as strong as she wants to be?

  40. Avatar

    She is a clever woman, with a scientific, analytical mind. Used to processing facts. This may include writing in a factually-based way e.g. journalism. She does not suffer fools gladly. She is very astute and a good judge of character. I feel she is from Europe – Germany or Austria or Belgium. She was involved in politics, in a secret, behind-the-scenes way, though people relied on her and she was influential with those in power. As a person, she is kind at heart, but she is also acting for a greater cause which means she must sometimes ‘sacrifice’ people and relationships for her work.

  41. Avatar

    She looks like a stern woman.
    And I don’t recognize her.
    I don’t feel like I can trust her.

    I see an under ground tunnel and she is in a uniform with several others the others are men. I feel she was a nazi officer.

  42. Avatar

    She looks like a very bitter woman to me. Also very set in her ways, carries some kind of a chip on her shoulder.

  43. Avatar

    I received the words elusive, strong-willed, protector, and matriarchal.

  44. Avatar

    I get the sense that she’s very fearful and untrusting of others, and that she’s got some mental issues (perhaps bipolar) and addiction issues (prescription meds and/or alcohol) – she definitely feels unbalanced to me. I would not feel comfortable in her presence. I get a sense that she could easily cause physical harm to another (knife/pistol/push down stairs) and not have any remorse – there’s a senses of her being disconnected on an emotional level. I sense children and a man in her vicinity, but she’s not emotionally attached to them. I get a slight actress-in-films feel from her, as well as that she was raised in a “difficult” household (over-controlling parent(s) or her parent(s) had mental issues themselves). To me she gives off vibes of “lying sneak”, and I wouldn’t trust her at all. I also get a hit of “cancer” when I look at the photos and the feeling that she’d considered suicide, as well the sense that she tried to put on a not-very-successful false front (“everything’s fine”) to almost everyone when it was obvious that everything was *not* fine.

  45. Avatar

    She is very sad and secretive. I immediately got the feeling that she grew up very troubled. Perhaps was involved with bank robbery? I am getting the feeling that she been involved with murder

  46. Avatar

    Shy, intelligent, secretive, passionate, observer. Doesn’t like children.

  47. Avatar

    She’s a writer. She’s an introvert by nature, and private person when it comes to certain things. She’s struggled with depression at various times in her life. She had a traumatic event happen when she was young (a child or adolescent), she was either sexually assaulted or molested. It wasn’t clear to me if she kept this secret or not.

    She has a great love of nature. I saw of a vision of her writing by a window with large trees outside it. She either desired to live near nature or she did live somewhere close to it.

    She had a small dog at one point in her adult life. I saw her playing with it. 🙂

  48. Avatar

    Her appearance is as though she has secrets that she cannot share. The name Hitler came to mind immediately without thought. Her eyes show both a fear and the desire to laugh. She appears to be an intelligent woman with some intense interest in perhaps a scientific/medical capacity.

  49. Avatar

    Looking only at the first picture i got murderess and then very controlling, perhaps poor childhood, psychiatric hospital………..i got children and husband……poison

  50. Avatar

    When I first scrolled down and just came across the top of her hair I got an instant jump in my stomach like a scary feeling. So I didn’t get that she was a good woman. Then I felt a very masculine energy. Like control or dominance. I Felt she could be a mother. But not a loving and careing one. I keep getting a sense that she follows in someone’s footsteps. Like a forceful leader and she’s following this path.

  51. Avatar

    Black hearse, car accident, died young, shy, demure trustworthy, name begins with letter A or E.

  52. Avatar

    I got the impression that the woman is sad and frightened; I would not trust her, because I feel that she might be too scared to tell the truth.

  53. Avatar

    WW2, strong, nervous of an authority figure, german/polish, politics in later life, deep thinker very smart, loving and compassionate but weary and reserved. big hopes and dreams. in the young picture she looks like she is full of spirit and ambitious but when she became older she lost that. feel like she had to deal with a lot of negativity and people telling her she cant. moved to the states? married young but husband died during the war. remarried and had kids. she is still alive.

  54. Avatar

    She is unsure of everything, was abused sexually, and has sexual identity issues. She is quiet, has many secrets, often lies, forgets the truth. She died violently. She tried very hard to live a normal life. She was an actress. Her parents were older when she was born, an only child.

  55. Avatar

    She may be timid, shy or nervous. I feel high intellectual and artistic abilities. I sense that she is a writer/author…very intelligent. A woman whose talents may have been unconventional or ahead of her time.

  56. Avatar

    Asymmetry of face- wonder if she led a double life or was a twin. Far-seeing and perceptive. She holds secrets- either can’t or won’t speak, to some degree. Cautious, skeptical.

  57. Avatar

    When I connect to her, I feel injustice, confusion and tears well up. Very sad, deep hurt. I also feel strength and a determination to keep it inside.
    I have an urge to tell her she’s ok, I want to hug her, but she won’t let me.

  58. Avatar

    To me the woman in the photo looks like a strong personality type. She doesn’t give off a very warm feeling, but does not lack compassion or humor.

    I get a creative sense about her-maybe a writer.

    I feel that she may be more introverted than active socially.

    I wasn’t able to get much more than that, but I feel the exercise is helpful and would like to focus on practicing this way in the future. I’m very curious who this woman is?

  59. Avatar

    I feel compelled to add a bit more about my experience with this experiment (this is my first time doing this. Thanks Anna for posting this!)

    While looking at the second photo while in a meditative state, the photo seemed to come alive to me. Her eyes told me so much. I found myself in a space with her. A room, (maybe similar to the one in the photo?), with bookshelves along a wall behind her/us. She/we were sitting at a table and she was talking to someone and it felt like she was talking to me. I noticed her mannerisms, her smile, the light that shown in her eyes (not beaming light, but the light was there).

    She’s not a loud person. She has to be careful who she places her trust in, and who she confides in. It was a neat experience to be there with her for those few moments.

    I was then pulled back to her eyes in the photo and I felt a wave of pain. It washed over her face in the picture and washed through me. At the same time the knowledge of her assault came to me, as I stated in my earlier post. I asked for more information about it; if other’s knew about what happened to her, but no other information came to me about this.

  60. Avatar

    Anxious. WW2. Polish or European.

  61. Avatar

    I got a name immediately when looking at the picture. An actress/entertainer. Is she hiding something? She is mischievous,playful. Other adjectives that came to mind are capable, but somewhat lonely. She is a respected, accomplished woman.

  62. Avatar

    I hear the word ‘simple’.
    I also feel she was very charismatic and exceled in her life.
    I also feel she was some kind of teacher.

  63. Avatar

    She is a reserved woman.

    I think shes a famous person from movies. Acts a lil coy maybe.

  64. Avatar

    She is Strong, strong willed. She has also been hurt and feels shamed somehow. She is very hardened on the inside. She has accomplished many things.

  65. Avatar

    I feel she was a strong woman, she overcame a lot in her lifetime but wrestled with greediness especially in her younger years. Married influentially and used that position for good. I don’t see children, perhaps her focus of benefit.

  66. Avatar

    hi. Just felt dizzy and weak.sort of spining.i also feel she.s weak in character e.g she acts out on what others think and feel not herself.her mouth shows she.s kinda foolish and i get fast heartbeats also has deep heavy secrets{but hey we all do}

  67. Avatar

    I got that she was widowed early. She was either a spy or conspired against her country. She possibly helped in the murder of someone who found out what she was up to. I got either the name Anna or something starting with an S like saline.

  68. Avatar

    I get fear…. observer…. but that’s it…. is she a writer?

  69. Avatar

    She is afraid of something. She has secrets she cannot share but it’s not because she doesn’t want to. Her trust issues won’t allow her to open up. She is kind and sincere and gets taken advantage of.

  70. Avatar

    I get that she is shy and reserved, but tough if she has to. Doesn’t really stand up for herself unless she is forced to. She is trustworthy, caring and sometimes sad.

  71. Avatar

    She is a quiet person, sometimes anxious. I think she has been hurt
    In some way in the past. Something that left its mark on her. I feel
    she can be trusted. Is she maybe a little mischievous in a cute funny

  72. Avatar

    I get an impression of something criminal in nature….like she was found out and had to answer for it. She seems un trusting of the world around her, mad that they caught her? The name Mary comes to mind.

  73. Avatar

    My first impression is that she is an angry/frustrated woman; I felt a little scared by her intensity. Other thoughts were that she was holding something in, is deep, protective and cautious…but very smart. Maybe intuitive. I also feel like she is “behind” someone and cannot or won’t speak her full thoughts. Deafness comes to mind – perhaps that is part of her intensity.

  74. Avatar

    I see a sadness but also strength. I usually just look and get impressions instantly, but this time I tried meditating first. I suppose we’ll see if that approach works for me. Here goes, she either comes from a large family or has lots of children, I saw the color green and the word nazi. Maybe she’s jewish or perhaps she made her money with Nazi ties. Or perhaps I’m having an off day. Wow, I actually just started reading the comment of others and it looks like a few people have gotten similar impressions. She has secrets and is good at keeping them, she has trust issues, ambition, and there’s an issue with her family, it’s a source of frustration and sadness but I can’t tell if it’s the man she married or a child. That’s all I got.

  75. Avatar

    i got the words – Germanic. Poison. i do not think it’s eva braun though. her eyes are smiling but secretive, and the second photo suggests of a hard life had.

  76. Avatar

    She looks like a an east European or possibly a Russian woman, first, impression.

    Definitely do NOT trust her, in fact, she may be a spy, WWII.

    She knows how to play people. She is quite cosmopolitan and sophisticated, but did not necessarily grow up that way.

    First name Anna?

    How’s that for a first time flying leap?!?!

  77. Avatar

    I got something totally different to everyone else. Not sure if I am Untrusting of others who I don’t know as when I looked at the photo I got the words greed and adultery, then I could see green around here, then the words green with envy came into my head. When I said she looks like a ( mad ) women came to me. I also got a first name. I always find it hard tuning into other people energy as I have a hard time working out what I’m picking up and what I’m making up. My imagination can get away from me sometimes.

  78. Avatar

    I immediately felt nervousness, maybe fear, a heaviness in the chest. I feel she is intelligent, educated, reserved. I don’t feel like she is a bad person but I can’t tell if I feel like I could trust her. I felt confusion when i asked that.

  79. Avatar

    I instantly got “books” so I think she is a writer and won an award for that, maybe a Pulitzer. She looks like a strong woman who was in control of her life and quite accomplished. A pragmatic no nonsense woman. She married but didn’t have children. I got the impression that she is still living.

  80. Avatar

    As soon as I opened it I got composer or director of some sort I can hear music. sence of travel Paris London india Egypt. This is my first one so probably way off

  81. Avatar

    Oh something about architecture or artifacts like she was fascinated with archeological finds

  82. Avatar

    The first impression I got was “It’s a man!” I don’t think that I’d trust this person at all. But I feel he’s hiding from someone.

  83. Avatar

    She feels like an unhappy woman. And it also feels like she may have some secrets she’s keeping as well. I feel tho that she is loyal to those she cares about.

  84. Avatar

    She feels like an unhappy woman. It also feels as if she’s keeping secrets. But she feels like someone who would be pula to those she cares about.

  85. Avatar

    She feels like an unhappy woman. It also feels as if she’s keeping secrets. But she feels like someone who would be loyal to those she cares about.

  86. Avatar

    WW2, European, possibly French, a spy or a collaborator. Misunderstood or wrongly accused, punished for something she didn’t do. A private person who does not reveal her motives.

  87. Avatar

    Secretive, manipulative, cunning, selfish. It appears as though she kept her emotions bottled up inside. She was a person with many opinions of political things and of other people.

  88. Avatar

    I wouldnt trust this woman. Quiet, but very strong but made hard by life. I also got Mafia, America, 1950’s and 3 daughters.

  89. Avatar

    As soon as I looked at the first picture my whole body was covered in chills and I could feel cold air around me.
    Also I got a very heavy feeling in my stomach. I want to say the cold has to do with where she died and I also feel there’s water involved. Like possibly she drowned. I would not fear her and I feel she could be trusted.

  90. Avatar

    I like this woman. I feel like she is a medium of some sort with strong Spirit connections. I sense a strong man surrounding her who loved her very much but didn’t understand her gifts. Raised by father or grandfather. This is a strong woman, very smart. Had friends, but few people really knew her. Her mother was a guiding influence…may have died young and assisted her in spiritual growth and development. This woman is a silent leader though at times had more to say than some would have liked. Somewhat serious with a bit of a monotone or deeper voice. Rosebud. Greyhound-type dogs. Masculine energy. Strong willed. Eastern half of United States. Navy ship. Never married. No children. Elizabeth. Scientific proof. University. Hexagon. Precise with her hands—not a piano, but something. Goggles. Don’t be so eager to please, she says.

  91. Avatar

    I feel that she was in medical field, a nurse but psychiatry somehow gets involved. I have a sense of her being in charge of something..could be a wrong doing. I also felt that she lived a life of solitude no children.

  92. Avatar

    This woman has known deep sadness. Her eyes are empty leading me to believe that she lacks compassion and empathy. I think she may have murdered someone. Appears intelligent, crafty, knows how to get whatever she wants and will do whatever it takes to accomplish this. She wants people to believe she is sincere but this lady has some deep, dark secrets.

  93. Avatar

    She appears to be a good woman, very sophisticated and keen about her dressing. Her face seems clear and confident, but her eyes say something deep, probably sad. It seems that she has become strong after a tough period in her life. This shines out in her deep eyes and mild smile.

  94. Avatar

    I get the color green. I sense distance, that perhaps translates as a deep person. She is grounded and not subject to showing emotions. She maybe a business woman.

  95. Avatar

    She looks like a strong woman. The first impression I got was that she was famous and possibly an actress but then I saw her running and getting herself very physically fit. She is very competitive and enjoys tennis. I don’t know if I would trust her. I think she might not be trusted if you didn’t share her values.

  96. Avatar

    I visualised typing and dancing . A little shy . I’m not sure why but I could also visualise a sense of strict background or child hood .

  97. Avatar

    fearful has been hurt and manipluated by man. A smart person Psychic person.
    a distant land . England. Hidden things
    A Lady. I feel she may have established an instituion for kids. She seemed to help others mainly children yet hurt them. She is haunted by loss/grief. She may have lost her children. Died young 29 years old. A driven person. Maybe not fully sane . Unstable. A Governors wife. Very hard to read. Private.

  98. Avatar

    She looks like a shifty woman, looking over her shoulder. She puts on a brave/righteous face but she is a cruel heartless woman. She reminds me of a greedy baby snatcher and murderer. Loveless upbringing. Liar, liar, liar.

  99. Avatar

    I sensed quite a reserved person although on the inside she is very strong and quietly confident. I feel she is well educated but came from a working class family and may have had a hard life during her childhood. I feel she is very good at putting on an act to hide who is really is or where she came from. Whether their is anything sinister in that or if she is just ashamed of her background I cannot tell.

  100. Avatar

    I got a strong woman whos been hurt alot by men,sexually abused possibly?She also has a hard time trusting.She reminds me of a friend who is very loyal&but has only a few close friends

  101. Avatar

    Clever and cunning come to mind. I saw her writing and being in possession of highly sensitive information… So possibly a spy. She lived by her wits and planning, but yet I feel she was taken care of because of the work she did.
    Winston Churchill came to mind, but I’m not sure if that was a symbol of the era or that there is some kind of connection to him.
    I didn’t feel that I could or could not trust her, it felt as though she could be loyal yet betray as well! I get the impression that she was a bit of a loner.
    I sense a gun also.. Not sure how that fits in.

  102. Avatar

    I feel she was either a nurse or a woman who cared for people or children perhaps who were blind or who needed special nursing care.

  103. Avatar

    At first glance I thought she looked shy & innocent then as soon as I looked into her eyes I thought she could not be trusted. I saw 2 people, one evil which was the most powerful hidden by innocence so I think she hides a bad secret?

  104. Avatar

    This woman does not trust easily. She was betrayed or mistreated early in her childhood. She observes people to see how safe they are. She sees deeply into them but doesn’t always understand what she is seeing. She is distant as if she is always in her head. She is also grounded, and physically sturdy. She is not certain she wants to be here, and is often confused by people and events. She is without guile. She is private and discreet. There are very few people she is truly close to. She is disappointed in people but very close to animals. She is outdoorsy.

  105. Avatar

    I felt I could sort of trust her. She seems very business headed or driven and could easily leave you behind if you’re too slow. I feel she knew #’s or accounting well. Born in the 20’s. Very convincing and persistant. Liked flowers (could just indicate the warmth beneath it all) Feminist. Married, 1 child.

  106. Avatar

    My immediate thought was she was on guard; suspicious. someone I could not rely on or trust.
    Not sure why but I get the sense she is perhaps German or slovic around the WWII era. I don’t think she is a spy, but someone who is afraid herself.

    “She looks like a frightened woman… But at the same time I want to smile when I see her face. Very confusing..for me.
    Thank you for helping us Anna!

  107. Avatar

    My first impression was that she was scared. Terrified actually. And then I felt that there was some sort of mental illness associated with her. I felt she might be associated with entertainment–singing, performing, some aspect of the arts. Also associated with Germany or some aspect of WWII.

  108. Avatar

    First impressions: mother of 2, actress, frustrated about life, had to leave career for children, sick child, she died of cancer. There is something that makes me uneasy about her, as if she had been able to betray people without even thinking much abour it.

  109. Avatar

    She is German, resistance, spy, Jews, the French, World War II, Brigitte.

  110. Avatar

    There is duality from her, like she was a spy or had to walk a very fine line between two opposing factions. I feel like she was mostly for the “good” side but occasionally dallied with the “bad” out of necessity. She was sharp-minded, and intellectual. A good actress at playing her part. She wrote a great deal. I keep getting the word ‘Germany’.

  111. Avatar

    She impresses me as a defiant woman, but defiant in a good way — against oppression, for good causes. I think she may be European, perhaps French. She is a fast thinker, and somewhat a tense (i.e., “high strung”) personality. She is highly sensitive, often hurt, but is stoic about it.

    She may have had a role in WWII, perhaps being part of the resistance, perhaps she played a role in intelligence (against the Nazis) and/or helped Jews escape persecution.

    Initially, I got a flash of “science and poetry” — her words, particularly written words were important, influential. At times, society and family had difficulties with her because she was not conventional. Her love life is somewhat complicated, perhaps many liaisons and/or a situation(s) considered inappropriate for her time.

  112. Avatar

    She feels shy yet confident. I have a friend that reminds me of her very much. She usually has to “warm up” to people. She is clever and she has somewhat of a surprising sense of humor.

  113. Avatar

    There is a darkness around her (Devil popped up) and yet “flower” came thru too, I am not sure what kind. Two men. I got much chest tightness and anxiety looking at her, whether she inspired it, or suffered from it I do not know. My left arm, specifically pinky finger and ring finger hurt. I feel she grew up poor and did become famous. I feel she died tragically and there was much tragedy that surrounded her. Shootings or hangings.

  114. Avatar

    #10 American Women with a Slavic back round.
    Shy, introverted,reserved, independent and very intelligent in her chosen field.
    I hear her telling, reporting stories “news” current events also she is instrumental in getting information across during dangerous times. Perhaps she acted as a agent in obscuring hidden information (facts) and supplying it to interested parties.
    Highly imaginative, good at getting to the root of a problem and uncovering the truth.
    Writer of her experiences had a very unusual life, has a lot of secrets that she knows but does not reveal all. She was a lover of mystery and a master at solving the things that puzzled others.
    Her heart belonged to her work. Kim

  115. Avatar

    The words I get are spy, Jews,WW ll, resistance fighters and the name Brigitte. I feel she is German.

  116. Avatar

    She appears to be a woman with many layers to her. I sense she was married to someone, maybe someone with political ties. However, she had her own agenda involving children. I see her as a fighter with a cause. I saw her as a nurse but the the sense of “fighting for something” took over that pretty quickly. I sense that she was someone you could trust if you were on her side. She has a side of “I’m in this to succeed no matter what”.

  117. Avatar

    My very, very first thoughts (which I don’t quite trust, because I hadn’t meditated) were:
    -Movie actress
    -Marilyn Monroe

    Later, I meditated, and got:

    -Catholic school, or religious upbringing in some religious school
    -Orange trees
    -Women’s rights
    -WWII era
    -Gentle person, but suspicious
    -vain (vanity)
    How did she die? Answer: I felt a headache, asphyxiation?
    -She had some involvement with sailors, perhaps a husband in the navy
    -Ties between German/Swiss and America

    I might try dowsing to see if which of these is just things I’ve made up, but I’ll post this here for now, and maybe later add a refined version, but here’s just my raw reaction.

  118. Avatar

    First thing that came to mind was that this is a man. If it is a woman, she has very strong masculine energy. I also get a lot of sadness, fear, and some sort of tragedy – perhaps related to a child or children – which led to an inner collapse. European descent.

  119. Avatar

    She seems very smart, quick-witted. She sees things with openness and love but also wants to size things up and see their complexity. She is active physically and mentally. She wants to create change in her environment by participating in it and in the first photo appears to be at the edge of trying that. It feels like she’s been told she can’t and is just convinced that she’ll have the opportunity to prove people wrong about that, and she’s looking forward to that. In the second photo she trusts people less but has a blunt acceptance of that and wisdom about her. The part of her that is not easily taken for a ride is still there and more pronounced but with fewer edges. I think she’s a little exasperated by whoever took the second picture of her, and it feels like she knows the person well.

  120. Avatar

    The words that come to me are suspicion or trust, politics or association, and strong willed or determined.

  121. Avatar

    I felt she was a mother and very caring maybe a daughter, but caring and mother are first things in my mind I trust her, I feel she loved her dad a lot but she missed him as a child I don’t no if he worked away but there was a sense he wasn’t around but she knew him, I got creativity like actress but maybe dancing an act rather than just an actress I feel she was popular and liked. No negative feelings other than for her like loss grief. Inspiring caring mothering energetic floating

  122. Avatar

    I think she had lots of secrets to keep. I also saw dead children around her but I don’t believe they belonged to her. I saw sorrow and pride and strength. I believe that she was a spy during WWII.

  123. Avatar

    Is she European? I see her as a writer, she has had a lot of pain….a joyful mischievous childhood but had to live a a harder & crueler society than ion how she was raised….head injury?

  124. Avatar

    I was reading the comments and found that Maria-Adriana got the name -Marilyn Monroe. I had got the same name in my mind without thinking anything, as soon as I saw the pic but I did not mention the name in my previous comment because I was not confident. I’m curious to find out who this woman is.

  125. Avatar

    I was not able to concentrate for more than few minutes, I get impatient.

    To me she gives an impression of being in a people-oriented profession or in general involved more socially. Probably an actress or someone in politics.

    While I would not trust her, I would not distrust her either. I would associate but be cautious and on my guard be cause she may change her mind anytime.

  126. Avatar

    Intelligent and well educated; this woman is watching every step she takes, as if she’s hiding a double personality. I don’t trust her and feel she manipulates people. She has learnt to apply strict rules and can be cruel. Was she at some point a victim ?

  127. Avatar

    She looks like a reluctant woman.

  128. Avatar

    She’s a rebel. I got a strong sense of political rebellion against oppression, like the French resistance or similar. Like others, I sensed feminist – a strong female leader in an otherwise male dominated field. She is principled and single-minded – goes against the grain and is proud of it. Very wise. But playful too. She’s got a sense of humour.

  129. Avatar

    I keep getting a pain in my chest; asthmatic type feel. I wonder if she died of pneumonia or heart failure. I feel she was a solid, trusting woman who led a really hard, sad life.

  130. Avatar

    All I get from this one is that I can’t help but feel how very manly and masculine she is.

  131. Avatar

    Hm… I have to admit I had a moderate challenge reading this one. While I’m not a very practiced intuitive I do tend to get strong impressions from time to time… but with her energy, it was more vague. After focusing on her eyes for a while I started to sense remote pain, and suspicion of others. She doesn’t seem like an altogether paranoid or unpleasant person but there’s definitely something she’s trying to keep at bay, some darkness inside of her, (not her own but that of a constant reminder of some sort of burden she has to carry). I think as a profession she was something fittingly stern, like a keeper of the keys so to speak, a secretary for some heavily secured and secretive office… or perhaps, on a different note, even a spokeswoman on some matter that was deeply important to her but controversial during the era… like perhaps a pioneering feminist. 🙂

  132. Avatar

    My first thought was that she was a teacher of some sort. Then I felt she was deceitful and “Russian Spy” or scientist came to me.Not married, no children. Cold, not a loving person.

  133. Avatar

    She reminds me of someone I know who I’ve always thought of as animal-like. Not in the sense that she is crude or wild but that she operates on instinct and has a very clever mind. Secretive. Someone who doesn’t speak or push herself on others. Possibly Polish or Russian? Possibly involved in conflict/ war

  134. Avatar

    She look like someone u can trust and a very loyal person a mother of 3 kids feels like I know her from some where maybe in a previous life time she gots lots of love for people a person that won’t cheat on her man look like a actor in that life time maybe a model too she looks like someone who does not take no a answer a single person that of her life

  135. Avatar

    Picking up on a nurse or worked in medical field. Compassionate,smart, caring. 1930.

  136. Avatar

    I got the word “Irish”. I feel like she was misunderstood. Cold only because she had to be. Very intelligent. Not much of a comfortable public speaker. I keep thinking of David and Goliath, but I think she was more like David.

  137. Avatar

    Freedom fighter. That’s all I’ve got.

  138. Avatar

    I saw her dancing wildly and happily smiling while she danced, also nursing, making beds under great duress. I also sensed a sad secret (a love she could not be with?)

  139. Avatar

    I was getting that she is your mother or your grand mother.
    She was being awarded something. In the first photo she was looking at someone important in her life at that time. the second photo later she was trying not to look anger at some one. I was feeling that there was a time difference between the to photo

  140. Avatar

    The words that immediately came to mind were “lost soul”. I had a sense that she is a very loving person. However, there is a heaviness in her heart. She is all about love. I could see her outside working in a garden and very happy. She is surrounded by books…she either loves to read or she is a writer. She is very reserved and does not spend much time around people.

  141. Avatar

    I think I’ve come close in these experiments only once, much better sensing in person but what the hey, they are fun to try so here I go again. I immediately thought of Eva Braun. She is not Eva Braun but maybe someone related or close to her, maybe an assistant? She is a bit of a trickster but loyal and is entrusted with secrets but does not keep them very well. I have gone away and come back to the photo a few times, meditated to the alpha state, and every time I think of Eva Braun so that’s what I’m going with. I also got a feeling that she had something to do with children.

  142. Avatar

    These are my impressions: German, During times of Hitler, married and had at least 1 child. Name of husband – Heinz. I keep seeing a huge long old classic car with her in it. Spy, the Resistance, I think she had to be sneaky and not nice. Plays piano and sings.

  143. Avatar

    – Smart, intellectual woman, poetry, exploring nature
    – Feminist
    – Fear from the past, strong influence grandmother, close to brother
    – Austria, mountains, picnics
    – Childless
    – Something about coffee
    – Songs, saxophon
    – Drinking problem later age

  144. Avatar

    First impressions: a sadness around her often scared. As though she suffered some domestic abuse. She comes across though as a strong woman and a fighter. I’m getting she was involved in women’s rights / or fighting causes.

    Reminds me of a character in a book I’ve just read by Dianne Chamberlain, Necessary Lies (Eugenics Sterilization Programme)- a naive and idealistic young social worker, fighting the system.

    This is fun!

  145. Avatar

    she’s involved in something that wasn’t her doing,
    She has children that she’s loves.
    Very private
    She would like to move away from her situation-run away
    The name Gaby or Gabriella comes to mind…

  146. Avatar

    To me she looks like a calculating woman. She does not seem to be trustworthy but that may be because she herself was betrayed. I also got actress, I think she was a mother at some point, a widow and went through many hardships. She also has some child-like qualities and I do not believe she is of American descent.

  147. Avatar

    My gut instinct was that she was German and involved in the war, I felt she was quietly strong and helped the enemy in someway. Initial reaction was that she was trustworthy, was involved in something she was against and went against the regime that she was caught up in.

  148. Avatar

    I feel she is an actress, she is accomplished and plays a very soft sounding instrament like a violin or a piano. I feel like she was very famous and liked jazz music. I also feel something else im not sure if its good or bad.

  149. Avatar

    My first words that came to me were “German” and “scared” I think she has been repressed or forced into a life she doesn’t agree with. There is a reason her eyes don’t smile with her mouth.

  150. Avatar

    I sense that she is intelligent and strong. She is a writer, and what she writes about is provocative for her time. She doesn’t fully trust herself, even though her voice is powerful. She has a heretic energy to her…Speaking up for causes that may have gotten her in trouble.
    She was a woman with a strong voice that caused her suffering because of the time that she lived.

  151. Avatar

    First impression of the younger photo is a solid woman. I get positive energy. The second photo sends a different energy like she is somehow changed by some strongly negative experiences. She seems more hardened and critical. Not as warm as in the previous years.

  152. Avatar

    At first, the first picture gave me a headache. And the second one makes me feel really tired. Then I looked at the first one again and it feels light-ish. I just start laughing the longer I stare at it. Like amusement or something. The second picture made me yawn each time I looked at it (4 times). Though I could just be tired, haha. She looks like a strong woman.

  153. Avatar

    Flowers is the first thing that came to mind. Alcoholism somewhere around her or with her directly. Writer or artist of some sort. I get some tragedy and sadness around her too. I feel she was a mother of two, but there was something that happened within that relationship a rupture or break or loss somehow. The husband feels either non existent or somehow not important here. I get depression and a split personality or two very different sides to her, one very happy and well, and the other not. Perhaps a mental illness or bipolar. I am not so sure i woould trust her with my kids,but I feel that is for an unintentional reason. I feel she is somehow a victim of circumstance. I do feel she was successful at a professional life, and I get some sort of dark mystery about her.

    Ok very curious to see who she is. Thank you for the fun experiment, I love the practice.

  154. Avatar

    Flowers is the first thing that came to mind. Alcoholism somewhere around her or with her directly. Writer or artist of some sort. I get some tragedy and sadness around her too. I feel she was a mother of two, but there was something that happened within that relationship a rupture or break or loss somehow. The husband feels either non existent or somehow not important here. I get depression and a split personality or two very different sides to her, one very happy and well, and the other not. Perhaps a mental illness or bipolar. I am not so sure i woould trust her with my kids,but I feel that is for an unintentional reason. I feel she is somehow a victim of circumstance. I do feel she was successful at a professional life, and I get some sort of dark mystery about her.

    Ok very curious to see who she is. Thank you for the fun experiment, I love the practice.

  155. Avatar

    An Actress
    (was) close to a strong male influence.
    A famous father ?
    Great potential for her , but things got away. This led to an
    out of control lifestyle.
    Then sudden death
    Something strange like in the movie Mulholland Drive.
    Or the story is told in a strange way.

  156. Avatar

    Strong willed, soft heart, witty, aura, green core and then fades to yellow on the outside. I think she is ‘n writer and the first photo was for her book and the second one at a interview or honor party. The song “I’m walking on sunshine” keeps playing. 🙂 My first try at a reading, hope I got something right.

  157. Avatar

    Is this your mom? That is what I got first. She is your mom or someones mom that you know. I feel like her name or someone close to her is Joan, or Joanne. ANd There is much love and heartache within her. She has a masculine energy. And the letter S is associated with her. Simple?

  158. Avatar

    hard life, sly, does not speak her truth with grace, deep sadness and hidden innocence. Restaurant/service industry, ordering people around, position of power, lots of money. Don’t trust her, not honest (her words do not match her thoughts)

  159. Avatar

    I had a hard time with this one but this is what I get:

    Helping others
    Proud of what she’s done
    Willing to break the rules for justice
    Mexico/ Mexican

    Sandals (shoes)
    Golden Gate Bridge/London bridge/ or foggy lighthouse

  160. Avatar

    I feel like she looks like Queen Elizabeth, like she is royalty ? I feel she had a “title”. But there is something not right with her. Did she commit a murder ? I see a trial. I feel like she was a master manipulator, and used her money and power to influence others. So, I get a creepy feeling w/ her. That she cannot be trusted and was secretive. Did she kill her husband ? I feel like he was in her way, of what she wanted. I feel like her husband was very wealthy. I got the word “shipping” import, export ? A shipping tycoon somewhere here, had his hands in a lot of businesses.

  161. Avatar

    Initially, I see a man as I look at her. It is as if she is either a man underneath or masculine in nature. As I look further, the image of the man within her has a sense of the being an air force pilot in WW2 about him.

    I feel a coldness, a void, an emptiness, a deep pit of separation between herself and others. I sense a similarity to the current British queen – where there is a control and composure to her, where her true feelings don’t get revealed. I feel scared as if she is running in the opposite direction from something or someone, but there is also a sense of a smile of mischief, sternness and intellect, as if she is watching something horrible and enjoying this torture, keeping people at a distance.

    The top picture I hear silence – nothingness.
    The bottom picture, I hear a brass band, loud and proud, as if she is near by one.

    Generally, she doesn’t feel someone I could trust, as if she is not exactly what she seems.

  162. Avatar

    This woman lived in Europe, most likely Eastern Europe, circa 1930 – 1940. She is a women’s right activist, a humanitarian, and politician. She had an important political status. She was died murdered, over a disagreement about her political thing. She was betrayed by someone close to her, causing her death.

  163. Avatar

    Sorry for commenting twice! I have some more! 😀

    Not just she is a feminist, she’s also an artist. She has a little art talent, most likely a poetry. Lived in the time of World War II. Uh oh! She looks like not always a good person, I got a vibe she involved in some killing too in her life….

  164. Avatar

    She was a political writer, and Nazi supporter! Got several murder attempts in her life due to her supporting Nazi Germany and Hitler. She was rather killed slowly than abruptly. I hope it’s not my imagination but my vibe says she’s a politician.

  165. Avatar

    My first thought was also “That’s a man”.
    I saw a gold locket necklace. I take it as the loss of 2 young children and maybe hung herself.
    I then saw a DNA sequence so it could be a sex change or she’s physiologically different.
    She’s very sexual and lead an excited and daring lifestyle so she could be bipolar. Probably abused at home. It felt like she was mute so for some reason she couldn’t speak, but was very expressive. She was often in court and became famous.

    ..Choked to death on gold chain o_0??

  166. Avatar

    Intense person. I see her talking softly about math and scientific formulas, shuffling papers on her desk as she is conversing with someone. She speaks with an accent. Her surroundings are from the 1940s. Her intensity belies her soft spoken voice and gentle appearance. Beneath that is a fierce determination. I’m wondering if she is a spy or working on something very hush hush, and controversial.

  167. Avatar

    I get the word “evasive” right off the bat. She was secretive only because she had to be. Like she was privy to a lot of important information and could have told quite the story, but her lips are pursed in a way that says, “I will never tell.” She had seen a lot in her life. I feel like she was involved in World War II. Perhaps a spy. She was resilient and strong.

  168. Avatar

    I thought this was a Hungarian or Eastern European. I thought that she was in the health or medical sciences. I thought perhaps she was also on a team that made an important medical breakthrough and that perhaps this was in research but more likely in some kind of medical invention, a device such as a brace or a technique even in a therapeutic field such as say osteopathy.

    It also occurred to me that she was a female relative of yours!

    I also thought that she was a non-conformist and possibly a protestor or a holder of strong convictions.

  169. Avatar

    She looks sad, lonely, has a good heart, has been disappointed, knows something but is not able to talk about it. She may have psychic abilities.

  170. Avatar

    The women has something she is hiding, something with her past may be. she had troubled life.. She seems lonely and trying to hide her emotions.

  171. Avatar

    She strikes me as a very deceptive and manipulative woman

  172. Avatar

    WWII, on the German side. In a position of privelige but at the same time insecure / self-conscious. The name of Eva Braun comes to mind – I don’t know what Eva Braun looked like or much about her at all, but her name just came to me.

  173. Avatar

    The ONLY thing that comes to mind is a name. Anne Frank. But it is her, later in her life.

  174. Avatar

    Scared and sad is all i felt. Maybe situation she may have been in was bad but out if her control.

  175. Avatar

    Scared and sad is all i felt. Maybe situation she may have been in was bad but out if her control. This is my 1st time doing this. So who knows.

  176. Avatar

    The woman seems to be secretive. She tries not to reveal her true self or what she thinks, though she is opinionated-very opinionated. I feel she has good intentions and maybe is hiding her happy state of being because she was taught that others would wish her harm or consider it a ‘bad thing’ to depict a state of well-being. Many Europeans were very superstitious and often considered outward signs of contentment were a sure way to bring on bad luck and misery. I feel this is a big part of her secretive nature.


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